Jack Edwards

Boy Play - Pt 9

Boys like touching other boys. They like the physical contact. Whether it’s an arm over the shoulder, or wrestling, or using another boy’s butt to lay a head back on while watching TV… boys like being in physical contact with other boys. Gay boys need it. I’d had far, far less of it than most boys.

But now, between Sonny and his cousins, it was a Christmas of physical contact for me, and Corey was my best Christmas present; a ten-year-old boyfriend I could touch as much as I wanted, the way I wanted; a boyfriend who would touch me.

That morning I was in a happy mood from having sexed with Adam before getting out of bed. But I was also happy because of Corey.

He and Tyler were sleeping in my bed. Corey was on his side in a fetal position, and I slipped under the bed sheet behind him. Sliding one arm under his neck, between it and the edge of the pillow, I wrapped my other arm over his side and cuddled up behind him. I pulled his naked body back to my own; his smaller body fit great inside mine. I wasn’t horny, but hugging him from behind, partly, just because I could, because he was my boyfriend, gave me pleasure in a way I hadn’t experienced since Jason who let me climb all over him when we were naked.

Corey murmured softly. He rolled onto his back toward me, the back of his head resting in the crook of my arm. I cocked my leg over his middle, laying the inside of my thigh on his morning woody. I rubbed his belly with my hand. Corey opened his eyes with a smile. I kissed him and whispered, “Boyfriend,” in his ear.

He wrapped his arms around my neck. “Boyfriend,” he whispered in my ear. We kissed again, and I rubbed the inside of my thigh on his stiffy.

“Geez,” Tyler murmured from the other side of the bed. “Two kissy faces,” he complained, getting out of bed. He headed in the direction of the back bedroom and bathroom.

Corey rolled up to face me and I slid a thin leg between his two thin legs. We kissed longer. At ten and eleven, kissing your boyfriend… naked… in bed… was damned fun. We brushed faces and noses. I pressed my hipbone against Corey’s stiffy. He giggled.

“You want your stiffy sucked?” I asked.

Corey grinned. “Sure.”

He rolled to his back, and I slid down under the top sheet. It was a thin sheet, and lots of light made it through; plenty to see Corey’s body. His belly was all sunken and flat between his hipbones. His small pubic mound sat above it like a bare little hill. Beneath it, his ballsack rested at the tops of his legs like a little pink ball. His stiffy angled up over his belly from there. I admired its long, thin curve and pink helmet. I thought it was pretty damned awesome. But then I cocked my head. The skin on Corey’s shaft was all shiny and moist looking. “You didn’t have this inside Tyler did you?” I asked.


I licked up the underside. Tasted fine. I took it into my mouth, and Corey grasped the sides of my head.

“But last night I did,” he said.

I spit his stiffy out.

Corey held onto my head, laughing and trying to stuff his stiffy back into my mouth. “I was joking!” he protested.

So I swallowed him again, and sucked him furiously, snorting like a pig and making slobbering noises. Corey yelped and laughed, pulling his knees up under my armpits. We rolled back and forth, but I kept him in my mouth, and then we settled down. I had him on his back once more, and in no time, he was making little whimpering sounds.

I heard Sonny ask from the direction of the door. “Is that Tyler under the sheet?”

“Peter,” I heard Corey answer in a tight voice.

Sonny didn’t say anything else, and I thought I heard him leave the room.

I gave Corey the best morning cocksucking I knew how, and I enjoyed it nearly as much as he did. I liked his long, thin stiffy and his tight little ballsack. I really did like Corey. The more I thought of him as my boyfriend, the more I liked him, and every part of him.

Once he’d gotten his feelings, I came up from under the sheet and lay on him, grinning down at his dreamy looking face. We kissed, of course. And hugged.

“Where’s Sonny?” I asked when we came out.

Adam and Tyler were on the Playstation. “He went home,” Adam said. “He told us he was hungry for breakfast.” Adam glanced back at us. "I think he's pissed at you guys for leaving him outta things."

"Us leaving him out?" Corey exclaimed. "He's the one who wouldn't sleep with Tyler and me last night."

Adam shrugged.

Corey and I looked at each other, then went to find our shorts.

