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The Boys of August

Chapter V

“I wanna ask ya somethin', but I don't want you to get mad at me,” Collin stared up into Austin's eyes as the teen hovered over his naked body.

“Ask me what?” Austin smiled down at his young friend.

“But I don't want you to get mad at me...” Collin's eyes showed a hint of honest fear.

“Why would I get mad at you?” Austin sensed his friends tension and tried to soften his tone.

“I dunno...I just thought...” Collin stammered.

“Dude!” Austin sighed loudly as he continued to hold himself up over the hesitant child, “just fuckin' say what's on your mind already...I'm not gonna get mad!”

Ok!” Collin bolstered his courage, drawing in a deep breath, “how do you know if you love somebody...I mean...not like you love your mom or anything...but love somebody?”

“You mean like boyfriend/girlfriend type love?” Austin hoped he knew where Collin was going with this.

“, I mean..” Collin looked somewhat disappointed.

“Or like boyfriend/boyfriend...” Austin saved him.

“ that,” Collin still feared Austin's reaction.

“I dunno,” Austin really hadn't ever had to put feelings into words like this before, “I guess you just feel stronger towards that person than you do with others.”

“How do you know what stronger is?”

“I dunno...I guess it's like ya know, when your friend-friends are around you and then're kinda like 'whatever...see ya later”, but when you're with someone that you are in love with...when they leave you kinda.”

Yeah!” Collin whispered.

“And like when you are with them...ya feel this kinda thing in your stomach...kinda like you're excited, scared, and gonna be sick...all at the same time.” Austin became aware of his own vulnerability as he studied Collins face.

“Yeah...I feel like that a lot lately,” Collin stepped out further on the ledge.

“Me too,” Austin admitted.

“You promise you won't get mad at me if I tell ya somethin'?” Collin drew all of his courage.

“I swear,” Austin had hoped he had read the message in Collin's eyes correctly.

“I think that I'm in love with someone,” Collin tensed under the weight of his friend.

Really?” Austin became unsure of himself.

“Yeah...” Collin knew he was beyond returning at this point.

“Who?” Austin steadied himself above the young boy, hoping for the best...but preparing for the worst.

“Y...You...” Collin sank into the bed, his face drawn in agony as he waited for Austin's response.

Oh shit!” Austin gave a deep sigh of relief, Collin misunderstood.

“I'm sorry...I'm sorry...forget I ever said anything...I'll go...I'm sorry.” Collin started to squirm underneath Austin, tears forming in his eyes.

“Don't be so dramatic dude,” Austin smiled as he held the young boy still, “I just was afraid that you were gonna tell me you were in love with someone else.”

What?” Collin was confused.

“I was hopin' you were gonna say it was me...but I was afraid that you might say like Jimmy or Joshua.”

“Those two!? Hell no...I mean don't get me wrong they're nice and all, but I don't think that they are.....wait a said 'hoping'”

“Yeah...Collin,” Austin smiled, “Hopin'...I was hoping that you were gonna say that you were in love with me...cuz I think I'm in love with you.”

There was no more need for conversation. Their bodies moved in a new unison. Their young grasp on 'love' was represented only by their deep sighs of relief over the tensed emotions preceding. Austin sank between his young lovers legs and bathed his rigid cock with his tongue. Collin grabbed at the bedsheets as his head rolled on the soft pillow. Austin took his lover deep into his throat and lavished his young taste. His eyes closed, his hungry tongue encircling the smoothness of Collin's boymeat, Austin kneaded the soft skin of the young thighs surrounding his head.

