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The Boys of August

Chapter III

“Dude...” Shawn grumbled, “what the fuck ever happened to coffee flavored coffee!?”

Austin just smirked as he continued to work on his laptop. The Brother's were absent due to their case worker showing up to take them to a court hearing for their father. Collin watched Austin work as he picked over a cheese danish. Austin smiled at the young boy as he wiped the scattering of crumbs from the corner of his mouth.

“Ok,” Austin gained the other's attention, “we're in.”

Austin enlarged to windows on his laptop. The window on the left showed the powerpoint he had prepared detailing the true activities of Mr. Greeves, the other monitored network activity on the Sentco system. He plugged a wireless splitter into the laptop and handed each boy an ear bud. They listened as a few voices signaled the entrance of people into the conference room. Someone referred to Mr. Greeves and they followed the responding man's voice carefully. They also detected Ms. Burns nervous voice as she took her seat at the large table.

Ok folks,” an older man's voice grunted as he cleared his throat, “it's time we got to the bottom of our recession trend.”

“We've fallen another 15 points in the market share and our competitors seem to be doing nothing but gaining position. I want answers David! I wanna know what we need to do around here to get back into the game. Or I'll tell you this right now...we're all gonna be lookin' for a new job!”

“Of course Paul,” Greeves responded to his direct questioning, “it's clear that we suffered tremendous losses over the past year and a half, but I think that we've got to take a look at cutting some of the dead weight around here.”

“What are you talking about David?” the older man named Paul questioned.

Well Paul,” Greeves continued, “I've uncovered some pretty disturbing information and I think that you'll soon see that we've been taken from the inside.”

“What?” the man grew more intense, “are you saying that we've been hit from one of our own employees? How could this have have some proof of this claim I hope?”

“I do sir,” Greeves retorted arrogantly, the boys could hear Ms. Burns taking short breaths, “If you'll turn your attention to the screen Paul, I'll begin...”

Austin worked a few commands on his laptop and the boys were hooked into the networked LCD projector. The screen showed an image of what appeared to be a graph showing the falling profits of the company. Greeves began by pointing out the declining trend of the company's productivity and market share over the past year. He then showed a few more slides that detailed what should have been their earnings and market position if their pre-911 progress had been maintained. He then began to speak about the Southern Region and showed a graph indicating missed revenue, and then two blown up images of emails from several of the long standing buyers in that area that claimed that they were no longer seeking to do business with Sentco based upon their sales rep's performance. Austin knew right away that Greeves' framing of Ms. Burns had begun. The Southern Sales Region was her area, which in actuality had been the only area to show gains.

“Ms. Burns...this is your area is it not? The old man angered.

Yes sir it is sir,” her voice shaking, “but sir I c...”

“If I may continue Ms. Burns!” Greeves became openly hostile to cut her off, “this next slide shows a detailed breakdown of the missed meetings and lost revenue brought about by the lack of comittment by Ms. Burns. A total of 23 missed days so far this year...mostly because of court and school appointments having to do with her delinquent children!”

“But I scheduled those days off and they never interfe...”

“THE NEXT SLIDE,” Greeves broke in again, “shows how these mishandlings have cost the company in excess of 300 thousand dollars in lost revenue.”

“Ok Switch,” Shawn pounded his fist on the table knocking over the empty coffee cup, “that's about enough from this prick! Waste his ass!”

Switch broke into the feed of the projector and the screen went white. The screen changed to light blue and an image of an email faded in:


THIS IS OBVIOUSLY SOME KIND OF JOKE!” Greeves shouted as he yanked the power cable from the LCD projector. The screen went black.

I want to know what the fuck is going on here David,” the old man shouted, “first you show evidence of Ms. Burns hurting this company...and then this message says that you are defrauding us....what the hell kind of circus show are you running here David!?”

His outburst was interrupted by the sounds of gasps and loud chattering beyond the conference room. Sentco employees where gathering around computer screens and fax machines as awestruck glares flashed towards Mr. Greeves. Paper began spitting out of the fax machine behind the old man.

“Too fuckin' sweet!” Austin and Shawn exchanged high fives as they listened to Greeves go down in flames.

“Alright Switch,” Shawn smiled at his friend, “let her know who did this.”

A couple more commands ran on the laptop and another fax spit through the machine behind the old man:




Austin cut the connection to the Sentco servers and closed his laptop. The three boys gathered their belongings and exited the cafe, giving smiles of satisfaction as they rounded the corner, the MacArthur Chandliss building fading away in the distance.

