Chapter 2

Two years previous.

The ringing of the doorbell woke Nick up from the good sleep that he had been having. It had been an especially long and tiring night. Two of his employees had gone and got themselves thrown in jail for the night for public rowdiness the night before, so he had to work the bar by himself. He had his servers, but still, running a bar as busy as his with only one person was a chore at best. He had pulled one of his servers behind the counter to help out, and while she could do lots, she had no idea about mixing, so he had to do all that all night long.

Finally he had made it home at nearly four thirty in the morning, had a quick bite to eat, got himself into a fresh diaper and then fell into bed and had passed out. After the first ring, he yelled out fuck off, knowing of course that the person at the entrance would not be able to hear him at all anyway, but it made him feel better. The second ring a minute later and he yelled out even louder, third ring he was starting to get seriously pissed off, and finally on the sixth ring he figured that it had to be important if they just kept ringing, so got up and threw on his robe and nearly stormed to the door. He had to have sounded like a bull elephant charging down the stairs, and when he whipped open the door, he found three surprised faces there to greet him.

“What the hell could possibly be so bloody important so early in the morning?” He barked out.

“We're terribly sorry to bother you this morning Sir, we understand that it's inconvenient timing, but this young man is your son, his mother just died last night and he would like to come stay with you.” Said the non uniformed man, the other being in a police uniform.

Nick burst out laughing.

“Um, I don't know who your source is, but I'm gay, very happily so, I've been with one female, it was never, nor will ever be repeated, and it wasn't willingly even then. She raped me and I certainly never came, hell, I barely even got hard, so trust me, he's not mine.”

If the young boy in front of him looked shocked by this piece of news, he did not show it. At the time, Nick had no idea his name, but of course it was Bryce. Bryce was tiny, looking at best like a small little five year old kid, hard to say whether boy or girl, his hair was unkempt, dirty, possibly lice ridden, his clothes were probably worse and he smelled something fierce.

“Yes, we're actually aware of this, as his mother actually says as such in the letter that she gave to us last night on her death bed. She called us to the hospital the day before yesterday, stating that she wasn't going to make it and that we needed to make sure her son was cared for. He wouldn't leave her side 'til she died and was cleaned up, even though he has since told me that he didn't like her any at all, because of the way she treated him, of which you might be able to see and smell, sadly so, but he said he at least owed her that much. He hasn't slept in three days now, nor has he showered or otherwise cleaned up, he's barely eaten or drank anything, and we think he may have peed himself several times, but to tell you the truth, he hardly talks to me and he never said a word to his mother, neither before or after she died.”

“I'm sorry to hear this young man, sounds like it's been a rough couple days.” Nick said softly to the young man.

“Thanks.” Bryce whispered.

“So anyway, the officer and I just need for you to sign the papers that I have here and then we cosign and you have full legal custody of your son.” He said, reaching into his briefcase to get the papers.

“Um, I don't mean to be rude here, but what makes you think that I'd want the child of the thing that raped me?”

“Then you sign the other papers that I have here and he goes into foster care, either way, your name is still on file as being his father, as it is on the birth certificate as well.”

“So, it's either or; either I take him or he goes into your horrible system.”

“Afraid that's the options Sir. I never like putting kids into foster care unless there's a good reason, they belong with family, but you're his only family, no matter how he was conceived. If you like, you can take him for a while and the two of you can work it out, and if you both come to the conclusion that your home isn't suitable, then we can go from there, but I'd very much like to see him go to his father, it's where he belongs.” The social worker said softly.

“I've never even entertained the thought of having children, I'm gay, I own and operate a gay bar, I keep horrible hours for raising children, I like to party, and I'm nowhere near set up to have children here. Sure I have a nice big place, I have more than enough bedrooms, and I even have a couple spare beds, but I have nothing else.”

“I can understand that Sir, and as his social worker, I'll be here with the two of you for the first month or so to help you settle in and get him everything that he needs to settle in and be comfortable.”

“If I do this, trust me, It's not gonna be with the help of the likes of you. Trust me, after the childhood I had, I don't trust social services or the ministry of children at all. I was abused and mistreated my entire life, and even though I cried out for help, more than once I might add, I never received anything. I was beaten by both my parents for being a horrible filthy animal, I was mentally and verbally abused as well for the same things, and a nice caring social worker like you just said that I had to try harder to be a nice boy and be good for my parents, because they were just trying to raise me good and proper. Yeah, good and proper alright, with the backs of their nice big hands across my nice tender cheeks.”

