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The Boys of August

Chapter VI ~ Finale

“I thought I'd lost you,” Austin's eyes glassed as he caressed the soft cheek of his young lover.

I'm not going anywhere,” Collin whispered sweetly as he held the hand to his face.

The pair moved in each other's arms as they laid on the large bed. Collin rolled Austin onto his stomach and climbed on top of him. He kissed gently down his teen lover's back and swirled his tongue around the small dip just before his round cheeks. Austin moaned softly as Collin pulled his cheeks apart, revealing the pink hole in between. Austin spread his legs for his lover, giving him full access to his tender flesh. Collin kissed the wrinkled skin of Austin's ring sending shivers coursing through his teen body. The young boy ate at the hot flesh until it was well lubricated. He backed off and positioned his plump meat at the opening. Austin cried out in pleasure as Collin sunk his cock deep into his ass. Collin pulled his prick all the way out before plunging it back in again. Now he rode a steady pace into the teen's hungry hole.

“Ohhh Collin,” Austin groaned, “fuck me Collin...”


Austin struggled from his dream, sat up in bed, and searched the empty room around him. Nothing.

It had been three weeks since Collin's death and Austin was still waking every morning from the same nightmare. He spent most of his time trying not to cry. He had rarely left his own bed.

Austin had not been able to summon the strength to go to the memorial service at the Godwin Funeral Home. He just couldn't bear the sight of the young boy's casket, nor the empty sentiments from his Aunt Pattie. The Brother's had gone. They said that no one really showed up other than a few of his Aunt's drinking buddies. Austin had cried that night as he longed for the warmth of Collin's small body.

The Brother's had left the next day for Canada with their father. Out of gratitude for their help with her job, Ms. Burns had agreed to turn a blind eye as the newly reunited family set out for a better life in Canada. Austin would miss them terribly, but he knew that they would be happy with their father, and their new life.

Trick had been by to check in on him a few times since that night at the museum, but Austin had refused to leave his room.

It was today, that Austin had agreed to meet his old friend at the cemetery. To say one final goodbye.

“It's good to see you out of the house man,” Shawn gave his old friend a warm hug as the two met at the entrance to the cemetery.

“Sorry I haven't been around,” Austin scanned nervously over the rows of tombstones.

“Are you ready?” Shawn took his hand.

The pair walked through the rows of gravestones. They took a turn around a large oak tree and paused before a small cement marker. Austin clung to Shawn for support as he read Collin's name on the cheap marker. Austin began to weep as he fell to his knees. Shawn stayed by his side for a few minutes before allowing the broken teen a moment alone with his lover.

I'm so sorry Collin,” Austin spoke through tears, “I never thought we'd get hurt...I never thought we'd ever lose. I guess we were just a bunch of stupid fucking kids eh? I'm so sorry..”

Austin's head fell into his hands as he wept. Shawn returned and helped the teen to his feet. They walked from the graveside to a marble picnic table beneath another giant oak.

“I know you don't wanna hear this Austin...” Shawn held his friend's hand, “but it wasn't your fault. It wasn't anyone's fault. We all knew the risks. Ghost knew them too. He died doing what he loved, and in the arms of the one person he really loved. You.”

“I know that in my head Shawn,” Austin wiped his eyes, “but I can't stop hurting inside.”

“You will my friend,” Shawn smiled, “in time you will.” Both boys had seemed to have grown up more since the loss of their friend.

The pair strolled through the green grass of the cemetery as they talked.

“You get to see the Brother's before they left?” Shawn asked, lighting a cigarette.

“Yeah,” Austin took a drag and then handed it back to Shawn, “I met their father as they all headed out. He's a really cool guy. I think they'll be happy.”

“Yeah,” Shawn smiled in agreement.

“What about you?” Austin took another drag of his friend's smoke.

“I've gone to work for the Don full time,” Austin cringed somewhat at the mention of Don Sangiovanni's name, “I'm heading out for Miami in a couple of days to work with Paulo.”

“I'm sure you'll do well down there Trick,” Austin smiled, “you always do.”

“He wants to see you by the way,” Shawn stopped smiling, “that's one of the main reasons I insisted on you coming today. He wants to see you tomorrow.”

