Chapter 7

Nick had had a great time on his date with Bob, they stayed out quite late, but they did not head back to Bob's place for any fun. They were having too much fun out together, and they were both looking for a more long term relationship, so neither wanted to just hop in the sack and do the nasty all night long. They wanted to get to know each other more. So they did. They had dinner together first, then went to a movie, then to a coffee shop and finally they just went and strolled through a park talking and laughing until nearly midnight. When it was time to go, they kissed and separated and headed each to their own home for the night.

Nick had no idea about Bob, but he was the happiest he had been in a long time, he finally felt like he had met the guy he had been searching for for a long time. When he got home, he happily changed his diaper and then went to sleep with a smile on his face. He had not even checked in on the boys.

The boys were of course up earlier than Nick the next morning, so they went and had breakfast together and curled up on the couch and watched cartoons until Nick got up almost an hour later. He had breakfast, and then they all got dressed and ready for the day. Nick asked the boys to come help him clean the bar, and both were happy to help out, so they headed down and got it taken care of right away. They took maybe an hour to do so, talking and laughing the whole time.

They were done only ten minutes before Bob was to be there to pick Gabe up, so they headed back upstairs to wait, and then before too long, Bob was there. The boys said goodbye to each other, kissing tenderly in front of their dads, who both smiled warmly and almost said, 'awe, isn't that cute'. Before too long though, Gabe and Bob were gone, leaving Bryce and Nick all alone once again. Neither liked it too much, Nick almost asked them to stay, Bryce did.

“So, how was your first sleepover Baby?”

“It was great. If I had'a known how good a sleepover could be, I'd have found a way to have one a long time ago.” Bryce giggled cutely.

“Yeah, but for the type of sleepover you wanted, you had to wait for the right boy. I think you found the right boy.”

“Yeah, me too.” He said dreamily. “So, how was your date with Bob last night anyway?”

“Now, how'd you know it was with him?”

“Just a guess, but I saw how you guys looked at each other. Especially this morning. I knew you guys had to have arranged something, even at the science place the other day I saw it coming.”

“You're much too smart for your own good. Yes, we went out on a date, but we didn't go back to his place and have sex. I guess I should tell you the truth though. We're both looking for a long term relationship, I'm tired of not having someone to love and hold, I'm tired of one night stands and not feeling any real love. Before you came along, I was a right slut, often bringing home at least one guy several nights a week and banging 'til we couldn't see straight, which when gay is a difficult feat at best. As soon as you came along though, I toned that down a lot and didn't bring guys home any more, just went out, but it never was the same. Almost as soon as you came here, I started getting the itch to actually have a family, and now I think I've found the one. We just went out and had a nice time together, really got to know each other and we didn't even have sex.”

“Good, I'm happy for you Daddy, will he be my mommy?” Bryce grinned cheekily.

“If you call him that when and if they move in, I'll give him permission to spank that diapered baby bum of yours.” Nick nearly choked he was laughing so hard.

“Yeah right, but he might do it playfully anyway.”

“Probably. So, what should we do today then?”

The two of them decided on something to do, and then went out and did that for the rest of the day.

The next three months went by fast, and before they knew it, Bob and Gabe were moving in. The boys had spent almost every weekend with each other, and the dads had gone on dates almost as much. Gabe found out after a month, but Bryce let Bob actually tell him, so that it would not come from someone other than his dad. Gabe though was happy for his dad as well. The four of them had also gone and done lots of fun things on the weekend, and Bob even spent a couple of the weekends as well.

The boys still only just kissed and cuddled and used their hands to feel each other fully, they had not moved onto using their mouths any at all, except kissing of course. As for kissing, they now would just lay down on the couch together sometimes and just kiss for long periods of time, both of them laying there in only soggy diapers. It did not matter if their dads were there or not, they did not care, nor did their dads, they thought it was cute. The boys were also certain to watch all the really good shows that were going on at the bar, Gabe loved the very next strip show, and of course bull riding was the boys' favorite. Granted, it was the mens' as well.

