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Brandon and Alex

Chapter Fifty

Summer vacation was soon to be over for Brandon and Alex. They would be making the transition from junior high to a full-fledged high school. They had counted on being together at high school; they had been together for so long they couldn't imagine being split apart, so it was a natural assumption. Then one evening at dinner, Alex's parents had sprung the news on him... He wouldn't be going to Fletcher with Brandon as they had thought. His parents had decided to send him to St Pius -- the nearby Catholic high school. Actually, it was Alex's father who had decided that it would be a better idea for Alex to have more religious training in his education, and Mary Grace Santori never went against her husband's wishes. The pronouncement that he would be going to St Pius when the new school year started the next week was made with such finality that Alex saw no use in arguing the point.

Alex was nearly in tears as he broke the news to Brandon later that evening. Brandon, always the emotionally stronger of the two, took the news in his stride. But he also understood what Alex was going through. Brandon didn't like the idea of their being separated any more than Alex did, but he knew he could deal with it far better than Alex would be able to. He would have some of their existing friends around him at the new school he would be attending, since Fletcher High School was the natural progression for most of the students from their junior high. Alex however was probably going to feel very alone at his new school, where he was very unlikely to know anyone.

Brandon's parents had been able to tell that Alex was upset when he'd come over after dinner. They were concerned, of course, but decided not to pry just then. They were sure that one or both of the boys would let them know what was going on in their own time. The boys were in Brandon's room with the door open when Patricia MacMillan had to go upstairs for something a little while after Alex had arrived. They were sitting on the edge of Brandon's bed, and her son was holding his friend, who was sobbing gently into his shoulder. She knew at this point she'd better say something to them -- something was apparently far more wrong than she and her husband had picked up on when Alex had arrived.

She gave a gentle knock on the doorframe. "Is something the matter honey?" she asked quietly.

Brandon looked up at her. Alex left his face buried in Brandon's shoulder.

"Alex's father says he's going to go to St Pius instead of Fletcher next week when school starts," he informed his mother. "He's not going to know anyone there, and we'll be split apart."

Patricia sat down on the other side of Alex and stroked his hair. "Oh it will be alright honey." She spoke softly, doing her best to soothe him. "We'll still live next door, so you'll still see each other every day, and you know you'll make new friends at school soon enough."

"But I don't want to go to St Pius," Alex sobbed into Brandon's shoulder. "I want to go to Fletcher with Brandon."

"Maybe I could go to St Pius too?" Brandon suggested. He felt he had to come up with something to make his boyfriend feel better.

"I'm afraid that won't work baby," his mother told him. "To begin with, St Pius is a Catholic school, and even if we were Catholic, I don't think there would be time to make the arrangements now."

"Well, we're Methodist, that's not all that different is it?" Brandon asked. "And besides, Alex's parents just told him tonight, so there has to be time left!"

"Actually, there's quite a bit of difference, even though both are Christian," she informed him. "And I'm sure they made the decision quite a while ago, even if they only told him this evening. There is an application process for private schools, after all."

This brought on further sobs from Alex. Brandon's mother was right -- his parents had to have been planning this for some time, but waited until now to break the news to him. It seemed to Alex as if his parents had been plotting against him.

"Alex, sweetie," Brandon's mother cooed softly, "you two aren't really being split up, you know that, right?"

Thankfully, Alex lifted his head and nodded.

"Just because you two won't be going to the same school anymore doesn't mean you have to stop seeing each other. "You'll still have a lot of the same sort of classes, even if you're in different schools," she continued. "So you can still help each other study in the evenings, and you'll be getting a little different perspective at different schools, so you can help each other even more, won't that be good?"

Alex nodded again, but remained silent, and not completely convinced.

"You'll still have your weekends together too," she reminded him. This finally brought a slight smile to Alex's face.

Patricia ruffled her fingers through Alex's hair. "You think you're feeling well enough now to come down and have some ice cream?"

Alex sniffed and nodded again, but more enthusiastically this time. The prospect of ice cream could brighten almost anyone's mood.

"Okay then, go wash your face to get rid of the last of those tears. Then you two come on down and we'll have a nice dessert, okay?"

"Okay, thanks mom," Alex answered and smiled meekly at her.

Brandon's mother smiled, she couldn't help herself. She had always found it cute how the boys always referred to each other's parents as `mom' and `dad' just as they did their own. She gave Alex, and then Brandon a kiss on their foreheads and went back downstairs to start fixing the boys their treat.