“I don't wanna see him,” Austin growled, “besides, I'm outta here tomorrow.”

“Where will you go?”

“I'm not sure yet,” Austin looked out over the graveyard, “I just have to get away from here.”

“What about your folks?” Shawn knew the answer.

“Fuck 'em,” Austin sighed, “we were never really all that great of a family before they went away. I'm sure they'll be just as happy without me around.”

“Well,” Shawn smiled, “I wish you the best wherever you end up. You know you've always got a friend in me.”

“I know Shawn...thanks,” the pair hugged again.

“Oh by the way,” Shawn flicked out his cigarette, “the Don wasn't really asking.”

“I figured as much,” Austin smirked.

Austin took one last look over the building that had been his home. He had no feelings of belonging here anymore. He had left a letter for his parents with the note for his Grandmother. He grabbed his two back packs, and got into the taxi.

The unmistakable smell of Don Sangiovanni's office filled his nose and lungs. He had once loved the smell...the smell of corruption and money and power. Now he hated ever setting foot inside its walls. He was led into the large office and sat down in one of leather chairs in front of the over sized desk.

“Awww il mio triste triste ragazzo,” Don Sangiovanni shook his head in sympathy at the sight of the shell of a teen in front of him, “Shawn tells me you have barely left your room since...well...since young Collin's death.”

Austin said nothing, but his eyes began to glass somewhat.

“Such bad bad business we men do here on this earth,” the Don was being sincere...Austin didn't care, “to lose one so young is a crime in its own.”

Still nothing from the teen.

“And now I hear that you will be leaving my great city?” the Don sat back in his chair and lit a cigar.

“Yes Sir,” he finally spoke.

“And where will you go?”

“I don't care...just anywhere but here.”

“Well...” the Don sat forward, “I have one last favor to ask of you. And in return, although I know that you are leaving, I will guarantee your parents safety in your absence.”

“What is it?” Austin didn't care really, but he did want to know that his parents would be safe.

“I need you to accompany a very important package to Los Angeles. You will fly out on a private jet this afternoon. Once the package is safely in LA, the plane will take you anywhere in the world you wish to disappear to. There will also be a briefcase with enough money for you to start a new life.”

“That's it,” Austin looked up, “all I have to do is carry it to LA? Nothing else?”

“That's it mio ragazzo,” the Don smiled.

“What's the package?” Austin wiped his sweaty brow.

“Something very special...” the Don smiled.

The side door to the Don's office opened slowly. A small figure appeared in the shadows and began to step nearer to the light. Austin's heart shocked inside his body as the figure stepped into the light, then dropped to the floor as a small boy of about 8 walked over to the desk with a metal briefcase. Austin fought back tears as the little boy gave the Don a hug and a kiss on the lips.

“Ah dolce,” the Don smiled at the boy and then sent him on his way, “my Grandson Silviano. He's such a sweet boy to kiss his Poppa. it is.”

The Don opened the case and pulled from its velvet lined interior a large cross. Austin winced in pain at the sight of the cross.

“Yes mio ragazzo,” the Don took a puff from his cigar, “this is the same cross you were hired to find for me. Would you like to hold it?”

“No thank you Sir,” Austin hissed.

“What's the matter?” the Don played dumb.

“That thing cost me the one person I ever really loved. I hate it,” Austin scowled at the piece of gold in the Don's hands.

“Well,” the Don confessed as he returned the cross to its resting place, “I can understand that.”

“When do I leave?” Austin straightened up his face.

“In one hour,” the Don gave a compassionate smile to the sorrow stricken teen.

“Thank you for all of your help Don Sangiovanni,” Austin got up from the leather chair and headed for the door.

“Austin,” the Don called out causing the teen to turn around, tears forming in his eyes, “stay close to that cross. I realize that you hate it now...but you may find that if you put your faith in may lead you back to what you've lost.”

“Nothing can bring me back now,” a single tear ran over his cheek, “thank you for your kind words Don.”

“May God bless you my child,” with that Austin left the office.

