Jack Edwards

Boy Play - Pt 6

Mom’s job took her out of town, more and more. In March, when I was eleven and in the fifth grade, her company asked her to move to Indianapolis.

I didn't want to move with her. Though I had no real friends in Salem, I didn’t like the prospect of being uprooted to a totally unfamiliar city. It scared me to be honest. And that was at a time when I was going through a lot of turmoil in my spirit.

I don’t think prepubescent boys normally get many guilt feelings over sex play. It’s fun and naughty and feels good. Maybe it was just me, but I never feel guilty with Jason; far from it. And with Tommy, sexing together was simply fun, and I didn’t think about it a whole lot one way or another. But with Trevor, it was different.

It’s ironic, but though Trevor used me for sex to begin with, he seemed to develop real feelings for me. At the same time, I had no feelings for him… well, I almost didn’t like him. That first time I called him, I wanted to sex; to play. But I also wanted the feelings I had for Jason. When I didn’t have those feelings for Trevor, it turned out that I used Trevor for sex. Even at eleven, simply using someone that way makes you feel a little empty inside, especially if that someone seems to like you. I was glad that Trevor had less time for me. I would be glad when he left for college in the fall. Then I wouldn’t even be tempted.

When I talk about not wanting to move, I suppose that I shouldn’t say I had no other friends in Salem. The librarians knew me, and fed me books they thought I would like. I was a favorite of my swim coach, and practices were already getting underway. Grams piano-teaching friend had passed me on to a real instructor, and I was about to have my first recital – an ‘easier’ Chopin piece, as if there were such a thing. Plus, in Salem, I had my backyard garden, and Tommy’s and my fort.

Though I might have sexed with a teenager, I still enjoyed playing in my backyard domain. Maybe it was even more important, because deep down in my spirit, I wanted to still be a kid.

Grams was as much a mom to me as Mom, so I asked to stay with Grams when Mom moved to Indianapolis. It wasn’t that hard to convince Mom. Without Grams to help, Mom would be too busy to "take care of me" and her new job. To move, set up a new home, adjust to a new job, and try to get me into a new school, mid-semester, would be a hassle for her, not to mention, shity for me. And too, Grams was getting older, and both Mom and Grams liked the idea of me being around to help her. So Mom moved, and I stayed with Grams, at least for the time being.

Except for Mom’s room, the second floor of the house became my domain. Grams rarely came up the stairs; her knees couldn't handle it. So she taught me how to make my bed, change linens and clean on my own.

Grams’ friend Howard came and helped me make the upstairs, back bedroom into a hobby room for me, with my own stairs down from the back landing into the backyard. He put in a door direct from the back bedroom into the bathroom, and another from the back bedroom to my room. Then he put in another door from the front bedroom to my room, and made the front bedroom into a little reading room… or I guess sitting room would be better to say. I put my TV and video games in there, as well as my books. We moved the double bed which had been in that bedroom to my bedroom, since it was a better bed than my little twin, and we moved the twin to the front room.

Grams struggled up the stairs twice while we were doing all that work. The first time, she announced that she would make my old twin bed in the front room into a day bed. She bought pillows and a spread for it. She also bought new bedding for the double bed in my room, and a couple of new carpets for the hardwood floors. All stuff she said a boy would like, and I did like them.

So then, I had three of the four bedrooms upstairs, all to myself. I could close the doors to the hall and stairs, and have a private apartment if I wanted. But I left them open, usually, so I could hear Grams call from downstairs if she needed me. I only kept the door to Mom’s vacant room closed, and closed mine only when she came to visit.

So just at the time when my ‘equipment’ began its preteen growth spurt, I was free to hang out naked in all of the upstairs. And I did, whenever I was up there.

From the time Jason had taught me how, I had jacked off. As summer began, I started to do so more often. Back after Jason had just left, I’d jack off and think of him and the things we did, and sometimes have a dry orgasm. Later, I’d think of Tommy. I never really fantasized about Trevor. In my fantasies, it was always like it was with Jason and Tommy… fun, innocent, sexing play.

However, by that summer, my fantasizing had grown to take in the entire boy’s half of the swim team. By then, my cock had gotten as big as Jason's was when we first sexed… or bigger. My balls were getting larger, and they weren’t little ‘balls’ anymore; they were little eggs. My fascination with them bordered on love.