Sonny didn’t seem glad to see us, and he was without his characteristic grin all that morning. Corey and I didn’t smile much either. It’s hard to happy when you think your friend is mad at you. Adam and Tyler clowned around some, and that’s the only time Corey or I smiled. Sonny didn’t smile even then, and he stayed away from us.

When the rest of us talked about going to the pool that afternoon, Sonny disappeared into his room. Corey and I found him lying on his bed. We took seats on either side of him at the head of the bed.

“You mad at me and Peter?” Corey asked.

Sonny said nothing, but crossed his arms. I glanced at Sonny. His bottom lip was out, and those beautiful eyes of his were filling with tears.

I looked past him to Corey whose brow was furrowed in concern like mine.

“What’s a matter, Sonny?” Corey asked, laying a hand on Sonny’s knee.

Sonny looked at me. His mouth twisted slightly as he tried not to cry. He looked… angry. “You’re supposed to be my new friend,” he said. "But instead, you've been stealing Corey.”

I'd never been a boy who cried easily, except over Jason, but as Sonny’s words sunk in, my throat constricted almost instantly, and my own eyes watered. I had been so happy. I finally had friends; four of them at one time, and I had my first real boyfriend, Corey. But now Sonny hated me, and I really liked Sonny. I wanted him to be my friend more than Adam or Tyler.

I didn't know what to say. What could I say? Sonny just glared at me.

It was his house, his cousins. I felt like he wanted me to leave. Slowly, my head hanging down, I got off the bed. Tears streamed down my face as I headed for the door. I didn’t want to leave. I hoped he’d tell me to wait. I hoped Sonny would say he still wanted to be friends or that Corey would say he was going to leave with me. Instead, they said nothing as I left the room.

I went straight down the stairs and out the door, across the street, and up to my room. Without bothering to take off my shorts, I fell across my bed and wept. Back to no friends, which was harder than never having had friends at all.

They could still come for me. They could still come over and say it was OK; that we could all still be friends together. But then, Corey had been friends with Sonny forever; he had only been my boyfriend for two days. He’d stick with Sonny.

Maybe I could promise not to be boyfriends with Corey… but then Corey would be mad. It seemed like there was something I could do. After all, Sonny seemed to like me well enough before… but he sure seemed mad now.

I thought of Jason, and imagined what it would be like if he hadn’t moved. They’d all want to be my friend because of Jason. He’d make sure they treated me right, too. He’d stick up for me; he did it when I was a little kid.

I had stopped crying by the time I heard them coming up the stairs. I rolled away to face out the window. I didn't know how I should look when they saw me, or how I wanted them to look when I saw them.

I heard them come into the room. The bed gave, and then gave a little more as first one, then the other sat down. I felt a hand on my bare back. "I told him," Corey said. "Sonny’s cool. I told him about you and me being gay, and that we're boyfriends."

“And I told him, that sucks!" Sonny said, "You’re supposed to be my friends and not leaving me out of stuff. You’re my best friends. I told Corey that. You’re my best friend here in Salem and Corey’s my best friend back in Kentucky and best friends are more important than boyfriends."

I rolled to my back and looked up at them, first Corey, then Sonny.

Sonny’s brow furrowed. "No more leaving me out! Even for sexing. I like sexing, too, you know."

I nodded, glancing at Corey.

“And I like kissing, too. Don’t think you guys are the only ones who like that.”

I nodded again.

“And tonight, the three of us sleep together. Adam and Tyler can go screw each other.”

I nodded, and smiled… happy again.

A grin spread across Sonny’s face, and it was like the sun had come back out. My own grin widened. “I’m sorry I got mad at you,” Sonny said, laying a hand on my tummy. Not to be left out, Corey put his hand on my tummy as well.

“I’m sorry I made you mad at me,” I told Sonny. “I wanna be your friend, real bad.”

His smile softened. "Shit, I already decided that you and I were gonna be best friends," he said. "I decided that the first day you helped us move in. We're gonna be great buddies."

I remember thinking, as I lay there, looking up into his blue eyes and his long, long eyelashes, that I wasn't sure what the differences were between a boyfriend and a best friend were after all.

"The other guys wanna go swim at the pool," Corey said, patting my stomach.

Sonny glanced at him, grinning. "Too bad we can't go skinny dippin’."