Both boys were smiling as she left the room. "You're feeling better now?" Brandon asked.

"Yeah, I guess so," Alex replied. "I guess I was acting sort of silly wasn't I?"

"Yeah, but I'm used to it," Brandon told him before giving him a quick kiss. "Now go wash up, I want some ice cream."

Alex trotted off toward the bathroom to wash his face. Brandon watched him go. `What a spaz,' he thought, `but he's my little spaz and I love him so much! It is gonna suck not going to the same school though...' A frown briefly crossed his face as he thought about that. But he knew he couldn't let on to Alex that it bothered him too, he had to put on a brave front to help his boyfriend keep his confidence up.

Downstairs, Patricia was filling her husband in on what had just transpired upstairs in their son's bedroom. "It was really sweet the way he was trying to comfort Alex and make him feel better about having to go to different schools."

"So that's what he was upset about," Brad mused. "At least it's nothing major."

"It's not major to us honey, but it is going to be the first time they've ever really been split up, and Alex seemed really bothered by it. I have to wonder what Brandon is thinking about it. He did suggest we should try to get him into St Pius as well."

"He did understand that's not possible, right?" Brad asked.

"I think so..."

Just then the boys came running down the stairs. "Where's the ice cream?" they asked in unison, bringing smiles to the faces of both Brad and Patricia MacMillan.

"Just hold on guys, I'll go get it. Just sit down and I'll be right back," Brandon's mother replied.

A few minutes later she returned with a tray holding three large bowls and one smaller one, for her. The three males dug in heartily, while she ate hers more slowly. When they finished, Brandon collected the dishes, piled them back on the tray and headed off to the kitchen to clean them up. Alex followed along to help.

"Seems like he's gotten over his troubles about their going to different schools," Brad observed, referring to Alex. "Brandon didn't really seem all that troubled either."

"Let's hope so," Patricia replied as she leaned in against her husband to watch the television.

In the kitchen, Brandon and Alex finished rinsing the dishes they had used for their ice cream and put them into the dishwasher. "Are you really alright with going to different high schools?" Brandon asked as he closed the door to the washer.

"Yeah, I think I'll be okay. It is gonna suck having to go to different schools, but I think I can deal with it. Your mom was right; I will make new friends at the new school. It won't be so bad. And we'll still be able to see each other every day, that's the most important thing."

"Yeah, you're right, that is most important!" he agreed. Then Brandon pulled Alex into a hug. Brandon didn't like the idea of going to different schools any more than Alex did, but he wasn't going to let Alex know that. He was going to be sure that he remained the rock that Alex could rely upon for support when he needed it.

A phone call was made a few minutes later to secure permission for Alex to stay over that night. Alex's mother answered the phone, and after a brief conversation with Brandon's mother, everything was worked out.

* * *


Carson had been taken by helicopter to the hospital, and when he arrived, his mother and Dr Bloomfield were waiting for him. The police and FBI were there with them, but were going to wait until after he had been checked out by the doctors at the hospital and had a chance to rest before they started questioning him about his ordeal. For this he was very thankful.

The doctors poked and prodded at him for a period that seemed like forever to Carson. He was embarrassed enough by this, but then his mother had wanted to remain in the room while they performed the examination. He was glad she had acquiesced when he objected out of his discomfiture at the thought of her watching what he imagined he was going to have to go through and agreed to wait outside. The exam, of necessity included a check to determine if he had been sexually assaulted, and that was worse than the things he'd even imagined the doctors doing to him.

Fortunately of course, nothing like that had happened, but the doctors didn't seem willing to take his word for it, and their planned procedure for the exam went right on despite any protest he made. The latex gloves they wore and the cold steel of the examination instruments they used only served to make him even more uncomfortable with the whole process as they looked him over for any signs of trauma, visible or hidden. The only evident damage they found was a small nick on his perineum from when he had been shaved, but this was so minor it didn't even seem to bear mentioning except in their written report.

When they finally finished with Carson's examination, Steven was waiting outside the exam room with a complete set of clothes for him. Barbara allowed Steven to be the first into the room to give her son his clothes so he could get dressed before coming out into the hallway where everyone else was waiting. Steven went immediately to the bedside and gave Carson a big hug even before he could flip the covers off and get out of the bed.

"Are you okay? They didn't hurt you did they?" Steven asked, concerned for his boyfriend.

"No, the cops got there just in time. I think they were getting ready to do some pretty bad stuff to me though," Carson answered as he threw the sheet back and swung his legs off the bed to stand up.

