Chapter 9

It had been universally agreed upon that their two week vacation had been great, and that they would very much love to go again some time, but they were all happy to be home. The next day Bob went back to work, and Nick and the boys went and did all their grocery and supply shopping. Nick went to work that night and spent almost the entire night there to go over everything and start on some of the paper work, but knew the entire week would be very busy with having to do all of it. That was the only problem with taking time off, he did not trust anyone to do all the proper paperwork, so as such, any time off was always followed by lots of catch up work. He had his own methods and techniques of keeping track of every single penny going in and out, and he watched it meticulously, he had never trained any of his people in doing so, nor would he ever.

It was a very busy first week back for both Bob and Nick, and the boys helped Nick out where possible, mostly cleaning the bar spotless while he was in his office doing all the paperwork, but they also took care of most of the stocking every morning for him as well, all Nick had to do was place the orders and the boys took care of the rest as soon as it arrived. Bob of course had to call all of his clients as soon as he got back to see how they were all doing and to see if they needed anything and how his people treated them while he was away. He knew that they would have treated his clients great, but some people would only deal with certain people, no matter what, but they did grudgingly understand that people did need to take time off as well.

The first few weeks after coming home flew by for all of them once again, hardly anyone realizing the passing of time. They took every weekend off though and spent as much time together as they could, but during the week, they all worked pretty hard. The boys continuing on cleaning and stocking as they had been, taking on more responsibilities on their own, Nick appreciated it though, because it allowed him more time to concentrate on other things that only he could really do.

It was Friday night of that week now, Bob and Nick had just gone downstairs to work the bar, because Nick had asked Bob to help him that night. Nick was saying that it was going to be a very long night indeed, because they were down one bartender and one cook due to illness, and Bob was only too happy to help. It was bull riding night, which was always a good night, in more than one way. They went down and had a great night. Nick stayed in the kitchen cooking, while Bob stayed at the bar and helped the bartender do all the easy stuff.

The boys, of course, as soon as the bull riding started, planted themselves in front of the video monitors to watch the action, and tonight there was some good action too, not that there was not usually anyway, but tonight it went for almost an hour longer than normal, because there were so many more people doing it tonight than normal. After the show was over, the boys went to bed and played for almost an hour, sucking each other six times, and kissing lots as well. They changed their diapers and passed out.

When the dads made it home though, Bob was far hornier than he had been in a long time, having gotten to watch the amazing show for so long right there in front of him, and then serving so many hot guys all night as well. When they got home, they had sex for almost an hour, Bob actually doing something new, he fucked Nick right through his wet diaper, and then of course they traded places and Nick fucked Bob through his as well. Once they were both well sated, Bob did another something new when he changed Nick, he added a second diaper, after poking more holes in his first, and double diapered him, and then asked to have the same done as well. Nick had been in shock when he was fucked through his diaper in the first place, and in shock again at being double diapered, but he had to admit that he liked it, a lot.

The boys of course woke up first, even though they slept in quite well as well, but still they were already up for almost three hours by the time their dads came out. The boys had sucked each other twice while they changed each other, then went and had breakfast, and then sat and watched TV quietly until their dads got up and were good to go for the day. When they got up, both boys noticed their diapers right away.

“Daddy, are you both double diapered?” Bryce asked.

“Yes.” Nick blushed.

“You're really starting to like diapers too, aren't you?”


“It's about time. We never thought of double diapering each other though.”

“It feels pretty good actually, but boy are we both soaked. I mean we were really wet already when we got home, and then we played for a bit and diapered each other, and now we're totally soaked.”

“Did you make love to each other through your diapers as well?” Gabe asked.

“Yes.” Bob said proudly.

“Wow.” Both boys breathed, both going even harder in their soggy diapers.

“Yeah, that's pretty much what we thought too. If you'll excuse us though, we're gonna go get some breakfast, we're both really hungry.”

The boys just nodded, and the men headed to the kitchen to get some food. While the men were in there, the boys had a whispered conversation, saying that it was definitely time, because they so wanted to try that as well. They damn near just went to their bedroom then and there and stayed there all day long, but they had just enough restraint to not do so, though even the dads could see when they joined the boys in the living room that both boys were incredibly hard still inside their diapers.

“You boys look happy.” Nick said pointedly while looking to their tented diapers.

“We are, we almost went to our bedroom to try that out as soon as you left, I think we're both ready for it anyway, but we decided to wait 'til tonight.”

“That's good, we're gonna head out soon anyway.” Nick laughed.

“Where are we going today?”

“Science centre.”

“Okay.” Both boys said excitedly and hopped up to go get ready to go.

