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This is a fictional story that could have easily happened.

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Bubble Trouble
by Lark

In my imagination, I saw Joey's room and the root beer and all the cookies or maybe I was just hungry?

Just as I opened the gate to Joey's front yard, the door to his house flew open and Joey came running out. He was followed by his yelling Mother.

"God Damn It! I am going to murder you!"

Joey ran passed me and I quickly turned and ran with him.

She screamed, "Joey, you get back here!"

He didn't look back and we both kept running. We ran for more than two blocks before he collapsed, out of breath and laughing. We sat together. Joey was chewing on a big wad of bubble gum that had turned his tongue blue. He didn't seemed concerned about whatever it was that he did to piss off his Mom.

Joey looked up to see his Mother's Ford Excursion coming towards both of us. We both jumped up and started running through people's back yards. We jumped over walls, climbed fences and plowed through hedges trying to lose his maniac Mom.

It had turned into a game that excited both of us. Unable to keep from giggling, Joey stood up to pee. I joined him and we cris-crossed and dueled our pee streams until it ended in a series of gratifying squirts. Joey's body shuddered and we zipped up.

"There she is!"

We saw the Ford Excursion drive by causing us to run in the opposite direction. Not looking where we were going, we ran and ran until we landed in a yard that had a cedar playhouse with a connected slide and swing set. We climbed up into the playhouse where we could hide. We were sure we had lost his Mom so we relaxed. I peeked out at the big house that the playhouse belong to.

"Who do you think lives here?"

Joey said, "I don't know?"

Suddenly there was the unmistakable buzzing sound of a boy fart.

Joey looked at me and said, "I didn't do it!"

I said the same thing. "Well, I didn't do it!"

There is nothing unusual about two boys together, both denying guilt of cutting a fart.

I said, "Gimme some gum."

He said, "I don't have any more."

The wad of gum was so big that chewing it was making his jaw tired. He reached into his mouth and pulled about half of it out with a long rubbery string hanging on to what was left in his mouth.

He said, "Here."

I opened up and with his dirty fingers, he stuck the gum into my mouth. I gobbled up the rest like it was spaghetti. "Yummy!"

I smiled, looked and Joey and said, "Now that's what I call a friend!"

We both lay out flat on the floor of the playhouse with our heads propped against the wall, chewing our gum.

Sometimes, Joey calls me stupid and I know that I'm not very good at school but the one thing I don't like is boredom.

I sat up and moved over next to Joey. I rooted around in his pants trying to find his penis. When I finally found it I worked on to try to make it into a boner. Joey folded his hands behind his head and just watched me doing it. I had to open his pants and pull them down and his under pants so we both could see his boner and balls. By this time it was very stiff and springy. I pulled down his foreskin so I could look at the shiny part. I got up close. It didn't really smell bad, just weird. I could do this kind of thing to Joey because he didn't seem to mind. I looked down at his boner and then at his face.

His smile faded and he said, "Don't stop now, keep doing it."

I pulled a long long rope of bubble gum out of my mouth and then wrapped it around and around his penis. He liked what he saw and it made his dick twitch up and down. I got down and chewed it all back into my mouth and made my gum back into a ball. I did it again only this time I wrapped it around his balls too. Then I gobbled it all back again. Joey was giggling

I thought for a moment, "What if we got caught doing stuff like this?" but only for a second, then I forgot all about it

After a few more times it got boring and it became my turn.

I took off my pants and my underpants so Joey wouldn't have any trouble getting at my dickie. Because I liked Joey and his disobedience excited me, I already had a boner. He reached into my mouth and took my bubble gum. He said that my gum was already dirty. He wrapped it round and round my penis and then took the gob at the end and was trying to stick it up my butt hole. It felt weird but I let him do it. When it fell out, he became more determined. He made me lift my legs all the way back and he poked the long string of gum up my butt hole, inch by inch with his fingers until it disappeared completely. Joey was proud of his accomplishment.

After that I was ready to let him do anything he wanted to do to me. I even said, "Do stuff to me."

He trapped me between his legs and when I looked up he was aiming his boner at my mouth. He did that for a while and then he turned me over and climbed on me and started poking his boner up my butt. When he did he started groaning and growling and pulling my hair. I keep forgetting that Joey is a bad boy.

I had this picture in my mind of the German shepherd that was fucking Patty the poodle in the front yard. We had to pull them apart.

You might think I would tighten up or get scared and try to run away but he was grabbing me and pushing me and grunting like a wild animal, so I let him. He pulled my hair and bit down on my ear and my neck. I pretended that he was going to eat me and I didn't want to fight back. It gave me chills all over and I let him do anything he wanted. I imagined that he was a lion that was clawing me to death and he was going to eat me alive and I wanted him to do it like in real nature.

Joey didn't get tired at all. He kept doin it and doing it and I think I was liking but I didn't want him to stop.

When I got older I would understand more but he just stopped and lay there on top of me.

Eventually we got up and slowly got dressed. I said, "You want to stay over on Friday night, no school the next day."

He said, "Sure, ok."

It wasn't until the next day that I remembered the bubble gum that had been stuck up my butt....It was quite a surprise.