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The Boys of August

Chapter IV

“Ya know you can always live with me Ghost,” Austin smiled as he patted his favorite little friend on the head.

“I know Switch,” Collin's face brightened somewhat, “still sucks...”

“We ready?” Shawn broke in, the crew had spent the past 20 minutes discussing Collin's situation; it was time to get down to business.

“Ok boys,” Austin switched gears, “this one's gonna be different. The Don's up the stakes on us and while it would mean that whoever decided to's parents would be on their own...everybody has the option to walk away now.”


“Figured as much,” Austin splayed out the plans on the battered park picnic table, “here's the score. In four days, Vladimir Czykorzski, a Russian arts dealer will be passing through town to display a collection of antiques at the opening of the new Fine Arts Museum downtown. In his collection, The Don believes, will be several pieces of Italian art that were given to Hitler by Mussolini before WWII to seal their alliance....just trust me...anyway, these pieces have been hidden for decades and only recently were rumored to have turned up in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union...seriously...just go with me on this...don't you guys ever watch the Discovery Channel? anyway, many of the prominent crime families in Italy and here in the States have been searching for these pieces for all that time.”

“So ok...” Shawn took a long drag off of his cigarette, “so how do we know which pieces are the ones that we want?”

“Well,” Austin continued, “We're only going after one.”

Only one?” the Brother's chimed in unison.

“Yeah guys...just one,” Austin produced a print of a painting, “we're going after this cross.”

“I got one looks just like that at home...” Jimmy moaned, “why don't we just give 'em that one and we're done?”

“It's not that simple,” Austin smiled at the young boys attempt at being clever, “this one is was given to Mussolini by Pope Pius the XI in 1930.”

“That's the funny hat guy!” Joshua exclaimed.

“ah....yeah,” Austin continued, “'s considered priceless. So if this Czykorzski guy really has's gonna be tough to get it out. All of the art considered priceless will be kept in the Museum's inner vault until the gala opening.”

“So what kinda security are we talkin' about Switch?” Collin spoke up.

“The best,” he sighed, “the inner vault is protected by three separate systems, all designed by Gabriel Industries. First, we're gonna have to get past cameras and laser triggers just to get down the hallway to the second part which is a 2 ton steel door locked by a DNA-matched scan card.”

“Aw fuckin' hell,” Shawn groaned.

“It gets worse,” Austin turned some pages, “the inner vault is made up of 120 single, unmarked, secured storage compartments. They can only be opened by the stand alone unit at the vault terminal. Only three bins can be opened during any given session in the vault, attempting to open a fourth will seal the vault and trip the system wide security alert.”

“So how will we know which bin the cross is in?” Jimmy looked thoroughly lost.

“That's another problem,” the boys sighed as if it could get any worse, “only the curator has access to the vault which means that only he has access to the master inventory list. According to the specs of the system, which won several awards for Gabriel Industries, the access files for the vault terminal are kept on a secured PDA carried by the curator. If the PDA is tampered with, it will automatically erase which will require the Gabriel Industries people to come in and reset the system.”

“So we gotta get this curator's PDA, get him to unlock it, and get his DNA?” Shawn lit up another cigarette in desperation.

“Yep,” Austin flipped through the pages again, “first thing we need to do is tail the curator, a Dr. Howard Bennings, to see how we can get what we need. The Don's gotten us all the info we'll need to design a way in and out of the museum and the vault, we just need to get the stuff from the curator to make it happen.”

Oh...that's all!?” Collin mocked.

“ that's not all,” Austin lit up a smoke before continuing, “there will be armed security guards all over the place.”

“Great....” Jimmy groaned.

“So we're gonna need to pack on this one.” Austin folded up the papers.

“I'm not killing anyone!” Collin announced.

“Nobody's gonna kill anyone...hopefully...I just meant that we'll need to have some protection. Jimmy and Joshua, you guys'll be on that, you know what to do.”

“Sure thing Switch,” Jimmy nodded, we can cook up just what we need.”

