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Brandon and Alex

Chapter Forty Eight

When he woke the next morning Brandon was spooning Alex, his arms wrapped around the slightly smaller frame of his boyfriend. He woke with a start, caused by his father's knocking on the door to his bedroom. Brandon had locked the door to his room when he and Alex had come upstairs from the Jacuzzi, so his father had not been able to just walk in on them - but his father had asked them to be more discreet. "Brandon, open the door!" he heard his father calling to him from the other side.

"Just a minute Dad!" he called back as he jumped out of the bed, looking for something to put on. Brandon's abrupt movement and the shouting back and forth between them had awakened Alex. When Brandon had left the bed, he had kicked the sheets off, leaving Alex nearly completely uncovered.

Alex quickly pulled the sheets over himself as Brandon donned the closest pair of underwear he was able to find - the pair that Alex had discarded on his floor when they went to bed. They were a little small, but they did cover him. When he opened the door to his room, his father stepped in and looked around, surveying the mess typically found in any teenaged boy's bedroom. There were clothes strewn about the floor, video game cartridges and controllers scattered in front of the television, and CDs lying about in the vicinity of the stereo. Brandon's dad shook his head in mild despair.

"Mom's got breakfast about ready," he announced. "You guys get cleaned up and come eat. Then I think you'd better plan on cleaning up some of this mess. It's going to start smelling even worse than it does in here now." Brandon's father wrinkled his nose and made a face for emphasis as he concluded his statement. He shook his head again, and left.

There was a pervasive smell in the room - even though it had been hours since the two had had sex the last time before finally going to sleep. Alex looked at Brandon - both had sheepish grins on their faces. "He's right, Bran... It does sort of stink in here," Alex said, and then lowering his voice, he added, "and it smells a lot like sex." This was followed by a little giggle.

Brandon bent over, grabbed a t-shirt that was lying next to him on the floor. He wadded it up and threw it at Alex. Despite the fact that there was no way it would have hurt at all, Alex reflexively ducked to the side as the cloth approached him, opening up as it did.

Brandon shut the door, which his father had left open as he left to go help his wife finish fixing breakfast. "C'mon," he said to Alex. "It'll save time if we have a quick shower together."

"No messing around?" Alex asked.

"No, no adding to the smell ... it's bad enough already. And we can't take too long or Dad will be back to look for us."

Alex nodded that he agreed and scampered off into the bathroom. Brandon pushed the underwear he had pulled on just moments before back down his legs and followed Alex a moment later. When Brandon entered the bathroom, Alex was already in the shower. Brandon slid the frosted glass door open and stepped in to join him. They took turns soaping up and standing under the spray to rinse off. There wasn't much contact between them, aside from brushing against each other as they changed positions.

When they were finished, they dried each other with large, plush towels, then they went down to have breakfast with Brandon's parents. When they came into the kitchen, Brandon's mother dropped eggs into a frying pan. She knew that both boys like their eggs fried over medium. There was a platter of bacon and sausage on the table, and both boys grabbed a couple slices of bacon to munch on while they waited for their eggs to cook. A few minutes later, Patricia MacMillan set plates down in front of them, each with two fried eggs and slices of toast. They each added a couple pieces of sausage and more strips of bacon, then they both dug in hungrily.

"So what are your plans for the day?" Patricia asked as she watched the boys devour the food.

"My parents were thinking of taking my cousins to Splash Island," Alex piped up. "Can Brandon come along too?"

"As long as it's alright with your parents," Brad answered. "We wouldn't want to intrude if it's supposed to be a family thing, right Brandon?"

"No, of course not," Brandon answered. He was thinking about the day they had been there for a mutual friend's birthday party, a party that another cousin of Alex's had given them a ride to. And he was remembering the way Alex had been walking that day, as if he were sore. Brandon had found out the real reason for that later that night. Brandon shifted in his seat, trying to adjust his growing erection without being noticed. The thoughts he was having about their last trip to the water park was getting him seriously aroused.

Alex caught on immediately to what Brandon was doing - he was having similar thoughts. He was even considering wearing the butt plug again. There was little danger of it causing him to noticeably walk funny now, as he was no longer unaccustomed to it. "May I use the phone please?" he asked, wanting to call home to get permission for Brandon to join them.

A few minutes later, everything was set. Brandon and Alex would be going to the water park with Alex's family to spend the day.

