Chapter 3

By the time that Bryce had been living with his dad for three months, the two of them were growing far more comfortable with each other, and the two of them were starting to heal each other from all that they had to deal with. Bryce had learned almost right away to deal with having to wear diapers, truly needing them at almost all times, and he was helping Nick to learn how to cope with it as well.

Work and school were going well for the two of them and they were now in a good routine, and although they did not get to see a lot of each other during the week, Nick was careful to make sure that they had their weekends free. He also did not work too late and did all his books during the day while Bryce was in school, so that they could at least spend more time together as well. Nick still went into work almost every day, but was normally only for a couple or a few hours, sometimes longer if they were busy and or short staffed.

Bryce knew where the monitors were that Nick used to watch over the bar, but he had been asked of course to never watch them, because it would not be appropriate. Nick was already suspecting very strongly his sons sexuality, so it came as no surprise that one night that he had to work late when he came home, he found Bryce parked in front of the monitors, both hands deep inside the front of his diaper, full on playing with himself, watching the bull riding.

“Pardon me young man, but didn't I very clearly ask that you never watch the bar?” Nick asked softly.

“Oh crap, Daddy, I didn't see you leave the bar. I'm so sorry.” Bryce said, starting to cry.

“There's no point in crying, crying won't fix what you've done and it won't work on me either. You know you did wrong, now, compose yourself and meet me in the living room, we need to talk.”

Bryce pulled his hands from the front of his diaper, he did not have to re-point his erection down, he went completely soft when he was caught. He then wiped the tears from his eyes and the snot from his nose, and tried to control the sobs that were still trying to escape. He had no idea what was going to happen, he had never done anything wrong since moving in, but he knew that what he had done was very bad, he had been told very clearly to not do so, and he had been caught red handed doing it. He wondered if he angered his dad enough to warrant a spanking even, a thought that really made him want to start crying again. Once he felt he was as composed as he could be, he left the office and went right to the living room.

Nick went and sat in the living room on the couch and waited the few minutes for Bryce to compose himself. He knew Bryce would take a few minutes and he was not worried about it. He patted his lap when Bryce finally came in. Bryce mistook the sign though and tears came once again, but he dutifully did what he knew he had to do and went and laid himself over his dads lap, waiting for the spanking.

“Bryce, I told you before that you'd never receive a spanking from me, I just want you to hop up and sit on my lap.” He said softly, patting the cute bum through the soggy diaper.

“Really.” Bryce said, a sob still easily heard.

“Yes. Now, come on up.”

Bryce stood up and then crawled up onto his dads lap, and instead of being hit like he had suspected he might, his dad hugged him.

“Now, clearly you know what you did was wrong, we don't need to go there any more. Now, you remember back when you first moved in, I told you I had few rules, but that you had to follow them! What was rule number one?”

“Never ever ever lie, that to do so would break our trust in each other and we might never be able to fix it, and to lie would lose me privileges for far longer than I cared to imagine.” Bryce quoted almost word for word his dads first and most important rule.

“That's right. So, question number one must be answered truthfully. How long have you been watching?”

“About a month now?”

“And how often?”

“Almost every night you go to work I check them out to see if anything good's happening.”

“And was this the first time you watched the bull riding?”


“I take it from the way I found you that you rather enjoy watching that then?”

Bryce blushed more than Nick had ever seen, and subtly nodded his head.

“You remember back when your mother died, she told you that coming to live with me would be good for you, are you maybe starting to understand why she might have said that to you?”

“She thought I was gay, didn't she.”

“Yes, and to tell you the truth, I suspected it right away as well, but the longer we've been together, the more I was sure about it. Do you have any questions?”

“Well, how do the men take such big things up their bums like that, I tried putting my finger in and it hurt, well at first?”

“That's not quite the questions I was referring to, more did you have any questions about being gay, but I will answer that. Practice makes perfect and lube is your friend.”

“Oh, is that what the guys use to prepare each other?”

“Yes. There's some in the bathroom should you desire to use it.”


“No prob. Now, what do you think would be suitable punishment for not listening and doing something you knew to be wrong?”

“I don't know. I don't have any friends, so you can't stop me from going anywhere, I don't have or play video games, so you can't make me stop playing them, and I hardly watch TV anyway, so there's almost no point in that. About the only time I watch TV's when we're sitting together. The only thing I do is read and keep the house clean.”

“Yeah, so here's what we're gonna do. First is that every weekend for the next month, you get to help me clean the bar. I normally take care of it all on the weekdays, but you can help on the weekends instead. The next is that you're also not allowed to watch the monitors.............................for the next month.”

“You mean you'll let me continue watching?”

“Yes, you've pretty much seen it all by now anyway, so what difference does it make now. Did you have any questions?”

“Yeah, when will I squirt cum like most of the men did when they were riding the bull?”

“Hard to say really. I didn't start puberty 'til I was almost fourteen and I shot my first load not long after that, I think it was a week after my fourteenth birthday in fact. Every boy's different of course as to when they start, and it seems kids are starting puberty earlier now than most kids did when I was young. Back then they said the average starting point was mid thirteen, now it's low thirteen high twelve, but you're only just about nine. Not to mention the fact that you really are still so very small, so that might affect it some as well. It's really hard to say though. So, when did you have your first orgasm then?”

“Second time after starting to watch. My penis was really hard, and I was rubbing it through my diaper, trying to push it down to be more comfortable, but it just felt really good, so I did it again, and then again and kept doing it 'til something really awesome happened. It felt like my whole body exploded, but it was amazing.”