“Alright then?” Austin closed up the envelope, “we'll start tomorrow morning, everyone at my place by 7am.”

“Agreed,” they all chimed in.

“So can I crash at your place tonight then?” Collin asked as he and Austin left the others at the entrance to the park.

“You know you can silly,” Austin tussled his hair, “you don't ever need to ask.”

The pair headed back for Austin's house through the neon lit city night.

Austin continued to research the schematics of the museum late into the night. Collin had long since fallen into a deep sleep and Austin enjoyed hearing him peacefully breath. At this point, sleeping was about the only peaceful thing in Collin's young life. Austin knew as well as Collin that his Aunt wouldn't want him to stay with her knowing that his mother was off galavanting around the countryside. His Aunt Pattie was just as bad as his mother when it came to men and the drink. She had only agreed to keep him because it would be a temporary thing while his mother served out her latest stretch in prison. But now that she wasn't coming back at all, Pattie would be looking to give him over to the State like the Brother's. Jimmy and Joshua had often told of the horrible homes and facilities that they had been forced to live in while their dad was in prison. Ms. Burn's home was the first really nice place that they had ever been able to call home. Perhaps that was because like the boys, Ms. Burns had herself once been a foster child and knew about what they were going through. At any rate, the thought of the Ghost having to live in one of those awful places turned his stomach.

Austin shut off his laptop and folded the blueprints to the museum back neatly into the envelope. He took off his clothes, lit a cigarette, and stood by the open third floor window, gazing into the blackness of the night. He watched as the thick smoke curled into the darkness and wondered what the next three days would bring. The boys had pulled off some pretty risk stunts since the first met, but that had been it...just stunts. The Don normally called on them to pull off strategic acts of vandalism and orchestrated gags to quiet annoying politicians, and occasionally some pretty interesting robberies, but this was way different. This time, the boys stood the chance of getting seriously fucked up, and Austin knew it. He turned his gaze back to the beautiful boy laying still on his bed. He watched each rise and fall of the young child's chest as he breathed away in sleep. Sex among the crew had always been just more and certainly nothing less. There was never any cliched talks of love and passion, simply the physical release of their youthful angst. But Austin had known for awhile now that there was something different about Collin. He had began to look at him differently...longer than usual. At first he brushed off as nothing more than his particular fondness for the intense sex the two of them shared. But now it was becoming clear that there was something more there. He genuinely cared for him. He loved that Collin had asked to stay with him tonight.

Austin walked quietly over to the bed and laid down next to the sleeping boy. Careful as not to rouse him, he pulled the child close to him and resting Collin's head in the crook of his arm. Collin stirred slightly and then reached out, laying his arm across Austin's bare chest. Austin held him tight and felt the boy's heart beating through his chest. He bent down and kissed his forehead gently. He savored the salty sweet taste of Collin's flesh.

“W...what time is it?” he young boy stuttered as his eyes slowly opened.

“It's late Ghost,” Austin cursed himself for waking the boy, “go back to sleep.”

“I'm fine,” Collin assured his older friend as he opened his eyes fully.

Noticing that the two of them were so close, Collin got up and laid down softly on top of Austin's body. Austin opened his legs to allow for Collin to snuggle into him.

“Ya wanna fool around?” Collin yawned a slick smile.

“It's late pal,” Austin fought the urge to just pull the boy to his mouth and kiss him deeply.

“So...” Collin frowned somewhat, “that's never stopped us before?”

“But we're both really tired,” Austin rubbed the boy's back.

“You don't feel tired,” Collin shot him a devilish grin as he gripped the teen's stiff cock.

“That thing has it's own agenda,” Austin smiled back.

“Ok...” Collin gave in, “you can go to sleep.”

“What are you gonna do?” Austin wondered.

“Oh me...” he raised himself and then lowered his head down over Austin's exposed meat, “I'm just gonna lay here and suck your dick for a while...if you don't mind?”

