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Brandon and Alex

Chapter Fifty One

Alex was glad he was going to be able to stay over with Brandon. Despite the reassurances from Brandon and his mother, he was still worried that their going to different schools was going to cause an irreparable rift in their relationship. Brandon didn't share that concern, but he did understand why Alex was worried. When they finally went to bed, they were both naked, and Brandon spooned Alex from behind. He held Alex tightly, and before long their legs were intertwined.

Inevitably, Brandon's dick began to harden, pressing itself up and into Alex's behind as it stiffened. Alex was not bothered by this in the least, but rather wiggled around a little to try to get it more into the position he wanted it to be. This being unsuccessful, he finally reached back and guided it toward where he knew it needed to be -- where he wanted and needed it to be.

Brandon had to lean away for a moment so he could retrieve the little tube of lubricant from his night stand drawer. Alex mistakenly took this for reluctance to have sex with him at first -- but then realized that he was wrong when he heard Brandon pop the cap open. Brandon sensed this, as Alex had tensed when he leaned away. He felt a need to once again reassure his boyfriend -- no, his lover -- that things were okay between them and would continue to be so.

"Baby, I just wanted to get some lube -- I don't want to hurt you," he whispered into Alex's ear as he eased back into an embrace. He felt Alex relax into him once again. This made Brandon feel better as well.

Brandon had squeezed out a little of the lube onto his fingertips and flipped the cap closed. He tucked the tube beneath his pillow rather than try to return it to the drawer he had taken it from. Then he began to probe at his lover's opening, getting him ready, Brandon didn't lie when he told Alex he didn't want to hurt him -- he never wanted to ever hurt Alex either emotionally or physically. And because of Alex's anxiety, this evening he wanted their love making to be all the more passionate this night.

Brandon knew that Alex preferred the more submissive, bottom role when they made love. Tonight though, he wanted them both to have that experience. That was the primary reason he'd slid the lube up underneath his pillow. There was of course the other reason -- he hadn't really wanted to pull away from Alex. It had been necessary though, just for that one brief moment.

Alex had tensed when he felt Brandon move away from him, but now that his greased-up fingers were beginning to probe at him, Alex melted back into him. He lifted his leg, trying to allow Brandon fuller access to his rear, wanting more penetration. Brandon intended to accommodate him, but he was going to take his time in doing it. He moved his fingers slowly, pushing in a little, then pulling them back before moving inward once again. Alex tried pushing back into him, but Brandon was ready for this tactic, and pulled his fingers away each time he did.

Finally, Alex turned his head back toward his lover. "Quit teasing!" he complained.

Brandon leaned forward slightly so he could kiss Alex's neck. He was about to say, "All in good time," but Alex took the opportunity while Brandon was distracted to drive himself back onto Brandon's fingers. Alex let out a moan as the digits went deep inside him.

Brandon was about to complain about Alex being sneaky, but decided Alex had been right. He had been teasing the love of his life. He wiggled his fingers for a moment before pulling them away and quickly replacing them with the larger, rigid shaft he knew Alex wanted inside him even more. They were both lying on their right sides, Alex lifting his left leg into the air to make Brandon's penetration easier.

Alex let out a sigh as he felt the object of his desire enter him. `If there is a heaven,' he thought, `this is what it must be like!' Nothing felt better to Alex than being held by his boyfriend as they made love.

He began to move with Brandon, establishing a rhythm that had become very familiar to them both. They were very much in tune with each other, and each knew how to react to the other's movements. Nothing could make anything more passionate between them when they were engaged sexually. The room was charged with erotic energy as they thrusted and moaned and panted. The smell of hot, sweaty sex hung in the air.

It seemed to Alex that they were reaching their usual crescendo when suddenly; Brandon abruptly withdrew and stopped his movements. Brandon had this planned, but Alex had no inkling what was about to happen, so it took him a second or two to stop after Brandon had pulled out. Alex would have been concerned, but Brandon still held him in a firm, comfortable embrace. "Why did you stop?" Alex asked.

Brandon gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. "It's time for us to change positions," he whispered.

Alex giggled for a moment. "We've done that without stopping before," he correctly observed.

"But not to get into the position I want," Brandon told him as he released his grip and pulled away slightly. "Lie on your back," he stated. It didn't seem anything like a request, and Alex did as he was told. He started to spread his legs wide apart, expecting Brandon to enter him again, but Brandon stopped him by gently holding his legs in place so he could maneuver over them to straddle Alex's torso.

He leaned forward to reach under the pillow, retrieving the lube. He popped it open and squirted enough out onto his fingers to prepare Alex's dick and his own hole. Moments later he was sitting back, using one hand to steady himself and the other to guide Alex's stiff shaft into him. He had a slight bit of difficulty getting `things' lined up just right, so Alex gave him a little assistance. A couple seconds later, Brandon had sunk all the way down on Alex's erection.

It had been a long time since Brandon had felt Alex inside him. It was an experience that he really missed, but he hadn't realized quite how much until just now. He rested for a moment once full penetration had been achieved, just savoring the moment. It was only after he had leaned forward and kissed Alex deeply on the lips that he began to move up and down, using the strong muscles in his legs to create the rise and fall that would establish the rhythm for the rest of their love-making that night.

- - -

It was Sunday afternoon, the end of summer vacation. The next morning they would start school again. Before there had always been the anticipation of what classes they would have together, but not today. They knew there was no chance they would share any classes the next day -- they would be in different schools. Alex would be going to school at St Pius, and Brandon at Fletcher. As far as that was concerned, their fate was decided.

Brandon and Alex were seated on a grassy knoll overlooking the playing fields in Abby Park. There were some boys around their age, some perhaps a little older playing football. It wasn't really a serious game; they didn't really have enough players for that. It seemed more like a couple groups of friends tossing a ball back and forth than a serious game. That was fine with Brandon and Alex, as they were planning to just lie back on the hill and watch. A couple more boys joined the group they had been watching. Brandon and Alex had not yet been noticed, perched above the field as they were. They glanced at each other, wondering how soon it might be before someone saw them watching, and if any of the guys playing ball below would mind -- or perhaps even ask them to join the game.

* * *

Steven and Carson were lying naked under the sheets on Carson's bed. Carson had appreciated Steven mimicking what had been done to him in the form of shaving his pubic hairs. He saw it as a tender and loving gesture. As he thought about it, he wondered if any other boys would have done the same for their lovers. He was sure that there were some who would, but he reveled in the knowledge that one of the boys who would go to such lengths for their lover was his.

Steven was lying on his back next to him. The sheet, having been kicked back during their sleep, just barely covered Steven's nether regions. One arm was raised so that the forearm rested over his eyes. Carson surveyed his boyfriend's body, and wondered at the arm crossing his face. Had Steven wakened before him, and this was an attempt to block out the light of the early morning dawn so that he could get more sleep? They had certainly stayed up late enough last night -- and their love making had been almost manic before they finally separated and went to sleep.

Carson ran his eyes over Steven's body, and then down over his own. He pushed the sheet down, revealing his now bare pubic region. He ran a hand over his pubic mound -- stubble was just barely beginning to form there, but it wasn't bristly as he expected it might be. "Probably the blonde thing,' he thought, as he recalled how late it was when his pubic patch had even begun to form. He recalled that Steven's little triangle of thick, black hair had been much fuller than his own. Thinking about that, he gently rested a hand on Steven's chest, before slowly starting to move it downward... Gradually approaching the area still covered by the sheet.

Carson's dick had begun to thicken as his hand ran over his boyfriend's chest and stomach. He pushed the sheet down, revealing Steven's genitals. He found himself strangely turned on by the `bald' look they both now had. He ran his hand across the area Steven had shaved, and savored the smoothness. `Maybe we should keep doing the shaving thing,' he thought -- even though his had been forced on him.