Austin said nothing to the limousine driver as they made their way to the airport. The long black car rolled along the winding road to the charter flights terminal. Austin climbed out of the limousine and took his bags from the driver, opting to walk into the small building on his own. Once inside, he gave the women behind the counter his name.

“Well hello Austin,” she smiled, “we've been expecting you. That's your flight right there.”

The women pointed to a large Gulfstream II about 100 yards from the terminal. Austin could see the exhaust fumes from the engines and knew that it was ready to go.

“I'll take your bags for you sir,” an older man in a flight uniform spoke from behind the teen.

Austin handed him the two back packs but held onto the briefcase.

“We can leave whenever you're ready sir,” the old man smiled as he left the terminal.

Austin gave a fake smile as he watched the old man exit the building. He saw the old man walk across the tarmac towards the plane. A baggage tram passed in between them. As the cars passed in front of him he could make out the man's shape through the breaks. He squinted his eyes, trying hard to make out what seemed like a small figure standing on the other side of the tram. He froze as he made out the shape of Collin's face. His heart filled again as he was sure he was staring right at his lover's sweet smile. But the tram finally cleared and the tarmac sat empty. Austin almost collapsed as his heart sank yet again. If he could have died right then...he would have. He turned back to the counter to pick up the briefcase. As he stood up the women behind the counter stared at his pale face.

“Are you alright son?” she looked concerned.

“I'm fine,” he lied.

“Are you sure sweetie?” she smiled sympathetically.

“Yeah...I'm fine,” he could feel his heart bleeding within his chest.

“Alright,” she smiled, “you just looked like you've seen a ghost or something.”

He has..,” a small voice broke in from the doorway.

Austin recognized the voice and started to slowly turn around, now believing that he had finally just gone insane. His eyes filled with tears as he turned completely and stared at the doorway. He lips began to tremble and his legs grew weak. Overcome by his emotions, he took three steps towards the door and then just collapsed onto his knees. Now crying uncontrollably, he stretched out his arms and lowered his head. Collin fell into his waiting arms and held onto his lover as the boy wept. Austin slowly closed his arms around the boy, and upon feeling his heartbeat against his chest, he pulled the boy tightly into his body.'re dead....I heard the doctor say that you were dead?” Austin continued to sob.

Shhh...” Collin soothed his lover, “I'm just fine...”

“But how...”

The doctor's were paid off by the Don. By the time I had made it out of surgery, the news channels had already broadcast the story of what went down at the museum. The Don knew that Czykorzski would be on his way to the hospital to find us. So he had the doctors report that I had been killed, and got you all out of there. I was taken by helicopter to a private hospital up state. The bullet lodged in one of my kidneys so that had to go...which kinda sucks cuz now I have to go take a piss like every 15 minutes.... but least I'm still here. Other than that...I'm totally fine. The Don said that I had to stay hidden until Paulo found Czykorzski and took him out. Until wasn't safe for any of us if I showed back up. Paulo tracked him down in Boston two days ago can imagine the rest. But it's all over now.”

“But I saw your grave....I know you're dead!” Austin dried his eyes...still afraid to let himself believe.

I know...what a cheap bitch hey!?” Collin laughed.

I...I thought I lost you,” Austin smiled at his young love, now believing.

I know,” Collin kissed him on the lips, tasting the saline tears, “but I'm not going anywhere without you again!”

“I believe you,” Austin held him tightly again.

“Check out this plane dude!” Collin led him to the door and out onto the tarmac, “they're gonna take us anywhere we wanna go...they even said that we are welcome to come live with them!”

“Who?” Austin wondered.

“Them,” Collin pointed to the two figures standing on the top of the steps leading to the plane, “and they're really nice people.”

Austin could now make out the shapes of a women and a small boy standing at the entrance to the private jet.

“Ok pal,” he stood behind his lover as they both looked up at them, “I'll go anywhere with you...I love you.”

“I love you too,” Collin smiled up at the teen as he leaned in to kiss him. The pair met in a warm embrace, their young mouths filling with each other's love.

“They look happy now Xin Mae,” the little boy smiled at the women.

“Yes they do Jack,” she smiled back, “yes they do. Now be a good boy and run go tell the pilot that we're almost ready to go.”

“Ok!” the small boy bounded into the plane.


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