The five of us walked to the old community pool down on Market Street. We started out following the ravine that ran behind Grams' house. After about half a mile, Tyler pointed across from the ravine to a large house that stood on a low bluff on the far side. It sat on a large lot with a big back yard. "Is that a swimming pool?" he asked.

We all looked. The decking and shape were unmistakably those of an above-ground pool.

"We could sneak out tonight and go skinny dipping there," Tyler suggested.

The house had only a low, hurricane fence. "Sneak into someone else's yard?" I asked.

"Sure," Tyler said with a grin. "It'll be fun."


"Damn, Peter!" Adam said as I tied the drawstring of my speedo. "It looks like you stuffed a tennis ball into the front of your swimsuit."

They all wore baggy suits. "You'd look like you stuffed a basketball into yours if you wore a speedo," I told him.

"And Corey would look like he stuffed a ping pong ball into his," Tyler joked. Corey gave him a shove.

"Shit, Peter," Tyler said. I was sitting on Sonny's shoulders to horse fight Adam and Corey, and Tyler was behind me. "You can see right through your swimsuit,” he said. “I can see your butt crack, plain as day."

I twisted back. "It's the chlorine. Washes out speedos." Just then, Adam and Corey lunged at us.

Corey and Sonny grinned at me when we climbed from the water to get some pop. "No shittin'," Sonny said, "you can see right through your swimsuit. Dude, I can see your cock just like you had nothing on, especially the way it’s pointing out to the side like that. "

I glanced down. I hadn't realized just how washed out my suit had gotten; I'd been too busy looking at those of other boys on the swim team to notice my own.

"You might as well take it off and skinny dip," Corey said with a grin.

"Streak the pool," Sonny encouraged.

"Forget it," I told him

"Hey, Peter," a voice called out. Trevor came up beside me. He wore a speedo of his own, but a new, black one. In front, it covered only the lower third of his treasure trail and barely cleared his buttcrack in back. He looked like he’d stuffed a grapefruit into the front of his swimsuit. The eyes of both Sonny and Corey dropped there. With his muscles, Trevor looked like Michael Angelo's David in a speedo. He laid his arm over my shoulder and glanced at Sonny and Corey.

"New friends?" he asked.

I nodded at Sonny. "Sonny's my new neighbor and Corey's his cousin."

Trevor grinned. "Great to see Peter's got somebody his age around. His grandma’s neighborhood just has old folks." He gave my shoulder a hug and leaned to whisper in my ear. "I leave for college in August. I want to see you a time or two before I go."

I shrugged. "I'm gonna be sorta busy," I told him. "Swimming and friends and all."

He gave my shoulder another squeeze. "We can find time," he whispered, then louder, "give me a call sometime." We all watched his black-speedoed butt as he walked away.

"Dude," Sonny said softly, "you've sexed with him, haven’t you?" He glanced down at my speedo. "You need to get a different swimsuit if you're going to spring boners."

"I don't have a boner," I protested, dropping my hands in front of my crotch.

"You almost do," Sonny insisted.

"That guy did, too," Corey said, his eyes on Trevor as Trevor jumped into the pool.


Trevor joined us uninvited when we got back into the pool, and when we had horse fights again, he lifted Corey onto his shoulders. I rode Sonny and Tyler rode Adam. I got a hard-on against the back of Sonny's neck and he rubbed his head back against my belly just before we got pounced on by Trevor and Corey. We went down immediately.

Trevor managed to feel me up more than once that afternoon, but then, so did everybody else but Tyler... that is, until I felt Tyler up because it seemed the thing to do, and grinning, he reached for me under the water.

When we got back to Grams, just before we were supposed to go over to Sonny's for supper, Tyler pulled me into my mom's room and closed the door. "My turn," he said, with a sly grin as he dropped his shorts. His cock was already thickening, and his hand was on my cock almost as soon as my shorts hit the floor.

"You like sucking cocks?" he asked, stroking me.

"Sure," I told him, reaching for his.

"Let's do it on the bed," he said. "I'll show you how I like to do it."

We climbed onto the bed and he pointed to the middle. "Lie down on your back."

I did. Then Tyler reversed body position over me so that his head was over my groin and I was looking up at his dangling balls and his erection which pointed tightly up along his belly. Without any more preliminaries, Tyler took my cock into his mouth and started bobbing, so I took his into mine.

