Jack Edwards

Boy Play - Pt 8


I stirred. It was Grams calling from downstairs. Corey lay sleeping with his head on my shoulder and his arm over my stomach. I thought about yelling back at Grams, but that didn’t seem right with Corey laying on me. Instead, I scooted out from under him. I hopped off my mom's bed, where we had sneaked off to after our bath the night before, and I opened Mom's door. "Whatcha need, Grams?" I called out.

"Sonny's mom called. She wants you boys to come over to help her move things. She said she has breakfast ready for you."

"OK," I called back. "I'll get everybody up."

I closed the door and returned to the bed where my brand-new, ten-year-old boyfriend lay sleeping, now on his stomach. I sat up on the bed beside him and laid my hand on his small bottom. He didn't stir, even when I squeezed my hand because I liked the feel, or even when I ran my fingers over Corey’s bottom to feel his soft skin. I leaned down over him, kissing the back of his neck. "Time to get up, boyfriend," I whispered.

Corey rolled over instantly and grinned at me. He sat up and wrapped his arms around me and gave me a hug. "Good morning, boyfriend," he said. We kissed. Keeping our lips together, we lay down, wrapped each other up in arms and legs, and kissed. Then we rubbed the sides of our faces.

"I gotta get everybody up," I said, reluctantly. "Sonny's mom wants us all to come over to their house to help her move stuff, and she’s fixed breakfast."

"Aw," Corey complained and clung to me.

The skin of his bare chest against mine felt good. I stroked the smooth skin on his back, and that felt good. Our entwined legs felt good. I hugged him, and that felt good. "I'm glad you're my boyfriend," I told him.

"Me, too," Cory said with a squeeze.

"But we gotta boy play later," I said, letting go of Corey and trying to scoot back.

He let me go this time. "You mean boyfriend play," he said, grinning and following me off the bed.

Adam and Sonny were asleep in my bed. Tyler lay sleeping on the couch in the front bedroom. "Where were you guys last night?" Sonny asked as we all pulled on shorts.

"In my mom's room," I told him. "Corey and I slept in there."

Sonny frowned. "You should have told us that. I looked for you guys."

"Sorry," I told him.

"That's our room," Corey said. "That's where we'll be sleeping."

"Think again," Adam said, as we all moved toward the stairs. "You've had your night sleeping with Peter. Tonight I get a turn."

Corey and I glanced at each other. What could we say? That we were boyfriends?

That morning, Sonny's mom had us cleaning, moving furniture, and wiping out cabinets. She fed us a late lunch, and then worked us all afternoon. Tyler wasn't much of a worker, but the rest of us were. Sonny's mom kept sending him off on different little jobs and he was clearly unhappy that he couldn't stay with the rest of us all the time.

That evening, Sonny's mom and dad took us to Burger King, and then to a laser tag place that used to be in an old supermarket building on the west side of town. I wasn't real good at it since I'd never played before… well and because Corey and I snuck back into alcoves a couple of times to kiss and sneak our hands into each other's shorts. But then Sonny started sticking real close to us, and we all three started getting shot up by everybody else. Adam was unbeatable.

When we got into Laura’s minivan to head back, Corey and I got in the way-back seat. Sonny started to follow, but Adam edged ahead of him and I wound up in the middle between Corey and Adam. It was dark, and as we left the parking lot, Adam reached between my legs and felt for my dick. Corey saw what was happening and reached in, too. Adam chuckled, and he and Corey started doing a little tug-a-war on the front of my shorts. I got hard, and Adam started jerking my shorts down and Corey helped him while Sonny and Tyler leaned over the seat in front, watching.

“Sit down boys, and stay buckled in,” Sonny’s mom told them, so Sonny and Tyler sat down in the seat but turned back to watch.

By then, Adam and Corey had my pants down to mid-thigh and they were playing with my hard-on and balls. I had one hand in the front of Corey’s shorts and had a firm hold of his stiffy. I had my other hand on the front of Adam’s shorts, squeezing the big tube of a cock he had inside.

There was a lot of snickering, but then Adam paused long enough to pull down his shorts so I could get to him, and Corey pulled his shorts down, too, and things got real quiet. I had hold of each of their erections, one big, one skinny. Adam’s hand was around my cock, and Corey’s hand was under my balls. I leaned my head back on the seat and closed my eyes. Adam did the same. Corey laid his head on my shoulder. Sonny and Tyler watched, but then Tyler turned back toward the front.

