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Caleb 2


Caleb broke the kiss and looked down at Benjamin saying, "Do you like kissing."

"Sort of but my dick is really hard now that you're lying on top of me."

I know. I can feel it it's a lot bigger than mine Benji."

"I can feel yours and it's hard as well."

"Yeah feels really nice when I rub it against you."

"Can I feel yours, Benji, with my hand?"

I dunno; only if you let me feel your one."

"Okay, it's a deal."

The two boys separated and sat up on the bed side by side. Tentatively, Caleb put his hand to the bulge in Benjamin's trouser and gently squeezed getting an immediate response from Benjamin.

"Ohhh! That feels nice, Cal" he managed to gasp "Keep doing it it's great."

"You want to feel mine Benji?" Caleb enquired as Benjamin lost in the exquisite feelings he was getting from Caleb's hand had forgotten that he was supposed to be doing the same for his friend.

"Yeah okay." And he stretched his hand to Caleb's groin to play with his erection

Caleb then experienced the same pleasures that Benjamin was experiencing as they sat and fondled each other.

"Can I see yours Benji."

"I dunno Cal is it all right to do that?"

"Well I'm feeling it, so what's the difference if I see it. I'll take mine out at the same time if you want."

"Cal will you give me a wank."

"Um! Do you want me to."

"I don't mind if you do, my cock is real hard and I feel like I want to shoot."

"Will you do me after I've done you."


The boys unzipped their trousers and eagerly exposed themselves. Caleb was staring at the size of Benjamin's erection it was nearly double the length of his two and a half-inch penis.

"Bloody Hell! Benji how big is that?"

"About four and a half inches."

"It's huge compared to mine."

"Do you think so?"

"Yeah and it's thick as well."

"Are you going to you know what now?"


Caleb clasped what to him was an enormous penis in his hand and started the universal movements of masturbation.

"Hold on Cal do you have any tissues handy?"

"Yeah why?"

"I don't want to make a mess when I shoot."

"Okay hang on." Caleb went to a box of tissues and took a few out and handed them to Benjamin then continued with his administrations on Benjamin's penis.

It wasn't long before Benjamin lay back and started to moan with pleasure.

"Grip it harder and rub it faster Cal I'm going to shoot." Then suddenly he wrapped his hand with the tissues in it around the top of his cock as his hips started to thrust into Caleb's hand.

"Oh Shit! Here it comes." He yelled as he erupted. His hips continued to jerk as his orgasm took control of his body till he lay back on the bed with his eyes closed and spent.

"Was it okay Benji?"

Benjamin didn't answer feelings of guilt washed over him now that the pleasure of orgasm had subsided he felt that what he had allowed to happen to be wrong. He rose from the bed dressed himself put his shoes back on, then turned to Caleb and said, "I think I'd better go home."

"What for Benji? you said you'd do me after I'd done you why are you leaving what did I do wrong?"

"I don't want to stay anymore just don't feel right."

With that Benjamin left the bedroom and headed downstairs with Caleb following after pulling his trousers up, but remaining in his stockinged feet.

"What's the matter Benji? I'm sorry, don't go - stay a bit longer."

"No, I've got to go bye." They'd reached the front door. Benjamin opened it and before leaving it said "Say goodbye to your mum for me." He left.

Caleb shut the door and made his way into the sitting room where his mother was watching TV.

"Benji's gone home, mum. He said to say goodbye for him I'm going to my room for a bit."

"All right son."

Caleb made his way to his room perplexed about the sudden departure of Benjamin. In his mind he was trying to figure out the reason for his friend's behaviour and had he, himself done something wrong to cause his leaving.

In his room he lay on his bed and wondered if Benji would still want to be his friend.

If he didn't, would he tell the other boys what they had done and then get them all to have a go at him? He kept going over what had happened and now that the fear of being exposed to other boys for what he had done was possible he was regretting his actions. His anxiety was making his stomach churn and his continuing thoughts of what had happened increased the fear of ridicule and shame to such an extent that his emotions got the better of him and he started to cry. With the crying Caleb fell asleep and so got temporary release from his fears.

