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He was slimly built no that would not be accurate the boy was more on the skinny side. Light brown hair and large dark brown eyes so dark that they verged on black. His eyes were often the focus of attention by his mother's friends as they often made him stand sideways on so they could look at his eyelashes that were long and curled and make envious remarks about his face and eyes.

Caleb Wilson was thirteen and had recently awakened to the changes taking place in his body. These he had learnt from biology lessons and also the endless discussions that took place amongst the other boys in his class that he'd overheard talking. So in the privacy of his bedroom and acting on what he'd heard the other boy's discussing he experimented with the more intimate parts of his body. The end result being that he had the most exquisite sensations from his loins that he had not experienced before and had not heard anyone of the other boys mention it but reasoned that's why they discussed it.

Caleb because of his size was regarded as a wimp and he knew it. Plus the fact that he kept mainly to himself and rarely spoke to the other pupils unless it was absolutely necessary made for a very introvert little boy. Little because he stood four feet eleven and a half inches in his stockinged feet and try as he may by stretching his neck and tilting his head upwards he still couldn't reach the magical figure of five feet added to which he was suprisingly thin. Although diminutive in size Caleb underneath had a stubborn streak and was not prone to giving into people if he felt they were wrong. Which had led to many an argument with his mother and with other pupils at school invariably finding that many of the other pupils settled the argument with the use of their hands rather than with their mouths. Thus Caleb learnt to keep his opinions to himself that way saving him a lot of pain and anguish.

The boy that Caleb envied most in his class was Benjamin Williams he was everything that Caleb wasn't. Both were the same age but there the similarity ended. Benjamin was blonde 5ft 9ins with a well developed body from having a very active interest in various sports that he seemed to excel at more than any other pupil in the class. The closest the two boys ever came together was in the assembly hall when they because of their surnames stood side by side. In class they sat at opposite ends of the room although Caleb would have preferred it had Benjamin sat next to him.

If Benjamin's academic qualities were on a par with his sporting activities he would have been a genius but that was just wishful thinking on his part. Sadly Benjamin's mind was so involved in his sports and other events that he never seemed to be able to concentrate on what was being taught from one lesson to another.

Right now during the History lesson his mind was going over the winning goal that he had scored against Manor Park Comprehensive School and still getting a thrill at how he had scored it.

"Williams are you going to answer me?

"Uh! What Miss?" Benjamin replied jumping up from his seat as he and his thoughts were dragged back to the lesson.

"I was asking you Williams what you based your theory on that Richard 1st was defeated at the battle of Hastings in 1066 by William Duke of Normandy?"

"Oh shit! He thought I knew I should have checked that out before I put it in my paper."

"Um! I guess I got my names mixed up Miss."

"Williams why can't you for once hand in a History homework paper that doesn't tax ones credibility. If only you could hand in a paper half as good as Wilson's here it would be a pleasure to read."

"Yes Miss Lawrence."

Caleb meantime had his head bowed looking at the top of his desk not wishing to look at the boy he secretly admired being belittled in front of the class while he was being praised as a model pupil. He didn't have to look up to know that Benjamin's friends were looking daggers at him he could feel their eyes boring into him.

"While your standing Williams take these papers and hand them round the room it's the classes homework for the weekend and has to be in by Monday morning."

Benjamin did as was requested of him and shortly after returning to his seat the bell for the end of school rang.

The stampede for the door was the same as usual which Caleb never took part in. Knowing from past experience that he would almost certainly end up pushed to one side or to the floor he waited till the rush was over then made his way out of the classroom.

One of the last to leave the school Caleb passed through the school gates and into the street. He had gone only a couple of yards when he felt a tug from behind as his backpack was pulled from his shoulder. Before he could react the boy one of Benjamin's friends threw it to another boy who dropped it to the floor and kicked it towards Benjamin.

Caleb ran after his pack and as Benjamin lifted his foot to kick the bag so Caleb pushed him causing him to fall over.

He grabbed his bag and was walking away when he felt a hand on his shoulder that spun him around and he was face to face with Benjamin.

"I'm going to kick the shit out of you, you little prick." Benjamin said before realising whom it was.

"All right don't talk about it just do it and get it over and done with so all your friends can see how big and tough you are."

