The Boys Stayed Over
A few years back, when I was 18, I had a chance to be a youth councilor in the midwest.  I was involved with an organization for boys as young as thirteen years old.

A lot of times, I would have boys spend a weekend at the house while they were in town for some event.  This particular weekend, a conference was going on and two of the boys came in from a town about two hours south from where I lived.

Grant was the older of the two at fifteen, blond and gorgeous.  He was the type that every child and most adults looked up to with the right mixture of self esteem, good looks and intelligence.  On top of all of that, was just an extremely nice guy.  Brent was two years younger than Grant and while not quite as good looking, he was still boyish and attractive in  a more selective way with his jet black hair.

As the day came to a close, we were back at my small apartment.  On the way, the boys had talked me into copping them some wine coolers.  Being under twenty-one myself, that was no easy feat, but things do happen!

We settled in for the evening and were waiting for the pizza to be delivered, and I told Grant and Brent that I was going to get comfortable so I got into my thick bathrobe and tied it around me, wearing only that and my white footies.  When I got back to the living room, the boys had already gotten undressed and were both wearing different color plaid boxers and white sox's.  Brent had no top on while Grant had on a white T-shirt.

After the pizza the boys were drinking the wine cooler like pop and we all were watching HBO.  I was just drinking pop and let the boys think I was drinking harder!  I could tell that both of them were getting that warm fuzzy feeling when Brent started harassing me in a playful manner.  I made some crack about the "wine cooler" talking and Brent made some common comment about not feeling anything (too tough no doubt).

I went into the kitchen and produced some shot glasses and some root beer schnapps.  I said that I was going to save it but if the coolers were not doing anything...

We all toasted the movie or something and I poured another round.  Grant said that he was fine, but Brent was more than willing!  He said that he just knew that he could drink me under the table.  So after about a bottle of schnapps....Brent was stumbling around falling on Grant and myself!  Grant look over at me and said "watch this!"  He started gently wrestling with Brent and pulled his Brents' boxers off!  I didn't think Brent was even aware!  Grant got up and handed me Brents' boxers and said "guess I won" and sat back on the couch.

"All you need now is a trophy" I said as I went to the closet and pulled out my Polaroid camera.  "Smile Brent" and he did and I took a couple of wonderful nude shots of him and handed Grant one.  Grant was getting Brent into the mood for more shots by talking him into different "muscle-man" poses, again Brent was oblivious to the fact that he was nude!  By the time that I ran out of film (dratts!) Brent was enjoying the attention and I noticed not a small tent jutting out in front of Grant's Boxers.

I suggested to Grant that maybe Brent was in the right condition to take care of his "problem".  Grant smiled that adorable smile of his and pulled his top and boxers off and laid down next to Brent and placed Brents hand on Grant's penis.  Brent look confused but did grab hold and started stroking it.  Grant looked at me and I just smiled and held up my hands as if to say-I won't tell-and Grant moved his midsection so that he was now straddling Brents face and started easing his dick into Brents mouth.  Brent took grants six inches and started fondling his own dick.  Opening my robe I started taking a little inventory myself!  Grant pulled his member out of Brents mouth with a slurpy pop and rolled Brent over.  I reached under my couch and slid a bottle of hand lotion over to Grant who was still smiling that -that great smile.  Grant lubed himself up and inserted a finger into Brent while jacking himself.  Brent was starting to moan and did not seem to mind at this point.

Staring in disbelief at what I was witnessing, I watched as Grant started to insert himself into Brent.  I could tell that this was new ground for both of them, as they were a little clumsy, which only added to the excitement!  Finally, Grant started entering Brent until he was fully inserted into his thirteen year old friend.  Grant pulled Brent up to all fours and slowly started working himself out and back in again.  Not having any air conditioning at the time, both boys were glistening with sweat as I worked my way around to Brents mouth and parted my robe completely.  I guided Brents mouth to my own cock as Grant was starting to find his rhythm.  Grants smile turned to lust at this point as I could see the explosion was starting to happen deep in his loins.  Brent was licking my balls as i pulled Grants hot mouth to mine and kissed his lips and felt his tongue part mine slightly.  He then started pumping harder on Brent grabbing each golden hip with his hands and thrusting for all that he was worth when Grant flung his head back and let lose a gasp as he shot his load filling young Brent with his own hot cum.

 I fell backwards as the whole pile leaned forward.  Pulling Brent away, I flipped him over so that he was on his back, lying his head on Grants crotch.  Taking Brents' dick into my own mouth i started working him in and out of my mouth until he got harder and harder with his breathing getting hotter until he shot three quick loads into my mouth, gagging me on the fourth as I pulled him out of my mouth and he continue to shoot onto his chest.  I wiped what had landed there off and started jacking my throbbing cock and pulled Brent closer to me, placing his legs above my shoulders and inserted into his waiting ass.  Feeling that tight thirteen year old hole lined with Grants cum was too much and I cam almost immediately still savoring his taste in my mouth.

That is how we slept that night...