By that summer, especially after Trevor's tutelage, I'd become a fairly capable cocksucker, and I had little trouble taking Tyler's medium-sized – for a twelve-year-old – cock far down into my throat. But it was the first time that I'd been on my back for cocksucking and had a guy's balls settle over my upper lip and nose the way Tyler’s did. It wasn't unpleasant, and I could breath just fine. In fact, it was sorta hot. Like a lot of guys who enjoyed having their cock sucked, Tyler liked sucking cock as well. I could tell.

He fucked into my throat and sucked furiously on my cock, and it didn't take him long to come. He shot spunk, just like Adam could. His wasn't as ‘spunky’ as Trevor's, but it definitely wasn't clear and watery like Adam's either. Trevor left his cock in my mouth after he came, and I sucked gently on it as it got soft, and he kept sucking me. But then Sonny banged on the door. "Mom called," he said. "We're supposed to get over there for supper."

Tyler pulled off and rolled to the side, smiling. "That was awesome," he said. "You're a great cocksucker."

"So are you," I told him, stroking my unsatisfied erection.

He patted my thigh. "Next time, I'll get you off, too."

Next time, I thought, as he climbed off the bed and my eyes dropped to his butt, I might want... that.

"It's gotta be naked," Tyler insisted as we gathered in my back bedroom late that evening. "All the way there and back, we go naked. You can wear shoes, but that’s all."

"What if we get caught?" I asked, looking from him to the others.

"Don't get caught," Sonny said, laying an arm over my shoulders "You run." He grinned. "You ain't ever been out naked at night, have you?"

I shook my head.

"You'll like it," he promised.

After we all had our shoes on – and nothing else – we turned off the lights and sneaked quietly down the back stairs. We hurried through the back yard and down to the ravine. Once there, we talked more freely.

It felt exciting, being outside, naked. There was a light breeze and I liked the feel of it over my body. There was a sliver of a moon; just enough to see where we were going. We walked in single file, Sonny was behind me. He goosed me and I jumped.

"I told ya, you'd like being naked in the dark," he said.

Quietly, we climbed the low bluff the house was on. There were still a couple of lights on in the house, but the back yard, with the above ground swimming pool, was dark. Very quietly, we climbed over the low fence. Hunched over, we ran silently to the pool and up the wooden stairs to the decking.

The pool was a round one, about twenty feet in diameter. The surface was perfectly still and dark.

Tyler slipped into the water first. "Shit!" he whispered loudly. "The water's warm."

We all quickly followed him in. The water was chest high for me; neck high on Corey. He and Sonny stuck close to me. "Feels awesome, doesn't it?" Sonny asked, grinning at me in the dim moonlight. "The way you're cock and balls float and all."

"My cock's not floatin' very much," I told him. "It's hard as a rock."

Both Sonny's and Corey's hands met on my erection, and they each gave it a tug.

We swam around for a few minutes, enjoying the feel of the water. Tyler got up on the deck and did a wiggling nasty dance, his cock flopping. Corey got up there with him, but he had a boner and it wagged as he danced. Corey laughed and Tyler shushed him.

Adam came up to me, face to face. I felt his hands slide up and down my sides, and then he pulled us belly to belly. We were both hard. He kissed me and his hands dropped to squeeze my butt. I held his shoulders and kissed back, grinding my erection against his.

“Let’s try fucking in the water,” he whispered. “We’ve never done that.” With his hands under my but, he lifted me off my feet and up against his belly. I gripped his sides with the insides of my legs so I could lift myself and let him point his cock up into my butt crack.

Even though the water was warm, his cockhead felt warmer as he worked it between my butt cheeks. We got it snug against my pucker, and then Adam pulled me down onto it. It worked OK, with just water for lubricant, and I settled down onto him, draping my arms over his shoulders.

Adam took me by the hips and moved me up and down in the water; up and down on his cock. Grabbing onto the sides of his neck, I lay back and gazed up into the night sky.

Corey jumped in, making a splash.

"Shsh!" Tyler fussed, following him back into the water.

