Chapter 5

Gabe and Bryce were both super excited all throughout the day and could not wait for their sleepover weekend to begin. Gabe was of course at home all day, while Bryce was at school. Out of the two of them though, Bryce had it easier, because school at least kept him busy enough to not notice the passage of time, though he did wish it would go faster. Gabe though was constantly watching the clock, wishing that the time would come and he could go to Bryce's house.

Bob had gone to work, he still had to do so, Gabe was just by himself, but he did not work far from home, so they both felt Gabe was okay. He was going to take off at the end of school and go get Gabe from home and take him to Bryce's place. He had called at about an hour to the time that he was to pick up Gabe and reminded him to pack everything that he was going to be needing for the weekend, making sure that he remembered his toothbrush more than anything.

Gabe had packed and repacked his bag of stuff three times, making sure that he had everything that he was going to need, so that when his dad arrived, they could go. He was watching out the window right around the time he knew his dad was to arrive, and the second he saw him coming up the street, he jumped off the couch, ran to the door, just barely remembering to grab his bag, and ran out the door, forgetting to lock it. As soon as his dad pulled up, he went to jump in, but Bob caught him, asking if he had locked the door. Gabe begrudgingly got back out and ran up and locked the door, then ran back.

“Gee, is someone a bit excited about his first sleepover?”

“Yeah, I can't wait.”

“Good, I'm glad you get to do this.” Bob smiled.

They talked all the way there, mostly Bob making sure that Gabe had packed everything, going down the list, but it was a pretty long drive, so they talked lots more. Finally they made it to where they needed to be, parked and headed to the door.

Bryce was finally let out from school, and considering he only lived three blocks from the school, he ran all the way home about as fast as he possibly could. He let himself in and ran up the stairs, his dad waiting for him at the top, smiling.

“Wow, school only let out a few minutes ago, that was the fastest you've ever made it home. A tad excited I assume.”

“Oh yeah, this is gonna be great.”

“I'm happy for you. I obviously never had the chance to have a sleepover myself, so I'm glad you're finally getting the chance to. I am gonna be leaving you two alone for a few hours though tonight and tomorrow night. I need to work tonight and tomorrow night I'm going on a date.”

“Okay, we'll be fine, and I'm happy for you Daddy, this'll be your first date in forever.”

“Tell me about it, I'm starting to get blue balls again.” Nick grinned.

“Yeah, but like you don't own the best place to find someone to help you out with that.”

“Too true.”

The first time that Nick had told Bryce that he had a date, Bryce was a little worried, saying that he didn't want for someone to take all his time from his daddy. Nick calmly explained that he was not so much looking for a long term relationship, but just someone casual to have some fun with, because he was getting blue balls. This statement of course led into another full on explanation as to what that meant, so Bryce was of course now knowledgeable as to that particular term. Nick was very straightforward with Bryce about things like that, and Bryce probably knew far more than most teens did, and possibly more than some adults. It took a while, but finally Bryce became comfortable with the fact that sometimes his dad went on dates and now he was okay with that.

“So, when's Gabe supposed to be here?” Bryce asked excitedly.

“I told Bob when you usually arrived home from school, and he said he'd drop Gabe off right around that time, so they should be here in just a few minutes I imagine. You shouldn't have to wait too long at all.”

And just then, as if on queue, the doorbell rang. Bryce sprang up and spun around, ran for the door and all the way down the stairs so fast Nick was worried he was going to fall and break his neck. How he managed to not do so, Nick was surprised. By the time Nick made it to the top landing, Bryce was already whipping open the door.

“Finally, you're here. Come on up.” Bryce said happily, grabbing Gabe's hand and pulling him up the stairs.

Gabe followed Bryce at a fast pace, whereas Bob just came up the stairs normally. The boys rushed past Nick, who just waited at the top of the stairs for Bob. They were both smiling, happy to see their boys so happy.

“You'd think this was the boys' very first sleepover and that they were very happy about it for some reason, huh!” Nick had to chuckle when Bob made it to the landing.

“No shit. I'm assuming they went went right to Bryce's room, where they're very likely gonna change each other. Gabe's been wearing the same diaper all day more than likely and he's more than likely very soaked, and I have no doubt that Bryce's usually pretty wet after school.”

“I wouldn't bet against you, that's for sure. So, you excited about our date tomorrow?”

“Oh yeah, for sure. I haven't had a date in more than a couple years, and well, I've been looking. Most everyone's been just wanting one night stands, and they're fun, but I want and need something more.”