Grams found a couple of large, old chairs and an overstuffed old couch for me to have upstairs. Howard also found a used drafting table for me to use for sketching, because I had told him and Grams that I wanted to try drawing landscape plans.

I had been doing some yard work for the older people in the neighborhood, and had saved up for an inexpensive Yamaha keyboard which I could play with headphones and not disturb Grams. I put it in the front bedroom. And I began saving for a Playstation, and games.

That spring, the old man who lived across the street and one door down, moved out. In June, the “for sale” sign came down, and at the end of June, a new family moved in; a mom, a dad, and an almost-eleven-year-old redhead by the name of Brandon.

His parents called him ‘Sonny’. He was their only child, their ‘Sonny Boy’, and they delighted in him. I thought at first that they were calling him, ‘Sunny’. They were from rural Kentucky, and Brandon had grown up barefoot with three boy cousins. He had a natural, easy nature. He was outgoing, and wore a perpetual grin. Somehow, ‘Sunny’ seemed to fit him.

He was cute, too. He had dark red hair – his dad called it ‘wine colored’ – down, almost to the back of his neck, like mine, but thicker. He had a few freckles over the bridge of his nose. His skin had that reddish type of tan that creamy-skinned redheads get when they stay out in the sun all the time. (Whenever I hear the term, creamy skin, I remember my first glimpse of Sonny’s bare bottom.)

Sonny was boney; all elbows and knees, large hands and feet, and he was an inch taller than me. But he also had fine features, a very straight nose and deeply pink lips. He had widely separated eyebrows -- beautiful eyebrows -- over two clear gray eyes, with the longest lashes I'd ever seen on a boy or a girl.

But the thing about Sonny was that he was friendly; awesomely friendly. He was as friendly as I was shy. Sonny entered my life like a force of nature, and nothing was the same after that summer. I didn’t know it at the time, but among the many changes Sonny would make in my life, the best and most important one would be that he would make sex a fun thing again; with Sonny, sex would be the way it should be for two boys, two buddies.

I met his family right away. Grams made me put on a shirt after swim practice, and go help them move in. When I knocked at the door, Sonny’s mom answered, and I introduced myself.

“I am so glad you’re here,” his mom quietly told me as I stepped inside. “We have a son your age, and he’s been awfully depressed about leaving his friends back home.” She put a hand on my shoulder. “Maybe you can help him make friends here.”

Fat chance, I thought, since I hadn’t made any friends for myself in eleven years.

Sonny wasn’t smiling when his mom first led me into the kitchen where he was unpacking glasses for her, but he smiled as soon as he saw me. I stood dumbly for a moment while his mom introduced us; dumbly because Sonny really was a cute guy. But then, I wasn’t ugly, and Sonny seemed to like me right off. Of course, I’d soon learn that Sonny hit it off with everyone.

We worked hard. They fed me lunch, and despite my shyness, by the afternoon, Sonny had me relaxed and talking, even more than with Tommy.

I went back after swim practice the next day, and helped again with their unpacking. I liked Sonny and his mom and dad. All three of them were friendly and nice.

Sonny was one of those kids who leaned on and hung on people, like they were furniture. “Don’t mind Sonny,” his mom told me. “He has three cousins back in Kentucky whom he's grown up with, and those boys hang all over each other like that.” She smiled. “It means he’s already made you his friend.”

Sonny patted my back for confirmation and grinned at me. I certainly didn’t mind. Tommy was never that chummy. It was the first time since Jason that I had so much casual physical contact with another boy. With Sonny, it seemed as natural as it had with Jason. It implied affection. It felt good. And for the most part, I didn’t get erections; it wasn’t really sexual.

“Tomorrow, you can introduce me to the other kids on the block,” Sonny said that second evening as I sat on his bed and watched him arrange his room; his games, roller blades and skateboard, videos and books. He had a lot of books and videos, many of which I hadn’t seen.

“There aren’t any other kids on our block,” I told him, examining a couple of sci fi books, he’d set on the bed. “There aren’t any other kids till you get across Mulberry Street.”

Sonny considered that, and came to sit beside me. With a grin, he wrapped his arm over my shoulders. “Well, then, looks like we’re best buds, huh?”

I shrugged. “You’re probably gonna find some other kid to be best friends with. I’m not real popular.”

