Carter's Middle School Years-6.

by Larkin

Fictional Story, sexual content, youthful, male/male Copyright Larkin 2006

Carter's Middle School Years-6.

by Larkin

13. Double Trouble
On my way home, I got the first call on my new cell phone.


"Hi Carter, what's up?"

I recognized the voice. It was David.

I said, "Hi."

"What are you doing?"

I said, "Nothing."

David's voice was even more sly than usual. "Tommy's here, you want to come over and do something?"

I knew exactly what he meant but I said, "Like what?"

He gave out a slight laugh, "You know?"

I said, "Ok."

Treg is so different. It's more like we are boyfriends. I sort of look up to him like he's my hero or something. I want him to like me. I wish there was a way I could stay overnight with him but his parents would figure it out for sure.

It is probably not a good idea for him to know that I do stuff with David and Tommy.

David and Tommy are the opposite of Treg. They are just plain bad. They like to be dirty and they laugh when they do it and then do it some more. That's exactly what I like about them. When I got to David's, it was like there was no one home. David and Tommy were holed up in his bedroom. I knocked on the door.

The door opened and I was quickly pulled in and the door slammed behind me. David sat down on his bed, spread his legs and pulled out his cock. Tommy was behind me and pushed me down between David's legs until I was sucking his cock. Tommy and David don't waste any time.

Tommy was pulling off my shoes and socks and tugging off my pants. We all stopped to get completely undressed. It is so much fun being to be between boys that have boners. I couldn't keep my hands off of their cocks. Tommy started fingering my butt hole and pulled out the tube of petrojelly that was meant for me.
David kept rubbing his dick on my mouth until I opened up. I liked sucking David's cock. Tommy was all business in preparing to fuck me up my butt.
It was very painful the first few times and I wasn't going to let him do it anymore but gradually I started to really like it. Now I want him to do it but it does take a little preparation. I felt one finger and then two fingers go up my butt hole.
He moves it all around to get me to relax back there. Then he adds more jelly.
I know because it's cool at first but it warms up in a hurry. Soon I feel him behind me and he begins to stick it in. I turned my head to look at him. I wanted to see his cock. I wanted to see if he was holding it in his hand when he was pushing it in. I wanted to see his face, his chest and his belly.

Since we both learned the hard way, Tommy took it slow and I tried to get me to relax when it went up my butt. This is the first time Tommy did it to me with David around. I saw him watching Tommy's progress. Suddenly I decided that I really liked getting fucked up my butt and I really wanted it. That was when Tommy started up with an in and out rhythm.

They both did it for a long time and that was fine with me. They changed my position several times. When I was on my back Tommy pushed my legs way back and fucked me that way. I got very easy for me to take Tommy's cock as far up as he wanted to. It became so yummy.

Tommy was trying to convince David that they should try to cum at the same time.
I didn't care just as long as I was the center of attention and that Tommy kept doing what he was doing. They both came, but not at the same time. Tommy up my butt and David in my mouth. They both acted cocky and we all acted like we did each other a favor.

Nothing lasts forever and the natural thing for all of us to do was to lay naked and sleep for hours but we couldn't.

Parents were the ever present enemy.



14. "Uh Oh"

There was this new kid in my English class. He was the sort of kid that you notice but you're not sure why. He had messy blond hair and warm brown eyes. I couldn't decide why, but I thought he was cute. He wasn't at all like Tommy and David. He wasn't like Treg either.

I told his my name was Carter; he said his was, "Marky."

His personality was silly and stupid but very likable. One time during lunch when we were outside, he pretended to pee but instead he had had his hand down his pants and wiggled his finger out through his fly. We both laughed. That is when I realized that Marky could probably be a lot of fun.

I sat next to him in English. I took my cell and opened the pic on me lying on Treg's looking all pouty. I had his attention and I cautiously turned it so he could see the pic of me. We both smiled and tried not to laugh.
I didn't notice but my teacher, Mrs. Curtis was standing right behind me.

"Carter, give me the phone!"

A shock of horror went through my whole body.

She held out her hand and said again, "Give me the phone!"

Oh no! I gave her the phone with all the naked pictures of me in it and even some of Treg in his underwear. I'm fucked! Totally fucked! She took my phone and went back up to the front of the room and continued the lesson. All's I could think of was her seeing all my pictures and the police coming and then me going to the Juvenile Authority until I turned eighteen. Oh God, what was going to happen? Minutes dragged on. Tick, tick, tick like a horrible death sentence. I sitting in an electric chair and they are going to pull the switch.