* * *

The next morning, Melissa Farmer was still fuming. She had spent most of the night lying in bed sleepless, thinking - thinking about Kelly and that boy. She knew Doug's name, but she held so much hatred for him that she wasn't able to bring herself to even think it.

`He actually peed on me,' she thought. `That disgusting boy peed on me...' The more she thought about it, the madder she got. And she couldn't stop herself from thinking more and more about it.

She knew that she needed to do something to save the boy she was so madly in love with from the decadent life he was being drawn into. There was no way that Kelly could be a fag... He was supposed to be her boyfriend. She wished there was someone she could talk to for advice about what to do - but if she did that, she would have to admit that the boy she had her heart set on was doing `those things' with another boy: things he should be doing with her, after they were married of course.

There had to be something she could do to drive a wedge between them, to force them apart so she could take her rightful place at Kelly's side - but what? Her previous plan of confronting Doug when she saw him together with Kelly at the mall had failed miserably - not to mention leaving her horribly embarrassed. There was no way she was going to allow that to happen again. `Maybe there's someone at the church I can talk to, but without saying who I'm talking about - so I can protect Kelly's identity,' she thought.

Melissa decided she should pray about it. In the end, the only thing that came into her mind was to take it to someone at her church - so in her mind, that was the answer to her prayer, predestined though it was. She wasn't sure who it was that she could take her problem to - that would keep it completely confidential, but in her mind, she knew that God would show her the way.

* * *

Joey was sitting up in bed when Kyle woke next to him. Groggily, Kyle shucked the covers off and stumbled toward the bathroom, still not completely awake. He needed to pee, and getting into the bathroom was the only thing Kyle's semi-conscious mind was able to focus on. After he flushed the toilet, Kyle brushed his teeth and washed his face. He was a lot more awake when he came back into his bedroom.

Now he noticed the look on Joey's face. "What's wrong," he asked.

"I - I just keep thinking - that was so wrong... You know what they were doing. It's like they were putting on a show for us. And then those other two guys - the twins - the ones that were clapping when they finished. That was just too weird."

Joey was referring to Chris and Riley Jensen, friends of Kelly's who had shown up in the woods at some point when their attention was distracted by the show Doug and Kelly were putting on in front of them. Kyle and Joey had dressed and left pretty quickly after Kelly had introduced the twin brothers. It was very awkward for both of them, covering their genitals as best they could with one hand, and shaking hands with the twin brothers with the other as Kelly made the introductions. Joey and Kyle dressed and returned to the old pavilion where they had left their bikes earlier as quickly as they could after that.

"Yeah," Kyle agreed. "That was pretty strange. Kelly and Doug both seemed pretty casual about it... even though Doug must not have met them before - Kelly introduced him too, did ya notice that?"

"Yeah, what was up with that?" Joey knew that Kyle had been seeing Doug, however briefly before they had met.

"Well, I kinda think he's got some exhibitionist tendencies," Kyle told him. Kyle hadn't told Joey about the reason his relationship with Doug had been aborted at such an early stage, at least not all of it, and Joey hadn't tried to pry into it, yet.

"Why do you say that?" he asked. His curiosity was aroused after thinking about what Kyle had just told him.

"I don't know, that's just the feeling I got. Things just didn't work out that well, so I'd just really rather not think about it that much, you know?" Kyle wasn't able to quite meet his eyes as he said that, so Joey considered that he should probably just let that subject drop - at least for the moment. But he did tuck away a mental note to ask Kyle more about this later, when, or if the time was right.

"That's fine - we don't have to talk about it if you don't want to. I'm sorry I ran off with your pants, by the way. None of that shit would have happened if I hadn't done that." Joey was very sincere in his apology.

"Don't worry about it... You really had no way of knowing any of that shit would happen," Kyle told him. "So it's all good - nothing but a thing."

Kyle leaned over and pulled Joey down so he was lying flat on his back in the bed. An instant later he was lying halfway across the younger boy, kissing him passionately. Their tongues met and began to move together, almost as if in a tiny, private ballet. As they kissed, Kyle felt the tip of Joey's erection begin to lightly touch the side of his stomach. He knew from the way it moved up and down, just a little against him that Joey's dick was hard and twitching. He could also detect a little wetness on his side as it moved against him. So Kyle knew full well that his boyfriend was leaking pre-cum.

Kyle's stiffness was pressed fully against Joey's thigh, so there was no doubt left in Joey's mind at all that his lover was as hard as he could possibly get. The only question that seemed to remain as they pressed their bodies together was how long either would last before succumbing to the intense arousal they were both experiencing.