“Yeah, that's why I asked you for a date, because I've been looking for more lately too. Having Bryce dumped into my lap's made me realize what I've been missing.”

“Maybe if this goes well, then maybe the boys can both have two parents at home.”

“Yeah, but I'll be the daddy.” Nick grinned.

“Only every other night, because I like playing daddy too.” Bob grinned even more.

“Goody. So, you heading out right away then, or are you gonna try and wait 'til the boys make a reappearance?”

“No, I should actually be heading out pretty much right away. I said I'd come back to work to finish out my day, but if I wait for the boys, I'll likely be very late.”

“No kidding. Well, have a good night and see you tomorrow. Oh, by the way, I haven't told Bryce who my date's with and I wasn't planning on it. I'd rather see where things lead before I hit him with that.”

“I haven't even told Gabe yet, but that sounds like a good idea. Wouldn't want to get the boys' hopes up or make them upset for no reason.”

“Exactly. Well, have a good night.”

“You too.”

As soon as Bob left, Nick headed to the kitchen to get a snack ready for the boys, then went and got himself ready for work, because he was going to leave soon, and then went and sat in the living room to wait for the boys. All told he waited almost an hour before the boys came out of Bryce's bedroom, both wearing nothing more than a diaper and a smile.

As soon as Bryce and Gabe made it to Bryce's room, Bryce closed the door and spun Gabe around and laid on him a nice tender kiss. They both sighed deeply as the kiss started, and then even deeper still when it ended.

“Wow.” Was all Gabe could say.

“I've been wanting to do that to you since the other day. Was that a very soggy diaper I felt under your pants though?”

“Same here, but why don't you take my pants off and find out for yourself.” Gabe grinned cutely.

“Okay, as long as you do the same for me too.”

Gabe only nodded as Bryce stepped forward just a little more and knelt down some so that he could unbutton and unzip Gabe's pants. He then pulled them down and exposed Gabe's very wet diaper. He then helped Gabe to kick his pants off, and then pulled his socks off as well. He then stood up and removed Gabe's shirt.

“My my, I think someone's a very soggy baby boy.” Bryce said far more huskily than he had ever sounded before.

Once again Bryce liked what he was seeing and it stirred feelings in him that he did not even know were there. He was really starting to like diapers in a way he had never liked them before.

“Mmmhmm, I am, I've been enjoying my diapers a lot since the other day. As you can tell I even asked my dad to buy me some, and he bought me these, they're awesome; so thick and thirsty and warm and comfortable. Are you a super soggy baby boy too?”

“Yeah, I see, and I like what I see, a lot. Yeah, I guess I am a super soggy baby boy. I use the same diapers as well by the way. Should we change each others soggy diapers?”

“I have a better idea, but first we need to get baby down to his baby diaper.”

“I'm not wearing a proper baby diaper, I've got on a big boy diaper right now.”

“Tsk tsk, we're just gonna have to fix that, now aren't we.” Gabe said, he himself now sounding more than a little hot and bothered.

Bryce just nodded and Gabe lowered himself down and started stripping Bryce of all his clothes, same as Bryce had done to him minutes before. Once Bryce was standing there in only his diaper, Gabe stood up, reached in and pressed their lips together once again, and they kissed even more deeply this time, both of them introducing their tongues to the other at almost the exact same time.

They started caressing each others backs and cute little diapered bums, really involving themselves in the kiss they were sharing. How it happened neither of them knew, but somehow they managed to make it to the bed and fell down onto it, hardly breaking the kiss at all.

Now laying on their sides, their hands went instead to the front, where they both started caressing the front of each others diaper. Both were tented every bit as much as a ten year old could possibly tent a diaper, their hot hard little erections bigger and harder than they had ever been before. Staying only on the outside for now, they brought each other to their first orgasm in only two minutes.

Still, they never broke their kiss, even through their earth shattering orgasms they still kissed each other. They stopped all other movement, but their lips continued, their tongues continued, and their sighs and moans continued.

Almost five minutes later they came down, and instead of stopping, they moved from the outside to the inside of each others diapers and started rubbing and playing in there. Bryce wrapped his thumb and two fingers around Gabe's shaft and started stroking him gently. Gabe gasped and panted from this, so did the same to Bryce. Bryce was far more used to it though, but still he was now panting even more.