The men laughed and headed to their bedroom as well to get ready to go. They all changed their diapers and packed their diaper bags, got dressed, brushed their hair and teeth, and then once they were ready, they headed out and had a great day together.

As soon as they got home that night, the boys excused themselves and disappeared into their bedroom. The dads had to laugh, because they had barely even made it in the door when the boys gave them hugs and kisses goodnight, and it was not even all that late. They could see though that their babies were only too happy to be going to their bedroom for the night to lose their virginity together. They were happy for them as well, but they also decided that that sounded like a pretty good idea as well, so they headed to their bedroom as well and played for a good couple hours.

“Oh god, I so need you to make love to me, and I so want you to do it to me through our diapers like our dads did.” Bryce whispered after their first kiss let off.

They had locked lips as soon as they had entered their bedroom, and their first kiss lasted almost five minutes. Gabe just nodded and they went to their bed. Gabe knew just what to do, so went and ahead and got started right away without waiting. The boys already had lube in their bedroom anyway, just because it made hand jobs feel that much better, so Gabe grabbed it and prepared Bryce's bum for what he intended. He started by pulling down the front of Bryce's wet diaper and sucking his hot hardness, then poked a hole in the seat of his diaper, and finally got two fingers prepared with lube and started toying with Bryce's bum.

Bryce started moaning and sighing deeply, he was loving every blissful second of this and could not wait for his baby boyfriend to actually slip inside him. Gabe quickly worked up to three fingers inside Bryce and when Bryce came for his first time, Gabe knew he was ready.

Gabe got up onto his knees, poked a hole in the front of his diaper and extracted himself, and when he was ready, he got back into position. He had done more than enough research with Bryce by now to know exactly what he needed to do, and without further ado, he slipped inside Bryce's incredible hotness. They both sighed deeper still.

“Oh my god, you feel amazing in me, I knew it was gonna be great, but oh my god, this is even better than I imagined it'd be.”

“And you're so hot and tight, you feel so good.”

Gabe started thrusting almost instantly and started really making love to his baby. He accidentally pulled out a couple times as he found his stride, but he did not let that stop him at all, he just kept going, slipping right back inside easily. He lasted only a few more seconds though, maybe forty before he could take no more and exploded in his first orgasm.

“Wow, that was incredible.” Gabe groaned.

“Oh yeah.”

“Now it's my turn, and then we can trade places again after that.”


So they traded places and Bryce got to work on Gabe as well. They had not played all that much with Gabe's bum yet, and Bryce had not done it at all, only Gabe had fingered himself a few times, so he was not quite as prepared for it, which meant that Bryce only started with one finger. What Bryce found though almost immediately was that Gabe was easily able to accept two of his slender fingers almost right away, so he did so. Bryce kept on going though until he had three fingers buried inside his boyfriend and worked until Gabe came once again.

Bryce felt that Gabe was now more than ready to lose his virginity as well, so poked another hole in his diaper and made his way up Gabe's body, aligned himself, and then slipped into heaven. Bryce started gently thrusting, and he too popped out a couple times as he found his stride, but rectified it instantly and made love to Gabe for at most three minutes before he came.

They had both been moaning and sighing, and when they came, both boys almost screamed out in ecstasy, and they collapsed down for a few moments as they came down.

“Wow, that was completely and totally amazing, I so wanna do that every day.” Gabe finally sighed out.

“Me too. Let's trade places again and do it again, and let's keep going 'til we're almost ready to pass out.”

“Heck yeah.” Gabe agreed instantly, and so they traded places.

They ended up making love to each other three more times before they were nearly comatose, but they were both the happiest that they had ever been before, and that was saying a lot for Bryce, considering how happy he was the day he moved in with his dad. They did just barely manage to get each other diapered though, thankfully, and they did double diaper each other after poking a few more holes in each others diaper, and only seconds after they were both taped up nice and thick and snug, they passed out completely and slept for nearly twelve hours. In fact, they woke up after their dads did the next morning.

The next morning, the dads woke up and changed each other and went to the kitchen to sit back and relax and have some tea. They noticed right away of course that the boys were not already out and watching TV, and they had to wonder when they would wake up. It was almost an hour later that the two love birds did finally exit their bedroom.

“Wow, you two look like you were ran over by a bus. Musta been a good night.” Nick laughed.

“No, it wasn't good.” Bryce started.

“It was great.” Gabe finished.

“That's good boys, we're happy for you. So, how was it?” Bob asked.

“Oh, it was so nice, even better than that, I so wish we could do it all the time.” Bryce sighed.

“Yeah, know how you feel.” Both dads said.

“I think I speak for us both when I say we need breakfast.” Gabe said, Bryce nodded, and before the dads could say anything further, the boys headed right to the pantry and started digging through it to find the cereal they wanted. They also grabbed themselves three pieces of fruit and then sat down and ate all that, as well as another bowl of cereal.

