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The Boys of August


Two sleek figures raced down the service corridor of the Grand Arms hotel. A threesome of freshly angered security guards, guns drawn, burst through the double doors behind them as the figures desperately knocked over laundry carts and luggage trolleys in an attempt to gain some time. The bulky guards spit obscenities into the stale hallway air as they crashed through the obstacles, not losing much ground.

“Ghost!....Ghoooossssst!!!!” one of the figures screamed into a walkie talkie, “dude he's gone! Fuck!

“We are sooo totally screwed man!” the other figure panted a laugh as they both rounded another corner, smashing through a stockpile of linens.

“That's the secure elevator man!” they neared the end of the corridor.

“If he didn't get to the control room and reset the codes we're royally cooked!” more panting.

“C'min Ghost!” he tried the radio again, “seriously dude! Quit fuckin' around!”

“He's sooo dead, man!” the other laughed again.


“Didya miss me fellas?” a voice giggled on the other end.

“Ghost!” they reached the large steel elevator door, “you little fucker! We are so screwed dude! Get this thing open.”

“I seeeee youuuuuu!” the small voiced chuckled as a security camera zeroed in on the two out of breath figures.

I'm gonna fuckin' kiiiillll youuuuuu!” the laughing one flipped off the white metal box panning left to right above them.

“Ohhh....allright...” the large door lurched open and the two figures fell inside, the shouting guards closing in on them fast.

STOP! FREEZE!” they yelled.

“Sorry boys,” a sly laugh from inside the elevator, “not this time!” he reached over and jammed the close door button.


“Hit it again!” and once again the button was jammed, the guards now right on top of them.

“Hehehehehehehee!” the voice on the radio giggled again.

GHOST!!!!!!!!” the door slid shut just in time, the figures jumping back as the sound of the guards colliding with the metal door reverberated in the small space.

“Gotcha playa's” the voice quipped.

“Nice one Ghost!” they answered back together.

“You two were lucky,” yawned the radio voice, “You gave me the wrong pass card to get in the control room Trick, that retarded front desk clerk you let blow you wasn't cleared for this level.”

“Oops,” Trick gave an embarrassed grin, “well at least he could suck a mean dick!”

“How'd you get in then Ghost?” the other passenger asked.

“The Brother's whipped up a nice display in the lobby with some fire extinguishers....the room cleared to deal with it.” Ghost answered.

“Sweet...” they agreed.

“I put in the code sequence you gave me Switch,” Ghost continued, “the elevator is jammed all the way up to the roof. The Brother's should already be up there. I'm on my way...once I take a leak.”

“Ghost!” Switch shouted, “piss some other time! We are running late!”

Fine....” he sighed, “I'm out....see you on the outside boyo's”

The elevator came to a stop on the roof top. The boys inside prepared themselves for the worst as they counted down to opening the steel door. 1....2.....fuck it! The door slid open and revealed two young boys in overalls grinning on the otherside....each covered in foam.

“S'bout time you lame asses!” cut the brother on the right.

“Fuckin' amateurs!” added the one on the left.

“Yeah Yeah....what the fuck ever, “ Trick stuck his tongue out at the boys as he exited the elevator, Switch right behind.

“Are we set?” Switch looked to the ledge at the northern extreme of the roof.

“Of course we're set,” the brothers answered in unison.

“Alright's 2am on the dot,” Trick looked at his watch, “let's do it.”

The boys double timed it to the northern ledge and stood upon it, each taking a quick glance over the edge. Each boy checked their feet, then over the edge, then back to their feet as they all lined up together.

“Ok boy's,” Brother number 1 called out, “just like we practiced, pop 'em on the first tug of the up swing.”

“Fuckin' A man!” Brother number 2 cheered.

“On the count of three boys,” Trick called out, “1....2....”

FREEZE!!!!!” the stairwell door flew open and four armed guards flooded out onto the roof top.

“Nice...” none of the boys even flinched.

“ALRIGHT THEN! YOU FOUR JUST COME DOWN OFF THAT LEDGE AND NOBODY'LL GET HURT,” a portly, and obviously out of breath guard barked.

