Caleb 3

"Hi Cal ready for school."

Caleb grinned with pleasure on opening the front door and seeing Benjamin standing at the gate as usual. Since they first awakened to their feelings for each other six months ago, he was always there in the morning and Caleb never tired at the sight or the greeting.

"You been waiting long Benji."

"No just arrived would have been late if my mum hadn't made me get a move on."

The two boys walked down the street towards the main road to catch a bus that would take them to their school. Benjamin his now 5ft 10in frame seeming to tower over the diminutive figure of Caleb, who in the last six months had attained the magical height of 5ft exactly and had proudly told Benjamin of his achievement. At the bus stop they waited till the bus arrived then with much pushing and shoving with Benjamin protecting Caleb they managed to get on the bus. Inside with no seats available they had to stand Caleb holding onto Benjamin for support as the bus made its way towards their destination. "Ben" Came a shout from the back of the bus. Glancing in the direction of the voice Benjamin saw Paul another of his school friends gesturing to him to come over. Shrugging his shoulders and indicating the crowd between them he stayed where he was. As the bus swayed and braked throwing the standing passengers around Caleb hung on to Benjamin to keep from falling at the same time relishing the contact with his special friend. When they finally reached their destination there was a mad scramble for the exit as the bus literally emptied itself of passengers most of them being school pupils. As the two of them walked towards the school gates they were joined by Paul "Why didn't you come over in the bus Ben?"

"Couldn't it was blocked to many other kids in the way. Anyway what did you want?"

"Are you and Cal coming over for soccer practice after school this evening? The football season is only two weeks away."

"I'll be there, I don't know about Cal though, he doesn't play and to just sit and watch isn't all that great."

"No I think I'll go straight home after school Benji."

"You can join in if you want Cal you never know you might like it." Paul said not too convincingly. He had come to terms with Caleb and Benjamin being friendly. At first he was puzzled as to why. But when Caleb had informed him that he was helping Benjamin with his homework and his lessons in general he and the others accepted the explanation. For although Benjamin was the star on the sports field so Caleb with his academic abilities was the star in the classroom.

Paul and the others tolerated Caleb only because of his friendship with Benjamin. The star of the sports field could have any friend he wanted it would be all right by them, but underneath they simmered with resentment and a bit of jealousy that this wimp could replace his affection for them so completely. They knew that Benjamin would not tolerate any animosity towards Caleb in any form whatsoever so wanting to keep Benjamin's friendship they treated Caleb like one of them.

After school that day Benjamin quickly took Caleb aside "Cal just say you don't want me to go for football practice and I'll cop out of it."

"You're joking Benji and what are you going to do while they practice?"

"I could be with you."

"Not all of you Benji, part of you will be on the football field."

"No it won't Caleb, when I'm with you I don't think of anything else."

"Benji if you don't go I'll go in your place how's about that."

"Shit! I'll see you after practice then Cal."

"Okay Benji." They briefly held hands then Benjamin turned and went towards the sports field while Caleb left the school to go home.

At home Caleb did the usual of changing and eating then settled down in front of the Tele. till his mother came home at 5pm.

After greeting each other his mother enquired "No Benji?"

"No he's gone for football practice said he'll see me after but hasn't turned up yet."

"Caleb he does have a home and family besides you. Give him a chance he'll be here just as quick as he can. It wouldn't hurt you to go and watch him play and give him some support I'm sure he'd appreciate it."

"I can't stand football mum just don't like it."

"I'm sure there are a lot of things that Benjamin has to tolerate that he doesn't like just because of you."

"Such as?"

"Such as going to watch Henry V do you really think Benjamin likes that sort of movie he only went to please you. And Caleb your trying to teach Benji chess is farcical do you really think he'd want to play given a choice. "

"Oh Shhhhh! Blast do you really think so mum."

"It's a good guess Caleb, I know Benji will do whatever you ask of him but I seldom see you letting him make a choice. I think you should start altering that so that he has more of a say in what the two of you do."

"I promise I will mum. I never thought I was being so bossy."

"Not bossy Caleb just a little thoughtless."

"Mum can I talk to you about Benji and I."

"Is this to do about your feelings for one another?"