Benjamin made his way home and as the feelings of guilt left him so he began to realise that his leaving Cal's house in that manner was wrong. He was now becoming aware that he'd acted like a kid and his actions might have just ended their friendship before it had really started.

"Oh shit! Why did I have to leave like that he thought?" "When I get home I'll phone him. Balls, I haven't got his number will have to look it up in the directory hope they're in it."

As soon as he reached home, he greeted his parents, then went straight to the telephone directory quickly turning to the name Wilson. His eyes popped when he saw the amount of people with the same name there were hundreds. There was no way he could look through all of them he didn't have Mrs. Wilson's first name so he could on rely on the address and where was he to start. After spending five minutes without success he gave up closed the book and reluctantly joined his parents in the sitting room to watch the box.

Next morning after showering and dressing Benjamin made his way to the kitchen for his breakfast.

"You going to see your new friend again today Ben?" His mother enquired.

"I was going to phone him first to see if he'd be in but haven't got his phone number and there are Hundreds of Wilson's in the directory it'll take hours to check them all."

"Have you got his address?"


Well give it to me and I'll get directory enquiries to get the number unless they're ex-directory."

Benjamin supplied his mother with the address and a few minutes later she handed him a piece of paper with Caleb's phone number on it.

"Thanks mum." He headed straight for the phone. He quickly dialled the number and was greeted by Mrs. Wilson.

"Mrs. Wilson it's Benjamin Williams can I speak to Caleb please?"

"Yes hang on a moment and I'll get him for you. Caleb Benji's on the phone."

Caleb came down the stairs and nervously answered. "Yes?"

"Cal it's Benji how are you."

"I'm okay."

"Can I come around and see you?"


"Why Cal? What's the problem."

"I don't want the same thing to happen again like last evening." Caleb put the phone down not giving Benjamin a chance to answer. He went into the sitting room and asked his mother if she was going shopping and if so, he would accompany her.

Benjamin at first was upset that Caleb had hung up on him. Then his disappointment turned to anger.

"Shit" he thought. "Who wants to be involved with that fucking wimp? At least now I can go and have a game of football in the park with the others. Hope his balls turn square and get rusty in the corners.

"Mum, I'm going up the park be - back later."

"All right and mind you're not late."

So the two boys spent their weekend. One with his friends playing football then staying watching TV till it was time to go home trying hard to put the image of Caleb out of his mind, but not succeeding. The other, shopping with his mother then later in the day reading in his room still concerned that his friendship with Benjamin had ended so suddenly, hoping that it wouldn't lead to more harassment in school on Monday.

Monday morning Caleb left home a bit earlier than usual knowing that if he did he was less likely to meet up with Benjamin outside the school gates. At school assembly he purposefully stood in the wrong position so that he wouldn't have to stand next to Benjamin then thankfully to the class where they would be at opposite ends of the room.

During the morning, break he kept to himself and as far away from Benjamin and his friends. The lunch break was what Caleb was dreading there was nowhere to hide. He went to get his food as late as possible so while being served he could look around and then be able to select a seat as far away from Benjamin as possible.

During lunch Benjamin looked around and saw Caleb sitting at the other end of the dining-hall alone as usual. Paul, one of Benjamin's friends noticed him looking round.

"Who you looking for Ben?" he enquired

"No one - just looking around."

"What happened with Wilson on Friday after you bashed his head."

"Nothing - he was okay, so I took him home."

"You shouldn't have taken him home when you found out he was okay. The bang he got on his head wasn't that bad was it? And anyway, he's a right little weed. Anything will knock him over."

Benjamin was still seething inside with the silent treatment he was getting from Caleb, so was only to glad to agree with his friends remarks.

