Chapter 6

When Nick got home, he checked in on the boys and smiled warmly to find them cuddled up together so cutely. He had arrived probably only half an hour after they went to sleep, but they were passed out completely and never knew that he was there. He decided to go check the cameras to see if his suspicions were correct. That morning he had gone and set the cameras in specific places, so if the boys watched, he would know, because he was certain the cameras would be moved, since he had had them pointed at all the most boring places. Sure enough, when he checked, the cameras were all changed to show the best places.

Nick went and got himself all ready for bed and then crawled in not much later and slept well all throughout the night. The boys too had a great sleep, in fact neither had ever slept better in their lives, getting to cuddle up to someone was very nice.

When the boys finally woke up, neither moved. They both knew the other was awake, they cuddled in just that much closer, and both were very nearly purring they were so content. Neither said a word though, they were so at peace that they did not want to ruin it any. It was almost half an hour later though that both their stomachs started growling almost uncontrollably.

“I guess we should get up and get some breakfast, huh.” Bryce groaned.

“Yeah, but I was enjoying cuddling you like that.”

“Yeah, me too, it was real nice. I've never slept with anyone before.”

“Never even your dad!” Gabe asked in shock.

“No. I thought he'd get upset with me if I did.”

“Nah, he wouldn't have, I bet. I still go and sleep with my dad sometimes, just because it's nice to cuddle up. He doesn't mind, as long as it's not too often and I don't move around too much.”

“Oh. Well come on, let's get up then I guess.”

It took them three tries and a few giggles, but finally they got themselves out of bed. Both their diapers were very wet and they would both have to get changed very soon, but right then they did not care, all they wanted was food. They found themselves something good for food and ate that quickly, then had a bit more, because they were both still hungry.

After cleaning up the mess, they headed back to the bedroom to change their diapers. Before that could happen though, they ended up standing in the middle of the bedroom floor kissing once again. During their kiss, they also ended up starting to rub each others hot hard little boy bones through their soggy baby diapers, both of them sighing deeply once again. It took almost ten minutes for them to do so, but they had two strong back to back orgasms, not stopping at all, and it took almost five minutes more for them to come down.

Finally though they were ready to change their diapers, so Gabe grabbed a couple from his bag this time and they changed each other, making sure to clean each other gently and spread on lots of cream. They ended up laying back down on the bed for several minutes once they were freshly diapered, kissing tenderly once again.

“Mmm, this is so nice. I always dreamed of having someone who understood me and liked me and wanted to do this with me, but I never thought it could be so nice.” Bryce sighed deeply once their kiss broke.

“Mmmhmm, same here.”

Just then, Nick came out of his bedroom, and because the door was open and Nick's bedroom was right across the hall, they all saw each other and smiled. Nick came into the bedroom.

“Good morning Boys. Did you have a good night?”

“Yep.” They both said.

“That's good. Looks like you boys watched a pretty good show last night.”

“Yeah, we watched a couple movies last night, but how would you know that, I put the movies away after we finished watching them?” Bryce asked curiously.

“Well, I figured you boys would probably watch a couple movies, but I'm talking about the show you watched last night from multiple camera angles as it happened.” Nick grinned.

“Oh, you know about that. Sorry, I know I wasn't supposed to tell anyone, but I had to show Gabe, and he really liked it too. How'd you know?”

“That's okay, I figured you would, and how I knew was because I preset the cameras yesterday morning to point all in places you wouldn't care to see last night, and when I got home, I checked, and the cameras were still where you set them, not where I set them.”

“That's sneaky.” Bryce giggled.

“Hey, us parents have to be sneaky.”

Gabe so far had said nothing, but as soon as he knew what was being talked about, he started blushing, to the point that he now looked as if he were burning up, as well as it almost appeared that he had stopped breathing. Once Nick realized this, he ended up having to smack Gabe on the back to get him to come back.

“It's alright Gabe, you're not in any trouble, and if you didn't think I knew you were gay, you have a lot to learn.”

“How'd you know?” He whispered fearfully.