"Yes mum. It's I don't know how to really put it. I know I love him and before you question that I mean it. The same as I love you only differently. You see when Benji isn't with me I feel sort of empty and keep thinking of him all the time, and I'm scared that he may not feel the same way too. I want to ask him but I'm worried that he might think I'm trying to make him decide what he wants to do. He is very popular with all the other boys and girls and I know that if he wanted he could go out with whomever he pleased."

"Caleb stop a minute. You say you love Benji but you're not sure about Benji loving you. Let me ask you? Before you met him who was he going out with?"

"No one"

"Precisely and for the month you were at school before you became friends was he going out with anybody on a regular basis?"


"So why did he choose you, were you the most popular boy in the class or was it for some other reason."

"Never thought of that. Mum anyone ever tell you you're a genius"

"Caleb, Mum's don't have to be told that they're a genius they already know it. Who do you think solves all the problems in the house?"

"Okay mum I'm going to call Benji to see if he's home yet."

"Why phone Caleb you can go over and see him. It would make a change you don't go to his house very often."

Giving his mother a kiss on the cheek he said, "I'm on my way see you later genius." And left the house.

On his way Caleb began to think about what his mother had said and realised she was perfectly right. Benjamin was prepared to do almost anything that he suggested without question where he on the other hand did not.

Arriving at Benjamin's house after ringing the bell the door was opened by his mother.

"Come in Caleb Ben's up in his room I'll give him a call." She went to the foot of the stairs, "Ben Caleb's here."

"Send him up to my room mum Benjamin shouted down I'm nearly finished changing."

"Go on up Caleb."

"Thanks Mrs. Williams." And Caleb made his way towards Benjamin's room.

Knocking on the door it was opened and they stood looking at each other.

"Come in Cal what brought you around."

" If that's the attitude you're going to take, Caleb said walking into the room I'll leave."

"No Cal I didn't mean it like that I'm sorry you know." "Shush!" Caleb cut him short saying, "I was only joking Benji and why are you always apologising? If anyone should be saying sorry it should be me."

"What for Caleb you haven't done anything."

"That is precisely it Benji I haven't done anything that you like. I never go to any matches you play in, be it football or cricket just because I don't like them. Yet you will go with me or do anything I want to, bit of a shit aren't I."

"No Cal it's not like that I don't mind really if you don't want to come and watch me play. How can you call yourself a shit."

"There you go again making excuses for me. From now on I'm going to watch you play in every match."

Benjamin grinned, "Do you really mean that Caleb?"

"Yeah can I have a hug now or is your mum likely to come into your room."

Benjamin walked over to the smaller boy picked him up in his arms and swung the both of them around. Suddenly stopping he brought their lips together in a quick kiss then set Caleb on the floor again."

"Bloody hell Benji what got into you?"

"Just happy that you're going to watch me play in future."

"If I knew that was the kind of reaction I would get I would have come to watch you ages ago."


"Yeah Benji."

"Can we go over to your house for a bit?"


"I thought you were supposed to be the smart one Cal you should know why."

"Okay Benji let's go."

The two boys made their way down, Benjamin telling his mother that they were going to Caleb's house then the two boys saying their goodbyes and leaving. They both knew that at Caleb's house there was a privacy they could enjoy which was not possible at Benjamin's. Mrs.Williams watched the two boys from the front room window as they walked down the path and onto the pavement. When they reached the street her son lifted the smaller boy and swung him around pausing to look into the boy's eyes he then gently lowered him to the floor. She smiled and nodded her head as she watched the two boys disappear from sight.

Reaching the house they both greeted Caleb's mother Caleb then told her they were going up to his room if it was all right with her.

"It's all right by me son but you were supposed to have gone to Benji's house what happened.

"Nothing happened mum we have more privacy here. So is it okay for us to go to my room."

"Before you go this is a bit of a delicate question to ask but I have to ask it. Have you boys practised any other form of sexual stimulation other than masturbation?"

"What do you mean mum? The two boys looked at each other a bit perplexed.

"Caleb I mean anal or oral sex."


"I Oh! Never mind go to your room."

"Okay mum, lets go Benji, and the two boys left.

Inside Caleb's room he was the first to speak.