As Carson rubbed his hand over Steven's pubic mound, he noticed Steven's arm move away from his face and drop next to his side. He looked back up to Steven's face and saw that his eyes were still closed. There was something in his head that told him Steven was only feigning sleep at the moment. Carson decided to test his theory.

Carson kicked the sheets away, completely exposing Steven and himself. He watched for any sign of a reaction from his boyfriend, but there was none so far. Again he ran his hand lightly across Steven's body. The warmth and smoothness of Steven's skin felt very nice beneath his finger tips. The look on Steven's face as he slept was almost angelic, but as Carson's fingers caressed Steven's body, a devilish grin began to form. That was Carson's confirmation that he was in fact awake.

Carson began to rub the tips of his fingers over some of the exposed tender spots where he knew Steven was ticklish. Soon, Steven's countenance had gone from grinning to giggling. It was then than he finally gave up the pretense of sleeping and sat up. "Okay, I'm awake... You can stop now!" he exclaimed.

Carson did stop the tickling, but only to grab Steven and draw him in close for a kiss. It was almost as soon as their lips met that Steven felt Carson's tongue begging admittance to his mouth. He gladly granted it access. It had been Carson's intention to rollover on top of his boyfriend, but Steven had other ideas and countered his move. A moment later, it was Steven who was on top.

They lay in bed snuggling and kissing for a while before deciding it was finally time to get up out of bed and start their day. Steven left the bed first, heading to the bathroom to start his daily ablutions. Carson followed a few moments later. By the time he walked into the bathroom, Steven was already in the shower. After he had finished using the toilet and brushing his teeth, Carson slid the frosted glass door aside and stepped into the shower with Steven. Carson took a razor with him when he entered the cubicle. It was time to freshen his shaving.

They did wash, dry and shave each other, and while it was a sensual and erotic experience, it did not progress into anything more active.

- - -

Both boys had known it would take Carson's mother time to get over the botched kidnapping, where her son had been taken instead of his lover, and they were okay with that. Neither Carson's mother, nor her new fiancée, Dr. Henry Bloomfield had any problems with their relationship. Carson's real father would have had serious issues with it, had he known, but it had been a long time since anyone had heard from him. It was only at the end of their summer vacation from school before Barbara was finally willing to let go of her son enough to allow him to stay over at his boyfriend's house once more.

This followed only a single day after Steven's mother had pled guilty in court to the kidnapping, and other charges against her, and her and her co-conspirators had all been sentenced to minimum terms of 25 years in the federal prison system. Perhaps it was that which finally made her agree to Carson's sleeping over at Steven's home once again.

Whatever the reason, the boys were glad she seemed to have gotten over the paranoia she had been feeling since her son had been kidnapped. This would be their last day of summer vacation, and they had plans to go to the park to play ball with their friends, followed by a party afterward as a final, big blowout to end their break from school.

Tonight though, Carson's mother had agreed to let him stay over at Steven's house, just as Steven's father had agreed to let him stay over at Carson's. The boys had plans that they didn't want either of their parents to know about, even if neither probably would have objected. It was however the typical high school boy mentality to disguise plans that they really weren't quite sure would meet with their parents' approval. Even though neither Steven nor Carson would be participating, there would be drinking going on at the party the boys were planning to attend. After the recent intervention they had had with Steven's father, they suspected this wouldn't sit well with either of their parents.

They dressed in loose fitting nylon shorts, t-shirts, ankle socks and running shoes -- perfect for a game of football in the park. Since both normally wore boxers, at Carson's suggestion, they had both put on jock straps that day instead. "It'll be better than having our junk flopping all over the place when we're running around out there, and look," he said as he held up a pair to show Steven, "there's nothing at all covering your butt." It was true -- there was a little pouch to hold their equipment in place in the front, but the only thing that would be in the back was two little elastic straps that would sort of wrap around their butt-cheeks to connect the bottom of the little pouch to the waistband in the rear.

Steven had never given any thought to wearing such a thing before. Neither had Carson really, but ever since he had watched a porn video on his computer a couple days before and it had given him an idea. Relatively certain that Steven would go along with him if he suggested it, Carson had bought two of the skimpy little things -- one for each of them. It was his intention that they would both strip down and wear nothing but these skimpy little garments at the party that evening. `They sure do charge a lot for so little,' he had thought as he left the checkout counter at Sports Authority. Each of the little things had cost as much as a regular pair of pants would have at any regular clothing store.

Steven had shrugged when Carson made the suggestion. It was very non-committal, indicating that he didn't really care one way or the other if they wore these particular under garments or not. Carson had not mentioned his plan for the party to Steven. Steven would have been just as happy wearing his usual boxers, but he was willing to try what Carson was suggesting. He reached out and took the one that Carson was offering to him. And he did put them on, just as Carson did with his. Then they both finished dressing and headed to the park to join their friends.

As they rode their bicycles to Abby Park, Steven was a little disconcerted by the feeling the jock strap gave him. As Carson had said, none of it covered his butt, so there was a little breeze back there, as if he were free-balling. The pouch in the front however, was keeping everything there snug and in place -- he was not at all used to the contrast. Neither was Carson, and it was making him just a little more uncomfortable than it was Steven -- but since it had been his idea to wear them, he wasn't going to complain about it. Steven mentioned the weirdness of it, just in passing, and Carson just sort of grunted his agreement.

- - -

When they arrived at the park, some of their friends were already there tossing a ball back and forth. There weren't yet enough people there for a real game, but since they had claimed one of the smaller of the playing fields the park had to offer, no one had attempted to take it over from them. That would sometimes happen when another group had enough for two full teams and the playing fields were all occupied -- especially if the group with the lower numbers was high school age and the other was college age.

Steven and Carson dropped their bikes by the side of the field where the others had left theirs, then trotted out onto the field to join the others. The game that was underway when they arrived wasn't any sort of real competition -- it was just a group of friends horsing around and tossing the ball around between them. There were still a few others among their friends that they expected to show up, so for now the goofing off they were doing was fine.

* * *

Melissa didn't know that her `spy' in the form of her little brother had been `turned' as they would say in some espionage novels. He was working more against her than for her after the long talk he had had with Kelly and Doug. He realized then that they had a lot more in common than he and his older sister did. Jason didn't subscribe to the rest of his family's belief system even before what he considered to be the `wacky lady' at their church had been arrested for orchestrating a kidnapping, but if possible he felt far less in line with their beliefs now -- they had supported her at her trial, and even joined a group who protested her sentencing -- not that it had done any good.

- - -

Kelly had somehow managed to avoid being one-on-one with Melissa for the private talk he had agreed to have with her from the conversation relayed by her little brother. While the meeting was technically agreed on, he had managed to make excuses not to be available when she wanted to meet. He had also complicated her plan by suggesting times that her little brother was letting him know would not be possible for her to agree to.

While this gave the appearance that he was trying to comply with her wishes, she wasn't stupid and she was getting fed up and frustrated by Kelly's managing to avoid being alone with her. It was for this reason that she had decided that it was time to go public with the information she had. Her new plan was to wait until Kelly and that disgusting creature who she felt had corrupted him were in a very public place, and then she would make her move -- outing them both. Then Kelly would have to see the light. The humiliation and ridicule he would face at the hands of his peers would surely bring him around, and then he would be hers -- as things were supposed to be, at least in her eyes. And if it didn't, well then he would be exposed as the deviant he was -- either way, she would win in the world as she saw it.

She watched as `the creature' as she thought of him rode his bicycle past her home on his way to Kelly's. She seethed with anger. Then, only a few minutes later, her anger intensified even more when she saw the two of them ride past going the other direction, heading out of their neighborhood, laughing together and smiling at each other. She decided to follow. She hoped she would get the opportunity to finally confront them in front of a group of their friends.