When we got back to Sonny’s, I was glad it was dark because all three of us from the back seat were tenting our shorts. As we walked back across the street from Sonny's house to mine, Corey took my hand in the dark. But then Adam came up on my other side and put his arm over my shoulder. "I get Peter tonight," he announced.

"Me, too," Corey said.

"No way, Corey!” Adam protested. “You had him all to yourself last night; I get him all to myself tonight. Besides, you haven't been with Sonny much since we got here and you two always hung together back home. He's gettin' lonely."

"Am not," Sonny said, sounding annoyed.

"He's jealous," Tyler said as we followed the sidewalk to my front door. "He's missing his littlle 'kissy face'."

"Fuck you!" Sonny said.

"Not so loud," I complained with my hand on the doorknob. "Grams might hear."

"You three guys can have Sonny's bed tonight," Adam announced as they prepared to follow me in. "Peter and I will take his mom's bed. And we get the bathroom first."

My emotions were mixed. In my almost twelve years, I’d had only two genuine friends; Jason for only a few months, and Tommy for only a month or two a year. Now, in the space of a few days, I had a boyfriend, and three new friends who seemed to like me, and not just like me, but Adam and Corey both wanted to be with me. It was heady, and a little bewildering. I gave Corey an apologetic look. Neither he nor Sonny looked happy as we stepped inside. For a moment, I felt unhappy myself. But then Tyler gave Sonny's butt a quick grab before dashing up the stairs and put his arm over my shoulder to lead me up.

Adam looked over the tub and turned to me. "Let's take a shower. We can wash each other's backs."

"Just our backs?" I asked, eying the near-erection Adam had. His cock was already thickening when we stepped out of our clothes.

Adam laughed and shoulder bumped me. "Whatever we want to wash."

I started the water running and while it got hot, Adam looked at the body wash, shampoo, and conditioner that Grams bought for me. He opened each, sniffing. "Sports scent," he murmured, looking at the containers. "I like it." He adjusted the water temperature, pulled up the shower lever, and stepped into the tub and under the spray. He motioned for me to follow. I did, and he closed the curtain behind us. I was closest to the showerhead, and turned around under it, getting wet.

Adam opened the shampoo. "I'll wash your hair," he said, "and you can wash mine." He squeezed some shampoo onto his palm and then turned me so that my back was to him. He spread the shampoo into my hair and then worked it with his fingers. "You have a nice body," he said. "You got that just from swimming?"

"No," I told him. "Swimming's all I do, but I don't do any more of it than the other kids. I think I'm just skinny."

One of his hands left my hand and swept over my shoulders and then down my side and around to my belly. "You aren't skinny. You've got muscles."

"You're the one with muscles," I said. "And you're tall. I wish I was tall like you."

"You're tall enough," Adam said. "I bet girls like you."

I shrugged.

"You like girls don't you?"

I shrugged again.

He turned me around, and I kept my eyes closed because of the shampoo. I felt his hands on my nipples, shampooing them. I yelped and tried to wrap my arms over them. Adam held onto my soapy nipples by pinching them, and laughed when I howled and backed to the shower wall.

Then he let them go, still chuckling, and pulled me back through the spray. He got more shampoo and worked the front of my scalp. Our wet bellies brushed. "I'm cool with it if you don't like girls," he said beside my ear, and then he gave my scalp a vigorous rub. "Corey and Sonny don’t talk about girls,” he continued conversationally. “I think they like boys. Tyler’s horny for girls. He talks about them all the time. I like girls, too, but guys are cool. Of course we all like boy playing a lot, even Tyler.”

I was surprised that Adam could talk so much; I thought he was quiet. But then I couldn’t talk much with shampoo and water all over my face.

Adam kept going. “Tyler’s into having his cock sucked. He’ll try to sixty-nine with you pretty soon. I like it all. I even like kissing with Corey; though we never got into it like you guys did this afternoon." He was quiet a moment as he worked on my scalp, then his hands dropped to the side of my face. My eyes were still tightly shut, but I felt his lips press mine.