"Benji I never thought about doing what mum said. I'm happy just feeling and rubbing our dicks against each other is that okay by you."

"Cal, when I'm with you all I want is to have my arms around you and feel your body against mine. Oh! And the French kissing as well."

"That's how I feel as well I think we'll leave the other stuff till were older is that okay by you Benji. Or do you want to do the other the stuff now."

Benjamin smiled "Why don't you stop yapping Caleb and get me in that special hold of yours."

"Right then get your clothes off." And both boys started to strip. They were both fully aroused by the time they got on the bed. This time instead of Benjamin lying underneath Caleb, they lay on their side's arms around each other. They rubbed their erections together and as their lips met so they opened their mouths to let their tongues unite. They moaned and groaned as their loins desperately sought for that exquisite of pleasures that they strived to reach. Benjamin rolled over onto his back not breaking the embrace pulling Caleb on top of him. Now they both started to thrust their hips and groins ever faster against each other. Till Caleb threw his head back and erupted his body jerking uncontrollably with the onset of his orgasm. Benjamin feeling Caleb erupting also spewed forth his semen and hugged Caleb ever tighter to his body as he bucked and thrust with the feelings of ecstasy coursing through his body.

Spent they lay still Caleb his head lying on Benjamin's shoulder. Slowly he lifted his head and looked down at his friend.


"Yeah Caleb."

"I love you."

"I know Cal you've told me about a hundred times already."

"That's not it Benji I love you isn't enough I don't know how to say it I think I more than love you I need you, without you I don't know what I'd do. It's like if anything happened to my mum I'd be I don't know what I'd be and I feel the same about you."

Benjamin was staring back into his friend's eyes with a glazed look; he'd hardly heard what Caleb had said, he just lay gazing at Caleb.


"Uh what."

"You didn't hear a word I said did you."

"Uh yeah I did you said you loved me."


"Umm Uh Oh! Yeah, you're going to watch me play football."

Caleb lowered his head giving Benjamin a fleeting kiss and said, Never mind what I said Benji just having you here is enough."

"Cal I'm sorry I don't know why but when I stare into your eyes you know what happens."

"Yeah Benji you've told me before but there is nothing different about my eyes except that they're nearly black."

"Cal you don't know what you do to me when you stare into my eyes I just look back at you and start floating away and feel really nice. Like I was drifting and just want to keep going as long as your arms are around me it's like I dunno how to explain it."

"Okay I think I'm going to wear dark glasses in future when we're together."


"I'm joking Benji I'm joking. Now I think it's time we cleaned ourselves."

"No Caleb please let's lie here a bit longer can we."

"You want to do a bit more kissing."

"Yeah but first tell me what you were saying that I didn't hear."

"It's not important Benji."

"Caleb please tell me."

"Oh okay." And Caleb repeated what he had said earlier.

Benjamin looked at his friend "You'll never be lonely Cal."

"What do you mean?"

"You don't know Cal do you?"

"Know what."

"You have no idea why the other boys don't like you."

"I do it's because I've been the top in every subject in the classroom and the other boy's are jealous of it."

"Then why aren't the girls jealous."

"Uh! I don't know maybe they don't care as much."

"Cal the boys are not jealous of your brains well maybe a little but it's your face Caleb."

"Bloody Hell! Benji what about my face."

"Cal your beautiful don't you know it. Most of the boys in our class would love to be as good looking as you me included."

"Bullshit! Benji, you're much better looking than I am. Look at you compared to me the girls would fall over to get to you."

"You don't happen to mix around as much as I do and you don't hear the comments the girls make that I do."

"Well I don't care what they say or want. All I want is to be with you, the other's can just go whistle. You love me Benji don't you?"

"You know I do Cal what's got into you all of a sudden asking me these questions."

"Benji I've never had a friend like you before. I've had other friends where we used to live but none that could make me feel like you do. Which makes me frightened just thinking what would I do if you weren't here."

"I'm not going anywhere Caleb unless you're going too. Don't you remember me telling you that I saw you first and from that moment I wanted to be like we are now. I intend sticking so close to you that you're going to get sick of me after a while."

Caleb lowered his face to Benjamin's and gave him a peck on the lips saying, "I could never get sick of you Benji not even if you were with me every minute of every day. Actually it would be brilliant if you were."

