Chapter 8

The previous three days before heading to the airport had been insanely busy for all of them. Nick had to make sure that all his people had all that they needed to survive the next couple weeks without him. He left his head chef and head bartender in charge of the operations, and his head waiter in charge of the wait staff. They all knew what to do, and repeatedly told him that they had survived without him before and that they did not need him there and to get lost and have fun. Nick was almost insulted, but knew his people far too well to really truly take insult from it, because they all loved him, but not that way. Although a few wished they could. Bob had to tie up several loose ends himself and made sure that all his current clients were aware that he was off for a couple weeks, but that if they needed anything that they were to call his people and they would be happy to assist. The boys though probably had the worst of it. They told their dads that they would take care of all the packing, so they did. They had to have packed and repacked everything three or maybe even four times before they were satisfied that they did in fact have everything that they needed.

As soon as the dads arrived home, they all helped to load everything into the car that they were taking and then headed out. All four of them were diapered, which for three of them was normal by now of course, but Bob had taken to wearing diapers all day every day almost instantly. The first day he went to work not diapered, but the next day he was, and that was it, he had not been out of them at all since. They were all so excited though that they had all admitted on the drive to the airport that they might actually have to find a washroom and change before they hopped aboard their flight.

They had almost half an hour after getting through customs and check in though before they were to board their flight, so decided at a few minutes to boarding that they probably should go change their diapers, so went to a family washroom and changed each other. The boys changed each other and the men changed each other. Just as they were exiting their washroom, their flight boarding was being called, so they headed to their gate and boarded their plane. They were flying first class, they were all very close to the front of the plane, and were across the aisle from each other. The boys took one side, while the dads took the other.

Takeoff was exhilarating to say the least, all four of them enjoying it. The dads had experienced it before, but the boys had not, and they were almost giddy from the experience. They were both looking out the window as much as they could, and ended up changing seats half way through the flight, so that they both got to have the choice view. Landing was almost as exciting, until both their ear drums felt like they were going to burst, then it was a touch painful, but their dads showed them how to adjust that and then they were great.

They got through customs and got their luggage, then headed out front to catch the Disney express coach. It was going to take them directly to their hotel. The bus was very nearly full, almost half the people had just come off the same flight, the other half must have come from one of the others. Before too long though, they were well on their way.

“Wow, finally, we're here. When can we go into the park?” Bryce asked and Gabe nodded his head enthusiastically as well.

“Tomorrow morning. It's already dinner time, so we need to go find somewhere to eat, and then by the time we're ready to get there, there's almost no point. We'll come in first thing in the morning, as soon as they open, and I promise we'll stay 'til they close, okay.” Nick said.

“Okay. Can we look around a bit tonight then?”

“Sure. There's several malls nearby from what the brochures all said, so we should be able to look around. We won't buy anything though 'til we come back, so that we don't have to take it on the cruise ship with us.”

“Okay, that makes sense.”

They went into their hotel and got their key cards, then headed up to the top floor and found their rooms. Nick and Bob had gotten only the best rooms available, there and on the ship, so as such, the rooms were very nice indeed. The boys were shown to their bedroom and told to unpack everything and to meet in the dads' room as soon as they were done. They excitedly put away all their things, and in only five minutes were there waiting for their dads, who were taking far too much time the boys thought.

Dinner was great, they had found a really good Mexican restaurant, and they all stuffed themselves silly, and then they headed to the mall, where each and every one of them found at minimum a dozen things they would love to buy, at the first store. They stayed at the mall until closing, then headed back to their hotel for the night. As soon as they arrived, they all wished each other a good night and then went to their separate rooms. Almost as soon as the door was closed in the boys' bedroom, they very nearly attacked each other, kissing almost madly.

Bryce broke the kiss. “I wanna suck you so bad, I gotta taste you, here, tonight, can I?” He asked huskily.

“Oh god yeah, as long as I get to suck you too.”

They engaged their kiss once again, nearly tearing their clothes off in their need to rid themselves of their useless clothes. They both stayed in their diapers though, they both loved playing while wearing their diapers. They ended up almost jumping on the bed, and before too long, Bryce had his face buried in the very soggy diaper that Gabe was wearing.