Bryce had not been out of diapers once since that day, and now had no control whatsoever. He now no longer felt when or if he peed, so he had to always be checking his diaper to make sure that he was not going to leak. Even at school his teacher noted how much more focused Bryce was and even commented to him at the end of school one day. Bryce explained to him the reason and he understood and told Bryce that he was a strong young man.

Gabe, as much as he had wanted to, did not wear diapers to school, at least right away, because he decided after the first month to hell with it. Granted, that came about because he had been wearing diapers so frequently at home that he started to forget that when at school that he had to hold it, so after five accidental wet pants over five days, he decided that he should. The following Monday he told all his tormenters that he had gone to the hospital Friday after school and found out that his bladder had failed and that he now had to wear diapers. The funny thing is that once he confronted them about it and told them in a matter of fact way that he had a medical condition, the teasing stopped, well at least for the wet pants and diaper wearing.

Bob decided to rent out their house, because it was very nearly paid off, so this would give him some great income, all they did was put all their stuff that they did not need into storage until they decided what to do with it, the rest they moved to Nick and Bryce's. The boys, not so surprisingly, decided that they wanted to share a bedroom, even though Gabe was told that he probably should have his own bedroom.

They had moved in Friday evening and worked until late to get everything unpacked and put away, and then Saturday morning they all went out and had a big fattening breakfast at a local restaurant. They were all celebrating.

“So, Bob, am I allowed to call you mommy?” Bryce giggled just as Bob had taken a drink near the end of their meal.

He coughed and snorted some of his orange juice out his nose, then coughed and groaned from the pain that had to have caused.

“Not bloody likely. I got the wrong parts for that kid.” Bob gasped amongst peels of laughter from the other three.

“Ah, who cares, I bet you'd look real pretty in a dress.”

“Not me, no thanks. Never was into cross dressing.”

“Me neither.” All three of the others said as one.

“No, just call me Bob or dad number two if you really want to, but definitely not mommy.” Bob laughed.

“Shame that, I always wanted a real mommy.” Bryce said, looking crestfallen.

“Yeah right, after your last mother, I know for a fact you barely even like looking at females.” Nick laughed.

“Too true. So, what are we gonna do after breakfast then?”

They continued talking for the rest of their meal, all deciding what it was that they wanted to do. As soon as they were finished eating though, they paid the bill and then headed out to their next adventure. It was almost the start of summer break for the boys, and the weather outside was beautiful, so they had decided to go to the park and play there. The park was right on the ocean, so they had shorts and sandals, a great picnic lunch packed, they had a couple balls and a Frisbee and whatever else you might desire at the beach.

They had a great day at the beach, playing until almost dark in fact, so it was with no real surprise that after getting the boys diapered and ready for bed, that they both passed out in the car only five minutes after leaving. The men carried their sons up to bed and laid them down, not taking their clothes off, that would have been difficult at best.

The boys only had to suffer through one more week of school, which was the main reason that Gabe had not been pulled and transferred to Bryce's school, it would have been silly to do so for only a couple weeks. Bob was going to do the transfer as soon as school was let out though, and he did.

Before too long, everyone was in a great routine, all four of them loved living with each other. The boys were always holding hands and kissing, so were the men. They all loved to just sit and talk, often playing board or card games together, or going out and doing something as a family. Summer break had just started for the boys, and the four of them were sitting there the next morning, eating breakfast together, when Bryce asked something.

“Daddy's, now that we're not at school, can we go on vacation somewhere?”

“I don't know, what should we do, where should we go if we do?” Nick asked.

“I don't know, never been anywhere before, so I don't really know. Bob, I've never even asked before, but where do you work, can you get time off if we decided to go somewhere?”

“I work for myself as well, I do architectural engineering and I own an architecture firm downtown. I thought Gabe would've told you that.”

“Nah, never thought to ask. Okay, so if we decided to take a couple weeks to go somewhere then, we could pretty easily. So where then?”

“I don't know. If we go anywhere though, I need to get a passport for you Bryce, and I have no idea if Gabe or you have one Bob.”

