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The Boys of August

Chapter II

Austin and Shawn held tightly to the safety pole as the subway train plowed through the bowels of the city. The train whipped through the dark tunnel and careened towards the light of the upcoming stop. Shawn continued his studying of the people and surroundings as the passengers went about their own business on the subway. Shawn made eye contact with a young girl sitting anxiously next to her mother. He smiled and the girl shied away. But as with most people, she couldn't keep her eyes off of the stunning young teen for long. He flashed another bright smile at her and she let loose a tiny corner grin of her own. He made a couple funny expressions and soon the little girl was having to hold a hand in front of her small mouth to keep from laughing out loud.

Shawn glanced back towards Austin and the pair shared a devilish smile. Austin just shook his head as he conceded that Shawn had once again showed his prowess for getting people to bend to his will. The subway train came to a stop and the boys joined the other passengers as they corralled through the open doors. The teens quickly sifted through the masses as they climbed the stairs to the busy street above.

A couple streets over, the boys made their way down a narrow sidewalk and into the lush grounds of the park. They quickly traversed the normal picnic area and soon were heading down a concealed path into the thick woods. Through brush and hanging branches, the teens cut down the path in silence. Every now and then they would pause as each one swore they heard noises of people following them; but upon their investigation, no one was ever there. The thick trees gave way to a small clearing and the boys made out the figures of Jimmy and Joshua Cain.

Evenin' boys,” Austin greeted them as the sun overhead began to fade.

S'up Switch,” Jimmy nodded.

“Well...” Shawn lit a cigarette, “what's the 911 for gent's”

“The shit's hittin' the fan at home,” Joshua spoke up.

Whatta ya mean?” Austin bummed a smoke off of Shawn and sparked it, “I thought that this foster mom was cool?”

“She is,” Jimmy spit on the ground as he wiped some sweat from his brow, “it's not's that asshole she works for.”

“Yeah,” Joshua added, “he's gonna fire her tomorrow.”

“For what?” Shawn took another drag and blew a thick line of smoke through his nose.

“Basically because she busted him stealing from the company,” Jimmy continued, “she found some emails and other files that prove that he's been makin' deals on the side with a couple of their competitors. Anyway...she confronted him about it 'cause I guess she didn't put it all together first. So he says that there's no way she's gonna take him down and that she'll be out tomorrow 'cause he's gonna make it look like she's been lying about her work and stuff...or somethin' like that. Anyway, she said that he deleted all of the proof and that she hadn't saved anything so she's screwed.”

Fuckin' bastard!” Joshua looked even more upset, “so she loses her job and we're out the door 'cause she's gonna move back west with her sister.”

“Not if we can stop it!” Shawn flicked the dying butt of his cigarette through the air.

“We don't have a lot of time then, “ Austin added, “we've got to get in that office and recreate those files.”

“That's not gonna be easy!” Jimmy sighed, “that place is like a castle!”

Ms. Burns, the Brother's foster mother, worked for the corporate office of a distribution company. She worked as a Senior Sales Associate under the Vice President in charge of Sales. The company had been doing poorly since 9/11, but Ms. Burns always said that she thought that it was odd because their rival companies were doing well. As it turned out, Mr. Greeves, her boss, had been falsifying deals and then taking the stolen goods and selling them off to their competition at a cut price. Ms. Burns had detected the scam when she was cross checking overseas inventory and found some small inconsistencies among the logs. When she added them all together, the tiny inconsistencies added up to around 350K.

“Alright,” Shawn called out as he turned toward a tree , released his dick, and began to wash it down with his piss, “It's 7:30pm now, that gives us just under 12 hours to get this done...and that ain't much. We've gotta get in, buy Switch here enough time to hack their system to get those files, figure out what Greeves has got in mind to frame Ms. Burns, and then come up with a plan to bring him down.”

“Sweet...” the Brother's agreed.

“Just get me into the system and I'll make it happen...I know just the trick,” Austin smiled.

“We're gonna need Ghost on this one,” Shawn tucked his cock away and zipped up his jeans.

