This story depicting the relationship between teenagers is purely fictional. As usual I'm supposed to warn you that the story does contain sexual acts between a consenting child under the age of consent and an Older Teenager. The nasty bits over and done with I hope you enjoy the story.

Catch The Moon

From behind the lace curtains he watched the boy as he kicked an empty cigarette packet along the pavement. He'd seen him many times before from the same vantage point as he walked to and fro along the street, and also at school. They both attended the same school and lived on the same street, the difference being in their ages and also that they lived at opposite ends of the street. He was sixteen going on seventeen, 5ft 11ins and weighed 150lbs. The boy he was watching was about thirteen going on fourteen. He was slim and a good twelve inches shorter than himself with reddy brown hair which he wasn't sure if it had been dyed or it's natural colour. He watched the boy as he neared their house, how many times he had relieved himself fantasising about him. Now his mind raced, "Should he go out and try to make contact with the boy but how could he start and what was he to say." He watched as the boy slowed his pace and glanced at his house then continue on his way and the moment was gone. Again he'd been too timid to act and indulge the boy in conversation he felt deflated. His spirits had been so high when he'd seen the boy and felt sure that this time he would pluck up the courage to talk to him, but it had ended the same as every other time, in disappointment.

He'd gone past Daniel Nicholson's house so many times in the past month out of school hours and had never yet caught a glimpse of him. He'd seen him every day at school but never to talk to only to look at from afar. It was not considered proper for juniors to be seen associating with sixth formers so he concealed his feelings and stole furtive glances at the boy that took up so much of his thoughts. He glanced back over his shoulder at the house in the hope of seeing the face that was in his thoughts but as usual there was no one there. His mind raced "How was he to make contact with Daniel other than just going up to his front door and knocking on it." Then it hit him, "That was the answer go and knock on his door, but I need an excuse for that." His mind was working overtime, "What excuse come on think, yeah that's it. Can I get my ball please?" He grinned and hurried on his way, "He had enough money to buy one of those double bouncers that lots of kids buy from the newsagent." Ten minutes later he was making his way back bouncing his ball on the pavement and catching it. As he neared the Nicholson home he deliberately bounced the ball so that it flew off at an angle and into their garden.

Daniel Nicholson couldn't believe it when he saw the boy again this time coming along bouncing a ball and to see the ball drop into their garden among the plants. The boy stopped at the gate looking for the ball but could not see it he was hesitant but slowly opened the gate and walked up the Path to the front door. When the doorbell rang Daniel shouted to his mother that he would get it made his way there and opened the door. There he was the figure that he'd been in love with from the first day he'd seen him at school. There were hundreds of boys but why this particular boy had attracted him he couldn't tell. It was just something about him and maybe the way he'd caught the boy looking at him on a couple of occasions, nevertheless the boy was on the doorstep now looking up at him.

"Can I help you?"

Yeah my ball went into your garden can I have a look around for it."

"Okay, do you need any help searching for it?"

"Yes please."

"Right lets go and have a look, by the way what's your name? I've seen you at school."


"That's a nice name."

"It's my surname."

"Oops sorry anyway it's a nice surname what's your Christian name?"


Daniel Nicholson laughed.

"What are you laughing at there's nothing wrong with my name."

"I'm not laughing at your name but at the coincidence my surname is Nicholson which is not a lot different to Nicholas."

The boy smiled, "I know what your name is but never thought of the connection actually I never thought of your surname only Daniel your Christian name."

Daniel stared down at the boy who looked back at him unblinking, "Let's go find your ball."

They made their way into the garden and started searching and within a couple of minutes Daniel gave a cry of. "Found it."

"Oh thanks Daniel," the boy said a little despondently taking the ball from the outstretched hand of the older boy. "See you at school on Monday."

"You want to come inside for a bit we could have a cold drink if you're thirsty."

"Yes please."

The two boys made their way into the house Daniel leading the way into the kitchen where his mother was busy cooking.

"Hi mum this is Nicholas we've come for a couple of coke's"

"Hello Mrs Nicholson."

"Nice to meet you Nicholas help yourselves and go out the back and drink them on the patio."

The boys were soon seated on the patio sipping their drinks.

