Jack Edwards

Boy Play - Pt 4

The first thing I did was to roll over and look at Tommy. Though his back was to me, I could tell he was still asleep. The sun was shining. The morning air was still cool. And a naked, nine-year-old boy was with me in my bed. Finally! I was as happy as an eight-year-old could be.

But I needed to piss, so, reluctantly, I climbed out of bed and padded down the hall to the bathroom. The window there overlooked the back yard. The window was low enough, that while I pissed I could peek through the slats of the blinds, and look down on the path that lead around to the back of the garage, and to my private world. I thought of Jason. It would have been so fun to tell him about Tommy, for him to meet Tommy.

I shook off, and returned to the room, quickly, hoping Tommy would want to play some. Jason was always interested in sexing, first thing in the morning.

Tommy was awake and watching the door with a frown. “Dude!” he complained. “You went out and left the door open." His frown deepened. "You went out there naked?”

“It doesn’t matter,” I told him, returning to the bed. “Mom went to work a long time ago and Grams never comes upstairs because of her knees. Sometimes I stay naked till I go downstairs for food.”

He sat up, rubbing his eyes. Tommy was a slow waker. He looked around, still frowning. “Well, I’m not staying naked,” he said, climbing off the bed. He picked up his clothes to put them on. “And I’m hungry.”

“OK,” I said, grabbing up a pair of short shorts which I quickly pulled on, hopping from one foot to the other..

Tommy frowned at me. “You don't wear underwear?

"Not for just going downstairs. Normally, I just wear shorts unless I'm going somewhere."

Tommy considered that for a moment, and pulled his clothes back off before pulling on only shorts. Then he stood there, frowning. "This is giving me a hard-on." He glanced at me. "And I'm gotta take a piss."

I followed him to the bathroom and watched as he pulled down the front of his shorts and tried to point his stiffy down at the toilet. He bent forward and I admired his butt, but laughed at his predicament.

"It's not funny! It's hard to point down," he complained.

"Yeah, and Mom hates it when I miss the toilet," I told him. "Piss in the bathtub. I've done that before."

He looked at me with his first grin of the day.

Tommy quickly stepped out of his shorts and into the back of the tub. "Cool," he said, as he pissed from there in an arch that landed on the tile around the faucet handles.

"We gotta wash it down or Mom will smell it," I said as his stream began to drop down. I leaned in and turned on the water. The tub had one of those old-fashion spouts which had a little metal tab to pull up for the shower. Mom never pushed that tab back down after showering, but it normally dropped down on its own during the day, long before I ever used the tub at night. So I was as surprised as Tommy, when the flow of water shot out of the shower head. Mom had the head pointed up -- I suppose, for rinsing her hair -- and Tommy got a spray of cold water, full-on.

I thought for sure that Grams heard his howl.

Quickly, I turned off the water. "I didn't know," I yelped. I glanced at him and Tommy was all rigid with his hands straight out in front like a frozen Frankinstien. His eyes turned to looked at me, and then they narrowed.

I ran. Downstairs.

He found me a few minutes later, sitting at the kitchen table, drinking some orange juice, and ready to make a run for it if I needed to.

His hair was still wet and there were water drops on his shorts. He looked around the kitchen with a scowl. "Where's Grams?" he asked.

"Probably still in her room," I said. "She sleeps late. You aren't gonna tell her what I did, are you? Cuz I didn't know the shower lever was up."

He walked right up to where I was sitting and poked my bare chest with his finger. "You'll get yours," he warned.

He looked so funny with his wet hair and scowling face, that I couldn't help it. I giggled.

Tommy tackled me out of my chair and onto the floor.

We wrestled around before he was finally able to sit on my chest, pinning my wrists back onto the floor. "This doesn't count," he said. "I'm still going to get even."

"I like showers," I told him with a grin.

"Then I'll think of something else," he promised. He looked down at the front of his shorts, so close to my face, and got a wicked grin. The next thing I knew, he was rubbing the front of his shorts on my face, wiggling and laughing.

His shorts were the soft kind. They were warm and had his smell, along with a faint piss odor. It wasn't bad except that I couldn't breathe. I squirmed and twisted. I got my hands free and pinched his butt hard. He jumped off with a yowl, and I sprang to my feet.

