***This is a gay boy diaper love story, it involves two boys who fall in love with each other and either need or like to wear diapers and use them. If this does not appeal to you, then please leave now. If it does, then please read on and I hope that you enjoy. As always, I would love to hear your feedback, email me at erich5748 @ Thanks for taking the time to read, and for all those that have been requesting a new story from me, I apologize for taking so long, it has been incredibly hectic these past few months, so I hope that this will do for you.***

Nick sighed as once again he heard yet another kid make fun of his son. As always, his young son was saddened to hear the taunts that he had had to endure almost his whole life. It was the same as usual, baby because he wears diapers.

Nick had decided to take his just ten year old son Bryce to the local science museum that their city had to offer, they had never been before and he thought it would be a good treat. They had had a great time for the past hour and a half, but as soon as his back was turned and another boy about Bryce's age saw his diaper, that was it. The boy did not see Nick there, nor had he noticed that Nick had heard the exchange, so Nick walked over and cleared his throat.

“Pardon me young man, where are your parents?”

“My dad's over there.” He gulped and pointed.

Just then the man that the young boy had pointed to looked over and saw his son talking to a strange man, so came over.

“Can I help you?” He asked, feigning politeness.

“Yes, is this young man your son?”

“He is.”

“May the three of us sit down and talk for a few moments?”

“What for?”

“I heard something that I didn't care to hear, and I wish to talk to your son about it. I'll explain further once we've sat down. Bryce, why don't you go over there and play with that display while we talk.”

“Okay Dad.” He said and wandered off.

Nick kept him in sight but led the man and his son to a nearby table and sat down. As soon as they were seated, Nick started.

“Let me start by saying that I will in no way harm or embarrass your son, but he said something to my son that I felt was inappropriate, so I wish to speak to him about it.”

“What did he say?”

“He called my son a baby because he wears diapers. So, young man, what's your name and how old are you please?” Nick asked softly, soothingly so as not to anger either father or son.

“I'm Gabe, I'm ten.”

“Thank you Gabe, you and my son Bryce are the same age then. Let me ask you a question, and it might be embarrassing to answer, but I'd like for you to answer it truthfully, and if you don't, I'll ask your dad, okay.”

Gabe nodded.

“Thanks. Do you ever wet the bed or your pants during the day?”

“Um, no, not really.”

“So, you have the occasional accident, but not often enough to worry about it is how you'd put it then.” Nick said.

“Yes.” Gabe whispered.

“It's okay, really it is. Accidents happen, especially with kids. More than half the boys your age still have the occasional accident and upwards of as much as twenty percent still wet the bed on a frequent basis. Now, how do you think you'd feel if that happened every day?”

“Not very nice.” Gabe whispered.

“No, not very nice at all. You see, Bryce has a problem with his bladder, he has to wear some form of protection pretty much all day every day, or he can have an accident. Most of the time it's just a simple guard in his underwear, think of it as a half diaper if you will, but when we go out or when he's at school, he wears what you saw him in today, either Goodnites or Underjams, and for night, he actually wears a proper diaper. He didn't just come by this problem though, he inherited it from me. So, what that means is that I have the exact same problem. Only difference is that he's actually worse than I am, though I do have bad bouts like he has.”


“Yes. Now, think of it this way, we both have a disability, just like someone who has to be in a wheelchair or is not fully capable in some way. Just think how mean it would be to make fun of someone for such a thing, and then think of what you said to Bryce.”

“It'd be very mean.”

“That's right, it would be. Now, I think you're a nice boy, are you a nice boy?”

“I try.”

“I thought so. Do nice boys hurt other peoples feelings, bully them?”

“No, but I didn't bully him.”

“Sure you did, you just don't realize it yet. You see, to bully someone means that you hurt them either for fun or to make yourself feel better. Now, you may be thinking that you didn't hurt him, so therefore it wasn't bullying, but the problem is, making fun of someone hurts in some cases far more than hitting them, it hurts their feelings really bad. I don't want you to feel bad, you're not the first person I've had to sit and talk to about this, it's just that most kids don't stop to think how it would feel if it happened to them. Now, the adults who said it to him, I was truly angry at them, because they should know better, but kids don't usually stop to think about that sorta thing. All I ask is that from now on, you think about that, because what you say can and does hurt if it's said the wrong way. Now, as a nice boy, I think you know what you need to do now.” Nick finished off, just as softly as he had been speaking the entire time.

He just nodded his head and stood up and headed over to Bryce.

“Hey, I'm really sorry that I said what I said, it was a very mean thing to say, I hope I didn't hurt your feelings too bad.”