“Give 'em another few steps boys,” Brother number 2 whispered, the group steady on the ledge.

“Just take it easy boys....Christ..they're just kids...” another guard offered assistance to the panting fat one.

“Oh now that's just insulting...” Trick grimaced, “Gentlemen! Cocks out!”

Each boy lowered their hands to their zippers and with a series of quick gestures...released their soft pricks.

“What the fuck is wrong with you boys!?” the portly guard bellowed.

“Well...” Switch addressed the guards, “it's been real guys...but we gotta FLY!”

“NOOOOOO!” the guards rushed in.

The boys all did back dives over the edge of the hotel and plummeted towards the ground. The guards never noticed the four black lines until they had whipped passed them and pulled their legs out from under them. The boys sped towards the earth, Trick and Switch in the lead. Four trios of sounds could be heard in the still early morning air:




Each boy had waited until the bungee cords had pulled taught and were about to send them hurtling back into the air before they popped the release locks on their ankle holds and fell gracefully to the swimming pool below. Faint yells could be heard coming from the rooftop as the boys swam to the edge and ran off around the side of the hotel and into the parking lot. Whipping through the maze of parked cars, the boys launched out onto the sidewalk of 56th Avenue and bounded down along the busy street towards the small boy waiting at the corner.

The group mounted bicycles, hidden in the bushes along the western wall of the hotel, and peddled off into the darkness.

“We have a breaking story coming in live from Grand Arms Hotel....Tuck Randall is standing by with an exclusive Channel 6 report...Tuck?”

“Thanks Haley. I'm standing in front of the Grand Arms Hotel in the Historic District where what --was ---supposed to be a conference on Family Values has taken a bizarre turn. Hundreds of conference participants had gathered, expecting to spend the morning hearing from keynote speaker Rev. Samuel Fullerton, President of Faith and Families First!, a conservative Christain organization based out of Texas. However, conference -goers were shocked when at about a third of the way through his speech, a video depicting a small boy engaging in sexual activity with an older man, whom both officials and conference attendees have stated appears to be Rev. Fullerton, began to show on the giant screens overhead.”

“I'm sorry Tuck.....did you say Rev. Fullerton...and....and...a small boy!?”

“That's right Haley...we've spoken to several eyewitnesses who have confirmed what they saw...”

Cut to a prerecorded video feed-

“It was awful....the whole room just went silent...”

“Yeah I saw was definitely him up there with that little boy”

“How could this be? I mean surely not Rev. Fullerton!”

“It just kept playing over and over again....I had to cover my children's eyes...this is so horrifying!”

Cut back to live feed-

“Now Haley...we've learned that Rev. Fullerton has been taken in for questioning by authorities...but they are not saying that he has been charged with anything.”

“How are representatives from the Faith and Families First organization dealing with this bizarre turn of events...”

“Well Haley...Given the Reverand's controversial and outspoken history concerning Gay's and Lesbian's as well as his recent attacks on the media and mainstream being the devil's work and a clear and present threat to our nations quote his latest press release...they are obviously keeping very quiet and quickly working on damage control.”

“Hey mister!...Mister!....yeah we saw it....yeah we saw it all”

“What's your name young man?”

“I'm Bobby and this is my brother Jake....yeah we was in the lobby and all...see we wasn't at that conference thing...we're just here on vacation...anyway..we heard all the yellin' and shit...oops sorry I didn't mean to say that (giggle).”

“Did you see what was on the screen?”

“Heck yeah we was that guy who was speakin' and this kid who looked like he was like...I dunno 9 or 10 maybe...anyway...they was all like kissin' and huggin' an stuff...then the movie skips a second and the kid's givin' the old guy a blowjob!...Ooops I shouldn' said that neither...”

“Well...young man...that certainly sounds like it was upseting...”

“I dunno...I kinda thought it was funny...I mean damn...that kid's pecker was huge!”

Laughter erupted in the small basement as five boys fell about the room, doubled over in fits of hysteria.