"We're even now," he said quickly, to forestall any retaliation on my part.

"Are not," I told him. "What happened upstairs was an accident."

Tommy changed the subject. “What do you have for breakfast?” he asked, looking around the kitchen.

“Cereal or leftovers in the fridge,” I answered, returning to my chair at the table.

His face scruched. “Doesn’t Grams ever fix you anything for breakfast?”

“No,” I said, shaking my head. “She only cooks supper. I eat what I want during the day.”

"That sucks," he said. He went to the fridge and opened it. Tommy found some eggs and said he was going to scramble them, and I resisted the urge to bust an egg inside his shorts.

He did scramble the eggs. He also made toast. There was some leftover sausage from a few nights earlier and he microwaved it as well.

"This is great," I told him as I chewed my first bite of egg and sausage.

"My mom says breakfast is important," he told me, around a bite of sausage. "We always eat a good breakfast."

I nodded, chewing happily. Then I giggled.

"What?" he asked suspiciously.

I grinned. "I was just thinking of you in the shower."

He cocked an eyebrow and made ready to toss some egg at me off his fork as Grams entered the kitchen. "That smells good," she said. "I didn't know you could cook, Tommy." She went to the coffee maker and dumped the basket with previous day's coffee grinds. "Just don't forget to clean up." She glanced at Tommy and smiled. "You do know how to clean up, as well as cook, right, Tommy?"

"Tommy likes to clean up," I told her. "He even showered this morning." I grinned at him.

Tommy gave me a murderous look.

"He'll be a good influence on you, then, Petey," she said as she measured out her coffee.

"St Tommy," I said with a smirk.

Tommy kicked at me under the table.

I showed Tommy the backyard that morning, and my own, private world behind the garage. By that summer, I had constructed an elaborate, miniature landscape for my Power Rangers and Transformers. It was made up mainly of little hills and small forts made from scraps of wood and discarded containers. In my imagination, it became a battlefield, or the surface of a foreign planet, or the jungles of a lost continent.

Tommy wasn't very impressed at first. He saw mainly dirt. But I had some cool toys, and we played for a while before going inside to continue our game of Monopoly. It was clear, though, that I had already lost, and I had little interest in the game. I did like looking at Tommy as he lay on his belly to play. He was still wearing only his shorts, and I admired the muscles I saw in his back. I admired his long legs as well. And I admired his butt.

Perhaps 'admired' isn't the best word for it.

When I sat on his butt to take my turn at the game, he complained about me doing it to see what cards he'd drawn. But he didn't make me get off, so we played that way for a while -- with me sitting on his butt. Then I lay all the way down on him to play, and he didn't object.

I moved around on him when I had to roll the dice, and I soon developed a stiffy. He wiggled his butt, feeling it. "Does your grandma really not come up here during the day?" he asked.

"Nope. She stays downstairs."

He wiggled his butt again. "Wanna rub hard-ons again?" he asked.

"Yeah," I said. I got up off him, and kicked off my shorts while he rolled to his back. He lifted his butt off the floor and pushed his shorts down. When he did, I could see his stiffy pointing up his belly. I got a much better look at it than I did when he was pissing, earlier that morning, and it looked a little different from the night before -- it looked different in the daylight.

His stiffy was a light pink, with the skin all stretched. His crown was smaller than his shaft which was thicker at the base. That was different from my shaft, which was more even in thickness all the way up. My crown was a darker pink than his, and it was shaped like a helmet on the end of my shaft. My stiffy curved up my belly like his, though.

Tommy pulled up his knees to push his shorts the rest of the way off, and I could see his balls between his legs. His ballsack was bigger than mine, and a lighter pink, but just as wrinkly. He kicked his shorts free and his balls wiggled. He opened his legs then and held his hands out between them as if he would guide my hips in.

I knelt down between his legs, and like the night before, I held myself up on my hands as I lowered my stiffy to his. Tommy grabbed me by the hips, and for a moment we watched between our bellies. Like the night before, as we moved our hips, our two stiffies poked up between the press of our tummies like twin snakes.