“Thanks, not really, I'm sorta used to it by now, I've had to deal with it ever since I started school. Now that I live with my dad though, he helps a lot and lets me know that it's not all my fault.”

“Yeah, he really explained it to me, it must really suck having to wear diapers pretty much all the time though.”

“No, not really, you get used to them actually, and at least I don't wet my pants any more, that was way worse, everyone knew then.”

“Yeah, I guess I can see your point. Hey, wanna hang out here and look at everything with me?”

“Sure, I'd really like that.” Bryce smiled brightly.

They sauntered back over to their dads and informed them that they were gonna look at the exhibits together, and once they had the go ahead, they sprinted off.

“Thanks for taking the time to really explain it to Gabe the way you did and for not making him feel too bad like some might have, hell most really. Name's Bob.”

“Nice to meet you Bob. It's not a problem, really. As you heard, I've had to deal with it a fair bit myself..”

“Yeah, that must not be so nice.”

“Nah, you get used to it. At least I can help Bryce out and help him learn to cope with it, I never had that growing up. I was beaten for being a lazy animal, I was cruelly taunted and teased, both at home and at school, even once I became an adult and found out what the real problem was, it never got easy to deal with it. It's taken a long time. Having Bryce with me now has actually helped, because this way I know that it must be a genetic issue.”

“Oh, he hasn't lived with you his whole life?”

“No, I've actually only had him for two years now. I had no clue I was even a father 'til the day he, a police officer and a child care worker all showed up at my door one day.”

“Really, now there's a story I'd love to hear?”


“It was early in the morning, like nine am or some ungodly time like that, and I was sleeping. Someone rang the doorbell and I just ignored it as I usually do, but they just kept ringing it, so I finally dragged my sorry ass outta bed and went and answered it. To say I was shocked when this guy I don't know tells me that this young scraggly looking little kid's mine and that his mother died and I have to take him in or he has to be put into foster care. I admit I started laughing and said, 'yeah right, I'm gay as can be, I was with one girl once, she raped me, I never came, hell, I hardly even got hard, so there's no way he's mine.”

“Yikes, you said that in front of him?”

“Yeah, in retrospect, it might not have been in entirely good taste, but I'm the bartender of a very popular gay bar, I usually didn't get home 'til about four, and usually go to bed at about five, so they didn't exactly catch me at a good time. He was actually fine with it though, apparently his mother told him when she found out that she was dying that she had forced me to have sex with her and that I had no idea about him. Yeah, let's just say that the poor boy was half starved, poorly dressed, smelled like a gas station restroom, and was about as clean as one as well. His mother was clearly not very good and he knew it, he hated her, he loves living with me now, he's free to be who he is without fear, and that includes the fact that he needs diapers.”

“Oh, well it was their fault then I'd say, but why didn't you press charges against her if she raped you?”

“I wasn't exactly ready to admit to the world that I was gay, I was only nineteen, we met at a party, she spiked my drink I guess and it made me really woozy and not thinking clearly. She said she'd had a crush on me for forever and she was gonna finally have me. Well, she tried, didn't work so well, but apparently well enough. I didn't want to tell anyone that I was raped by a girl, but you know what, no more than two months later, I admitted to everyone that I was gay, told my asshole and bitch parents to go fuck themselves and moved out, rented an apartment over a bar, worked there and had the best time of my life. I never thought of her again 'til the day Bryce was brought to me. And by the way, we did go get tested just to be sure he was mine, he agreed to it, I told him I'd raise him as mine regardless of the outcome, but that I really did want to know for sure, and he agreed. It was as close to a hundred percent match as you can get, so he's mine all mine.”

“Wow, that's some story. You know though, you sound more like my therapist than a bartender.”

“Thanks. You'd be surprised just how many young guys I've had to console because they were gay, you know bartenders hear it all.”

“You know, it doesn't even surprise me at all, that's how I ended up going to see a therapist, my bartender told me that maybe I should.”

“Yeah, I've told a few that they might wish to seek more professional help, even though my just listening is often enough. So, what's your story then?”

“Guess it's classic case of trying to play it straight. Met the girl of my dreams, actually she was more the girl of my friends' dreams, I was more dreaming of them. Anyway, neither here nor there. We got married and within a few months got pregnant. Within the first year I realized just how big a mistake I'd made, the only good thing was that Gabe was born, and he was so beautiful. I started going to the bar, then ended up in a gay bar and telling my story to the bartender and he told me that I needed to get out of the poisonous situation before it killed me, and that I should see a therapist. I decided that maybe I should, because I was so depressed I was starting to think it just wasn't worth it any more, and two months later I filed for divorce. I asked for custody and she never fought it at all and has never made an effort to see Gabe since, which is really sad.”