If either of them had thought to glance back, they would have noticed her, trailing along a block or so behind. As they rode toward the park, Melissa's hopes to catch them with a large group around them mounted -- there would certainly be a lot of people there, and they were bound to be looking for people they knew. This was the last weekend of the summer before school started, so she knew the park would be quite busy. Therefore she was certain that this would be the best time and place to put her new plan into action.

- - -

Kelly and Doug rode through Abby Park looking for the field their friends had claimed for their games that day -- they weren't sure exactly which one it would be, so it took them a while to find. They knew they were running late already, and weren't surprised when they finally spotted the group they were looking for on one of the smaller fields. As they rode across a grassy knoll and down the hill to meet their friends, they passed two boys sitting next to each other, watching what was going on below.

Kelly and Doug both took note of how closely together they were seated as they rode by. It was a lot closer than normally would have expected for a couple boys, though they themselves would surely have been that close. They glanced over at each other as they rode down the hill, silently acknowledging together what they had just observed.

Melissa followed along behind, but she took little or no notice at all of the two boys sitting together in the grass as she rode by. She did notice the glance that Kelly and Doug gave each other just after they passed them, but she didn't comprehend the significance of what it meant. Her concentration was so centered on Kelly and Doug that it didn't even occur to her that a couple other boys were lounging so closely together on the grass that their legs and arms were practically making contact -- and in fact did touch occasionally as they fidgeted while they sat and watched the games going on below them.

Melissa's attention had been so focused that she hadn't noticed that her little brother was following along behind her all the way from their home to the park. While Melissa rode her bike farther down the hill, then veered off to the side, stopping beneath a tree, Jason stopped closer to the top, slightly above where the other two boys were sitting next to each other on the grass. He let his bike down in the grass, and then sat beside it, intent on observing what was to transpire below.

He knew his sister was a cold-hearted bitch, so whatever she had in mind couldn't possibly be good for his two new friends, whom she had followed to the park. He glanced back and forth between his sister and the group of boys on the field below. He could tell by the expression on her face that she was fuming mad. He could also tell that she was definitely mulling over some sort of plot. Then, all of a sudden, he saw the expression on her face change to a smile -- or more aptly described -- an evil grin. That was it; she'd definitely made her mind up about what she was going to do, but to Jason's surprise, she just sat down, leaned against the tree and watched as Kelly and Doug joined a group of boys in a football game on one of the fields below.

* * *

Michael drove slowly toward Abby Park, the place where it seemed everything had started for him. Or was it just the beginning of the end? No, the park hadn't really been where things had really started after he thought about it for a moment. That had been at the party the night he'd met Paolo. The park had been where he'd met Bobby. `That was a good day,' Michael thought as he turned the car into the park's entrance. He thought about Bobby and himself lying on the grass there on the slope in the park the day they'd met. There had seemed to be an instant spark between them. He couldn't help but smile at that thought.

Things were different now. Back then he had been the star quarterback on the high school football team. He'd had a pristine Mustang convertible that many would have simply died to own. He was dating Britney Harris, the head of the cheerleading squad -- even if he had been seeing Paolo on the side. `No,' he thought... `I was just letting Paolo fuck me, that wasn't a real relationship.'

Everything had changed so much since then. The thing he'd had with Paolo -- whatever it was, had fallen apart. He'd ultimately been outted to his high school as a result of that -- everyone had found out that he liked having a hard dick shoved up his butt, very graphically in fact, considering the video that Paolo had put into the school's web site. That had actually been a liberating moment, Michael thought after considering it for a moment. And it had been the catalyst for his meeting Bobby, Bobby Connor.

Michael grinned as he thought about the way Bobby had introduced himself that day. But now he didn't have Bobby either. Michael blamed himself for that. He'd been pushing Bobby away as his going off to college got closer and closer. It was after all his idea that they should see other people, as he doubted that a long term relationship would be able to stand the test of time... He just hadn't thought Bobby would have taken the step into a new relationship before he was gone.

Michael shook his head as if that would clear the thoughts he was having away. Besides, he needed to concentrate on driving now, he was entering an area known as `the coves' in Abby Park, and the road became rather twisty here, and narrow in some places. Michael turned the steering wheel back and forth as he navigated the road, careful to keep the car centered on the pavement. When he reached the little "cove" parking area where he had parked his car the day he'd met Bobby, Michael pulled in and stopped. He pulled the key out of the ignition and stepped out of the car.

Michael turned and looked back at the Mustang. It looked much different now than it had that day. Back then it had looked almost as if had just rolled off the showroom floor back in 1973. Now, he and his father had just finished piecing the body of the car back together. They'd had to scour junkyards as far south as Atlanta and north to Philadelphia to get the body parts they had needed. None of the paint on any of the parts matched -- the body of the car sort of reminded Michael of an old country song his father liked... `Coat of Many Colors' was what it was called. He smiled as he looked at the car. He almost thought it would be better to leave it this way than to have it painted and restored to its former glory. He thought about the words of the song -- he'd never really appreciated them before, but now he had a far better understanding of them. The love his father had shown him over the past few weeks in helping him rebuild the car seemed to truly exemplify the meaning to the lyrics of the song.

Michael smiled as he pocketed the keys and walked away from the car. He stopped as he stepped onto the grass and thought for a moment. Then he stooped down, pulled off his athletic shoes and socks, stuffed the ankle-high socks into the shoes and walked back to toss them into the backseat of his car. He considered for a moment putting up the top and locking the car, but decided against it. `It's safe enough here,' he thought. `Besides, if anyone really wants to steal something, I don't want them cutting up the new top to get to it.' He decided to strip off his shirt as well -- and when he did, the sun felt nice and warm on his shoulders. He tossed the shirt into the back seat of the car on top of his shoes. That would at least keep the idly curious from seeing and taking them.

The cool grass felt nice under his feet and between his toes on the warm summer day. It promised to be a rather hot one before it was over though. Michael started down the grassy slope. He was wearing a pair of tan cargo shorts over boxers. As Michael walked down the hill, a warm breeze blew, and managed to make it up the leg of his shorts. The warm breeze felt good to him as the moving air reached his genitals, causing a slight involuntary shudder. It had been over three weeks since he'd had sex after discovering Bobby and Billy together. Bobby had been trying to contact him, but Michael had not been taking his calls or answering his texts.

About halfway down the hill, Michael saw two guys he recognized, one a blonde and the other with jet black hair. The blonde boy was a little taller than the dark-haired boy. It took him a moment to remember -- these were the two boys he'd met what seemed so long ago at Paolo's house. They were the ones watching from Paolo's bedroom window as he'd had sex with another, older guy next to the pool below. They had of course run into each other a few times since then -- for instance, there was the time they had discovered him and Bobby having sex on a picnic table at old pavilion back in the woods that adjoined the park a short distance away. He stopped to say hello, and at first the two boys seemed a little nervous.

They exchanged small talk for a few minutes which seemed to ease the two boys' minds about the encounter. Michael told them that he was going to join a group of boys who he knew that were tossing a football around on one of the fields below and asked them if they cared to join in. They exchanged a look with each other. Then they both told Michael that they would like that. Michael got up and started down the hill before turning around to see the two boys still seated on the grass. He motioned for them to follow, and they got up to join him.

As they walked down the hill, Michael told them that because of his accident he couldn't recall their names. The taller, blonde boy answered. "Yeah, no problem, we understand. I'm Brandon, and this is Alex, my boyfriend."

Michael chuckled. "Yeah, I remembered that part," he told them as he stepped between them and ruffled both their hair. Then he put an arm around them both as they walked the rest of the way down the hill to join Michael's friends.

