Chapter 4

Back at the science museum, Gabe and Bryce had each just had their first intimate experience with another boy and Gabe tried one of Bryce's diapers on. They had been talking, mostly about their feelings and how long they had known each other was gay.

“What do you mean, how long have you known you were gay?” Gabe asked curiously.

“Well, it's like this, I've seen pictures of men doing things, all sorts of things, porn it's called, and I've done some of it to myself as well. I like putting my finger up my bum and jacking off, that's rubbing your penis, in case you don't know.”

“Wow, really?”

“Yeah, that's just in the past couple years, but I think I always knew that I was gay. Have you ever looked at pictures of other boys or men before?”

“I think I always really knew too, but not really, only just in magazines and on the computer, but never naked or anything.”

“Too bad. You wanna see if you can come spend the night some time, I'd love to play more if you'd like?” Bryce asked shyly, this would be the very first time he had ever asked someone to spend the night.

“Sure, I'd love to.”

Bryce was ecstatic, never before had anyone ever agreed to come over, and certainly never to sleep over. Not only that, but he really liked Gabe and really wanted to play more, assuming of course Gabe wanted to play more as well, which he certainly hoped for.

“You really mean it, you'd come spend the night, heck, just come over?”

“Yeah, of course, why wouldn't I?”

“Well, I asked a few boys a couple times now to come for a birthday party but none ever did. That's why my dad brought me here today actually instead of going to school. Yesterday was my birthday, but I had a test that I couldn't miss and dad had shipments arriving yesterday, so he had to be there.”

“Oh, I sorta know how that feels too. At my last party only two out of ten showed up, it was pretty lame actually. I don't really have any friends, not even sure why.”

“At least you had some show up, I would've been happy if just one of them did. Oh well, who cares about that right. So, how come you're not at school today?”

“It was getting pretty bad at school again lately with the bullies teasing me and all that, so I asked my dad to take the week off and he said yes. I had three appointments with the school principal and the school councilor though to try and come up with a solution, but considering I can't tell them the names of the kids that are bugging me, they can't do too much. Once I go back to school next week, they're actually gonna have someone covertly watching me at all times so that the kids can be caught, because like I told them, if I tattle, I get beaten up. Three kids got expelled before Christmas for doing just that, but the kid they beat up for being a tattle tale required surgery to repair his nose and to replace the ball they destroyed, as well he apparently looked like a massive bruise. I told the school I'd rather stay alive than to tattle.”

“Wow. I used to deal with a lot of bullies before I came to live with my dad, but I never had that happen at my school. My new school has a very strict no bullying policy and they have five or six people patrolling the school yard and the cafeteria at all times to make sure no one's being bullied. They used to have huge problems with it I heard and kids were getting hurt, so they had to do that. Mind you, they don't bully me, but they also don't really talk to me unless they have to. I mean there's some nice kids there too, but even still, they won't be seen near me.”

“Yeah, we have a no bullying policy too, it works real well, but we only have two people patrolling and we have over six hundred kids at our school, so there's just not enough. My dad's actually gonna cover the cost of the person to watch over me at all times, he's sick of it too and wants it stopped at all costs.”

“My dad said he'd pay anything as well to make sure I had a good safe education, and he even looked at private schools for me, but the nearest one's a catholic school, and he doesn't believe in organized religion, so won't send me there. There's a really good one that he'd love to send me to, but it's an hour bus ride each way, and he doesn't think it's necessary, since the school I'm in seems to be doing well and I'm not being bullied.”

“My dad and I are the same, and I think my dad might have looked into the same school as yours did, but that was a few years ago.”

Meanwhile the dads continued their talking and laughing, both of them wondering just how long it was going to take for the boys to come and ask if one of them could spend the night at the others house.

It actually took far longer for the boys to do so, because they were having so much fun talking and looking at all the displays. They also watched a few of the shows that were put on to show some of the really cool things about science. It was finally nearing dinner time though and the boys were getting very hungry, so went in search of their dads, they found them at the same table they had been left at.

“Hi Dad, how come you guys are still here and not looking at the cool displays and stuff?” Bryce asked.

“We were just having fun talking, and we've both seen the place a few times, Bob more than I, but we were having too much fun talking. Let me guess though, you want to ask two questions?”


“Thought so, and I bet question number one; is what's for dinner and question number two; is can one of you spend the night at the others house!”

“Gee, how'd you guess?” Bryce giggled, animatedly rolling his eyes.