Austin didn't have time to respond as Collin took the teen's entire 6 inches into his warm mouth. Austin just ran his fingers through the young boy hair as he watched his tiny mouth slid up and down on his rigid prick. Austin loved watching Collin suck his meat. Collin took his time and worked his sweet tongue all the way around the hard cock in his mouth. Collin had picked up the pace a little now and Austin could feel the tingling sensation deep in his sac, Austin turned his attention to the window and stared out into the night. He knew that Collin really liked to suck on his dick for awhile so he fought back the impending rush and focused on the trees and the wind outside.

Collin gripped the teen's meat as he pumped it into his mouth. Austin recognized the movements and knew that his little lover's jaws must be getting tired so he closed his eyes and let the feelings of intense pleasure mount in him again. Although he knew when it was coming, he knew that Collin wouldn't want to break his hold, opting to take the full load into his hungry mouth. Austin let go completely and fired several thick streams into Collin's waiting throat. Collin swallowed it all like a trooper and continued to suck on him until Austin's cock fell limp and slid out of his young mouth. Collin sat up, wiped his mouth clean of all the spit, and smiled.

“Ok pal,” Austin motioned for him to lie down, “your turn.”

“Um..that's ok Switch,” he smiled, “I'm good.”

“What?” Austin was confused.

“Yeah, I'm really kinda tired now...” he looked like there was something more on the tip of his tongue.

“Well...ok,” Austin still wore a confused expression, “I just feel bad that I won't be doing anything in return for you.”

“Well...” Collin staled, “there's one thing's gonna sound weird and stupid but...”

“But what? Whatever it is I'll do it,” Austin smiled.

“Will you just hold me again....'till I fall asleep?” Collin prepared for rejection.

“Of course I will,” Austin looked relieved, “why would you think that I'd find that weird or stupid?”

“I dunno...” Collin fell into his arms and snuggled tightly to the teen, “I just figured you'd think it was babyish or somethin'”

“Not at all pal,” Austin kissed the boy's forehead and hugged him tightly.

The pair drifted off to sleep, Collin safely tucked away in Austin's warm embrace.

“Nothing! Damn it! This guy's so fucking straight he makes Mother Theresa look like Madonna,” Austin leaned back in his desk chair and stared at the screen of his laptop, “his credit's clean, he's always on time with his bills, and he appears to have no purchase histories that indicate he's into anything we could use....fuck!

“Don't sweat it dude,” Shawn squeezed his friend's shoulders, “you'll find it...what about his online activities?”

“Boring as hell mostly...he belongs to a few artsy chat groups, his email is clean, and his web time is pretty random...nothing out of the ordinary.” Austin leaned back to the screen.

“Everybody's got something Switch...we'll find it” Shawn lit a cigarette and went back to pacing the room.

“I GOT IT!,” Austin called out.

What? Tell me what ya got Switch,” Shawn pulled up a chair next to Austin and looked inquisitively at the screen.

“His son's got a cash account through a bank in the Cayman Islands, I recognized the routing number, it's the same bank my dad used to launder money for the Don.” Austin smirked.

“So....” Shawn took a drag from his cigarette.

“So....his son's been dead for nearly 12 years according to his insurance records.” Austin stared into the screen as if something were popping out of it.

“So let's track his son's account and find out what he's been up to.” Shawn crushed out the cigarette.

“You're doing it wrong!” Jimmy glared at his brother.

“No... I'm.... not!” Joshua angered as he soldered the connection on a tiny circuit board.

“You're getting too close to the photo're gonna set it....” an intensely bright light flooded the shed outside of Ms. Burns foster home.

“Nice asswipe,” Jimmy removed the sunglasses from his face and rubbed his eyes.

“ maybe I was a little too close,” Joshua did the same.

“It's a wonder the two of you aren't dead by now,” Collin laughed, he had been smart enough to cover his eyes as they boys argued.

“Shut up Ghost,” the pair chimed in unison.

“I'll finish these,” Jimmy took the soldering gun from his brother, “you finish the concussion grenades.”