“Has anyone seen 'em?” Austin asked.

“We paged him too,” Jimmy answered, “but I dunno where's his ass is at”

“My ass is right on the other side of my big ol' dick biatch!” the boys all shot their eyes upwards as Collin sat giggling on a tree branch.

“You been there the whole time haven'tcha?” Joshua smirked.

“Of course...” Collin replied and then jumped down to the ground.

“That's so fuckin' creepy how he does that!” Jimmy exclaimed as he shook his head. The boys all headed out of the woods and back into the city.

Four hours later, the boys huddled around a trash can across the street from the MacArthur Chandliss Building, home of Ms. Burns company, Sentco Distribution. The building was a 10 story testament to 1980's architecture. Sentco's offices took up the entire 9th floor. The 10th floor was home to Club Blue, a trendy gay nightspot with an outdoor deck.

“That's the service entrance there,” Jimmy pointed to a low lit door down the side alley, “according to Ms. Burns it doubles as the VIP entrance to Club Blue at night.”

Ok,” Austin directed, “here's the plan. This building uses McKnight Security, which we all know means a 2 on 15min check system. That's the blue car they use over there which means that this building doesn't use system wide surviellance--”

“Otherwise the yellow vans would be here.” Collin added.

“Right,” Austin acknowledged, “blue means walkers. So Ghost, it's your gig to get in and track 'em. Trick, you and me are going up the service elevator. We'll use the vent system to get to his office.”

“We workin' the light show Switch?” Jimmy asked rhetorically.

“Right,” he nodded, “once Ghost gives us the count and the local on the guards, Trick and I will get into position over the office. When I give you the go ahead, you two cut the power to the building. Hold for ten and then turn it back on. We'll have 5 minutes to remote patch into the servers before the guards start their sweep again... provided they follow McKnight protocol”

“5 minutes ain't much,” Shawn lit a cigarette and took a drag.

“It'll be enough,” Austin said assuredly, “check it out...”

Austin produced five wireless earbud/boom mics. A recent online acquisition that he had hoped would come in prior to the Grand Arms job, but hadn't. The boys all cheered as they were tired of lugging around the cumbersome walkie talkies. Besides...these looked soooo much cooler.

“Alright,” Switch gave a test of the wireless units as they spread out in the alleyway. Each boy took a drag of of Trick's cigarette before he launched it into the blackness of the alleyway.

“That's it...” Switch secured his backpack to his body, “we're on.”

The boys raced across the street and down the side alley of the MacArthur Chandliss Building. They ducked behind a dumpster as they surveyed the attendant at the door to the VIP elevator. Early 50's maybe, heavy build, white hair. Perfect. Austin gave the signal and Ghost shot up the side of the dumpster and sprang into the air grasping the end of the fire escape, then flipping himself up onto the grating. The boys all shook there heads in amazement as Ghost sprung up the fire escape to the 5th floor deck. He was truly a gifted athlete.

Austin gave another signal and the Brother's Cain disappeared down the alley, carefully passing the elderly attendant at the elevator, and rounded the corner to the back of the building and the electrical area. Trick and Switch nodded to each other and then Trick began to stroll down the alleyway. Switch watched with a sly grin on his face as his friend sauntered nearer to the older man.

“Entrance is around the front Twinkie,” the old man pointed.

“But I'm a very....important....person,” Trick worked his magic as he teasingly played with his cock through the tight denim of his black jeans.

“Nice try jailbait,” the man chuckled, “but I think not.”

“Oh I think so...” Trick reached out and grabbed the man's soft prick.

“Don't mess with me little boy,” the old man began to sweat, trying not to expose his obvious arousal.

“Oh there won't be a mess sir,” Trick dropped to his knees and took down the man's zipper, freeing his swelling member, “I'll make sure to swallow every last drop.

