“"I need you" he said quickly, looking away. I was so confused, whats going on here, we had passionate kiss one minute, now he was confused and uncertain, this isn't like him, he's always happy. I instantly felt worried about him and wrapped my arms around him. "It's alright Brian, okay? It's all right" I cooed to him, trying to reassure him. I let him go, and suddenly, he was back to normal, as he snuggled up to me, he whispered so softly I thought I didn't hear him, "thanks" I wrapped my arm around him and we continued to watch the movie.

It was so surreal, we sat there, his head on my lap his breathing so even, I was nearly falling asleep. Wake up he said giggling. I had fallen asleep! And now I found myself with no pants or a shirt on, and him lying next to me. “"Why'd ya strip me?" I asked laughing, “"meh, I was bored, you were hot" he said nonchalantly, I laughed again, noticing that he had a boner. He saw me glance down, then he blushed and repositioned his dick so that it was less noticeable, god it was really hot watching him fumble. I quickly grabbed his hand, and slowly squeezed it. With my other hand I grabbed through his boxer briefs and slowly massaged his boner. He moaned in delight as he slowly grabbed for my dick. He slipped off his boxer briefs, exposing his beautiful cut 6.5" boner to the air. I then followed suit, letting my 6.5 uncut boner lose. We slowly jerked each other for about a minute when he let go of my dick and looked at me, and we kissed another time, fully feeling each other's bodies. He broke away and stared into my eyes once again, smiled and kissed again fondling my achingly hard dick and slowly slid down. He smiled and slowly slid his mouth down my dick and clamped softly. Mmmm he mumbled, and slowly slid down and up. Every nerve in my dick went nuts as he sucked, his cute face shaded. I moaned as I felt my balls draw up, Im pretty sure he felt it too, and sped up a lot, I couldn't hold anymore, I shot straight into his mouth, he swallowed it all, smiling as he got up, and rubbed his tummy and said "yum", I grinned and let him lie next to me, seems he shot too, his dick was soft and he looked flushed. "Enjoy yourself?" I jeered, he laughed and punched me in the shoulder. He slipped back up to my head, his face joyous expression on his face. I grinned and motioned him to reposition himself for me, I slipped a little lower, smelling the slight musk of his crotch. God he smells so good!. I moaned and let my lips slide over his smooth shaft. His back arched in shock and ecstasy. I slid slowly up and down, his hands firmly gripped the bed sheets. I laughed a little and sucked harder, his balls drew up and I felt his dick get even harder, soon after, he shot right into my mouth, his hot cum sliding down my throat. I slid back up to eye level, playing with his nipple, he moaned again, feeling up the small abs I had. He smiled and rolled onto his tummy, and closed his eyes. I snuggled up to him, feeling his hand trace my ribs. He smiled and I closed my eyes for the night.

When I woke up, it was still dark out, Brian was snuggled up on my side, sleeping soundly. I played with his hair slightly and shook him awake. "If you weren't so cute I might slug you" he said drowsily. “"Yea yea sure, here, follow meohand put some pants on, it's cold out" I jeered playfully at him. He smiled and slipped on my jeans, I responded by slipping on his shorts, making sure I rubbed my dick and balls into his shorts, I grinned at him and motioned for him to follow. He followed me closely, his hand around my neck on my far shoulder, he smelt so good. I walked out onto his deck, the cold wood feeling good on my feet. “"So, what was so important that it dragged me out of my sleep?" he said, leaning on the railing. "That" I pointed up to the starry night. "Stars?" he said, "No, that one"; I pointed to the bright one in the sky. “"A really bright star?" he asked, I ruffled his hair, and said "that's not a star, Brian. It's Venus" I said smiling, I love space stuff. "Ohhh, I seeso that was what you wanted to wake me up for?" he said yawning and scratching at his nipple. "No, look around; Venus, Polaris, the big dipper, the little dipper, the list goes on" I said, looking into his eyes. He leaned over and kissed me hard on the lips. I felt his tongue pass, I braced myself against the railing, his body heat so great. I groped his back, as he did the same. God we're so alike! I screamed in my head. He turned to me and said cutely “"let's go inside, there's probably something on tv" he smiled and held my hand and led me in.

I woke up in the late morning, an unfamiliar alarm blaring, I opened my eyes, seeing a clock that I think read "10:30" or something like that, I didn't have my contacts in (can't sleep with contacts).  I lifted myself up to find myself in Brian's bed. 

Finally I remembered what went on yesterday with Brian and I, and suddenly realized I was naked!  I searched around me to find clothing only to find a bathrobe I assumed was his, I slipped it on quickly and headed to the door, I heard nothing so I cautiously headed out, "Ryan get your hot ass down here, no one's here!" Brian said downstairs, laughing.  I walked down, to see him in my clothes!  "Your jeans are a little long, man" he said grinning at me, eating cereal at their kitchen island, "I think your robe shows too much if i may say so" i said pointing to how it barely covered my crotch.  "I think it's perfect" he said grinning.  I laughed feeling my dick twitch ever so slightly.  I got myself a bowl of Nesquick (I eat horribly in the mornings), and sat down next to Brian.  He smiled and scooted his stool closer to me, setting his hand on my thigh.  I blushed slightly and smiled, and as such, he giggled in his style.  I couldn't help but smile and reach over and kiss him on the lips, he first felt shocked but the returned the kiss.  For what seemed like eternity we finally broke off, smiling, "you've gotta stop doing that!  I keep getting a boner and I don't wanna mess your boxers" he said grinning and grabbing his boner through his jeans.  I laughed and quickly finished my cereal, him following suit. I walked up the stairs, him next to me, his hand on my shoulder, "so, what do you want to me...err...today?" he said giggling, "well I'd love to shower, I think we both smell like sex" I said laughing, "is that right?" he asked sniffing me, "mmm...hot boy" he said giggling.  "Man you're too hyper" I said laughing, "alright, shower first, but together, gotta save water...or something" he said grinning, i laughed stepping into the washroom.  We quickly stripped looking straight at each other as we did.  we both stepped in, since it was large enough for both of us...sort of...he set it to like, semi hot, exactly how I like it.  He grinned at me and got his shampoo and said "turn around", I laughed wondering what he was going to do.  He starting to shampoo my hair, "oh your knots are just the worst!" he said in a flamboyant voice.  I laughed as he continued cleaning my hair, then he said "now...where's the soap...we gotta get all the corners to get you nice and spiffy".  I grinned and said "yea so you can have a clean entry, am I right?", he giggled and slowly started to soap up my back.  I couldn't help but get a boner as his hand slowly slipped around my waste, starting to play with my dick.  I quickly turned around and looked him in the eyes, he smiled, and reached around my waste again and kissed me hard like always.  I opened my eyes as he did, he snickered inside my mouth, then went back to soaping my hair, I did the same, but it was a long shower.

"So, what should we do on this fine morning?" Brian asked, dressing next to me, "hmm...it's sunny and warm, so let's play a console game!" I responded, slipping my shirt on, he laughed and ran down the stairs to his family room.  "Let's see...what to play..." he mumbled to himself, "ah! got it!" he pulled out The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, "but it's a one player game" I commented, "yea, but it's awesome" he said slipping the disk into the Xbox 360.  He proceeded to play first, as I led him around the game, since I had finished it before. 


Short chapter, trust me I know lol

chapter 4 soon to come!

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