“You are with me,” Sonny said with a grin. “You’re a bit on the shrimpy side, but that’s good. It means I can take you, any day.” He gave me a playful shove onto my side, and pinned me with his body.

That was almost good for a boner. With him lying on my side, grinning down at my face, I thought he could take me any old way he wanted. Then I felt guilty because he was being a friend and I was thinking about sex. It was for sure, though, that I had no idea how to wrestle another boy. I tried, for about two seconds, or how ever long it took to spring a boner as our bodies rolled and our legs wrapped up. As quickly as I could, I got away from him and sat with my hands in my lap.

That didn’t slow Sonny down. He was beside me again, right away, and put his arm over my shoulders once again. “You aren’t mad at me for wrestling you, are you?”

“No,” I quickly said. “I just don’t know how to wrestle very well.”

Sonny grinned. “I’ll teach you. My cousins and me wrestle all the time. Tomorrow, I’ll give you lessons.”

Lessons in boners, I thought. “I’ve got a swim meet tomorrow,” I told him.

"I'll come watch," he said cheerfully.

"No you won't," his dad said when Sonny told him what he wanted to do the next day. "We'll still be unpacking."

"Oh, let him, Michael," Sonny’s mom said. She smiled at me, and I liked her more and more. She's the one who gave Sonny his dark red hair and smile. "Sonny’s been working hard,” she said. “Let him go to Peter's swim meet and make some friends."

The next morning, Sonny rode with Grams and me to the meet, where she dropped us off. Sonny quickly did make friends with the other kids, but he stuck by me all day, even when I started to read while waiting for my first heat. "You’re a bigger bookworm than me" he said, peeking over my shoulder. "Oh, is that Sphere? Dude, I love sci fi. Have you like, seen Jurassic Park?"

“I don’t go to the movies much,” I told him, which was true since I turned down invitations from girls and never got them from guys. “I watch ‘em when they come out on video.”

To test that statement, Sonny started listing recent movies, and I answered no to having seen them. "Dude!" he said. "We gotta go see Jurassic Park together." He grinned, and I was glad I had my warmups on because my cock began to stir. “And I gotta show you my books,” he added. “I have lots of sci fi books.”

“I know,” I told him. “I saw some that looked cool.”

The coach called out my name, and I had to dash down to the blocks.

I was never tall enough to be a great swimmer, but I was a strong swimmer, and I had a good stroke, which is the main thing. When I returned after winning my heat, I pulled on my warmup pants, with the waistband down around the top of my speedos the way the other guys wore theirs. Sonny watched me, grinning. He made a point of looking up and down at my bare torso. "Whoa, dude!" he said. "I thought you were just a skinny bookworm. You look awesome." Embarrassed, because other kids could hear, I started to pull on my hoodie, and when I did, Sonny gave my belly a little double pat before I could pull the hoodie down. "Oh, that's tight!" He held the bottom of my hoodie up off my stomach. "I can see all your muscles, Dude."

I pulled my hoodie down past his hands, red-faced, and Sonny patted my back as I took a seat beside him. “I'm gonna have to start swimming, too, Dude," he said with a little laugh. He leaned in, patting my tummy through my hoodie. "Rock hard abs," he said grinning, "like in the commercials. I want some of those."

The truth was, it wasn't swimming. As I mentioned before, I was always a lean kid. I never got into food much because Grams wasn’t much of a cook, and once Mom left, Grams cooked mainly frozen stuff. I only ate when I needed to. But mainly, I had lean genes.

I came in second in the fifty meter crawl, and first in the hundred meter. Sonny treated me like a sports star.

He came over to Grams’ house after we got home that afternoon, bringing a couple of videos and several books he felt were essential to my cultural education. Fortunately, I heard him coming up the stairs and pulled on a pair of shorts.

He set down the books and videos, and I gave him a tour of my ‘apartment’.

“This is so cool!” he kept saying. “Dude, this is so cool!”

We ended back up in my room and I plopped onto my bed. He sat on the edge of it and glanced at my shorts and my body. “You just wear shorts most of the time in the summer?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said.

He grinned and leaned closer. “By yourself up here, you could go naked.”

I glanced away, trying to be casual. “I usually do.”