"Yeah, I should have left him on the pavement. He's over there sitting alone as usual, the wanker."

"I don't think he knows how to do that, all he uses it for is to piss through." Which brought howls of laughter around the table.

They finished their meal and headed towards the exit, passing Caleb on the way.

"How's mummy's little baby today? Is his pretty little head still hurting? Do you want mummy to kiss it better." The boys hurled the remarks at Caleb as they walked past amid jeers and laughter.

Caleb kept his head down and ignored them, knowing that if he looked them in the eye, it was all the excuse that one or more of them needed to pick a fight.

Looking at the boy with head bowed, Benjamin felt ashamed that he was partly instrumental in instigating the ridicule that was being hurled at Caleb. To cover his guilt, he hurriedly walked past making for the exit thinking "God, why did I call him a wanker? I need to have my head examined. Shit I'm a fucking idiot. He looks so small and helpless and I had to open my big fucking mouth."

After his tormentors had left, Caleb finished his meal making sure he took longer than usual. Making his way out to the playground, he kept a wary eye open ensuring that he kept well out of the path of Benjamin and his friends.

With the Lunch-break over, Caleb managed to get through the rest of the school day without being hassled. When the final bell rang for the end of school he made doubly sure that he was the last to leave the classroom. Outside he waited in the school grounds till he thought that Benjamin and his friends would be far from the vicinity and finally left the school premises.

He made his way along the street to the bus stop and as he neared it his heart sank as he saw Paul and Benjamin standing at the stop.

As he came within earshot, Paul exclaimed, "So mummy's boy was trying to keep away from us was he."

Caleb ignored the remark and went and stood at the other end of the bus stop as he waited for the bus.

There were only the three of them at the stop so Caleb knew that if he gave Paul half a chance, he would pick a fight. He kept his distance and made sure to look in the opposite direction from where the two boys were standing. Suddenly he was spun around and Paul was staring at him "You're ignoring me Wilson when I'm talking to you, that's bad manners. You need to get your head slapped for that."

"I'm sorry I won't do it again," Caleb blurted out.

"It's too late for sorry. You're going to get it."

"Paul leave him alone."

Paul turned at the sound of Benjamin's voice "Why? I've been longing to give him a beating. He thinks he's so smart in class."

"He is, he's a lot smarter than both of us put together, but that's no reason to hit him leave him alone."

"Oh okay. Dunno what's got into you all of a sudden."

"Nothing's got into me - just leave him alone and I mean it. Otherwise you'll get my boot up your arse."

"Fucking Hell! You don't have to get all worked up I haven't done anything to him."

"Shut it. You never know when to stop. Here's a bus now let's go."

On the bus Caleb stayed below as the other two boys climbed to the upper deck. He felt a sense of relief that they were out of sight, although he was grateful to Benjamin for stopping Paul. When his stop came, Caleb alighted and made his way home as he neared his house he heard a voice "Cal wait up."

Turning Caleb saw Benjamin walking towards him. He waited till they were standing face to face then asked, "What do you want."

"Can we talk before you go inside."

"You want to talk about Friday is that it?"

"Yeah if you'll let me."

"Benji, you left Friday evening and made me feel like I did something bad. Now, I suppose you want to ask me not to tell anyone what we did. I won't if you promise to keep quiet as well. Also I know you and your friends like making fun of me, but you don't have to call me a wanker just to impress your mates.

"What do you mean call you a wanker? when did I call you that?"

"In the dining-hall I was watching you. I didn't hear you but I saw your mouth form the word. Then when all your friends laughed and looked at me I knew you had said it about me."

Benjamin hung his head "I'm sorry Cal, I was angry with you because you wouldn't talk to me, so I said that and other things to hurt you, but I never ever meant it. If you want you can hit me. I'll let you if it makes you feel better."

"I would never hit you Benji or call you names no matter what I like you too much."