* - * - *

There wasn't a real game in progress when Michael, Brandon and Alex got down to the field where Michael's friends were playing. The others there on the field were really just tossing the ball back and forth between them. Michael introduced them to Steven, Carson, Kelly, Doug, Joey and Kyle. When he introduced Brandon and Alex to the others, Michael mentioned that they would be starting high school on Monday. Joey and Kyle of course already knew Brandon and Alex. Joey had been a friend of theirs for years, and of course, they knew about him and Kyle being boyfriends. Conversely of course, they both knew about Brandon and Alex being boyfriends as well. Being more sensitive to this sort of thing, and noting that the others were sort of paired off, Alex wondered if the others might be `couples' as well. He was also curious where Michael's partner was -- he remembered well the cute blonde boy about their age that they had seen Michael with. He decided it might be better not to ask either of those questions just at that moment.

The three newcomers joined the group as they spread out across the field and tossed the ball back and forth. There was a little grab-ass between the various couples from time to time, but nothing too overtly sexual. It was still enough for Alex to pick up on which pairs of boys were actually couples, and it seemed as if each of them there had a partner except for Michael. This realization made Alex all the more curious, and eventually when they were side-by-side alone together for a moment, he mentioned his observation to Brandon.

"You mean all these guys..." Brandon started to ask a question. They of course knew for sure that about half were gay, but it seemed unlikely to him that all of them were. He gave a glance toward Alex, raising an eyebrow. Alex, as usual, seemed to read his thoughts and nodded affirmatively. "Wow..." Brandon muttered, then ran to try to intercept a pass Michael had thrown toward Carson.

His attempt at an interception failed miserably. Instead, he crashed into the other blonde boy, sending them both crashing to the ground. They rolled over together in the grass a few times. It had been a natural reaction for Carson to wrap his arms around the other boy as they collided, Carson's arms were around Brandon's chest and they rolled in the grass a few times when they landed. When they stopped, Brandon was face down on the ground with Carson lying on top of him. Carson's nose was buried in the hair at the back of Brandon's neck. `Smells nice,' he thought as he slowly released his grip on the other boy and rolled off his back. He got up first, then extended a hand to the boy who had crashed into him. "You alright?" he asked as the pulled Brandon to his feet.

"Yeah, thanks. I really thought I was going to have that one," Brandon responded as he took a few steps to retrieve the ball from where it had landed after it bounced off his hands when he'd tried to snatch it just before it entered the waiting grasp of the other boy. Brandon picked up the ball, stood and turned, then threw a near perfect spiral toward Kyle Praegler.

Kyle was a natural athlete, and when he saw the ball headed toward him, he made his move. He sprinted quickly to where he knew he would be in the best position to catch it, then he jumped high, stretching his body out to its full length and reaching as far as he could to make the catch. He nearly missed it, and all who were watching really thought he was going to, but he managed to get his fingertips on the ball and bring it in.

Everyone on the field couldn't help but admire his lithe, lean body as Kyle strove to catch the ball. It was difficult not to appreciate his tanned, muscular form. He wasn't overly muscled, like a body builder, but he was certainly a bit past just `well toned.' Kyle pulled the ball into his chest as he dropped toward the ground and rolled. It was really a spectacular catch.

There was a smattering of applause from a group of guys in their mid to late twenties who had showed up on the sidelines of the field where they were playing and started watching. Apparently they too appreciated Kyle's skill. When he got up, he even turned toward the group who had applauded him and gave an exaggerated bow. This gesture brought laughter from all who were watching.

Two new boys, who had just arrived dropped their bikes at the edge of the field and walked out onto the field toward Kelly Tucker. They were both dressed in tank tops, shorts and flip-flops. They both had sandy colored hair and were quite obviously twins. "Hey Chris, hey Riley," Kelly greeted them as they walked up to him.

"Hey," they both answered as one. Then Riley spoke by himself, "Can we join the game?"

"It's not a real game," Kelly answered. "But I'm sure you're welcome to join in. Come on, I'll introduce you to the other guys."

The Jensen twins already knew a few of the others on the field, and Kelly quickly made the introductions to the ones they didn't.

The flip-flops the twins were wearing quickly proved quite inadequate for the task they were being put to, running up and down the field, thus it wasn't but a few minutes before they were kicked off and tossed beside the twins' bicycles. It wasn't long before their shirts also joined the pile, the heat of the afternoon sun and all the running around making them quite hot. The two seemed identical, but somehow those who knew them well enough were able to tell them apart. That wasn't from their appearance so much as it was their demeanor. Riley was by far the more outgoing of the two. Chris, younger by only a few minutes, always seemed to be shyer and generally took cues from his just slightly older brother.

The group played around on the field for about another hour before they decided it was time to take a break. By this time it was mid afternoon, and they were all very hot and sweaty. They decided to surrender the field to the group of twenty-somethings who had gathered along one side of the field while they rested and had a couple bottles of water each to rehydrate themselves.

They sat by the side of the field as they drank their water, and someone suggested that what would really be good to end up the day at the park would be a nice, cool swim. Only Brandon and Alex were really clear on who initially made that remark -- it was Brandon. A couple of boys in the group balked at the idea, since they had nothing to swim in. That was when Kelly interjected. "No, there's a really private place in the woods near here where there's a decent swimming hole -- a nice big pool right under a waterfall -- really cool, clear water, it's great. And even better yet, no bathing suits required."

There were a few glances back and forth between some of the boys who were unfamiliar with some of the others in the group. However, here was enough commonality among friends in the group so that no one raised any particular objection, and thus the decision was made without even any discussion as the boys all started to get up and silently reclaim their bicycles from wherever they had left them. The rest of the afternoon would be swimming -- and from the looks of things, that swimming was going to be skinny-dipping.

Alex gave Brandon a look that seemed to say `what did you just get started?' as they led the way toward the trail that would take them into the woods and to the stream. Brandon shrugged in reply, and rolled his eyes as if to say `seemed like a good idea at the time.' It didn't matter at this point though; they were already committed -- not just to leading the group to the pool in the woods, but getting naked and swimming with them as well. They had done this before with each other, and with a couple friends; but this was the first time there were going to be other people around that they didn't really know.

- - -

Melissa Farmer watched as the boys started gathering their things and picking up their bikes. They were moving away from the playing fields as a group, so it seemed likely that they were all headed the same direction. The scheme in her head had taken on a life of its own it seemed, and was rapidly updating as the situation changed. She stayed tucked away beside the tree and out of sight until the group had passed by and set out after them, trailing about 50 to 75 yards behind. When they reached the top of the hill where the road and a small parking area were located, one of the boys she was following split away from the rest of the group and got into a battered looking old Mustang convertible.

The auburn haired boy was just starting the car as Melissa pushed her bike to the top of the hill and started to climb onto it to follow the rest of the group of boys who were coasting down the slope on a road that skirted the back edge of the large park. The throaty roar of the engine startled the girl. From the looks of the vehicle, she had expected it to cough and sputter, the engine starting only with some reluctance, and probably a big belch of exhaust smoke to boot, so the noise the engine actually made as it came to life caused her to jump.

- - -

Michael saw the girl pushing her bicycle jump when he started the engine of his car, and it made him grin. She had given him a very disapproving look when he caught her eye as he got into his car. It seemed condescending -- as if he was of a lower class because of the way his car looked in its somewhat `calico' state.

When she saw Michael grinning at her, the girl put renewed energy into pushing her bicycle and rushed past him before jumping onto its seat and heading off down the hill. Following just behind her by about twenty yards was a young boy, perhaps maybe nine or ten years old. Michael noticed a definite family resemblance. Surely this was her sibling, tagging along. That probably explained, at least partially, the annoyed look on her face. The boy stopped beside Michael's car, and he pressed down on the accelerator pedal again, causing the engine to roar as he looked over at the young boy.