Benjamin was angry that he'd been knocked over by this skinny little kid in front of all his friends at the same time loath to hit him. Secretly he had wanted to become friendly with the boy he was now threatening. Not wanting to appear weak in front of his friends. He grabbed Caleb by his shirt and lifted him up so that he was literally on tiptoe and slammed him against the school wall. The force of the impact caused Caleb's head to go backwards and smash against the wall. His eyes glazed over and he slumped forward in Benjamin's grip. At once Benjamin gently lowered the smaller boy to the floor he took of his jacket and tucked it under Caleb's head as a pillow. As he turned to ask one of his friends to get a teacher there was a moan from Caleb and his eyes opened.

I'm sorry Wilson I'm really sorry I didn't mean to bang your head against the wall are you Ok?"

"Just give me a minute and I should be all right."

"You guys carry on home Benjamin said to his friends I'll just make sure Wilson is Ok and take him home I'll see you all later."

His friends left and the two of them were alone the smaller of the two still lying on the pavement with the other kneeling beside him.

"You want to try standing."


With Benjamin's help Caleb stood with the bigger boy supporting him Benjamin then retrieved his jacket and put it on.

"Ok stand still Wilson while I brush you down and hold onto me if you want."

"Do you have to call me by my surname like a teacher?"

"I don't know your first name never heard anyone use it."

"It's Caleb."

Benjamin stopped dusting and looked up from his position of brushing the smaller boy's trousers. "Caleb it's a nice name do you mind if I call you Cal."

"If you like."

"I like."

"Ok what do your mates call you Ben or Benny?"


"Can I call you Benji?"


"Because I want to be different from your mates."

Benjamin now standing upright looked down at the small boy in front of him who had showed no fear when being threatened. He gazed into the boy's unblinking eyes and noticed for the first time the depth of feeling in them.

He smiled "Ok Benji it is, now turn around and let me look at the back of your head."

Caleb complied and Benjamin gently moved his hand over the back of the boy's head till he felt the bump that he knew would be there after the impact with the wall. He parted the hair to get a closer look at the lump and noticed that the skin was broken and a small amount of blood had seeped out. As he felt the lump Caleb gave a yelp and Benjamin hastily apologised and left the wound alone.

Facing the smaller boy again he noticed the boy was blinking back tears of pain.

"Cal I'm really very sorry I never meant for you to bang your head."

"I know Benji (As he said the name a thrill went through his body momentarily blocking out the pain in his head.) You don't have to apologise if you'd meant it you wouldn't be here helping me."

"You fit enough to walk to the bus stop now."

"Yeah Benji but you don't have to take me home I can make it on my own."

" I want to take you home Cal unless of course you'd rather I didn't."

" No I'd really like it if you don't mind being seen with me."

"Why what's wrong with you have you got some sort of disease?"

Caleb looked up at his recent assailant with all sorts of emotions coursing through his body he smiled and said, "Ok lets go."

They made their way to the bus stop and within a couple of minutes a bus came along and soon they were seated the smaller of the two on the inside of the seat. Caleb was in heaven as Benjamin's body pressed against his as they sat together. He had feelings inside of him that he could not place and had never experienced before. The closest to this he could recall was when he was younger and his Mother used to pick him up and cuddle him.

"You Ok Benjamin enquired?"

"Yeah why?"

"You're very quiet?"

"Just thinking."

"About what?"

Caleb was quiet.

"Come on tell me."


"What about me."


"How can it be nothing Cal come on give."

Gazing out of the window Caleb said, "I like sitting next to you."

Benjamin was silent for a while. "The feeling is mutual he replied."

Slowly Caleb turned to look at Benjamin as big grins split their faces.

"You really mean that Benji you're not just saying that because I got hurt."

"I wouldn't be grinning if didn't."

As Caleb smiled and looked at him Benjamin thought "Jeez! Cal your eyes are something else."

"My stop is coming up Benji we better get up."

"Uh! What."

"My stop get up or we'll miss it."

"Oh! Yeah." Benjamin came back down to earth stood up and headed toward the exit with Caleb following.

Out on the street again with Caleb leading the way the boys turned off the main road towards his house shortly he stopped at a gate saying, "This is where I live Benji. Do you want to come in?"

Benjamin hung his head scuffling his trainer on the pavement "No I better get home my mum will be expecting me and if I'm late I'll get a mouthful."

"Ok Benji see you in school on Monday."

"Um! I could come round after my evening meal if you want is that Ok?"

"That would be brilliant can you?"

"Yeah! Won't take me two minutes to have my food and get back here and you don't live very far away from me if I go by the back streets it won't take me very long to get home."

