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"I hate being short" I groaned as I walked through the halls of my high school, next to me really tall friend Steven, who gave me that stupid smile and said "it's not that great being tall", I murmured something even I didn't hear then walked into band. I really did like band, in band, no one's a prep, or a nerd, just people getting embarrassed when they screwed up. "Hey Ryan!" Nolan greeted me as I sat down. Nolan and I were the only two trumpeters in our class, he was tallish, and quite good looking, though, he was a total prep, he wore all the prepy clothing, and had the same stupid spiked hair, but in a different fashion, hehe. "Yea hey, band seems a little empty, who skipping today?" I asked, "let's see, the stoners; Evan and Mike, and the bad flutes" he responded glancing around the room, "you mean all the flutes, right?" I laughed slightly. Yes, band humour you gotta love it!

But I digress, my name's Ryan, I'm 15 and in grade 10, well I'm done grade 10 now, going into 11. I'm kind of short, around 5'5" and skinny, with a nice 4 almost 6 pack, mostly because I'm so skinny. This was the last day of classes, and we were ending with band, a great way to end, putting away instruments for the year and doing nothing for an hour. By the time we were done, I was ready to go home, sick of the tedium of school. "See ya `round Nolan" I said waving as I walked away from the band class as Brandon, an average sized Asian, and Steven walked up to bother me some more (yay). "What?!" I said irritated, wanting to go home so badly. "We should hang out over the summer" Steven chirped, clearly seeing my anger growing. "We should, but we won't, now, go away" I said as I walked up onto my bus and sat 6 seats back (where I always sat), I walked by Myles, Peter and Blaine; three idiots I used to be friends with in grade 8 who now smoked and did drugs (now you see why I'm not their friend anymore, huh?). "Hey fag!" Blaine laughed, "Blaine, you only wish I was gay, not out of my way" I growled angrily at him as I kicked him out of my way, "don't be mean Ryan! He's only an idiot!" Myles chimed in. Brandon quickly secured the seat next to me. Brandon and I had been friends since grade five, and he annoyed ever since, his happy-go-lucky attitude drove be nuts. "Can we come over? Pweeeassseee" he begged, "no, go away, if I want vermin in my house, I'll dump an ant hill on the couch" I responded, opening my book to read a little more. He did the same and quieted down, being that we were both nerds, and did really well in school.

When I got home, to my dismay, our internet was dead, and so was the neighbours, oddly enough, so I hopped on my bike and rode to the dirt roads behind my house, thinking if I could kill time riding a rode bike on dirt construction roads that were closed as they opened a new road, except, this time, there was a young guy, sitting at the pond near the dirt grounds, his back was faced to me, so all I could see was that he had blonde hair and was wearing a green t-shirt. I walked up casually, trying to make a good impression, being that I was hard pressed to make friends. He heard my shoe crunch on some dirt and looked and smiled at me. He was so cute, he had a perfectly clean face (I had a couple zits :'( oh well...), and well, really, cute everything, he got up and stuck out his hand in greetings. I was really taken back by this, this hot boy standing in front of me, so nice too. "Hey!" he said cheerfully, "hI" my voice cracked, he giggle slightly and shook my hand, his hand was so soft and warm, I wanted to hold it for the longest time. See, I had never thought of myself as gay, just unloved by the opposite sex, so, I guess I tried the other side. "So, who might you be?" I asked him as I sat next to him, flipping off my helmet to reveal my long brown hair and 'deep' (or so I hear) brown eyes. He smiled and blinked, gorgeous green eyes staring back at my eyes. "I'm Brian, I just moved here from California" he said, he had such a nice voice, soft, yet still like a teen's. "Who are you?" he asked me, "Uhh...I'm Ryan, nice to meat you" I said as I scratched my head. "I never saw you around school, when did you move?" I asked him, trying to make conversation with the hot boy next to me. He layed back and said calmly, "I moved here a week ago, was gonna go for the last week of school, but I'd rather stay home and play on my computer" he grinned and looked at me. I pulled my leg up to my chest, feeling a cramp beginning to grow. "Makes sense, I hear that!" I laughed, I was a computer geek too, except, the strange thing was, this kid was nicely tanned. I was still in awe of him, his nice slightly muscled arms poking out of a perfectly sized green patterned t-shirt, and blue jeans to match along with the exact same shoe I had on; Airwalk Hi Kicks.