“Oh I think that's my cue...” Collin jumped down off of the work table and headed outside, “I'll see you guys tonight.”

“Later Ghosty,” Jimmy smiled as he put his glasses back on and set back to soldering.

It would seem as if our nice upstanding curator has been living somewhat of a double life.” Shawn read through the data on the laptop.

“Oh Dr. have been a dirty little boy,” Austin smiled devilishly.

According to the account history, Dr. Bennings had been paying large sums of money to procure exotic, made to order pornography from an exclusive dealer in the former Soviet Union. He has even been on a couple sex tours in Thailand. The account had been used to pay for an Internet account through a communications firm in Malaysia. Once Austin had located the account, he was able to hack into their system and retrieve a bank of emails and wire transfers. The dealer in Russia had been uploading the pornography to a dedicated server in Mexico, where the good Dr. would then download via an encrypted connection. Austin accessed the server and began downloading the files.

“He likes his blondes doesn't he?” Austin nudged Shawn as the pair scanned through the collection of video clips.

“Yes he does,” Shawn pointed out the use of the same boy in many of the clips.

“You thinkin' what I'm thinkin,?” Austin looked at the screen and then back to his friend.

“Too fuckin' easy!” Shawn grinned.

Apart from a slight frame difference do mostly to the fact that Shawn had been allowed a more healthy lifestyle, the teen in the chair, and the teen on the screen were almost identical.

“So whatta my boys need?” a tattered and tired man whispered as he leaned between the two boys perched on his knees.

“We gotta a rough mission Pop,” Jimmy whispered, careful not to attract the ears of the prison guards.

“What's the score?” he looked inquisitively.

“Some art for The Don,” Joshua smiled at his old man, both of the boys truly loved their father.

“Whattya need for the gig?” the old man hugged his boys, partly out of his love for them, partly to keep up appearances for the guards.

“We need to shop the stock in storage,” Jimmy looked around as he spoke.

“You need heavy gear?” their father looked concerned, “I don't you two mixed in too deep.”

“We got no choice Pop,” Joshua looked deeply into his father's eyes, “The Don says that it's getting more expensive to keep you safe in we gotta do this.”

“I hear ya baby boy,” their father knew that he would be released in three weeks, which meant that all of the enemies he had in the prison, who had up to this point been kept at bay by the Don's influence, were gonna by chompin' at the bit for a last minute accident.

“Be safe then boys,” he kissed them both, “just three more weeks and we're a family again...we're getting' the fuck outta here and headin' back to Canada. I got some friends up there who are ready for us. No more of this runnin' bullshit...we're gonna make a real go of it...I promise you both.”

“Ok Pop,” the boys smiled and kissed their father back, “love you.”

The boys left the prison with Ms. Burns and the passcode for the secure storage unit fresh in their minds.

“Ok boys,” Shawn rallied the crew in the basement and watched as Austin laid out the plans on the table, “here's the plan”

“Our good Dr. Bennings has a taste for teen boys. So that's are way in. Records from a check card attached to his offshore account show that he makes a cash withdrawal every Thusday night...tonight...from an ATM on Dawson Avenue. According to his wife's home pc Day Planner, he has a meeting every Thursday night at the museum with local antiquities collectors while she entertains the local Woman's League in the couple's residence. The door log at his apartment building shows him out every Thursday at 7pm and back around 1am. Here's the twist though...the museum logs show no activity after the doors close to the public at 6pm.”

“So...where's he go?” Jimmy fumbled with the shiny little metal sphere in his right hand.

“The ATM on Dawson Avenue is located inside The Gardens, an exclusive bath house.” Austin answered.

“No shit...fuckin' plot thickens...” Joshua nodded a grin.

“I've heard my dad talk about the place before,” Shawn added, “he used to joke that if the public ever knew about who, and what goes on in there...then a lot of very important people would be in a very sticky situation.”