“Great!...just great!” the boy called Switch frumped, “a month's worth of planning to pull off one of the sweetest jobs ever...and all we get is some chubby redneck git talkin' 'bout your fuckin' cock!”

“ have to is a pretty nice piece of meat...” the small boy known as Ghost flashed a sly grin as he reached into his shorts and pulled out his plump 5” cut cock, letting it bounce atop his large balls as he shook his little hips.”

“That's right Ghosty,” the Brother's cheered on, “work that thing!”

Collin Spiers, known as Ghost, a 4'5” nine year old with brown hair and brilliant green eyes, stroked his now hardened 5 inches of cut boymeat as he danced in front of the twins sitting on the couch. Joshua and Jimmy Cain, known simply as the Brother's Cain, were a rugged pair of 11yr old fraternal twins. At just about 4'9” a piece, Joshua-auburn with brown eyes, and Jimmy, brown with blue eyes, were the epitome of redneck country stock. Austin Donelly, known as Switch, a brown and brown 13yr old coming in at 5'2” chuckled as he turned back to Shawn Gaynes, a 5' even 13yr old brunette with bleach frosted tips and blue eyes.

Joshua and Jimmy had released their own uncut pricks, and worked them into a full 4” a piece. Austin and Shawn just smiled as they knew what was coming next.

“Well just don't stand there and tease us big boy...bring that shit o'er here and let's deal...shit...I'm still pumped from this morning.” Jimmy proclaimed.

The two older boys watched as Collin swaggered his way over to the couch in front of the brothers. He dropped his shorts completely and stood before them completely naked. Joshua leaned forward and sucked the frosty nine year old's over sized prick into his wet mouth. Jimmy tugged away at his own cock as he watched his twin take the younger boy all the way down his throat. Collin was soon moaning deeply as Joshua's skilled tongue massaged the underbelly of his stiff prick. Soon enough, Jimmy grew tired of just watching and took over for his brother. Joshua sat back and then lowered himself onto Jimmy's straining tool. Jimmy's 4inches pulsed inside of his brother's warm mouth as the three boys rocked in a moaning display of preteen sex play.

“Sheesh,” Austin sighed, “they never quit do they?”

“Aw please Switch,” Shawn gave a look that said c'mon, “like you're not just a little hot over the rush! We got 'em man...we nailed that self righteous bastard!”

“ maybe I am just a little worked up,” Austin took a swig from the bottle of beer that the two teens were sharing, “twas a pretty righteous plan mate ( in a lame British accent)!”

“Yep...” Shawn smiled as he now took a tug on the bottle, “bye bye Reverend Dick Breath!”

“Ya know...they're gonna figure it out soon enough,” Austin swallowed again, “they'll find the CD and know it was a fake.”

“Yeah,” Shawn smiled devilishly, “but not before his political weight takes a serious beating. And besides, he wasn't the point anyway...”

“True...true,” Austin agreed as he killed the bottle, “but Alderman Daniels is gonna give him a lot of distance right now....and that'll stop the plans to shut down the Youth Center.”

“Sweet...” the boys made a wave motion with their right hands....a signal of victory for the group.

The two friends turned their attention back to the sex show unfolding on the couch across the room. Collin was now taking turns ramming his hard tool up two very randy twin chutes. Joshua winced a little at first, but soon his tight ring gave way to the invading cock. Collin slipped eagerly in and out of the steaming boyhole as he gripped the older boy's sturdy hips. Jimmy knelt down next to his brother and Collin needed no further convincing of his readiness as he pulled out of Joshua and sank himself into the next twin's tunnel. Jimmy and Joshua were both very loud fucks and Jimmy made this feasting no exception. He grunted and moaned loudly as his head thrashed about with every deep thrust from Collin's hot boycock. Joshua gave a look of hungry impatience which Collin read and quickly shifted his fucking back to the first twin.