"Bye Cal see you in a bit."

"See you Benji."

Caleb stood at the gate and watched his new found friend walk down the road.

"If he likes me he thought before he takes the corner he'll turn around." He waited anxiously watching Benjamin walk along the road. "Please God please make him look back."

As Benjamin reached the turning he stopped turned and waved to Caleb then disappeared from view.

Caleb was over the moon "He likes me he likes me Bloody stinking Hell he likes me his mind silently shouted." He made his way indoors and quickly went to his bedroom to change out of his school uniform into jeans and T-shirt. He was still elated from the sign of affection given to him by Benjamin's action of turning and waving to him. His clothes changed he headed downstairs to the kitchen where his mother had left his meal cooked and only to be put into the microwave to be warmed and eaten.

Out of Caleb's site Benjamin started running to get home as quickly as possible while he ran he thought "At last he'd made contact with Caleb." For a whole month when the boy had first come to the school he'd wanted to talk to him, but Caleb always kept to himself and never joined in any of the games or discussions that took place during tea or lunch breaks. For all his size Benjamin was a bit nervous about making conversation for the first time with newcomers. Although wanting to talk to the new boy he lacked the courage to instigate a conversation with him so kept his distance and hoped that in some way they could make contact and become friends.

"Oh shit why did I have to hurt him to get to know him he thought as he continued his run home. Say if he'd got really badly injured then what never do that again otherwise you're in big trouble Ben no Benji boy. God he's got fantastic eyes they're almost black nearly bloody hypnotised me on the bus, wonder if he can Nah! He's too small but really nice. I wonder if he really really likes me he was still at the gate when I turned the corner and he said he liked sitting next to me he must do if he said that. Shit nearly forgot will have to phone the mates and tell them I can't make it this evening. Good nearly home. Hope mum doesn't keep me long she can be a real pain sometimes anyway dad will persuade her to let me go when I've finished my dinner."

His thought's racing Benjamin finally reached home and was able to confront his mother with the age-old question, "Ma can I go out after I've finished my meal."

She answered with the reply that he always got "We'll see."

At home Caleb had finished his meal and was sitting watching TV and repeatedly glancing at the clock. Just after five his mother arrived and after greeting each other he told her that his friend Benjamin might come around later.

"That's nice what time is he coming."

"Well I thought he might have been here by now I was wondering if he's been kept in. He said it wouldn't take him long to have his dinner and get back here."

As his mother passed him on the way to her bedroom she rubbed the back of his head in a gesture of affection causing Caleb to yell with pain. His mother stopped abruptly asking him what was wrong.

"I accidentally banged my head at school and got a bump at the back."

Before the mother could question him further the doorbell rang and he left to answer it and found Benjamin on the doorstep. They both broke out in stupid grins when catching sight of each other.

"Come in Benji."


They made their way into the sitting room where Caleb's mother was waiting to further question her son about his head wound.

"Mum this is Benjamin Williams my friend but I call him Benji."

"Hello Benji glad to meet you."

"Now Caleb I want to know exactly how you got that knock on your head and don't try fobbing me off with an accident. I happen to be your mother and I know when you're stretching the truth."

"Mum forget it will you it's not important."

"If you don't tell me Caleb you'll be in trouble."

"I did it Mrs.Wilson, Benjamin said, it was an accident I didn't mean for him to bang his head."

"If that's what his friends do to him I'd hate to see what his enemies will do. Look at the size of you compared to him.

"Mum stop it he's my friend. Don't have a go at Benji he told you it was an accident he didn't have to tell you he'd done it. He's the only friend I have and you're trying to drive him away so that I'll be like you always want me to be alone and without any friends."

Caleb turned and ran upstairs to his bedroom slamming the door shut behind him.

Mrs.Wilson with a stunned look on her face turned to Benjamin and said, "I'm sorry Benji for saying what I did it was meant to be a joke seems like Caleb's lost his sense of humour. You'd better go to his bedroom and calm him down. It's the first door at the top of the stairs.

"Ok! Mrs. Wilson but I'm really sorry for causing Cal I mean Caleb to get hurt I wish it was possible for me to undo what I did."

"All right Benji and calling him Cal sounds fine to me now go and cheer him up."

Benjamin left and made his way to Caleb's room. Knocking on the door he waited for permission to enter.

"Go away I don't want to talk to you."