"Ugh! Soapy!" he exclaimed.

He pushed my head back under the shower and rinsed the shampoo from my hair. Then, my eyes still closed from the water, he held me by the sides of my face again and pressed his lips to mine once more. I opened my mouth to his, and his tongue entered, tentatively. I wrapped my arms behind his strong shoulders and sucked his tongue in, and wrestled it with mine. Almost immediately, I felt his cock rise up in the crevice between my balls and left leg.

He grabbed me by the backs of the shoulders and probed in more deeply with his tongue, bending me back a little. My cock began a rise of its own. "We're going to run out of hot water," I warned, when he paused for breath. I wiped water from my eyes so I could finally open them.

Adam grinned. "OK, conditioner then." He quickly squeezed some onto my hair and worked it in, being careful to keep it off my face. "You can wash my hair now, while yours soaks."

We traded places, our erect, eleven-year-old cocks doing a sword fight as we maneuvered around each other in the tub. Adam leaned back under the shower and let the water run down his hair. It's rich, chestnut color looked even darker wet. It hung straight down off the back of his head, thick and heavy, down just below the back of his shoulders. With his head back, I could see the muscles in the sides of his neck. He had muscular shoulders and chest for a boy our age, and I looked them over while his eyes were closed under the water. We were close enough that his dick poked my belly.

Adam lifted his head from the water and blinked it from his eyes. He smiled. “You’re pretty for a boy. You know that, right?”

I shrugged.

“You are,” he said. He turned his back to me and leaned his head back for me to work on. “That’s why kissing you is hot. That’s why I wanna fuck with you.”

My cock did a little jump. I squeezed shampoo onto my hand and worked it into his thick, wet hair. His hair was heavy. I admired it as I worked on it. My cock pressed uncomfortably out to the side against his but as I worked, so I pulled it up and rested the underside in his buttcrack as I worked.

"You can cornhole me if you want," he said.

I looked down at his compact, muscled butt, and at my cock pointing up from where it was wedged in his crevice. His butt was just the right height. I'd never sexed standing up except for exchanging blow jobs. I ran my soapy hands admiringly down the sides of Adam's long torso. At eleven, a boy really starts to admire other boys’ athletic bodies. Because of the water, Adam’s tan skin looked smooth as glass, but it felt warm and firm under my hands, and I could feel his muscles.

Would I need lotion or something to make my cock slick? It was already wet. I backed my hips and angled my crown up into Adam's crack. I worked it around until I found his pucker with it. There was just enough soap in the water to help me slip in easily. I held his hips and pushed my hips forward until his butt was snug to my lap. My dick felt stretched, wet, and warm inside him. Adam had a tight opening, and he sheathed me loosely inside. I could feel it. His firm butt felt good in my lap.

I eased in and out a few times, enjoying the feel. But his hair was still soapy, so I pushed all the way in, and returned my hands to his head and scrubbed.

"This is one, weird shampoo," Adam said, chuckling.

I gave a little grind with my hips. "I’ll shampoo you anytime you want."

"Yeah, well, wait till I rinse out your conditioner," he said as he leaned into the water and reached back with both hands to grab the sides of my hips.

We ground together. His wet hair in my hands reminded me of the reins of a horse. I slid my fingers into its thick strands and clung on to it. I bucked his bottom a few times. It’s firmness felt good.

"You ridin me like a horse, dude?" Adam asked.

"Yeah," I said, banging with my hips.

Adam raised up, leaning back into me and I wrapped my arms around his belly and chest. His belly was taut. The water was hitting him there. I slid my hand down in the stream, down his belly, down onto his bald pubic mound, and then around his cock. It was rigid.

"Come forward," he said, tugging me forward with him. Then he bent and turned off the water. He rose back up, supporting himself with a hand on the wall. "Don't want the water to get cold," he said, his hand joining mine on his cock.

"Wait," I said. Taking my hand from him, I leaned backward while keeping my cock inside him, and grabbed the conditioner. "I’ll put conditioner in your hair so it can soak."

It surprised me, how much conditioner it took for his hair. My hands were thick with it by the time I was done, and I used it to jack his cock while I eased mine in and out of him.

The feelings became just too good. I let go of his cock and grabbed the sides of his waist with both hands, and began pounding. Adam put both hands on the wall and bumped his butt back against me.