Adam quit moving me, and my eyes dropped to see that Sonny had moved behind Adam. Sonny's head was down and he had hold of one of Adam's shoulders. I could tell that Sonny was using his other hand to guide himself into Adam from behind. I glanced at Adam. He shrugged and smiled slightly. Then Sonny, chewing his lip, looked up and grabbed Adam’s other shoulder as well. He pressed his pelvis all the way to Adam’s butt and then wrapped his arms around Adam's chest to hold on. He started pumping under the water; I could feel water moving against the inside of my legs. I had them straight out each side of Adam's hips, but now I closed my legs to tuck my heels behind Sonny's legs.

Adam held my butt tight against his lap and moved my bottom around, moving his cock around inside me. With my heels behind Sonny's legs, I had some leverage, and I ground back. Adam’s eyes were closed and his head was back. I laid my head back and let go of Adam's neck, just sculling and floating and holding on to them with my legs as I gazed up at the stars.

But then another pair of legs moved up behind Sonny's. I looked around Adam and Sonny to see that Corey had taken hold of the backs of Sonny's shoulders.

"That isn't going to work," Tyler said. "Not in the water."

Sonny quit moving, and then Corey's legs pressed against my feet, so I moved my feet out of the way to let Corey push all the way into Sonny. There was an awkward adjusting to positions.

"I told you it wouldn't work," Tyler said.

"Still feels good, shithead" Corey told his brother.

Adam’s eyes were open. He smiled at me. I grabbed his shoulders, on top of Sonny's hands, and pulled up to kiss Adam. He held me up with a hand under the butt and an arm behind my back, and we kissed in the warm water and faint moonlight.

As much as an eleven-year-old can feel mellow, I felt mellow. After the stress of the morning, I had my friends back. And truth was, I liked Adam a lot. If he had wanted me as a boyfriend, I would have known the difference between best friend and boyfriend. I would have told him 'yes' and figured out all my other relationships later. Adam might be a couple months younger than me, but he was a bigger boy, and stronger, and handsome, and so easy going...

"This sucks," Tyler said, coming up alongside Adam and me. "Where am I gonna plug in?" He grinned at me. "Maybe I'll put my cock up Peter's butt along with Adams."

I frowned. "No way."

"I bet I could," Tyler said, moving behind me. "I bet if we did it right..."

I pulled up on Adam, trying to stay away from Tyler. "Dude!" I complained.

Tyler laughed. "Let's try it."

"Damn it," Adam said, trying to move backward. "Take two cocks up your own butt, Tyler."

Tyler splashed him. And again.

Adam tried to splash back, and we all came apart. Then everyone was splashing Tyler.

"Wait! Wait!" he whispered harshly, holding up his hands.

We stopped. We could hear the sound of barking inside the house.

“A dog,” Corey said.

“More than one,” Adam corrected.

We all glanced at each other, and then everyone tore for the side of the pool. "Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Oh, shit!" Sonny exclaimed.

We climbed up onto the deck just as a porch light and two big yard lights came on. "Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Oh, shit!" Sonny continued, his voice raising an octive.

I jumped from the deck, as did Adam and Sonny. Tyler and Corey ran down the stairs to the yard. We pulled on our shoes, and suddenly could hear the dogs much more clearly. Someone had let them out.

Sonny whimpered as we dashed for the fence, the sounds of the dogs getting closer. They were small dogs, and almost instantly, they were nipping at our heels. We reached the fence.

"Hey! You little bastards!" a man yelled. "Stay outta my yard!"

We all went over the fence together, scrambling down the bluff. Tyler and Adam were already laughing. We hurried across a low area, through grassy weeds, and to the ravine itself where we ducked down and peeked back at the house.

The dogs were making a racket and we could see the man who yelled at us, up on the deck of his pool, staring in our direction.

Adam chuckled and patted Sonny's bare ass as we stood stooped, catching our breath. "Dude, I didn't know you could run that fast."

"Yeah, well I wasn't going to be the last one behind for the dogs to grab hold of."

"Shithead," Tyler said, laughing. "Those were like Chihuahuas."

"Were not. They were bigger," Corey said. "They were like terriers or something."

"Well," Sonny said, "I just knew those dogs were after my naked butt and that they’d chomp onto it or my balls, or something."

"They'd have too much trouble finding your ‘something’, dude," Tyler said, laughing. He pointed at Sonny's middle. "You shrank everything up."

We all laughed.

Across the way, the man went inside, but left the dogs outside and his lights on. We straightened up.