“No shit!” he said, grinning. Sonny lay down on the bed, too, reclining in the opposite direction to mine so that his feet were at my pillow and his head was propped at the other end of my bed.

“My mom’s calling your grandma,” he told me, grinning even more widely. “My folks have to drive back home tomorrow… back to Kentucky… to sign papers for our old house because it’s selling, and Mom’s gonna ask your grandma if I can stay with you guys for a couple of nights. That’s gonna be so cool.” He grabbed my foot and wiggled it. “I can go naked with you.”

I smiled uncertainly, thinking it might be hard to hide my boners.

“I promised I’d go right back home,” Sonny said, getting up off the bed. “But I’ll be back in the morning.” He paused; the next day would be Sunday. “You guys don’t go to church or anything, do you?”

“Nah,” I told him. “And I don’t have swim practice, so I’m gonna sleep in.” I said that so he wouldn’t come too early.

I was still asleep when Sonny arrived… early.

It wasn’t like he had a choice; his parents left by seven-thirty. Grams was up and let Sonny in. He came up the stairs, quietly, so as not to wake me. It had been a pleasantly cool night, and I was sleeping under the top sheet. Sonny was still sleepy, so he stripped to his boxers and climbed into bed with me, thinking he’d sleep some more.

That woke me, though, and I rolled toward him; I was till sleepy and it’s what I would have done with Tommy.

“Whoa, dude,” Sonny murmured, holding the top sheet up. “You sleep naked, too?”

“Yeah… dude,” I answered a little grumpily, pulling the sheet back down.

He grinned, lifting the top sheet back up again. “You got morning wood,” he observed. “Nice boner.”

I thought about rolling the other way, but he’d already seen it.

Still grinning, like always, Sonny shimmied out of his boxers and threw the top sheet back. “I’m comin’ up a boner, too. I gotta nice one, like you.”

He did. It had already gotten bigger for puberty, just like mine had; just the way a boy’s genitals always seem to grow big when puberty is about to strike. Sonny’s cock lay thick and pink down onto the bed as he faced me, but as I watched, it rolled and grew rigid, pointing up Sonny’s belly. He had boney hips, and his tummy rounded up slightly from his bald pubic mound – not a fat tummy, but rounded up slightly, the way even skinny boy’s tummies sometimes do.

“Wanna compare?” he asked, sliding toward me. “My cousins and I compare to see who’s growin’ the best cock. I was almost winnin’ the last time we checked… except for Tyler and he’s already twelve and a half.” He scooted his hips forward and pointed his cock down to the base of mine. Then he grabbed mine and pointed it down alongside his in the opposite direction, as if grabbing another boy’s cock was a completely natural thing to do. He had a boy’s big hands. They were warm.

“Mine’s a little longer,” he observed with a grin. "Yours is a little thicker."

I frowned at him. “I don’t think yours is any longer. Mine just curves up more."

“Mine is longer,” he said authoritatively, and rocked his hips forward and back slightly so that our erections poked us each beside the base of our own cock.

“If yours curved up like mine, it wouldn't be,” I insisted. “If we measured the undersides, mine’s as long.”

He moved his hips forward, pulling our two cocks up between us, so that they both curved up. He held them together. Our legs pressed now, and looking down at our twin, pink cockheads, I had the strange sensation, for just a moment, of not recognizing which cockhead was mine; besides being held together in Sonny’s hand, they looked alike, and both pointed up about the same distance.

Sonny stroked our two cocks together. “You ever beat off?” he asked.

“Jack off? Sure,” I said.

“Ever beat off with a buddy?”

“Yeah,” I said, adding my hand to his on our two cocks.

“My cousins and I do stuff like that,” he said as both of us watched our hands work between our bellies.

“I have a cousin,” I said, “well, sort of a cousin. He and I do stuff, too.”

Sonny looked up at me, and for once, he didn’t have his grin. “What sort of stuff?” he asked.

I shrugged. It was pretty obvious that he and his cousins did some kind of messing around. “Stuff like this,” I said.

“You ever suck each other’s cocks?” he asked in a quiet voice. He was watching my face, and his cheeks had begun to flush red.

“Sure," I told him.

He swallowed, then asked with a lopsided grin. “You ever cornhole each other?”

I nodded. "Yeah."

Sonny’s full grin returned. “Awesome.”

"You and your cousins do it, too?" I asked.

