Carter's Middle School Years-3.

by Larkin

Fictional Story, sexual content, male/male Copyright Larkin 2006

Carter's Middle School Years-3.

by Larkin

7. Treg
Why do David and Tommy act like such jerks? It's not like they have to force me, I go along willingly because I like it. After it is all done they go off like they have better things to do and leave me feeling sort of used. I guess that is just the way they are,...Stupid!

I was day dreaming in math class because I prefer ancient history or English. Who cares about what the volume of a sphere is and where did this pi thing come from anyway?
Out of boredom, I looked to see the clock at the back of the room. I noticed someone looking back at me. It was Treg. We shared a gaze for only a second. Returning to the teacher's monotonous drone about formulas, I let Treg occupy my thoughts. He was taller than most of the other kids and he was very shy. He seemed sort of handsome because he was more physically mature. For a moment I tried to imagine him in a situation like me and David or Tommy and I couldn't quite do it. I looked back at him and saw that he was still looking in my direction but he quickly looked away. Maybe he's interested in me?

When the class ended I watched Treg collect his things and head for lunch. I quickly searched my thoughts for an excuse to talk to him. I got up closer and I could see that he was unattached and in a world of his own. I tugged on his sleeve and he stopped and looked sort of down at me.

I smiled and said, "Um."

I could see that Treg had already started shaving.

I said, "I don't get it, where does pi come from."

He looked relieved that I had asked him something practical and not some irrational challenge. The crowd in the hallway thinned in a rush for lunch.

"Oh, pi is the ratio between the radius of a circle and its circumference. In other words, the....."

I knew enough to do the formulas the teacher gave us but I just needed an excuse to talk to him. He was in his element and went on far longer than he needed to. We ended up together in the cafeteria line with our trays picking only eatable food. That of course was anything pre-packaged food like cheese doodles and chocolate milk. We found an empty table and sat together. Treg was so shy that he was hard to talk to. I could see that he was uncomfortable and I didn't want him to be.

I said, "So do you have to shave, like every day?"

I watched his Adam's apple go up and down when he swallowed his apple juice.

"Not every day, maybe every couple of days."

I smiled and said, "I never shave, I hope I never have to shave."

I finally was getting Treg to talk a little bit. "Well, it's not like you have a choice. It just starts happening on its own."

I looked around on my tray for what I felt like eating next.

"If I don't shave for a few days, I look kind of scruffy."

I started my ritual of arranging my cheese doodles out on my tray.

I said, "Scruffy, you mean like a man?"

He said, "Yeah, I guess."

I looked up to see David and Tommy. I gave them each a "Don't fuck me up" expression. Of course they sat down like they not only owned me but the lunch table as well. Treg knew both of them but they were not friends and had little in common. Almost immediately tension began to build. David smiled and offered me his green floating fruit jello.

I frowned and said, "Eeeeew, no way, get it away!"

Still smiling, Davis said, "You've had worse things in your mouth."

Tommy started up with his stupid laugh that once started became never ending.

I glared at him and said "Shut-up!"

It was unintentional but it amounted to a public confession on my part. To make matters worse, Tommy held his fist up to his mouth and stuck his tongue into his cheek to simulating a blow-job.

I pushed back my chair, stood up and said under my breath, "Assholes!"

Without looking back, I turned and left Tommy, David and a very uncomfortable Treg on their own.


8. Initiative
That night I lay in bed thinking about Treg. I was trying to imagine him naked. Lifting my legs in the air, I pulled off my underpants so that I could lay naked and think about him with more intensity. He was so different from David and Tommy. I wanted him to climb up on me and make me suck his dick like David did to me or maybe come up from behind and penetrate me like Tommy did when he fucked me that first time.

Treg was different. He was brave and noble. He was intelligent and considerate. Because of that, I couldn't imagine him doing anything like David or Tommy would do to me and yet, I wanted him to. I lay awake for hours stroking my dickie and thinking about it. There was no way Treg was going to do anything. I was going to have to try something different.

"Why do you hang out with them?"

Treg looked concerned. Part of me wanted to apologize for them but I had to admit that they were total jerks.

"They're really ok but sometimes they can be assholes."

Treg looked hostile. "Well, I don't like either one of them."

Just before lunch I caught Treg. "Comon."

He followed me and said, "Where?"

I didn't say anything just headed towards the woods at the edge of the campus.

"Aren't we going for lunch?"

I smiled back at him and said, "You'll live."

I was excited and Treg seemed unable to do anything other than follow me. We climbed over the school fence and disappeared into the woods.

I guessed that Treg was nervous because he was stumbling over the few words that he was able to get out. "I don't... we're not going. We'll get in trouble if. I can't be late for..."

I put both my arms around his waist and hugged him. I buried my face in his chest and breathed in his scent. I could tell that he was afraid but I knew that this was the only way. I Iooked into his eyes and pulled him closer for the kiss. He pulled away and tried to say something that was no more than a stutter.

"Treg, its ok, I promise."

He looked like he believed me but he need someone, anyone to release him.

"Comon, you'll be missin out if you don't."

Then we kissed.

Still nervous, Treg took to it and was finally aroused enough to let me take it out. I held it in my hand and, smiling I looked up at him.

Treg looked slightly embarrassed when he said, "That's my masterpiece."

I giggled. I stroked him and in less than a minute he came, squirting and squirting. It made me feel good inside and I felt like I had freed Treg from a private prison.
On our way to school grounds he was relaxed and even talked to me with a coolness uncomon to Treg.


9. The Fight
I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Tommy got to me first because he wanted to be the one to tell me what happened.

David had gone up to Treg and challenged him by saying, "How was it? Was it good getting you dick sucked?"

Tommy was talking much faster than normally.

"David hit him and Treg just started swinging. David got him once in the nose and Treg hung on him and pulled him down to the ground. Everyone came up to see it all happening. They kept going at it until one of the assistant coaches and Mr. Marshall came up and pulled them apart."

Tommy looked straight at me. I noticed for the first time that his eyes were slightly crossed.

He said excitedly, "It was totally awesome! They both got all bloody."

Tommy hopped back and forth and did a pantomime of the fight adding drama to his descriptions.

I must have looked worried. "Well what's going to happen to them?"

Tommy was matter of fact. "Oh, they are both suspended until next Monday.

Tommy's excitement didn't let up. "Me and David are gonna kick his ass so bad."

I must have looked upset because I turned and just walked away. I was too full of confusion. I thought about how much I liked David's bold cockiness and was amazed that he'd pick a fight just to prove it. I knew he was the one who probably started it because Treg just wasn't that type.

Of course I was placing myself at the very center of the whole conflict. I got a tickle in my balls thinking, "It's all about me!" I stopped briefly to look at my reflection in a store window. God, how do things get so complicated? I knew that neither one of them would dare to admit that they were fighting over me because that would be way too faggy for either one to endure.

I closed my eyes and compared them to each other. I couldn't decide which one I liked better. Tommy and David are so out of control. I love how they climb on me. Treg is so different from those two. He's more mature and I can tell that he really likes me.

When I got home I looked at myself in the mirror. I parted my hair on one side and then the other. Then I parted it in the middle. Then I wet my hair and pulled it back so it stuck up all spiky. I can't possibly handle all these decisions, it just too difficult.