Collin bucked under the pleasure and called out to his lover. Austin's sucking intensified with the pleadings of the young boy. He pulled off of the raging piece of meat, a string of spit bridging the young tool and his open mouth as he drew back. Collin instinctively pulled his legs to his smooth chest, exposing his glistening boyhole, wet from the flow of saliva streaming down from his worked over cock. His pucker twitched open and closed as he flexed the tight muscles of his ass. Austin brought the tip of his slippery tongue to the young boy's tender opening and allowed it to gently glide over the wrinkled surface sending waves of intense pleasure ripping through his prone body. Austin held it open with his thumb and finger, and began to eat the young boy cunt. Collin gripped at his ass cheeks, pulling them apart causing his hole to spread wider. Austin plunged his tongue into the sweet hole and Collin let out a loud moan as his ring was invaded. Austin savored the mixture of sweat and Collin's juices as he worked at his young lovers' hot hole.

The boys broke and then reformed in a spoon. Austin nipped at his lovers' sweet neck as he lined up his hard cock with the searing boyhole, well lubricated from his teen mouth. Collin let out a long, slow, deep, moan as first the head, and the the entire thickness of Austin's 6 inches buried itself within his wet tunnel. Austin continued to suck his lovers' tender skin as he slowly fucked him.

The hot summer breeze whipped through the open window and over the young lovers. Austin continued to fuck Collin deeply as he took care to wipe the forming sweat from his tender forehead as the young boy moaned in pleasure. They moved like this for what seemed like hours, neither willing to give into the intense sensations pouring over their young forms. Austin never pulled out of the boy as he rolled onto his back, pulling his lover on top of him. Collin sat up, turned around, and laid down on Austin's firm chest, resting his head between his nipples. Collin looked up and found Austin's eyes. The pair locked in a lover's gaze and never broke it as they both succumbed to their intense orgasms. Collin's body tensed and his ring clamped down on Austin's throbbing pole as at least five thick streams of boycum shot deep into his young bowels. Austin wrapped his loving arms around the boy and just held tightly as his dry orgasm overtook him. Collin pulled himself up and brought his lips to Austin's. Both boys soon fell asleep, Austin's cock remaining inside of the young boy.

Limousines dropped off guests as two large spotlights shot into the night, welcoming the distinguished visitors to the gala opening of the new museum. The cream of the socially elite streamed in to the giant brick structure as print and television media clamored for a vantage point from which to snap photographs of some of the most influential citizenry.

Inside, the crowd gathered in various rooms. With glasses of champagne in hand, society's finest milled past exhibit after exhibit of precious art, paying more attention to being seen themselves, than to anything on display. Men and women, dressed in the finest garb, shallowly laughed the night away, completely oblivious to the action unfolding in the basement level below them.

The boys had made their way into the museum bowels through the sewer system. Amid a flurry of complaints from Trick regarding the foul stench of the waste system, they had managed to successfully bypass the lower level security and gain access to the building's pipeworks. They had reached the vault area on schedule. There had been more armed security than Switch had anticipated, but to this point they had been able to effectively work around them. At the mouth of the hallway to the door leading to the inner vault, Switch paused and opened his laptop. Several commands later, he was patched into the video monitoring system.

Ok,” he whispered, “here's the deal...the cameras reset feed every 30 seconds. So that means that I can only loop them once without tripping the alarm. Which means that we'll only have 1 minute to get to the end of the hallway, through the laser sensors, get the vault door opened, and get inside before we're blown. That means that we need to be hella fast! Brother''re our angels, you can work lookout from the pipeworks. If something goes wrong and we need an alternate exit, you two need to make one. Also... I've already written code that will set off a sequence of alarms throughout the building...”

“Alarms!?!” Jimmy looked stunned.

Yeah...alarms...Gabriel Industries has it set up so that the monitors in the security room will activate alerts on their local screens according to a priority hierarchy. I've set the code to activate the alarms on the receiving bays first. Gabriel Industries protocol calls for two teams of guards to go to the shipping bays to secure it, even if it's a false alarm. The second alarms will be on the sky lights above the east exhibit hall. According to tonight's program, the exhibition of African Diamonds on loan from the British Precious Stones Society are being shown there. Protocol calls for three teams to secure that room, two on the ground and one on the roof. The third will be...(a laugh)...the third will be a test of the sprinkler system in the west wing where the art from the Czykorzski collection will be.That'll hopefully keep him tied up with the Curator while we get into the vault.”

