Jack Edwards

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Boy Play - Pt 5

Grams was all upset; not the angry kind of upset, but the flustered grandmother kind of upset. Tommy wanted to go home after only a week, and Grams' great plan for me to finally have a friend my age appeared to be a failure. I came in from playing in the backyard in time to hear her grilling Tommy.

"We get along fine," Tommy was telling her. "I just wanna go home."

"I understand, honey. You're homesick," she said.

Tommy frowned. Nine-year-olds don't get homesick.

"Look, Petey's back inside," she said. "Why don't I make you boys some lemonade and I'll give you money to go rent a video. Tonight, I'll call your mom, Tommy, and I'll talk to her then about sending you home."

We walked along, side by side, kicking a rock on the way to the video store. I kicked the rock, then he kicked it, then I kicked it, or another rock.

"I'm sorry," I finally told him. "I'm sorry I made you mad."

"I'm not mad anymore," he said. He glanced at me. "I'm sorry I made you mad."

"I'm not mad anymore either," I told him.

"I just wanna go home," Tommy said. "I miss my mom." And then, as if saying the words made him hurt inside, Tommy's face screwed up and his eyes filled with tears.

We stopped, and I put my hand on his back and patted it.

He looked at me, tears streaming down his face, and then down at the ground. I stepped closer, putting my hand on his shoulder with my crooked arm resting on his back, the way a shorter boy sometimes does with taller one. Tommy put an arm behind my waist, and we just sorta stood there, side by side, while he cried.

He hiccupped a few times and the tears slowed. He wiped his eyes on the back of the forearm he didn't have behind my back.

"Here," I said, and stepping close in front of him, I used my hands to wipe the tears from his cheeks. He used both forearms again on his eyes. He was looking down at the ground. I stepped up and hugged him, patting his back. I felt his hands pat mine.

We stepped apart, and without a word, resumed our walk to the video store, side by side.

"I like you, Petey," he said after a few moments, as if he wanted me to know that it wasn't because of me he wanted to go home. "You’re my friend."

"You’re my friend," I said. "I don't want you to go home yet."

He nodded.

I put my hand on his shoulder again, and rested my arm on his back as we walked. We walked through some trees to get over to Mulberry and saw an old, brush fort made by kids a summer or two before. "I want to build a fort someday," I said, looking at it as we passed.

Tommy glanced at it, too. "We could do better than that." He looked at me. "We could try to find some real wood. I saw kids in my neighborhood do that once. They took some boards from a new house that was being built and made a fort in the woods."

I shook my head. "I don't know where we could get boards."

"We can look for some," Tommy suggested.

That afternoon, we rented Spaceballs at the video store after they called Grams for an OK. Then, on the way home, Tommy and I explored the neighborhood, looking for wood. When we got home, we picked a spot in the backyard for our fort, and when we told Grams what we wanted to do; she called a friend she thought might have some scrap lumber. An old guy, Grams' age, came by before supper with a pickup truck full of old wood.

"You boys have any tools?" he asked. "You got any hammers, saws, nails?"

We shook our heads.

He grinned. "I didn't think so. Emily isn't the project building type," he said, referring to Grams. "I brought a couple of old tools and some nails. You can return them to me when you're done. I’ve got more scrap wood, too, if you need it. Why don't you show me what you plan to build?"

We took the old guy out to the back yard, and he looked at our spot between three oak trees and nodded. We told him our plans and he nodded some more. "You boys want me to help?" he asked. "I can come back here in the morning and give you a hand."

I glanced at Tommy. We both nodded.

Without tell us, Grams had called Mom earlier that day, to tell her about Tommy wanting to go home. That night Mom brought home one of the new Sega Genesis game consoles with a couple of games. With her help, we set it up on my new tv up in my room. We gulped down supper, and that night, Tommy and I forgot about the Spaceballs video and played Forgotten World and Last Battle until we literally fell asleep on each other on the floor. It's a good thing we still had our shorts on, because Mom came in during the night and put us into bed.