“I've downloaded the plans for the bathhouse from the Health Department's central database,” Austin continued, “ the layout's on file...but you can tell that someone high up has arranged that the club is never inspected. Trick and I checked it out this afternoon and we should have no problem getting in through the usual ways.”

“So we get in...then what?” Joshua mumbled through a mouthful of popcorn.

“That's my gig,” Shawn smirked, “I'll get him into a private room and then get his locker card. I'll get it to you guys and then keep him busy so that Switch can hack his PDA for the files we need.”

“And how are we gonna do all this without being seen?” Jimmy questioned.

“Two ways...” Austin answered, “first, by using the vent system like we did at the Sentco job, and second, because this is the kind of place where people don't ask questions, and keep their mouths shut.”

“Sounds good to me,” Collin spoke for the first time.

Five figures dressed in black walked confidently across the rooftop of an eastside building. The warm summer air whipped past them as they stood at the edge, staring over at the neighboring structure. Jimmy pulled a small orange box from his back pack and set it on the ledge. The laser meter beeped as it read the distance between the two buildings and then again as it read the drop.

“12 feet over,” Jimmy read aloud, “only 90 feet down”

“Sounds like my gig,” Collin chuckled as he shed his pack and grabbed at the line hanging from his waist.

“Be careful Ghost,” Austin squeezed his young partners shoulder as the boy surveyed the jump before him.

“No worries Switch,” the boy grinned.

The building housing the Gardens bathhouse had no fire escapes and no windows below the 3rd floor. There would be no way in except for the roof. The Ghost headed back from the edge and dropped to one knee. He took a series of quick breaths and then shot into a full run. As he quickly approached the ledge he caught Austin's eye, gave a wink, and then fired out into the night. The crew watched in amazement as the small figure soared through the blackness, flipped once most likely for show, and then landed firmly on the solid ground of the rooftop. He paused for a moment, allowing his body to relax from the impact, and then sprung to his feet. Shawn hurled the line that had been attached to Ghost's waist to the boy, who in turn clipped it to the metal grating of the roof access door. One by one, the remaining members of the crew climbed across the divide to the bathhouse building.

“Nice moves Ghost,” Joshua smiled.

“I thank you,” Ghost grinned widely.

In a matter of moments the boys had made their way into the building beneath them and were approaching the access panels to the ventilation system. A series of duct tunnels led them down to the boiler room. Once out of the ducts, the crew regrouped. Switch found the coaxial lines of the closed circuit monitoring system and patched in. The screen of his laptop divided into 16 total windows as he gained access to the entire security network.

“Ok,” He broke the silence, “the security here is minimal at best. I'm gonna link the laptop to my hand held so that I can control the cameras from inside the bathhouse. Let's find our mark.”

The boys all watched the screen as Switch maneuvered between the images, searching for the Doctor.

“Holy FUCK!” Joshua exclaimed in a whisper.

The boys sat memorized as they got their first real view of the bathhouse. The first floor entrance looked like a hotel lobby, with sitting areas and a front desk. The 2nd through 3rd floors had been made into one large dome shaped structure. In the middle of the dome was a giant square pool complete with a waterfall along the southern side. There were about 50 doors along the sides of the dome which Austin announced were the private rooms. At the northern edge of the dome was the entrance from the lobby. To the southern edge, behind the waterfall were the steam rooms and whirlpools. Giant palm trees sprung out of the floor reaching high up into the air. Austin assured everyone that they would have to be fake to survive inside. The boys watched in an excited state of shock as they witness several orgies occurring in the steam rooms as about 20 men swam in the pool just on the other side of the waterfall. There was a group of men laying on large pillows beside the pool feeding each other what appeared to be fruit.

“It's like a scene out of that porno Dad let us watch,” Jimmy whispered.

“Yeah....Colgate or somethin'” Joshua replied still astonished by the carnal feasting on the screen.

“It's Caligula,” Shawn laughed.

Whatever...” Jimmy never broke his glare.

“THERE!” Austin shouted, then lowered his voice, “by the entrance to the first steamroom, there's the mark.”