I stayed up on my hands a lot longer than I did the night before because it put more pressure on our cocks. Tommy held my butt and moved me around between his legs, and we ground on each other, and watched, or looked around, but not at each other.

Finally, I got tired of holding myself up, and I lay down on Tommy, belly to belly. He held onto my butt and I grabbed his shoulders. With the sides of our faces resting against each other, we started humping.

It seemed different in the daytime. The windows were open, and we could hear cars down on Mulberry, and dogs out in the neighborhood. Much closer, were the quiet grunts we made when a thrust or grind felt really good. There wasn't much of a breeze and it was warm in the room. It grew damp between our bellies, and the skin of our tummies made little squishing sounds.

It was exciting, it was secret, it was sex. It was boy-to-boy intimacy, feeling his belly and legs with my belly and legs, the side of my face against his, us holding on to each other. I could feel his breath on my shoulder. We pushed our hips forward at the same time, sharing the same wonderful pressure against our upturned stiffies.

We rolled, and Tommy was on top. He made his whole body rigid, and started circling with his whole body so that our bellies and legs slid on each other as well as our dicks. We rolled again so I could try it. "I like that," he murmured in a throaty voice."

"I know something else we can do," I whispered.


"We can suck each other's stiffies."

"Cock sucking?" he asked, pausing. He sounded hesitant.

"Yeah. It feels really good."

"How do you know? Has somebody sucked your cock before?" he asked in surprise.

I thought a moment. I had promised Jason to never tell anyone about the things we'd done. But then, I didn't need to tell Tommy who I'd done it with. "Yes," I told him.

We ground our stiffies as Tommy digested that bit of information. His hands on my butt squeezed tighter, and he rubbed me between his legs more determinedly. "Who?" he asked.

"Somebody," I said.

"A friend or what?"

"A friend," I said.

"Is that how you knew about jacking off and rubbing cocks together?"

I nodded the side of my head against his. "Yeah."

"And he sucked your cock?"

"I sucked his, too."

"And you liked it? Having your cock sucked, I mean."

"Yeah," I said, remembering. "I liked sucking his cock, too."

"You did?"

"I liked him," I said. "We were good friends."

“Is he gone?”

“Yeah. He moved.”

Tommy didn't say anything for a moment or two. "Did you do anything else together?" he asked.

"Yeah," I said. But I didn't say what. I didn’t say anything about putting cocks up butts. I was afraid of what Tommy would think.

"What?" he asked impatiently.

Well… he wanted to know. "We put our stiffies inside each other's butt."

"Why would you do that?"

"It feels good. It's like fucking a girl only fucking a boy instead."

"Have you fucked a girl?" he asked incredulously.

"No. I said it's like fucking a girl."

"I don’t think so,” he said. “It sounds gross to me.”

"Feels good," I told him.

We grew quiet again while Tommy held me by the butt and circled my body around on his. "You can suck my cock if you want," he finally said.

"But you gotta suck mine, too."

Tommy stopped, his hands resting on my butt. "If I like how it feels, I'll do it to you."

I pushed up off him, and knelt up between his legs. With a challenge like that, I would make sure it felt good for him. I pushed his knees up and apart, laying him open. My face was only inches from his privates, and I got my best look yet. His cock was so different from Jason's; more like a little stick with a little ball hanging down from the bottom, because his balls were all tightened up. I slid my fingertips up and down the insides of his legs the way Jason used to like. Tommy's skin was white there, and very smooth. It was damp from sweat.

I tickled under his ball sack, and rubbed his perineum, with my finger tips. "This is called your 'scratch and sniff'," I told him, because it smells good down here." Then I bent down over him and licked his balls and up onto his shaft.

"Oh, shit!" Tommy whispered.

I lifted his cock up off his belly, pointing it straight up like a little rocket. I rubbed the skin up and down, and then licked over Tommy's crown with my tongue. It was smooth, and tasted faintly like Jason's had tasted.

"Oh, SHIT!" he said with a gasp.

I closed my mouth over it and began to bob. Tommy grabbed the sides of my head and pulled his knees up high and to the sides, as I did to him the things that Jason used to like. At first, I was disappointed. Jason's scent had been stronger and more exciting. His cock and balls were big and perfect to me, and I had loved them from the beginning. I adored Jason, and at five, I sucked him with adoration, if that makes sense.