"Then why wouldn't you talk to me over the weekend and today I was feeling terrible Cal, you even stood away from me during assembly."

"Because I thought that what we did had made you change your mind about me."

"Cal you should know that nothing you do would change my mind about you I, Um,! still like you heaps."

"Then why did you leave so suddenly."

"After I had shot I started to feel ashamed and that I shouldn't have let it happen - that it was wrong. Only when I was near home did I realise that I'd acted like a kid and should not have run away like that. I tried to say sorry when I phoned but you never gave me a chance."

"Well it's over now we can forget about it."

"Are we still friends."

"Sort of, but you have your own friends Benji and they do all the things that you like that I'm not very good at."

"What do you mean, Cal, sort of? You're still angry at about Friday aren't you?"

"I'm not angry Benji, I'm just not sure about how things will be especially with your other friends."

"What about my other friends?"

"Well you can't just drop them and if you try to get me to join in with all of them, it won't work. You know how most of them feel about me."

"So, I can still be friends with you, can't I Cal, and come and see you sometimes when I'm not with the other lot?"

"Okay Benji, whenever you want to, you can come over. "You better get home now, otherwise your mum will let you have it."

"See you at school tomorrow Cal." And Benjamin departed.

Caleb watched him walk along the street like he'd done on Friday, but this time, when Benjamin turned at the corner and waved there wasn't the same elation as there had been then.

As he walked home Benjamin thought, "He's not gotten over what happened on Friday what's wrong with him? He knows I like him. I should have told him that I would rather have him as a friend than any of the others. If mum lets me out for a couple of hours after I've eaten I'll pop over and see him. Yeah that's what I'll do. I'd better move it or I won't be allowed out if I'm late." As Benjamin broke into a run, so his thoughts continued as he ran, "He was still standing at the gate watching me when I turned to wave maybe he does still like me a lot."

"Mum I'm home can I go out after I've eaten? I want to go and see Cal for a couple of hours. I'll be back real early. Can I?."

"Wash and change first and after you've eaten, we'll see."

"Benjamin groaned "God!" He thought, "Same as usual it never changes." As he trudged up the stairs to his room to wash and change. Inside he removed his shirt and trousers, he let his mind drift back to Friday night to the time when he was lying on the bed with Cal stretched out on top of him and their arms around each other. He could picture Cal's face as he brought his lips down to meet his own and the feelings of anticipation coursing through his body resulting in the arousal of his loins. Now as the picture formed in his mind and he could remember the feelings he got when Cal played with his erection so his penis sprang to life. He wished that he had time for a quick wank but knew that if he delayed in getting downstairs for his meal his mother would be yelling for him to get a move on. Reluctantly he cast thoughts of last Friday from his mind washed and changed as quickly as possible realising that if his mother allowed him, he could be at Cal's in less than an hour.

Caleb, after watching Benjamin disappear from view, went indoors changed had his meal and waited for his mother to return from work. He had at least a couple of hours to wait as Mondays always meant that his mother would do a bit of shopping before coming home. He decided to go to his room and read his book till his mum arrived he hadn't been reading very long when the doorbell rang. Making his way down to the front door he opened it. There was Benjamin standing on the doorstep.

"Hi Cal."

"Benji come in. You got back really quickly."

"Yeah, my mum let me out straight away after I finished my food."

They walked into the sitting room. Caleb told Benjamin to have a seat."

"Benjamin just stood in the middle of the room looking at Caleb till the smaller boy asked? "What's up Benji."

"Cal, I'm ever so sorry about Friday and for being nasty to you at school I feel like a real worm.

"It's okay Benji, I told you so."

"No, it isn't okay I've decided if my other friends can't accept you, then that's their problem I'm not giving you up for anybody. Now that's what I'd call okay."

"Caleb smiled, "You want to wrestle?" he said. I've got a brilliant hold that you can never get out of."

"Benjamin walked over to the smaller boy, wrapped his arms around him and lifted him up till they were face to face kissed him on the lips and said, "My hold is just as good, try getting out of it."