The Brother's grabbed the laptop and took off back to the pipeworks. The remaining three boys prepared for the assault on the vault. Each donned a pair of infrared glasses and mapped out the location of the laser sensors along the floor. The boys smiled at each other as they quickly realized that Gabriel Industries had employed the laser spacing sequence that they had hoped and practiced for. Switch gave the order into his earbud mic and the Brother's ran the loop. The trio shot down the hallway, methodically dancing over the invisible red beams of light. When they had reached the door, Switch grabbed the DNA Passcard given to Trick earlier that day by one of the Don's crew leaders, and swiped it down the metal groove at the side of the giant door. Nothing...

“Aww shit dude!” Trick nervously watched the seconds run out on his watch.

“Try it again Switch!” Ghost whispered.

“Got it!” Switch had turned the passcard around and ran it along the reader the correct way. The door lurched open and the trio slipped inside.

As he had planned, the security protocols were followed to the letter. Once inside the inner vault, Switch brought up the access menu on the stand alone terminal. He read through the codes on his PDA, the stolen codes from the Curator, and entered the lengthy sequences of numbers.

“They're in,” Jimmy noted to his brother.

Sweet,” Joshua was scanning the images produced through the security system, “all hell's breakin' loose up there dude!”

The brother's watched as security guards flew past cameras in the shipping bays and in the east exhibition hall. Then they laughed as guests poured, literally, out of the west wing.

There's the Curator dude!” Jimmy pointed excitedly at the screen, “and that must be Czykorzski...shit...he looks fuckin' pissed bro!”

“Wait a sec...” Joshua watched as a group of men surrounded the Curator and Czykorzski, “who the fuck are these guys...they're not Museum Security!?”

The brother's watched as the Curator and Czykorzski, followed by five men in brown trench coats, left the main hall in a hurry and headed towards the service passages. Jimmy scrolled through the thumbnail images 'till he found the hall they were in. They watched as the group traveled the long hallway towards the services elevators.

SHIT!” the brother's shouted in unison as they realized that the group was heading straight for the vault.

“We're in!” Switch typed commands into the terminal and called up the dialog box to release the compartments. He entered the code numbers for the three lockers holding the articles labeled as Czykorzski's. The trio ran to them and pulled open the doors.

“What the FUCK!?!” Switch shouted in horror as he stumbled back from the open compartments.

“There fuckin' empty!” Trick exclaimed, “why are they empty!?!”

“This one's not...” Ghost looked just like his name sake as he pointed at the open locker in front of him.

A man's cold body lay dead in the large metal bin, a single gun shot wound dripped blood from the middle of his forehead.

“Holy shit dude! I know that guy!” Trick spoke through the hand covering his mouth, “ that's lil' Mario, he works for the Don!”

“Aw fuck man....” Switch realized their situation, “this is all fuckin' wrong man...dude we're blown man...we gotta fuckin book.”

Switch!...Switch!,” Jimmy yelled into his earbud mic, “they're coming man! Do you hear me!?They're fuckin coming!!!”

They're here...” Ghost looked towards the vault door.

So...” Czykorzski laughed angrily, “the great Don Sangiovanni sends a bunch of fucking children to steal from me!?”

“You!?” the Curator looked knowingly at Trick, “I know you! You're the fuck from the bathhouse! How did you get did little whore bastard! You stole my passcard!”

“You know this child?” Czykorzski whipped his head to glare at the Curator.

“Well...I...he..” the Curator realized what he had said.

“You stupid little man...” Czykorzski growled, “you fell for this little stupid old pervert!”

Czykorzski never flinched as he took a 45 caliber pistol from one of the men in trench coats and used it to splatter a great portion of the contents of the Curator's head on the vault wall. The boys froze as his limp body crashed to the floor.