"We could always sneak over to the community pool," Tyler suggested. "It's got a low fence, too."

"Nah," Adam said, turning back toward Grams' house. "Let's just walk around outside, naked, for a while."

We hadn't gone but a few dozen paces when a spotlight shown out across the open area from the street in front of the man's house. It lit up the ravine a hundred yards ahead of us and began a sweep back toward us. We all ducked. "Shit!" Sonny exclaimed.

"It's cops," Adam told us. I glanced up and he had his head up, but he ducked down before the light reached us.

"What are we gonna do?" Tyler asked as the light passed overhead.

"Scoot for home," Adam said, and he took out running, down the ravine toward Grams'.

We all took after him, and instantly, the light swept back onto us.

"Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Oh, shit!" Sonny yelped. I wanted to kick his butt for saying nothing but, “Oh, shit!”

"Stop, Police!" a loudspeaker called out.

We all ducked, but kept running. The spotlight started bouncing. Sonny glanced back. "Oh, hell! They're coming."

At least it was ‘Oh, hell!’ instead of ‘Oh, shit!’

The ravine curved away, following the backs of yards, and for a moment, we were out of the spotlight. Adam, several yards ahead, ran up from the ravine and into a fenceless yard, obviously making for the street in front of the houses. Tyler followed right behind him. Sonny, Corey, I followed next. And then ahead, up on the street in front of the houses, we saw headlights and everybody ducked into bushes.

Slowly a police cruiser came down the street, shining a spotlight around. I glanced back. It looked like the other spotlight was still behind us. This was a different cruiser. I didn't know Salem had that many police, especially at night. We cringed in the bushes. Eventually the lights in back of us went away as the cruiser moved back across the field and onto the road on the other side. I heard it speed up on the pavement. Meanwhile, the cruiser on the street passed us.

"Back this way," I called out. They all followed me back down to the ravine and along it toward Grams’. The cruiser that had been across the field was now racing on the road as it curved back toward the end of Grams’ street. The cruiser on the street couldn't be that far ahead of us either, but Grams' house was close now. I dashed up against the back fence of the house next to Grams’ and in a few steps, made it into our own backyard and Grandpa's wonderfully thick landscaping.

I ducked into the fort and the other guys came in after me. We could see spolights playing around in the tree tops. We all sat back against the walls, breathing hard. And then it was dark outside. The lights were gone. We dashed from the fort, up the backstairs, and into the back bedroom. I collapsed onto the couch with Adam. The other guys collapsed onto the floor.

"Oh, wow!" I said, with a sigh of relief.

"Don'tcha mean, 'Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Oh, shit!" Adam asked, laughing and poking my ribs.

"Ha-ha, that was Sonny," Corey said. He was on his back, knees up, his belly rising and falling rapidly with his breath.“All he kept saying was ‘Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Oh, shit!’.”

The ice chest that Sonny's mom had loaned us sat close to the door and Sonny lifted the lid. "Fuck you," Sonny said, pulling out a Coke. "You were scared shitless, Corey. You were too scared to say anything."

Tyler bent over the ice chest as well. When he did, Sonny pressed the cold Coke can against his butt. Tyler jumped, shot Sonny the finger, and bent back over the ice chest.

"Bring me and Peter Cokes, too," Adam called out to Tyler. "You owe us for breaking us up in the swimming pool."

Tyler shot Adam the finger, too, but then grabbed up two extra cans of pop. Corey went for his own.

"That," I said, glancing at Adam, "was the awesomest thing I've ever done in my life!"

We were still wide awake when Sonny, Corey, and I climbed onto my mom's bed. Sonny took the middle, lying back on the pillows. I climbed in on his right and Corey on his left. We lay back, staring at the ceiling, and Sonny laid his hands in our laps, covering our crotches with his palms. "Let's start with a suck circle," he said. "I can suck Peter, and he can suck you, Corey, and you can suck me, then we can switch."

"Wash your cocks first," I said. "You had 'em up butts earlier in the pool."

"Barely," Corey complained. "Tyler stopped everything."

"You want me to suck it, you gotta wash it," I told them.

"Oh, all right," Corey said, getting up first. I went with them.