Kyle was able to hump against Joey's leg, pressing his shaft between them, creating friction. That would have given him a slight advantage had they been in a race, but they weren't - and both of them wanted the feelings to last as long as possible. Joey pushed against Kyle, using a leg for leverage to roll him over so that their positions were nearly exactly reversed. The advantage had suddenly shifted.

Finally their lips parted. "God, that was just so intense," Joey observed, still moving lightly against Kyle's leg.

"Yeah, and if you don't stop humping my leg like some sort of horny little puppy, you'll squirt any second now."

Joey rolled off of him and sat cross-legged facing him, trying his best to look hurt. It didn't work, and soon they were both laughing at the situation. Kyle reached up, grabbed Joey and pulled him back into an embrace. Seconds later they were rolling around on the mattress, arms and legs intertwined, each trying to once again gain a position of superiority.

Kyle's greater size and weight eventually won out, and he ended up with Joey pinned beneath him, a hand on each of Joey's shoulders as he straddled him. Kyle eased his butt down until he felt the middle of Joey's throbbing shaft press against his crack. It was sandwiched between his ass and Joey's pubic area. Grinning, Kyle began to rub himself up and down its length. He could easily see in Joey's expression the effect this was having on him. He could also feel the tip of Joey's erection as his balls brushed against it as he moved. Then, suddenly, Joey closed his eyes and his face scrunched up. Kyle knew this was Joey's `cum face.' He was only fractions of a second from blowing his load.

Kyle lifted up and moved backward quickly. He managed to get the tip of Joey's cock into his mouth just before he began to cum. It wasn't a massive ejaculation, but the four squirts that entered Kyle's mouth tasted so sweet that he didn't care. He swallowed quickly, and applied as much suction as he possibly could, trying to coax more of Joey's semen up the pulsing rod and into his mouth. But there just wasn't any left.

Kyle raised his head, looking Joey in his eyes. Then he licked his lips, not that any of Joey's offering had escaped. Joey reached up, grabbing Kyle behind his head with both hands and pulled him down for another kiss. His tongue entered Kyle's mouth almost immediately, but he found only a faint trace of his seed left there.

* * *

Chris and Riley Jensen looked at each other over the breakfast table. There was unspoken communication between them, something not at all uncommon for twins to share. It was as if they were each able to read the other's mind - typical for twins. They were both wondering about their friend, Kelly Tucker. Could it be that he was actually gay? That was the thought going through each of their heads.

It was certainly possible. There was that night he had had sex with the both of them, and he had been completely submissive that night - allowed them both to enter his mouth and his ass. Yesterday afternoon was different from that, sort of. He had still been completely submissive to everything the boy he was with had wanted to do, but in that situation, the other boy had wanted him to be the penetrator. Then there were the two other boys watching them have sex. And both of them had been naked as well - and pretty hard from watching Kelly screwing Doug. That point hadn't escaped the notice of either twin.

Later, after breakfast, the twins went for a walk on the beach. It was convenient for them since their house was only a block off the water. "So what are we then?" Chris asked his brother. I mean, we did have sex with Kelly that one night... And we got hard watching him boink that Doug guy yesterday... Does that make us gay?"

"Nah," Riley answered. "We like girls, besides, guys our age experiment like that sometimes. I read about it on the internet. It doesn't mean anything."

"But what about getting hard while we watched them yesterday?" Chris questioned.

"Dude, we're guys," his brother explained. "And we're fourteen," he continued, "at this age we're basically just hormones with legs. We can get hard from just thinking about sex, or somebody cute. We're gonna get off on porn, especially if it's a live show like that. Don't worry about it."

They walked in silence for a few minutes. Finally Riley spoke again. "I've been thinking of asking Christy out on a date next weekend."

"Dude, she is hot," Chris replied. "You think she'll go?"

"Of course she will bro, I'm pretty hot myself!"

Chris gave his brother a playful punch on his arm. "I'm definitely way better looking than you are," he said.

"You are such a spaz," Riley said as he made a quick move and put his twin into a headlock. "We're identical twins."

"That still doesn't mean that I'm not better looking than you are," Chris said as he countered his brother's move, dropping him into the sand, where an impromptu wrestling match was quickly underway.