“Oh man, that feels amazing.” Gabe moaned out deeply.

They had rubbed each other so often through their diapers it was not even funny, but this for some reason felt even better to Gabe. It more than likely was just the horniness talking, he was very eagerly anticipating what was to come. Neither could wait to suck or be sucked for their first time. Bryce only mashed his face in the soggy diaper for a few seconds before pulling the front down, exposing Gabe's incredibly hard boy dick for it's first foray into oral sex.

Without taking the time to ponder what was about to happen, Bryce inhaled all that Gabe had to offer him, and he took it greedily. He sucked deeply, used his tongue as best he knew how, and both boys had done more than enough research on this now to very nearly be experts. They were book smart, now they were getting their practical experience, and all the reading had clearly paid off, was what was going through Gabe's sex clouded hazy mind. Fifteen seconds. Fifteen glorious seconds. Fifteen incredible seconds is all it took for Gabe to explode in the first orgasm of the night.

It took at least three minutes for him to come back down, but Bryce did not leave where he was. He had dropped Gabe's dick, knowing full well that it was going to be far too sensitive right after such a good cum for him to continue sucking, so he switched over to Gabe's hot little balls instead. As soon as Gabe came down again though, Bryce traded targets and started sucking Gabe once again.

This time he lasted almost a minute, but what a minute it was, and this time he took almost five minutes to come down. Bryce switched back to Gabe's balls once again and really enjoyed himself there. As soon as Gabe came down again, Bryce traded spots once again and sucked Gabe for the third time. Gabe was of course in no position to disagree with this, in fact he wished that this could go on for forever and always, he never wanted this to end, yet at the same time, he knew that this was likely to be the last for the night, he was already feeling well and truly drained, and he could not even wet cum yet.

This round took almost five minutes for Gabe to explode, and as soon as he did, Bryce switched back to his balls once again, and as soon as Gabe came down, he pushed Bryce's head away.

“Oh wow, that was incredible, but you gotta let me do you now, that was totally amazing.”

“I was enjoying myself.” Bryce pouted.

“So was I, but you're making me over sensitive, same as when we rub each other too much, and besides, I wanna taste you now.”


Bryce traded places with Gabe, after pulling Gabe's diaper back up, and Gabe dove in and mashed his face into Bryce's very wet diaper, feeling his hot hardness buried inside as well. Not wishing to take it at all slow, Gabe pulled down the front of Bryce's diaper and inhaled all that Bryce had to offer him, and he too took it greedily.

Only ten seconds. Only ten blissful seconds. Only ten impossibly glorious seconds is all Bryce lasted. He had gotten so hot and horny sucking Gabe that he could not hold it any more, and he came with the loudest squeal that Gabe had ever heard. Knowing too just how sensitive Bryce was likely to be, Gabe disengaged and targeted Bryce's balls instead and sucked and licked them, giving them the full treatment, just the same as he had received. It took almost five minutes for Bryce to come down, and as soon as he did, Gabe traded places once again and sucked Bryce's dick.

This time Bryce lasted almost a minute, and then took more than five to come down, while Gabe suckled his sack, and then his third and final orgasm took only three minutes to achieve, but he passed out as soon as he came. It had just been too much, and even though Gabe was starting to feel just as worn out, he was at least still more than awake enough to know that they both needed fresh diapers.

He stumbled out of bed and grabbed the diapers, wipes and cream and changed Bryce first, then himself, and once they were both done, he climbed back into bed and curled up to his boyfriend and passed out almost as fast as Bryce had.

The boys had worn themselves out so much though that the dads ended up waking up first and wondered when the boys were going to come over to wake them up, but they ended up going to get the boys. When they walked in, they found the boys still sound asleep, so they each took a boy and woke him up.

“Good morning sleepy heads. It's not like you to sleep later than us.” Nick said once they were both coherent.

“Good morning.” They both said.

“What made you boys sleep so late?” Bob asked.

“Sure you wanna know?” Bryce grinned.

“By that question, I'm pretty sure two little gay boys tried something knew and spent far too much time doing it. Are you both raw again?”