The kid gave Michael a grin, which he returned. "Sweet car," the kid said to Michael as he jumped on his bike and pedaled away after his sister.

After the kid was well away from the back of his car, Michael shifted the transmission into reverse and backed out of the parking area. He was still debating whether or not to join the other boys he'd been playing ball with at the little pond, but was as yet undecided. He pulled the gear shift back to put the car into first gear, and eased out on the clutch to get started down the hill. Once the car was rolling forward, he shifted into neutral and just allowed it to coast, tapping the brake occasionally as he wound through the downhill curves.

- - -

Jason Farmer had to keep applying the brakes on his bike to remain as far behind his sister as he wanted as he followed her following the group of older boys. The main group was quite a ways ahead of him, but he saw where they cut off the road and into the woods. He stopped his bike for a moment as he saw his sister pause for a moment before following them. He didn't know exactly what she was up to, but he recalled the look she'd had on her face and as he did, he thought that whatever it was, it couldn't be good.

After the momentary pause, Melissa eased her bike over the curb and followed the group of boys down the trail into the woods. Jason had just hopped his bike over the curb to follow his sister into the woods when the guy in the Mustang coasted past him. Jason was a little surprised that the car had approached him making so little noise, but just after it went by, the driver shifted it into gear and pressed down on the accelerator. The engine roared and the car jumped forward, responding superbly to the driver's control as it headed toward the park's exit. Jason stared after the car for a moment, then pointed his bike into the woods and followed where his sister had gone.

Jason eased his bike through a spot between two trees. Here, the fence that would have kept people from going to and from the woods and the park had been either left out or cut away. It had happened so long ago that there was no trace left of it now. It was a tight fit getting a bicycle's handlebars through, but like the others before him, he managed. There was a short path leading across the top of what had once been a farmer's field that had long ago gone fallow. The path ended at the entrance to the woods, dead-ending into another trail. Jason had been far enough behind so that he wasn't sure if the others had gone left or right. He was just going to have to guess. He chose left, and pedaled off down the trail, ready to stop suddenly if he were to suddenly round a turn and catch up unexpectedly with his sister.

As it turned out, Jason had gone the wrong way. The trail made a relatively circular route through the woods, so Jason did finally get where he wanted to be. It just took him about fifteen or twenty minutes longer than it would have, had he gone the right direction to begin with.

- - -

Melissa wasn't following very closely behind the group of boys, but she did turn the right way when she left the field and steered her bike onto the trail that led further into the woods. She rode for about five minutes, mostly all downhill until she heard the sounds of happy and excited boy's voices and splashing of water. The noises were definitely coming from somewhere in the woods off to her right, but she hadn't seen an offshoot to the trail that would lead her that direction yet.

Melissa had to ride back and forth along the trail a few times before she spotted the fairly well concealed entrance to a little side path off the main trail. She left her bicycle next to it, and carefully pushing the tree branches that helped hide it to the side, entered as stealthily as she could. It was about thirty yards in when she came upon the boy's bicycles. The voices were very clear now, and obviously close. Melissa kept close to the side of the path, not wanting to have her presence found out just yet.

She pulled a branch down and saw a pond just below a waterfall. It was a beautiful little pond -- clear running water, large rocks, and lush greenery surrounding it. It was really quite the idyllic spot. It would have been perfect for a romantic interlude between her and Kelly. Melissa surveyed the group of boys -- they were all frolicking in the water, splashing about and apparently having a great, fun time.

Water glistened on the boys' bodies. She could see nothing more of their bodies than from the waist up as they splashed and played in the water, but every so often, as they would jump and play it appeared to her as if they were completely nude. Then she spotted the piles of clothing on one of the large, flat rocks by the edge of the stream. >From the distance she was looking she couldn't be sure, but it seemed to confirm her impression that the boys were naked in the stream.

Melissa lay down and crawled up under the large rhododendron bush she had been hiding behind. It offered excellent concealment as she spied on the boys. She crossed her arms on the ground in front of her, and rested her chin on them as she watched the events transpiring below her.

- - -

The first of the group to come out of the water onto the large rocks along the stream was Kyle. This was Melissa's first confirmation that the boys she was watched actually were naked. It was also her first glimpse of a nude male who wasn't her little brother. She had seen him in the bath when he was four or five years old, or until he had become a little more modest, when he would run around their house without his pants.

Kyle's naked form was indeed quite attractive, beautiful even. He could have possibly even been the model for some of the statues of Greek gods she had seen pictures of. None of those however had ever had a semi-erect penis as Kyle now did. Melissa actually let out a gasp when she saw the nude male form emerge from the water. It seemed loud to her when it escaped her lips, making her worry that some of the boys below her may have heard, but it seemed as if no one other than her had noticed. The boys were all in fact too caught up in their play in the stream to notice much else. Additionally, the sounds of their chatter and laughter as well as the water splashing around them covered all the other sounds around them.

Melissa's prurient interest was piqued, despite her supposedly strong religious convictions. She edged forward, eager to study the exquisite young, naked male form sitting on the rock some thirty yards or so away. He seemed to be the oldest in the group, at about seventeen, or probably close to it. His legs dangled in the water, his feet and about half his calves below the surface of the gurgling stream. From what she could see of his legs, there were fine, black hairs sparsely populating his thighs from about halfway down. On his calves they grew more dense, but not overly so.

His hair was dark brown, and kept at a medium length, slightly over his ears. His chest was toned and muscled, but not overly so. You could tell that he worked out, but not to the point of being a body-builder. His skin tone was dark, and as her eyes returned to his groin, the difference in the skin tone there was so slight that this boy either spent a lot of time naked in the sun or had a naturally dark complexion.

Melissa's attention returned to Kyle's penis. It seemed to have grown some since he first emerged from the water. Her view of it was soon blocked when another of the boys popped up from the water between his legs. He put his arms out across Kyle's thighs to support himself. He was holding himself about half in and half out of the water. This boy had dark, curly hair. The top half of his exposed rear, which was visible above the water let on that not only was he too naked, but that he did not share Kyle's naturally dark skin tone. Other than his partially exposed buttocks though, the boy was well tanned. He was one of the three youngest looking in the group, at probably thirteen or fourteen years of age.

`It looks almost as if he's going to take that boy in his mouth, as close as he is!' Melissa thought as she looked at how close to Kyle's groin Joey Mitchell's face was. `That's just so gross.' It didn't cross her mind that she had thought of doing exactly the same thing to Kelly Tucker on any number of occasions.

There was some splashing and shouting from the middle of the pond that drew Melissa's attention. A splashing contest had erupted in the middle of the pond that momentarily drew Melissa's attention away from Kyle and Joey. When the water fight died down, two boys who Melissa knew from her neighborhood drew themselves away from the group and climbed out onto a rock several feet from the one where the other two boys were located. It was the Jensen twins, Chris and Riley. They too were naked. This surprised Melissa -- she had never suspected that they would be hanging out with a group like this -- boys who accepted and perhaps even embraced homosexuality. She'd thought from time to time that Riley was giving signals that he had romantic desires for her. Perhaps, she thought now, she had been wrong about that.

Her gaze returned to the other two who were on the other rock. The younger of the two had now reversed direction, but his arms were still draped over the other's legs. His head was tilted back into the older boy's lap now, resting between his legs. He was slightly higher out of the water, and his pubic hair and penis were now on display just above the water. The older one's hands were now wrapped around his torso and resting on his upper stomach. They were both looking over to the large rock where Chris and Riley had climbed out of the water and now lay, sunning themselves.

Melissa shifted her gaze back to the Jensen twins. She had to admit that they had nice bodies. They were both smooth and toned, but not muscular. A small patch of pubic hair grew above each of their cocks. It was a sandy, blondish color, the same as the hair on their heads. They lay beside each other, their legs spread apart and arms stretched out and folded behind them, under their heads. Their testicles hung down low between their legs, limp penises hanging atop them. `They really are identical twins,' she thought.