“Right then boyos,” Collin waved, “I'm outta here, gotta get some work done around the house for my Aunt.”

“We'll call if anything comes up,” Austin gave the small boy a wink.

“See ya Ghost,” Shawn lit up a cigarette.

Collin turned, passed in front of a large man, and then disappeared.

“How does he do that?” Austin laughed.

“Fuckin' spooky, ya ask me,” Shawn sighed as he exhaled a large could of smoke into the stale city air.

“We got business to tend to southside bro,” Austin looked at his watch.

“Yeah...” Shawn flicked the remaining stub of his Camel out onto the street, “I got the page this morning too.”

“Ci è i miei ragazzi!” Don Sangiovanni opened his arms wide as the two teens were brought into his office. “how are you boys holding up?”

“We're fine Don Sangiovanni,” Austin embraced the old man, “and you?”

“I could complain...but who'd listen eh?” the Don laughed, showing the boy's to their seats in front of his gigantic antique desk.

“So what's the score?” Shawn lit up a smoke.

Che Gatso!” the old man laughed, “you are every bit as arrogant as your old man little one...I like that!”

“I have a little job that I think will be just prefect for you boys and your crew,” the Don passed over a large envelope, “look it over and tell me what you think.”

Shawn opened the envelope and together the teens looked over its contents. After a few minutes, Austin spoke up.

“Are you sure that you want us to handle this kind of job?” Austin looked concerned, “I mean...with all respect Don Sangiovanni, shouldn't this be handled by one of your top crews?”

“I think you boys are ready for bigger jobs,” the old man smiled, “you have proved yourselves to be one of my top crews. But more than that, I'm afraid, is the reality that our little arrangement has gotten more costly to maintain on my end. So I will in turn require that the cost go up on your's. I understand, given the circumstances, if little Collin no longer feels obligated, but I expect the rest of you to make this happen.”

“We won't disappoint you Don Sangiovanni,” Shawn shoved the information back into the envelope and put out his cigarette.

“I know you won't boys,” he threw another smaller envelope to Austin, “there'll be more when the jobs done.”

“Thank you sir,” Austin took the cue from the Don and got up to leave.

“Say hi to your pop for me Shawn,” the Don smiled as the boys exited the room.

“I will Don, thank you,” Shawn nodded.

The boys had been in the employ of the Sangiovanni crime family for the past year. They had completed many small jobs for the Don and in return had secured the safety of their incarcerated parents. It had been Shawn who had first approached the Don after his father had been badly beaten by a group of inmates. The Don readily agreed to ensure all the parent's safety and the boys agreed to come to work for him. It was a partnership that had since that day, meant that their parents would never again know harm within the penitentiary walls.

This job's gonna be rough Switch,” Shawn held tightly to the can of soda in his right hand as they rode the train out of the southside.

“No doubt,” Austin agreed, “but I think that we can handle it.”

“It's gonna mean we go packin'” he stared out the train window.

“Yeah...and we only got three days to prep,” Austin gripped the envelope on his lap, “I'll page the Brother's and Ghost and let 'em know to rally at 9pm”

“We gotta let 'em have an out if they think that this is too much,” Shawn gave Austin a nervous eye, Austin had never seen the teen shaken by anything.

“They'll never back out bro, you know that,” Austin returned the stare.

“That's my fear Switch,” he half smiled.

“It'll work man...” Austin smiled, “if we plan it'll work”

“True,” Shawn laughed, “too fuckin' true!”

“So what the fuck was the Don talkin' 'bout with Ghost?” Austin questioned.

“Dunno,” Shawn shrugged, “ s'pect we'll find out soon enough.”

The boys left each other at the platform and headed in their own directions, their minds already racing with the events to come.

Collin slumped into his small bed and clutched a wrinkled piece of paper as tears poured from his young eyes. This was nothing new, he thought, but he had really believed her when this time when she had promised that things were gonna be different. He cursed himself for being so gullible. He wiped the tears from his eyes and held the paper up over his eyes and read the painful words again.