The old man let out a feeble mutter of resistance as Trick took his hardening cock into his young, wet, mouth. Trick buried his face into the old man's hairy crotch as he shoved the old cock deep into his throat. The man grabbed on tightly to Trick's shoulders as he fucked into his face. The old man moaned loudly as Trick worked his talented tongue around the tip of the swollen 7 inch rod. He looked up at the man, and seeing that he was lost in delight, he gave Switch the signal to enter the elevator. The old man's eyes began to open again and Trick immediately went back to work on his throbbing cock. He groaned in anguished pleasure as the teen tugged on his meaty ball sac. Switch made it onto the elevator and hid behind the door.

“Ahhhh shhhiiitt,” the old man moaned, “you're gonna drink all I give you, you sweet little cocksucker!”

“That's right baby!” Trick grunted as he pulled off the pulsating prick, “I'm gonna swallow all your hot cum!”

With that he buried the well-aged cock in his throat again and began to pump it wildly. The old man shook violently and then lurched forward as he shot several thick streams of manjuice down Trick's hungry throat.

“Ungh...Ungh...” the old man stumbled backward, his softening cock slipping out of Tricks sloppy mouth.

Trick wiped the spit off of his face as he got back up to his feet.

“Oh're a good little cocksucker,” the old man zipped his fly and took Tricks face into his hands, “have a good time tonight little one.”

“Maybe I'll see you later man,” Trick smiled as he stepped into the elevator, winking at Switch as he turned back towards the old man.

“Mmmm,” he smiled back, “that would be nice.”

The elevator door closed and the teens headed up to the 9th floor.

“You are such a whore,” Switch chuckled as he adjusted his backpack.

“I know....” he smirked his reply.

The young boy known as Ghost bounded up the fire escape until he reached the 10th floor. The music booming from Club Blue vibrated the emergency exit door and the boy knew he would be able to get inside without drawing any significant attention. A quick pop of the handle lock, using the tool Switch had given him, and he was inside the stairwell. Ghost took the stairs to the 9th floor and eyed the magnetic door alarm register. Damn...I hate bein' this fuckin' short he thought as he prepared the interrupting coupler that would disrupt the signal and allow him to open the stairwell door. He held the coupler with his teeth as he took four steps back and lined himself with the stairs. Two steps, a jump onto the handrail, then a jump to the door and he landed perfectly with one foot on the door handle and both hands working as braces on the door and the side wall. He gritted his teeth as he balanced on the doorknob. Careful...don't break the fuckin' thing! He balanced himself again using only his left hand on the door and his left foot on the knob, his right in the air. With hid right hand he popped the coupler open and then slid the thinner half under the two white wires. He drew in a quick breath, closed his eyes...and then clamped the coupler down hard. The coupler closed with a heavy snap as the sharp copper teeth cut through the wires and closed around them. A tiny green light began blinking on the bottom of the coupler alerting Ghost that the signal had been successfully interrupted and was now free from the door. Ghost let out a deep sigh and a grin crept onto his face. Ghost sprung back from the door and landed quietly on the floor below. Another quick pop and he was inside the 9th floor offices of Sentco Distribution.

The boy called Ghost slithered along the hallways and through the maze of office cubicles as he watched the pair of McKnight Security guards walk their respective beats. He grinned as he slipped past them several times, darting in and out of cubicles and offices.

Ok boyos,” he whispered into the earbud mic, “we got two walkers doing a standard odds and evens cross pattern. No problems...we're good for this...too fuckin' easy

Copy that Ghost” Switch answered back, “we're almost in we doin' for the light show boys?

You know it boss,” Jimmy answered, the Brother's stood ready in the electrical room having identified the right switches to throw.

Copy that,” Switch replied, “wait for my signal for go

Switch and rick had taken the VIP elevator to the 10th floor and waited for the doors to close again before they started back down. Trick stopped the elevator just between the 9th and 10th floors allowing Switch to climb up through the escape hatch and attach the bungee cord to the iron rungs of the maintenance ladder. Trick took hold of the cord and released the elevator. The metal transporter lurched and then headed downwards as Trick leapt up and was pulled through the hatch by the bungee. Once free of the elevator, he dangled for a moment, and then swung over to the maintenance ladder.

“Well done...” Switch smiled, “well done indeed!”

