Brian and Brandon, Chapter 2

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I woke up the next morning with a start. I thought it had all been a dream, but Brandon's body next to me told me otherwise. We had fallen asleep in each others' arms, but we had disengaged ourselves during the night.

Since it was already 9 AM and Mom had a perverse pleasure of waking me up before I'd sleep the day away, I gently kissed Brandon on the forehead and said, "Wake up sleepyhead."

Brandon's eyes fluttered open and he inchorently muttered, "Whazzit?? Whereami?" Then a light bulb seemed to appear over his head and he smiled and said, "Morning cutie."

"I'd say we could stay in bed all day, but Mom will soon be in here to wake our lazy asses up."

"That's OK. I'm hungry anyway," said Brandon.

We got out of bed and donned clothes for the new day. With ourselves presentable, we went into the kitchen for some grub. Brandon had a bowl of cereal; I fixed some eggs for myself.

Brandon frequently spent the whole weekend with me, so it wasn't suprising when Mom asked, "So what are y'all two planning to do today?"

"Oh, not much. We might get on the three-wheelers and ride around a bit," I said.

We had two three-wheelers that Mom and Dad had bought years ago. They aren't the greatest shape, but they still run. And riding around the countryside where I live can keep me busy for hours. But it's a lot better when you have someone else with you.

After Brandon and I ate breakfast, we watched cartoons for a while. Around noon or so, we made a quick picnic lunch and packed it into a cooler. With that done, we went out back and cranked up the three-wheelers. Of course the old one didn't want to crank so we had to baby it before it'd run well. I strapped the cooler to the luggage rack on the back of my three-wheeler.

Since this was Brandon's first time riding our three-wheelers, I explained Mom's rule about wearing a helmet and I gave him my old helmet that I outgrew. Thank goodnes I have a big head! Next came the explanation of the gear shifter since it can vary between models. The old one he was riding is 4-down which means you push the lever down for every gear you want to change - up to the fourth gear.

We rode around the field my house is in until he got used to driving Mom's three-wheeler, then we got on the road and soon turned into a private driveway that belonged to our neighbors.

They owned a large plot of land and they let Mom and I go down there anytime we want, so it was second nature for me to zoom through the bushes and around the gate. Brandon hesitated, then followed.

I was headed for the two ponds at the back of the lot. We called them the Big Pond and the Little Pond. Since the Little Pond is usually marshland, there's not much to see. But the Big Pond has a dam you can easily ride across, plus a sandy beach.

The first half of the trek wasn't too bad as the road was pretty even. Brandon soon asked, "Where are you taking me?"

"It's a surprise!" I replied as I accelerated.

Brandon grumbled as he gave his three-wheeler more gas to catch up with me.

Right after the midpoint is a break in the road that you have to go over just right or you'll end up flipping your three-wheeler. So right before the gully, I stopped and showed Brandon exactly where to cross and how much gas to use.

I crossed first and made it across since it was second nature for me. Brandon didn't fare so well. Halfway across, his three-wheeler leaned to the side and rolled over. Since I was already stopped, I quickly jumped off my three-wheeler and ran over to him.

"Are you all right? Did you scrape anything?" I asked anxiously.

"No, I'm all right, just wounded my pride."

"Aww, we all do stuff like that. You never saw the first time I did that," I said with a grin on my face.

"That's too bad. I'm sure I'd love picking at you about it!" said Brandon.

"Yeah yeah." I gave Brandon a quick peck on the cheek and then hopped back on my three-wheeler.

We made it to the end of the trek with no other flips. At the fork between the two ponds, I stopped to give Brandon info on the way ahead.

"We're going to go to the right here, but you need to duck to avoid the low-hanging branches. It just rained yesterday so you'll also need to put your feet up on the front tire if you want to keep them dry."

He nodded and I gunned it and veered right. He followed and we both did as I instructed. Once we cleared the narrow trail and the giant mud puddle, I slowed down and Brandon came up beside me and said, "Wow!"