He went back and forth for awhile, lunging deeper and deeper into the hungry holes before shaking violently, screaming out, and then collapsing on top of Jimmy. Collin fell onto the couch and continued to stroke his tired meat, his eyes rolled back into his head, while the brother's worked into a sweet 69 next to him. The Brother's Cain, were ideal specimens of the all American boy. Both had cute bubble butts, smooth hairless bodies, and tight tummies. The three other boys loved to watch the brothers go at it. They were hungry and animal like as they devoured each other's cocklettes. Austin and Shawn cheered them on as they feasted on each other. Collin was still lost in his bliss. Collin was known for having very intense, although still dry, it was not at all odd to see Collin still reeling long after everyone else had finished. The Brother's buried each other's meat in their hot mouths as they lapped up each other's sex. Each boy jammed a slick finger up the other's wet holes, still stretched from Collin's work.

Whaddaya say Switch?” Shawn tugged at his cock through the tight fabric of his jean shorts, “you as hard as me?”

“Harder,” Austin gave a answering tug at his own rigid pole, “think they're ready for a couple more?”

“I'm sure they can fit us in...” both boys laughed as they rose from their chairs and walked over to the couch.

Without saying a word, both teens dropped their shorts and grabbed their cocks. Austin pulled Jimmy off of his brother and Shawn reached down and picked up Joshua. With both twins standing next to them, Austin and Shawn took their place sitting down on the couch. They eyed the two young fireballs for a moment, drinking in their preteen sexuality. Shawn grabbed the tube of KY from the end table next to him and then each boy bathed their respective cock in the shiny jelly. The brother's needed no further direction as they climbed on top of the two older boys and lined their respective cocks up with their willing holes. Jimmy sat down on Austin's slender cut six inches while Joshua impaled himself on Shawn's uncut five.

The foursome worked themselves into a hot little fuck fest as Collin remained lost on the couch next to them, now fast asleep. Twin ringmeat's slid over greased up teenpoles, gripping them tightly as they worked up and down. Jimmy and Joshua moaned and grunted...well mostly grunted, as they had their asses stretched. Twin pricklettes jerked and spasmed under the stroking of the teen hands working on them. Soon both brother's were shaking in their dry orgasms as the ample cocks continued to massage their tunnels and prostates.

Austin and Shawn were both well known for their stamina and would see the brothers to two more violent orgasms before they shot their own loads of fresh boycream deep into the twin's young bowels. Jimmy and Joshua fell into Austin and Shawn and the foursome just lay there, exhausted. The events of the previous night and the early morning had caught up to them...and the boys all soon joined Collin in deep sleep, teen cocks still buried in young twin holes.

The boys had all met the previous year at the District 9 Youth Center. There had been no real need or reason for their connection at first, but the boys soon realized that they all shared a common bond, and common secret. This was established when the group met up again at the Johnson Correctional Facility upstate.

Austin Donelly was born to Arthur and Sylvia Donelly, prominent socialites and senior partners at Findler and Hewitt, a financial firm serving some of the wealthiest traders in the world. Austin had always grown up in the lap of luxury. He now lived with his maternal grandmother. Two years previous, his parents were both given 5yrs a piece for securities fraud. It seems that Arthur and Sylvia were making a small fortune off of S&L's. Austin was known as Switch, a hacker elite who possessed the gift of being able to work his way into anything electronic. He was also a talented locksmith.

Shawn Gaynes, known as Trick, was the only child of Michael and Janisse Gaynes. Janisse, a former French model had thrust her son before the lights and cameras of the fashion industry since he was in diapers. A trained actor, Shawn was known for his gift of manipulating people into getting him next to whatever he wanted. From his father Michael, an infamous criminal defense attorney, Shawn had learned the art of staying perfectly centered during times of intense pressure. Michael Gaynes was now serving 10yrs in prison for his dealings with the Sangiovanni crime family.

Joshua and James “Jimmy” Cain had grown up all over the country, victims of their Vietnam War veteran father Malcolm Cain's paranoid obsession with the Government. They had relocated to the area just one month before their father's arrest on weapons charges. In their short 11yrs, the Brother's Cain had been highly trained on how to survive in the real world. Both skilled mechanics, the brothers knew their way around machinery intimately. But most importantly, their father had schooled them in his passion for weaponry. Simply put, they were his little soldiers. Since their father's arrest, the boys had spent quality time in several different foster homes.