"How'd you know my name Nicholas, when we've never met before."

"I found out at school one of the boys in my class has a brother in the same year as you."

"So why the interest in me?"

"I umm I just."

"What d'you mean just?"

"I don't know I just I umm I think I'd better go home now," Nicholas blushing put his can on the table and stood to leave.

"Don't go Nicholas, I'm sorry for questioning you sit down again and I promise not to embarrass you anymore."

The younger boy sat down again and picked up his drink there was a strained silence for a bit till Daniel spoke.

"So do you want to go out with me after you've had your lunch."

"Yeah, but we don't eat in the afternoon only grab a snack we have our meal in the evening."

"Okay use the phone, call home and ask if you can go out, if you can then we can grab a sarnie here before going out."

"Right, where are we going Daniel"

"Down the West End"

A couple of minutes later after using the phone and his mother talking to Daniel he was given permission to accompany Daniel to the West End.

"Okay what sarnie do you want ham, cheese, chicken," Daniel said putting the phone down. "Or have you got any other preferences?"

"Cheese and marmalade if you have any."

"What? Did I hear right cheese and marmalade?"


"Bloody Hell never heard of a cheese and marmalade sandwich before. How'd you come by that recipe?"

"Well I used to like Paddington Bear when I was younger and in the books the bear used to like marmalade and I like cheese. So I tried putting the two together and I liked the taste so I've been having them ever since."

Daniel couldn't help smiling at the boys story and thinking back to his own younger days, Pooh Bear and honey.

"Yeah well don't expect me to make it you can do it yourself, I'm not handling anything as potent as cheese and marmalade never know what might happen."

"I umm."

"Don't ooh and ahh, I was only joking come on lets fix the sandwiches," and they both headed for the kitchen.

An hour later with there snack finished they were standing on a crowded tube train. As the train rocked from side to side threatening to overbalance them Daniel, was easily tall enough to grab onto an overhead handrail while Nicholas held onto his T-shirt for support. The older the boy revelled in the pleasure he got from the contact of their two bodies especially when the train jerked to a stop at stations and Nicholas, wrapped an arm around his waist to stop from falling. When they arrived at their destination he grabbed hold of Nicholas's hand as they left the train so that they would not be separated in the crowd. The younger boy held on tightly as they were jostled along the platform towards the escalators and the exit. Two minutes later they were outside in the fresh air and could walk in relative comfort along the pavement. Reluctantly Daniel freed his hand from the younger boy's as they walked to their destination only to be surprised as he felt the hand creep back into his and clasp it firmly. He looked down at Nicholas who was nervously staring at the throng of people around them, which accounted for the hand that was now clasping his.

"Where are we going Daniel?"

He stopped, "I was going to go to a book shop but I don't think that you'd be too thrilled at the idea of browsing around amongst a heap of books."

"Uh well, not particularly."

"That's truthful enough," and he continued walking in the direction they were going.

"So where are we going."

"Wait and see."

"Why is it that the younger you are you have to wait and see, didn't you ever get annoyed when your dad said that to you?"

He looked down at the upturned face, "Sorry we're going to Hamleys."

It wasn't long before they got to the store and Nicholas's eyes popped open. He'd been to other superstore toyshops but never anything like Hamleys.

They went into the shop and Nicholas uttered one word, "Wicked." They spent an hour looking around the younger boy jabbering at times when something really took his fancy. It was a bit later when Daniel had stopped to look at some computer games he turned to speak to Nicholas and the boy wasn't there. His heart skipped a beat as he started to panic that the boy had got lost. He looked around then spotted him at the other end of the floor where the radio-controlled cars were. He walked over and stood behind him placing his hands on the boy's shoulders. Nicholas looked behind and smiled up at Daniel, "These are really brilliant cars Daniel."

Yeah they are, but the next time you want to go off and look at something will you tell me before you go. One minute you were beside me the next you were gone I looked around and you were missing, I nearly pooped myself."

"Oh gosh I'm sorry," and Nicholas brushed the hand that was on his shoulder with his cheek.