The name of Grams' old friend was Howard, and the next morning, he showed Tommy and me how to saw and hammer and we started building the world's coolest fort. We worked all morning. Howard took us to lunch at McDonald's, and then we worked all afternoon.

After Howard left, Grams told us to bathe for supper, so Tommy and I started a bath and stripped naked together. We looked at each other while we waited for the tub to fill and our dicks started to rise. Tommy grinned, and I grinned, and then we stepped together, belly-to-belly. He grabbed my butt and I grabbed his and we rubbed stiffies, standing up. Our faces were against each other. When Tommy rubbed his cheek on mine, I turned my face to his and we kissed each other… with tongue.

By then, the water was getting high in the tub, so we climbed in. “I’ve given my dog a bath before,” Tommy said. “Get on all fours, and I’ll pretend you’re my dog, and I’ll give you a bath.”

I did. I got down on all fours in the water, and he bathed me as if I was his dog, only he washed my balls and stiffy with his fingers, and then he used his fingers to soap in my butt crack. "You can put your stiffy up my butt if you want," I told him.

His hand paused for a moment, and then he scrubbed some more. "Nah, it's all soapy."

He washed me good and well and all over, and I liked it. It was really cool to be bathed by another boy. Then he got down on all fours, and I bathed him the same way. I soaped his privates and his perineum really well, and soaped in his butt crack with my fingers. Then I soaped in his butt crack with my stiffy, rubbing it up and down between his butt cheeks. It felt good on my stiffy, and his soapy butt felt good on my lap. "You can put your stiffy up my butt if you want," he offered.

"You sure?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said, nodding.

I scooped up water and poured it over his bottom to wash out the soap and I washed it off my dick. Then, kneeling behind him with my knees inside his, I pushed his butt lower and angled my stiffy down into his crevice. I probed for his opening and found it. Then I pushed in slowly.

Tommy had no trouble taking me, but his bottom felt a lot snugger around my cock than Jason's or Trevor's had. The tight ring of Tommy's little sphincter gripped me and slid down my shaft, stretching back my skin, as I pushed into him. He looked a lot different then Jason and Trevor had when I knelt behind them. It wasn't just that they were bigger; it was that they were big boys, and Tommy was still just a kid like me. I could see his spine bones and his ribs. His bottom was all white looking, especially since my dick looked so pink. He was just another boy like me.

I grabbed his hips and slid my hips forward and back until I was all the way in and could look down and see nothing between us except his fleshy bottom flattened onto my lap. I wiggled inside him. I pulled back and watched my pink shaft reappear, and then disappear between his butt cheeks as I pushed back in. I bent over him, and hugged under his belly, and I started pushing in my stiffie as far as I could, and moving it around inside him, then pulling back and pushing in again, over and over.

"How does it feel?" he asked.

"It feels great," I said. "How does it feel for you?"

"It feels good," he said, as if surprised. "I sorta feels real good."

I humped him for several minutes, and then he wanted to try doing it to me after all, so we switched. He got my bottom and his dick all wet, and then pushed in. It was the first time in three years I had a stiffy up my butt, but he was smaller than Jason and Trevor had been, and I was three years older. We had no trouble.

"You like it?" I asked.

He bent over my back and hugged around my middle the way I had done him, and he started pushing in hard. "I like it," he said, his voice sounding tight.

He really liked it. Tommy started pumping hard and fast. When we heard Mom pull into the drive, and Grams called up for us to hurry, Tommy didn't stop. He kept going. I was glad, because Tommy was feeling really good inside me, especially as fast as he was pumping. But then he finally got his 'feeling' and slowed down and stopped.

That night, we watched Spaceballs, and laughed a lot together. Then we played Sega Genesis, but not too late. We stripped naked for bed that night and sucked on each other until we got our feelings. Then I slept behind Tommy, hugging him.

Howard came the next day and got us most of the way done. He gave us instructions on what we should finish and even made a quick trip for some cheap, composition shingles for us to put on our roof. He showed us how and made us promise to finish it.