Ungh...” Trick climbed up to meet his friend, “too fuckin' easy”

The pair gained access to the vent shaft and made their way through the duct system to the vent above the server room. Once there they identified the two racks they needed.

Ok boys,” Switch alerted the team, “we're in place.”

“Copy,” Ghost responded, “I'm in position.”

“We're set here,” Joshua added.'s the gig,” Switch began, “when I give the go, cut the power...only for 5 seconds...any longer and it won't look like a regular power clip. Once the power's back up the guards should follow protocol and regroup by the lobby to check in with control and the power grid. The UPS will have caused the servers to poll and we'll be able to patch in without triggering the system security.”

“Copy that,”

“Yeah, copy that,”

“Alright boys....GO!”

The Brother's pulled the switches and the power to the building cut off. Switch and Trick dropped through the vent and landed quietly on the server room floor. Ghost went to work in the conference room as the teens took their positions at the two racks. The power shot back on, right on schedule and the boys could all hear the guards bitching into walkie talkies as they made their way to the front lobby of the 9th floor. The boys listened as the guards complained into their walkie talkies to the McKnight central office as they verified that the power outage was prolly caused by a tripped circuit in the club upstairs. The boys used this time to patch into the server banks.

Ghost worked under the main conference room table. In a matter of moments he had attached a wireless audio monitor to the table and was back out of the room. Switch and Trick finished their work and were back up into the duct system before the guards made their sweep passed the server room. Ghost slithered back down the hallway and waited 'till the guards passed out of sight before he exited back into the stairwell.

Switch and Trick slinked along the metal duct housing, making their way to the elevator shaft. Once back into the shaft the boys started down the maintenance ladder to the ground floor. They jumped down onto the floor and Switch went to work on the access door. He struggled with the lock for a minute.

“FUCK!” he angered, “the doors got a keypad lock on the other side!”

“Sweet...” Trick laughed.

“Ghost?” Switch called out over the wireless, “where you at dude?”

“Almost to the second floor,” he panted, “had to hold still for awhile when a fuckin' guard popped out of the 4th”

“We're a little jammed down here,” Switch continued, “can you get to the service door for the VIP elevator?”

“I'm on my way...”

“Oh FUCK ME!” Trick spat as the elevator lurched from its sleep on the 10th floor and began its descent to the bottom.

“Ghost!” Switch called out, “put a move on man...we're gonna have some pretty heavy company in a sec!”


“Ghost!?” .... the elevator was right on top of them.


The power to the building cut off again and the elevator croaked to a stop inches from the teen's heads. They heard two load thumps and then the services door sprung open. Jimmy stood on the other side and pulled the two startled teens out of the dark shaft.

“Ok Josh...” Jimmy called to is brother through the earbud mic, “hit the lights!”

The power returned and the elevator resumed its landing at the base of the shaft. The boys were soon met by a panting Joshua as he rounded the corner and skidded to a stop. The foursome secured the access door as best they could, the keypad busted open. They headed down the alleyway.

“Where you at Ghost?” Jimmy called to the young boy, still not visible to his friends.


“Ghost!?” Switch tried again.

“LOOK!” Joshua pointed up to a small figure running along the edge of the roof.

“Oh fuck!” Trick stared up, wide eyed.

Ghost reached the end of the roof and did a swan dive off the edge. The sounds of the city seemed to silence themselves as he sailed off the roof. He tucked in and quickly flipped, the bungee cord attached to his leg dangling in the night air. He pulled upwards and took hold of the slack cord, popped the lock and swung down to the alleyway below. He slid across the pavement and came to a stop at Switches feet. He gave a quick and arrogant grin as he reached up, pulled the cord taught, and released it, sending it soaring back onto the roof above.

“Fuckin' Spiderman wannabe!” Jimmy rolled in laughter.

“Eat me douche bag,” Ghost smirked, “the guards flooded the stairwell and I had to improvise.”

“Later baby” Joshua flashed a devilish grin.

The boys disappeared down the alleyway and into the night.

“This place's network is for shit dude,” Austin chuckled as his bit into a candy bar.