“I'm terribly sorry that you had to go through that Sir, I assure you that I'd never allow anything like that to happen to any child in my care, but I'll agree to that should you wish, unless of course I'm needed. Given that you are in fact blood related, there's no need at all for me to be involved unless you desire it.”

“So, I guess you're my son then. What's your name?”

“Bryce Sir.”

“Please, just call me either Nick or dad, whichever you prefer.”

“Can I just call you Nick for now please?”

“Sure. If you really truly are my son, then we can work on the father son stuff later. I understand this is probably every bit as hard on you as it is for me.”

“Actually, considering some of what my mother did for me, this is easy. I just hope that you don't yell at me and hit me like she did, like your parents did.”

“No, trust me, hitting and yelling are something I could never do to anyone, most especially a child. If you get in trouble and you deserve it, you'll get a good talking to and made to feel just as bad probably, because I'll make sure you understand why exactly what you did was wrong, but being beaten myself horribly, beat all that hatred out of me. As for you two, unless there's anything else, we need to go to bed.”

“Other than signing the papers, we need nothing else.” The social worker said.

He grabbed the proper papers and then they all signed them. Within only a few minutes, they were both gone. All Bryce had with him was a small garbage bag with his few meager belongings, so Nick grabbed that up and they went up the long flight of stairs leading to the apartment.

“So, I suppose we should probably get you some food and a bath, and then we both need some sleep. I normally sleep 'til at least noon, sometimes 'til two though, and as you heard, I work in the bar downstairs. I haven't any clue what I'm gonna do with you though while I'm supposed to be at work. Exactly how old are you anyway, because you only look five, but I was raped almost exactly nine years ago.”

“I'm pretty hungry, and I know I smell bad, but that's not unusual, it's how it usually is for me. You don't have to do anything for me, I always stay at home by myself during the day, I've never had anyone to care for me. I'm almost eight though.”

“Well, you sure don't look eight, and you sure the hell shouldn't have had to stay by yourself, and I won't allow it. Did you pee your pants again though, your pants look pretty freshly wet and you smell pretty bad of pee?”

“Yeah, sorry about that, I almost never feel when I have to pee. Are you sure you're not gonna beat me and yell at me for that like my mom did?”

“Remember when I said I was beaten and verbally and mentally abused for being a filthy animal, guess what for!”

“Really, you peed your pants all the time too?”

“Still do. I have to wear diapers to bed and a special diaper like guard in my underwear during the day or I can wet my pants, as well sometimes I wear a pullup style diaper. I can still feel it most of the time during the day, so I can usually get to the bathroom in time, but I always end up leaking a bit by the time I realize it. I also can't hold it very long at all, an hour at the most, and if I don't find a washroom right quick, that's it, I'll pee.”

“Wow, I thought I was all alone.”

“Apparently not. I had no idea that it was something that I could pass on, assuming of course you're really mine, so if it is, that means it must be genetic, in which case, I wonder which of my parents passed it on to me and who in the past suffered from it.”

“My mother said that I was yours, a couple weeks ago when she got really sick and she went to the doctor and found out that she had weeks at best to live, she sat me down and told me everything. She never meant to get pregnant, she just wanted to try and turn a gay guy, it was nothing more than a dare from her friends, they all knew you were gay. She told me that she was sorry that she was such a bitch to me, she laughed when I said she was worse than a bitch and that I was glad she was dying. She told me that I'd do well with you, you being gay and all, I don't really know what she meant by that though and she wouldn't explain it to me, said I'd figure it out in time. When she actually died, I was relieved. The doctor actually told me that it was okay to cry if I needed to, that they wouldn't think I was weak because of it. I just looked at him and smiled and said I was happy. I stayed to make sure that they got her all cleaned up and prepared, like the social guy said, mostly because I wanted to make sure she was really truly gone and that I'd never have to be hit by her again. Here, look at my bum, it's still red from two weeks ago when she whipped it because I pissed my bed again.” Bryce said and turned and pulled down his pants.

“Oh Bryce, you poor boy, I'm so sorry, you still have welts on it.” Nick said sadly, rubbing the cute little bum soothingly.