* * *

Doug and Kyle hadn't spent the night together. When Kelly woke up the next morning, there were a few texts waiting for him on his phone. They all conveyed the same basic message: `Dude, are you okay? I know today at the creek was weird, but I need to know we're cool."

Kelly punched in a quick response: "Yeah, we're cool... Sorry I didn't answer before, I was asleep."

Doug's response came back quickly: `That's good. See u l8r?'

`Beach, 2pm' Kelly sent back just as fast.

A few more text messages and they had their rendezvous completely planned.

- - -

When Kelly got to the place they had agreed to meet at the beach that afternoon, Doug was there, waiting for him. Doug had a towel laid out on the sand. He was lying on it sunning himself, a pile of clothes - t-shirt, board shorts and ankle socks - were on top of his white leather K-Swiss shoes. The skimpy swimsuit he was wearing was a beige Speedo knock off, and it showed his package off very nicely. Kelly thought, just for a second, how translucent it must become when it was wet.

He spread his towel out next to Doug's, kicked off his flip-flops, pulled his t-shirt over his head and dropped it on top of them. As he sat down on the towel, Doug propped himself up on an elbow next to him. "I'm glad you came," he said. "I was afraid you wouldn't."

"Why?" Kelly asked.

"Well, it's just everything that's happened. First there was that girl - she is like seriously freaked, and knows we've been, um, doing stuff... somehow. That's weird enough, but then those friends of yours that showed up yesterday... I mean, they were... they were like clapping like we put on a show for them..."

"Well, wasn't it your idea to be putting on a show?" Kelly asked.

Doug was silent for a moment. "Uh, yeah, I guess it was," he finally confessed. "I... Well, I really didn't think anyone else was going to show up. Especially not a couple guys that you know. I'm really sorry about that."

"Water under the bridge," Kelly told him. "Whatever happens is going to happen. Don't dwell on it dude, let's just enjoy the moment." And with that, he put his hand over onto Doug's stomach. Then Kelly leaned in to kiss him - right there where everyone else on the beach could see. It wasn't just a quick peck on the lips - this kiss lingered and became very passionate.

There was only one person who was watching, or even paying attention at all - and that person became very incensed when their lips met. `Those fucking fags!' she thought. `And they're doing it all right out here in the open, on the beach where anyone can see!' That was the most disgusting part of all. She gathered her towel and other belongings and strode quickly off the sand.

When she got home, she placed a call to her pastor's office, to try to get an appointment. He would be able to give her guidance on what she should do. She was informed that he was away, and would be out of town for an extended period. The secretary at the church offered to pass a message on to the Reverend when he checked in, but she declined. Instead, Melissa decided to call her Sunday school teacher, Janet Roberts about her problem. Mrs. Roberts had made it no secret that a plague of homosexuality was tearing her family apart, and she was willing to do anything in her power to stop its destructive power from hurting anyone else.

Janet was staying with a family from the church since she had lost her place in her own home. Her husband had sided against her when they had discovered, rather graphically, that their son was involved in a homosexual relationship when they had interrupted Steven and Carson in their son's bedroom having sex. Janet was convinced that this was a sickness which needed to be cured. Her church and her faith made her confident that this was the answer. When she answered her cell phone and heard Melissa's plea for help, she agreed to meet at a local coffee shop to talk.

They sat in a quiet corner, and Melissa let everything pour out. She didn't hold back anything - not even the unfortunate outcome of her attempt to confront Doug in the bathroom at the mall. Janet was sympathetic, and nearly as angry about what had transpired as Melissa was. She placed a hand over Melissa's and told her that she had the right idea - this situation needed to be confronted, and confronted head on, but she did feel that Melissa had made a mistake.

"Sweetheart, you did the right thing in trying to challenge this relationship your friend has been sucked into. I really think that you confronted the wrong boy though. I think you should have said something to - what was his name - Kelly?"

"Yes Ma'am, his name is Kelly. Kelly Tucker. We've known each other for like, just forever, and I really know that I'm destined to marry him. I can't believe he's let this other boy corrupt him like this." Melissa was almost sobbing as she said this. "You really think I should have said something to him instead?" she asked.

"Yes dear," Janet affirmed. "This other boy is probably beyond salvation anyway. Your boyfriend though," and Janet did put special emphasis on the word `boyfriend,' "he must be worth saving. You need to say something to him. Tell him that you know what he's been doing. If it comes to that, tell his parents what you found out. Give them this if you need to."