That night when we went to bed, I showed Tommy how to put his stiffy inside me when I was on my back and he was between my legs. He bent over me and we tried holding each other like Jason and I had done when we made a little ball out of our bodies, but Tommy didn't fit me the same way. It was still good.

And we found things we liked even better, both sexing and otherwise. The first time Tommy lay down on his stomach, naked, to play Monopoly, I was on top of him in a flash. He let me put my dick inside him and I discovered how good he felt under me that way. His fleshy butt fit great under my middle, I squeezed his legs between mine, and that felt good. His back felt good under my belly and chest, and I liked nuzzling into the back of his furry hair. It just was a great way to hump with Tommy. He liked doing it the same way with me, and we actually did play Monoply like that, some... while one of us was lying on top of the other one, the top guy’s dick inside the bottom guy, casually humping and rolling dice.

We liked sucking each other at the same time, and we liked rubbing stiffies. But we also liked Sega Genesis, and watching videos, and playing in our fort... and yes, we sexed inside it, and that was exciting because it was so close to the house.

Tommy didn't like cuddling the way Jason did, though. And it wasn't the same kissing each other as it was with Jason. It didn't feel the same inside. I didn't 'adore' Tommy the way I did Jason. But he and I were buddies, and that last month of my eighth summer, he became my first, true friend.

Tommy didn't talk about going home early again. For the remainder of the month, we worked and played in our clubhouse, we watched videos and played Sega Genesis, we went to the pool, we slept naked together, and we sexed... casually, frequently, in fun ways. And when it was finally time for Tommy to return home, he didn't want to.

"I'm coming back next summer," he promised me that last night, as we lay in bed facing each other with our legs entwined, stroking each other's stiffies. "And we gotta talk on the phone sometimes."

"I wish you could just live here," I told him. "I wish you didn't have to leave."

"But I wanna go home," he said. "Hey, maybe you can come see me sometime."

I nodded, not at all sure how I'd feel about riding by myself on a bus and being away from home.

"Wanna suck?" he asked.

I nodded, and Tommy reversed positions so that his middle was in front of my face and mine was in front of his. His warm mouth closed over my erection, and I closed my mouth over his. And I thought about how much I would miss his dick and his body, as well as his company. I squeezed his fleshy bottom as I sucked, and his dick moved in my mouth, and I took his stiffy as far as I could into my mouth, wanting everything I could from this last night with him.

After we came home from taking Tommy to the bus the next day, I sat in our fort, and though I tried not to, I cried. The loneliness hurt. It hurt that night as I lay in bed by myself for the first time in a month.

I actually made a couple of new friends in the third grade. One was a girl, one was a boy. But they both had other friends, and those friendships had been established in the first two grades. Everyone had friendships which they established in the first two grades; and I wasn't part of them. The boys were in cub scouts together, or sports, or lived close to each other, or went to church together. No one ever asked me to join cub scouts, I wasn't in soccer or football or baseball, we didn't go to church, and no one lived close to me. I knew a couple of kids from swimming, but we hadn't been friends there and weren't friends in school.

The other kids weren't unfriendly. But I was still very quiet and shy. I became quite a reader in the third grade. Grams had a piano, and one of her friends started giving me lessons. I caught on quickly, and began to like it. My fingers were long for a kid my size, and I loved watching them go faster and faster as I got better.

Just after Christmas, I traveled by bus to Tommy's house. We had talked a few times on the phone over the previous weeks, but I wasn't sure how things would be between us after almost four months. But Tommy was grinning as I got off the bus, and he gave me a quick, happy hug. I met his mom and dad, and his older and younger sisters. That night, I slept in his bed with him, but we had to wear our underwear. However, as soon as his mom said good night, turned of the light, and shut the door, we rolled up to face each other and our hands shot into each other's briefs at the same time. We laughed, and shushed each other, and then Tommy kissed me.

We quickly got naked and Tommy pulled me on top of him. We kissed and rubbed stiffies while he squeezed my butt and I ran my fingers through his furry hair. We got our feelings, and then sucked each other under the covers till we got them again. We pulled our underwear back on then, but still slept with me hugging Tommy from behind.

