Carter's Middle School Years-4.

by Larkin

Fictional Story, sexual content, male/male Copyright Larkin 2006

Carter's Middle School Years-4.

by Larkin

10. David and Tommy, Alone.

Tommy stood at the front Door.

David's Mother looked at him and said, "He's upstairs in his room."

Tommy started up when David's Mother yelled after him. "Tell him not to go anywhere without taking the garbage out."

David was laying on his bed with his head hanging off the side in a way that must have made everything look like it was upside down. He tried to move when he saw Tommy coming towards him but he was too late. He came down with both hands on David's chest making him gasp and groan.

"Get the fuck off of me, asshole!" David doubled over and slowly came up to a sitting position.

Tommy ignored his complaint and flopped down on the bed next to David as if it was his very own.

David said, "What was your last class, PE, cause you stink."

The accusation didn't bother him in the least.

"Is Carter coming? I could use a nice long blow-job."

David was staring down at the debris on the floor.

"You know, a nice long one so's I can take my time and watch my cock go in and out of his mouth."

Tommy said again, "When's Carter getting here?"

He shoved David until he yelled back, "He's not fuckin coming because he had to go to the Mall with his fuckin Mother, OKAY!"

Tommy was not fazed. "Well then maybe you could give me a blow-job cause my balls are full."

David gave him a dirty look and said, "Fuck you asshole, I'm not no faggot."
He rolled onto his stomach and studied the fuzz on his blankets.

Tommy got up close to David and whispered in his ear. "Oh, come on David, my big cock is so good. I know you'd like it in your mouth with me getting all ready to shoot my load of creamy cream."

He roughly pushed Tommy off of him and went back to staring at the fuzz on his blanket.

Tommy continued his taunt. "How about you let me fuck you up your ass?"

David turned and giving Tommy an even dirtier look, said, "How about you shut the fuck up, asshole!"

Tommy rubbed the seat of David's pants. David looked back and pushed Tommy's hand away. The fact the he didn't move off his belly was body language in its self.

Tommy rubbed his ass again and this time David just laid there and took it. This went for a while in silence. After a bit of coaxing David's butt rose up to meet Tommy's hand.
His boner had made the crotch of his wornout sweatpants warm and almost damp. Tommy pulled them down to his thighs exposing his naked behind.

Tommy said in a soft voice, "I already fucked Carter once. He told me he liked it and he wants me to do it to him anytime I want to."

David didn't answer. He was silent. Tommy stood up and began to take his pants off. David watched him do it. His face was strangely without expression. Tommy cock did seem un-naturally big and when he stepped out of his pants it sprung up and down. David's mouth dropped slightly open. Tommy climbed on top of him and rubbed back and forth on him in a mock fuck.

He whispered in David's ear. "I'm good at this and you're gonna thank me."

He pulled out a tube of petrojelly. He squeezed it up David's butt hole and then slicked up his cock with it. He had bought it special for Carter. David turned and looked back at Tommy. This time he looked worried.

Tommy said, "It's too late, I am just too fuckin hot now. You'll got to go through this with me.

He slipped his arms under David and pulled back tight on his shoulders. David felt Tommy's dick going up his ass. It was very painful.

He cried out loud and moved forward freeing himself from being fucked.

Tommy started in again. "Come on, relax, it gets easier,"

"Ow, oww, oww!" Tommy's cock slid further up his ass and then it came completely out again.

Tommy stopped and squeezed the rest of the jelly on his cock then went back to it.

After taking his time and penetrating him little by little, Tommy could start the motion, the in and out motion that gets faster and faster and faster.
It was the motion that was going to make him cum up David's butt.

Once David had allowed Tommy to go this far he had already given up completely.
He figured that if Tommy was going to kill him that was the way it was suppose to be. He was seeing stars and he felt Tommy's cock pushing on something that was starting to feel good. Tommy was fucking faster and faster and he was sweating all over David's back. Finally he started grunting and pushing as far up as he could until he collapsed down on David all out of breath.

David's insides started to warm up and he began to realize that it wasn't so bad after all. There was just something about it.
Had it been anyone except Tommy he never would have let it happen in the first place.

Tommy and David had always been best buds. They had been friends and friendly adversaries forever but in all that time David had never once felt feelings of affection towards Tommy, nor did Tommy demonstrate any affection towards him but this was different.

David looked around at his messy room and he felt the weight of Tommy who was still lying on top of him. He was still breathing hard. David didn't understand why but he was suddenly filled with warm and affection for him. He reached out and softly closed his hand around Tommy's.