“Yeah, know how you feel. Now, I'm pretty sure you're more than smart enough to know that no one needs to know about what you've seen, and they certainly can't know that I'll let you more, but I must say that you really shouldn't either. It really isn't appropriate for you to see some of the things that happen downstairs, and I'd get in more trouble than you could possibly fathom should anyone find out I let you see it.”

“If you tell me not to watch any more, I won't, but I really liked watching sometimes. Most of the time it was boring and I only watched for a few seconds to see if anything interesting was happening, like the bull riding tonight, that's awesome.”

“I know, and that's why I won't tell you that you can't at all, except for the next month, because it wouldn't work.. Eventually you'd get the urge too strong, and you'd do it anyway, no matter what I said. Really, the bull ride nights are about the only times where it might be really interesting though, well other than the stripper nights I suppose, and I only do them a couple times a month.”

“I know.”

“Yeah, I'm sure you've already figured out the schedule too, haven't you?” Nick laughed.


“Figures. So, do you have any other questions about being gay, or have you even figured that much out yet? You're still pretty young and most kids don't really know it 'til they're quite a bit older.”

“No, not really, I think I know everything for now, but I'll ask if I think of anything. I don't know though if I've figured anything out, I know I'm supposed to like girls, want to play with them when I get older, see them naked and all that, but I really don't want that I think. All I've ever thought of were boys, I think I've always really known I was gay, maybe that's how I was born, maybe that's how I'm supposed to be. Do I have to make a decision now though?”

“No, absolutely not. I posed the question to you more to hear what your thoughts and feelings were on the matter. I grew up just like you did, feeling that I liked boys like that, but knowing it wasn't right. You at least now know that it's fine to feel the way you do, having me helps with that. I never want you to feel that you'll disappoint me in any way in what you choose to be, who you become. Right now you're still very young and girls are gross, but maybe that'll change once puberty hits and the hormones start running through you. I mean I'd be horribly upset of course if you brought home a girl, I just don't know what I'd do.” Nick said, faking a swoon.

Bryce giggled. “Right now, I don't think you have to worry about that.”

“And you know what, I honestly feel that girls aren't in your future either, but it's not up to me, it's all up to you. However, don't do something that goes against what you feel or believe just to please someone, no matter what, it'll only hurt you far more in the end, listen only to your head and your heart, nothing and no one else. Be true to yourself and you'll be happy.”

The two of them sat there cuddled up for more than an hour more after that, talking about all sorts of things, Nick telling Bryce what all being gay meant, but Bryce already seemed to know a fair bit more than most boys his age did. Nick was happy that Bryce seemed confident about who he was becoming. It actually had come as very little surprise to Nick to have found Bryce watching the monitors, he had wondered more than a few times if Bryce was sneaking in to do just that, and that had been the entire reason for sneaking out and creeping upstairs, he had almost been hoping to catch Bryce. The punishment was more done just so that Bryce would not take advantage of kindness, because they both knew he had done wrong, so therefore needed punishment.

Instead of lasting one month though, Bryce asked to always help Saturday and Sunday mornings to clean up the bar, he enjoyed spending time with his dad, even just doing that, and Nick was more than happy to have the help. Bryce was also noted to be going through the lube from the bathroom at a pretty swift rate, now that he knew what it was for and how much nicer it was. He was not only using it on his little boy hole to help his finger slip in, but was also using it on his little erection to help things feel even better, a tip his dad gave him after the poor boy had given himself a friction burn.

Bryce's ninth birthday came and went, and though he invited a couple kids from his class for a small party, both of them declined, coming up with some sort of an excuse. Bryce had not expected either to come, but like Nick had told him, it didn't hurt to try. The two of them instead went out and had a nice day together. They had lunch and dinner out, went shopping and bought Bryce a few nice things that he needed, went to a movie and then an arcade.

Shortly after that, summer vacation started and they had the summer together, and they had a great time. Bryce was becoming far more confident with who he was and having to wear diapers, which was also helping Nick to cope with wearing diapers as well. The two of them had a nice summer together, every morning working in the bar to clean and stock everything and they always had the nights off. Bryce of course always watched the bull riding and more than half the strip shows, and although he had never went past one finger in his bum, he was enjoying that a great deal more often.

By the end of summer, neither wanted it to end, of course, but Bryce had grown almost two inches since arriving, had put on almost twenty pounds and was looking far healthier for it. They got a lot of good exercise though, so none of the weight was bad weight. Both were exceedingly happy with how everything was turning out.

Just at the start of the new school year, the social worker that had dropped Bryce off called and asked how things were going, saying that he just wanted to follow up. Nick calmly explained to him that they were doing just fine and were both very happy and healthy and told him that Bryce had grown a bit and put on some weight, but that he was in some form of protective under garment at all times due to a faulty muscle. He thanked Nick and said that that was the only time he was going to call and that the file was officially being closed, Nick was more than thankful for that.

The next year went by almost without notice, they were in such a nice routine and were both so happy, that it came almost as a shock the day Bryce turned ten. Once again Bryce invited a couple boys from school for a party, and once again they came up with an excuse to not come. He knew of course it would happen, he knew the reasons why, but it did not necessarily make it any easier.

They had been unable to go out on the day of Bryce's birthday, it just fell on a bad day for both of them, but the following day Nick decided they were both going to take off from work and school and do something fun. They got ready for the day, Nick making sure that Bryce was in one of his pullup diapers and dressed properly, and then they took off.