“I have one, because I've had to do a fair bit of traveling for work, never been anywhere for fun though. We've never gotten one for Gabe though, because we've never really gone anywhere either.”

“Yeah, I got mine a few years ago now because a steady boyfriend and I decided to go to Hawaii, but other than that, I haven't been anywhere or done anything really either.”

“Okay, so we need to get the boys their passports first of all, and then decide where to go.”

“Could we go on a cruise Daddy?” Bryce asked.

“Sure, and you know what, the Disney cruise line's supposed to be great, especially for kids, so why not do that.”

“Really.” Both boys said.

So that was it, once said, the boys made sure that that was exactly what they did. As soon as they were able to do so, they all went and got the boys their passports so that they would be ready to go, and then once that was in process, they all went and visited a travel agency that specialized in cruises and destination vacations. They chose the five day Caribbean cruise out of Florida and were flying down four days early to spend that much time in the Disney park as well. Once back, they would spend another two days looking at all the sights. On the ship they were in just one room, but none of them minded that at all, but the hotel they were staying in both before and after, they were going with two rooms. Strictly speaking the boys were not allowed to share a room, but they were going as two separate families, so no one had to know who was actually staying in the two rooms they felt.

That night the boys were so excited that they ended up playing for more than two hours, having five mind bending orgasms. Still they were only using their hands while kissing, a lot, but they were so worn out that they both passed out totally. The problem though was that even though they had been diapered before starting, they had got so enthusiastic during their playing that both their diapers ended up being mostly ripped off. They had still been hanging on somewhat, but even the tapes holding them on had been mostly ripped off, so as such, they both leaked heavily, their diapers very nearly doing nothing at all. It was probably for the best that Bryce still had a protective sheet on his bed, otherwise the mattress may not have survived.

“Oh yuck, I hate waking up in a wet bed.” Gabe groaned when he woke up. Bryce was already awake.

“Yeah, but I got used to it a long time ago. Up 'til I came to live with my dad, it's how I woke up every day. I tell you though, I don't miss this, I'd far rather wear diapers to prevent this. What's funny though is that technically we're both still wearing diapers, but they're barely even holding on now.” Bryce said softly.

“I'd hate that and would gladly wear diapers to prevent this. I mean, before I started wearing diapers, I had the occasional accident, maybe once every other month or so, so it wasn't worth wearing diapers for, but I hated waking up to feeling this every time it happened. I can't imagine how much you hated life before coming to live here. I noticed my diaper was just hanging on by a thread as well, but it may as well not even be there for all the good it did.” Gabe laughed.

“I hated life more than I can even say any more. I'm a billion times happier now than I was then, maybe even more. At least it was worth it.”

Bryce smiled brightly at the memory of what they had done the night before, and then leaned in and pressed his lips to Gabe's. Then there in their uncomfortably wet bed, they relived their experience from the night before once again. The only difference of course was that they did not go for near as long, only firing off one orgasm each. I guess there was another difference as well, because neither passed out this time.

As soon as the orgasm faded and their kisses ended, Gabe sighed out, “I guess we should get up, strip the bed and go hop in the bath huh.”

“Yeah, wanna put some bubble bath in and turn on the jets?”

“For sure. I've never had a bath in a jetted tub before, and my last bubble bath was probably when I was four or five.”

They hopped out of bed, stripped off their useless diapers, stripped the bed completely, headed to the laundry room, stuffed it all in and turned it on, and then headed to the bathroom. Bryce started the bath, while Gabe grabbed towels and cloths for them, Bryce then added some bubble bath to the swirling water as soon as the water was high enough and the jets were turned on, and then they both hopped in. The tub was more than large enough for two adults, so two small young boys could have easily used it as a small pool.

They each took an end though and their feet ended up right in each others groins. They grinned at each other, went incredibly hard once again this morning, and then they started manipulating each others hardness with their toes. Bryce just barely remembered to shut off the water in time, surprising considering he was very near to orgasm number two of the morning. Seconds later though and that was it, they both exploded once more, and then both sighed deeply once again.