Janet reached into her purse and pulled out a pamphlet that `Love Through Action' had designed to advertise their services to parents who desired to have their children who were exhibiting symptoms of homosexuality `cured.' Melissa flipped through the pamphlet. It told what the group's mission was, had stories of their successes, and some pretty pictures of their facility. But it did not go into much detail about their methods. One thing that was conspicuously missing on this pamphlet was their usual `God Hates Fags' slogan.

Melissa nodded that she understood what Janet Roberts had told her, and agreed that she was right about the course of action she should be taking. Janet took Melissa's hand in hers and they prayed together. They prayed for Kelly's salvation from the decadent lifestyle he was being drawn into. When they were done, Janet offered Melissa a ride home, but she refused, saying that she would rather walk so she could think about what she needed to do, and pray some more.

Janet Roberts thought about the advice she had given Melissa about taking action. She felt a bit hypocritical since she hadn't followed through in seeing to the redemption of her own son's soul. `The salvation of my own son's soul...' That phrase echoed through her mind over and over again. Finally, she was sure - this was God telling her what needed to be done. God didn't want her to let her son condemn himself to an eternity burning in Hell.

Janet pulled off the road into a parking lot, dug her cell phone out of her purse and punched up a number she had on speed dial. "God has given me a sign," she said when the person on the other end answered. "I've prayed long and hard over this, and He has shown me the way, but I need your help."

* * *


It did take Carson a few days to get his head wrapped around the idea that giving his mother away at a wedding didn't mean really giving her away completely. He finally seemed to grasp the concept though. Once he truly understood the meaning behind the tradition, he wanted to do as much as he could to help his mother plan the upcoming wedding.

He was expecting her to want something lavish that would require extensive planning and preparations. She explained to him that what would really make her happier was a small, low key ceremony. In fact, she explained, Henry was arranging with a friend who had a house on the beach to use their backyard for the ceremony and reception. "So what is there for me to do to help?" he asked her.

"You just be yourself," she told him. "All the arrangements are made, so you just stand up tall and proud and walk your mother down the aisle."

"I can do that," he told her. "But are you really sure that's all you want me to do?" Carson was a little disappointed that there wasn't more for him to do to help, but he was placated somewhat by the importance his mother was placing on the role he would play in the upcoming ceremony.

"Yes, baby, I'm sure." She punctuated her sentence by smiling at him and ruffling his hair with her fingers, which brought a smile to his face.

Carson and Steven were lying on Steven's bed that evening, just lightly petting and kissing. "So you're okay with the whole wedding thing now?" Steven asked. He knew his boyfriend had been looking at the event with some amount of trepidation, but his attitude seemed to have suddenly changed.

"Yeah babe," he answered. "I think I finally understand the whole thing a lot better. It's probably going to be cool having Dr. Henry around more too. Sort of like having a dad again, but he's not a dick to my mom like my real dad always was, so that's good."

"Yeah, you're right. He seems like a really good guy." Steven smiled at Carson as he put his hand behind Carson's head and ran his fingers through his hair.

Carson smiled back at him and allowed Steven to pull him gently forward for a kiss. When they broke apart, Carson asked, "So, is your dad still staying away from the booze?"

"Yeah," Steven told him. "Not a drop since the day we all talked to him about it."

"That's good..."

They were snuggled together on Steven's bed, stripped down to just their boxers and watching TV when Steven's father got home from work. He looked in through the open door, smiling at how in love the boys were. "You guys up for some pizza?" he asked?

They sat up, slightly startled, since they hadn't heard him come in. "Yeah Dad, that would be great," Steven answered for both of them.

The boys hadn't bothered to pull on t-shirts on when they came down to dinner, so they were still just in their boxers when the pizza delivery arrived. Steven and Carson had run to the door with the money to pay for the delivery and collect the pies, not even thinking about being only in their boxers and shirts. The delivery driver was a boy who they knew just vaguely from school. He had been a junior during the last school year, and delivering pizzas was apparently his summer job. When Carson took the two pizza boxes from him and headed back into the family room with them, Steven caught the delivery driver running his eyes up and down Carson's body.

When he looked back to Steven, he knew he'd been caught looking. Rather than acting even slightly embarrassed, he checked Steven out in the same manner. Steven gave him a quizzical look. The other boy's reply was a shrug at first, and then he said, "Uh, well, I heard you guys were `together,' I suppose it must be true."

"Yeah, we are," Steven answered. "My boyfriend is pretty cute, isn't he?"