“I know. I got used to sitting down on my bum being like this though by the time I was four. I was beaten every morning I woke up wet, I was beaten every time I peed my pants, I was yelled at all the time, trust me, I hated her.”

“I know how you feel. My parents were the same to me, only I no longer remember any of it, I guess I buried it so much now, it's dead and gone, and hopefully they are too. So, I was nothing more than a dare, I hope she lost, because she sure never turned me, though I doubt very seriously that you really understand all that, at least not yet, and as for my being good for you, maybe she was right, but in more than one way. I'll explain that later for you as well, if needed, but we'll wait a while for that. So, how did she die then?”

“Brain tumor. By the time they found it, it was already way too big, was probably cancerous, no way to operate they said, and that given its size and placement, that she had at best a month left. She'd been pretty sick for the past few months, but she wouldn't go to the doctor, she was too stubborn. Just like she was too stubborn to listen to me saying that I wasn't doing it on purpose. Like I'd willingly let her beat me like that every fucking day.” He spat out harshly.

“Well, all I can say, is Karma's a real bitch then huh. What goes around will eventually come around. Now, why don't you go hop in the tub and I'll get you some food while you soak, okay.”

“Okay, I guess that'd be nice. Can I have hot water please?”

“Of course you can, why would you even ask such a thing?” Nick asked in shock, even he had been allowed to have warm showers, though he had never been allowed to spend more than two minutes doing so.

“Hot water's expensive and I wasn't to waste it, so I had to shower or bath in cold water.”

“Good grief, you actually had it worse in that way, though I had to live in it longer. No, no more cold showers or baths, have it as hot as you want or like, enjoy it, put some bubble bath in if you like, though I only have a nice lavender bubble bath for myself, but you might like it too.”

“Really, I've heard of bubble baths before, can I really?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Wow, thanks.”

Bryce pulled his pants back up, because they were still around his ankles, he had been completely unashamed of being naked in front of a strange man, father as he was supposed to be or not, Nick was still strange to him. Once his pants were up, Nick led Bryce to the bathroom and started the bath. He grabbed the lavender bubble bath that he had and poured a good helping into the water. As he was doing this, Bryce stripped completely and waited. As nick turned, he saw Bryce's back as well and saw all the angry striped welts on it and he cringed. Seeing them brought back more than a few of the whippings he had received himself as a child. He picked the tiny little boy up and set him in the water and then asked if he wanted the water hotter or cooler. Bryce asked for a little hotter, so Nick did so and was told it was perfect. Then as soon as the water was high enough, Nick did something that scared the piss right out of Bryce, quite literally actually. He turned the jets in the tub on, not even thinking that it would scare Bryce, but he screeched and a jet of pee actually shot out and hit Nick mid chest, soaking the front of his robe.

Bryce started crying right away, Nick looked down and saw that what he had suspected had just happened, and then burst into laughter. He had heard that to be a parent meant that you often had to deal with the three P's; poop, puke and pee, and that more often than not, that meant it was usually on the parent as well. He had never thought that he would have to deal with that to begin with, but he had been a parent for a grand total of maybe half an hour, or at least that he had known, and he had already taken care of one of the three P's. He hoped he would not have to deal with the other two as well, especially on the same day.

The laughter was so loud and boisterous, so prolonged that it actually caused Bryce to stop crying. He could tell right away that Nick was not mad, he had clearly found it quite funny. Why though he had no idea. He had no idea what his mother would have done to him had he peed on her, but he knew that it probably would not have been pleasant in the least, but considering what he was used to, pleasant was far from what it would have been.

“What's so funny, I just peed on you?” Bryce finally asked once Nick was able to control himself somewhat.

Nick took the few seconds to explain the three P's to Bryce and everything that he had realized as he was being peed on, and Bryce actually giggled as well. Once the water was high enough, Nick turned the water off and wished Bryce a nice bath, saying that he was going to go make him some food. When asked what he liked or disliked, Bryce told him that he would eat pretty much everything, because he always ate everything anyway.

Nick left the bathroom, got himself into a fresh clean robe, then went and found some good food and started making Bryce something to eat. He took his time cooking, because he knew that not only would Bryce be very much enjoying his very first real bath, but he desperately needed to have a good soak as well. Just before lunch was ready, he headed back to the bathroom.

