Jack Edwards

Boy Play - Pt 7

Sonny’s mom’s name was Laura. She waited until the wrestling on the floor slowed, then put her hand reassuringly on the back of my neck. “Boys, this is Sonny’s new friend, Peter,” she said.

All four boys on the floor looked up at me from the pile.

“Sonny, introduce your cousins,” she told her son.

Grinning, as always, Sonny pointed to the youngest and smallest, who lay crossways across the other three boys. “He’s Corey,” Sonny said. “He’s just turned ten.”

Corey had already smiled at me when he first saw me. Now he waved at me from atop the other boys, and grinned again. He was a little on the small side for ten, like I was for eleven and a half. His light brown hair was a thick mop on top of his head, all mussed up. His bright blue eyes twinkled. I waved back.

“This is Tyler,” Sonny said, pointing to the boy on his right. “He’s twelve, and he’s Corey’s brother.”

Tyler looked like Corey, only bigger and older. He looked more normal-size for his age, but had the same light brown hair and blue eyes… and grin.

“And this is Adam,” Sonny said, pointing at the boy on his left. “He’s eleven like us.”

“You’re not eleven yet,” Adam said, poking Sonny in the stomach.

“Almost,” Sonny said, poking back.

Adam had reddish-brown hair, somewhat between Sonny’s deep red and his other cousins’ light brown in color; more like a chocolate. It was straight, sleek, and shoulder length – very pretty hair. Adam was the tallest of the boys, which I suspected while they were still on the floor. He got up and offered me his hand. He was taller than me by half a head. He smiled; it was a friendly smile.

I wasn’t used to shaking hands, and it took me a second to respond. Adam's large hand gripped mine firmly. It was the first time I’d ever had a firm handshake from a boy. I liked it, and tried to grip firmly back, and firmly when I shook the other boy’s hands when they stood up from the floor.

“You guys gotta see Peter’s place,” Sonny said. “He’s got, like, his own club house on the whole second floor.”

“Oh, no you don’t,” Sonny’s mom said firmly. “You’re not going to invade Peter’s grandmother’s house.”

“She won’t mind,” I told her sincerely. “As long was we stay upstairs and don’t bother Grams too much, she'd like for me to have friends over. I’d like these guys to see my house.”

Laura eyed me narrowly for a moment, then nodded. “I’ll go, too, then. I want to meet your grandmother in person, and I want to see this club house that Sonny's raving about.”

“Brandon,” Sonny said. “I told Peter I want the kids here calling me Brandon.”

“Ha!” Adam said, poking Sonny in the ribs again. “We'll tell Peter all the other names we have for you.”

“Wait for me while I lock up in back,” Sonny’s mom said, leaving the room. Tyler tackled Sonny back onto the floor and Adam dove on them. Corey stood close to me and smiled at me again.

“Hey! Hey! Wait!” Sonny called out. His cousins paused. “Guess what?" Sonny said. "Peter likes boy play, like us.”

All four sets of eyes looked at me, and I saw four grins. Then the eyes of Sonny's three cousins dropped down my body. Like Sonny, I wore only shorts.

“OK,” Laura said, coming back into the room. “Let’s go see Peter’s house.”

Sonny, Adam, and Tyler scrambled up and we all followed Laura out the door. Adam was walking in front of me. Even at eleven, he had an athletic body. He had a long torso. His legs were long, too, but they didn’t seem so because he walked with a loose, slightly bow-legged gait. He had compact hips and a tight bottom. It was fun watching from behind as he walked.

Sonny and Tyler walked behind me in a shoving contest; they were about the same height. Crossing the street, Corey came up on my other side, and laid his hand on my shoulder as we walked. I looked at him and he grinned at me. The top of Corey's head was at my eye level. “Hi!” he said.

“Hi,” I answered.

“You play sports?” he asked. “Cuz you look like you do.”

“I’m on a swim team,” I said.

“Cool. I like swimming.”

“We can go to the pool sometime,” I told him.

“You got any rivers or creeks?” he asked. “Back home, we skinny dip in the river down by our house.”

Sonny leaned in from my other side. “You ever been skinny dippin’ Peter?” he asked in a low voice so his mom wouldn’t hear.

“Uh-uh,” I said.

He grinned past me at Corey. “We gotta take Peter skinny dippin’.”

While Sonny's mom and Grams got to know each other, the cousins and I clambered up the stairs. Sonny led the tour, pointing out all the features of my domain. In the front room, Adam and Tyler looked through my video games, all four of them, while Corey fingered my Yamaha keyboard.