I stayed with him for New Year's and several days after. Of course, we didn't play naked Monopoly, and we didn't have as much opportunity for sexing, except at night, but it was fun. When it was time to go home, I didn't want to.

That spring, Grams helped me plant my first garden, and she taught me the names of several of Grandpa's plants and trees. I liked it, and Mom brought me home a couple of colorful books on plants and landscaping. I began doing some of Grams yard work; not the mowing, but tending beds, and even some pruning.

From time to time, I opened the small box in which I kept Trevor's phone number, and I thought about calling him. But I was afraid of him, a little, and I didn't know how I'd be able to meet him and have sex with him. Where could we? When could we?

The swim coach made a point of inviting me back on the team that year, and I enjoyed swimming as much as ever. I would be turning ten that fall, and I knew what "gay" meant. I knew that I was gay, and I was totally fixated on boys. At the pool, I stole looks at them in the dressing room, or when we were in our speedos on the deck. In the water, I stared more openly, especially as our speedos became more and more transparent with continual pool use.

But knowing I was gay made me shyer than ever. From the way kids and people talked about gays, I knew they would make fun of me if they knew. It was a big part of myself to hide.

Tommy came for a month again at the end of the summer, and it was much like the summer before, only he brought a couple of new games, like Risk, and I had new Sega games. We sexed a lot, and we kissed. For those four weeks, it was like being free. I could be who I was with Tommy. I could be gay with Tommy. We never talked about being gay, or anything like that, but I figured he was gay, too.

In fourth grade, I became even more of a bookworm. I started a little growth spurt. Ironically, it was the only time in my life that I got close to the other boy's heights. Girls started to take more interest in me. I started getting calls from them at my home. Mom and Grams were delighted, and enjoyed teasing me about it. Actually, I enjoyed talking to a couple of the girls, and became better friends with them. They called me Peter, and soon, no one at school called me Petey anymore.

One girl, Mandy, who had blond hair like mine, asked me to meet her at the theater. I did, and we sat together to watch Back to the Future III. She wanted to kiss, so I kissed with her. I kissed with tongue, and she liked it. She asked me to meet her for another movie the following week. She must have told other girls about my kissing because I noticed an increased friendliness from several of them and another girl wanted to meet me at the movies.

I didn't like to spend the little money I had on movies, but I agreed to meet Mandy the next week. We kissed again. She started telling everyone I was her boyfriend. I really didn't like that.

Girls were OK to talk to. I liked them to talk to. But I was uncomfortable around them if they were interested in me as a boy. I wasn't interested in them that way for one thing, and I was really unsure of myself around them. I had no sisters, and they were still sort of strange creatures to me. But girls seemed to like me, and since that year in the fourth grade, there have always been girls interested in me. I've always been small and looked young for my age, and you wouldn't think so, but some girls really like that. Some girls like blond hair and blue eyes. Fortunately for me, some boys do, too.

Back then, there was one other reason I wasn't that interested in girls, and that was because if there was another boy out there like me... another gay boy, I didn’t want him thinking that I was straight. If there was another gay boy around, I wanted to meet him.

However, there just aren't many fourth graders who consider themselves to be gay.

I stayed friendly with girls, but didn't agree to meet them at movies. I read books. I planted my second garden that spring; a bigger garden. I moved up to the fourth level in piano, and that summer, I did well on the swim team. I began to notice other boys looking at my body. I wore my warm-ups less than I should have, preferring to stay in my speedos if I thought a boy might look at me.

Tommy came at the end of that third summer as well. He had grown his hair longer. He was taller and his shoulders had widened just a little. He was eleven, almost twelve, and I was ten, almost eleven. He kissed differently that summer, more... hungrily. And his body fit mine differently. When I lay on my back, and he laid down on me, belly-to-belly, with his dick inside me, we were more at eye level. His belly was tighter and his dick was thicker. He still had a fleshy bottom though, and I still liked it when he lay on his stomach and let me hump him that way.