As Steven handed Carson the bag with his clothes in it, he stole a glance downward to Carson's groin. He immediately noticed the little patch of blonde pubic hairs was now missing. This held his attention. "Did they... um, did they do that?" Steven asked.

It was plain for Carson to see where Steven's attention was now focused. He nodded. "Yeah, sucks doesn't it? I just hope it doesn't take too long to grow back. It took fourteen years to grow what little I had to begin with."

"I think it's sort of cute," Steven commented as he reached out and gently rubbed the now smooth mound above Carson's penis with his fingertips, no stubble had formed there yet.

"Stop it!" Carson said sharply as he brushed Steven's hand away. "I look like a ten year old, and it isn't cute!" He looked up at Steven's face in time to see his smile quickly fade away.

"Sorry," Steven breathed out quietly as he started to turn away. "I didn't mean to upset you."

Carson touched Steven's arm lightly to stop him from turning. "No, it's okay -- and I didn't mean to snap at you." Steven's smile returned as Carson pulled him back to him for a kiss.

Steven looked Carson up and down one more time once they had broken the kiss. "You better get dressed," he breathed out huskily. "Everyone is waiting for us outside."


"You'll see..." Steven smiled and gave Carson a quick kiss on his lips.

When they came out of the examination room into the hallway, Steven's father was there, along with Carson's mother and Henry Bloomfield. There were also a couple police officers, a detective from the local police force and Special Agent Kilgore of the FBI. There were several others standing around in the background, most of which looked as if they were some sort of police or social workers.

When Carson saw the small crowd which had gathered outside the hospital room, it reminded him of the inevitable discussion he knew was going to have to take place with the police about what had happened to him the night before. That wasn't going to be avoided, though he was sure he could refuse to talk to any social workers if he were so inclined -- and he certainly knew he didn't want to talk to them.

Steven somehow picked up on Carson's emotion and wrapped an arm around his waist as a gesture of support. He used this slight embrace to help propel Carson forward and lead him further into the wide hospital corridor. Carson's mother came to her feet immediately when the door opened and stepped forward to embrace him. Perhaps it was the ordeal he'd just been through, but he wasn't put off at all by his mother's public show of affection as most boys his age would have been. In fact, he felt rather reassured by it.

As they left the hospital, Trevor Roberts suggested that they all get together later in the day. Barbara glanced first at Henry, then at Carson. Both nodded that they thought this sounded like a good idea, so she agreed that they would come over to the Roberts' house that afternoon. Steven didn't really want to be separated from Carson, but he knew it was important for Carson to have some time with his mother after the ordeal they had been through -- Carson wasn't the only one who had suffered when he'd been kidnapped by the religious fanatics on Steven's mother's behalf.

- - -

That afternoon, when Henry, Barbara and Carson came over to the Roberts' home, Steven and his father were relaxing on the back patio. There was a pitcher of sweet iced tea and glasses sitting on a glass topped, wrought iron table. The three newcomers took seats in matching wrought iron chairs and Trevor offered drinks. "I'd offer you a glass of wine, but I'm afraid I've stopped keeping alcohol in the house," he said.

Barbara smiled. "That's quite alright, Trevor, tea will be just fine." She was glad that he was sticking to his commitment to refrain from further alcohol abuse.

"I've been going to AA, and I've gotten a sponsor," Trevor told them as he poured the drinks. "They told me that it's better not to put myself into situations where I'll be tempted. So I just thought it would be better not to keep it in the house anymore."

Henry nodded. "That's what I've been told as well," he affirmed. It had been Henry's advice from a medical point of view that had ultimately convinced Trevor to seek outside assistance when his drinking had spiraled out of control and forced the intervention which Steven and Carson had initiated.

Off to the side, just slightly away from the adults, Steven and Carson hugged and exchanged a brief kiss. The adults were all well aware of what they were doing of course. Rather than join the adults at the table, Steven and Carson elected to settle into plastic lawn chairs a few yards away. They talked quietly to each other, while the adults kept to their own conversation.

"I have something to show you in a little while," Steven told Carson in a conspiratorial manner.

"What is it?" Carson asked, not wanting to wait.

"After dinner," Steven told him firmly. "Dad's going to cook steaks in a little while, and it's cool with him if you spend the night. That is, if it's okay with your mom."

"I'm pretty sure it will be," Carson replied quietly.