“No, we shouldn't be, but yeah, we sucked each other for our first time last night and we each came three times.” Bryce said proudly.

“Yeah, the first time's always a little overwhelming. Did you at least remember diapers, it doesn't smell in here, so you must've?”

“Gabe must've, because I'm diapered and not leaking.”

“Yeah, I still had a little life left in me after making Bryce pass out, so I got us both diapered.” Gabe smiled brightly.

“That's good. You boys did remember to put your plastic sheet on the bed though right, for just in case?”

“Yeah, we did, that's why we took a whole five minutes to unpack yesterday.”

The men had to laugh at that, wondering just how messy the dresser looked, because they were certain the boys had pretty much just dumped their things into it if they had had enough time to put their sheet on the bed as well in only five minutes.

“Right. Well, get your soggy baby bums outta bed, change each other, get dressed and then meet us in our room, we're gonna order breakfast.”

“Okay.” Both boys said.

The boys did as they were told and were waiting for breakfast only a few minutes later with their dads. Once breakfast arrived, they all ate greedily of the very good food. After breakfast they all went and brushed their teeth and hair, got anything that they might need while in the park and put it into a backpack, and then headed out. They did not pack a diaper bag, because their hotel was right on the border of the park, in fact their rooms overlooked it, so whenever they needed changing, they would just come back to their rooms to do so. They were still several minutes early for opening, but they happily waited in the short lineup that the hotel had for their private entrance.

Fifteen minutes was all they had to wait, and as soon as the gates were opened, they spilled in with the rest of the hotel patrons and went and enjoyed their first day in the park. The boys very nearly dragged the dads all day long, running almost the entire time. The poor dads felt at several times that they were going to have heart attacks from all the running, but at least once they arrived to a line, they got to stop, which the boys hated above all else, having to wait to go on their chosen ride. Throughout the day, they stopped to eat no less than four times, though the boys ate six, they had to go get four diaper changes as well, all of them very wet, but they still managed to see at best a quarter of the park.

They fell into bed their first night and passed out totally and slept until quite late the following morning, when they pretty much repeated the exact same thing over again, and then the same for the next two days until they were scheduled to hop on their ship.

They took a bus to the port and passed through customs once again and then boarded their ship. When they arrived to their room, they were all in awe. They had all seen pictures and movies with cruise ships, but actually seeing what they currently were was something entirely different.

“Wow, this is amazing.” Bryce said.

“Yeah.” All three of the others said at the same time.

“Let's get unpacked and get the beds protected, then let's go look around.” Bob said after a few moments of looking around.

The others all agreed right away and they all got to work. The beds were done first and then all their things were very quickly put away. Before too long they were ready and raring to go, so headed right out to tour the large ship. They had an hour before the ship was scheduled to leave, so they looked all around until then, and then when the large horn sounded, saying that they were about to start their voyage, they headed to the bow of the ship with everyone else, which was custom.

Once they were away from land, the four of them decided that they were a little on the hungry side, so they headed to one of the restaurants and had some lunch. After lunch they went and relaxed by the pool and enjoyed it and the hot tub once their food had settled. All four of them were very relaxed, it felt very nice after the past few days of running almost all day non stop.

Their first day on the ship was very relaxed though, they were all quite tired, so they stayed seated or laying almost the entire time. They headed in for dinner after the pool and then went and watched a movie after dinner, and finally headed to bed fairly early. They all hopped into bed, there were two of them, one for each couple, and they kissed and cuddled for a bit and said goodnight to everyone, and before too long, they were all sound asleep.

The gentle swaying of the ship, as well their overwhelming exhaustion coupled to make all four of them sleep the longest and best sleep that any of them had yet claimed to have had. It was a good thirteen hours before the first of them cracked an eyelid. It was Nick that managed to wake up first.

'Ugh, I haven't slept this late in a long time.' He grunted mostly to himself, but out loud, but considering no one was awake to hear him, no one else heard it.