Daniel, felt the blood rushing through his loins at the young boys gesture he felt like picking him up and crushing him in his arms instead he just squeezed the boy's shoulders affectionately. At the pressure on his shoulders Nicholas leant back into the older boy and felt the hardness of Daniel's loins, he slowly turned rubbing his body against the bulge in Daniels tracksuit and looked up at him. The older boy blushed and eased his body away from Nicholas; "I think we had better walk down to Piccadilly now, then get on a train home."

"Do we have to?"

"Yes we've been in here for over an hour, we can grab something to drink first and then make our way home it'll be nearly six by then."

"Okay can I have a chocolate milkshake?"

"Medium or large."

"Umm, I."

"Don't be shy to say large if that's what you want."

"Okay large."

As they left the store and onto the crowded pavement again Daniel felt the hand slide into his and grasp it tightly. Daniel was overjoyed at the boy's friendliness towards him and the trust he placed in him. They had their drink then headed for the underground station to make for home. On the train again they had to stand because of the crowds. Daniel held onto the overhead rail and Nicholas held onto him this time facing him. He stood close to Daniel and as the train started with a jolt he let the arm that was hanging by his side brush against the front of Daniels tracksuit bottoms and leave it there as he felt the firmness of the older boy's loins. Daniel was trying desperately hard to stop his manhood from achieving a full-blown erection but the boy would not take his arm away from his groin. He couldn't move any further back as he was pressed against the side of the carriage so he just tried concentrating on keeping his penis to a semi state of arousal. The train roared into the station and as the brakes were applied Nicholas was pushed harder against Daniel he raised his arm to steady himself and placed his hand on Daniels penis and kept it there. Daniel instantly throbbed to full erection he looked down and saw Nicholas smiling up at him who then gently squeezed the erection and slowly rubbed it. When the train started its journey again Daniel let his free hand come around between them and cup the younger boys groin to feel him fully erect as well. Face to face they fondled each other, feelings of utter pleasure wracked their bodies until Nicholas's hips jerked and he rested his head against Daniel's body as he erupted inside his trousers, the movement of the train covering the convulsions of his hips till he was spent. He stood leaning heavily against Daniel as his legs felt week till he had recovered his strength. Now recovered as he stood with his head leaning against Daniel's body his eyes travelled down to the hand that was holding Daniel's prick. His fingers were wrapped around it and the head that was protruding from the hand made a wet spot on the track suit. He started to rub it again but Daniel's hand stopped him. He looked up, and Daniel shook his head slightly to indicate that he should stop his administrations. Nicholas released his hold on Daniel but still lent up against him he felt Daniels arm go around his shoulders and press him even more firmly into his body. They stayed like that till the mob of passengers in the compartment lessened and they could take a seat till they reached their destination. Outside in the street again and on home turf they walked side by side and Nicholas was the first to speak.



"Why didn't you let me do you in the train?"

"God I wanted you to Nicholas, but I would have made a real mess in my tracksuit bottoms and my T-shirt is not long enough to have covered the stains."

"Can I come around after I had my evening meal I could be at your place by seven."

"Nicholas won't your parents get a bit suspicious of you visiting a boy older than you."

"No I've already thought of that. I'm lousy at Maths and they're always having a go at me when they see my reports so I can say that you offered to tutor me at the weekends."

"Very clever you've got a crafty little mind."

"Yeah well did you think my ball went into your garden by accident."

"Holy shit you've been stringing me along all the time."

"No I was just desperate to meet you and that was the only plan I could come up with to get to talk to you. When I first went to the same school as you I sort of went bananas when I saw you I don't know just wanted to be with you all the time I used to dream about just putting my arms around you. I even used to walk past your house trying to see you but until I bounced the ball into your garden it was like trying to see the invisible man."

"Bloody Hell! Nicholas, I used to watch you through the curtains when you used to walk past but I could never pluck up the courage to come out and talk to you. I, and don't laugh use wank thinking about you."

"You did?"


"Wicked, you wouldn't believe it I've been bashing my Bishop thinking of you as well, sometimes three times a day. Right now I feel like I want to have another one just talking about it."

"No chance we're not far from you house."

"Will I see you later Nicholas."

"Yes if you want to."

"Great I'll be over at your place by seven or even earlier."

They parted company Daniel watching the younger boy till he disappeared from view. He made his way home as quickly as possible eager to relieve himself.