“With kids as young as you, it's sometimes hard to tell for sure, but as soon as I met you I was pretty sure you were gay. I asked your dad and he said he was pretty sure as well. Then when you boys went to the washroom together and changed each others diapers, we could both tell instantly when you came out that you'd both kissed and jacked off, though we have no idea how many times you boys came. I knew Bryce was gay, I'm sure he told you, and as soon as you boys asked to spend the night together, both your dad and I were certain what you'd get up to. Don't worry.”

“Wow, even dad knows I'm gay, I never told him though?”

“Yeah, but you know he's gay and he could tell.”

“Oh, and you're not upset about us watching the bull riding last night?”

“No. Had I've had the chance when I was your age to watch something like that, you'd be damned certain I'd have been there watching with rapt attention, hand deep inside my diaper, or better yet, someone elses hand.”

Gabe just blushed deeply again.

“Yeah, that's what I figured. I know Bryce knows a fair bit about what you two are going through and doing together, and I'm sure that he'll be more than happy to teach you anything you care to know, but I want to tell you boys a couple things.”

“What Daddy?”

“First is, take it slow and easy. You're both still very young and most adults out there wouldn't understand you boys playing the way you do. The simple fact of the matter is that I'd probably get in trouble for allowing you boys to play, even though I have no say in the matter whatsoever. Even if I told you to stop and never do it again, you'd still do it, but I'd never do that anyway. What I will say though is take your time. I know you've used your hands and kissed, keep it at that for a while, you don't need to start using your mouths yet, and no playing with each others bums yet, leave that for later as well please. What you boys are sharing and going through takes time to learn properly, learn now together, but take it slow. You have to truly learn what you're feeling and everything in order to appreciate it. I didn't do that and it took me far longer to truly understand things, don't do that to yourselves.”

“Oh, okay Daddy, we were already doing that anyway or I so woulda sucked Gabe last night and stuck a finger up his bum.” Bryce said nonchalantly.

“Good, I'm glad you're thinking with the right head.”

“Right head?” Gabe asked curiously.

“Sure. Boys have two heads, their top head and the head they keep buried in their pants. The problem though is that you only have enough blood in your body to control one at a time, and typically once all your blood goes to your lower head, all rational thinking stops. Surely your dad's told you to stop thinking in your pants, mind you, you're only ten and didn't really know sex too much. I've been having to tell Bryce that for a year or more already.” Nick laughed and Bryce giggled.

“Oh. I didn't know that.”

“I'm actually surprised that your health class at school didn't explain that in a more factual way as well to you kids, since it's very well documented. Even girls have the same problem, just in a different way, since they don't have a second head. You see, lust clouds the brain, simple as that.”

“Oh. No, I don't think that they ever said anything like that, that's for sure.”

“I'm sure you'd remember that. So, did either of you have any questions?”

“I don't think so Daddy, I think you've answered all my questions already.”

“And I think I'm good too.”

“That's good. So, Gabe, I know that you're a budding diaper lover, you seem to be wearing them an awful lot your dad says, but what about you Bryce?”

“Well, I need diapers, that's why I wear them.” Bryce said in confusion.

“Yes, but when at home, you usually wear a guard and try and go to the bathroom. Even when you're in one of your pullups for school or regular diapers for night, you still usually try, but I can't help noticing that you're in one of your night diapers and it's already wet. I also saw you wet it and you never even tried to stop it and get to the bathroom.”

“Oh, I didn't think you'd notice that.”

“Remember, I see and know all.”

“You wish.” Bryce giggled.

“Yeah, don't I. Anyway, I did notice that, so care to explain it to me.”

“I think I'm starting to see why Gabe likes diapers so much. You don't have to worry, and they really are very comfortable. But really Daddy, it's getting to the point lately where it's not even any use. Even if I do feel the need to pee now, by the time I get to the bathroom, it's usually too late. Lately though, I've been wetting a lot more without even noticing it. Remember Tuesday, my pullup leaked because I had no idea I'd even peed in it. There've been a few days now that've come close, but that was the worst. If that keeps happening at school though, I'm gonna have to start wearing my diapers to school, because I'd rather not leak.”