"Cal it's me."

Benjamin heard footsteps rush to the door and open it.

"Benji I'm sorry I thought it was my mum come in."

In the centre of the room the two boys stood facing each other.

"Cal your mum looked very upset when you spoke to her like that what she said was meant to be a joke."

"Shittin Hell! Seems like I made a fool of myself. Well I'll tell her I'm sorry in a bit I hate having arguments with her makes me feel all churned up inside."

"Will your dad have a go at you when he finds out?"

"My dad died when I was about four years old my mum says he had cancer."

Oh I'm sorry Cal I didn't know."

"It's Ok Benji it happened a long time ago I don't get as upset about it as I used to when I was younger."

There was a brief silence as the boys continued to stand and look at each other.

"I Um!

"What Benji"

"I Um! I'm glad we became friends although it was not a very nice way to meet."

"Wouldn't have changed it for the world it was great having you take care of me and bringing me home."

"You mean that?"

Yeah Benji I do it was great and you seemed so worried."

"Well I've been wanting to talk to you ever since you came to the school Cal. Then when we had that fight and I hurt you I thought that you would really hate me and wouldn't ever want to be friends with me."

"What you've been wanting to talk to me since you first saw me?"


"Bloody Hell! Benji and I've been aching to talk to you from the first day that we stood beside each other at assembly."

Huge grins split their faces as they gazed at each other and realising that each wanted the other as a friend.

"How's the bump is it still paining."

"Not much as long as no one touches it."

"Aren't you going to put something on it."

"Such as doctor."

"Well I don't know we can ask your mum."

"No let me go and look in the medicine chest in the bathroom and see what there is you stay here I'll be back shortly."

Leaving Benjamin in the room Caleb made his way to the bathroom and returned shortly with a bottle of Iodine and some cotton wool.

"Here you are Benji handing the Iodine and cotton wool to him you can swab it on."

"Ok you want to sit on the chair or stand."

"I'll stand"

Undoing the bottle Benjamin soaked the cotton wool with Iodine then parting Caleb's hair to get at the wound dabbed the Iodine onto it.

Silence then "Ahhhh! Bloody Stinking Hell! That's bloody stinging."

Oh Shit! I'm sorry Cal."

Putting the bottle and cotton wool down Benjamin grabbed Caleb and turned him around so they were face to face. He could see the tears in Caleb's eyes being held at bay.

"Cal I didn't know it would sting that bad I'm sorry please don't get mad with me."

"Why should I get mad at you when you're trying to help me Benji. It's just the Iodine stinging I didn't expect it to sting that much but it's easing off now."

"God! All I seem to do is hurt you Cal I'm a real disaster where you're concerned."

"Will you give over blaming yourself and you can let go of my shoulders now I'm not about to fall down."

"Oh Um! Yeah sorry."

"Benji you must have said sorry about a hundred times by now will you stop it and actually I liked you holding my shoulders so no need to be sorry."

"I Um! I."

"What Benji."

"I like you Cal."

"You already told me Benji."

"I mean like how'd you say I more than just like you I sorta like you a whole heap."

Benjamin knew that boys didn't use words like I love you to other boys you were only supposed to say words like that to girls. But ever since he had seen Caleb he had wanted to take this boy and crush him in his arms. Why? He couldn't tell you why but in telling Caleb that he liked him a whole heap it was as close to telling him he loved him as he could come.

"Benji lets sit on the bed I'm tired of us standing."

"You Ok Caleb should I call your mum?"

"Benji I only want us to sit down instead of standing all the time and then I won't have to stretch my neck to look up to you."

"Ok yeah! That's a bloody big bed you've got it's nearly twice as big as mine."

"Well my mum bought a new bed when we came here so I had her old bed. Mine was dumped I'd had it forever and it was getting a bit rickety.

The boy's stretched across the bed lying on their sides their legs drawn up facing each other the sides of their heads cupped in the palm of their hands as they rested their elbows on the bed.

"I like you an awful lot as well Benji actually I've never liked anyone before as much as I like you."

Benjamin sat upright "You're joking."

"I'm not I'm serious."

"I mean I don't know what I mean Cal I've had heaps of friends but none of them make me feel like you especially when you stare at me with those eyes of yours."

"Is it my eyes you like or me?"

"Its you Cal. If your eyes were like mine it wouldn't make any difference to how much I liked you but your eyes just tell me such a lot about you.

"Benji can boys love other boys."