“Okay you, I know you're probably enjoying your bath a great deal, but it's time to hop out and into the shower to actually wash up, okay.”

“Okay, that was real nice though. How do you turn off the jets?”

“Right here.”

Nick also took the few seconds to show Bryce all the controls on the tub so that he would know for his next bath. Once Bryce popped the plug, Nick picked him up and transferred him to the shower stall and Bryce got started on washing up.

Nick went back to the kitchen and got the meal finished off, and just as he was setting the plate onto the table for Bryce, Bryce came in naked.

“Glad that you feel comfortable around the house already. To tell you the truth, I was wondering how I was gonna have the freedom to walk around naked or diapered, because that's how I usually am when I'm at home.”

“Well, it wasn't so much comfort as need, I didn't have any clothes to wear out here and we're both boys anyway. When I was with my mother though, I always had to stay naked, so that I wouldn't ruin any clothes, if I was in the living room, I had to sit on a little kids potty at all times, and if I peed in it, I got beaten. If I peed on the floor, I got beaten, and of course I was naked in bed, I had to sleep in a plastic bag and then a cover was put over me, and of course, if my bag was wet in the morning, I was beaten.”

“Wow, and here I thought I had it bad. If your mother was still alive, I'd kill her. Why on earth didn't you ever call someone for help though?”

“Because she told me that they ship faulty boys like me to an island somewhere that I'm made to work in a mine. She said most kids only last a year or two before they either die from the work or kill themselves to escape the work. She said we were all chained together and fed slops from the same troughs they feed the pigs in and we had to drink the animals piss for the extra nutrients.”

“No, she didn't.” Nick gasped, he was actually close to losing his last meal from hearing that.

“She did, she said it all the time, every time I complained about my beatings. She even made me ask for them if I peed, she said if I didn't, that she was gonna call social services to take me away, but because I'm a faulty boy, that's where I'd end up, almost guaranteed.”

“How did the school never notice your state, they had to have seen the marks, smelled you, they had to have noticed something wrong.”

“I was asked a few times, but my mother made sure that I told them there was nothing wrong, but that I just refused to take baths, because I hated water. One teacher even asked her once, saying that I said that I hated water, and she said it's true, that once a week she usually had to corral me and force me to have a bath, but that it was usually a huge fight, and that one time I'd accidentally gave her a black eye in the battle. The teacher and she laughed about it, saying how gross and disgusting boys could be at times, and the teacher had said both her boys had gone through the same stage. She'd totally fallen for my mothers lies, which I guess I started, but I had no choice.”

“Wow, total sleazeball bitch she was, even worse than I ever imagined. Anyway, here's some good food for you. Now, because you're clearly not used to eating too much, I haven't made you a lot to eat, and this'll probably be too much, but I didn't give you too much. Eat only what you can, but there's no more, and you shouldn't have more, at least not yet.”

“It really smells good. That's probably twice as much as I'm used to eating, so I probably won't be able to finish it all, even if I haven't eaten for a couple days.”

“Then only eat what you can, the rest can be saved for after you have a good sleep. We'll both go have a good nap and sleep 'til probably two, then I suppose we should go shopping and find you some stuff, because if all the clothes you have look as disgusting as the clothes you were wearing do, there's little to no chance we'll be keeping them.”

“Thanks. I can show you a few good thrift stores where we can go to get some good stuff for cheap, they usually have big bags for only a few bucks.”

“Not a chance, thrift stores have their uses, and buying used things is fine, but you clearly need some new clothes, so that's what you'll get.”

“Really?” Bryce asked in wide eyed shock.

“Really. Now eat up, I really need to get to bed, I'm almost dead on my feet here, it was a really long night, and I might just have to have some pretty strong words with a couple dumb ass employees.”

“Okay, thanks, but what did they do?”

“They're my main bartenders, I hardly ever work the counter any more, I'm too busy doing everything else. Anyway, after service the morning before, they went and got themselves tossed into lockup for the night because they were being rowdy and were good and drunk in public. So yeah, they were tossed in to sober up and spend the day to learn their lesson, but it left me short handed. I could've called one of my others, but one's sick and the other's had a hard week covering as it was being alone pretty much during his portion of the shift.”

“Oh, you only have four bartenders?”