We had come upon a beach full of sand dunes. The Big Pond was to our left and I could hear the drain stack gurgling as it transferred water from the pond to the creek on the other side of the dam.

"Let's ride here for a while," I suggested.

Instead of vocalizing his consent, Brandon zoomed off over the first sand dune and his three-wheeler went airborne for a second before it slammed down on the other side.

"Hey! No fair!" I yelled as I zoomed ahead.

We must have zoomed around on that beach for an hour. There were enough sand dunes so you could start on one side and floor it and you'd fly over ten dunes before you'd have to slow down.

I stopped and Brandon zoomed up beside me. "Let's go across the dam so we can eat on the other side," I suggested.

"Cool, I'm hungry!"

"You're always hungry," I reminded Brandon. We both laughed and I explained crossing the dam.

"You need to really be careful that you don't veer to the side. It's narrow and pretty steep. Veer to the left and you'll end up in the pond. Once you get to the end, turn slightly to the left and you won't run into the tree."

I laughed to myself as I remembered Mom running into that tree many times.

We made it across the dam with no trouble and the steep hill elicited another "Wow!" from Brandon. It was almost vertical and had tire tracks from me doing doughnuts.

I got off my three-wheeler, got the cooler, and gently guided Brandon down to the pond bank. We sat down and I handed him his share of the lunch. We ate in silence, but we took in the total sereneness of the scene.

"This is totally cool, Jason. Thanks for showing me!"

"Anytime, but you tell a soul and I'll pull a Lorenna Bobbit on you!" I joked.

He looked mock-horrified, which sent both of us into uncontrollable laughter.

After we finished eating, I put my arm around Brandon and we sat there and drank in more serenity. After what seemed ilke forever, I said, "There's one more thing I'd like to show you."

"What's that?"


I started my three-wheeler and put it in gear. I zoomed up one side of the almost-vertical hill and came down the other. Without missing a beat, I repeated this motion several times, which resulted in me traveling along a shape similar to a doughnut.

Brandon said, "Gee, that looks cool, but I'm too scared to do it."

"Well, hop on the back of my three-wheeler."

After Brandon was settled, he wrapped his arms around my waist. With a giant grin plastered on my face, I went up & down the hill and stopped.

"That was fun! Let's do it again!" yelled Brandon

So we did ten or twenty more doughnuts until we got dizzy from driving in a circle. When we stopped, Brandon leaned close to me and whipsered, "I'm having the best day of my life, you know that?"

I whispered back, "I'm glad. I can't think of anyone else I'd rather spend this day with."

By that time, the sun was starting to drop in the sky. "We gotta start heading back. I'm not sure if the headlight on your three-wheeler works and you can't drive in the dark."

Brandon mock-pouted and hopped on his three-wheeler. I decided to retravel the route we took instead of going all the way up the doughnut hill and taking another path back home.

We went back across the dam and over the sand dunes. "Duck and lift!" I said as we got to the mud puddle. Just for the hell of it, I gunned it right before I hit the puddle. Tire met water and water splashed everywhere.

"Gee, thanks, I'm all wet now," said Brandon.

"Anytime!" I retorted.

We made it back across the gully and back to the road in fairly good time. From there, it was a short hop across the road, over the ditch and back into our field. We parked the three-wheelers, grabbed the cooler and went inside.

As we walked inside, we got a giant whiff of Mom's spaghetti. Since we worked up an appetite from riding, we chowed down.

Mom asked, "How'd the ride go?"

"It was great. Jason showed me a lot," replied Brandon.

After dinner, we got on the puter and played a few games. But it wasn't too long before we decided to hit the hay. After we showered (seperately since Mom was still awake), we crawled in the bed together.

Brandon gave me a kiss and said, "Thanks for the wonderful day you gave me."

"Anything for you. Next time we'll have to invite Brian."

"He'd like that. Maybe we can do that tommorrow."

Just like the night previous, we fell asleep in each others' arms. But this time, we didn't wake up early enough.


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