But Tommy was only nine, and I wasn't five anymore. His cock seemed so much smaller, and yet, the taste was faintly the same, and Tommy moved in some of the same ways Jason did when I sucked on him. I slowly grew excited. Tommy's dick had its own excitement; because it was a boy's dick, and not particularly because it was Tommy's. I liked him, of course, and that made it good, especially when he started to moan. I moaned, too. I had wanted to do this with another boy for a long time.

I quickly discovered that there were things I could do with Tommy that I hadn't been able to do with Jason. I could get fully half Tommy’s shaft into my mouth before I felt like gagging. I could suck and caress it with my tongue, while it was in my mouth. The more Tommy squirmed, the more excited I became.

"You like it?" I asked, taking a breath..

"I think so," he said.

I think so? He didn’t fool me. Tommy liked it. He just wasn't sure about sucking my dick. So I reversed position over him, dangling my cock and balls above his face, while my face was over his cock and balls. "Suck me at the same time I do you," I told him. "But don't get your teeth on me, cuz that can hurt. Keep your teeth out of the way or cover them with your lips." I waited until I felt his hand close around my shaft. Then I shuddered as I felt his tongue sweep over my crown. A moment later, his warm, wet mouth closed over the end of my shaft.

I closed my eyes and sucked his dick into my mouth again. I sucked enthusiastically and Tommy imitated me, with only minor corrections from me. He got into it as much as I did, and we kept going until we both got 'feelings'.

We sat up with our backs to my bed afterward. Our shoulders were touching. Tommy wanted to know all about the 'other boy'. I told him only that he had been an older boy I knew, a friend. I told him that my friend taught me how to do the things I'd done with Tommy. Those things, and putting our stiffies inside each other’s butt. I didn't tell him about the kissing Jason and I did, or how much I adored Jason. That was private.

His legs were apart, and he flopped his dick around with his fingers. "You think sucking our dicks will make 'em grow longer?" he asked.

"Maybe," I said. "We'd probably have to suck 'em a whole lot to make that happen."

He looked at me and grinned. I realized what I had said, and laughed. Tommy pushed me over and rolled onto me. We wrestled around naked until he had my body pinned with the weight of his and he was holding my hands above my head. His face hovered over mine as he grinned in triumph.

My eyes dropped to his mouth. I hesitated, wanting to ask. He was lying on me, naked, and we had already sucked each other's dicks. So… "I could teach you to kiss," I suggested in a whisper.

A curious expression passed over his face. "Did you and that other boy kiss each other?" he asked softly. His eyes dropped to my lips.


Without asking, still pinning my hands down, Tommy lowered his lips to mine and pressed them there, for a moment. He lifted his head and looked at my lips again, as if deciding whether he liked them or not. Then he kissed me again.

His lips started bumping mine and he started blowing air all over my face from his nose. I realized he was giggling. He lifted his head, grinning. “That’s weird.”

“Well you aren’t doing it right,” I told him. "Let go of my hands.”

He looked at me, suspciously.

"I’ll teach you how," I told him.

He let go of my hands, but left his weight on me; his chest on my chest. I used my hands on his shoulders to roll him to his back, and then I moved on top of him like he had been on top of me. I wrapped my arms over the top of his head and then kissed him, pressing my lips to his for a long time, sharing our breath. He wrapped his arms over my back.

"Open your mouth when I do," I whispered. "I'm going to teach you how to kiss with tongue."

His eyes were on mine, but they closed as I lowered my mouth again. I opened it over his mouth and pressed in with my tongue. It took only moments for him to respond in kind, and we worked the kiss, awkwardly at first, but only at first. We shifted our legs so that mine were between his, and I lifted my hips to let our stiffies up between our bellies. And we kept kissing.

A soft breeze blew in through the window. A car rolled past on the street and a basset hound down the street, bayed. Tommy's hands roamed my back, feeling my skin. He wrapped them around my shoulders, and pulled his knees up so that the insides of his thighs squeezed my hips and his feet were on the floor on either side of my legs. I gently circled between his thighs with my hips. The skin of our tummies pressed as we breathed. His mouth was very wet, and warm. I ran my fingers through the soft fur of his head.