“His grandma never comes upstairs,” Sonny told the others. “Peter and I hang out naked up here… all day!”

Sonny was acting like he'd been around forever and it was his place, too. I wasn’t sure what I thought of that, but decided that I sorta liked that.

Corey pulled off his shirt.

“Not yet, Corey!” Sonny hissed. “Mom’s gonna be up here in a second.”

While we waited, I set Tyler and Adam up on my new Playstation and Corey on the Yamaha keyboard.

When Sonny's mom did come up the stairs, Sonny and I showed her around. She smiled at the end of the tour. “I didn’t know what to expect after what Sonny told us, but this is nice, Peter. And you keep it very neat.”

“Why don’t the four of us hang out and sleep over here with Peter?” Sonny suggested. "He's got two beds and a couch, and we’re still unpacking over at our house.”

Before she could object, I spoke up. “Someone could even sleep on my mom’s bed,” I said. "I can change the sheets later.”

Sonny’s mom shook her head. “No, I’m not letting you boys move in on Emily.”

“She won’t mind,” I protested. “Grams won’t mind at all. Ask her. You’ll see.”

“It’ll keep us out of your way,” Sonny suggested.

“And we’ll stay out of Grams’ way, too,” I assured her.

Laura glanced at Adam and Tyler on the Playstation, then at Corey on the keyboard, and then at us. She frowned, considering.

“We can come over to help whenever you need us,” Sonny promised. “And we won’t bother Peter’s grandma at all.”

Laura glanced around once more, then back at us. “I’m going downstairs to talk to Emily.”

She headed out for the stairs, and Sonny and I followed. His mom stopped and pointed a finger at us. “I’ll do the talking. You two don’t say a word.”

We nodded.

Grams, always concerned that I had no friends, had only one answer. “But of course, they’d be welcome. Let the boys hang around here all they want. I'd be delighted.”

“I’ll feed them,” Laura promised. “I don’t want them troubling you for food. We’ll feed Peter, too, and you’re invited for meals as well, Emily. The boys already had burgers for lunch today before we got here, but I’ve put a ham on for supper.”

Grams waved a hand dismissively. “Don't worry about me. I've always got plenty of food,” she said. “And don't worry about the boys. They'll be no trouble. And if they get hungry, I’ve got lots of peanut butter and jelly.”

Laura shook her head. “No, you send them to my house for food.” She glanced at Sonny and me. “Maybe I’ll send over an ice chest with sodas and some snacks for the boys.” She turned back to Emily. “Do you let Peter eat upstairs?”

“Oh, sure,” Grams said. “He knows well enough to clean up after himself.” Then Grams’ brow furrowed, and she turned to me. "What about swim practice?"

"Aw, Grams, I'll skip a couple of days," I told her. "I'd rather be here with the guys."

Grams nodded, understandingly. Normally, she'd want me to "stick to" my obligations, but she was more concerned that I have friends. "I'm sure it will be alright to miss a few days," Grams agreed. She patted Laura's forearm. "The boys will be fine here."

Laura bit her lip, and then sighed. “This could really be helpful, Emily. I have so much unpacking to do and so many errands to run, and Michael’s at work all day. Wehad to let Sonny’s cousins come up, though. They were already missing him as much as he was missing them.”

Grams patted Laura’s forearm. “It’s my pleasure, dear,” she said. “I'm only too happy." She lowered her voice, or thought she did – Grams' hearing was poor and she was always louder than she thought. "Peter is painfully shy," she said. "I’m always glad for him to have a chance to be around other boys. Having Sonny here has been wonderful for him.”

Grams had no idea how loud she talked sometimes, and it wasn't like I wasn't there. I blushed.

I felt Sonny’s arm drape over my shoulders. “Peter’s not shy,” Sonny loudly asserted. “Not around me.”

“And Sonny's name is Brandon,” I said, slipping my arm behind his back. “Sonny wants to be called Brandon now.”

The two women looked at us, me with my arm behind Sonny’s back and his arm over my shoulders. Then they looked at each other and smiled. Grams patted Laura’s forearm again. “They’ll be fine dear.”

Laura left with a few, final admonitions to Sonny and me, and then we bounded up the stairs. “We gotta go in naked,” Sonny whispered, tugging me into my bedroom.

Grinning at each other, we shucked our shorts where the others couldn’t see us, and then walked into the front bedroom. Corey was standing behind the two older boys at the Playstation. We came up alongside, Sonny’s arm over my shoulder again, and mine behind his back.