"Yeah, and you aren't so bad yourself," the delivery boy answered.

"Thanks," Steven smiled, "you aren't too bad either." Then he thrust the money his father had left on the table for them to pay for the pizza into the older boy's hand. "Keep the change," he said as he closed the door and followed after Carson.

Steven's father had changed out of his suit and was wearing a t-shirt and Bermuda shorts when Steven came into the family room to join him and Carson. Carson was just opening the first pizza box when Steven walked into the room, and his father passed out paper plates and napkins. They made small talk as they munched on the pizza a little while later. The boys asked Steven's father about how work had been that day, and in turn he asked them about how their day had been and the plans for Carson's mother's upcoming wedding. He was forced to smile at them once again near the end of their meal when the boys pulled slices of pepperoni off the one remaining slice of pizza in the last box and dropped them into the other's mouth.

Their meal finished, they all sat back in their respective seats. Steven and Carson were on the sofa, and Trevor Roberts was in his traditional easy chair as they watched the end of the movie they had selected from the On-Demand menu. By the time the movie was finished, Steven and Carson were lying on the sofa, Steven behind Carson with his arms wrapped around him. Steven's father was snoring lightly in his chair.

Steven started to run his hand up into the leg of Carson's boxers, but Carson slapped him lightly on the wrist. "Dude, not now, your dad is in the room," he whispered.

"He's asleep. Besides, he knows what we do," Steven countered quietly.

"I know, but it makes me feel weird, so just wait, will ya?"

Reluctantly, Steven relented - but only after reaching in just far enough so that he could give Carson's nuts a gentle squeeze. Then he pulled his hand back, getting another gentle slap on the wrist as he did. "Stop it!" Carson hissed at him. "You'll make me hard!"

"Is that such a bad thing?" Steven breathed out quietly, just before he started to kiss Carson's neck.

"Not normally... But your dad's right there... C'mon, please?" Carson whined. He could feel Steven's dick beginning to harden behind him, and this didn't help his attempts not to become aroused in the least. He didn't really want to ask Steven to stop pressing it against him - even if it was causing him to get even more and more uncomfortable with the situation.

Carson finally rolled back toward Steven so that he was lying on his back on the sofa. "I really want you tonight, but it's going to be in your bed," he announced quietly as he got up from the sofa. "You go get ready while I clean up and I'll come join you, okay?"

"Yeah," Steven agreed enthusiastically. "Let me wake Dad up so he can go to bed, then I'll go get ready. Just give me a couple minutes babe."

Carson's reply was just a wink as he started gathering up the mess they had made during dinner, but it conveyed a lot more than a mere `yes.'

Trevor thanked his son for waking him up, and then headed to his bedroom. It had been a long day for him at the office, and he was extremely tired. When he got to his bedroom, Trevor pushed the door shut behind him, kicked off his Docksider loafers and fell into bed. He was asleep again almost immediately. Steven had followed him up the stairs while Carson finished clearing away the remains of their dinner.

Carson collected the pizza boxes, plates and glasses from their dinner and took them to the kitchen. He rinsed the glasses, put them into the dishwasher and set the wash cycle. Once the dishwasher had started, he walked outside to put the pizza boxes into the garbage can by the garage. He was almost to the garbage cans when suddenly everything went black. Carson fell back into a set of strong arms as he dropped the pizza boxes and slipped into unconsciousness. Another set of hands grasped his ankles, and he was carried to a dark colored van, its headlamps extinguished that was waiting by the street. The rear doors opened as they approached and he was loaded gently into the back of the van.

It was dark inside the van, but that wouldn't have made any difference. A hood had been placed over Carson's head, and the chloroform applied through that, so his captors had no idea that they had abducted the wrong boy.

* * *

Bobby was still in a quandary over what to do about his relationship with Michael and what had been developing between him and Billy. He did love them both - at least he realized that much. And Michael had told him that they were going to need to move on with their lives when he went away to college. That might all be changing now... The tumor, the operation, the automobile accident - these things had all put Michael's plans for college and his football scholarship in serious jeopardy. Between the strings his parents had pulled with the school board to allow him to have a special makeup of his final exams, and his normally high GPA, Michael had been awarded his diploma, so that wouldn't be an impediment to his getting into college.

But what responsible school would put him on the athletic field following his surgery? Bobby had even overheard Michael's parents talking about keeping him at home - sending him to a junior college first so they would be able to keep an eye on him. They were worried about him - about his health, which was only natural... But it was bound to make Bobby's life a lot more complicated.