"Not possible Cal have to be home by 9pm and it's nearly 8pm already."

"Shit! Benji it can't be we've only just got here."

"Feels like it don't it. But look at your bedside clock two minutes to 8pm."

"You want to have another one Benji before you go?"

"Yes only if you do Cal."

"Thought you'd never ask."

There lips came together then slowly parted to let them taste each other. There loins sprang to life fully loaded ready to bring the pleasure that they both desired and once again they began their ritual of love.

So the two boys lives progressed. Going to school playing in and watching sports. Their birthdays came and they were now fourteen year olds, making them feel that bit more grown up. Mostly they looked forward to the moments they could be alone together which they relished with a hunger as if they had just met for the first time.

Caleb entered the house and was surprised to see his mother already home waiting for him.

Greeting his mother with a kiss he asked.

"Your home early mum?"

"Yes Caleb I have to talk to you so come into the sitting room will you."

Making their way in they both sat down then Mrs. Wilson began.

"Caleb I've been offered a higher position with the company I work for which will mean a lot more money. But there is a catch the job is in Birmingham."

Caleb was too stunned to speak at first then he blurted out.

"No mum no you can't go what am I going to do without Benji. I've never had a friend like him and you know it."

"I know son but this can mean so much for us financially."

Caleb burst into tears and through his sobs blurted out, "Mum please mum no, you can't make me leave Benji, please mum I'm begging you please don't go." And he stumbled forward to his mother wrapped his arms around her and buried his head in her bosom and sobbed.

She gently stroked his head and said, "Caleb I know how you feel about Benji but I also have to consider our future son. Going to Birmingham will mean you won't see Benji every day but you could still phone him and see him during the holidays. You could even see him at the odd weekend it's not that far from London."

Caleb disentangled himself from his mother stopped his crying and said, "Mum if you take me to Birmingham I promise you that I will never do as well in school as I'm doing now. I can guarantee you that I will fail in every subject."

"Caleb are you threatening me."

"No mum I'm not threatening you I would never do that. But without Benji to see and talk to I just wouldn't be interested in anything to do with school or anything else for that matter. Mum besides you Benji's the most important person in my life how do you expect me to be able to carry on without him."

"Well we still have a month before I have to make a decision and that will give you time to get used to the idea."

Caleb left and went to his bedroom picked up the phone and dialled Benjamin when Mrs. Williams answered the phone he asked to speak to Benji and waited.

"Caleb I was coming over later why you phoning."

"Benji I've got really bad news he said while still sniffling."

"Cal what's wrong and why are you crying?"

"Benji my mum wants to move to Birmingham because of her job and the extra money she'll get."

"Oh Shit! Caleb. What do we do now this can't happen it's not fair?" And he started to cry as well.

"Benji can you come over please as soon as you can will you." Caleb sobbed.

Through his tears Benjamin managed to blurt out, "I'll be there right away Cal." He hung up shouted to his mother "Mum I'm going to Cal's house." And ran out of the house before his mother could answer.

Five minutes later Caleb's mother let him into the house.

"Come in Benji Caleb's in his room has he told you about the move to Birmingham."

Caleb his emotions now under control answered, "Yes Mrs. Wilson. Is going to Birmingham so important for you, can't you and Caleb be happy over here."

"We are happy here Benji but I'll get a lot more money if I were to go and work in Birmingham."

"Do you think the money will make you and Caleb happier."

"I hope so, and I'm sure Caleb will settle in once he gets used to the new house and school."

"Mrs. Wilson you know Cal doesn't make friends easily actually it was because of a fight that we became friends. If it wasn't for that I'm sure he'd still be without any really close friends. Even now although he talks to the other boys and girls I've noticed that he only does it when I'm with him. So I don't think he'll get on too well in Birmingham."

"Thank you for telling me Benji but I'm sure that he'll adapt once he gets himself settled into his new surroundings."

"Okay Mrs. Wilson, if you don't mind I'll go up and see Cal now."