- - -

It was anything but alright with Barbara for her son to spend the night at Steven's home that night. Given the events of the past twenty four hours, her trepidation was understandable. She did make the counter offer that Steven could come stay the night with them instead -- and this was readily agreed to by all parties. Carson accompanied Steven to his room to pack an overnight bag. "So what do you have to show me?" Carson asked, once they were alone in Steven's room.

"Not yet, you're going to have to wait till later," was all Steven was willing to say about whatever surprise he had for Carson. Carson knew him well enough that he stopped asking -- no amount of nagging was going to alter whatever schedule Steven had set. He was just stubborn that way sometimes -- well, most of the time actually.

It was only when they had got to Carson's house and the boys were able to finally excuse themselves from Barbara and Henry to go up to Carson's bedroom that Steven was willing to let on at all to what the surprise he had for Carson was. Steven stripped his shirt off quickly after the door was shut behind them, which didn't give Carson the opportunity to see that he had shaved his armpits. Steven watched closely though as Carson pulled his shirt over his head -- relishing the view of the smooth skin where there used to be little tufts of blonde hair. He had also liked the smoothness above Carson's dick. For some reason Steven had actually thought it was kind of sexy. That's why he'd prepared the surprise that was waiting for Steven.

It was when Steven unfastened his pants and pushed his underwear down with them, Carson finally caught on to what his surprise was. He gasped slightly when he saw that Steven had shaved himself to match what had been done to him at the hands of the religious zealot deprogrammers. "You've shaved... Down there..."

Steven gave him a shy smile and was silent for a moment. Then he finally stammered out a response. "Yeah, I just thought that since you were... Well, had been, well... I just guess I thought I should just do the same."

Carson grabbed Steven and kissed him deeply. It was very moving to him that Steven made such a gesture. Even before they broke the kiss, Steven pushed Carson back toward the bed and laid him gently down upon it. As Carson lay back and started to push his pants off, Steven stepped back to make sure the door to the bedroom was locked -- even though they were both sure that Carson's mother and Dr. Bloomfield were fully aware of what they would be doing -- but then, they would probably be doing very much the same sort of things themselves. When he stepped back toward the bed, Carson was lying, naked, waiting for him.

Steven turned as he climbed onto the bed so that they were facing opposite directions. Carson knew exactly what he was going for, and scooted back up onto the bed to accommodate the 69 position Steven was about to engage him in. They took each other into their mouths greedily -- relishing the sexual contact that they had anticipated the night before. Steven had been worried less than twenty four hours before that they might never be able to do this again, but with Carson now returned to him, he was absolutely voracious in his oral assault on Carson's dick.


The new hairlessness was actually turning them both on, and it was only a few minutes before they both came deeply into each other's mouths. After they had swallowed each other's offerings, Carson turned and slid back up on the bed to come face-to-face with Steven so they could exchange a kiss. It may have only been their imaginations, but both were convinced they could both taste their own seed in the other's mouths.


They slid between the sheets a few minutes later and fell asleep in each other's arms.

* * *

Melissa Farmer was distraught. She had tried calling Janet Roberts' cell phone, but it went immediately to voice mail. What she had seen on the news must have been true, even though Melissa was loath even to admit it to herself. What would happen to her plans for her life with Kelly Tucker now? Was she destined to lose Kelly to the decadent lifestyle he seemed headed down a very slippery slope toward? Obviously the advice Janet had given her in regard to telling Kelly's parents about Love Through Action was now moot. There was little chance they would consider taking that route now that the news of what Janet had done was in the headlines. Even CNN and Fox News were talking about it!

Melissa knew she was going to have to come up with something else to salvage the plan she had made for her life with Kelly. She was sitting on her front porch thinking about all these things when Kelly and Doug walked by on their way to Kelly's house. If looks could kill, Doug would have burst into flames immediately. He glanced at her as they passed and caught the look on her face.

Kelly wasn't paying any attention to her as he and Doug walked by, so he didn't see the expression on her face. Doug didn't mention it to him until they were inside Kelly's house and he was sure they were alone. "Did you see the look that girl was giving us?" he asked.

"What girl?" Kelly had been so preoccupied that he hadn't even noticed Melissa on her front porch.

"The one a couple doors down when we got here, the one who was in the bathroom at the mall the other day." Doug was referring to the day Melissa had attempted to confront him in the men's room.

"I didn't notice her," Kelly told him.