Stroking each other nice and slow and tender, while still continuing to kiss, they managed to last almost four minutes this time before cumming once again. Same as before, they continued kissing all through their amazing orgasm, but stopped all other movement. Once they finally came down, they removed their hands and released their lip lock and sighed deeply, contentedly. They ended up rolling onto their backs, where they each just laid there and stared at the ceiling for a good ten minutes before either of them could say anything. Bryce was the first though to engage his mind once again.

“Wow, that was amazing. I think I love you.”

“Yeah, it was, and I think I love you too.”

“Should we change each others soggy baby diapers now?”

“For sure. I gotta pee again real soon here and I know this diaper isn't gonna hold it all without leaking. They're good, but yesterday I made it leak right around this time and it was about this full too.”

“Yeah, they do hold a lot for sure.”

Bryce climbed out of bed and went and got a couple of his diapers, since they were easily accessible and came back and proceeded to change Gabe. As soon as Bryce had hopped out of bed, Gabe turned himself so that he was in diaper change position, ready and waiting for Bryce to change him.

When Bryce got there, he pulled the tapes off and pulled Gabe's diaper down, showing off that Gabe was finally satisfied, because he was almost soft. Bryce sighed, he thought Gabe was so cute when soft, but so hot when hard. He grabbed a wipe and proceeded to clean Gabe up fully, even lifting him up so that he could clean Gabe's cute little bum. Once all clean, Bryce pulled the used diaper out, slid a fresh diaper under, then applied some diaper rash cream, he then pulled the diaper up and taped it on expertly.

“Much better, thanks.”

“You're welcome. Now it's my turn.” Bryce said excitedly.

Never before had Bryce been so excited to have his diaper changed. They quickly traded places and Gabe ripped the sides of Bryce's pullup and pulled it down in the front. Bryce was now about half hard again from seeing Gabe, but he was not fully hard either, and Gabe liked what he saw. He grabbed a wipe and cleaned Bryce up fully and pulled the diaper out. He replaced the diaper with a proper fresh one and then creamed and taped Bryce up.

“Thanks, that was nice.”

“You're welcome. You look really nice like that.”

“Thanks, so do you. I think I'm starting to understand why you like diapers though. I mean I always knew I needed them, and since I came to live with my dad, I've gotten them, and I appreciated them, sorta liked them even, because they're so much easier and better than wetting my pants all the time. Now I'm really starting to like them though, especially on you.”

“Thanks. I never thought about diapers before 'til the other day and I saw you in one, and then when I put one on, it was awesome, and I think I decided right then and there that I wanted to wear them like you do all the time from then on. I haven't gone pee in the toilet once since that day, it's been great.”

“I don't think I've ever peed in the toilet, maybe a few times I suppose when a bit came out while I was pooping, but certainly never on purpose. What are you gonna do about school though, are you gonna risk wearing diapers to school?”

“I want to, I really do, but I probably shouldn't. The kids are already so hard on me, that'll only make it worse. If they found out, I bet the name calling and the pants pulling would be horrendous, even worse than it is now.”

“Then you probably shouldn't. It'd be cool if you could come to my school though and on your first day there say that you have bladder problems so have to wear diapers, then we could both have a friend and no one would harass you.”

“Man, I'd really love that.”

“Yeah, me too. Having a friend there would be so great. Heck, just having a friend is.” Bryce smiled warmly.

“Well, I guess we should get dressed huh.”

“Nah, why bother, I never wear clothes over my diapers when at home.”

“Oh, okay, I will if you do then.” Gabe smiled brightly, he wanted to wear just a diaper.

So they walked out of the room, almost grabbing each others hands as they went, but just barely managing to hold off, for now.

“Took you boys long enough to change each others diapers. Musta had a good talk too.”

“Yeah.” They both said too quickly, both blushing.

Nick thought it was cute how neither boy had figured out that their dads had to know. It was not hard to miss, he felt a blind deaf person could have easily seen and heard it. He even thought it was cute how they were standing so close to each other and how their hands kept almost grasping each other.

“That's good, you both need a good friend. There's a snack in the kitchen waiting for the two of you, but before you go, come give me a hug Bryce, I'm gonna head out. Not sure when I'll be home, but bed no later than eleven tonight, okay. Hopefully I'll be home before that, but you never know.”

Bryce came over and wished his dad a good night and gave him a hug and a kiss goodbye. As soon as he let go, Nick headed out, for his long trek to work. Once he was gone, the boys went in search of their snack and devoured it. They were both quite hungry for some reason, so ate all the food that was there.