"Yeah," he nodded. "We do all that stuff. ‘Boy play’ is what we call it. You like cornholing?"

"Yeah. You like sucking?"

"Yeah. You like rubbing dicks?"

I nodded, and pushing forward, I rolled him onto his back and moved on top of him. Sonny liked it the way I did; he spread his legs enough for my legs to settle between them. We grabbed each other by the shoulders and pressed the sides of our faces together, and started humping.

Sonny smelled different than Tommy or Trevor. He smelled a little of tooth paste because his mom had made him brush his teeth before coming over. And he smelled... well... like Sonny. He had a boy smell, and his thick red hair smelled rich, the way hair does when it hasn't been washed for a day or two, but still smells really good. His body was boney, but his skin was soft and warm. He slid his hands down to grab my butt, and I liked the feel of them there. They felt big; bigger than Tommy's. And he squeezed my butt harder than Tommy ever did, kneading it with his fingers. I liked that, too. Then I felt his finger probe at my hole.

"Let me cornhole you," he said beside my ear, "and then you can cornhole me." He squeezed my bottom again. "You gotta good butt. When I saw you in your speedo yesterday, I thought, whoa!"

"Let me feel yours," I said, rolling us so that I was on the bottom and Sonny was on top. I opened my legs for his legs to settle between, and when I did, I felt his balls drape mine. Sonny’s balls were egg shaped and loose hanging, like mine. I slid my hands down to his bottom. The skin on boys' bottoms seems to always be really soft, even when their butts are well-muscled. The skin on Sonny's bottom was very soft.

He didn't have a pronounced butt. His globes weren't very globey. It was more like the back of each of Sonny’s legs ended at the top with an extra little ball of muscle. When I squeezed his little buttocks, they didn't give much. I felt over his skin with my fingertips. "You've got really soft butt skin," I told him.

Sonny lifted his head and grinned at me. "One of my cousins, Corey – he’s Tyler’s little brother and he just turned ten… he teases me cuz he says I have a boney butt."

I chewed my lip, giving his butt a thorough examination with my hands. “It’s not that boney. It’s a cool butt,” I said. Then I looked up at him. "I'm ready if you want to put your dick inside me," I pulled up my knees on either side.

"I've done it this way before," Sonny said with a knowing nod as he knelt up at my bottom, "but not a lot. Normally we do doggy style or one guy lies down on his stomach and the other lies down on top of him." He stroked his cock, looking down between my legs.

"Ever do it on your sides?" I asked, stroking my own cock. I could feel my balls rise and fall with my stroking, and I saw Sonny’s eyes drop to them.

Sonny nodded, but bent to lift my balls on the fingers of one hand while continuing to stroke himself with his other. "You got cool balls, Peter. Like big eggs, and you’re ballsack’s all smooth and pink. Tyler’s got big balls, but his ballsack’s always thick and wrinkly.” He glanced up at me. “Yeah, we've done it on our sides, especially if... like three of us hook up at one time." He stroked the inside of my leg, feeling the skin there. He glanced at my cock and stroking hand. “You’re uncircumcised,” he said. “All us guys back home are circumcised.” He bent to look more closely, and replaced my hand on my cock with his. He pointed it straight up at his face and sniffed.

"You do three guys at one time?" I asked. "Awesome."

He glanced up at me and grinned. "I like being in the middle when we do, but you gotta be careful how you do three-way cornholing, cuz if everybody gets going at one time, you pop out of each other's butts." He skinned my cock back and sniffed it again. Then he licked my crown, and then sucked on it. He had a friendly tongue, and a friendly hand, and it felt completely natural for him so suck me like that. He sucked friendly – not hungry and rapacious like Trevor, nor sometimes awkwardly the way Tommy did. It was just as natural for me to lift my hips and moan softly.

Sonny raised his head, studying the tip of my cock. “I always heard that guys with foreskin smell bad, but you don’t.” He titled his head. “You did taste a little different at first, but not much.” His warm mouth closed over my cock again and he bobbed. I gripped the sheets.

Sonny slobbered a lot when he sucked, once he got going. I liked it; it felt terrific. His drool ran down onto my balls, and he started making sucking sounds that were all wet and sloppy.

It was starting to feel really good, when he sat back on his haunches and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He grinned. “I like the way you taste, Peter.” His grin widened. “How about I call you Petey?”