"Um! I don't know. I know they talked about homosexuals in school but that's for sex and all that. Like men doing it with women and men with men or women. I don't know about the love bit that's different."

"I'm not talking about sex I'm talking about like I love my mum and when she cuddles me and kisses me I feel nice all over right? Well when I'm near you and when you sat next to me on the bus I felt something like that but different."

"Yeah I felt all nice when we were sitting next to each other on the bus as well but that's not love is it that's just being friends isn't it?"

"I don't know Benji I'm not sure I read a book about a man loving another man so much that he gave his life to save him. That's why I asked you and I feel so nice right now talking to you that I don't want you to go home I'd like you to stay forever."

"Caleb Benji you two all right" Mrs. Wilson called from outside the door.

The boys got up from the bed Caleb went to the door and opened it to see his mother standing outside. He wrapped his arms around his mother's waist gave her a kiss on the cheek and said, "I'm sorry mum for talking to you like that."

"All right Caleb all is forgiven now how about offering Benji something to eat and drink."

"I won't have anything to eat thank you Mrs.Wilson but I'd like a cold drink if you don't mind."

Caleb turned to Benjamin "Ok follow me. What would you like Coke or 7up?"

"7up please Cal."

The boys followed Mrs.Wilson down and made their way to the fridge in the kitchen and helped themselves to drinks. On the way out Caleb called out to his mother.

"Mum were going up to watch the television in my room."

"All right boys."

They made their way back to Caleb's bedroom and once inside Benjamin asked.

"So what do you want to watch on the box?"

"Nothing just wanted for us to be alone together."

"Oh Ok do you want to wrestle?"

"Wrestle you must be joking look how big you are compared to me I wouldn't stand a chance."

"I'll get into any position you like and then you can hold me in any grip you want and then I could see if I can get out of it and if I can't then you're the winner."

"Any position I liked."

"Yeah any position."

"Ok take your shoes off first then lie on your back on the bed with your arms above you're head."

Benjamin did what Caleb had asked and when he had done so said "Ok I'm ready."

Caleb had taken his shoes off as well then advanced towards the bed then lay full length on top of Benjamin wrapped his arms around him and said, "Now put your arms around me."

Benjamin who was getting a bit perplexed by now did as he was told then said,

"Is that it?"

Caleb looked at Benjamin and nodded his head "That's it he said."

"It's not much of a hold to get out of Cal."

"Well you can try but before you do let me tell you if you break this hold you break our friendship."

"Shit that's not fair."

"I think it's fair it's the best hold in the world and you can never break it."

"That's wicked Cal never thought of that you're the winner. So how long are you going to keep this hold."

"Forever if you'll let me."

"Um I don't know about that I have to be home before nine."

Caleb laughed as he looked into Benjamin's eyes then without thinking he brought their lips together in a quick kiss."

Benjamin gave out a yell and sat up. Caleb jumped off him and backed away from the bed and started apologising profusely.

I'm sorry Benji I'm sorry I just got carried away and because I felt so nice lying with you it just happened. Please Benji you won't tell anybody what I did will you I'm really sorry.

Benjamin looked at the diminutive figure that was trying hard to hold back the tears in his eyes. He had been shocked at what Caleb had done but excited as well and the whole time they had lain on the bed together he'd been in heaven.

"I thought you were going to hold me in that grip forever he said grinning so now who's the winner."

Caleb advanced towards his friend "You're not mad at me Benji."

"No I'm not mad at you I just got a little startled when you kissed me never had another boy kiss me before."

"I've never kissed a boy before but with you it was just something I wanted to do I don't know why. But when we were lying together it just felt so nice with your arms around me that I did it."

"You want to get me back in that hold again."


"Come on then let's do it."

The boys resumed their places as before this time with both of them eager to do so and shivering with anticipation.

"His voice faltering with the emotions running through his body Benjamin said, "Are you going to start kissing again."

"Do you want me to Benji."

"If you want to I don't mind but make it last a bit longer this time."

So Caleb lowered his lips to Benjamin's but this time held it there. Both were now sexually aroused as they felt each other's loins twitching with the excitement of the moment. This only added to the excitement of the kiss, as they each felt that the other wanted it like this. Their lips remained closed but that would change with the passage of time. At this time in their lives with the first cautious steps towards sexual awareness they just relished the closeness of the other and the feelings of contentment it brought and their thoughts Friends at last.

The End.