She looked back to Kyle and Joey. They were kissing! Two boys were actually kissing -- on the lips! When their lips finally parted, Kyle tightened his grip around Joey's body and pulled him further up out of the water. Joey was almost sitting in Kyle's lap now. Melissa could see the tip of Kyle's ever hardening dick sticking out, pressed sideways by Joey's body.

`What disgusting behavior,' she almost uttered aloud.

Down in the stream, another boy was raising himself out of the water on the same boulder as, but a few feet away from Kyle and Joey. He was another of the three younger looking boys in the group. His hair was blonde and his body sort of lean and lanky. As he climbed out of the creek onto the rock, his backside was turned toward her, but she could see that there was definitely something substantial hanging down in front. When he turned around and sat down on the big piece of granite, she was shocked to see that the boy who she figured for thirteen, or perhaps fourteen years old at the most sported equipment that had to be at least the same size as the eldest in the group -- a good three to four years his senior.

Melissa hadn't noticed the small, skinny pair of legs walk up next to the bush beneath which she was concealed. "Wow, he's got a big one," nine year old Jason Farmer whispered to himself very quietly as his hand slid into his shorts. Fortunately, his sister, lying on the ground only a couple feet away and under the foliage, out of his view did not hear him.

- - -

The unintentional show down on the opposite bank of the stream in front of Melissa and Jason continued. After Brandon had climbed out of the water onto the large granite boulder, he was soon followed by Alex. The boy had thick, black hair and an olive complexion. >From what Jason and Melissa were able to tell, he had very little hair, save for that on his head. Only his rear had been exposed to them so far though.

When Alex crawled up out of the water and onto the rock, he lay nearly face down on the warm granite boulder. Brandon had lay back on the boulder, in much the same position as the Jensen twins several yards away. Brandon positioned his body so that it was angled slightly toward Brandon and he put his arm across Brandon's chest. This kept his front partly raised off the rock they lay upon. He had arranged himself that way not only because he wanted to be close to Brandon, but also because his dick was quite stiff. He didn't want it to come to rest against the hard, rough stone in its current, semi-hardened state.

Brandon leaned toward him a little and ran his fingers through his boyfriend's wet hair. Alex lifted his head, and Brandon leaned in to kiss him, just briefly on the lips. After the kiss was broken, they adjusted themselves so that Brandon's arm was beneath Alex's head, and curled about his shoulders in a loose sort of a hug. Not that he really had any control over it, but when Brandon began his embrace with Alex, his dick began to stiffen even further.

Steven and Carson came out of the water together, onto yet another large, flat rock that dipped into the water at roughly a thirty degree angle. Given the positioning and slope of the rock, they were able to nearly walk up out of the stream onto it. They came out of the water, turned and sat very close to each other on the large slab of rock, their arms around each other's waists. Clearly they were `a couple.'

Melissa and Jason were almost as surprised as the other boys had been when their pubic regions became visible. The two were completely devoid of any hair `down there.'

Jason felt around his pubic area, taking in the smoothness above his hard three and a half inches. He was amazed that these older boys could have no hair. He looked back and forth between them and the others whose pubic regions he was able to view, and all of them had hair, even the ones that looked like they might be a year or so younger. He finally came to what should have been the natural conclusion -- these two must be shaving them off. He thought about how he was waiting for, and wanting so badly to grow some of his own. He couldn't fathom why these older boys would want to shave theirs off.

Next to Jason, under the bush, Melissa finally recognized these two boys from the news reports when her `mentor' at the church, Janet Roberts had tried to get her son taken for help to cure his homosexuality. `It's too bad Janet's plan didn't work,' Melissa thought. `Those two are kind of cute, what a waste!'

Only one pair of boys remained in the water. Kelly, the real object of her desires and Doug, the evil corrupter who she was sure had somehow tricked him into committing the sin of homosexuality. They seemed to be wrestling around in the water close to the large flat rock where Steven and Carson had just emerged from the stream. One of Doug's hands went behind Kelly, and suddenly Kelly jumped away from him and spun around. "Asshole!" he cried out.

Doug just kind of grinned at him and shrugged. There was a look of confusion on the faces of all the other boys until Kelly circled his thumb and forefinger on one hand, and made a poking motion through it with the forefinger of his other.

Melissa let out a slight gasp when she saw that. That monster had tried to penetrate the boy she loved with his finger!

Jason thought he'd heard something. He looked around, but saw nothing but the boys in the stream. It had to have been his imagination. Still, he knew his sister was here somewhere. He had followed her, following the other boys into the woods. And her bike had been left by the side of the trail which had led him to the stream. With this sudden recollection, Jason jerked his hand from his shorts. There was no way he wanted to let his sister catch him touching himself -- especially in this situation. He would have a hard enough time trying to keep her quiet in the best of circumstances, but here, with the boys in the stream... He would never be able to explain this.

Kelly started out of the water and sat a few feet away from Steven and Carson on the big, flat rock they had chosen for their perch. Doug joined him a moment later, but didn't sit as close to Kelly like the other couples had done. He wasn't even as close to Kelly as the twins were to each other.

Melissa's attention had been concentrated on Kelly since he had come out of the water, nude. There was no denying that he was attractive, but to Melissa he was the very definition of perfection. She had seen him in his boardie shorts that he normally swam in, and once during one of their get-togethers where her family was visiting his for a cookout she had seen him in his boxers. This had happened when she passed his partially open door on her way to the bathroom as he was getting dressed. But now, here he was -- naked! She had watched intently as he came out of the water, fluid movement of the firm, rounded globes of his butt-cheeks as he walked excited her immensely.

She wanted to move her hand to touch herself -- down there -- but she was afraid of the noise she might make by doing so. Then he turned to sit down and she saw the full frontal view of the boy the thought nearly God-like. Kelly's body wasn't overly muscular, but he was definitely well toned. His midsection tapered off into a perfect `V' of his pubic region. There was a small patch of light brown hair above a very stiff cock.

She could no longer help herself. As quietly as she could, she shifted her arm so that she could reach her own pubic area. She lifted her body and slid her hand inside her shorts and panties. As she did, the leaves she was lying on beneath the bush rustled some, but she was sure the noise couldn't have been heard by the boys in the stream. Beside her though, Jason, still unnoticed by his sister couldn't help but hear the noise.

The reason Doug had distanced himself from Kelly soon became apparent when he leaned over, putting his face into Kelly's lap. One arm went behind Kelly's back. He extended his other hand to cup Kelly's balls as he opened his mouth and started to run his tongue along the shaft of Kelly's hard-on.

Although repulsed by the idea that another boy was performing this act on Kelly, Melissa couldn't help but wish that was her tongue on his genitals, not Doug's. As she imagined this was the case, her fingers began to probe at her virginal, young pussy. Jason had taken a few steps back on the path when he heard the noises his sister was making under the bush. He looked, now that he knew where, and saw her feet and legs under the big, leafy plant. Although not well acquainted with the female anatomy and means of masturbation, Jason had a pretty good idea what his sister was up to.

Jason was surprised that his sister would be watching this and getting excited. He thought it would have been more likely for her to be screaming at them, calling them `faggots' or something similar. That would have been a far more likely scenario in his opinion.

Jason looked back toward the stream. He had seen porn on the internet of course, but now he was getting a live show. This was far better than anything viewed on a computer monitor. He really wanted to put his hand back into his pants -- or better yet, to just pull them down and play with himself properly as he watched the older boys in front of him. If he hadn't known his sister was hiding right there, that's exactly what he would have done.