And leaving her he made his way to Caleb's bedroom. Knocking on the door he entered to see Caleb lying on the bed. When he saw Benjamin enter Caleb rose from the bed walked to him and put his arms around him lay his head on his chest and cried. Benjamin stroked his head then lifted him into his arms and carried him back to the bed. Laying Caleb down he then lay down beside him then wrapped his arms around him and drew him in close. Caleb lifted his face to bring their lips together then snuggled down into Benjamin's arms and lay still.

"I had a talk with your mum just now Cal it seems that her mind is made up about going to Birmingham, don't see how anything is going to change it."

Caleb didn't answer he just snuggled deeper into Benjamin's arms then slowly drifted to sleep. Benjamin feeling the regular breathing pattern of his friend closed his eyes also and joined Caleb in slumber. So temporarily their troubles were driven from their minds as they slept arms and legs entwined content in the closeness of their bodies.

Two hours later Mrs. Wilson went to the bedroom knocked lightly and walked in. The room was in darkness but by the light from the hallway she saw the two boys wrapped in each other's arms sleeping. She stood momentarily watching them then turned and silently shut the door and made her way downstairs. Sitting down she thought back to her younger days, when she had first met Caleb's father. The anguish she went through when they couldn't be together and how every minute away from him seemed like an eternity. Then the shock of his death and the utter loneliness that followed only made bearable by the presence of Caleb. Thinking back and remembering the sweetness of their romance and the intensity of her love for Caleb's father. She realised it wouldn't be right to take Caleb away from a friend that he had become so attached to. Returning to the bedroom again she entered to see the boy's still sleeping. Softly she walked to the bed then taking Benjamin's shoulder she gently shook it to waken him. Benjamin stirred then jumped up which woke Caleb as well, when he saw Mrs Wilson standing at the bedside. Returning to the door she switched on the light then turning to the boys she said, "Benji it's nearly time for you to go home but before you do, the two of you had better come and see me in the sitting room." The boys's rose from the bed tidied themselves, and then with Caleb leading the way they went to join his mother. Inside she asked them to be seated then said "Caleb and Benji I'm sorry for being so selfish. I never gave a thought to your feelings for each other whether it's love or just friendship I should have been a bit more thoughtful before making my decision to go to Birmingham. It was only when I saw the two of you sleeping together did I realise my mistake and decide that even mothers can be wrong. So now the two of you can stop worrying living here isn't such a bad idea."

Caleb and Benjamin looked at each other jumped up and hugged one another. Caleb broke off went to his mother kissed her and said. "Thanks mum you've made me so happy you're right you are a genius you solve all are problems."

"Well if Benji doesn't get home very soon I'll have another problem to solve with his parents."

Mrs. Wilson if I phone my parents and they say yes, can I spend the night here please."

By all means Benji but you don't have to speak to your parents I think it would be better if I spoke to them."

The two boys waited nervously in the sitting room while she talked to Benjamin's parents. After what seemed like a lifetime she returned saying, "That his parents were in agreement but he would have to go home for his nightwear and some clothes for school tomorrow. So if the two of you are ready I'll drive you over and Benji can collect his things."

Half an hour later they were back in the house and after having a snack and a drink the boys went to Caleb's mother kissed her wished her goodnight and made their way to bed.

Upstairs they took it in turns to shower then got into bed. Neither of them had bothered to wear their night-clothes and lay naked in each other's arms.

"Benji I just hope that we are friends forever and that you never go away."

"You must be joking Cal, go away never in a hundred years. I'm in that ungetoutable hold of yours and I think I'm going to use the same hold on you."

"Benji can we just lie like this without doing anything till we go to sleep. It feels so nice and safe in your arms.

"Okay Caleb I feel the same way but can I have just a little kiss."

Caleb lifted his head and brought their lips together they opened their mouths and their tongues came together, swirling, thrusting, and caressing, as they tasted each other's very essence. Ending the kiss with little pecks on the lips the boys settled down to sleep. Arms and legs entwined safe in the knowledge that their time together was no longer threatened and they could live and grow in each other's company. So Caleb and Benjamin slept the sleep of peace and contentment, dreaming of the most splendiferous things that only young boys dream of.

The End

I hope you the readers derived as much pleasure from reading Caleb as I did writing it. To those of you who wrote asking me to continue Caleb after the first episode I hope you won't be to aggrieved at my ending the story now. Thank you one and all for your kind letters to