Whatdya got?” Collin leaned over the teen as he sat in front of his laptop.

“Everything,” Austin took a drag from a freshly lit cigarette, “I'm patched into the mail server and I'm running a polling program to search through all of the deleted emails. It looks like the bastard doesn't know much about 'puters. He deleted the emails from his active directory, but the server's still got 'em all logged and waiting for the system administrator to do a dump. I'm gonna sequence 'em and then recreate the whole deal in a powerpoint.

“Sweet man....” Collin waived the smoke from in front of his face as he watched the teen fly on the keyboard, “what about the audio?”

“We're sweet on that too,” he answered, “the reception's 2.4 GHZ so we should be able to hear every word from the cafe in the main lobby.”

“Cool...” Collin loved to watch Austin work. He himself was completely illiterate when it came to electronics, so he was always amazed by the simplest thing, “you're the shit on this man!”

“Thanks man,” Austin reached back and tussled Collin's hair, “that was a sweet fuckin' move of the roof bud!”

“Aw that wasn't nuthin'...although I thought for a sec there that I was gonna slam right into you!”

Butcha didn't,” Austin brought the young boy over and sat him on his lap to watch the action on the screen better, “you always seem to land on your feet.”

“So where are the others?” Austin sat back in the chair as the email program populated, Collin still leaning forward.

“The Brother's went home and Trick said he had some shit to do, so he split.” Collin leaned back and laid against Austin's chest.

“So it's just you 'n me on this tonight then?” Austin crushed out the cigarette and put his arm around the boy, pulling him closer to his teen body.

“Looks that way,” Collin sighed as he held his hand on top of Austin's.

“Well...” Austin gave the boy's tummy a nice squeeze, “this programs gonna take's gotta poll from all of the company servers around the country.”

“Oh...” Collin purred under the teen's touch.

“So we could...I a movie or somethin', maybe play some Vice City..whatever you want to do is fine,” Austin never let up his rubbing of the young boys stomach.

“Yeah...that would be cool I guess,” Collin got up on Austin's lap and turned to look him in the eyes, a sly grin crept across his angelic little face, “or we could just go to your room and fuck all night?”

Austin gave a deep smile, both boy's knew what they were gonna wind up doing anyway...but it was always fun to tease around the subject. Collin leaned in and the boy's lips met in a soft embrace. Out of the group, it was Austin and Collin who could always be counted on to prefer a more gentler form of sex play. Not that what they were engaging in was necessarily romantic or anything...far from it. But the pair just always seemed to like to find each other they could take their time. With the Brother's, it was all about intensity through raw sexual aggression, and with was well...more one sided would be the best way to describe it.

The pair left the basement and made their way through the large house that Austin called home. Since his parent's incarceration, Austin had remained in his own home under the supervision of his grandmother. She was a kind women whom Austin loved very much, but she tired early and resigned herself to her quarters in the back of the first floor after 8pm. Austin had always been a very responsible youth so his grandmother felt no reserve in allowing him to manage his own affairs, coming to her for aid of course if the situation called for it. The boys rounded the corner of the third floor which was reserved entirely for the Donelly's only child. Once in the teen's bedroom, the pair lost their clothing and headed for the king sized bed. Austin stopped him and motioned for him to go back towards the door. Collin knew exactly what Austin wanted and happily obliged. He walked the 20 or so feet back to the doorway, turned around and waited for Austin to call him. The teen climbed into bed and took up in the middle, leaning against the oversize oak headboard. Collin looked up at the vaulted ceiling and then back down the room to Austin's bed. The teen patted the bed beside him and the bouncy 9yr old gave a slick grin. Collin took three running steps and then sprang into the air. Hand over hand he flipped over the hard wood floor until he finally shot into the air and did one last end over end and landed inverted on the foot board, his hands gripping tightly to the firm wood. Austin marveled as the young boy held his body perfectly straight, his cute soft penis laying upside down against his muscular stomach. Collin bent his elbows and lowered himself just slightly before springing up again and twisting. He landed again, this time his tight ass in Austin's eye line. He began to lower his legs, dropping them ever so slowly in perfect 90 degree angles to his body. He rested in a full split, his ass spread wide open. Austin got up and crawled across the bed. He knelt before Collin and stared down into the boy's slightly opened hole. He reached down and took hold of the boy's firm hips and lifted to his hungry lips. Collin's head rested on the bed as Austin began to lick and suck on his tender boyhole.