It wasn't as powerful as some preteen, dry orgasms can be, but it really felt good. Then we traded, and Adam slipped his conditioner slicked cock up me from behind. That conditioner must have been pretty mild because I imagine some conditioners could really do a number on your insides. I didn't even think about it back then, and it didn't bother me.

Adam grabbed me by the shoulders, leaned back, and began pounding right off. It felt good though. I steadied myself with my hands on the wall.

As Adam rinsed the conditioner from my hair and I felt Adam’s cock dangle against the inside of my thigh. “I like your dick,” I told him, bold now that we had cornholed each other.

"Girls like big dicks," Adam observed, holding onto my shoulders and leaning back under the water as I got out the last of the conditioner. He straightened back up and smiled at me. "I know at least one who does."

"Have you screwed a girl?" I asked, surprised because he was only eleven like me.

He nodded, and turning, shut off the water. "Promise you won't tell?" he said, taking the body wash from my hands. "Promise you won't tell anyone?"

"Sure. Like, who am I going to tell?"

"My cousins,” he said. “Seriously. Promise?"

"Sure. I Promise."

He leaned close. "I've never told anybody, so you can't say anything to Sonny, even after we're gone."

"I won't," I assured him, flattered that he was going to tell me something he hadn’t told his cousins.

"She's Tyler and Corey's older sister," he whispered.

I raised my eyebrows. "Wow! How old is she?" I asked.

He squeezed bodywash onto his palm and then handed it to me. "She's fourteen," he said, as he rubbed the body wash onto his belly and chest. "I accidentally walked into the bathroom once when she was taking a pee. She told me to get out, but I joked and told her I'd show her mine if she'd showed me hers."

"So she showed you?" I asked, squeezing body wash onto my hand.

"Yeah, but we only felt each other up in the bathroom. I was sleeping over that night, and after the guys went to sleep, I snuck into her room. She was sleeping, so I crawled under the covers thinking I could feel her up, but she woke up and told me to go away. I told her I just wanted us to feel each other up again and that this time, I wanted to feel her titties. I took her hand and put it on my cock to show her I was hard. That did it."

His cock started to thicken again. I glanced down at it. "I can understand why," I said.

He grinned, but then frowned. "So now you know why you can't tell anybody."

I nodded. We both soaped up. Adam turned me around and soaped up my back. "We've done it twice since that first time,” he said, “but I've gotta get hold of some rubbers since I'm shooting cream now." He soaped down my back and into my buttcrack. "If you ever come down to Kentucky," he said, "maybe she'll let you do her, too."

I didn’t say anything, thinking I wouldn’t want to. I soaped up his back.

“I still like boy playing,” Adam pointed out. “Tyler and I've been boy playing since we were eight and nine. My older brother got us doin’ it."

I soaped into his crack and over his butt. When he turned around, I soaped under his cock and balls, and then soaped his cock and balls as well. He was almost erect again.

"I'll tell you something," he said, glancing up from my hand on his cock. He laid a hand on my shoulder. "And it's the truth. You turn me on as much as Tyler's sister."

It was the first time I ever thought of myself ‘turning on' another guy. I would learn, though, that some guys turn on other guys pretty easily, and it isn't always who you'd think. It isn't always the tall, strong, and handsome guys that turn other guys on. Often it's the smaller guys like me who can turn on even fairly straight guys. Corey and both learned we were the type of guy who could.

While Corey and Tyler took a bath together, Adam challenged Sonny to video game. They were still going at it when Corey got out of the bath. I pulled him aside in my room and kissed him. We hugged and his naked body felt really good next to mine. Before we could even talk, Adam came into the room. “Tyler took over for me,” he said, taking me by the hand. “You can have him back tomorrow, Kissy Face”

On Mom’s dresser were some lotions she hadn't taken with her. Adam looked through them while idly fondling his balls and semi-erect cock. "Let's give each other backrubs," he suggested, bringing one of the plastic bottles to the bed. "I'll do you and you do me."

I had turned on the lamp beside Mom’s bed, and it was a small light so the lighting in the room was subdued. Adam knelt up onto the bed, holding the bottle of lotion in one hand while keeping his other hand between his legs. I rolled to my stomach, and he took a seat astride my butt. "You ever done this?" he asked. “Givin’ body rubs.”