Kelly was surprised that he had heard nothing at all about the incident. Melissa had been visibly upset, and Kelly had thought that the first thing she would have done would have been to tell her mother what had happened. Had that been the case, she would have surely talked to his mother right away -- and then he would have heard about it from her nearly as quickly. Kelly didn't know why Melissa had chosen to keep the incident quiet, but he was thankful she had.

- - -

Back at her house, Melissa had finally come up with another plan. She was going to enlist the assistance of her little brother. After all, it was he who had witnessed Doug and Kelly in the shower room at their club's pool. Jason Farmer didn't want to have anything to do with his sister's scheme, but she had a way to convince him. She had found pictures and videos on the family's computer that he had made with the built-in web cam. She had made copies of these onto a flash drive, knowing that they might come in handy sometime in the future -- and that time was now. If she had only known who had been on the other end of the chat sessions, she would have had even stronger blackmail material against him, but she didn't know where to look for the chat logs.

"You want me to show what's on this to Mom and Dad?" she asked, waving the thumb drive in front of him.

"What's that?" Jason asked nervously.

"Oh, just some stuff I found that you left on the computer. She plugged the stick into a USB port, waited a couple seconds for the computer to recognize it, then she clicked open one of the photos. Jason gasped when he saw the picture. It was a picture of him in front of the family's computer, naked and masturbating. He made a move to grab the thumb drive out of the computer. Melissa was too quick for him, and snatched the drive out of the computer before he was able to grab it.

Thwarted in his attempt to get the drive from his sister, Jason closed the picture on the computer monitor. "So what do you want?" he asked.

"I already told you," his sister answered. "I want you to go over to Kelly's house and tell him exactly what you saw him and that other boy doing at the club."

"And then what?" Jason asked. He knew his sister could be -- no, usually was -- a manipulative bitch. He was sure somehow that this wouldn't be the end of what she wanted him to do.

"Tell Kelly I want to talk with him -- alone."

"That's it?" Jason asked -- still suspicious of his sister. "Then you'll give me that?" He nodded his head toward the hand where she held the flash drive.

"No, I think I'll hold onto this," she said, flipping her hair as she turned. "It may come in handy again some other time."

"But..." Jason started to protest. It was pointless though. His sister had already left the room. He watched her leave, resigned to what he had to do -- what she was forcing him to do. He wished now that he'd kept his mouth shut about what he had seen that day in the locker room at their club. But he had no idea that his sister was going to use that information in the way she now intended. Jason had meant only to poke fun at his sister, to humiliate her just a little because he had seen the boy he knew she was infatuated with doing something he knew she found so abhorrent.

Jason's plan had backfired on him in the end, and he new his sister had him trapped. He was going to have to do what she wanted.

- - -

The younger boy from two houses down the street had a sad and resigned expression on his face when Kelly went to answer the door a short while after he and Doug had gotten back to his house. "Jason? What's wrong?" Kelly asked after he pulled the door open. He could see that something was troubling the younger boy.

"It's Melissa," he started, tears forming in his eyes. "I don't want to do this, but she's making me." Jason didn't think Kelly would understand, but apparently Kelly knew Jason's sister better than he thought. Kelly extended his hand and drew Jason into the house. Once he was inside and the door shut behind them, Kelly put an arm around Jason's shoulders.

"What is it that Melissa wants you to do that you don't want to?" Kelly asked.

"It's about the two of you..." Jason started, nodding toward Doug, who had just walked into the room. "I saw you... at the club... in the locker room by the pool."

Kelly and Doug exchanged a nervous look. They were fairly certain what Jason was talking about even before he made the hand gesture -- circling the forefinger and thumb on one hand while moving the forefinger of the other in and out of the opening it made. They knew then that he had seen exactly what they had been doing. Finding out that they had been caught, caused both boys to blush bright red.

"So what does she want?" Kelly asked after a few moments. He knew she had to have an agenda of some sort, but he had always been clueless about her feelings toward him, and he still was.

"She wants you," Jason answered sheepishly.

This stunned both Kelly and Doug -- but more so Kelly, his having never picked up on the feelings the girl had for him. He had always just thought of the two of them as friends. Now that Jason had told him this, Kelly started to reflect on the past. He began to think about things that had happened between Melissa and him -- the looks she had given him and some of the things she had said. Suddenly a light clicked on in his mind. "But, I never did anything to make her think I had any interest in that..."

Doug interrupted, "You didn't need to do anything to encourage her -- she's female, they don't think the same way we do. You know, men are from Mars, women are from, well, wherever it is they're supposed to be from."