Doug's mouth had now completely engulfed Kelly's penis. Doug was now giving Kelly a very enthusiastic blow job. >From what Jason was able to see from the other side of the stream, Doug's left hand wasn't merely fondling Kelly's balls, but his pinky finger was also stuck inside his hole. Kelly spread his legs just a little farther apart, and his feet actually came up into the air. When that happened, what Jason suspected was confirmed -- Doug did have a finger stuck in Kelly's butt.

On the boulder next to them, Kyle had pulled Joey up further, so that they were now lying next to each other, face to face. Their arms were wrapped around each other, and they were kissing passionately. Kyle threw a leg over Joey, using it to draw him even deeper into the embrace. Joey was completely receptive to Kyle's maneuver. He even started to grind his crotch back into Kyle's, just as Kyle was doing to him. Kyle and Joey both were thinking about nothing more than plain and simple sex. They both wanted it, and for all they knew, there was no one around that would object.

Joey pushed Kyle down so he was flat on his back and climbed on top of him. Joey straddled Kyle's chest. Kyle lifted his head as if to take Joey's dick in his mouth, bit he got a mere lick of the tip before Joey slid back, easing his butt down Kyle's torso. When he felt the tip of Kyle's stiff dick touch him, he reached back and lifted it up so that it slid up his crack. Joey let out a slight gasp as the tip of Kyle's dick brushed across his hole. It was however only audible to the two of them.

Kyle thrust his hips up just a little, causing his dick to slide up Joey's crack, the shaft now rubbing against his hole. Joey found this oddly erotic. He bent forward a little, his hard-on now rubbing against Kyle's belly. Kyle's rod continued to rub against the cleft in his buttocks as he did. Joey was giving serious consideration to sitting back on the stiff member, taking it inside, but he wanted to prolong the way he was feeling just now -- Kyle's stiffness so close, but still so far away from where he ultimately wanted its target to be.

Steven and Carson were also making out. They weren't yet drawn as closely together as Kyle and Joey were, but they were certainly nearing that point. Each had a hand in the other's groin, fondling and rubbing. Both were rock hard. They had both now grown accustomed to the renewed smoothness in their pubic regions where the small, triangular patches of hair had until recently been located. After Carson's rescue when he had been kidnapped weeks earlier, Steven had shaved so they would `match.' Both boys had decided they liked the way their genital regions felt this way and had continued shaving themselves there. Steven had suggested that they try waxing instead of shaving, but Carson was too nervous about spreading hot wax in that region.

Brandon and Alex were closest to the twins. Before making his move with Brandon, Alex glanced over to see if they were paying any attention. They seemed to have fallen asleep. Alex rolled over onto his back, pulling Brandon over on top of him as he did. He immediately wrapped his legs around Brandon. Alex wanted to have time alone with Brandon on this, their last day of summer break, but it didn't seem like that was likely to happen, so he was going to make the most of this moment. No one was paying attention, so this was probably the closest they were going to get.

Brandon instinctively knew what Alex wanted. Brandon slid back. He moved his hand down so he could get into the right position. Once he felt he was lined up correctly, he began to press forward. There was some slight resistance as he did. Brandon didn't want to cause Alex any discomfort, so he backed off. This being a completely unforeseen situation, there wasn't any lubrication handy -- other than what they might be able to produce on their own.

Brandon glanced down at Alex and their eyes met. Alex read the meaning in Brandon's eyes as he reached his hand forward and held it below his mouth. He drooled out as much spit as he was able onto his fingers. This was the best they were going to be able to hope for as far as anything for lubricant was going to be concerned. He brought his hand forward again and Alex lifted his head to offer what spit he was able to muster. Brandon added what little he was able and rubbed that onto his throbbing erection.

He was past caring whether or not anyone else was watching. So was Alex. When Brandon made his next attempt at penetration, Alex redoubled his effort to press back and take Brandon inside. This time is was successful, and despite their best efforts at the cost of a little pain to Alex. He bit his bottom lip to keep from letting out an audible groan as Brandon's cock slid into him.

Brandon did not notice this, as his head had arched back and his eyes closed as he slid forward. Brandon only felt the pleasure of his dick sliding into his lover as he pressed his body forward. Had he been able to see the anguished look on Alex's face, he would have backed off. The discomfort passed quickly, and Alex was moaning with pleasure within a few seconds.

On the rock next to them, Kelly pulled his feet up further, allowing Doug more easy access to his rear end. Doug pulled away from Kelly for a moment. This was just to adjust his position. He moved from Kelly's side to a spot that centered him between Kelly's legs. His face hovered just above Kelly's stiff dick and now drawn-up ball-sack. Doug paused to study this close up view of Kelly's genitals. Normally the balls hung fairly low beneath his dick, but the hardening of the 5½ inch penis straining above had apparently caused the skin below to tighten up.

There was a large drop of pre-cum glistening at the tip of Kelly's dick, nearly ready to drip off onto his belly. Doug lifted Kelly's shaft and licked the drop of slippery liquid onto his tongue. He then lowered his head and placed the tip of his tongue directly on the exposed, pink bud Kelly was presenting to him. Kelly wiggled a little as the tip of Doug's tongue pressed against his anal opening. It was a completely involuntary movement. Kelly was tremendously stimulated from that simple touch.

There was a twitching in Kelly's anal muscle that told Doug that he was ready for more. He felt this at the tip of his tongue, and when he did, he curled it and pushed it in deeper, trying to get it as far in as he could get it to go.

It felt to Kelly as if the probing organ was inserted far deeper than it really was. In a gesture of acceptance, he hooked his arms under his knees to pull his legs farther back above his torso and raised his feet even higher into the air. The movement and its implication were not lost on Doug, who redoubled his efforts at stimulating his boyfriend. Doug was intent on the idea of getting another organ into that same space. He knew well from experience though that it needed to be thoroughly readied first.

Next to them, Steven and Carson were in a serious bout of what could probably best be termed `tongue-wrestling.' Their hands had ceased fondling the other's stiff dicks, as their arms were now wrapped tightly around each other. The embrace they were in drawing them so much closer that there wouldn't have been room to continue with that anyway. Their hard members soon took the place of each other's hands massaging each other as they rubbed together.

Chris and Riley had dozed off for a while in the warm afternoon sun. When they woke, they looked around at the pairs of boys in various stages of sexual activity around them. They shook their heads. It was Riley who spoke for the pair, "Jeez, you guys all have to do that faggy shit right out here in the open?"

Doug raised his head and looked over his shoulder at them. "Dude, we're just getting started," he called back to them.

Kelly raised his head for a second. "Yeah, it's not like you two haven't done it too!" he added.

Doug and the twins were the only ones in the group who seemed to have noticed Kelly's comment at all. Of course none had realized that there were two eavesdroppers, both of whom had taken that in. Both Melissa and Jason had distinctly different thoughts when they heard those comments.

Jason could not resist thrusting his hand deep into his shorts once more. This was just too much to take.

Melissa fumed. Kelly must have been doing `things' with the twins as well to know that bit of information.

The twins just looked around at the other boys on the rocks to see if anyone else had caught onto what Kelly had blurted out. No one seemed to have, but two movements caught their attention almost at once. The first was Doug moving forward as if to penetrate Kelly with his hard, throbbing dick. The other came a few seconds later, but was not from any of the boys on the rocks -- it was the rustling of the branches of a large rhododendron bush on the bank of the opposite side of the stream. Someone was spying on them! Then they saw the boy standing next to the bush where the movement was coming from. His hand was in his pants, and he was obviously playing with himself as he watched.

Then suddenly a girl emerged from beneath the plant. The twins' hands immediately clasped together over their groins. They were both flaccid, and certainly hadn't been doing anything with any of the other boys, but the other boys were sure doing things with each other, and they were here with them. And they were as naked as the others. And now, here was a little boy and worse yet, a girl watching all this!