Corey turned to look at us. “Shee-it!” he said with a huge grin, his eyes dropping to our dangling dicks. He immediately started stripping. Adam and Tyler glanced at us. “Video games are more fun naked,” Sonny said. The two older boys glanced at each other, grinned, and paused the game.

In seconds, we were all naked, standing in a circle. The three new guys and I looked each other over. Tyler was the only one with any pubes; he had a small, black patch. Adam, though taller, had as naked a pubic mound as the rest of us. Only Corey still had a boy-size dick and balls, though; the rest of us all had the larger genitals of preteens – Adam's in particular. His cock arched out slightly from his body, and then hung straight down, noticeably lower than his low-hanging balls.

Sonny saw the direction of my gaze. "We call Adam, 'horse dick'," he said with a grin. "You can see why."

Adam grinned. I smiled nervously back at him; I'd been staring. His eyes dropped to my body, and mine dropped back to his. Adam's long torso was lean, but muscled; he even had pecs, little ones. I could see muscles in his shoulders and legs, and he had a muscle seam down the middle of his belly. His skin was naturally tan, even where he wore shorts, and it was silky smooth, even on his legs. I thought he had a beautiful body. When I glanced back up, it surprised me to see an interested expression on his face as he continued to look over my body. But then Tyler caught my eye when his hand dropped to his balls and he scratched himself.

I’d noticed earlier that Tyler's shirt had fit him as though it hung on a shirt hanger; now I could see why. He had a flat chest, and for a boy of twelve, he had wide, angular shoulders. He also had a narrow waist, a flat belly, and a long neck. He had slender legs, too, and I thought his body was nicely proportioned. I sorta liked his flat chest with its pinpoint nipples. He had a cuter face than Adam.

Corey was still a kid, evenly proportioned; not yet at the spindly growth stage. He had more of a chest than his brother, and a little more meat on his arms and legs. Though he didn’t have Sonny’s beautiful eyes and long eyelashes, he had the cutest face of all four cousins. With his mop of hair, twinkling blue eyes, and grin, he was more than cute.

Adam's hand dropped to his balls, the way Tyler's had. The rest of us did the same. Then we all grinned as Tyler’s dick started to rise. Mine was quick to follow, and then Adam’s started to swell. I watched with fascination as it thickened from his middle a little like a water balloon fills from the tap.

“We’re getting hard-ons in age order,” Sonny said with a grin, flopping his thickening dick around. He glanced at Corey to find that Corey’s dick was already pointing up at the ceiling.

They all looked at my erection. I looked at theirs. They were indeed, all circumcised, but each of their dicks were different. Adam’s was just plain beautiful. I almost said it out loud… “Awesome.” Long, thick, and upward curving like mine, it was a dick almost any eleven-year-old boy would envy. It was easily a third longer and thicker than mine… and tan instead of pink.

Tyler’s was shorter than Sonny’s and mine, but not really shorter than average, and it had a big crown. Corey had a twig – a nice twig for a kid his size. It was straight, with a nicely shaped crown. His would be more like mine or Sonny’s in length when he reached our age.

By now we were all stroking and watching each other’s stroking. Adam used his whole hand on his cock, like me and Sonny. Tyler and Corey used their thumb and fingers. Adam stroked on the end of his cock, rubbing loosely over the crown. Sonny and I stroked farther down. They all watched as my foreskin slid onto my crown and back.

“I get Peter first,” Corey said, stepping up beside me and resting a hand on my shoulder.

“Shit, Corey,” Adam protested. “There’s five of us, you can’t just buddy up.”

“Watch out for Corey,” Sonny teased. “We call him ‘kissy face’ cuz he likes to kiss.”

“I like kissing,” I said.

“You do?” Sonny asked, surprised.

“I like it,” I said. Sonny and I just hadn’t done it.

Grinning, Corey moved in front of me, and looking down between us, pulled our cocks up between our bellies. He pressed his belly to mine and laid his hands on the corners of my shoulders. He kissed me. I slipped my hands behind the small of his back. Our bellies and lips pressed more firmly together. It was the first time I held a smaller boy; I liked it.

And then our bodies just sorta melted together. The others might not have seen it; it was so subtle. I slipped my hands up the middle of Corey’s slender back, and he slipped his arms around my neck. I edged a leg between his and he edged one between mine. I pressed my tongue between his lips and Corey opened his mouth to mine. And then we really kissed.