I frowned.

“When it’s just you and me,” he quickly added. His brow furrowed with sincerity. “We’re buds, right. It just doesn’t seem right to call you ‘Peter’ when I’ve been sucking yours.” He laughed.

“When it’s just us… maybe,” I said. I could tell he wasn’t trying to tease me. “But they used to call me Petey when I was little, and I don’t want them calling me that again.”

Sonny gave the inside of my leg a playful rub. “Only when we’re doing boy play,” he promised. “It’ll be like a private name, and you can think of one for me too.” He tilted his head. “Or maybe you can call me ‘Sonny’ when we’re boy playing and call me Brandon at school. I wanna be called Brandon, now that I’m startin’ a new school.” Sonny looked around. "You got any lotion or something I can put on my dick?"

“In my top dresser drawer,” I told him, “Under my socks.”

Sonny climbed off the bed and walked to the dresser, sorta stiff-legged, still stroking. His skin was very white where he wore his shorts, but only there… and not just white, but deep and creamy. His skin was ruddy tan, everywhere else, and contrasted. I watched his white butt as he walked stiff-legged, and I decided that I really liked it. His hand paused on his cock, as he fumbled around in the drawer. After a moment, he pulled out the lube Trevor had given me one day after we used it. I liked how it felt and he said to take it – “Because it feels good when you’re jacking off,” he’d told me.

“KY,” Sonny said, examining the blue and white tube as he resumed stroking. “I’ve heard of this stuff.” He came to the bed with it, and glanced at me with a grin. “We’ve used everything from Crisco to spit.” He knelt up onto the bed and I pulled up my knees again so he could scoot up to my bottom again. “How’d you get this?”

“Someone gave it to me,” I said with a shrug.

He glanced up at me, his brow furrowed with curiosity, but he had the cap off now, and he turned his attention to the KY. It took both his hands, and he left his cock pointing up at an angle up from between his legs. It looked big on a kid his size, and it may have looked even bigger because he had no pubes yet. I wanted to hold it again, and sat up partway to do so, closing my hand around it. I figured my cock looked a bit the same; big cock for my size, no pubes. I wondered if he felt the same pleasure that I felt when my cock grew so big, so fast; the pleasure a boy has when his cock has finally become a real cock and not a stick; when it has weight between his legs and aches for attention when it’s hard.

My eyes fell to Sommy’s tummy, where it curved upward from above his cock, smooth and lean. I could see muscles in his belly; he had like zero body fat there. I could see the outline of a couple of veins, and I thought that was really cool.

Sonny squirted lube onto his fingers and looked down at my hand on his cock. You like holding my cock?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I answered honestly. I had to be honest with a guy as honest as Sonny seemed to be.

He nodded. “I like holding another guy’s cock, too.”

I removed my hand and let him smear KY onto his cock. He returned the cap to the tube and set it aside, and then looked at the lube remaining on his hand.

“Just rub it off onto me if you want,” I said.

He wiped his hand on my belly.

“I meant my dick,” I told him with a frown.

Sonny laughed, and wiped my belly as if he could get the film of gel back off. Then he wrapped his hand around my cock. He stroked and I closed my eyes.

He pushed up my legs and I lifted my head to watch him point his erection downward, taking aim at my bottom. He adjusted, and I felt the cool KY and his blunt hardness inside my crack. I pulled my knees up and we both watched as he pushed his hips forward, and he slid in. I laid my head back down and felt his cock slowly open me wider as he slid all the way in.

Sonny pressed hard and wiggled a little, making us tight. Then he lifted my legs onto his shoulders and hugged the back of my legs to his belly and chest. Bending me at the hips, he leaned forward over me and grinned down at me. “You ready?”

I nodded, and our eyes stayed on each other’s as he quickly accelerated to a rabbit pounding my butt. He settled on me, his face even closer. His eyes closed.

It felt good. My knees were up against my chest, but I snaked an arm through to tug on my cock. It felt good to be sexing with a boy, not a teen like Trevor, not Tommy who was older. It felt good to be sexing with Sonny… for fun, as buddies. Sonny made it good.

He went quite a while; speeding up, slowing down, shifting. Then he asked if I wanted to take a turn. “Yeah,” I told him, and Sonny pulled off me. He got onto all-fours beside me and patted his bottom in invitation, grinning, of course. “All yours,” he said.