The others in the group that had been playing ball in the park didn't take note of the noise Melissa made as she made her hasty exit from her concealment, but there was no way not to notice what came next. "You're all just a disgusting bunch of faggots! You'll all burn in Hell just like the other Sodomites!" she shrieked in a shrill, high pitched voice.

The girl's screeching at them was a definite mood breaker. All the boys stopped what they were doing, except for Brandon and Alex, who had just reached the point of no return in their love making. There was no way that Brandon was going to be able to stop his thrusting at this point, so close to orgasm as he was. Alex too was about to cum from the frantic pace with which Brandon was pumping into him, the thickness of Brandon's shaft massaging his prostate gland with every movement.

Melissa brushed the leaves that had stuck to her clothes away. Her diatribe was not yet complete. "Everyone is going to know all about each and every one of you! You'll be social outcasts!" To make her point even more, her cell phone came up and she snapped several pictures of the boys, all of whom save Chris and Riley Jensen were still at least embraced. It was while she was taking these pictures that Brandon and Alex reached their climax and finally managed to break apart. She made sure to zoom in to clearly capture Alex's own semen, glittering in the sun on his stomach, as well as the little trail that was slowly oozing out from his behind.

She also made sure to get clear pictures of Kelly and Doug. She would be making sure those got to Kelly's parents before the evening was over. When Doug had moved forward to start fucking him, that had been all she could take. And Kelly was actually going to let him! That had been the final straw that made Melissa Farmer realize that her hopes and dreams had been all for naught. She was never going to achieve her fantasy life with Kelly Tucker. So now it suddenly became her mission to ruin his.

Standing a few feet behind his sister, still unnoticed by her, Jason quickly withdrew his hand from his pants. He started to back away from her, hoping to escape the scene before she realized he too was there. As luck would have it, this was not to be the case. Not looking where he was going, his foot hit an exposed tree root in the trail, and he fell, crashing very noisily and unceremoniously onto his buttocks.

Melissa spun around when she heard the noise behind her. Instinctively, her thumb hit the photo button on her phone again, capturing her nine year old brother present at `the scene of the crime.' Fortunately for Jason, the way he was splaying out when his sister first saw him, and when she clicked off two pictures of him, the tent in shorts was not apparent. There was also a look of fright and dismay on his face which was clearly captured by the phone's camera.

Melissa mistook the expression on her brother's face to be shock and horror at what he too must have just witnessed. She of course thought that he too subscribed to the ultra-conservative beliefs of the church their family attended. She had no reason to think otherwise.

After seeing her little brother there, she turned back to the boys on the other side of the stream. "Now look, you've corrupted an innocent child by fornicating like this, out in the open! God will surely smite you for your wickedness!" She held the photo button on the phone down, capturing a short video that showed the exact position of each couple, and the twins, who still had their hands covering their private parts.

When she turned back to Jason, he had just managed to scramble to his feet. He knew he had a boner poking out at a very obvious angle, and was about to attempt to adjust it when his sister flipped her phone closed and started to turn back toward him. Instead of drawing the possibility of her attention to his situation, Jason just hoped his sister, in her rage, would not notice. He got lucky.

Melissa moved to shove the phone into her pocket, and at the same time reached out with her other hand to shove her little brother, spinning him to push him down the path in front of her. She suddenly felt a need to remove him from the degenerate, sinful atmosphere they had found themselves in.

Jason was propelled down the path, his older sister pushing when he wasn't moving quickly enough to suit her. This didn't help him in that he found it quite impossible to adjust his hard little tool to a more comfortable position. And sticking out and rubbing against the fabric of his underpants as it was, the stiffness did not reside. If anything, it was getting worse!

It was only when they reached the junction of the trails to gather their bicycles that Jason was able to get any relief. He quickly jammed his hand into the shorts he was wearing, and moved his little stiffy into an upward angle so that it was more comfortable and less noticeable. As they climbed onto their bikes, Melissa commanded "You head straight for home. You shouldn't have been here watching that!"

Jason slowed and looked over his shoulder. "You seemed to be enjoying watching it enough," he quipped.

"What's that supposed to mean?" she asked.

"I saw what you were doing under the bush while you watched them," Jason answered. As soon as he'd said that, Jason heard his sister's bike skid to a stop on the dirt path behind him. He stopped also, but not as quickly, then turned to look back at his sister. The girl's face was bright red.

"What exactly do you think you saw?" she asked angrily, emphasizing `think' as if it would make a difference. Melissa was purely on the defensive now, and that wasn't a position she liked to be in, nor was she used to it, particularly when it came to her little brother. She tried desperately to think of a way she could reclaim the advantage in their discourse.

"You had your hand in your pants, and you were rubbing yourself -- down there," Jason stated matter-of-factly as his eyes glanced down on his sister's anatomy to indicate where he meant. It seemed she understood exactly what he meant.

"Get going!" she commanded. "We can't be late for dinner."

Jason turned and started pedaling his bike down the trail once again. He'd won, and he knew it. He knew he could silence the arrogant, hypocritical bitch of a sister he was cursed with now, should he need to.

- - -

Behind Jason and Melissa, back at the creek, the group of boys all scrambled to get back into their clothes. Chris Jensen was the one to suggest that they were lucky that since they had left their clothing on the same bank of the stream where their watchers had been, that is was lucky they hadn't taken them when they left.

"Yeah, having to get home without any clothes would be pretty embarrassing," Kelly agreed sheepishly. He was more concerned about the pictures Melissa had been taking with her phone, and what exactly she was going to do with them. He didn't doubt for a minute that she would make good on her threat to expose them all. He also knew full well that he would be her first target.

In their haste to dress, they didn't notice, or care if some of their clothing was swapped with that of the others, so long as it fit. Once dressed, they climbed up the bank of the stream. After the sudden interruption, the mood of the day had been completely killed, and they thought now only of going home. It was Carson who noticed the bright pink Razor cell phone lying on the ground where Melissa had dropped it when she had flipped it shut and shoved her little brother down the path. Fortunately for them, in her haste to leave, she had not noticed that it had missed her pocket and fallen to the soft, bare earth of the path she was standing on at the time.

He picked it up and flipped it open. The pictures she had taken were indeed very incriminating. All the others gathered around to view them as Carson thumbed his way through them. Then there came the short video, showing the entire scene. This could possibly have been the most damaging of all the photographic evidence, for it showed all of them. There would have been no denying her claims if that had been made public.

Kyle had the solution for that. He took the phone from Carson. Without even stopping the video from playing, or closing the phone, Kyle threw it as hard as he could toward the waterfall. It smashed against one of the rocks and cracked. It would be relatively useless already. But then it dropped into the water below.

The phone sank into five feet of water beneath the waterfall after it collided with the rock, and the cloud that had hung above the boys for the last few minutes seemed to vanish. There was no longer any proof of what they had been doing. Kelly and Doug were sure that Jason would not back up his sister's version of the events if she were to tell anyone what they had seen. But they also knew they needed to let him know she had lost her phone and there was no longer any evidence to support her claims.

Whatever plans they may have had before evaporated. Melissa's interruption killed the mood for the day.

* * *

Brandon and Alex stood on the front porch of Alex's home. Taking a big chance, Brandon didn't just hug Alex, but also gave him a kiss. And that kiss landed right on his boyfriend's lips. It lasted a good two minutes, their tongues entering each other's mouths through most of it.

"I love you, Alex, and nothing will ever change that," Brandon told him as they pulled away from each other. He squeezed Alex's hand, and then stepped off the porch, headed for his home, next door.

And thus came the end of an era for Brandon and Alex. The next day they would be starting high school -- and at different schools for the first time in their lives. But at least one thing would stay the same for them, the fact that they loved each other.

* * *

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