“Yeah, plus myself when needed, and most of the time it's plenty, since there's at least three nights of the week only one person's needed. I always run two, no matter what though, and then there's four on the normally very busy Saturday nights They all work four days a week, so three days off, but they work eleven to twelve hours a day. I have twenty servers though, only three of which are female by the way, and they stay hopping usually all night long. Oh, and of course I have four cooks as well who work the same shifts as the bartenders do.”

“Cool, you serve food too?”

“Yeah, and lots of it too. I almost do as well on food as I do on alcohol sales, and when I do any sort of feature event, I'm usually packed solid.”

“Wow, this is really good. Do you cook in the restaurant as well, and what sort of feature events do you do?”

“Thanks, I used to cook, and I still do at times when needed, it's actually where I started when I started at the bar, but I was moved to the counter almost immediately because they needed me there more. Now I prefer being in the kitchen to the counter more. As for the feature events, well not all of them I can tell you, you're a bit on the young side to hear them, but there's more than a few that I can say. First of course are the bands that I get in, usually some great gay bands, I've even done plays and shows, such as musicals, I have a great stage, in fact that was my first upgrade when I bought the place. Then there are the sporting events that I show from time to time, but they're not your usual ones you'd probably watch. We're talking mens only mud wrestling, oil wrestling, or things like that, such as; gymnastics events, swimming and diving, whatever the customers want, and I have a suggestion box for upcoming events for things like that.”

“Why wouldn't you tell me, I've probably heard it all anyway?”

“Some of it's pretty explicit and not really for young ears?”

“Like what, naked dancing?”

“Yes, we do do strip shows from time to time, and backwards bull riding, but I won't tell you what the saddle horn is or where it goes, for that you definitely have to wait 'til you're at least nineteen.” Nick grinned.

“Oh, okay.”

“Now, I don't wanna hurt you by what I'm about to say, but I just gotta know for sure. I wanna take you and have you and I tested to make sure that you're really truly mine. Even if we're not though, unless you wish to do so, I won't send you to foster care, I'll happily raise you as my own. If we are, well then I'll still be surprised. I don't know how much you know about your body and how babies are made, so you might not have fully understood what was said earlier, but if needed, I'll explain it all.”

“That's okay, I have a pretty good understanding. We were all taught in school how babies are made and where they come from, how and why our bodies work and what's to come. The only thing that wasn't exactly clear is when you said came inside her, but I'm pretty sure you were saying ejaculated, that's what they called squirting in health class.”

“Wow, they sure do teach you kids a lot more and a lot younger than when I was in school. Yes, that's pretty much exactly what that meant. Cum is another name for ejaculate or sperm, came is the past tense for cumming, or to have cum, so yeah, you had a pretty good grasp of what was being said.”

“Thanks, I also read quite a bit about it too though, it was pretty neat, well except the girl stuff, that was pretty nasty, especially the part where they bleed once a month, like how gross. I'd hate being a girl.”

“Yeah, know how you feel there buddy.”

“As for hurting my feelings, I understand, I'd like to really know for sure as well, so that I know if you really are my dad or not, but even if you aren't, and you'll raise me, then I'll be happy too. As long as you're nicer than my mother was, then I'm good.”

“It's sad that you'd be so much happier just by living with anyone that was nice, whether a parent or not, but trust me, I understand far more than anyone else possibly could or would. That at least binds us together, no matter anything else. Now, for another thing, this one possibly more embarrassing than anything. Wetting your pants, day and night. Clearly you can't just be wetting your pants all the time, that's just not good. So, I'm afraid that diapers are in your future, just like I have to as well. It's not all bad, so don't worry about it too much, I'll be able to help you out with that. I hate wearing them, to tell you the truth, but I've grown accustomed to them and I do need them.”

“You know, I don't really care how I stop wetting my pants all the time, just as long as I do. If I have to wear diapers to do so, then so be it.” Bryce said stoically, but a tear did escape.

“That's a very brave boy. No, it's not nice, but anything's better than wetting your pants, right. I'll be taking you to a doctor to find out the reason, so that we know what to do for you, but in the meantime, diapers. Actually, how exactly did the school not say something about your constant wet pants?”