Hey Baby Boy,

I'm sorry that I've got to do this like this but that's just the way it goes. I would've written sooner but I wanted to get settled first. The truth is that I've been out of jail for a little over a month now. I've decided to move on and I want you to do the same baby. I realized a lot of things while I was away, one of them being that you'll probably be way better off without a whore like me for a mother. Your Aunt Pattie can take better care of you than I ever did and I want you to stay with her. The court already gave you to her when I went away so there's no sense in me tryin' to come home and deal with their shit to get you back. You and I both know that that won't happen. I'm sorry baby boy, but I really think that this is the only option for both of us. I'm sorry that you have to have such a fuck up for a mother baby. Do us both a favor and forget I ever existed.



Collin had never been allowed to call his mother anything but her name Denise. No 'mom' or 'mommy' was ever permitted to sweetly roll off his tongue. He resigned himself to the fact that he would never have a real mother, years ago. But he always believed that she would at least be around. He grabbed a lighter off of his nightstand and lit the edge of the tear tattered letter. He watched as it began to burn and then discarded it into the trash bin next to his desk. He wiped his eyes fully dry, and packed his things. He said goodbye to the cat perched on the window sill, and closed the front door behind him. A note left on the kitchen counter was the only remnant of the young boy's stay in his Aunt's home.

“She did what!?” Joshua fell back onto his bed in shock.

“Holy fuck dude!” Jimmy joined in, “I'm so sorry man...”

“It was only a matter of time before the bitch split,” Collin looked down, “I just didn't think it would be now.”

Collin sat down in a chair and just slumped. Jimmy and Joshua looked at each other and smiled agreeingly.

“Hey Ghost,” Joshua flashed a seductive smile, “We know what'll make you feel better.”

Before he could offer up any sense of protest, the brother's had him out of his clothes and lying on the bed. The Brother's quickly shed their own garments and were soon kneeling on either side of the vulnerable young boy. Jimmy pulled Collin's legs up and pinned them to his firm chest. Joshua dropped between the prone boy's legs and began eating his tender hole. Collin moaned softly as Joshua worked his boyring into a sloppy pucker. Jimmy laid down next to the boy and rested his head on Collin's solid abdomen before he took his ample meat into his hungry mouth. In a matter of moments, Collin was being devoured by the two surly brothers. Jimmy lavished the now hardened boycock with his skilled tongue as Joshua plunged deeply into the boy with his own. Collin reeled with the powerful sensations of having the two randy brother's working his most private of areas.

Collin, drunk on young pleasure, grabbed for Jimmy and pulled him over. Their mouths met and tongues entangled as Joshua took over for his departed brother on Collin's formidable pole. The threesome rocked in preteen abandon. Jimmy climbed on top of Collin and his brother helped guide their favorite riding cock into his tight ass. Jimmy threw his head back as Collin's hard flesh ripped open his young hole. He began jamming his body up and down upon the the young boy beneath him. Collin grunted and groan in pure delight. Joshua came up behind his brother and the pair looked down pleasingly at Collin as he writhed in ecstasy. Joshua pulled Jimmy off of Collin's turgid rod and quickly replaced him. Jimmy rubbed at his gaping hole as he pumped his little cock in his other hand. Collin's eyes rolled back in his head, the searing heat of the tight boytunnel around his cock matched only by the fire in his balls, and the brother's knew that he would be approaching his orgasm soon. Joshua continued to milk Collin's meat with his gripping ass as Jimmy now sucked his brother's cock into his mouth. The three again rocked in unison as powerful orgasms began to travel up through preteen balls and out of hot young cocks.

Jimmy pounded furiously on his own meat while sucking his brother's swollen member. Collin's eyes were tightly shut as his body began to shake uncontrollably. The sensation of Collin's spasming tool sent Joshua over the edge as he spit a small offering of clear boyjuice into his brother's hot mouth. The small spray slicked on Jimmy's tongue and the taste drove him to his own crushing orgasm.

Three preteen bodies lay heaped onto the small twin bed. Jimmy and Joshua wiped the sweat of off Collin's face as the beautiful young boy slept, for the moment, the painful truth about his mother's departure distant from his young mind.

Shawn rested his hands on the tile wall as the warm spray of the shower coated his 13yr old form. He hung his head beneath the flow and rolled his neck from side to side enjoying the comforting heat of the water. He loved the feeling of the hot liquid streaming over his firm body. He lowered a hand to his chest and caressed his hardening nipples. Shawn loved to have his nipples sucked, he savored the feeling of having the small brown circles pinched lightly between hungry teeth; the flicking of a skilled tongue over the sensitive flesh.