"Don't want to; it feels too nice. Wouldn't it be better if we were lying down Benji."

"What about your mum? Won't she be back soon?"

"No, not for another hour at least. let's go to my room."

"Have to let go of my hold Cal."

"No problem, you can always get me back in it."

"Or, I could carry you up to your room."

"Your joking - we'll fall. I'm to heavy."

"Bullshit! I'm carrying you now. You're not heavy, wrap your legs around my waist. Then it'll be easier."

Caleb did as Benjamin asked and was carried to his room where once inside, Benjamin walked over to the bed, turned, then fell on his back with Caleb on top of him. They lay like that looking at each other till Caleb lowered his face and brought their lips together.

Again like the last time their loins became aroused this time Benjamin broke the kiss and asked "Cal would you like me to give you a wank."

"Caleb pecked his friend on the lips again and said, "You trying to make up for Friday Benji."

"No, it feels really great again and this time It's your turn to go first if you want. If not that's okay by me we can just lie here and hug each other. It's just as nice."

"Can we just lie like this, Benji? I feel really nice in your arms. If I tell you something you won't get angry will you."

"No, Cal, I won't what is it?"

"Promise me first."

"I promise, I promise, now tell me, will you."

"I Um! I love you Benji."

For a moment, Benjamin was silent, "Do you really love me Cal."

"Yes heaps."

"Well I suppose if these feelings that I have about wanting to be near you all the time, Cal, are the same as you have then I love you too. But I think I've been loving you longer."

"What do you mean you've been loving me longer? How'd you work that out?"

"I saw you long before you saw me at assembly on your first day. You were looking around wondering where to go and I was watching you and from the first moment I saw you I knew I wanted to be like we are right now I've always wanted to have you in my arms. Why? I don't know why, but it's just been inside of me from that first moment I saw you Caleb."

"What happened to Cal."

"Sometimes I like to use your full name. It sounds nice and I dunno, just do."

Caleb brushed his lips against Benjamin's saying "I'm glad we got back together again, Benji. Squeeze me a little harder. I want to feel your arms crushing me into your body."

As he gently squeezed his friend into his body so Benjamin brought their lips together in a tender kiss. Both sexually aroused they ground their erections against each other until Caleb, his hips pumping, and exclamations of pleasure coming from him, lost control and erupted inside his clothing. His hips began pumping even more violently with the onset of his orgasm and then the sudden stillness.

Knowing what had happened and still holding him in his arms Benjamin asked? "Was it nice Cal."

"Wicked, Benji, the best I've ever had. Now you do it."

"No Cal I'll make a terrible mess in my clothes I think I shoot a lot more than you do."

Caleb disentangled himself from Benjamin's arms. "Okay stay here while I go and clean myself up in the loo then I'll be right back to do you."

"Well hurry up I'm bursting to go and if you don't get back soon I'll do it myself."

"Right I can clean up after let's see that monster of yours."

"Cal, it's not that big and can I see yours when you're doing me."

"It's all messy Benji and sticky."

"Never mind I like to see it it's really cute."

"Oh okay."

They both proceeded to undo their trousers and expose themselves, Benjamin fully aroused waiting for relief Caleb having just ejaculated with the signs of watery semen at the end of his now flaccid penis trying not to get any of it on his hands. He quickly wiped his penis with a tissue then turned his attention to Benjamin.

"Do you want some tissues Benji like the last time."

"Yeah please otherwise it gets a bit messy."

"Okay here you are." As Caleb handed him some tissues then began his administrations on Benji's cock."