“Okay, so your bladder's getting worse, but you're also starting to really like the diapers too. I can understand that. Mine's been getting a lot worse lately too and I've been forced to wear my pullups more instead of my guards. I'm sure you remember that night I had to come home and change because my guard leaked, hell, it exploded, it couldn't take it, so I put on one of my pullup diapers. There've been a few days like that for me and I haven't worn a guard in a couple weeks now because of it. That's not the first time it's happened to me though, I find I have bouts like that where it just gets bad for a bit and then wears off again. Be careful though of getting to laid back about it and letting your bladder win, we both know it may very well be inevitable, but if you give up and just wear and wet diapers all the time without trying, soon you won't have the choice. Remember what the doctor said at our last appointment.”

“Yeah, I remember, once I lose control, that'll likely be it, it'll probably never come back, so I have to keep trying, because the longer I try, the longer I can prolong it. What if I'm sick of always trying though, what if I want to be able to concentrate fully on what I'm doing. You know I can't even enjoy reading a book, because I always have to be thinking about how full I'm getting. I can't concentrate fully at school, if I get too involved, I leak because I lose focus and pee. Yesterday at school was a great example of that, we were reading a really good book on ancient roman architecture, I was really into it, and by the time class was over, my pullup was so full that it was almost leaking. I had to go change right away. I had no idea I'd even peed 'til I stood up and felt the weight of the diaper.”

“I know Handsome, it's really hard, I know more than anyone else how hard it is, and you have it even worse than I do. It has to be up to you though, because it's you that has to live with the decision. Once gone, it'll never come back and you'll more than likely be completely and fully dependent on diapers once you make that choice.”

“I know, I think I already decided though, no more guards, no more pullups, I'm sick of trying, I just want to enjoy doing things fully from now on.”

“Okay, then I'll take the guards and the pullups that you have left and give them to charity, others always need those sorts of things. Are you one hundred percent certain though?”

“Yes. Thanks Daddy.”

“You're welcome. I know how hard it is on you, and some days I just want to say to hell with it as well and do the same thing. I just can't do it though, at least not yet, I still have enough control to make it worthwhile, but I knew this day was coming for you. It's coming for me too, and this might be the final time for me as well, because I've been noticing the last few times when I got better that I had less control than before, but I still have to try.”

“Why though Nick, don't you like the diapers?” Gabe asked curiously.

“No, I don't really. I can appreciate how you might like them, and I know I need them, but to me, that's it, that's all, I'd rather not wear them at all.”

“He's actually gotten lots better about having to wear diapers since I came here and he found out he wasn't alone. He used to resent wearing diapers, now he at least appreciates them.” Bryce pointed out.

“Yes, having you here to help me cope with it's been a great help, and maybe one day I can like them too, but right now I still can't.”

“Why though, do you know?” Gabe asked curiously.

“Why, why does it matter?”

“I'd think that if you hated diapers but needed them, that you'd resent it and it'd make you miserable, so do you know why you don't like them?”

“I think I see what you're getting at. Why do you like them?”

“They're very comfortable, I can go for hours and not have to worry, and once wet, they're really comfortable. I was never anywhere near as bad as you guys are, but I still couldn't hold for very long before feeling like I was gonna explode. I could go for maybe two hours at most before I was in really bad pain from holding it, usually about an hour or so was about all I could do though. I probably also haven't had a full night sleep in my life 'til I started wearing diapers again, well except when I used to wear diapers to bed I guess, but I stopped wetting the bed when I was five. I had to set an alarm to wake me up every couple hours to go to the bathroom, it's very irritating. Now I don't have to worry about that.”

“Okay, so in a roundabout way, you do need diapers as well then, just mostly at night, but daytime just to make your life easier.”

“Yeah, and I have Bryce to thank for that.”

“I had nothing to do with that, it was you that tried to tease me you big bad bully. Funny coming from someone who gets bullied at school all the time.”