“So, what should we do now?” Gabe asked.

“Wanna just watch a couple movies for now, and then after dinner I wanna show you something really cool.”

“Okay, sure.”

Gabe was urged to go pick out a movie from the small selection they had, and then Bryce put it in and turned everything on. He went back to the couch and cuddled right into Gabe and they watched both movies all the way through. They both enjoyed this, Gabe more so because it had been the first time ever watching a whole movie without having to stop to go pee, and he got to watch two.

They went and made themselves some dinner, or more reheated something, because Nick always had plenty of pre prepared meals in the freezer, so they each chose what they wanted and heated them up. They grabbed nice big drinks as well to go with their meal and then sat down to eat. After finishing their food, they cleaned up the mess and then Bryce showed Gabe to the office, telling him that what he wanted to show was in there.

Gabe was puzzled at first, but sat down like Bryce told him too, and Bryce started by turning everything on. Bryce knew the good stuff was not quite starting yet, but it usually started in about ten to fifteen minutes. They would still get some good views regardless. What Gabe saw when Bryce turned everything on was the bar downstairs in all its glory, and in some cases men in all their glory. There were twelve monitors and each one had four cameras hooked to it, and the system allowed them to select what monitor and what camera they wanted to see at any time. Bryce set the cameras to a setting he knew from past experience was the best.

“What's this?”

“Dad's bar downstairs. It's a gay bar. Remember when I told you I'd seen some porn, well that's not entirely true. This is how I've seen certain things, and tonight there's something really fun going on I want you to watch.”

“What is it?”

“Simulated bull riding, gay style. They ride it backwards and sit on something called a dildo, basically a fake dick. See those guys right there, they're getting ready to go first.”

“What are they doing to each other, doesn't that hurt, that one guy nearly has his whole hand up the other guys bum?”

“They're very well prepared and they've done it before, so it probably doesn't hurt too much, but dad says it still does a bit at first. I've put one finger inside me and it hurts a bit at first, but then it feels really good, dad says that's how you start, start small. These guys probably started small as well, years ago, now they can take a lot more inside them. Oh goody, they're just about ready.”

For almost two hours the boys sat there enraptured by all that was going on in the bar. Not only was there the incredible backwards bull riding, which of course resulted in some pretty impressive cum loads being sprayed, but the men were dancing and sometimes would kiss as well. Gabe was utterly flabbergasted, never before had he ever seen such a thing, and he was impossibly hard the entire time.

Neither boy though at any time put their hands inside their diapers though to take care of the hardness, they both knew that they would take care of them later together. They did have to rearrange themselves though more than a few times, due to discomfort, but that was all they did. Finally the bull riding ended for the night, so Bryce turned everything off.

“Wow, that was amazing. I can't believe boys can do that.”

“Yeah, I know, I thought the same thing at first, but I've done lots of research since, and you know what a dildo is supposed to be like, well, that's what boys can do together as well, use their pee pees inside each other like that.”

“You want us to do that to each other?” Gabe asked in awe.

“Not now, but yeah, I'd really like to try it eventually. My dad says I shouldn't rush into anything, most especially sex stuff, he says it's not really good because I'm so young. He might be upset that I showed this to you, but I had to, I knew you'd really like it.”

“Oh yeah, I really did. What else can boys do together then?”

“Well, what you saw was called fucking or making love if they're in love, then you can suck each others pee pees, lick and tongue each others bums, I'm not sure I wanna do that, finger each other, and most guys even eat that white stuff you saw the guys spray when they got the good feelings, their orgasms. It's called cum or sperm or ejaculate, whichever.”

“Wow. I sorta knew some of that from health class at school, but they sure never said anything about what two boys can do together, that's totally awesome. I don't know if I'd lick anyone's bum either, but I'd do it to you if you did it to me. Have you sucked anyone before?”

“No, I've never done anything with anyone before, 'til I did with you.”

“Cool, you wanna try sucking each other, that sounds totally hot?”

“No, not today, we can try that another day. It's almost bed time and I'm usually in bed by about now, I just wanna rub once more before bed, and then I think we should go to sleep.”

“Okay, that's fine too. I'm getting pretty tired too, I don't normally stay up this late either.”

They headed back to the bedroom, where they changed each other first, just in case they were too tired afterward, probably for the best too, and then laid down and started having some fun. They rubbed each other to two more very satisfying orgasms while kissing once again, and then before too long, they were sound asleep, all cuddled up together.