“Easy, I know kids. So, which is it?”

“Gabe to our house?”

“Sure, and Bob already said it'd be okay. We wondered when you boys were gonna find us and ask. We actually thought you would have about an hour or so ago. How's your diaper by the way, and you too Gabe?”

Instantly Gabe blushed, and if he thought he could play it off after that, he was sorely mistaken. Bob actually started to laugh at the look on Gabe's face, a cross between a landed fish and someone who had just glimpsed the grim reaper.

“It's okay Gabe, we noticed right away, don't be afraid, you aren't in any trouble for trying something out.” Bob said while grabbing Gabe and hugging him.

“Really, you noticed right away and never said anything?”

“Sure. I don't mind you trying things, as long as they do you no harm and aren't illegal.”

“Oh, thanks.”

“As for our diapers, they should be fine Dad, but we'll probably have to change after dinner, or at least I will. I have no idea how much Gabe's peed his so far, but if he's put as much as me into his, he'll be getting close too.”

“I have no idea how much it holds, so you have to be the professional.” Gabe said with only a hint of a blush.

“Excellent, let's go for dinner then shall we. We'll just eat here and then continue looking for a while more.”

The four of them headed to the eatery the science museum had to offer and all placed their orders, all of them getting something different. They then found a seat and continued talking as they ate, all of them having a good time.

After dinner, they all continued walking around and looking at everything, this time they all stayed together, all except the few minutes the boys took to go back to the bathroom to change their diapers. Once again there was a lot of looking, this time with less blushing, and there was a little rubbing again, as well a nice shared orgasm, but they actually spent less time this time than the last change. The men grinned at their boys as they exited the bathroom, but said nothing.

They continued looking around for another couple hours, right until the place was closing, and then headed out. As they were heading out, Nick and Bob made arrangements to drop Gabe off at Nick and Bryce's right after school on Friday and Nick would take him home on Sunday early afternoon. The boys were very happy to hear it was going to be for an entire weekend. They had only been planning on one night, but neither was about to complain any time soon.

On their way home, Bob asked Gabe how he liked wearing the diapers, and while he blushed, he admitted that he sorta liked it. When Bob asked if he wanted some more for at home, Gabe blushed even more, but nodded wholeheartedly yes. He swung into a medical supply store on their way home and went in by himself, Gabe saying he was not brave enough to go in with him. Once inside, he asked the man at the counter a good brand for his son who wet too heavily for Goodnites and Underjams, so they had to be very thick and high capacity, but had to be comfortable as well. Bob was told there was only one thing that would work, and that was tape on ones and was given the proper ones. Bob grabbed some wipes and cream while he was there and then headed out and the two of them headed home.

As soon as they made it home, Bob offered to change Gabe's diaper, and although he blushed more than Bob had ever seen him blush before, Gabe whispered that he would really like that. Bob had to admit that he had missed changing his baby's diaper, and even though larger than when he was a baby, there was almost no other difference.

Gabe went to bed that night a very happy little boy and had great dreams all night long. Many of them were of him and Bryce doing all sorts of fun and naughty things, the rest were about him wearing diapers. Gabe had peed his diaper before going to sleep, but one thing he knew, was that he was far more wet the next morning when he woke up, so he had peed in his sleep as well, something that was rare, but not entirely uncommon. This time instead of being saddened by that, it made him smile. His smile increased as he let his morning load of pee escape into his already nice wet diaper, and then he sighed as he finished up.

Nick and Bryce headed home as well, talking happily all the way there. As soon as they made it home, Nick changed Bryce from his pullup diaper to one of his proper diapers, coincidentally the same ones as Gabe had just gotten and then the two of them cuddled up until it was time for Bryce to go to bed. Bryce too dreamed all about he and Gabe doing all sorts of fun and oh so naughty things together, as well he dreamed of Gabe in his diapers. He did not know why this pleased and aroused him so, but it did and he had some pretty vivid dreams because of it.

Bryce also woke up nice and wet, but this was of course very normal, he had never waken up dry once in his entire life, nor would he ever he now knew. This time he smiled at the familiar warmth and wetness, then promptly had to rub himself through his wet diaper.

Bryce had to get up though to get ready for school, so did so and then went and had some breakfast and made his lunch, then went and removed his wet diaper, had a shower, brushed his hair and teeth, headed to his room and put on one of his pullup diapers and finally got dressed. He went and woke his dad up and wished him a good day, who of course said likewise, and then Bryce was off to school.