:Awwwfuuuucccckk dude,” Collin moaned, “you know I fuckin' love when you do that!”

“I know man,” Austin pierced the groaning 9yr old with his slick tongue and massaged his ring.

Austin continued to face fuck the little hole as Collin reached up and took hold of his now rigid 5 inches. He tugged slowly at it, carefully milking it and savoring the electric feelings washing over his young body. Austin pulled his tongue out of Collin's hole and spun him around. Collin wasted no time in shoving the teen's now aching meat into his mouth, burying his chin in the small patch of hairs at its base. Austin gave a long moan as Collin worked on his tool. He wrapped one arm around the boy to support him as he took the plump cock now staring him in the face, into his eager mouth. The two worked on each other's meat for what seemed like an eternity before Austin just collapsed backwards onto the bed bringing Collin down on top of him in a sweet 69.

After about another 10 minutes of deep throating, the boys released each other's spit slobbered poles and Collin came up to meet Austin for another long, wet tongue bath. Austin took hold of the boy's firm globes and spread them causing Collin's hot little pucker to open. Collin gave a sharp intake as he felt the cool air tickle the inner walls of his opening.

“Fuck me slow Switch...” Collin moaned as he felt the teen's cockhead at his back door.

“I will Ghost man....I will,” Austin guided his cock into Collin's hungry shoot, it's walls still slick from his tongue's work.

“Ahhhhh yeeeaaahhhh maaaannn,” Collin grunted as the whole of Austin's wood buried into his ass.

Austin like Trick was well known to the other's for his incredible stamina when fucking. He fucked into the young boy with long, methodical strokes for the better part of 20 minutes. Collin's ass lips were quivering around Austin's sturdy 6 inches as the two moved in a pulsing rhythm.

“Oh fuck... oh shit man...your getting' me so damn hot Switch!” Collin stuttered as the teen's cock massaged his tender walls.

“You getting' close little man?” Austin began to fuck a little faster.

“Ohhhh...fuuuckkkk....Swwwiiitttchh....I'm gonna cuuuuummm sooooon!” The young boy groaned as the teen picked up the pace even more.

Austin began to barrel into Collin's young hole. With each thrust he could feel Collin's ass muscles gripping his throbbing meat harder and harder. Collin's large pole was grinding between the two as Austin plowed into his tight ass ring.

“Uuunnngggghhhh....ahhhhh.hmmmmphhhh...” Collin began to whimper as his body lost itself in a violent spasm. His tunnel clamped down like a vice on Austin's teen cock as the young boy raged into a deep orgasm. The tightness on Austin's aching meat brought him right over the edge and soon he was firing globs of fresh cum into the little boy's ass. Austin's cum surrounded his pulsating member as it coated the insides of the young boy, now collapsed onto his chest. The two locked in a climatic embrace as their bodies reeled in pleasure. Collin bit lightly into Austin's chest as he rode the crashing waves of his dry cum.

“Ahhhh...hmmmm...Ohhhhh fuck Switch!” Collin tried to look up into the teen's eyes but was too drunk on his orgasm to make his head agree to move. Tears trickled out of his young eyes as his body gave into the intense overload of sexual feeling. Collin lost his hold on the physical world and passed out. Austin just continued to rub the sleeping boy's sweaty back as his cock softened. He reached up to his face and wiped the sweat from his brow. Collin never even stirred as Austin rolled him onto the bed next to him, his soft prick slipping out of the young boy's stretched asshole. Austin leaned up onto his side and watched the angelic 9yr old sleep. He ran his fingers through Collin's sweat slicked hair as he regained his own strength. We he was able to, Austin climbed out of the bed, dressed, and then returned to the basement to check on the status of the Sentco job.

To be continued.....

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