“I think I like having a bath with you.” Gabe Giggled.

“Yeah, I think I'm gonna wanna have a bath at least once a day from now on.” Bryce giggled as well.

They sat there for a while longer, just relaxing now. They still had one foot in the others groin, and while they were still mostly hard, neither was truly playing, it was surprisingly loving and relaxing. They were laying there for almost half an hour when their dads came in the bathroom.

“Morning boys.” Bob said.

“Good morning, looks like you boys are enjoying a nice bath. By the smell of your room and the fact your bedding was in the washer, we assume that one or both of you boys leaked last night. Were you even wearing diapers after going for as long as you did, or were they just destroyed?” Nick asked.

“Morning.” Both boys said.

“Yeah, we passed out last night, not realizing that our diapers were pretty much ruined, but it was a good night and well worth it.” Bryce grinned.

“Know how you feel.” Both dads said.

“So, what are we gonna do today Daddy?” Bryce asked.

“Well, Bob has to go to work today, and I should probably make an appearance at the bar at some point in time, I do own and run it.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot, we're the only ones that are really off, aren't we.” Bryce giggled. It was only Monday, so clearly the men had to work.

“Yeah, but not like I work a hell of a lot of hours any more. It's nothing like it used to be. I was there every day, for at least a couple hours, but most days I was there for ten or more hours working. Since you came along though, priorities have changed, so I work less, because I'd rather spend time with you.”


They talked for a few more minutes before the men excused themselves to let the boys finish their bath, not that the boys really cared one way or the other. They were almost done though, so they washed each other up tenderly and then drained the tub, then turned on the shower and rinsed themselves fully. The got out, dried off, brushed their hair and teeth, and then headed back to their bedroom to get diapered. Once they were diapered, they headed to the kitchen to find their dads.

“Feel better now?” Bob asked.

“Sure do.” Both boys sighed.

“Good, go ahead and grab some breakfast then and sit with us for a bit.”

So the boys did so, both grabbing a good sized bowl of cereal and two pieces of fruit. Once they sat down and started eating, they all talked.

“Daddy, I can't help but noticing that you're in a fresh diaper again this morning. This is at least the fifth morning now that you changed into a diaper?”

“Yeah, I think it's finally happening to me as well. I damn near wet my pants last week, I told you that, the guard just wasn't able to keep up and I only just managed to get to the bathroom in time. So I switched to my pull on ones, they were marginally better, but I damn near leaked again, so I had to start wearing these, and I've hardly felt my bladder since. I'm still trying, but yesterday, I didn't use the toilet once, because I never even felt it at all, but I soaked a few diapers.”

“Then you may as well just accept it like I have and just wear diapers full time. There's just no point now in fighting it any more, it's finally won.” Bryce said softly.

“I've already accepted that fate I'm afraid, I just don't particularly care for it. I decided the other day that there was no real point in fighting any more, well, it was more decided for me. I just barely felt that I was peeing, so I tried hard to stop it and got to the bathroom, but by the time I made it there, I only had a dribble left, the rest had already escaped.”

“I'm sorry Daddy, I know it's hard on you, but just accept it and learn to love them and you'll be fine.”

“I doubt I'll ever love them, remember, I have too many traumas in the past regarding that.”

“No more or less than I do remember, and I've learned to love them. Have you let Bob change your diaper yet, assuming he wants to that is?”

“I know, I guess you had it worse in some ways than I did, but I lived through it for so much longer, you at least got rescued while still pretty young. I know coming to live with me was a blessing for you and I tried to erase as much of that hurt as I could. As for letting him change me, no, I haven't.”

“I would though you know.” Bob said.

“Thanks, but no, at least not yet.”

“You could always change each others diapers.” Gabe said.

“No thanks.” Bob said, very nearly choking once again, but he did blush too, which said a lot more than he had anticipated. Both boys noticed, but said nothing. Nick saw as well and decided he might need to talk to Bob about it, but later.