He yawned and stretched, letting his legs fall to the ground. I couldn't help but look at his crotch, except, I couldn't see anything, being that he didn't wear skinnies; another thing I liked about this boy I'd known for 3 minutes (yea, sad huh?). "So Ryan, what's there to do in your neck of the world?" he chirped, putting his hand on my shoulder and smiling, this guy sure did smile a lot. "Got a bike? Cuz until they finish the community centre, that's about it" I said calmly, "Yea, I do, I can go get it from my house, if ya like" he said cheerfully, getting up and stretching once more, his crotch straight in my face. "You should come, might be fun" he smiled and walked over to my bike and hopped on. "Race me Ry!" he grinned and pedaled away, I caught up, and put the brake on full, to my surprise, he wasn't mad, he thought it was funny! "Okay, you got me, whatcha gonna do? Frisk me?" he laughed.

As much as I would've liked to touch this hot guy on my bike, I decided against it, after all, what if he was straight? I grinned and let go, letting him lead the way to his home. After about 5 minutes, we arrived in my neighbourhood, except, we turned left, not right and ended up at one of the smaller maisonettes. "You live here!?" I was in shock, "yea, nice huh? I lived in an apartment in California, so this is a nice change" he smiled and got off my bike, leaving it leaning against one of the pillars at his door. He fumbled in his pocket, and pulled a key chain out, with 3 keys, and one flashing key tag with the name Brian on it. "Classy" I said as I pointed to the key chain, he smiled and punched me lightly in the shoulder. When we walked in, there was a stair way leading up to a small landing, with stairs at opposite ends leading to hallways, on the right was a living room, on the left was a large kitchen, the smell of freshly cut meats wafting through the house. "Smells like a deli shop, well, not the dead animal bit, atleast" I said sniffing the air. "Never noticed, mom loves to cook" Brian smiled, he was only slightly shorter than me too. We walked through the kitchen and a short woman stood at a granite counter, slicing ham, looked up, smiled and said "Brian! I see you made a friend already", I was shocked, to be considered this guy's friend!? That's insane! "Mom, we just met, but yea, was just gonna go biking, that okay with you?" he asked his mom, seeming just as friendly with her as me. "Oh sure, just be back before 6, we're having steaks off the grill, after all, your father will be here too, so you don't want to miss him coming too" she said as she walked towards the fridge. "Cool mom" I said smiling. "Yea" he agreed and grabbed my shoulder (man I love it when he does that). He quickly got out his bike, and got mine as well. "One sec, it's way too hot for a jeans, I'm gonna change" he said, "k I'll wait out here, don't take too long" I said oddly happily. "Nonsense, come with me!" he said as he tugged at my arm. "So Brian," I said, "yea?" he cut in smiling, "how old are you?". "I'm 15, turning 16 on December 18!" he chirped still pulling me up a flight of stairs. "No way! I'm 15, and I'm turning 16 on December 17!" I was shocked, this boy was so perfect, even his birthday was. He dragged me left, and took me into the only room (excluding a nice bathroom across the hall) on the left side of the house. It was like my room, except he had a double bed, while my room was too small for something that big. He had a desk with a really nice Alienware (if you're not a techno geek like me, Alienware is tops) computer, and a dresser with a tv on it close by. "Nice room, like mine, but bigger, and you're computer's nicer" I said , sitting on his bed. "Yea, got lucky with that buy, I worked for Alienware as a stock boy for a summer, and there was a damaged computer, well damaged to the sense that there was a crack in the box it was in, so I got it half price!" he said as he opened a drawer, and pulled our a pair of green and white board shorts, and a light green shirt. "Sure do like green" I commented. "Yup, color of moss...and my computer" he grinned knowing I was so jealous. "You want me to stay outside while you change?" I asked nervously (I think far too much, don't ya think?). "Nah stay, not like anyone will care" he said as he unbuttoned his jeans, I tried to look uninterested, but still watched, he pulled them off, exposing his tanned smooth legs and a cute pair of blue and red checkered boxers, I could just barely make out the imprint of his dick with the corner of my eye, he seemed pretty well endowed there! He glanced at me, smiled, then pulled his shirt off in one smooth motion, exposing his tanned tummy, as he would so affectionately put it. He had the beginnings of nice abs, and small adorable nipples, just the kind you always expect on such a perfect guy. He slipped on his new clothes and once again, grabbed my bicep, and dragged me out of his room, like if he didn't I would stand there for all of eternity.

So ends chapter 1 of Brian and Me!

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