He wasn't disappointed to think that Michael would be staying home and going to school there. He actually liked the idea that they would be together longer - Michael was after all, his first love. But then there was Billy... Billy was starting to become more demanding in the sexual relationship that had been forming between them. And Bobby hadn't been discouraging him from this at all. In fact, Billy had been successfully seducing him into sex nearly every day for weeks. He had been getting bolder and bolder about it, even making advances - groping him mainly - in public places. It was beginning to seem that Billy wanted to make their `affair' public knowledge.

- - -

And Billy did want his relationship with Bobby to start coming out in the open. He was beginning to regret telling Bobby that he wouldn't say anything about it - that he would keep it a secret from Michael. Billy had thought that Michael would be going away to school - and when he did, everything would become right between the he and Bobby.

Then Michael had complicated all that. Sure, it wasn't his fault that he'd developed a brain tumor, or that he'd gotten into a horrible automobile accident as a result, but Billy still resented him because of it. He just couldn't help himself.

Bobby was Billy's first real love - well, puppy love, a crush really. It was very nearly the first love that he'd known in his entire life. Stan and Rosemary had adopted him, and he knew that they did really and truly love him, and he loved them equally in return, but that was different, parents loving a child and vice versa. There was something about Bobby that was, well more special to him... He certainly didn't know how to explain it, but something about the way Bobby had befriended him when he had had almost no one else... It made him feel a lot differently toward Bobby.

Bobby had been a little standoffish toward Billy the last few times they were together, but Billy hadn't really noticed it. He was preoccupied with his own thoughts and fantasies. The idea that Bobby might be having second thoughts about what they were doing together never occurred to him.

- - -

It wasn't only with Billy that Bobby had shown some reluctance when it came to being intimate though... Michael had noticed that Bobby seemed distant when they were with each other. He thought that it might be because of telling Bobby that it would be better that they consider seeing other people when he went off to college. Michael regretted that now... He wasn't sure if he would be able to go away to school as he had planned. The brain tumor, accident and surgery had changed all that.

He hadn't talked to Bobby about it yet, but he was sure that Bobby must have considered it at some point... His scholarship offer had been withdrawn because of his medical condition. Sure, his parents would be able to pay the full tuition, but if he wasn't going to be able to play football, Michael didn't see any reason to go to an out of state school.

Michael took his mother's car without asking one evening. He knew that he wasn't supposed to drive yet, but he needed to see Bobby. He wanted to talk to him about what their relationship was to become. He wasn't sure what the outcome would be... He had told Bobby that he thought they should break up - well, see other people anyway.

Things had changed now... Michael wasn't going to leave. He wanted to tell Bobby about his new plans. He was hoping they would be able to stay together now.

Michael parked the car on the street outside Bobby's house. There were lights on in the windows, but Michael knew that wasn't always an accurate representation of who may or may not be at home. He sat there in the car for a few minutes, waiting. He thought he should try to see if Bobby's parents had gone out for the evening before he went in.

As he sat in the car, Michael noticed a small, slight figure make its way across the street and into the front door of Bobby's house. There really was only one person it could have been, even if Michael hadn't been able to make out his features. It had to be Billy.

After a few more minutes, Michael decided that Bobby's parents must already be out for the evening, as was their custom. He left the car parked on the street and walked up the driveway. The front door was slightly ajar when he reached it, which was unusual. `Billy must have been in one hell of a hurry,' Michael thought as he entered the house and quietly pushed the door shut behind him.

Michael kicked off his shoes by the door as he entered the house, leaving them next to Billy's and Bobby's. Not for the first time he wondered why only Bobby and his friends were subject to the rule of leaving their shoes by the door on their way in. `Aren't adults just as likely to step into something as teens are?' he thought.

When he got to the top of the stairs, Michael heard noises that were familiar to him. He had always been in the room when they were being made before - and he had been one of the ones who had been making them. They were the sounds of two boys in the throes of sexual ecstasy. There as a faint smell that he recognized as well. It wasn't yet the full on smell of boy sex, but it was close... The sweat and the musk that the two were giving off left an odor in the air that was unmistakable to Michael. Michael pushed the door to Bobby's bedroom open and saw what was happening, not that it was what he expected, but still, his mouth hung agape and his mind struggled to comprehend what his eyes were seeing.

* * *

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