“That's horrible actually, why wouldn't she?”

“No clue, I haven't spoken to her since the day we left. She knows how and where to contact us, it has to be up to her and her alone, I won't force Gabe on her, and now, he probably wouldn't even want to if she did ask.”

“I don't blame him.” Nick said in shock.

“Me neither. So, are you still a bartender then?”

“Yes and no. I own the place now, I bought it out almost five years ago, I still live above it though, but I renovated the whole place and changed it from being four small apartments to one large one. It's really nice. Anyway, now I only work 'til about five every night, and just check up on things and help out if they get too busy in the evenings. I have cameras that I use to watch things, so that I can be with Bryce more, he needs me more than the bar does.”

“Where do you live, what bar's yours?”

“Pink Cock-Tails downtown.”

“Nice, I haven't been there before because I live closer to another one, but I've heard your place is real nice.”

“Thanks. I've made a lot of changes so that it's much nicer, it used to be pretty sleazy actually, the previous owner really let it slide, but I've picked it back up and done good.”

“That's good to hear. Maybe I'll have to check it out some time then.”

“You're always welcome.” Nick smiled.

Just then the boys came skipping up and Bryce spoke up.

“Hey Dad, can I have the bag please, I think I'm getting a bit full, so I should probably change.”

“Sure thing, here you go handsome.”


“Dad, I have to go to the bathroom as well, so I'm gonna go with Bryce.”

“Go ahead Gabe, you two just stick together though, no leaving the bathroom alone.”


The boys both skipped away once again, heading to the bathrooms.

“So, is Gabe gay or do you know yet, because he's pinging on my gaydar?”

“Pretty sure, yeah, but how about Bryce, because my gaydar is ringing like a church bell.” Bob laughed.

“Pretty damn sure. You think the boys may be sharing a bathroom or stall?”

“Wouldn't surprise me. Oh to be a fly on that wall, it's so cute when kids get their first crush.”


As soon as the boys had left their dads to go look at the displays and whatnot, and were well out of earshot, they started talking.

“So, where do you live?” Bryce asked.

“South east, only about half an hour from here actually, how about you?”

“Cool, I live downtown, so only a few minutes from here.”

“Wicked, maybe we can arrange to sleepover some time, I've never slept over at a friends house, I don't really have any friends, and I like you, even if I said something stupid before.” Gabe blushed.

“Don't worry about it, I've heard it all before, a thousand times or more. At least you came back and apologized, most don't, and the ones that do are hardly sincere, you were. I don't have many friends either, well, none really, no one that'd ever come over, that's for sure. Most of the kids at school are nice to me, and they don't make fun of me behind my back or anything, but they don't really include me in anything either. I'd like to have a sleepover though, I've never done that before.”

“It was nothing, your dad made me see how mean it was. I never really even realized it.”

“Don't worry about it. So, is this your first time here, because it's mine; this place is great. There's so many cool things here, I love science.”

“We come a couple times a year, I love it here. I can show you so much.”

“I'd like that.”

For the next several minutes, Gabe showed Bryce several different things that he really liked, but Bryce felt himself pee again and he knew that his diaper was not going to hold much more. He checked, and sure enough, he was getting pretty full. He knew not to push the Goodnites he was wearing too far, because they would leak easily if he was not careful.

“Hey Gabe, I gotta go to the bathroom and get changed, I'm getting pretty full.”

“Oh, I'll come with you, I should probably go to the bathroom anyway.”

“Okay, let's go tell our dads then.”

“Would you laugh at me if I asked you if I could try one of your diapers, just to see what it's like?” Gabe whispered and blushed massively.

“No, of course not, you're welcome to try one. They're pretty comfortable and they hold quite a bit.” Bryce smiled widely. No one had ever asked to try a diaper with him before.

So they went to their dads and got what they needed and then headed to the bathroom. When they got there, they found a family room that was free, so they both went in. As soon as they were both inside though, they both blushed. Bryce quickly opened up his bag and grabbed out two of his diapers though and passed one to Gabe. Neither boy would look at each other as Gabe took the offered diaper, yet they were looking at each other too. They both wanted to see the other in only a diaper. Without a word, they both pulled off their pants, and once they were down to only their shirts and socks, obviously having to kick off their shoes first, they both chanced a look up to each others face, saw the burning blush, and looked back down again. Neither made a move though to turn away, they both wanted what was about to happen, though neither could say what they wanted either.