Kelly didn't quite get the point. "But I never said anything at all to make her think I was interested in her at all."

"Dude, you don't need to. Saying nothing still means something to them; it's like the absence of denial."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Kelly didn't understand what Doug had just told him.

Jason just sat, silently watching the exchange between the two older boys.

Doug spoke again, "If you don't tell them you aren't interested, then just talking to them makes them think you are interested. You should just tell her you don't like girls that way."

"But I'm not really sure I don't like them that way," Kelly countered. "I mean, I know I like what we did, but I really don't know what it's like to be with a girl yet, so I can't really say I don't like it, can I?" After he spoke, Kelly noticed a hurt expression on Doug's face. He realized that what he'd said made it sound like he was putting the still developing relationship between Doug and himself into question.

There was no denying the logic in Kelly's statement though. Doug however knew that he only had sexual feelings for other boys, so he didn't fully appreciate Kelly's position of questioning whether it was boys or girls that he liked better -- or equally.

Doug and Kelly had both forgotten that Jason was in the room with them until he sneezed. They both said "Bless you," quite automatically, but his sneeze had reminded them that Jason was still there. They both looked over at Jason, who was sitting in the chair at Kelly's desk that he had turned so he could face them as they sat on the edge of Kelly's bed.

Jason was looking very shy and embarrassed. There was something else in his face though -- something that told Doug that he was feeling very alone.

Doug spoke up, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Jason lied. It was apparent to Doug that he was hiding something. Kelly was oblivious.

"You're lying," Doug spoke matter-of-factly, quite positive that he was correct. And he was. But Jason wasn't quite ready to admit what it was that was really bothering him now.

"Well, I really didn't want to be doing this... you know, like trying to get Kelly together with my sister, but my she... she's making me," Jason sputtered out, but not lying convincingly enough.

"We already know that," Doug countered. "So what else is it that's bothering you?"

Kelly just sat, watching the exchange. He knew Doug's father was a police officer, apparently Doug had picked up a little of his father's interrogation techniques. He should have, his father had used them on him often enough.

"Um, well, I guess it's some of the things she says about what you were doing... how it's all immoral and against God's will and all. She's always quoting our preacher about it too. And I, well, I just don't know why they think it's so wrong." Jason was starting to get closer to the truth, but Doug was sure he wasn't quite there yet. There was more to this, and Doug was determined to figure out what it was.

"There's still something you aren't telling us," Doug asserted. He knew he was right, but he didn't know how right he was.

"Well," Jason started, "it's just... It's not really easy to say... I, I just don't think I know quite how to say it."

"Try using English," Doug suggested sarcastically.

Kelly thought that comment was humorous and grinned, but managed not to laugh. Jason scowled.

Jason hung his head. "Well, it's just, I think what you were doing was kind of cool I guess," he said very quietly.

Kelly had barely heard what the boy had said. Doug acted as if he hadn't heard at all, "What was that?" Doug asked.

"I said I actually thought it was pretty cool..." Jason repeated, but hardly any louder at all.

"I still can't hear you," Doug coaxed. He wanted the boy to say it like he meant it, to really voice his feelings to them, even though he knew exactly what it was that Jason had said.

"I said I thought it was actually pretty cool what you were doing!" Jason shouted out, exasperated with Doug's repeatedly telling him he hadn't been able to hear what he was saying. "So are you happy now?" he spat out after a slight pause.

Kelly looked a little shocked. Doug smiled, finally satisfied with the younger boy's answer. But Doug was not finished with his questioning just yet. He was pretty sure that Jason had feelings about other boys, or was at least going through a curious phase if nothing else.

"I suppose," Doug shrugged. "So have you ever done anything like that?" he asked.

Jason's eyes went wide and he shook his head to indicate that he hadn't. The bright red shade his face turned seemed to indicate that he had in fact done something with one or more other boys. Had Kelly and Doug not been so preoccupied that day in the locker room, they might have already known this.

"Um, no... Not really," he stammered out. "I, um, I guess I did sort of touch someone else's before..."

"Touched someone else's?" Doug asked, intrigued by where this might be going.

"Well, I guess we just sort of jerked each other off..." and when he said that, Jason was referring to what he and his friends had done with each other after seeing the two older boys having sex in the locker room at the club.

"But you want to do more, don't you?" Doug asked with a sly grin on his face.