Seeing that my room was dark, but the door was open. I peeked in. Tyler was on his stomach on my bed, and Adam was on top of him, his long legs stretched out on either side of Tyler's. Faint moonlight through the window gave a sheen to Adam's skin, and highlighted the mounds of his butt and long lines behind his thighs and up the muscles of his back. The two of them were motionless except for Adam's compact, rounded butt rising and falling, and the small muscles working in Adam's lower back. I admired Adam's body as much as ever. Watching a boy like him fucking in faint moonlight was breathtaking, especially for another eleven-year-old. As my eyes adjusted, I saw that Adam was smiling at me. "I told Tyler he owed me for spoiling our fuck when we were skinny dipping," Adam said.

"Screw you!" Tyler mumbled. "I’m getting a turn, too."


Corey and Sonny were washing each other's cocks at the sink when I walked into the bathroom. I took a piss, watching them, and by the time I was done, my cock was as rigid as theirs. We returned to the bedroom and crawled up onto the bed the way Sonny had said; only we made more of a sucking triangle than a circle.

It was quite in the house. The sounds of our oral sexing seemed loud. I had turned off the lamp beside the bed, and I closed my eyes to the darkness in the room to feel with my hands over Corey's bottom, hips, and legs while I sucked on him… and smelled him... fresh soap, and chlorine from the pool, and sweat from running. Sonny's nose pressed firmly into my pubic bone. He could suck well, too.

We were all prepubescent. We could get our feelings and still stay hard. And we were wired from the evening's adventure. We sucked, and eventually switched so that I was sucking Sonny and Corey was sucking me. Our hands explored each other, giving pleasure while enjoying the feel of each other. We did a good job for each other. We got our feelings... again.

And then Sonny put me onto my back. It seemed right to let him have his way since he’d been left out earlier. Corey retrieved the KY from my bedroom and handed it to Sonny, who lubed his cock and then held my legs up while he pushed it inside my butt. This time, though, he didn’t hold my legs, but lay down onto me, like he had seen the rest of us doing. Then he held me while Corey got into position behind him.

Sonny pressed his lips to mine and we opened our mouths to each other… our first kiss. The faint flavors of Corey and my cocks were in his mouth, just like his and Corey’s were in mine. He probed into my mouth with his tongue. We held onto each other and he ground into my bottom with his cock, all the time, tonguing in my mouth. I wondered if Sonny was gay, too. I wondered, if he was, did he know it?

Then Corey lay down onto Sonny and the weight of their two bodies between my legs and on top of me was a little heavy, and if my cock had been a little less hard and thick, or the positions a little different, my balls might have been squeezed. But Sonny and Corey felt good on me. Sonny's warm skin, and his body, and his mouth on mine, felt good. I slid my hands down on either side of his flattened butt; nobody had softer butt skin than Sonny. My knees were up, and I pressed the insides of my legs to the sides of their hips

At the age of eleven, contentment and comfort are much the same. Laying there, I felt a surprising comfort; I had friends. I slipped my hands up behind Sonny's shoulders and caressed the backs of them. Sonny nuzzled the side of my neck, and I felt a little rush of affection for Sonny, and for Corey... a rush of happy exhilaration. And I had my first tinge of a more adult feeling... something male... a more visceral, possessive feeling for them, as a male has for his lover or in this case, lovers.

I took one of my hands from the back of Sonny’s shoulders and put it up on the back of Corey’s so that I hand a hand on the back of each of them. "I love you guys," I whispered, and I really meant it. I wanted to say it. It was like I had to say it.

"Me, too," Corey whispered.

Sonny pressed his mouth to my neck and sucked, driving harder with his hips. His hands squeezed my shoulders, and he moaned softly. He brushed my cheek with his, and kissed my cheek. Then he pressed the side of his face to mine. Sonny's body was telling me something; maybe something he wasn't ready to say out loud. This wasn't just boy play. We might only be eleven, but we were making love. Sweet love, boy love; but love.

I ran my fingers into the back of Sonny's soft hair, and returned the press of his cheek to my own as his dick poked pleasant places inside me and his belly rubbed on my upturned erection. Whether he was gay or not, he liked this as much as I did, and it was OK to make love back to him. I did, moving my hips with his.

And then he did say it; so softly beside my ear that I wasn't even sure I'd heard it. "I love you, too, Petey," he whispered.


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