“Damn,” Adam murmured.

I explored Corey’s mouth with my tongue, and he sucked on my tongue and wrestled it with his. He was ten, and he liked kissing. Not since Jason, had I kissed with anyone the way I kissed with Corey. The other boys standing around us didn’t know it, but Corey and I did – we might have been only ten and eleven, but in that moment we each knew the other was a gay boy.

Our bellies rubbed together, and our cocks rubbed between them. Our embrace tightened.

“Shit,” Tyler whispered. “They’re like… really kissing.”

“Corey wants it, Peter,” Adam said, stepping up to pat my butt. “Corey likes cornholing.” I felt Adam's erection brush my hip as he spoke softly behind my ear. “Give it to him.”

“Wait,” Sonny said.

I was vaguely aware that Sonny left the room; Corey and I were still kissing. But then Sonny was back beside us. I broke the kiss to look, and Corey collapsed against me. Sonny was holding the tube of KY.

“Look what Peter has,” Sonny announced. “It’s KY.”

I turned my face back to Corey’s and whispered at his ear ear. “You want to?”

“Yeah,” he whispered.

We were standing close to the daybed, and I backed Corey to it. I laid him down on his back; I knew how I wanted us to do it. Putting one of the thin, day bed cushions under Corey’s bottom, I pushed his knees up and knelt up on the bed at his bottom.

Adam and Tyler, interested in the KY, had opened it. Then Adam stepped up beside the bed with KY on his fingers. He spread it onto my cock, and I rested a hand on his shoulder while he did it. The muscles in his shoulder were really firm. His strong hand felt great on my dick, and my eyes drooped.

Adam didn’t just lube my cock. He played with moving my foreskin up and down. But then he let go of my cock and rubbed a little lube into Corey’s bottom. The other two boys came up alongside the daybed as well.

Corey’s dick pointed straight up his belly, long and stiff as a little stick, and its stretching had pulled his boy-size scrotum into a tight ball. When Adam removed his hand from Corey’s bottom, he laid his on my butt and then watched over my shoulder as I placed my cockhead at Corey's pink sphincter.

I glanced up at Corey's face. His eyes were on my cock. I dropped my eyes back down and pushed. Corey’s pucker pressed in and his skin stretched, and then my cockhead disappeared inside Corey. He was tight and his tightness gripped my shaft, just behind my crown. But Corey was used to this. Neither of us had any trouble as I slid in, coming forward on my knees until I pressed my pubic mound against the bottom of his thick, little perineum and my cock was completely inside him. Adam's hand gave my butt a squeeze.

"Sweet!" Adam said softly.

Tyler and Sonny leaned in looking, stroking themselves.

I scooted my knees forward on either side of the cushion under Corey, and under the backs of his legs. Adam withdrew his hand from my butt as I sat back onto my ankles. I grabbed Corey by the hips and pulled him firmly into my lap so that we were snug. Then I bent at the hips, folding my body down onto his. I was pretty limber. Corey grabbed my shoulders as my face came down to his and I slipped my hands under the back of his shoulders. “Wrap your legs around me,” I told him. He did, and he wrapped his arms around my neck. Our mouths met again.

We tightened into a ball, and the fit reminded me of being under Jason. It was a good fit. We held each other tightly. I slowly ground, more than thrust, into Corey’s bottom, and our tongues wrestled.

“Damn, that’s hot,” Adam murmured. "Doing it like that... it looks like a boy fucking a girl.” I felt his hand cup my bottom again, and then sweep over it, caressing. My balls were splayed on Corey’s butt, and Adam’s fingertips ran over the back of my ballsack, lightly. I murmured and wiggled my butt to move my balls under his fingers.

“How does it feel, Corey?” Tyler asked. “You like that?”

“Um-hum,” he answered, barely breaking the kiss.

Adam’s hand left my butt, and I concentrated on Corey again. But a moment later, I felt the cool wetness of KY in my crack. Adam rubbed it in with the side of his hand. A moment later, he eased a finger into my grinding bottom. I gasped as he probed for the small shape of my prostate. I rested the side of my face against Corey’s and caught my breath.

Adam probed and climbed up onto the bed behind me. A moment later, his finger left my butt. He pushed down on my back, pushing my chest down on Corey's. That raised my butt. Holding me down, Adam leaned over me from behind. I felt his crown wedge in between my buttcheeks, and I tightened my grip under Corey's shoulders, expecting to be stretched.

