We had biked for around one hour when we got to the unpaved roads behind my house (I lived on the edge of the city, so anything behind was pretty undeveloped), we started down the narrow path, I had never done this with another person in front of me, let alone another person. We set out quickly and I soon found myself hoping he could keep the pace, lest I hit him, though, he slowed to turn, and not wanted to hit adorable Brian, I veered off onto a small decline near a lake, and found my road tires not keeping grip, and quickly fell into the water. I was instantly surrounded by mirk. I quickly got up, mad at myself for being so stupid. I pulled some debris out of my hair, and soon saw Brian running towards me with a worried look on his face. "Ryan! Are you okay!?" he half screamed with worried. I felt so bad for making this cute boy concerned for my well being. "Yea, I'm alright, can't believe I fell" I said calmly, trying to reassure him. "But your tummy!" he said innocently pointing to my abs, seeing that I had a large cut across my abs. "Huh, didn't notice" I said smiling, "take off your shirt" he ordered, I thought it was so cute to hear him say that. So I did what he said, slipped off my shirt and let him `inspect me', "well it doesn't look too bad, here," he said slipping his own shirt off, his tight muscles gleaming with sweat "here, tie this around, don't want to get it dirty" he said, handing his shirt to me, "wow, you're really helpful" I said smiling as his worried look went away. "Yea, I love helping people, it makes me feel good inside" he responded, putting his hand on my shoulder, "he sure does love to put his hand on my shoulder" I thought to myself. "So, what now?" I asked him, tieing in his shirt around my injury. "Well, you're dirty and injured, and it's getting a little late, we could go to my house and get you cleaned up" he said smiling, leaving his hand on my shoulder. "K sure, leme just call my house, make sure they know I'll be late" I said, trying to act friendly with the hot shirtless boy in front of me, I had always had a thing for cute shirtless guys. I pulled out my phone; the pride of all my techno-gizmos. "Yea hey, I'm gonna be a little late, eating at the new guy's house-yea yea, I know...oh, alright, I'll ask" I said a little confused, "my mom told me to ask you if I could stay over, my family's out north for the weekend" I continued, then picked up my phone, "yea, it's cool, I'd love to have a nice guy over" he said squeezing my shoulder at the same time. I wanted to kiss, or even hug him so badly, just some sort of tactile...thing...

We got to his house to find it empty with a note on the fridge:

"Be back in a bit, out for dinner with your dad and older brother, he got into town at 5pm, we left some money for pizza, love you


"Touching haha" I said laughing. He punched me lightly in the arm and said "c'mon, you can get showered in my shower". "You have your own shower?" I was really surprised. "spoiled brat!" I joked. He led me to the washroom across from his room, and said, "k, I'll wait here" he said smiling, then slumped onto the floor across from the shower-tub. I quickly thought; "is this guy gonna sit there while I strip and get naked?!". He smiled and then clued in, "oh, shy guy huh? I'll leave, it's cool" he smiled, trying to act suave. "Nah, it's cool, I'm not a pussy" I said unbuckling my belt. My mind was going 1,000,000 miles an hour, thinking stuff like "is he gonna laugh or something?", or "if I get a boner, will he call me gay?". I undid my belt, and let my pants drop. He stared up at me, still smiling. Boy, he sure was cute, even watching me undress. I finally got to the no turning back point, gotta pull off my boxers. I turned away from him, better he see my but then my dick I had thought. I slipped them off and I heard him giggle, "what?" I asked self consciously, "oh nothing" he giggled again, "nice butt!" he cheered. "Yea you too" I laughed then stepped in, I was so sure he saw my `stuff' when I did. I showered quickly, letting the blood clear out, I felt really mellow after. I turned off the tap, and heard from behind me; "here" Brian had handed me a towel, "how sweet" I thought, and he still wasn't wearing a shirt, guess he doesn't care for them, after all, he looks better without it. I towelled off right there, as he said "one sec, gotta piss" and walked away. I quickly heard him letting his stream fly, and towelled off as he did, and slipped it around my waste and walked out. He zipped up his fly and handed me a pile of neatly folded clothing, "here, wear these" he said kindly and walked out, "I'm gonna go order some pizza, what do you want?" he turned around, "pepperoni, stuffed crust!" I said enthusiastically, I was so hungry and never even realized it. "sweet, same!" he said and ran out. After I heard his footsteps get quiet, I let the towel drop, and dressed quickly.

I walked down the stairs, finding his clothing quite comfortable, he gave me a pair of blue boot cut jeans, and an unusually tight green t-shirt, I decided I liked his clothing, after all, we were really close in height, of course it was really fun to wear his underwear! "Hey, pizza should be here in about an hour" he greeted me. "An hour? That's all? Oh yay" I said sarcastically. "Yea yea funny, so, what do we do now?" I asked him, quickly wondering what he ha done with my phone and keys. "How bout a movie?" he said nonchalantly, "what's he getting at..." I thought to myself. "Sure, why not" I said. He nodded and jogged into his living room, with an enormous tv at one end, and a loveseat, couch, and lazy boy chair at the other end. He pulled the blinds closed and sat down on the loveseat, and motioned for me to join him. He was so cute sitting there, starting up the movie, that never ending smile still there. "So Brian...got my phone and keys?" I asked him jokingly. "Turn around, I'll get them" he grinned. I complied and when he said "turn back, there was my phone, no worse for wear, with my keys on top, "thanks" I said, putting them in my pockets. "I wonder why he said for me to turn around" I thought to myself. Man this guy is cute, he shifted his weight and moved slightly closer. I felt something stirr in my pants, but let it go, it was dark, and he wouldn't care.

We watched the movie for about an hour when the doorbell rang. He paused the movie, and shifted his weight to get up, and put his hand on my thigh and hoisted himself up. I looked up at him, surprised. He smiled and walked to the door without saying anything. He came back holding a pizza, and set it on the table between the lap, and put a Pepsi between my legs! It felt so cool having his hand there. He opened the box and took a slice, and took a huge bite. "ahh!" he screamed, most likely the pizza was too hot. I smiled and said "nice one" and patted him on the back, feeling his muscles through his skin contract as I did. "You know Ryan..." he said trailing off looking right into my eyes. "I really like you-" I cut him off by hugging him tight. I felt him quiver slightly and hug me back. I held him for about a minute until I felt something warm on my shoulder...he was crying! I felt so bad, what was wrong? "Ryan...I really do...love..." he trailed off, I pulled him off me and looked right into his eyes, brushed some tears away from his cute face. He looked me back, smiled and kissed me right on the lips, pushing me onto the loveseat, I loved him so much at this moment, his smooth skin on me of all people! He broke the kiss looked up at me and said...

So ends chapter 2 of Brian and Me!

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