Images of the old man at the Club Blue VIP elevator flooded his teen mind as he rubbed into his tight stomach. Shawn had known for sometime that he preferred the touch of a grown man to the boyish activities he had experienced with the crew. It was not something that he had openly shared with them, but since he was always the one tapped for the job if it required sexual activity with an adult, he figured at least they knew he didn't mind. He licked his lips as his hand found the hardening length between his legs. He started to stroke his meat slowly as he remembered the feeling of the old man's cock in his young hands, it's spongy head and velvety smooth foreskin sliding gently over a turgid shaft. He laid his head against the shower wall freeing his other hand to explore the pair of fleshy mounds below his back. He had loved sucking the man's hot prick into his mouth and wondered how good it would have felt to have him bury his old cock deep into his teen ass. Shawn let out a soft moan as he kneaded his young cheeks while his other hand squeezed lightly down on his hanging balls.

Shawn turned around and laid back against the tile wall. He opened his legs and let the water pour over his body as he continued to work at his burning loins. Images of the man's stiff cock filled his head again as he sucked a finger into his young mouth. He pumped on his tool in rhythm with the finger now serving as a simulation of the hot blow job he had given the old man.

He slid down the length of the shower wall and sat down on the wet floor. His legs now fully spread, he pulled the finger out of his hungry mouth and brought it down to his aching hole. He caressed his private opening as he continued to stroke the hardened flesh in his other hand. His mouth hung open as he moaned loudly. His finger broke through the barrier to his steamy ass and he let out a pleasurable ohhh as he felt his wet insides. He stretched his hole wider as he popped another teen finger inside, again longing for what it would have been like to slid the man's prick all the way in his ass to the hilt. He could swear that he felt the bristly hairs of the old man as he buried his fingers deep into his bowels. His other hand was still working hard on his throbbing tool as he found his prostate and massaged it gently. Ahhhhhh, the feelings in his invaded ass shot through his whole body as he worked another finger inside. He was now stretched wide open and reeled in the feelings of intense pressure on his boyhole.

Shawn pulled his fingers out of his ass and got up from the shower floor. He was too far gone to be satisfied with only the pleasure of his fingers in his tunnel. He climbed out of the shower and walked over to the linen closet of his private bathroom. He moved a stack of fluffy cotton towels out of the way and revealed a small black lock box. He dialed the combination and the lid popped open. He reached in and pulled out a tube of KY jelly, then a long black dildo. He closed the lock box and walked back over to the shower. Once inside he slicked up the dildo with the KY and then applied a generous amount to his still stretched hole. He took the long shaft into his hand and squeezed on the big balls at its base. He brought it up to his mouth, licked the cup at its end and stuck it onto the tile wall. The suction cup of the dildo clung firmly to the shower wall as Shawn back up to it, his legs open and ready. A mixture of sharp pain and intense pressure shot out from his hole as he worked the large hunk of latex into his starving ass. Unnnngh, he gritted his teeth as the thick shaft filled his tunnel. He rested for a moment, allowing his ass time to get used to the now invading fullness. He had now back it in all of the way and he good feel the fake balls pushing against his own. 8 full inches of rubber was now encased in his teen ass. He began to rock back against the false cock and grunted each time he buried it into his hole. He pounded his body against it as he rode the big dildo. His cock was jabbing him in the stomach and he could feel stream after stream of precum leak from its tip. The mixture of pain and pleasure flowed through his young form as he panted in the still warm spray of the shower.

After a few minutes, he pulled off of the lifeless tool and stood up, Ky and ass juices seeping out of his gaping hole. He pulled the dildo off of the wall and knelt down onto the floor. He stood it up on the floor beneath his ass as he straddled. He impaled himself on the latex lover and wasted no time in burying it deep inside of his ass. He was now in a better position to jerk on his own meat as he rode the thick shaft. He pumped on his cock as he fucked away madly. The thrusting motion of his ass on the dildo caused his cock to fuck into his pleasurable grip. Ohhhhh....Unnnngghhhh,,,Ahhhhhhh his body lashed about in a torrent of sexual intensity. He could feel the straining in his balls reaching an explosive level. He pumped hard on his prick and then in one final succession of movements, he let go of his cock-impaled himself fully onto the dildo-and began firing thick streams of cum into the air. He never touched his pulsating tool as it continued to jerk and spew sweet boyjuice. He gripped his chest and could feel the intense pounding of his young heart as his body racked in pleasure.

When his orgasm had subsided, he collapsed onto the shower floor, the dildo slipping lifelessly from his abused hole.

To be continued.....

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