He talked about girls that summer, and at the pool, he seemed to look at them.

It was still good. We still had a great time. But a few days after he left, I called Trevor.

He picked me up in his car. I told Grams that I knew Trevor because he was a friend of Jason's, whom she remembered. I told her what Trevor had told me to say; that his church wanted him to do community service and he wanted to do a big brother ‘outreach’.

He took me to his house. His older brothers had already left for college, and no one was home. Trevor still acted nervous and hurried me back to his room. Once he had locked his door, however, he seemed to relax. It was a nice room. He had his own TV and Ntendo system. He had posters on the wall of girls I didn't recognize. A skateboard sat on the floor, and ball caps were scattered over his dresser. Trevor sat on his double bed and motioned me to come over. When I did, he parted his legs and pulled my hips up to the edge of the bed, between his thighs. He smelled of men's cologne and faintly of cigarrettes. He smoked.

He ran his hands over my shoulders. "Shit, I bet those little elementary girls eat you up, Petey."

"They call me Peter now," I said. At almost eleven years old, my dick had grown some, and it felt good, stretching the front of my pants. Trevor notice and covered it with his hand.

He grinned. "You want me to fuck you, Peter?" he asked.

"Maybe," I said. Though I was still a little afraid of Trevor, I knew him. He was another gay boy, and the only one I knew of in town. It was my chance; I was bold. I reached down between his legs and felt his hardness. "I want us to suck each other, and I want to fuck you, too," I told him.

Trevor's mouth dropped slightly. "Damn, Peter! Have you been fucking with someone?"

I nodded, unfastening my pants. Trevor pulled his hand away, and I pushed my pants and underwear down. "I've been fucking with my cousin," I said as my erection sprung up, pointing upward at him. I was still a long way from having pubes, and my erection was still the long, thin stiffy of a boy, but it was a big stiffy on a small-framed boy. Trevor's eyes focused on it, and I saw his nostrils flare.

I was desperate for him to touch it, and he didn't disappoint me. "Damn, Petey," he said, not taking his eyes from it. "You're growning a damn proud pecker there." He cupped his hand under my balls and dick. "Nice little nuts you've got coming along, too.

He bent over and took my cock into his mouth. I sighed, closing my eyes, and ran my fingers into his hair, clutching it. Trevor slid off the bed and onto his knees, backing me with his hands on my hips. And then he began to really suck me and bob on my dick.

I pumped my hips, too, holding his head which seemed so much larger than Tommy's. It didn't take long before my legs were shaky and I was dry-orgasming. When I was done, Trevor pulled off my trainers and shorts. He stood up, and pulled off my shirt so that I was only in my white socks. He kissed my neck and shoulders while backing me to the bed, and then he lifted me up onto it and laid me back.

He undressed beside the bed, and his cock popped up, even bigger looking than the last time I'd seen him. Trevor was about to turn eighteen. The difference in his body from the first time I'd seen him, when he had only a small patch of pubic hair, was dramatic. A trail of dark hair ran up from his pubes to his naval, and his legs were hairy and strong looking. I could see muscles in his chest and arms, and his face had become handsome.

He crawled up onto the bed with me, and covered my mouth with his. He tasted of cigarettes, but it didn't matter, because Trevor kissed me the way a horny youth kisses; passionately, and though I was only eleven, it excited me. His hand reached between my legs to fondle me. "Damn, Peter," he whispered, remembering my name again, "you're hotter than a girl... a helluva lot hotter, and I've fucked a shit load of girls."

He kissed down my neck and onto my chest. He sucked my nipples, and no one had ever done that before. I could feel his tongue and his teeth on them, and it made me squirm. I had my hands on his shoulders and back. His muscles were hard; literally hard. He kissed down my belly, and swallowed my stiff dick again. He lifted my legs, pushing my knees up and out, and licked my perineum. I heard him take a deep breath through his nostrils and felt the air under my scrotum as he took it up into his nose. He licked again, and kept licking my perineum, holding my knees up with either hand, until I was squirming and moaning.