“I was forever being sent to the nurses office. It got to the point that I was told to keep at least two changes of clothes there at all times. I tried telling them that they're just accidents, but my mom told the principal that the doctor said there's no problems and that I was just being lazy or acting out. I've never been to a doctor before though, at least that I remember.”

“Ah, so pretty much the exact same thing my school was told then.” Nick shook his head sadly.

“Yeah. Okay, I think I've had enough now.”

“You ate less than half, so your tummy's very small then, but that's okay. That'll explain why you're so small then, but at least you don't look malnourished.”

“I never had a lot to eat, but I was fed twice a day. Breakfast at school, because I was part of the poor kids school breakfast program, but there was rarely a lot, so we all shared what little there was, because it was far better than nothing, and then usually not much more at dinner time. If I got a lunch, it was usually some piece of fruit that someone threw away or didn't want.”

“Yeah, I never had a lunch either, because animals were only fed twice a day, same as in the barn.”

“Pretty much what my mother said, boy was she happy the school provided me with breakfast when they started doing it.”

“I bet. Okay, now, for bedtime. We need to get to bed, but you need to be protected, and I certainly have nothing here in the form of diapers for you, but I do have an idea. Your clothes are right there, go grab a pair of your underwear and meet me down the hall, I'll show you your new bedroom and we'll see if we can figure something out.”


Bryce did what he was told and met Nick in the bedroom only a few seconds later. Nick had ran to his room and grabbed one of his guards and then headed to the bedroom right across the hall from his, it would now be Bryce's. Nick took the offered underwear as soon as Bryce came in the room and opened the disgusting things up and urged Bryce to step into them. He then pulled them up to about knee height, and then inserted the guard. It was so large that it went over both the front and the back of the underwear and would be nearly as big and bulky as wearing a four ply cloth diaper, but it would hopefully help. Bryce cried a bit, but Nick soothed him with soft words, telling him mostly that he was not trying to be mean. Once it was situated, Nick pulled the underwear and the guard up and made sure that Bryce pointed himself down, telling him why, he of course giggled at the vision that caused, even though he was still almost crying, but he did it anyway.

Nick left the room for a second and came back with a brand new plastic sheet. He explained to Bryce what it was and what it was used for, saying that he usually kept at least a couple spares, because they did not last long, and helped to catch anything that might still manage to escape throughout the night, which did happen occasionally still. Bryce helped to strip the bed, put the plastic sheet on and then remake the bed. He was nearly shocked at having the chance to sleep between two sheets for the first time in his life, he had always slept quite literally inside a plastic bag since he was out of diapers at eighteen months, the time his mother figured any normal human being should be potty trained, something that had been a hugely traumatic experience as well.

“Okay Bryce, I'm right across the hall if you need anything at all, okay, you just come on over and I'll wake up right away, I'm a pretty light sleeper.”

“Thanks a lot, for everything, it means a lot to me.”

“You're very welcome. I don't know how we'll manage it, but I think we're gonna be just fine. It's gonna be one hell of an adjustment, I tell you that, but I think we're both smart and strong enough to do it. Well, have a good sleep, have sweet dreams, maybe your first ever.” Nick said, and then did something that neither had ever even fathomed before, he kissed Bryce on the forehead.

Bryce smiled softly at the kiss and rubbed his forehead tenderly where the very nice fatherly kiss had been placed, and once again, another tear escaped. Nick left the room, happy that he could at least make the poor little boy happy, and vowed that he would receive that same smile every night from then on. He had never felt he would be a parent, but now he was going to be, and he was going to be the best damn one there ever was.

Nick headed to his bedroom and decided that he had better change his diaper, since it was getting pretty full. He had only been slightly wet when he had been so rudely awakened, but that was almost two hours ago now, and he had not bothered running to the bathroom while he was wearing a diaper anyway, he just didn't see the need, even though he knew it probably was the lazy thing to do, but really, he dared anyone to call him lazy, and he would challenge them to go to the bathroom every hour, and still manage to leak some even then, and find out how tiring it became very quickly.

Once changed, Nick hopped into bed and fell fast asleep. He slept until nearly three, and once he was up, he went across the hall in only his moderately wet diaper to wake Bryce. Bryce was laying on his back, blankets pulled up right under his chin, a soft smile on his cute face. Nick almost felt bad for waking Bryce up, he looked so peaceful and happy right then, but he knew that Bryce would feel worse if he slept any later, so he woke him up. His eyes popped open a few minutes later, and when he saw Nick, he got a large happy smile on his face.