At home he announced himself to his parents and told them that Nicholas would be coming round later for some maths tuition. After washing his hands he sat at the table to eat and finish as quickly as possible so he could make his way to his bedroom.

His father noticing the speed in which he was consuming his food asked him. "What's the hurry? You carry on eating at that speed you're going to choke."

"Sorry dad,"

"And Daniel I don't want Nicholas kept here too late make sure he's home at a reasonable time."

"Yes dad."

Daniel finished his food cleared his plate away and told his parents he was going to set up some lessons for Nicholas.

Inside his bedroom he closed the door and lay on his bed. He didn't stand on ceremony he lowered his clothing around his ankles in one movement and proceeded to caress his scrotum. His penis was hard at the first touch his mind flashed back to the train ride and Nicholas fondling his cock. He started to stroke his erection and within thirty seconds his hips were bucking as his orgasm erupted and globs of spunk jettisoned from his cock. His eyes were closed he moaned and imagined holding Nicholas in his arms while the semen from his cock sprayed onto the boy's naked body.

He came down from his high and looked at the semen on his stomach and wrinkled his nose at it. He got some tissues cleaned the mess then made for the bathroom to shower and change.

As he emerged from his room his parents were on the verge of leaving for their Saturday night at the local pub. They said their goodbyes and his father again warning him not to keep Nicholas too late. He finished dressing and tried to keep calm as his insides churned at the thought of Nicholas being alone with him in the house. The moment he sat down to relax in the sitting room the bell rang causing him to jump up startled. Daniel dashed to the front door and was not surprised to see the face that had dominated his thoughts all day staring up at him. They grinned at each other the older boy reaching out an arm to pull the younger boy inside the house. As soon as the door closed he took Nicholas into his arms and hugged him tightly.

"Umfh." Nicholas exclaimed as the air was squeezed out of him. Daniel quickly eased his hold and was very apologetic.

"I'm okay Daniel."

"Right lets go into the sitting room," he said, taking the bag that Nicholas was carrying and placing it by the hallstand, "Do you want to do anything special."

"What d'you think, I've been thinking about it since I got home, I want to carry on where I left off on the train."

Daniel looked at his young companion and now was having second thoughts about continuing the relationship on a plainly sexual basis. He new that if it were learnt that he was sexually active with Nicholas he would be in serious trouble. That was not his immediate worry he was more concerned that the boy was more concerned with the sexual aspect of the relationship other than their feelings towards one another. Taking Nicholas by the hand he led him to the sitting room and onto the settee. Daniel still holding onto Nicholas's hand when they were seated spoke.

"Nicholas, can I ask you a question?"

"Yeah Daniel fire away."

"Why do you like me?"


"You heard Nicholas."

"I, I don't know and anyway I don't just like you I think I'm in love with you. I told you before, ever since I first saw you I had this feeling inside of me to want to be close to you. Even if we don't do anything just sit and talk together and hold your hand like now is just great."

Daniel lay back onto the arm of the settee and pulled Nicholas on top of him so that they were lying face to face. He pulled the boy's head down till their lips touched momentarily in the faintest of kisses.

"I love you Nicholas James, and for a moment I was scared that all you really wanted me for was a wank partner."

Nicholas jumping up shouting and interrupted Daniel.

"What, is that what you really thought that all I wanted was for us to wank together."

Daniel pulled Nicholas down onto the settee and wrapped his arms around him. "I'm sorry Nicholas I'm really sorry for having said that but when you were so eager for us to feel each other on the train and again when you arrived this evening I got the wrong impression."

"Jeez Daniel, I didn't mean it to sound like that I thought that because you hadn't had a wank and I had that you would be eager for us to do it."

"Wrong as soon as I'd had my food I was upstairs in my room doing it."

The boy lay down on top of Daniel resting his head on his shoulders and whispering into his ear. "Were you thinking of me when you did it."

"No Britney Spears Duh."

The boy giggled at Daniels remark, which was music to Daniel's ears, "What was I doing to you?"

"Nothing I was holding you in my arms and spraying my spunk over your naked body."


"Can we go and do that now in your bedroom I so much want to be naked and lying up against you."