Checking his diaper, Nick knew that he was about as close to exploding as he had ever been in one of these diapers, and knew the boys were either very close as well, or more than likely already well past. Even though he did not want to do so, Nick felt it prudent to wake all the others, and though it took almost ten minutes for all three of them to actually wake up, he knew it had to be done. Bob was the last to wake up, but the boys had taken almost as long.

“Good morning. How's everyone's diapers, because we've slept for just over thirteen hours and I'm so close to leaking it's not funny, so I know there's a couple little boys that are probably closer than I was, if not leaking already.”

All three of them checked their diapers and the beds around them. All three of them gave the all clear, saying that they had not leaked, but all three said that they were surprised that they had not leaked as well. The first order of business for the day was definitely showers, so the boys were sent in first and told to have just a quick shower, so they did.

The boys stripped off and threw away their saturated diapers and hopped in the shower right away. After soaking for a minute, they reached in and pressed their lips together and grasped onto each others little erections, all at the same time, all without words, it just happened, and standing there under the hot shower, they brought each other to an amazing orgasm. Finally they figured that they had better get cleaned up, so washed each other fully, but quickly so their dads could have a shower as well. As soon as they were done, they hopped out and dried off as they were leaving the bathroom.

“Okay, all yours.” Bryce said.

“What took you so long?” Nick asked, knowing full well.

“We just enjoyed a nice long hot shower, we suggest you do the same.” Bryce grinned.

“Oh, I think we planned on it, don't you worry there.”

“Good, wouldn't want you to come out all dirty, now would we.” Bryce giggled.

“That's for sure.” Bob had to laugh.

The men happily headed in to get cleaned up and drained for the day ahead as well. While the men were in taking care of business, the boys diapered and dressed each other. Once the men were done, the boys went and brushed their hair and teeth, and when the dads were dressed, they did the same as well. Finally they all headed down to a restaurant for some much needed breakfast, where all four of them stuffed themselves silly.

Every morning from there on was almost the exact same. They always had a great sleep, showered and got ready for the day, making sure that they were well cleaned out and then went and had breakfast. On their third day of the cruise they made their first stop and they all got off and had a nice tour, as well they did the same on the next day and then the day after that they were almost back to port. They had had a great cruise, but they were all ready to get their own bedrooms once again, because quickies in the morning while in the shower were just not doing it for any of them any more, and the previous night, the boys damn near said to hell with it and went for a couple hours. Granted, had the boys started, the dads probably would have as well.

As soon as they made land and were told that they were allowed to head out, they all hopped on a bus and headed back to the same hotel that they stayed at before, checked in and got their rooms, same as the ones before.

“Okay Boys, go ahead and get unpacked and then meet us in our room for dinner. You have an hour.” Nick said.

The boys just nodded and took off, thinking that an hour might just be enough for them to get a little personal time. The dads too were thinking that an hour would just about do it. All four of them rushed through putting their things away and fitting their beds with their waterproof mattress protectors, and then got down to some fun. The dads fell into a sixty nine, whereas the boys had not found that particular position, so they sucked each other one at a time. They were extremely fast though, each of them having five orgasms in their allotted hour, whereas the dads sucked each other at the same time and only managed three cums. The boys would trade off, as soon as one of them came, they traded places so that the other could as well. Their longest orgasm having taken at best two minutes, and they took absolutely no breaks.

“Wow, so much better. The showers were fun, but not nearly enough.” Bryce sighed once they were finally finished.

“Yeah, no kidding. Suppose we should get diapered and dressed and meet our dads. Wonder how many times they came?”

“Probably not as much as we did. My dad told me that most men can only cum at most three times in a row before they can't go any more. He says if he's really horny he can go for four or five, but I know he won't be, because they've at least had good showers as well. I wish that I could stay a kid and get to cum so many times like we do. I could go for longer if we had time.” Bryce grinned.

“Yeah, I could too, but I don't know, I do sorta wanna start actually cumming, and I really can't wait to taste yours.”

“Yeah, that's true, I can't wait to taste yours either.”

They finally managed to get out of bed and diapered and dressed each other. They headed over to their dads room, knocked and were told that they could enter, and went in.

“You two look a lot more relaxed.” Bob said.

