Later on that night that
The Boys Stayed Over

I must have been dreaming...had I just saw fifteen year old Grant take the virginity of thirteen year old Brent?  Did I partake of Brent myself, guiding his mouth to my throbbing dick and then joining Grants cum with my own, in Brents tight ass?

Reality was sinking in as I was awaken from my sleep on the floor of my small apartment.  Something cold  and wet was between my the sleep was being washed away, I realized that Grant had parted my legs and was fingering my own hole!  As I started to protest, Grant covered my mouth with his own, gently nibbling on my lips as he inserted his own young manhood into my ass.  The burning sensation was shooting through me-first in one hot flash that followed by a wave of smaller pains that were teasing me in an erotic game of passion.  Soon Grant was all of the way in and he started sliding in and out gaining heat as he gained momentum.  All I could do was hold Grant tight-He pulled my head closer to his shoulder and I started kissing his neck, his shoulder-as he started slamming his tight young body against mine I started biting at his shoulder, taking the taste of his salty flesh into my mouth.  We were covered in our sweat as he kept entering me with harder and harder strokes.

I don't remember how but suddenly I found myself on all fours with Grant taking me doggie style.  I remember seeing Brent getting to his knees in front of me, stroking his own  boy meat and driving it into my face.  I barely had time to gasp for breath as Brent buried his dick in me till my mouth was at his small patch of pubes.  Grant was continuing to drive himself home up my sore ass as Brent grabbed either side of my head and started using me as a jack off toy.

Totally at there mercy and desires, I tried to breath, to catch a breath when I could, but they kept plowing away.  Having came earlier they were now ready for the long hall and they showed it.  I was feeling absolutely nothing but erotic passion at this point.  I cared not of the act or any sense of pain.  Brent and Grant were doing as they pleased pushing deeper and deeper into me further each time that I thought they could go no deeper, they did.

Brent then pulled out of my mouth and said something that I was in no condition to make out.  Brent laid on his back under me and Grant pushed me down on top of him.  I was now sandwiched between Brent who was laying on his back and Grant who was laying on top of me, his Dick still plowed deep inside me.

I felt Brents hands between my legs, as he started fingering my anus as Grant was slowly working his cock out and in.  Grant paused as he was exiting and I felt yet another sharp pain.  Brent was attempting to push his dick up my ass!  Having trouble doing that, Grant pulled all of the way out and replaced his dick with two then three and finally four fingers and his thumb-all clenched into one wedge grinding at my ass and pushing up into it.  Finally he stopped and grabbed both his and Brents dicks and pushed both heads against my anus.  This time with yet a bigger blast of pain-They both had entered.  Brent was just laying and holding me tight, not letting me move as Grant got both of their teenage shafts buried deep within me.  Then Grant again returned to fucking me.  Harder and harder he drove until I got delirious with all of my senses overloading.  Brent did not even have to move.  With Grant doing all of the work, I felt Brent tense of and nearly cut off my breathing with the grip he put on me as he came up my ass.  I swore I felt yet another explosion of fire between my legs as Brent came with a fury.

Brents member fell out as Grant was building up his own orgasm!  With one or two hard thrusts Grant yelled out as he too filled me with his cum.  Still totally inside of me, dripping with sweat, Grant grabbed my dick and stroked it violently till I shot my own load.  Shot after shot I came till Grant finally released me and collapsed on top of me.  His sweat mixing with my semen as we again drifted out of consciousness...