“Yeah, my dad and I actually joked about that the other night too. He actually asked how I could possibly tease someone for a medical problem when I get teased so often, and I don't even have a medical condition. I actually laughed and said because I'm a stupid kid, he agreed.”

“Yeah, you kids do have a serious problem with speaking before thinking, that's for sure. We all go through it though, hence the reason why I talked so softly and kindly to you. I wasn't so kind to the adults that teased Bryce for wearing diapers, or worse, the ones who teased me for wearing them.”

“I bet. So, are you gonna answer my question then?”

“You know, I really don't understand all my feelings where diapers are concerned. On one hand, I know I need them, but on the other hand, I just wish I didn't. Liking diapers never figured into the equation, it just was or was not, nothing else. When I was a kid though, my parents used to tease me and beat me, saying I was a filthy little boy and that I should be diapered like a baby. Maybe it has something to do with that. There was never any love where diapers were concerned, it was used as a threat and a taunt to me. The first time I put on a diaper of any sort though, I know I cried. I didn't want to, but I knew I had to do it, it was something I needed, nothing more, nothing less.”

“Then that's where your problem is. You need someone to diaper you and treat you properly, make you feel loved while being diapered, because you need it, and maybe even want it.” Gabe said softly.

“I've never let anyone ever diaper me before, not sure I could.”

“Then maybe you should let Bryce do it. He says he sees you naked all the time anyway, so let him do it for you.”

“That's okay, I'm not ready for that yet.”

The three of them ended up sitting there for a good half an hour or more longer, just talking together and learning more and more about each other. It was very nice. Finally Nick said that he had to go get some breakfast and get changed, so headed out and did that. The boys headed to the living room and watched TV for a bit until Nick was all done his morning chores.

“Have you boys brushed your hair and teeth and washed your faces and hands yet this morning?” Nick asked once he came out.

“Not yet.” They both said.

“Go get that done now then and go get dressed, we're going out.”

“Okay, where are we going?” Bryce asked.

“Don't really know yet, but grab the diapers you don't need any more and we'll drop them off somewhere. We should probably stop and get you some new clothes though, not only have you grown a bit again, but with wearing thicker diapers full time, you're gonna need pants that fit you better.”

“Oh okay, that's a good idea.”

“Hey, why not get some sort of a diaper shirt though, so that no one really notices like I did the other day. Not that I'm complaining any at all of course.” Gabe giggled.

“Not even sure where to get something like that.” Nick said.

“Me neither.” Bryce shrugged.

“You'd think the medical store you get the diapers at would carry something like that, and if they don't, maybe they can tell you who does.”

“Are you by chance getting us to do the legwork so that you can get diaper shirts as well?” Nick teased.

“No, of course not, but if it works out that way as well, then good for me.” He grinned brightly.

“Thought so.”

The boys headed to the bathroom and got themselves all cleaned and ready to go, then went and got dressed. Before too long they were ready to go, so went and got their shoes on and they all headed out. Bryce had grabbed his pullups and guards and put them into a shopping bag, they were unceremoniously thrown on the front seat as they hopped in and then Nick took off. The first thrift store he came to, Nick stopped and dropped the bag into the box and then took off again. Their next stop was the mall.

Once there, Nick took the boys to the boys clothing store, where they looked around for a bit and Bryce tried on some clothes. Nick even had a whispered conversation with the owner of the shop, asking him if he by chance happened to carry diaper shirts for older boys who needed to wear diapers. He said he did and asked which colors Bryce would want.

He had seen the two of them in there numerous times, because when Bryce needed new clothes, it was the only store they went to. The man even almost asked several times, but because Bryce was so careful to never show his diapers, he was just never a hundred percent certain.

Nick told him that Bryce loved the colors blue and purple, so if he had any of them, to grab at least one of each, but to also grab at least four white ones as well. He nodded his head and headed to the back room. He came out several minutes later carrying about a dozen shirts.