And then his stomach growled.

We both started giggling that time. Our cheeks puffed with air, and air blew out our noses, because our mouths were still pressed together. I lifted my face from his and Tommy grinned up at me. "I'm hungry," he said.

We pulled on shorts, and as we went down the stairs, Tommy put his arms over my shoulders. Grams had company; a couple of her friends. They had to meet Tommy, and we got to hear about what cute boys we were and weren't the girls going to go crazy in a couple of years. Finally, we made it to the kitchen and fixed ourselves peanut butter sandwiches, which we had with milk.

"Wanna play more Monopoly?" Tommy asked between one bite and the next.

I shrugged. "Maybe later. Wanna go to the pool?"

Tommy shrugged. "Not really. Do they have a game arcade around?"

I nodded. "It's called Jimmy’s. I don't normally go cuz I don't get much allowance and I don't have anybody to go there with."

"Yes you do," Tommy said, patting my bare arm. "You got me, and I brought some money. You can watch me play."

I chewed my lip. Watching Tommy play arcade games didn't strike me as the most fun idea.

"Don't you have any money?" he asked.

I nodded. "I got some."

"Bring it," he said. "They probably got games we can play together."

Jimmy’s did; they did have games Tommy and I could play together. They also had Trevor, who came up to me while I was playing a game. I had seen him a few times, over the last couple of years, but I was always with someone, so all he ever did was say 'hi.' This time, I had drifted over a couple of games from Tommy, and Trevor came up beside me. He watched me play for a minute, and then shook his head. "I'll help you, Petey," he told me, stepping behind me.

Tommy was wrapped up in his own game and not paying attention as Trevor pressed me from behind and wrapped his arms over mine to put his hands on the back of mine. "Just pay attention to how I do this, Petey," he said as he began to use his fingers on my fingers to push buttons and turn wheels.

The game ended. "Put in two more quarters," he said.

I shook my head. I was trying not to spend my money, and I wasn't sure I liked him playing my game for me. I also thought I could feel his hard-on above my butt. "I'm about outta money," I told him.

"Here," he said, without hesitating, "I'll put in a couple more." And he did. 'Play resumed.' This time, he put more of his body into it, and I definitely felt his hardness against the small of my back. When the game ended the second time, he kept his hardness pressed there and put his hands on my shoulders. He was fifteen or sixteen now, and quite a bit taller. He was well-built, too, and his hands felt strong as he gave my shoulders a small squeeze.

He leaned forward, his mouth just behind my ear. "You're a really cute kid now, Petey. Do you have anybody to play with the way we used to play?" He didn't wait for an answer. "I've got a girlfriend now, and all. I fuck her all the time. But anytime you want to, we can get together and do like we did before. I know how to fuck really good now. You'll like it a lot."

I shrugged and stepped away. "My Mom doesn't let me go out alone much," I told him. My eyes dropped unwillingly to his crotch. He had on jeans, but I could see the outline of his erection pointing out to the side. That started to give me a stiffy as well.

He gave me a lopsided smile. "Yeah, I know. I hardly ever see you. I'll go write down my phone number and give it to you. You can call me sometime when you can get away." He winked. Then he went looking for paper and I went back to Tommy, staying close to him.

After a few minutes, Trevor came back. "Here," he said, "hang on to this. Give me a call anytime." He thrust the piece of paper into my pocket, and since my shorts were loose, it was easy for him to move his fingers, inside my pocket, onto my cock. He felt me up, even though there were other kids all around. My dick grew quickly stiff again. But then Tommy glanced at us and Trevor pulled out his hand. He patted my bottom. "Who's this, Petey?” He asked, looking at Tommy. “A friend of yours?"

"He's my cousin, Tommy," I said.

Tommy glanced at us again and back, noting Trevor's presence, but too busy to say 'hi'. Trevor gave my shoulder a squeeze. "Bring him along if you want to. See ya later, Petey."