After just a few strokes Benjamin cried out. "Oh God! Cal, that feels so nice, rub it faster and harder, faster, Cal it's coming, it's coming Oh God! Yeah, oh fuck." And Benji's cock emptied itself into the tissues he was holding his hips bucked and his loins heaved into Caleb's hand as his orgasm sent him into spasms of ecstasy. This time there were no feelings of shame. He just felt content as Caleb gently squeezed his now softening manhood. He looked at his small friend smiled and said, "That was better than the last time Cal and this time I'm still here with you." Then lifting himself into a sitting position brought their lips together in a tender kiss. They both cleaned themselves then dressed and lay back on the bed in Caleb's wrestling hold content in each other's arms. A few minutes later Caleb lifted his head off Benjamin's shoulder looked down at him and asked, "Benji what is French kissing about?"

"It's when you put your tongue into the girls mouth."

"What for."

"How am I supposed to know? I've never done it."

"It must be bloody awful, sticking your tongue into someone else's mouth and tasting all their spit and stuff."

" I'm not sure. My brother does it with his girl friend, says it's brilliant giving her a tongue bashing. Do you want to give it a try it might not be so bad."

"I'm not sure, Benji. If I don't like it will you stop."

"Cal I'd never make you do something you don't want to."

"Okay let's try it Benji." And tentatively they brought their lips together then opening their mouths to let their tongues unite briefly. Their eyes widened and a shiver ran through their bodies at the initial contact and the pleasure it brought surprised them. As they continued with the kiss, so their tongues began to explore more and more till Caleb broke the kiss gasping.

"Caleb, I'm sorry, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, Benji, that was wonderful, but I ran out of breath."

"Yeah, I was beginning to gasp as well, but when we get our breath back, do you want to try again?"

"Yeah now I know why your brother likes French kissing. Okay, I've got my breath back. Let's try again."

Before they could continue they heard the front door bang and Caleb said, "That's my mum back. We had better go down."

Quickly the boys adjusted their clothing and made their way to the kitchen to see Mrs.Wilson putting the groceries away.

"Hi mum." Hi, Mrs Wilson." They chorused as Caleb went to his mother who offered her cheek to be kissed.

"So what have you two been up to?"

"Nothing much mum just talking nothing worth watching on the box."

"I don't suppose you've done your homework yet."

"No mum, Benji came over. I'll do it later."

"Were going back to my room mum unless you want me for something."

"No carry on."

The boys left her putting the groceries away and headed back to Caleb's room. Once inside they quickly lay on the bed side by side arms wrapped around one another. They lay gazing at each other till Caleb leaned forward bringing their lips into contact then gently pushing his tongue to part Benjamin's lips. He allowed the probing tongue to penetrate into his mouth and quickly caressed it with his own. Their tongues twirled and probed in a dance of bliss and soon the two boys were sexually roused. Benjamin lowered his hand to fondle Caleb's erection who was only to eager to reciprocate in kind. As they lay experiencing feels of bliss emanating from their loins, there was a knock on the door and Caleb's mother walked in. With no time to extricate themselves from their compromising position they lay looking at her stunned and embarrassed. Mrs Wilson looked at the two boys lying on the bed in total confusion trying to extricate themselves at the same time hiding their faces from her gaze.

"Alright, calm down boys I'm sorry for intruding but when you've sorted yourselves out you'd better come down to the sitting room and discuss this."

She left the room and the two boys staring at each other till Caleb broke into a grin."

"What's so bloody funny, Cal? Were in big shit now and you sit there grinning."

"I can't help it. You should have seen the look on your face when my mum walked in. You were petrified and your cock went soft so quickly it was like letting the air out of a balloon."

"Well you didn't look all that bloody great either. Now what happens, say, if your mum stops me from seeing you again."

"Don't worry Benji I know my mum and I think when we get downstairs we're in for a right ear bashing that's about all. So come on and let's get it over with."

The boys left the room and headed for the sitting room with Caleb leading the way and a very nervous Benjamin following in his footsteps. In the living room, Mrs Wilson asked them to be seated then she spoke.

"I see that you boys have been experimenting sexually. Would you like to tell me precisely how far you have gone?"