“Oh, thank god, it wasn't just some great dream that wasn't gonna come true again.”

“No, this one came true for you, and I'm sure you realize it by now, but I had so many of those dreams while growing up it's not even funny. Got to the point where I just stopped believing in the power of dreams, they all just turned into nightmares that haunted me, some of them horribly. People talk about nightmares as being about horrible scary monsters that are gonna eat them, but, for me, nightmares were the dreams that would be so great if they came true, yet never would or could, they haunted me.”

“Yeah, that's how I was starting to feel as well, but it did come true, finally it happened.”

“Yes, I think maybe it did too, even for me, maybe this is a dream come true for me as well.” Nick smiled warmly.

“I hope so.”

“So, how did your modified diaper hold up?”

“Really well I think. The bed's not wet anywhere around me, and I've never ever waken up dry, so I think it worked.”

“Here, hop up and let me check?”

Bryce hopped out of bed right away and Nick checked. He gave it the classic squeeze test, and sure enough, the boy was nearly soaked.

“Wow, I'm sorta surprised it actually held up, you're quite the heavy wetter. How much did you drink today?”

“Don't know, with the cup of water at dinner, or lunch I guess, I think three.”

“Wow, I think you might be worse than I am. Do you ever actually feel the need to pee?”

“Yes, but most of the time, by the time I know I have to pee, it's already coming out. If I move, and I have to go pee, it just comes out.”

“So, you have exactly the same problem I have. I have very weak sphincter muscles on my bladder. There's nothing wrong with the bladder itself, it can hold it, but once there's too much in there, the sphincter, or the muscles that keep the floodgates closed as it were, just release. I've been doing training exercises to try and help, but they haven't been doing anything. My specialist thought it might help, but it hasn't, at least for me. I'll teach them to you, so that you can try them to see if it helps or not.”

That afternoon, true to his word, Nick took Bryce shopping. He called his guys and told them that he was not going to be in that day or the next, but that he would stop by at some point to check on things, telling them the reason why of course. The two of them hit the trendiest store Nick knew of, Bryce promptly wet himself at seeing the prices. Both laughing that it had been a wise decision to put another guard in his underwear. They bought several pairs of pants, more shirts, lots of socks, and a couple pairs of shoes.

Nick then hit the store where he bought his diapers from and told Bryce to stay in the car, went in and grabbed everything that he thought that Bryce might need. They did not have a decent diaper though for Bryce that would hold up well at night time, or some good pull on style that he could wear during the day when needed. He just grabbed the youth guards from there and then hit a store he knew that carried what he would likely want. Once again Bryce was told to stay in the car while Nick went in and bought a couple packs of Pampers size seven and a couple packs of night diapers, one of each Goodnites and Underjams, so that Bryce could decide which he preferred.

After that they headed home and Bryce was told to go ahead and strip and throw out all his old clothes. He did so rather happily. Nick then put him into one of the Pampers diapers, just to see how they fit, they were actually a little on the big side still, Bryce was so small, but he would grow into them anyway, so that was fine. Bryce was then urged to put on a fashion show of sorts to make sure all the clothes were good and hid his diapers well, they all were.

Nick did check in on the bar at around ten, just before sending Bryce to bed, then came home and put Bryce to bed, once again giving him a gentle kiss on the forehead.

The following day they sat around and talked a lot, just really getting to know each other, they were both sitting around in their diapers almost the entire day, it was quite nice Bryce decided. Nick did call his doctor and explained what was happening and what it was they wanted done, namely a full medical exam on Bryce, all the tests included to find out the issue with his bladder, and then of course the paternity test they both wanted done.

They had their appointment a few days later and Bryce was cleared in surprisingly good condition considering his size and bladder problems. The doctor ordered a good diet, but not too much, since Bryce really did not need that much anyway, but to make sure he was getting the proper amounts of all the nutrients a boy his age should be getting. They were then sent to the lab to give all the samples that were needed, Nick was just a cheek swab, but Bryce got that, a blood sample and a urine sample done, which they just took his diaper to extract from, because like he said, there was no way he could give them any any other way. They were then sent to the hospital for a full workup on his bladder; a CT scan, X-ray, Ultrasound, and the dreaded scope, which Nick remembered all too well, since he had only had it done a few years ago himself.