“I have NO patience for this kind of bullshit fact I'm a little offended that the Don would disrespect me so much by sending a bunch of kindergarteners to try and rob me. When lil' Mario first came to me with the information about tonight's little party, I was excited. I had hoped to get to meet the famous Paulo Sangiovanni. I had been looking forward to sending the Don's favorite nephew's head to him as a gift.” The boys surveyed the layout of the room as Czykorzski spoke.

There were three men to the left of Czykorzski and the limp body of the Curator, one to his right, nearest the door, and one had moved in behind the boys.

“Oh well...” Czykorzski raised his brow as he handed the gun back to his guard, “I guess that you're little pricks will have to suffice...”

He pulled a butterfly knife from his pocket. A series of twists of his large wrist and the long steel blade was revealed. The man behind the boys grabbed hold of Ghost. Switch moved into protect his lover but was met by the cold muzzle of a gun on his temple. Czykorzski brought the tip of the blade to Ghost's crotch and traced around his bulge.

“I suppose we'll start with the little one first then,” he smiled down at Ghost as the man behind him ratcheted his young arms up behind his back and then with one hand forced his pants down.

“Well well!” Czykorzski laughed, “perhaps I mis-spoke young appears that you're not so little after all.”

Czykorzski tapped the blade against Ghosts plump cock. Ghost flinched as the cold blade kissed his tender meat.

“Kind of a pity that you won't ever get to use it big man!” Czykorzski laughed.

“Such a shame your never gonna get to see it in action...” Switch smiled, “or anything else for that matter!”

“What the fuck are you talking about you little shit?” Czykorzski flashed Switch an angry glare.

“I just meant that you should prolly close your eyes...'eh boys?” Switch made eye contact with his crew.

“You're beginning to annoy me you ignorant little fuck!” Czykorzski growled.

“Why's he gotta be all at?” Trick smirked.

The boys closed their eyes, the others never noticed the two shiny balls roll into the room. BOOM! The room was flooded with a fury of brilliant white light. Czykorzski and his guards screamed in agony as their eyes were blinded. The trio flew out of the room and down the hallway. They rounded the corner as a flurry of bullets showered the passage. The crew raced down the service corridor. Czykorzski had regained his sight and had rallied his guards to their feet. The men stumbled at first and then lunged down the hallway after the boys.

The boys crashed through the doors leading to the still flooded west wing. They slid across the floor and ended up in a heap in the middle of the large room. Two guards standing by the entrance to the west wing saw them and began shouting for them to freeze. Ghost sprang to his feet, his pants now securely back around his small waist. He flipped them off as the rest of the boys made it off the floor. The crew headed for the back of the room. They stopped at the locked door and Switch began to throw commands into his handheld. The guards drew their weapons and ran towards the boys. Before they could get to them, an explosion of gunfire ripped through the hall and sent both of the guards crashing to the floor. Czykorzski and his guards had entered the room and were now taking aim at the boys. Jimmy grabbed into his pack and took another shiny metal ball from it. Switch got into the security system and opened the door. As the crew plowed through it, Jimmy chucked the ball into the air. It exploded in a deafening concussion blast and the pursuing men hit the floor. Switch and Trick stopped in the hallway and took the packs from the Brother's.

“You two go ahead,” Switch yelled, “take this and get us some wheels!”

Switch handed the Brother's a scanner box and sent them on their way. He and Trick reached into the packs and withdrew two modified Simmons 45 cal. automatics. Ghost took the packs from them and pulled out a pair of mod Glocks. Trick and Switch looked astonished as the young boy popped clips into the weapons.

“Well I see someone got over their stand on guns!” Trick smirked.

“Oh hell no that muthafucker did not put a knife on my dick!” he growled.

The trio once again set off. They turned and saw Czykorzski's men pursuing them.

“Did we get the fucker with that concussion grenade!?” Ghost yelled.