Caleb looked at Benjamin who was sitting with head bowed and not in anyway inclined to give an answer to the question, so he spoke up.

"Mum, we were practising French kissing and we were also rubbing each other to see what it felt like doing it to each other."

"Is this the first time Caleb or have you done this before with Benjamin?"

"Er! We did it on Friday as well, but that was the first time."

"I don't know what to say or how to advise you I know that it is quite normal for boy's to masturbate and to practise mutual masturbation. But to see you two kissing the way you were was not quite the norm. Caleb I'll ask your Uncle Robert to have a word with you and if he wants to Benji as well. I'm sure the two of you will be more at ease discussing it with a man rather than with me."

"No, mum, I don't mind talking it over with you, you've done pretty well up to now and you know I don't mind discussing anything with you."

"Benji, how do you feel?" Mrs. Wilson enquired.

Benji his head still bowed low in embarrassment just nodded his head. Mrs.Wilson rose and walked over to where the boy was seated knelt on the carpet in front of him. Then, putting her index finger under his chin, lifted his head so that they made eye contact.

"Benji, you have done nothing to be ashamed about, now keep your head up and lets talk, shall we."

"Okay, Mrs.Wilson, but I have to be home by nine."

"Oh, I don't think we'll be talking that long. We should be finished long before that."

She moved back to her seat then looking at the two boys she asked, "Do either of you want to say anything first?"

Caleb cleared his throat then looking at his mother said, "Mum, in school we've been learning about the reproductive system in men and women and how it takes place. But, mum they don't tell us anything about what's going on inside of us and the feelings we have towards one another. I see lots of boy's start going out with girls and behaving all soppy with them. But I don't feel like that mum, I've only wanted to be with Benji and when he's with me, it feels like I just don't want him to leave."

"That's right Mrs. Wilson I've never felt the same with a girl as I feel with Caleb. From the first day I saw him I wanted to be with him. I was to shy to start talking to him at the beginning, but when we did make contact on Friday, I felt, I can't explain how I felt, it was just Brilliant."

Mrs Wilson looked at the two boys, paused for a moment then began speaking.

"Boys, you're thirteen years old and the feelings you have for each other I can't say will remain with you till you reach adulthood. It is not unusual for boys and girls in your age group to have these feelings towards friends of the same sex and have a relationship with each other. But lots of them do when they're older go on to marry and have children. That does not mean that you both will go the same way I'm just informing you what does happen in many cases. So don't read too much into your feelings right now and start thinking that you are both homosexuals. Give yourselves time to grow and if you still want to experiment with each other try to be a bit more discreet. You know what will happen if your friends in school find out, the torment you'll both have to go through will be unpleasant to say the least. In a year or two, if the two of you still feel the same way towards each other, then we'd have to inform Benji's parents as well."

"Benji, I would advise you not to mentioning any of this to your parents until you are more sure in yourself about your feelings for Caleb or any other boy for that matter. But, if you feel that now is the right time that you wish to discuss this topic with them, then go ahead and do so. If you would like my assistance in helping you to tell them, then I'd be only too willing to help you."

"Now I suppose you're both fed up of hearing my voice. So if you have no questions I suspect that the two of you would like to talk about it between yourselves in Caleb's bedroom "

"Caleb rose from his seat went to his mother and after kissing her said, "Thanks mum."

Benji stood saying, "Thanks for the advice Mrs Wilson and for not getting mad with us."

The boy's made their way out and headed for Caleb's room. Inside, they made for the bed and sat down beside each other.

"That wasn't to bad Benji was it? Are you going to tell your parents about this or not?"

"No, Cal I think I'll wait till I'm older and more sure about things."

"Aren't you sure now Benji?"

Benji looked at Caleb smiled and said, "Not really, but if you get me into that ungetoutable wrestling hold of yours, I think I'll be able to make my mind up."

Caleb grinned, "Thought you'd never ask."

The End.