I stayed close to Tommy, and eventually saw Trevor leave with another boy his age. Trevor grinned at me and waved as he went out. It wasn't that I didn't like him; it's that he hurt me that time at the pool, and he didn't seem to care. I was glad that Tommy had come. Otherwise, I might have been tempted to do stuff with Trevor since I didn't know anyone else to do stuff with. I rested my forearm on Tommy's shoulder and watched him play.

When I got home, I put the piece of paper with Trevor's phone number in a box where I kept small stuff.

Tommy and I took a bath together that night, and got into a piss fight as soon as we got into the tub. At eight and nine, we weren't too bothered about piss being in the water. We stood up to soap off, because Mom had been insistent that we come out clean. Tommy planted his feet slightly apart and began nasty dancing, wiggling his hips. I did it, too, and we got stiffies. We wiggled and rubbed our stiffies on each other's wet, soapy skin. We even took turns rubbing them up and down in each other's buttcracks, but Tommy still didn’t want to try putting our dicks inside each other. We took turns kneeling in the water and sucking each other, but not all the way until we got 'the feelings'. We waited for that until after Mom went to bed and we were naked under the top sheet together.

In a sides-facing sixty-nine, Tommy and I sucked until we got our feelings at almost the same time, and then sucked some more the way prepubescent boys can keep on going. Finally, we crawled back up facing each other and interlaced our legs. Tommy grabbed my hip and I grabbed his, and we moved around, rubbing like that for awhile. Then we practiced kissing again, pulling our bellies together with hands behind each other’s backs. We fell asleep with our lips close to each other on the pillow, sharing our breathing.

The next morning, we ate only cereal for breakfast so we could bet back upstairs where we stripped off our shorts again, and played 'naked Monopoly'. Tommy lay on his tummy again to play. I stood a moment, looking at his fleshy butt. It was really white compared to his legs and back.

I lay down on him again to play Monopoly, and we took a few game turns with my stiffy laying between his butt cheeks. Then he rolled over under me and we rubbed together for a while before sucking again.

We returned to the swimming pool that afternoon, and took on some other boys in horse fights. Since I was smaller, I rode Tommy’ shoulders and when I got a stiffy behind his neck, he reached up and pinched my butt.

Mom called us out to her car that night. "I've been thinking about getting these for you for a long time, Petey" she told me as she opened the trunk. Inside were a small TV and VCR. "I thought with Tommy here, it would give you boys something else to do. You can have it in your room, and if you tell me what you want, I'll rent videos for you."

We didn't have cable, and there wasn't much on broadcast TV for kids at night, so we insisted that Mom take us out to the new Blockbuster that same evening. That night, Tommy and I scooted naked under the top sheet on my bed, and watched the first and second Indiana Jones. We kissed whenever Indiana Jones kissed a girl. We hugged each other and screamed at the scary parts until Mom yelled for us to be quiet or turn off the TV. I liked the second Indian Jones because of all the boys in it, and I thought Short Round was cute, but Tommy made a face when I said that.

We fell asleep before the movie was over, but the TV was off when I woke up in the morning.

"Are you sure you don't want me to make up a pallet for Petey on the floor?" Mom asked Tommy that next evening at supper. "I went in to Petey’s room last night shut off the TV,” she said. “It was after midnight, and the static was keeping me awake. You two were sleeping all over each other."

"I'm fine," Tommy said, blushing slighty. "Petey and I slept fine."

Mom eyed us speculatively for a moment, then shrugged.

"Kids can sleep anywhere," Grams observed.

We didn't leave the TV on at night after that. The next couple of days were fun. But by the weekend, things weren't as much fun anymore.

First Tommy didn't want to play naked Monopoly. Then I didn't want to go back to the arcade because I didn't want to spend my money, and I didn't want to see Trevor. But Tommy insisted, so I went, but I wasn’t happy about it. At least Trevor wasn't there.

We got a little testy with each other, the way boys do sometimes when they have to spend a lot of time together; especially when neither had to spend a lot of time with another boy before.

Saturday night, we took separate baths. We didn't rub or suck in bed that night, though we did sleep together, and Tommy did back his butt up to mine before we fell asleep.

The next morning, I played outside by myself and Tommy stayed inside by himself. He read some of my comics. Then he went downstairs and told Grams he wanted to go home.


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