“I don't know...and I don't wanna stick around to find out!” Trick yelled back as the trio crashed through another set of doors and entered another large exhibit room. They wanted to lead the men away from the Brother's in hopes that they would be given enough time to get a vehicle. They heard gunfire as the doors slammed open behind them. Trick and Switch kept running as Ghost dropped to his knees in a slide as he spun around to face the advancing men. Both Glocks ripped open as he showered them with a flurry of lead. The modified automatics sprayed into the room. Two men hit the floor, clutching their legs. The remaining three split apart and returned the fire. Ghost completed the spin and sprang back to his feet. Switch and Trick made it to the door and laid down a barrage of fire allowing Ghost to race through.

“That one dude!” Joshua pointed at a beautiful Jaguar.

“That's a two seater you dipshit!” Jimmy glared.

“Well...fine!” Joshua laughed, “which one then.”

“Which ever one this thing'll open!” Jimmy pointed the scanner box at the sea of parked cars and turned it on.

The LCD screen flickered as number sequences flashed across the screen. A symphony of beeps and horn blasts filled the night air.

“There!” Joshua pointed to an H2, “fuckin' perfect.”

The boys ran to the large SUV. Jimmy pointed the scanner box at it again and this time held down the green button on the keypad. Another sequence of flashes and the H2's engine roared to life.

“Fuckin' love remote ignition...muthafuckers think their soooo slick!” Jimmy laughed as the pair climbed inside and lurched the SUV into gear.

“They're ready!” Switch called out to Trick and Ghost, both occupied at the doorway exchanging gunfire with the men inside the hall.

“FUCK!” Switch yelled, “two teams of security guards are coming this way. We've gotta get the fuck outta here before this turns into a goddamn bloodbath.”

“Let's roll then!” Trick chucked the last concussion grenade through the door and grabbed Ghost as they ran from the blast.

The trio ran down the long hallway towards the shipping bays. They sprang onto the loading dock ramps and Switch sent a command to the security system to open the bay doors. The giant metal doors croaked upwards letting in the night air. The boys saw the two teams of security guards coming down the stairs into the shipping bay. As the trio approached the now open bay door, they saw the Brother's spin the H2 towards the docks and back in to collect them. Gunfire hailed from the hallway and Ghost hit the ground.

“Ghost!” Switch screamed as he watched the small boy slam to the hard ground.

Trick sent a hale of bullets towards the hallway. The men scattered at the opening. Switch tried to get to the boy but fire from the stairs sent him back behind the bay door. Ghost picked up his head and smiled at Switch. He flipped over onto his back and let the auto Glocks rip. The guards on the stairs all hit the ground as the storm of lead plastered the iron stairs. Ghost shot up onto his feet and ran for the door. Seeing he was ok, Trick and Switch jumped into the open back of the H2.

“Kick it Jimmy!” Trick shouted.

The H2 peeled out of the end of the loading bay and began its run. Ghost ran alongside it on the dock. He gave Switch a wink as he flung himself into the air. Switch stretched out his arms to catch his lover as he saw Czykorzski step out onto the loading dock. A single shot ripped through the night air as Ghost slammed into Switch's waiting arms. He pulled the boy tightly to him as the H2 sped off into the darkness.

“Nice moves Ghosty!” Trick laughed as he held onto the seat of the H2.

“You ok Switch?” Joshua laughed, “fuck Ghosty...ya almost took 'em out!”

“You ok babe?” Switch smiled at the Ghost.

Ghost smiled back, his sweet eyes locked on his lover's.

“S.Sorry..I f..fucked up Switch..” Ghost began to tear.

“You didn't fuck up did gre...” Switch felt the warm blood covering his hands as he held onto his young lover.

Aw God! Aw No!” Switch screamed.

“Jesus Christ!” Trick watched as Ghost's little head slumped over and a trickle of blood ran out of his mouth.

“JIMMY!” Switch screamed, “get us to County Hospital!”

“I'm callin' the Don right now Switch,” Trick quickly worked the cell phone in his shaking hands, “he'll know what to do”

“Don't you die on me Collin...” Austin held the young boy's limp body closely to his own.

Austin continued stroking his hair as they reached the County Hospital ER. The young boy never moved.

To be concluded.....

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