Collin Spiers rounded out the gang. The nine year old son of a stripper and porn star, Ghost had spent most all of life being invisible. He had traveled around with his mother Mercedes, his father had never been part of his young life---except for the one gift that he had given his son. His father had passed down his rather large endowment. Collin happily sported a full 5 inches of cut cock when erect., and on his small 4'5” body, it stood out quite nicely. Ghost had been dragged from bar to bar as his mother worked, learning how to not be seen. She had had a string of nefarious boyfriends and the two would shack up with whomever she could find to house them. Collin had learned how to pick locks, steal without being seen, and cover his tracks from some of the nastiest felons around. He was also known for his extreme athletic prowess. Spending so much time in the company of exotic dancers, Ghost had learned gymnastics and how to be very flexible with his toned body. He know lived with his drunk Aunt after his mother was arrested on possession and intent to sell charges. This was her third strike, so she would be serving 5 to 7 yrs.

The boys had come together after seeing each other during visitation at the prison where their parents were kept. After two run ins, Austin made the first move and brought them all together. It was an instant fit. The boys began spending every chance they could together. During the summer months, they were all able to hang out at the District 9 Youth Center. Soon their love for extremes and their unresolved need to act out the painful truths about their now off course childhoods gave way to an unending spree of limit testing and dare devil antics.

Simply pranks and stunts quickly gave way to risky middle of the night break ins and raids on whoever had pissed them off that week. Each boy had his own job as the crew plotted and carried out their own little war against the hypocrites and the establishment.

Sex was just another way of breaking the established rules. They had sat through a health class at the Youth Center that was presented by a representative of the local Gay and Lesbian Coalition. Afterwords, Alderman Daniels-a well known religious fundamentalist associated with the Faith and Families First! Movement threatened to close the Youth Center because he claimed that they were knowingly allowing the homosexuals to corrupt the minds of the city's impressionable children. Alderman Daniels released a press statement in which he condemned the Center as being a nuisance to the City after its management stated that they supported the Gay and Lesbian Coalition. He went on to say that he was bringing the Center's charter up for debate as he planned on shutting it down by not renewing their grant funding.

The quickest way to get these boys to try anything was, simply put, to tell them that they either shouldn't or couldn't do something. So after the Alderman gave down so hard on the gays, they decided to see what the big deal was. It didn't take long before the boys had fully explored all aspects of gay sex. The Brother's quickly learned that they were very content bottoms, enjoying being deep fucked by the older boys, and especially by Collin's huge member. Austin and Shawn had gotten very accustomed to filling each other's mouths with their own hot juices. They were not lovers by any stretch of the imagination. These were not a group of hopelessly romantic boys that cried at the drop of hat, professing their undying love for each other. Quite the contrary, these were boys who were adrenaline junkies—committed to pushing the envelope. Simply stated, they found no better way to cap of an evening of wild risk and dangerous antics then by collapsing in orgasm.

“So I then?” Austin asked as he and Shawn darted in and out of the foot traffic on 49th.

“Sure...sounds like a plan,” Shawn eyed a hole in the crowd and pulled Austin with him.

“How ''s good,” Austin pointed out a run down looking pizzeria on the corner of 49th and Worthington.

The two teens fired through a batch of fries and a couple slices each of deep dish as they watched the crowd mill by. Shawn was always giving people the once over, constantly sizing them up for his next move. Austin grinned as he caught his friend inspecting the crowd.

Always on the clock Trick...?” Austin slurped on his soda.

“Just lookin' at my options is all,” he quipped back.

“Hmm...and what do you th---” Austin stopped can grabbed at the vibrating pager on his belt, “I'm blowin''s the Brother's. Somethin' must be wrong...they're callin' us to the park”

The teens maneuvered through more crowds as they made their way down to the subway and onto the #3 for the park.

To be continued.....

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