“So do you guys. The showers were great, but not quite enough.” Gabe admitted.

“Yeah, that's pretty much how we felt too.” Nick said.

“Yeah, well I darn near started sucking Gabe last night in bed, even with you two in the next bed.” Bryce grinned.

“Yeah, and I bet if I had've thrown a bucket of ice water on you two to get you to settle down, it probably would've turned to steam right away and not even slowed you down any.” Nick laughed, so did Bob and the boys, they all knew it was probably true.

“I wouldn't bet against you, that's for sure. But like you didn't seriously think about it last night too, I saw how bad you both were getting.”

“You're right, it was almost too long.”

“So, anyway, food, as in I could use some, what are we doing for dinner?” Bryce asked.

“Boys, only two things control them, their dicks and their stomachs, god how I miss those days.”

“Yeah right, you're still the same now, what are you talking about!” Bryce snorted.

“Oh, good point. Anyway, food, I think I wanted to go back to that Mexican restaurant again, unless anyone wants something different.”

“No, that sounds good.” Came the reply at the exact same time from three people.

“Thought so.”

So they headed out and went and stuffed themselves silly once again. After filling up, they went back to one of the malls that they had visited the previous time and they all went and bought several items that they all wanted. By the time they were finished, they had an entire buggy full of stuff.

“Daddy, can I ask a silly question?” Bryce asked.

“Sure, you're always welcome to ask silly questions, but I might give a silly answer.” Nick grinned, Bryce laughed, but asked his question anyway.

“Doesn't the plane have a limit to how much we can take back with us?”

“Not a clue actually.”

“At the airport, I'm pretty sure I saw a sign saying maximum two luggage and one carry on, but that you could pay even more extra over the first luggage and add a third, but that I think was the limit. Not only that, but we have no other luggage to pack all this in.”

“Okay, that'd be pretty much fine anyway, we all only had one large suitcase, and they're likely to be less than half full with all our diapers used up anyway.”

“Yeah, but we still don't have enough room for all of this, and no more luggage.”

“We could always buy more, and I think they'd allow cardboard boxes, not too sure. The other option of course is to just put it on a courier and have it meet us at home. Considering how often airlines lose things, that might actually be the safest way.”


So that was what they did. The next day they had went shopping as well, and when they had all bought all that they had wanted to buy, they went to a shipping store, bought a few big boxes, packed all their things, and then paid to ship it all home. The funny thing was, if Bryce's memory was correct on the prices, it was probably cheaper to courier it home rather than pay the airlines fees for the extra boxes.

They had a good time looking at many of the other sights in Florida before hopping on their plane to finally head home. They had all had a great time of course, but they were all ready to head home, because it had been a very long and tiring two weeks for all of them.

“Ah, we're finally home.” Nick sighed once they walked into their home.

“Yeah.” The others all said as well.

“Okay, everything unpacked and into the laundry room, and then I know for a fact that we could all seriously use baths.” Nick said.

They had all had showers every morning, but they had all been quick, enough to wash the grime off, but the showers had been used more to relieve pressure buildup than anything, so they all needed a good soak and cleaning. They all dumped the entire remaining contents of their suitcases in the laundry room, pulled out the very few items that needed to be put away elsewhere, and then went and climbed into super hot baths, both baths having bubble bath added. All four of them sighed deeply as they slipped into the bubbling waters of both baths, and there they stayed for nearly an hour before even starting to wash. Once they were all well soaked, they drained their baths and hopped in the showers to wash and rinse off properly.

They all met back in the living room after getting dried and brushed and finally diapered once again, and then they sat down for the rest of the day. No one felt like cooking, not that they could anyway, so dinner was ordered in, and when it arrived, they devoured it while watching a movie. They had not gone shopping when they got home, that still needed to be done, so there had been little food for them to eat anyway, so ordering in or going out were the only options, and going out had not sounded like all that great of an idea to any of them.

They all had a very nice relaxing evening and all of them went to bed early, because they were all tired. The boys were so tired in fact that they only kissed and stuck their hands inside the others fresh diapers and jacked each other off just once before passing out for the night. The dads did not do anything more themselves.