“Ok,” Austin brought the group back into focus, “here's the plan, we take the service corridor around to the steam feeders. Then Trick you're on. Will watch to see what room you go into and then get to the vent. When we get the passcard from ya , the brother's and I will get to the shower room and hack the PDA. Ghost will stay with you in case you need back up. Once we've got the files. I'll signal Ghost to get you out. Then we double time back to the roof. Agreed?”


Switch recorded several passes of the corridor cameras and then set them on a loop. The boys filed silently along the corridor until they reached the access door to the steam feeders. Once inside, Trick shed his clothes and took the small white towel from his backpack. He wrapped it around his teen waist and headed for the service door to the steam room. A quick check of the area, and he was gone.

Trick made his way through the thick steam and out into the dome. Just as he and Switch had said, he got many interesting stares from the men around him, but no one made any sign that he didn't belong there. He spotted his mark and set about his seduction. The Doctor was still sitting in a reclined pool chair, smoking a Dumani, as he sauntered past him. Trick did not make eye contact with the Doctor at first, but he knew that he had definitely caught his lustful eye. Trick laid down on a pillow not too far away released his towel. The teen now laid back into the softness, his legs spread open allowing his plump cock to hang over his loose sac. He closed his eyes, put his hands behind his head and waited.

“I've never seen you here before young man,” the Doctor spoke softly as he stood over the young teen's prone body.

“That's because I've never been here before,” Trick didn't open his eyes.

“Are you alone?” he asked.

“Yes....and no,” Trick loved to play these games, “I was brought here tonight by the man who paid me...but he got too tired after only one now, I guess I am alone.”

“Such a pity to waste a beautiful boy like you,” the Doctor sighed.

“Isn't it though?” Trick opened his eyes and ran a hand down his firm chest.

“Well I don't see why you should go to waste out here,” the Doctor cooed.

“Well I don't see much of an alternative,” he ran his fingers through the soft patch of hair above his hardening prick.

“Perhaps I could persuade you to keep me company tonight, I bet there's a beautiful room just going to waste over there.” The Doctor pointed to the other side of the dome.

“Depends on how persuasive you can be,” Trick yawned, and then gave his meat a slow tug.

“Well...” the Doctor stammered at the sight of Trick growing 6 inches, “how persuasive was the gentleman who brought you tonight?”

“Oh...very,” Trick sighed, “he gave me 500 hundred very good reasons to keep him company.”

“Oh I think that I can come up with as good an argument, “the Doctor gave a sly grin, “perhaps one even better if the case proves worth the effort.”

“Oh it will be,” Trick dabbed a drop of precum from his cock and brought it to his lips, “it will be.”

“He's got 'em!” Ghost called out to the others who had taken a break from watching the hand held.

The boys watched as Trick and the Doctor walked passed the pool and over to the bank of private rooms on the other side. Austin eyed the location of the room and the foursome headed back into the boiler room to access the ducts. They crawled along the metal airway 'till they reached the rooms on the northeastern wall of the dome. As they crept slowly along through the ductwork, they paused over each vent to check the room below. They passed several empty rooms before coming up Trick and the Doctor.

The large room housed a queen sized bed ordained with crisp white linens. There was a couple of chairs near the wall by the door, and what appeared to be some kind of harness suspended from the ceiling. The boys watched as the Doctor led Trick to the bed and laid him down. He walked over to the to the table between the two chairs and set down his cigar in the ashtray, and his locker pass card on the table, next to a small wallet.

Trick discarded his towel and once again exposed his young meat. The Doctor gave a greasy smile as he shed his own towel revealing a long, thick, cut tool. Trick drew a sharp breath as the doctor ran his plump hand over his leg and brushed his loose sac. He moaned deeply as the doctor gripped his now sturdy prick and gave it a few long strokes. A tiny bead of precum formed on the tip of Trick's boycock. The doctor dabbed it with his index finger and brought it up to Trick's eager mouth, offering him a taste of his own juices. Trick rolled his sweet tongue around the doctor's pudgy finger as he took in the flavor of his precum. The doctor shuddered at the sight of the young teen getting so much pleasure from his own milk. He stroked his thick cock as Trick sucked on his finger.