“Daddy, you really do need to let someone you love diaper you though, that's what helped me so much. Remember that I cried the first time you diapered me, and remember how you calmed me down. You said you weren't doing it to be mean, but that I needed diapers and that eventually I'd see that it was for the best. It really is too, and I think you need what you gave me to help you just like you helped me.”

“Maybe.” Nick said noncommittally.

That conversation pretty much ended with that, because Bryce did not want to push his dad more than he was ready to go. He knew just how his dad was feeling, just what he was going through, he himself had already gone through it all and now he found that he was every bit as much a diaper lover as Gabe was. Of course Gabe would always be more of a diaper lover, since he did not need diapers in any way, but that did not matter at all. They did continue talking though until Bob had to head out to work, and Nick headed downstairs not long after to go cleanup and do his ordering. The boys were told to have fun and then Nick was gone. The boys knew that Nick would be gone for most of the morning and possibly come home at or just after lunch time some time.

“So, your dad wants to wear diapers too. I know you saw the look, I saw your reaction to it.” Bryce said, grinning, almost as soon as the door was closed.

“Yeah, who knew. He damn near came though, that was totally awesome. Wonder how long it takes your dad to get him diapered.”

“Possibly as early as tonight. That'll be good for my dad though, since it was you that got me from liking diapers to loving diapers, just by being able to diaper you and play with you in diapers.”

“Yeah, it will, I hope they do it too. Your dad's still too depressed about having to wear diapers, and that's not good for him. At least he wears diapers around the house without care.”

“Yeah, but like he said to me once, when at home, he wants to be as relaxed as can be. He used to just be naked most of the time, but with his bladder getting worse, he had to wear something most of the time, just so that he didn't make a mess. Just a diaper's the next best thing though, and like I told him once, diapers can be sorta hot, so wearing nothing just feels better.”

“Very true. Besides, we're all guys here, three quarters of us wear diapers, and my dad's apparently a secret diaper lover as well. No wonder he fell for your dad. I wonder how long it woulda taken him to ask for it if it didn't somehow come up today. All of us saw it, he has to realize it, he has to know that we know.”

“Yeah, whatever, let the dads work that out, and hopefully it works out for the best. So, what should we do then?”

They hummed and hawed for a few minutes before deciding on something to do and went and had some fun. Nick got home just after the boys finished eating lunch, and then they went out and did something until Bob was to come home, then went and made dinner.

That night, Bob and Nick did talk it over, and it was rather apparent the next morning what the decision was, because when the dads got up, Bob was diapered. The boys were already sitting at the table eating breakfast, and as soon as they saw Bob in a diaper, they both smiled brightly. Bob blushed.

“So, why didn't you just ask to be diapered a long time ago, and how does it feel?” Gabe asked.

“Was too chicken to I guess, but I think I understand why you love them so much. Last night was the first night I can ever recall sleeping all the way through the night without having to get up at least twice to go pee. I slept better than I think I ever have before.”

“Yeah, and they're wicked comfortable too right?”


“How wet were you this morning?”

“Wet enough that I had to be changed, let's just put it that way.”

“And did my daddy change you?” Bryce asked.


“Good, and did you let Bob change you as well Daddy?”

“Yes.” Nick whispered.

“Good, I'm happy for you. How did it feel, finally being changed lovingly by someone else?”

“It was real nice.” He still whispered.

“Good. I want you two to change each other all the time from now on, okay.”

“Okay.” They both said, Bob excitedly, Nick almost sadly.

“It'll help you, I promise.” Bryce smiled.

“I know, and I know you're right, it felt a lot better than I ever thought it might, but it still feels so bad.”

“But it's not. Just let go, be yourself, a diaper lover, because you have to be now, everyone else here is.”

“If it's to be, I'll let it come.”

“Oh, I'm sure it'll cum alright.” Bryce giggled.

“Brat.” Nick laughed.

They all ate breakfast together, talking and laughing, Nick was already starting to feel better. Before too long though, Bob had to go to work, so headed out. Nick once again followed him out not long after, and left the boys to themselves for a while.

The next couple weeks went by, and before too long, they were headed to the airport to catch their flight.