Carter's Middle School Years-5.

by Larkin

Fictional Story, sexual content, youthful, male/male Copyright Larkin 2006

Carter's Middle School Years-5.

by Larkin


11. Carter gets Connectivity

She said, "Carter, try not to get separated. I don't want to have to go looking all over for you."

I didn't really like going to the Mall but since I discovered Tommy and David and Treg my world had just opened up. There were boys everywhere. Some were with their parents. Some were in groups or with girl friends and some were wandering around all alone. I ignored boys my age or younger and mostly concentrated on boys that looked thirteen and up.

I liked the clothes they wore and I like their hats. Some wore ball caps and some wore sock hats, some had back packs. Some even carried skate boards. A lot of them had Ipods and cell phones. Their clothes were all way over sized but I could tell how skinny and cute they were underneath. I tried to imagine what kind of underwear or underpants they wore. They might wear jockeys or boxers. They might be wearing white underpants or brightly cartooned colored briefs or maybe nothing at all. I tried to picture them naked and wondered if their dick was like David's or Tommy's or Treg's. This is serious, I really wanted to know.

I saw a really cute boy walking in my direction. He was looking straight at me but, not really because he was talking on his cell. He walked right passed me without looking back or anything. I imagined that I was the one he was talking to.

I looked up at my Mom and said, "Can I have a cell phone?"

She laughed at the thought of me talking on a cell phone. "What would you want a cell phone for?"

Her answer really irritated me. I said, "What if I use my money, will you sign?"

She stopped and was considering a good reason to say no, when a girl my age passed right by her. She had a cell phone pressed to her ear. We both looked at the same time and our eyes followed her off.
Suddenly my Mother's "No" seemed less reasonable.

She wanted to say no, but after a long pause, she reluctantly said ..."Oh ok."

I was so excited. My new phone came with a charger and ring tones and a camera to take pics. I almost peed my pants right there in the middle of the mall. I couldn't wait to get home and charge it up.


My room was dark and I was in bed. I pressed the on button on my new phone and a swirley red screen lit up my face and it was followed with a tinkling jingle. The potential was enough to give me a boner all by itself. I put in David's number in the memory, I put in Tommy's number in the memory and I put in Treg's number in the memory.

I had to call someone. I pressed the key for David. It rang and rang.

Finally a voice said, "Hello?"

I said, "Is David there?"

"I don't know who this is but you had better think twice before calling at this hour ever again. It is after eleven!" She hung up.

I thought to myself, "Oops"

The next morning was Saturday.

"Hi David, guess what?"

He didn't sound enthused. "What?"

"I'm talking to you on my new cell phone!"

David still didn't sound enthused. He said in a monotone, "Awesome."

I was determined to spark his interest. "Ok, here's my number, 8*5-9230. So if you are bored or you want to do something all's you have to do is call me and I'll meet you where ever you want me to, cool huh?"

He must have just gotten up because he still sounded half asleep. "Ok, I just wrote it down, I gotta go. Bye."

As phone calls go it was a letdown. The next on my list was Tommy.

"Ok, who should I say is calling? He out back, hang on."

He was breathless when he got on. "Yeah, who is this?"

"It's me, Carter. I just got a cell and you are the first one I called."

He said, "That's great but I'm workin right now, call me later."

Well that was another looser of a phone call.
I held the cell in front of me and took my picture and tried the last number on my phone memory.


"Hi, Treg, It's me, Carter. I just got a new cell phone and you are the first person I called."

He said, "Hey, how are you. I am so glad you called. I suppose you heard about the fight? I have aches and pains. I haven't even got up yet.

"Yeah, Treg, are you ok? I was worried because I really like you."

He answered. "You do? Are you sure? I feel that way about you, only you have to promise me not to tell anyone."

I said, "You're not made mad about what we did off grounds? I won't do anything like that again if you don't want me too."

Treg said, "No way, what are you talking about. Why do you think I like you so much? What are you doing now?"

"Me, nothing? I haven't even got up yet. I'm just laying here in bed and, Oops, I just took a naked picture of myself with my new cell phone. I guess I better erase it."

"No, don't, save it for me. I really want to see it. Carter, no one is here.
You want to come over?"

I smiled to myself and said, "Ok."


12. Treg and Me

Actually I hadn't really taken a picture of myself while I was talking to Treg but I did a lot of experimenting before I went to sleep last night. I couldn't believe that I had my own cell and it even had a camera. Of course my first pic was of me looking right into the cam. I looked so surprised. Then I kicked my covers off and held it up above me and shot down, My Space style. My chest and belly looked so flat and plain with two little dots for nipples and one for my belly button.

I absolutely, positively and totally could not resist the temptation to take a picture of my dickie boner and little balls. I mean like, who could resist a temptation like that? If you were me and you had a cell with a cam, wouldn't you do it?
When you think about it, what boy wouldn't? It was more difficult to take a picture of my butt hole. After several tries, it ended up sideways and all blurred. Anyway, it was so much fun!

When I got dressed, I called Treg again. "Ok, I'm leaving my house now. I think it will take me about twenty minutes."

Treg said, "Ok."

The next time I called I said, "Ok, I'm almost here. I can see your house."

Treg said, "Ok."

I knocked on his door and he answered. He was just wearing his underwear. Treg is really cute. I noticed that he had some bruises on his face and slight black eye.
It just seemed to make him look cuter.

"Come on up to my room."

I followed him, watching his behind as he climbed the stairs.

His room was much neater that David's. He climbed on his bed and I got on with him as if it was the most normal thing in the world. I acted like he was a brother or maybe already my boyfriend. He looked at me and gave me a surprised half smile.
It was as if he hadn't expected me to cuddle up to him but I didn't care. I wanted him to know I liked him.

"Carter, let me see your naked pics."

I acted unconcerned and said, "Oh, I erased them all, I'm sorry. I didn't really like them."

He was disappointed.

Treg said, "Let me take some pics of you and then you can take some of me."

I said, "Ok."

Treg stood up and left me lying on his bed. I spread out with one of my legs dangling off to the side. I pushed out my lower lip and gave him a cute but pouty look.
I looked like I didn't get my way about something and I was sad and disappointed. Treg took the pic and laughed.

"Hey, pull your pants down."

I shrugged my shoulders and started to do it what he asked. He looked around his room and then went over to make sure his bedroom door was locked.
When he came back to take the picture, I pulled shirt up and tucked it under my chin and pulled down my underpants too.

My dickie was so small that I didn't need a boner for it to stand up. Treg was nervous.
He became very silent and started behaving like he was a professional photographer and all this was serious business.

I turned over so he could take a picture of my behind. I watched him hoping that he would get a boner in his underwear. I just wanted to see it.

I sat up and started taking off the rest of my clothes. I wanted him to take real naked pictures of me. I could see the shape of his cock starting to form in his underwear.
I crawled around on his bed and wrapped my arms around his pillow. It smelled like him.

As small as it was, I got a boner. I lay back and showed him how I played with it. He took another picture.

I guess it was too much for him because he took his underwear off and came over to the edge of the bed. I took his cock and played with it until it stood up. Treg was amazed when I took it into my mouth. It filled my whole mouth and he pushed it in and out. I know that there may be that people that are upset at hearing this but I loved what I was doing and there was no one nicer than Treg. He got on the bed and we did it to each other. Could there be anything in the world be more fun?

We heard someone come in downstairs and we both dressed in about thirty seconds. Treg showed me how I could climb out his window and down the side of the house. I waved good-bye and ran off.