Adam was gentle, though, in a competent, not hesitant way. I’d had Trevor inside me before, and Sonny had been inside me earlier that day. Letting Adam in was no problem. He grabbed my hips and I felt him fill me part way, and then pull back, and then come in farther. He moved in and out slowly. He liked it that way; taking his time, feeling it. I liked it, too, and relaxed. I started kissing with Corey again, letting Adam’s movements move me inside Corey.

Corey slid the fingers of one hand into the back of my hair. I have thick hair, especially back then, but it’s pale blond hair and very fine. Corey ran his fingers through it. We shared breath. I liked Corey's smell; still very much a boy smell.

Adam held my hip with one hand and swept his other over my butt and back and sides. He was liking my body and I liked that. It felt good; very good.

Corey and I brushed lips and faces. He sucked on my lower lip, and that was a new sensation. So was having a big dick up my butt while I was sexing with another boy. Sonny was right; I liked it. I didn't really know about prostates; all I knew was that Adam's cock felt awfully good inside while my cock felt awfully good inside Corey.

Adam began moving more forcefully, bumping my bottom. I began bumping back, and then letting him drive me into Corey's bottom. Each time Adam thrust forward, squeezing me between him and Corey's boney bottom, my cock felt like it stretched into Corey. The feelings were the most exquisite I'd ever had. I lifted my head, my mouth hanging open. Corey clung to my shoulders.

I looked to the side and saw that Sonny was on his back on the rug and Tyler had folded over Sonny the same way I had folded over Corey. They weren't kissing, though. They were holding each other tightly, the sides of their faces pressed together, and Tyler's white butt was pumping swiftly. Sonny was grunting.

Adam drove very deep, pushing me, stretching me into Corey. I squeezed my eyes shut and gurgled. Adam slipped a hand under my belly and I felt him kiss the back of my neck. Then he drove in again. I collapsed back onto Corey and made a tight ball with him again, cheek to cheek. The 'feelings' were coming.

I humped and bumped into Corey's bottom. On each thrust, my sphincter tightened and I heard faint whimpers from Adam. He grabbed me by the sides of my waist and pressed his lap firmly to my bottom as I wiggled and thrust and ground into Corey. The feelings came, shuddering through me. Suddenly Adam started pounding again, and I felt my insides get slick. Adam could make cum.

He collapsed onto me and ground on for a few moments as I kept moving inside Corey… and shuddering. I think I would have kept shuddering for as long as Adam had me skewered, but he pulled out and got off me, and I collapsed onto Corey, breathing hard.

Corey stroked my hair and kept the side of my face against his. "Do you want to do me?" I asked when my breathing slowed.

In answer, he wrapped his legs back around my waist and tightened his arms around my shoulders. "Keep moving," he whispered.

So I did. At eleven, erections didn't always go away with one dry orgasm, and I stayed hard. I kept moving, but without Adam behind me, Corey was free to move the way he wanted. He rubbed his perineum on my pubic bone. His cock rubbed around on my belly and I pressed my belly down onto his. I could tell when he got his feeling, and we slowed when he was done.

At the foot of the bed, Adam had leaned back against the wall and had been watching us, and Tyler and Sonny. Those two were still in a ball, but now Sonny was on top, and the muslces in his butt were clenching.

Corey smiled up and me and stroked my cheek with his fingertips. His eyes dropped to my mouth, and I kissed him again. Lightly this time.

Adam slapped my butt. "Are you any good at your video games?" he asked.

I glanced back over my shoulder. "Sure." I said.

And I would have been, but it was a slight handicap, playing with Corey in my lap. I liked that, though. And when it was Sonny's turn to take Tyler on at naked Playstation, Corey and I lay down together on the daybed while Adam looked through one of my Playstation magazines.

Corey and I entwined legs and ran our fingertips over each other's faces. "Can I sleep with you tonight?" he asked in a whisper.

I nodded.

He smiled.

"You guys wanna play cards?" Adam asked. "We could play strip poker, only backwards where you have to dress if you lose."

"I'll let you get by with it this time," Sonny's mom warned with a frown, "but from now on, you wear shirts to supper. Shorts and barefoot is OK, but I want you in shirts; is that clear?"

We all nodded from our seats around the table.

"So, what all did you boys do today?" Sonny's dad asked.

"We played Peter's video games," Sonny answered, as we all stole glances at each other. Corey was sitting beside me, and squeezed my knee under the table.

It took two trips after supper to bring all their bags, pillows, and sleeping rolls over. Though they weren't needed, Sonny's mom insisted the cousins bring the sleeping rolls to "at least get them out of my way."