Kelly was horrified by where it looked to him as if this might be heading. Kelly thought Jason far too young to even attempt to be seduced by someone his and Doug's age. Fortunately, as it turned out that this wasn't what Doug had in mind.

* * *

Michael drove home almost in a daze. He had talked to Bobby about seeing other people when he went off to college -- but his car wreck and the brain tumor that had been the root cause of the accident might well cause his plans to go away to school to change. He was confused because Bobby had been reluctant when Michael suggested they see other people. He had obviously been more convinced than he'd let on and taken the first step. Michael just wished that Bobby would have said something to him.

He was driving very carefully and deliberately. He didn't want to have another accident. Michael felt a tear running down his cheek and wiped it away. He hadn't expected to feel this way, but there was no denying the feelings he held for Bobby. The connection between them had seemed almost immediate when they'd met. And now it looked like that their relationship was over. `I should have never suggested we see other people,' he thought. Little did he know -- Bobby and Billy had already been going at it together for quite some time -- even before he had suggested they see other people when he went off to school.

Michael drove his mother's car into the bay in their garage where it was kept, turned off the engine and pressed the button on the remote to shut the door behind the car. He sat in the car for a moment to regain his composure before he went inside. He wiped another tear from his cheek and checked his face in the mirror. `No more tears leaking out, that's good at least' he thought as he flipped the visor mirror closed, more hopeful that no more would appear than he was convinced that they would not.

When Michael walked into the kitchen from the garage, his mother was sitting at the table, sipping on a cup of tea and working the crossword puzzle from that day's newspaper. She looked up when he entered the room, and was able to tell immediately that something was wrong.

"What's bothering you Michael?" she asked as she looked up from her crossword.

"What makes you think something is bothering me?" he asked -- he didn't think he'd done anything to let on.

"A mother knows. I can see it in your face. Now, sit down and tell me about it." Michael's mother didn't leave any room for discussion.

Michael let out a sigh as he slid into a chair across from his mother. "It's Bobby," he admitted to his mother.

She caught the look on his face and instinctively knew that their relationship was over. He had told her about his suggestion that they see other people when he went away to college, and Bobby's reluctance. She correctly guessed that Bobby had gotten over it.

"He's finally agreed with you about seeing other people when you go away to school, hasn't he?" she asked.

"Apparently so," Michael sighed. "And I'm not so sure about going away to school any more either. I mean, with the tumor and all -- I'll probably lose my eligibility to play ball, and there goes my scholarship."

His mother got up and moved behind him, resting her hands on his shoulders. "Michael honey, you don't need to worry about that. Your father and I put away plenty for your education. We had no way of knowing what a talented ball player you would become." She bent and hugged him as she finished her statement.

Michael smiled. His parents always knew how to put him at ease and make him feel better, particularly his mother. Her hug felt even more comforting than usual to him this evening. He reached back and put both arms around his mother's head, pulling her face closer to his and kissed her on the cheek. She gave him a kiss back and squeezed him gently. Then they released each other.

Michael's mother poured herself a glass of wine and returned to her seat at the table. "Do you want to talk about it baby?" she asked.

He shook his head. "Not right now, thanks, maybe later."

Michelle Price gave her son a smile. "Whenever you're ready baby, I'll be here for you."

He reached out, took her hand and squeezed it gently. "Thanks Mom," he said, then got up from the table and went to his room.

- - -

Back at Bobby's house, Billy wasn't giving up on the idea of getting Bobby's dick in his ass, even though Bobby's mother had killed the mood for Bobby a few moments earlier. His hand massaged Bobby's organ until he finally began to get the reaction he was hoping for.

At least Helene Connor had pulled the door to her son's room closed when she had walked away after she had stuck her head into the room a few minutes before, so presumably they would have some privacy for a few minutes. From her very emotionally detached reaction to what she had caught them doing and her seemingly clinical description of if to her husband -- who didn't really even react any differently than his wife had, there was little if any reason for them to be concerned.

Once Bobby's dick started to respond, Billy knew he would be able to get what he wanted. They were both still lying on their sides, and as Bobby's dick became stiff once again, Billy moved back against it, guiding it into him. Bobby didn't resist but did protest just slightly -- despite that, he was helping by trying to push in more than anything else. Finally, between the movements and manipulations the two of them were making, Bobby's shaft fully penetrated Billy's tight little ass. Both boys let out a moan at the same time as Bobby's pubic hair tickled against Billy's butt cheeks.