Quick survey...” Jimmy whispered, “who's hard as a fuckin' rock?”

“I think the easier question would be..” Joshua answered, “who's not?”

The doctor laid down on the bed next to his young lover and leaned in, planting a deep kiss on his tender boy lips. Trick moaned as his tongue danced inside the older man's wet mouth. He held tightly to him as the Doctor broke the kiss and moved down to the soft flesh of his adolescent neck. He bit down on the teen and Trick grunted in delight. Trick looked up to the vent above him and saw Switch motioning him to hurry up. He gave a glare that clearly said 'what!?' as he clawed the old man's back. The doctor licked down Tricks sweaty chest, spending some quality time on his small brown nipples, and rested over his navel, flicking his large tongue inside the small pocket. Trick's abdomen began to quiver under the expert ministrations of his older lover. The doctor began to tease the teen's raging cock by licking gently around the swollen glans, drawing more and more clear juice from its blood filled shaft. Trick gyrated his hips hungrily on the bed as the old man bit softly down the length of his cock ending up in a full tongue bath of his now tightening balls. Trick, unable to withstand any more teasing, thrust upwards, smashing his rigid tool into the old man's face. The doctor took the hint and put an end to his torturing of the young boy. He sucked his hard member into his skilled mouth and Trick let out a deep moan as the waves of intense pleasure surged through his body.

The doctor took the boy fully in his throat as he took in the intense taste of the teen's searing flesh. Trick rocked into the old man's hungry sucking and gripped tightly to the silky sheets. He opened his eyes and gave the boys above a wide grin. Switch slowly opened the air vent and let it swing free. Ghost held tightly to Switch's grasp as he was lowered into the room. Trick began moaning loudly to disguise the sounds of the small boy landing on the tile floor. The doctor raised his head slightly, Trick's pulsating tool still resting in the opening of his mouth, and looked into the boy's rolling eyes.

“Don't you cum too soon baby boy,” he growled seductively, Ghost froze at the foot of the bed.

Trick moaned as he shoved his meat back inside the doctor's throat and wrapped his legs firmly around his head. The doctor went wild with the teen's hunger and sucked him deeply. Ghost continued across the room and quickly snatched the passcard from the table. Trick locked his legs around the old man's head and gave Ghost a panicked look, Ghost knowing immediately that the teen could no longer hold back his rushing orgasm. Ghost hurried across the floor and leapt up into the air, grabbing Switch's hands as the first waves of Trick's powerful orgasm crashed through his young body. Switch pulled the small boy up into the vent and quickly closed it as Trick cried out in sexual ecstasy.

Switch just smiled a sigh of relief as the boy produced the passcard. Joshua shared in the smile as they relieved together. A shaking breath came from behind them. All three looked back into the duct and saw Jimmy slumped over, grabbing his twitching cock, the exposed tip glistening from a tiny droplet of boyjuice. The rest of the boys just smiled.

Ghost waited by the vent as the Brother's and Switch hurried down the metal duct work towards the boiler room. He turned his gaze back to the scene below and smirked as he watched Trick get down to business on the doctor's engorged cock.

The boys made it to the locker and swiped the card, opening the long door. Switch had directed the twins to keep watch at the doors for anyone coming. He found the PDA and quickly shoved it into his pack. The three escaped back into the service corridor and Switch went to work on hacking the hand held.

Shit!” he snapped, “this encryption's gonna take a minute.”

“Hurry Switch!” Jimmy paced the floor.

I'm in!” Switch quickly downloaded the entire contents of the PDA, he would sift through them later.