At the same time, they both pulled down their underwear, Gabe just a pair of simple white briefs, Bryce a rather wet Goodnite diaper. While neither one wanted to make it too obvious that they were staring, they both were, and with such attention being paid to an area such as that, it got the best of both boys, and they started getting hard. When they each saw that the other was getting hard, they blushed even more so, yet neither made any sort of move to cover themselves in any way. In fact, they were very nearly showing off. Once they were both fully hard, both of them roughly three inches in length and roughly the size of the average mans index finger, they both looked up once again and saw the others faces very red. It was Bryce that was able to say the first words.

“I've never done anything like this before, have you?” He whispered.

“No. My dad's gay, I think I am too.”


With that, Bryce took the one step closer to Gabe and at the same time, they each reached out and felt another boy for the first time. They were not jacking each other off, Gabe did not even knew how to yet, though he had touched himself a lot. Bryce knew more, but he only did what Gabe did. That was all they were doing to themselves now, just touching, feeling, caressing even, and they both sighed. And then it happened, they both exploded in their very first shared orgasms, it was so intense that they both ended up sitting on the cold tile floor. Gabe was the first to speak this time.

“Wow, what was that?”

“That was an orgasm, or we came, did you like it?”

“I sure did.”

“Maybe we should get our diapers on and go back to our dads before they come searching for us.”

“Yeah, maybe we should.”

They picked their diapers up, they had been dropped since there were more important things to do, and then they stepped into them. Gabe promptly let go his bladder as soon as his diaper was pulled up. Once again he blushed, because Bryce was watching and he knew it, but he also smiled at the nice warm sensation spreading all over his groin, tickling his still hard little boy bone.

Bryce had just gone pee a few minutes before, so he had nothing left to warm his fresh diaper, but his little erection was pulsing inside his diaper anyway from watching Gabe. He liked what he was watching, a lot, even more so than some of the things he had already had the chance to watch.

They finally managed to look up into each others eyes once again, and both were still blushing, but they both smiled shyly too. Then Bryce did something that he had always wanted to try, and for the past couple years or so, with a boy, he leaned forward, since they were still at most a foot apart, and pressed his lips to Gabe's. At first Gabe was shocked, he had no idea what to do, he had never kissed anyone before, though he too had dreamed about it. Bryce had no idea either as to what to do, but it did not matter, because they both figured it out and were kissing. Almost two minutes later they broke apart, their blushes at least now starting to fade, being replaced instead with a look of love and contentment.

“I suppose we should put our pants and shoes back on now and go find our dads, huh?” Gabe sighed.

“Yeah, I guess we better.”

Grabbing their pants, they slipped into them and then put their shoes on as well, fixed their shirts and pants to be sure nothing was showing, Gabe checked the mirror to make sure no one would see that he was diapered, and then they left the bathroom.

The dads had just sat down and were talking as they waited for the boys to come back out. They laughed several times over the several minutes that they were talking about how long the boys were taking. Finally though they saw the boys emerge and came almost skipping up to them. Bryce passed his dad the bag and then the boys told their dads that they were going to continue looking around. The boys were given permission and told to meet them back where they were sitting in an hour. The boys sprinted off and continued looking at all the displays.

“So, did you notice that Gabe was wearing a diaper as well?” Nick asked Bob.

“Yeah. Did you notice how content looking the boys were and how much they blushed when they looked at us?”

“Oh yeah. Wonder how many times they came?”

“They probably only had enough time for one, but possibly twice, depending on if they were touching as they were kissing as well, assuming they did, but that look they had says they probably did.”

“I agree.”

For the next hour, the two of them sat there and just talked and laughed, telling about themselves and their sons, they enjoyed the time together.

The boys had ran off and started playing and talking as well.

“How long have you thought you were gay Gabe?”

“Couple years now I guess. I knew I was supposed to like girls, and I suppose I do, but not like the other boys. Most of them still thought girls were gross, yet they still chased the girls and pretended to hate getting kissed by them. Well, I was already starting to want to kiss the other boys as well and almost joined the girls. When the girls tried doing that to me, I just flat out told them that if they kissed me that I'd put frogs in their shoes, and when one did, so did I, none of them ever tried again.”

“You didn't!” Bryce gasped.

“Oh yeah, I did, was the funniest thing ever when she went to put on her shoes the next day at the end of class right before lunch and she found the frog in there. The teacher tried giving me crap, but I told her that I warned the girl not to kiss me and that if she did that I'd put the frog in her shoe. I said she kissed me, so she deserved it. We both got in trouble, but the teacher was trying not to laugh, we could both tell. We apologized to each other and are really good friends even now. I actually think she might know I'm gay as well. How about you, when did you know?”

“It's been longer for me. I knew though almost two years ago for sure.”