He handed one of the purple shirts to Bryce and told him to go ahead and try it on, so Bryce grabbed the shirt, smiled and took off to the change room. Gabe almost grabbed one as well to try on, Nick caught the look and grinned at Gabe. The man clearly saw the look as well, so passed a red one to Gabe, figuring it would go well with the clothes he was wearing. Gabe grabbed it without saying anything and went and tried it on as well.

Both boys came out a few minutes later, both saying they were perfect, so Nick told them to keep them on, but to come to him so that he could remove the tags, so they did. Nick picked through the rest and decided all of them looked good, so told the man to go ahead and add them all to the pile, the boys were happy with that.

By the time they left the store, Bryce had all the new diaper shirts, three new pairs of pants, four more shirts and another new pack of socks, since he had already worn through his last pack, and it had only been bough three months before. All were happy, even Nick, who claimed that the diaper shirt helped a great deal in concealing the diapers the boys were wearing. They toured the rest of the mall and found a few more things to buy, then they went and had lunch. Nick was not all that hungry yet, considering he had had breakfast not all that long ago, but both boys claimed that they were famished and could eat the entire mall food fair. Having seen Bryce eat when he got the mind to do so, Nick was not entirely certain he was lying.

They had a good lunch together and then headed out. Nick decided to check out the theatre to see what was playing and found a good action movie the boys said they would love to see. He asked the boys if they needed a change before the movie started, and both said it would probably be a good idea, so they went to the family washroom. Nick changed his pullup as well and then changed both boys' diapers. He did go to the bathroom as well before pulling on his new diaper, whereas neither boy did. They then headed to the concession, loaded up on treats, and then to their theatre to watch their movie. Once it was over, all agreed that it was very good, and then headed out.

After the theatre, Nick treated the boys to the arcade, where they were all too happy to spend copious amounts of time and money there, playing all the best games and winning as many credits as they could get, to see if they could get some awesome prizes. Both boys had well over a thousand by the time Nick said it was time to go, so they went to the prize concession and picked out a couple things each. Both were very happy. Even Nick had had a good time playing games with the boys, he did not just let them have fun, because he had never really done this before himself, so it was a lot of fun.

They hit the family washroom there once again on their way out, because the boys both admitted that if they did not get diaper changes soon, that they were very likely to start leaking. Once the boys were down to just their diapers, Nick had to wonder how either had not started leaking. He had had to go to the washroom no less than six times while there, and had already had to change his pullup once, whereas the boys had not changed since the theatre and had had enough pop to float the navy. The boys both giggled when Nick said that to them.

On their way home, Nick decided that he was not going to cook dinner for the boys, so pulled into a drive through and grabbed the boys what they wanted for dinner, and then headed home. When they arrived, the boys were told to go ahead and eat their dinner and that he was going to go get ready for his date. The boys probably did not even hear him, all they heard was eat and they were off like a bullet from a gun.

The boys were finished eating before Nick was ready to go, but he made it out just a few minutes after the boys started watching TV. He gave them the standard behave yourself talk and said that he would hopefully be very late. Bryce grinned at him and told him to have a very good time. Bryce knew his dad was looking to get a little action, or preferably a lot, and he could not blame him in the least. Before too long, he was gone.

“What's happening at the bar tonight, do you know?” Gabe asked as soon as the door was closed.

“Nothing too exciting, just a standard Saturday night. Saturdays are the days they usually have a strip show, but they only do that about once a month. I think there's a live band tonight, but other than playing good music, there's not much else to see. The guys usually dance a lot, and they usually kiss lots too, but that's about it.”

“Oh, too bad.” Gabe grinned.

“Yeah, know how you feel. We can play more tonight though when we go to bed.”

Gabe was more than happy with that, so they cuddled up even more and watched TV for a while longer, until a movie came on, so they watched that. They were both getting tired though, so they went to bed as soon as that movie was over.

They were not however too tired for a little play time, and they ended up on the bed laying on their sides kissing once again, hands inside each others diapers, stroking each other gently. They stayed like that for nearly half an hour, causing two good orgasms in each other and kissing lots. Finally they were sated though and changed each others diapers and finally went to sleep.