“Wow, worked up a bit of an appetite last night.” Nick laughed.

“Oh yeah.”

“How many times did you two make love to each other then?”

“Four each.” Both boys answered.

“That explains a lot then. No wonder you slept so late and ate so much. It's probably good that you did remember your diapers and that they're in fact double thick, but it looks like they're both about to explode, so you boys should probably go get cleaned and changed.”

“Yeah, not sure how we managed to diaper each other, I don't even remember doing it to tell you the truth, but we're both absolutely soaked, and there were still a couple small wet spots on the bed this morning, so we did leak a bit, but we needed food more than diaper changes.” Bryce grinned.

“I don't remember it either.” Gabe added.

“Then go have a nice hot bath, we'll strip your bed and add it with our bedding. We forgot to diaper each other last night after making love for three times each, and we made a hell of a mess of our bed, even though we were still somewhat diapered.” Bob grinned.

“Sounds like it was s good night all around then, and that you two should probably have a bath as well.” Gabe smiled brightly.

“Nah, we had a shower and got diapered already. You boys go have a nice hot bath and relax, we'll take care of your bedding.”

“Thanks.” They both said and clasped hands and skipped from the room, heading to the bathroom.

They started the bath as hot as they could stand it, put some bubble bath in the water and started the jets when they were able to, got their towels and cloths ready and hopped in and had a nice bath. They soaked and relaxed for almost an hour before washing each other gently, and then they hopped into the shower to wash once more properly and then rinse off fully. Finally they headed to their bedroom and got dressed and ready for whatever the day threw at them.

The dads went and grabbed all the bedding and got it into the wash. They both laughed that it smelled more like a brothel in the boys' bedroom than it did in their own, but they did open the windows in both to air them out. They too went and got dressed and then waited for the boys to emerge squeaky clean from the bathroom almost an hour later.

Summer whizzed by for them all, they had a blast, enjoying as much time as they could together as often as they could. They even took another couple weeks off and just mostly toured their own city and surrounding areas. Before they knew it though, the boys were heading back to school, and life was to resume its normally hectic pace, though none of them wanted it.

On his first day of school, Gabe proudly and bravely stood at the front of the class and told everyone who he was and that he was a diaper wearer as well. The boys had been very careful to not show up together, or interact with each other before then, so that the others did not suspect anything, but as soon as their first break started, they got together, and to the rest of the school, a relationship started, because they both needed diapers. Gabe was never teased or bullied again, but much like Bryce, nor was he included. Within the first week, all the kids in their class started to notice that the boys were very close together, and when one of the kids asked them if they were gay and boyfriends, they proudly said yes. The funny thing is, the boy just nodded and left them alone. Several of the other kids in their class heard the exchange as well, and they too did not bother the boys.

It was not until they were in high school that they ended up getting any other friends. They found out that their school had a great gay group and attended the very first meeting and met twenty other boys, as well as almost as many girls that were either fully or partially gay. They ended up all becoming friends, and the funny thing was, that when they admitted during one of their meetings, when they were talking about fetishes, that they were both diaper lovers, though they did need them as well, that there were three other boys there that were either full diaper lovers or closet diaper lovers. They ended up bringing an entire pack of diapers to the meeting the very next one and passed one out to everyone who said that they would try it out as well, since the boys had agreed to at least try everyone elses fetish as well. There were a few they enjoyed; such as a little bondage, but not so much the hitting, dressing up, toys, which they already enjoyed anyway and told the others of their toy collection, and a few other things.

The boys were the youngest members of the group, but they had been together far longer than all the others, and in many cases combined, and in so many ways they had far more experience as well. All the kids loved the tale of how the boys got together and how their dads were boyfriends as well because of it. Their high school years were definitely their favorite school years, where they really got to be themselves and enjoy actual friendship, for they had several really great friends there. They were never teased or bullied or harassed, though they did suffer the odd look of disgust or surprise when they kissed openly or held hands while walking through the halls, but the boys and girls were doing it, so it was only fair they thought. Several of the other couples in their group also got the same looks though, so that was good.

Even though the boys both went to university and got great jobs, they all stayed living together there above the bar, the boys incidentally working at the bar once they were old enough, so that they could earn money while going to school. Also, the very first night that the boys were both legal to do so, they went to the bar as patrons, and the first bull riding night after that, they rode it for almost three hours straight, or gay as it were. The boys even started a diaper lover night, and the dads were surprised by the sheer amount of men that came that night wearing diapers, and yes, the double meaning was fully intended, because the other meaning was just as true.

And they all lived happily ever after.