Nick could not imagine how uncomfortable Bryce had to be during that particular process, considering he remembered it not at all fondly, thinking that it hurt a great deal more than he had ever wished, but wondered how Bryce could look so calm and at peace, when his much younger penis was so much smaller. Bryce made not one sound though and almost looked to have just gone off to a different place.

Once they were done at the hospital Nick asked him about it, and Bryce explained that he had learned a long time ago that during the beatings if he just shut down his mind and pretended he was somewhere else, that he could escape the pain. Nick was shocked that someone could even do that, let alone take enough pain to have to do that, and he had thought he had had it bad growing up. While he had taken it for more than twice as long, it sure seemed that they were pretty much on an even playing field for total amount of abuse.

They talked happily all they way home, Bryce asking all about the tests that Nick had had to do, having of course been told that he had had to go through it all as well. The next few days as they waited for the test results they worked together to figure out a routine that would work well for them, and Nick found that he enjoyed the new schedule a great deal more, because he had more free time. Of course he still had the cameras, so he was able to check up and make sure all was good, and he was only upstairs, so he was not far away.

They did get Bryce all switched over to the new school, they being told all about Bryce's rather delicate bladder control and containment method. They were okay with it and offered to help out in any way necessary. On his first day of class, he very bravely stood at the front of class and told everyone who he was and explained to them his condition and what he had to do about it. More than a few of the kids were surprised, but thankfully no one seemed to bother him about it, but same as at his old school, the kids did not truly interact with him either. At least they did not tease him like he got at his old school though, he was thankful for that.

Finally the doctor received all the test results and they were called with an appointment to come see the doctor to go over everything. They made it there and were shown in not all that much later. Once the doctor entered, he sat down and got started.

“Okay, as for the paternity test, it's true, you are truly one hundred percent father and son, so congratulations.”

He felt this was prudent, since he had been told the entire story on their last visit, and he felt they would be happy to hear of the results, even under the circumstances as to how Bryce was conceived.

“Now, as for the rest Bryce. As it turns out, the condition your father has must be a genetic one, because yours is identical in nearly every way. The only way you seem to differ is that you have a more severe case of it, however, as your father has been told, his will get worse as well with age, as the specialist believes will also be the case with you. Only difference again, is you'll reach full urinary incontinence sooner. In these cases you have only two options available to you. One you're currently using, the other are catheters. Your father tried them when he first started seeing me and felt they were not for him, it will have to be your choice if you try them or not.”

“Thanks Doctor.” Bryce said bravely.

“It's not all bad Bryce. At least in every other way you seem to be in amazing shape. There was not so much as one tiny other detail in any other test we ran that says you are in any way unhealthy. Also, you at least have your dad, so the two of you can really help each other out in this regard, because I know he still hasn't fully come to terms with his condition, even though I've told him time and time again that he needs to and should probably see a therapist about it so that he does learn to cope with it. Even with your condition, there's no need to stop doing absolutely anything that you might enjoy, though from what you've told me so far, I'm not sure you know anything fun.”

“I suppose that's true Doctor, thanks.”

“Yes, it is. Now, I do want to see you every six months at least for a checkup, just to make sure everything's where it should be in your development, as well we want to keep an eye on your bladder to see how things are going. I know your dad was going to start showing you the exercises for increasing your bladder strength, I hope he has and I hope you're both still doing them, don't stop, it could get at least a little better with time, or at the very least stave off the inevitable for a time. At this time, that's about all I can say to you two, so make sure to make your next appointments on your way out. Nick, you may as well just cancel yours next month and come when Bryce comes next as well, there's no point in coming at different times, nor is there in my seeing you now next month, since I already entered the same data from your last appointment.”

“Okay, thanks Doc, will do.”

On their way home, they talked about what all the doctor had to say and how happy that they were about truly being father and son. Neither had ever dreamed the other was out there for him, they never even thought that it was possible that there was someone out there so perfect for himself. Nick of course made sure that Bryce was really okay with everything and asked how he was holding up, to which he replied that he was doing okay, all things considering, but did say that it was still going to take some time with having to adjust. Nick said he understood that fully, far more than anyone else could possibly understand he understood, Bryce nodded.