Switch pulled the link from the two handhelds and set out with the twins to return it to the doctor's locker. The trio hurried to the locker and replaced the PDA. They sped back to the boiler room and back into the duct system. They came upon Ghost who had his pants down around his ankles and was desperately stroking his hard cock. Switch joined Ghost at the vent and the twins watched the show below unfold through a few holes in the metal duct.

Trick was fastened in the leather harness hanging from the ceiling. His head was thrown back behind his arched body as his hands gripped furiously on the leather straps. The doctor was giving him a hard, raw, fuck as he plowed his tight ass. Trick grunted loudly as the old man's hard pole invaded his young hole. The old man railed into the teen with a vengeance as the harness shook under the intense movement.

Ghost continued to pound away at his young tool as Switch just watched in awe as his friend was ravaged below. Had he for one moment thought that his friend was in peril, he would have blown their cover and got him out; but as it was, he knew that Trick was in a level of ecstasy that he had been longing to find.

Switch looked behind him to see the twin's attacking each other's stiff little boycocks. He laughed to himself as he felt his own meat rise, but ignored its call. Somebodies gotta stay on the clock, he thought.

Trick cried out in pleasure as the old man ripped him wide open with his plump rod. The old man grunted hungrily as sweat poured from his body onto the teen below. The old man never broke his rhythm as Trick screamed through his powerful orgasm. The Dr. just kept pounding away at the teen as three thick streams of boyjuice flew into the air and landed on his chest.

Switch turned around again in time to see both the Twin's crash into each other in an intense climax. Both boys shook violently as their explosive cums shot through their young forms and poured out of their pulsating members. Switch could hear Ghost's breathing intensify and knew that he would be experiencing his own raging climax very soon. Switch hated to do it, but he knew that if he didn't stop his young lover from blowing his dry load, that he would be useless and unable to complete the mission.

Sorry man,” Switch whispered as he took the young boy's hands away from his swollen cock, “but you and I both know if you cum, you're not gonna make it outta here.”

“Fuck!” Ghost knew his older friend was right, but that knowledge didn't ease the aching in his throbbing prick.

Switch panned his gaze back down to the scene below just in time to witness the old man shove his now exploding meat full to the hilt into the teen's abused hole. Trick wretched in the chair as the Dr. flooded his young tunnel with an ample supply of seasoned milk. The old man gripped the harness and held himself up by its straps. He struggled to catch his breath as Trick lay motionless below. A few minutes later the Dr. backed away from the teen and his now softening cock popped out, allowing a stream of cum and ass juice to leak out in its absence.

“Oh my young friend,” the Dr. kissed his fingers and then touched them gently to the boy's still open boyhole, “you certainly were worth those 500 arguments.

The old man helped the teen out of the harness and steadied him on his shaking legs. The old man turned to get his towel and Trick looked up to the vent. Switch opened it slightly, dropping the passcard to his friend. Trick stepped over to the table and replaced the card as they old man turned back to him. Trick rubbed his ass cheeks to ease some of the soreness in his hole and a thin line of cum ran down his leg. The Dr. smiled slyly as he set five one hundred dollar bills on the table in place of the passcard and wallet.

“You're welcome to use the room for awhile if you need to rest,” the old man smiled as he reached the door, “if you're still here when I get back...perhaps we can argue a little more.”

With that the Dr. exited the room and Trick collapsed on the bed. Switch jumped down through the now open vent and quickly moved towards the door, locking it before he turned back to his friend. He made it to the bed and laid his hand down on the teen's ass. Trick jerked a little at his touch but then relaxed. Switch inspected his friends hole and found it to be very red, swollen, and still somewhat stretched, but other than that, just fine.

That was fuckin' unreal!” Trick moaned.

“Yeah,” Switch laughed, “it looked like you were enjoying yourself.”

Switch helped his friend up and Ghost threw down the teen's clothes. Once dressed, Trick joined Switch in climbing back into the vent system. The crew made it back to the boiler room, into the duct system again and the out the windows on the fourth floor. They repelled down the side of the building, gathered their lines, and disappeared into the night.

To be continued.....

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