He let my legs down and got up from the bed to retrieve a small tube from his night stand. He knelt back onto the bed beside my hips, opening the tube, and squired out some clear gel onto his fingers. "This is KY lube. It's makes things slick for sex." He spread it onto his long fat cock. Then he lifted one of my knees and I pulled them both up. He spread cool gel into my bottom with his fingertips.

Trevor moved up to my bottom with his cock wagging and dangling a long, viscous bead of precum. He started to angle down toward my opening, but then stopped and grabbed a pillow. He stuffed it under my butt, and then angled down again with my but higher up. Tommy's dick was nothing like Trevor's, and I made Trevor take a long time so I could get used to it. Then he was inside me. He grabbed me by the hips, letting my legs flop out to the sides, and he started moving in and out.

He laid one hand on my upturned stiffy and rubbed it with his palm. I closed my eyes and just felt it. Eventually, he began to move faster, and then he lay down on me like Jason used to, and we almost fit the same way. Only his body was dense and his muscles hard. His belly was hard. I clung to his back and planted my feet on the bed outside his legs so I could use them to push up my dick to rub up against his taut belly.

Trevor supported the weight of his upper body on his elbows; his hands were under the backs of my shoulders. When his orgasm started to hit, he lifted his head and arched back. I hung on to his torso, though, like a baby monkey hanging on under it’s mom, only I had my feet planted and I kept riding up and down on his cock because I was rubbing my dick up against his belly, and it felt really, really good. He sucked in his breath, and his whole body got hard. I could feel his cock throbbing inside my rectum, and my insides got slick the way they used to with Jason. I didn’t stop, because I was getting my ‘feelings’. I clung to his muscular trunk, pulling myself up, partly off the bed, to rub my dick harder and faster on Trevor's belly. I rubbed into my own, second, dry orgasm, while Trevor gasped and whimpered, because a crazed eleven-year-old kid was frantically riding his dick.

He finally stopped me. I think I would have kept coming forever if he hadn't. He settled down on me and rolled us to our sides, face to face. His mouth was open, panting. "Oh, damn!" he gasped. "Shit! You fuck back better than a girl. His hips were still between my legs and he was still inside me. He thrust forward, pressing in, and hugged me to his body. "No shit!" he whispered. "You're butt's so tight... I think I'm staying hard."

He began moving his hips again, slowly, and the squishing noise from his cock was louder because I was so slick and wet inside. We stayed on our sides, and he reached down with both hands to grab my hips as he started to bang into me harder again.

I held him by the shoulders, thrusting my own hips forward and back.

"You like this, don't you, Peter?" he asked with a tense grin.

"Yeah," I said, chewing my bottom lip. "But your hip is digging inside my leg."

Trevor rolled up on top of me again, and hammered himself steadily to a second orgasm.

He lay on his stomach afterward and let me fuck him.

"Not a word to anyone about this," he murmured as comfortably as if I were giving him a massage. "I'm really straight and I don't want anyone thinking I'm queer."

He had a muscular back and a hard butt. I remember hanging onto his strong shoulders with both hands while I ground into his bottom with my cock, and thinking that he was gay, even if he wouldn't admit it. He liked boys.

He sat up in bed after that, and I straddled his lap, facing him the way Jason and I used to do, and I rode his cock, rubbing mine on his belly, a last time. We kissed while doing it, and he got really hot and excited. I found out that getting a teenage boy hot and excited was hot and exciting.

We got together for big brother / little brother "outings" several times that fall, and Trevor even wound up taking me for burgers a few times. I visited Tommy over the holidays again, but didn't tell him about Trevor.

That spring, Trevor had a new girlfriend who wanted all his time, and we got together only three times. Summer came, and swim team. A new family moved in across the street and down one house, and they had a redheaded boy who was almost a year younger than me. His name was Brandon, and because he was born in August and I was born in October, we would both be eleven at the same time for about two months, and we would be entering sixth grade together.


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