Marky didn't look too nervous because he didn't know the half of it. I even started to sweat and I had never sweated before. I should have put a password on it.
How could I be so stupid, stupid, stupid? After class the Mrs. Curtis called me up to the front of the room. I stood there. I was shaking and I think my knees were knocking together.

"Carter, what do we say about cell phones in class?"

My suddenly mind became blank.

She said, "All cell phones turned off and all cell phone kept in your bags or back packs, more specifically, kept out of sight."

She handed me my phone and said, "Don't do it again or you will have to retrieve your phone from the Principal's."

What a close call that was! Waiting for me outside of class was Marky. He said, "What happened?"

I said, "Oh, nothing."

We walked off together.



15.My Marky

I love Marky. He is so sweet and fun and he really likes me.
We were walking home together and he put his arm around me. It was his way of telling me we were best friends. I looked at him and we both smiled.
He bigger than me but not by much. I am the littlest shrimp but he was smaller than David and Tommy and Treg.

Marky is different. He is kind of innocent. I don't want him to get involved with David and Tommy because I know they would do things to him that would make him feel bad. He is sweet sort of like Treg but Treg is more mature. He's into sports and he's even started shaving.

Marky can be sort of silly and girly. Girly, like I can be sometimes. I've learned how to take care of myself but he seemed vulnerable to me and I felt like he needed some protection. When we first met we were inseparable.

The two of us sat together on my bed sorting out some of my junk.

Marky held up a metal bangle. "Oooo, can I have this?"

I gave it a quick look, accessed its value and then said, "Ok."

He put it on his wrist and continued sorting.

My crazy Mother poked her head in the door. "Carter, you want your usual pizza special and what about Marky?"

He said, "Ok."

"Carter it's Friday and if you want Marky to stay over, it's ok with me just make sure he calls his Mother."

Marky said, "Ok, I will."

We drove to the Pizza take out. We were in the back having a laughing fit and couldn't stop.

My Mother was smoking a cigarette. "Marky, your Mother must be so proud of you because you are so polite."

We both made stupid faces.

She continued. "Not like that awful David. Carter, do me a favor and don't have him come over any more. If you ask me, I think he looks like a little criminal."

I didn't answer.

When we got back home, we ate, wrestled and watched TV.

My Mother came in one last time. "Don't make a mess, don't get so noisy that I can hear you and try to go to sleep at a reasonable hour."

When the door shut, we looked at each other and laughed out loud. We both stripped down to our underpants and ran around the room trying to catch each other.

How did we know what was going to happen? We just did that's all.

Marky came up to me and stuck his hand down my underpants and I did the same to him. We both got boners. Marky got down and started sucking my dickie.
It surprised me because that never happened with David and Tommy. Tommy and David weren't the least bit interested in my dickie.
I got on my bed, laid there and let Marky do it.

My cell suddenly rang.


It was David.

"I said, No, My Mom says I have to do homework."

He sounded disappointed.

I said, "I know it's Friday night but I can't go out, maybe tomorrow night."

I think Tommy was there too. David sounded pissed.

I laid out flat and spread my legs while Marky sucked on my boner.

I said, "No, I can't!"

I lifted my legs up so Marky could lick my balls.

I hung up and it immediately rang again.

"What!.....No!....Ok, tomorrow, I promise."

I hung up again.

David was so mad and it made me feel really good. I felt like I was extremely popular. David and Tommy will have sit in his messy room and cum in their underwear or blow each other and I am here with really really sweet Marky. He climbed on top of me and we kissed.

My cell rang again.

"WHAT!" I barked.

"Treg, I'm sorry, I thought it was someone else.......I can't, no, I can't until Sunday. I could come over Sunday afternoon. Ok, bye."

I felt bad about that because I like Treg.
Marky turned around so that we could suck each other's dicks.

This time, I shut my cell totally down.

The nice thing about Marky was that he treated me the same way I treated him.
Anything I did to him he would do it to me. The best thing he did was teach me that it was ok for boys to kiss boys. He stuck his tongue into my mouth and into his. It was magical.

I turned off the light and we giggled and giggled and then crawled under the covers together.
We had complete fun all night long.