I picked up the lube and knelt behind him, sitting back on my haunches while I lubed my cock. Sonny looked awesome from behind; with his white butt and thick, pink perineum. His big-boy’s balls were dropping back down from being excited; hanging looser in their pink sack. He had muscles in the back of his legs, and I felt over them. Setting the KY down, I cupped his balls with one hand, and rubbed the underside of his shaft with my fingertips. I wiped the last of the lube from my other hand into the crevice between his lean buttocks. Then I knelt up.

Looking down on his back, Sonny’s butt had that little flare – that little, upside down heart shape from a boy’s waist that you want to pull into your lap. The tan line passed right across the top of his crack so that it was like his butt had been dipped in white. It was still a muscley little butt, and it didn’t give much when I tried to spread it with the heels of my hands.

I held him by the hip with my left hand and pointed my cock on in. I covered his pink pucker with my crown and pushed. I’d say it was like pushing into warm butter, but it was better than tha; a whole lot better. And when my lap pressed his bottom, his soft, warm skin felt good filling my lap. He squeezed me then, tightening his sphincter around the base of my shaft, and I let out a little yelp.

“Tight enough for you?” he asked with a little chuckle.

“Yeah,” I said. “Feels good.” I grabbed the back of his shoulders with both hands. At the same time, I sat back onto my haunches and pulled him upward onto my lap. He came with me, settling his weight more directly on my cock, and the boniness of his bottom felt good. He reached back for the sides of my waist and grabbing on, began circling a little on my lap. I wrapped my arms around his belly and bucked up into him.

“Damn, Peter!” he said. “This feels pretty good.”

I closed my hand around his cock and stroked him as he moved in my lap, and Sonny started rocking harder.

We went like that for a while, but when I felt that churning down in the root of my cock that meant I’d be coming before long, I rose on my knees, lifting Sonny with me. He fell forward onto his hands again, and I followed, laying my belly and chest onto his back. He lay down onto his tummy and I went with him. Then I grabbed under his shoulders, squeezed his legs between mine, and nuzzled into the back of his hair before rabbit humping him like he did me. By the time I came to my own shuddering dry orgasm, Sonny was shuddering, too.

“Geez,” he murmured as I lay on top of him, my cock still buried, and both of us breathing hard, “you have done this before.”

When you’re eleven, and haven’t had your first cum yet, boners don’t always go down after only one dry orgasm. It took a couple for us each that morning.

Sonny got on top of me next. Then later, after washing our cocks really well, we sucked each other, and showed each other boy-play things we liked. Afterward, we played video games and watched movies, staying naked. Mainly, I remember a lot of sexing; sorta like an eleven-year-olds’ honeymoon. He taught me stuff he and his cousins had done. I taught him things I knew. And we became friends; preteen lovers of sorts.

That night, when we crawled into bed naked, we were pretty well sexed out, but when Sonny lay on his back, and I wrapped an arm and a leg over him, he wrapped an arm over my back and we settled together. We slept that way.

Two days later, his mom called from their house to say they were home. “They’re back,” Sonny told me when he got off the phone. “Get your shorts on and come with me. Mom says they brought me some kind of surprise.”

I went with him, and when we walked into the house, three boys, roughly our ages, tackled Sonny. His mom stepped beside me as the four boys rolled on the floor. “Sonny’s cousins,” she explained, “Corey, Tyler, and Adam. They’ve come up to stay with us for a few days.”

The youngest looking of the boys had light brown hair and deeply blue eyes. From what Sonny had told me, I figured the boy was Corey, which would mean he had just turned ten. He looked up at me from the pile of boys and smiled.

I smiled back.


My email address is jnuanced@gmail.com. I hoped I wouldn't turn guys off too much with the Trevor scene in five, but I only heard back from a couple of guys. I heard back from many more than that with the earlier chapters, and I hope I haven't lost all my readers. I was still planning another two chapters.

I've been asked if this is biographical. It isn't, strictly speaking, but like many authors do with many stories, I've included people and events from my own past, in different situations. Perhaps I shouldn't have put the Trevor scene in. Sorry. I hope I hang on to the rest of you for the remainder of the story... that is, if there are any of you still out there. :)