"Here," Grams said on one of my trips up the stairs. She handed me a stack of towels. "You boys need to wash up before bed."

We stripped, of course, once we'd made the last trip and were ready to settle into my 'clubhouse' for the night. We put Terminator II on the VCR. While the other guys watched, Corey dragged me to the Yamaha keyboard and sat in my lap for me to play while we stretched the earphones over our heads to listen.

I liked his head resting against mine, and him relaxing back against me. “You play real good,” he told me. He kissed my cheek.

My cock rose under him. Corey pulled off the earphones and smiled at me. Setting the earphones down, he led me by the hand back to my room. While the others watched the movie in the front room, Corey lay down on the bed and pulled me down beside him. Rolling up on our sides to face each other, we interlaced legs and put a hand behind each other's waist to pull our bellies together. We kissed again. Corey really liked kissing. I did, too, for that matter.

He smiled and stroked my cheek. Then he put his lips to my ear. Very, very quietly, he whispered. "Are you gay?"

I only hesitated a moment. "Yes," I whispered back.

He laid his head back down beside mine on the pillow and looked into my eyes. "Me, too," he said softly. He put his forehead to mine, and his nose to mine, and rested his hand on the side of my face. "Could I be your boyfriend?" he asked very, very softly. "We can keep it a secret."

"Yes," I answered, just as softly.

He kissed me.

Those who don't believe young boys can be tender and affectionate have never seen one with a puppy or a kitten. Boys the ages Corey and I were, can be very tender. Those next few minutes were some of the tenderest in my life. Our faces and mouths stayed close on the pillow. Our fingertips danced over each other's features and the skin of our necks and shoulders. We kissed softly.

There are not many people as lonely as a very young boy who knows he is gay – not the kind of gay most boys are at some time or another; it seems like almost every boy goes through gay feelings sometime. No, I mean a very young boy who knows that he is gay and he will always be gay; a young boy who’s heard how people talk about older boys and men who are gay, and he knows he's going to be one they will talk about some day. I mean a young boy who realizes he's different than even the other boys who are sex playing with him now, but who will sex play with girls when they finally can. What will they say of him then? What will they say and think about the things he did for them, or let them do to him? I mean a young boy who holds back with those other boys because if he likes being cornholed too much, or sucking another boy's cock too much, or likes kissing a boy... too much... then the others will know. A very young boy like that, who knows he is gay and will always be gay, can feel isolated, lonely, and afraid. When such a boy meets another gay boy, the meeting can carry a lot of emotion.

Our kissing became hungrier; not so much for sex as for being hungry for another boy who was hungry for another boy. Our dicks became hard and we reached between us to grab each other because we were both gay and it was OK to grab another boy's dick.

Corey kissed down the side of my neck and onto my shoulder. He pulled me forward onto my stomach and moved on top of my back, kissing behind my neck and shoulders and over my back, feeling me all over with his hands, worshiping my body the way a gay boy longs to worship another boy's body but cannot unless he's finally with another boy he knows for sure is gay. He moved and kiss all over me. He even buried his face under my butt and licked behind my balls.

He moved back up over me, and I felt his stiffy slide over my butt and up and down my crack as he squeezed my shoulders with his hands and kissed the skin at the top of my spine. "Put it in," I whispered. "I'm still slick from earlier."

He did, quickly, easily. Then he wrapped his arms under my chest and squeezed my legs between his. He ground and pumped and thrust because he liked cornholing with me, and I moved and ground back and bumped back under him because I liked being cornholed by him. I put a pillow under my middle and fucked into it as Corey rode me until we both got our 'feelings.'

He lay on me afterward, hugging me, kissing my neck, moving his dick comfortably inside me before it could go soft while I comfortably made little circles under him with my butt. We could hear the movie playing in the front room.

“Peter?” he whispered softly behind my ear.


“Can I love you?”


He hugged my back and kissed behind my ear. He nuzzled into the back of my hair, then paused. “Peter?” he whispered.


“Will you love me?”

“I think I’m already starting to a little.”



He hugged me again. I reached back behind to pat his butt. “Wanna go take a bath together?”


We played in the bath, tickling, washing each other like Tommy and I did, like we were washing puppies. While he was on all-fours and I ladled water over his butt, I grinned. I was washing my first boyfriend. Then I thought of Jason. He was really my first boyfriend. I wished Jason and I had bathed each other like this. I would have really liked that. I would have liked that a lot.


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