"Uh-uh," I told him.

"I like naked body rubs," he said, and then I felt the cool lotion on his hands as he laid them on my back. The base of his erection pressed on my tailbone as he leaned forward. He grabbed the muscles on the sides of my neck and began gently squeezing. "I know how to give good body rubs," he said. "Everybody likes to have their body rubbed, but I like doing it, too. At least to you and the other guys. I like the way a guy’s body feels." His hands dropped to my shoulders, and he kept talking while he worked.

As he massaged down my back, Adam scooted his butt off my butt and onto the backs of my thighs. "About now's when I always get tempted to stick my dick in,” he said, “but I wanna cornhole you the way you did Corey." He scooted down more, and got fresh lotion to rub onto my butt. "Damn, that's pretty," he said with a chuckle.

He kneaded my butt for a while and I loved it. “Butt rubs feel good, don’t they?” he asked.

“Awesome,” I whispered.

“I like doin’ it,” he said. “I like your butt.” He did it a little longer, but then moved down to the backs of my legs and inside my thighs. His fingertips stroked lightly behind my balls and on the sensitive skin inside my legs. He worked lower, backing off my legs to do my calves, and then he turned me over.

I was hard, of course. He lay down on my legs and pointed my cock up at the ceiling, taking a closer look at it. He skinned it back and then back up. "Damn," he murmured, looking up my body at me. "They shouldn't ever circumcise a guy. I wish I still had this." He skinned me back, his large, boy hand around my shaft, and sniffed me. Then he closed his mouth over me and did a slow suck down my length.

I grasped his head. His long hair was still damp and it fell onto me, into the crevices between my legs. His hair had a sheen. I stroked it and closed my eyes. Adam stopped all too soon.

"Ready to give me my backrub?" he asked, looking at me from around my cock.

I laid my head back and groaned. “No.”

Adam laughed and patted my thigh as he sat up. "Come on Blond Boy. You owe me."

He lay down onto his stomach. Taking the lotion, I climbed astride his butt the way he had done with me. I liked sitting on his butt. I admired Adam's body, and I enjoyed the feel of him under me and under my hands as I went to work on him. I didn’t stop massaging him when I turned him over; I worked up his legs, and when I straddled his thighs to work on his chest. When my erection and balls lay on his, Adam closed his hand around both of our dicks.

He stroked us as I worked on his chest and shoulders and neck. I bent down and kissed him. I used a lot of tongue, and he moaned softly. For a moment, I pictured a girl on top of Adam, not a fourteen-year-old girl, but an eleven-year-old girl, and I felt like I thought a girl might feel, but only better… I would please Adam more. We were boys. We were boys together. Scooting forward, I grabbed the lotion and applied it to my butt. I reached behind and applied it to Adam’s cock and then backed onto it. He watched me.

As I sat back, he grabbed the sides of my legs, and I settled into his lap. When I started rocking, he closed his hand around my dick and pressed his thumb to the underside. He let me fuck into his lotioned hand.

Adam’s eyes rolled up. “Oh, dude!” he murmured. “That feels great.”

Corey might be my boyfriend, but I liked bigger boys; I liked Adam. I liked his body, and I liked his easy friendship. When I’d been going for a while, he rolled us to our sides and both of us pumped our hips. Then he rolled on top of me and lay flat on me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his shoulders and held onto his lean, strong torso. He kissed me, with tongue, then pressed the side of his face to mine and pumped faster and faster.

He was holding me in his sleep when I woke up. I started to get up, but he hung on to me. I made more of an effort and he hung on more tightly, awake now, and chuckling.

Laughing, we wrestled, and when Adam got me onto my back, and I let him pin my arms, we both got really hard. I wrapped my legs around his waist again, and he pushed his cock into me without using his hands or any lube, and it felt even better than the night before.

When we finally made it out of the room, we hit the john first and stood at the toilet together. He put his arm over my shoulders and we pissed into the toilet. He had a heavy stream and for fun, I took his cock and aimed it around inside the toilet.

The other guys were still asleep; Corey with Tyler and Sonny asleep by himself on the couch. I wondered why Sonny slept by himself.


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