As he stood Daniel lifted Nicholas into his arms and carried him to his bedroom. Inside he laid the boy on the bed and started to undress him.

"It's okay I can do that you undress yourself Daniel that way it'll be quicker."

They were both naked in seconds and hard as rock. They lay on the bed and started fondling each other's erections which had both of them moaning with pleasure.

Daniel put an arm around the younger boy and brought his head closer so that their lips could meet and their tongues unite. As they kissed so Nicholas let go of Daniels erection and moved his groin towards Daniels rampant member. Daniel feeling this took both cocks into his hand and started the ritual of masturbation.

The pleasure each derived from feeling their cocks rubbed together soon had them panting and moaning in anticipation as to what was to come. Daniel feeling Nicholas begin to hump into his hand new the boy was nearing orgasm, as was he. He increased the speed of the strokes on their cocks and felt the semen begin to boil and build up inside of him. He wasn't going to last much longer when he felt Nicholas stiffen then his hips convulse uncontrollably as the spunk flew out of the end of his cock. He removed his hand from their cocks and placing it on Nicholas's arse cheeks pressed his groin into his own throbbing member and now his own hips jerked as he too blasted his semen between them. They both thrashed about on the bed hips and cocks banging together until their passion was spent and they lay still and panting gazing into each other's eyes.

"Oh God! Daniel I thought I was going to die and that my guts were spewing out of the end of my cock. That was something that will be hard to beat, umf!"

The boy's words were cut off as Daniel drew the boy in close and brought their lips together and inserted his tongue to quieten him. They lay contentedly in each other's arms recovering from their exertions and revelling in the feelings of their naked bodies pressed together. Half an hour later Nicholas sat up and looked down at Daniel.



"You want to have another one."

"In a minute let me recover a bit more. You forget I relieved myself before you arrived."

"Okay then lets leave it for another time lying here and feeling you against me is just as nice."

"Mmm, it is, I want to crush you into to my body and keep you here forever."

"Well if you want I can sleep here tonight?"

"Huh, I don't know Nicholas you'll have to ask your parents and I'll have to ask mine."

"I've already had permission from mine I asked them before I left to come here. What d'you think I've got in my bag besides my maths book."

Daniel looked at the boy, "Nicholas I'll be glad to have you stay the night but why are you doing everything so quickly?"

"Because I love you Daniel Nicholson and have done since I first saw you. There are other boys in the school who are better looking who have bigger muscles than you, but although some of them have tried I wasn't interested in any of them only you. They didn't do to my insides what you did when I first saw you."

Daniel looked down and stared at the boy gazing at his face, the reddy-brown hair which he now knew to be natural, the big brown eyes, the button nose, the small mouth that had full red lips all set in a triangular face. The mouth when it smiled as it was doing at present formed slight dimples in his cheeks giving him an elfin look. Daniel didn't say a word but rose from the bed went to the phone picked it up and dialled.

"Hi Dad."

"No there's nothing wrong, can Nicholas spend the night here?"

"He's already had permission from his parents."

"No, you can't speak to them they've gone out and won't be back till very late and his elder sister is at a friends house."

"You don't have to come home early dad, I can handle it over here."

"Okay I'll make sure he's in bed before mid-night."

"Bye dad see you in the morning love to mum.

"Have you got your parents mobile number Nicholas so that I can tell them you're staying the night?"

"Yeah," and Nicholas rattled a number off. Daniel punched the number that was given and spoke to Nicholas's father confirming that his son would be spending the night. Before replacing the phone he asked Mr James if he wished to speak to Nicholas but the offer was declined.

He walked over to the bed and lay down with part of his body resting on top of the younger boy. His face only inches from Nicholas's he said, "You have to be in bed by mid-night and laughed."

Nicholas laughed along with him then reached up with his hands and pulled Daniel's head down so that their lips could unite.

They lay together arm in arm pecking each other on the lips rubbing their erections together and making small talk.



"I, I'm I, can we make love again please I'm ever so worked up."

"Daniel smiled at the boys stammering and terminology. He pulled him tighter to his body brought their lips together so that their tongues could unite and bring added pleasure to the beginning of their act of love.

To Be Continued.

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