They lay still for a moment before Bobby started to move inside him. They worked into an easy rhythm with each other. Their love making was not hurried or frantic in the least -- they took their time and enjoyed the sex. They both knew there was no hurry to get downstairs to join Bobby's parents for dinner, as their cocktail time normally lasted a minimum of two hours.

They changed positions, Billy turning so that he was on his back once more, his legs raised above Bobby's shoulders, but still maintaining the same easy pace they had started with. Billy's knew his prostate would get maximum stimulation from this method, one reason he preferred this particular position. His breathing became more ragged as he approached his climax. Bobby had learned long before the signals which were the tell tale signs that Billy was approaching the point of no return. He didn't change his pace when Billy began to buck against him, wanting release, but rather tried to hold Billy back into the rhythm they had established from the onset.

It was almost a futile effort -- Billy's desires were becoming too overwhelming to be contained. Bobby finally gave in and increased his pace to match. When Billy reached into his lap to stroke himself, Bobby's eyes followed his hand. He saw that Billy's balls, which normally hung fairly low, were drawn up tight in their sack -- another of the sure signs that he was about to cum. Billy was becoming almost manic -- moving back and forth on Bobby's shaft as if it were a piston in an engine at full throttle.

The combination of the friction, Billy's increased pace and the clenching up of his sphincter around Bobby's shaft -- another sure sign of his impending orgasm -- had Bobby on the edge of blowing his load in mere seconds. It was only a couple seconds more until Billy felt Bobby's shaft expand a little wider and the warm wetness in his bowels that let him know that Bobby had cum. It was then that Billy began pumping his own load out onto his stomach.

Once their orgasms subsided, they collapsed, holding each other tightly for a few minutes. They kissed deeply, then finally broke apart. Bobby rolled off of Billy, stood and offered his hand. Billy took it and allowed Bobby to pull him up off the bed. They went into the bathroom, where Billy sat on the toilet to empty himself while Bobby got the shower running. They showered together, washing each other -- something that Bobby found very intimate. Billy just thought Bobby's arousal in this sort of intimacy amusing, but did allow Bobby to wash him and reciprocated in kind.

Likewise, when they finished in the shower and stepped out, Bobby dried Billy thoroughly before standing, waiting for Billy to do the same to him. Billy knew what was expected of him, grabbed another towel off the rack and wiped the remaining water droplets from his lover's body.

When they dressed and went down to dinner, neither boy was surprised that Helene and Arthur Connor were still sipping martinis and nothing had been done to get dinner started. Bobby led Billy out into the kitchen and started looking through the refrigerator while Billy sat at the kitchen table watching him. Bobby had become quite the accomplished cook, seeing as his parents had never been exactly, well, parental.

Bobby pulled some things out and started setting them on the counter, arranging them in the order they needed to be in as he started preparing the meal. Billy was actually a little impressed by this -- Bobby was only slightly older than him, and Billy had developed no cooking skills at all. Billy watched, trying to commit as much of what Bobby was doing to memory as he could.

The boys didn't leave the kitchen as Bobby prepared the meal for them and his parents, and neither his mother nor father came in to check on them either. When dinner was ready, Bobby finally went into the family room to let them know they were ready to eat. His parents were both passed out in their chairs, his mother still clutching a half full martini in her hand.

Bobby sighed, disappointed. He took the glass gently from his mother's hand and returned to the kitchen. Billy was able to tell something was wrong as soon as Bobby came back into the kitchen, but he didn't say anything right away. He watched as Bobby dumped the rest of the drink his mother had been holding into the sink. He rinsed the glass, set it on the counter and slumped into his chair next to Billy.

"What's wrong?" Billy asked, knowing full well what the answer was going to be.

"They're drunk again -- both of them. Passed out in their chairs -- and dead to the world. I'm just so tired of this." Billy could see in Bobby's face that he meant what he said.

"Screw them," Billy said. "You've made a nice meal, let's just enjoy it together, and if they want any when they wake up, they can have some."

Bobby nodded his agreement, fixed them both a plate of food and sat down to eat.

When they were done with dinner, Billy helped Bobby clean up. When they were done Billy was ready to go back upstairs to Bobby's room, having obtained permission from his parents to stay the night. Bobby was reluctant to take Billy back through the living room -- he didn't want Billy to actually see his parents drunk and unconscious in their chairs, even though he'd already admitted that's where they were. He had to give in though -- they couldn't get to his room without passing them.

* * *

Coming soon, the finale.

Yes, the end of the soap opera...

* * *

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