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Catch The Moon

Part II

They lay relaxing in the darkened room their bodies illuminated by light filtering in from the open window. The young boy's attention was drawn by the light from the window. He turned onto his stomach bending his legs from the knee so that his heels were resting on his buttocks and cupping his chin in his hands he looked out at the night sky. As he gazed out of the window gradually the clouds cleared to reveal the biggest of Full Moons. "Daniel, Daniel, look at the moon it's so big and near it makes you think that you could put your hand out and catch it."

Daniel turned onto his side to look at the boy calling him. Nicholas his naked form leaning on the windowsill was looking out at the full moon. As Nicholas turned to look at Daniel his face was caught in beautiful silhouette by the moonlight. Daniel held his breath as he took in the sight; he lay with his head resting in his hand silently absorbing the beauty of the boy outlined by the moon.

"What's wrong Daniel?" the boy asked nervously.

"Nothing's wrong, everything is wonderful. I was just looking at you in the moonlight, I'm not sure about you catching the moon but the moon sure has caught in its rays the most beautiful boy in these parts."

"Nicholas moved from the window and leaned his body on top of Daniel's, "I thought that only girls were beautiful and boys were handsome."

"Yeah whatever, but to me you're beautiful and it's what I think that counts."

"Have you ever had any other boyfriends?"

"Nope, you're my first. What about you?"

"I umm, you won't get angry will you."

"No Nicholas I won't, so go ahead tell me how many boyfriends have you had."

"I only had one other boy who I thought was my boyfriend but he wasn't really. All he wanted was for me to give him wanks or let him rub his cock between my thighs. He never used to do anything to me so I got fed up and one day I told him to piss off and he never came back again."

Daniel wrapped his arms around the younger boy rolled off the bed lifting the boy as he stood up.

"What you going to do Daniel?"

"Get you and myself ready for the night, I'm not sure when my parents will be back and I certainly don't want them finding us naked like this." He walked to the bathroom with Nicholas in his arms, inside he set the boy on his feet saying, "I'll run the shower when it's warm enough hop in, meantime I'll go downstairs and get your nightwear then join you in the shower."

After much giggling and splashing about and threats made by Daniel they finished their shower. Now dried and clad in their nightwear they made their way to the kitchen for a snack.

"So what do you want to eat Nicholas, and don't say cheese and bloody marmalade."

"Why not."

"Oh God what a bloody combination."

"Alright then cheese and chopped onions."

"Bloody hell no, that's worse you're breath will be stinking all night. You can have the cheese and marmalade sarnies. "

"What are you having?"

"Tea and biscuits." Daniel said, as he started to prepare the food and drinks. "I happen to live in the civilised part of the street and not like a certain savage from the other end."

"Oh aren't we posh, you snotty nosed git,"

"Watch it or no cheese and marmalade sarnie's for you, you'll go to bed on an empty stomach."

Nicholas giggling blurted out "Oh please kind sir, you wouldn't send a poor defenceless boy to bed on an empty stomach would you."

Daniel laughing completed making the food gave Nicholas his sandwich saying, "That will stop your whining," and watched as the boy woofed it down followed by his tea. Their snack finished the boys went into the sitting room to see what was on the box. After flicking through the channels they eventually decided on a movie they liked, made themselves comfortable on the sofa and settled back to watch it. At midnight when the movie ended Daniel got up lifting Nicholas off his body, "Time for bed," He declared, "Come on I'll tuck you in,"

"Aren't you coming to bed as well?"

"Of course just as soon as I've tidied up an done the dishes I'll be in the bed beside you. We don't want to create a bad impression on your first sleepover do we?"

"Okay but don't be too long."

After seeing Nicholas into bed Daniel returned to the kitchen to clean up. He had barely finished when the rattle of a key turning the lock in the front door announced that his parents had returned home. They walked into the kitchen and greeted their son and immediately his father put the kettle on for tea.

"Not for me dear I'm too tired," Mrs Nicholson said, "Goodnight the two of you I'm off to bed."

As Daniel finished tidying up his father asked, "Is Nicholas in bed."

"Yes I'm going up now unless you want something doing."

"No son goodnight."

"Night dad."

Daniel made his way to his room. Inside he stripped and slid his naked body under the covers and snuggled up against Nicholas.

"You took long enough."

"Well I had to clean up some savages mess in the kitchen."

Daniel was now spooned into Nicholas's body with his arms around him as the young boy lay gazing out of the window.

"What you thinking,"

"Nothing Daniel, just looking out the window at the moon it's really nice lying here with you're arms around me and seeing it shining down on us."

"Well turn around and look at me."

Nicholas rolled over so that they were face-to-face, "Is that better."

"Yep, I love you Nicholas James and I want you looking at me until you fall asleep." He pulled the younger boy into his body and brought their lips together. Gently their tongues danced and played together as they tasted the fluids from each other's mouths. They broke the kiss and with limbs wrapped around one another they talked till they fell asleep.

Daniel slowly regained consciousness and could feel a weight on his chest. Opening his eyes he saw a pair of brown eyes staring at him and a mouth split with a wide grin, which now moved and a sound came forth, "Hi. Daniel."

"Hi, and what are you doing rubbing yourself on me."

"Well it was hard so just thought I'd keep it company with mine, you want to have a go now."



"Because I'm busting for a piss and if you don't get off me mighty soon I'm going to pee all over you."

"Okay let's go I can do with a pee as well," jumping out of bed Nicholas headed for the bathroom with Daniel on his heels.

They relieved their bladders then staring at each other's naked forms they soon became hard again.

Daniel switched on the shower waited for it to warm up then got under followed by Nicholas.

The younger boy nudged Daniel, "Come on move over a bit, don't hog all the shower."

Daniel turned facing the younger boy wrapped his arms around him and drew him under the water. They stood locked together letting the water run over them. Lifting Nicholas, Daniel was able to get their erections to rub together. Nicholas slipped a hand between their bodies and started to masturbate the two cocks within a few seconds Daniels who was extremely worked up soon found his hips jerking uncontrollably as spunk erupted from the end of his cock onto Nicholas's chest. The younger boy feeling Daniel erupting quickened the strokes on his own cock till his semen blasted out all over Daniels dick and scrotum. They ground their hips together enjoying the last throes of their orgasm till it gradually died and they were once more back in the real world.

They stood in the shower looking at each other the water cascading over them.

Daniel smiled saying, "You look like a drowned rat but nice all the same."


"What now."

"When were together like now how do you feel."

"I don't know Nicholas, it's hard to describe. I feel happy; I feel I want you in my arms all the time. If I could have my wish I would like you to stay here and live with us so that we are never separated."

Nicholas pulled Daniels head down and kissed him, "I feel the same way too, I told my dad ages ago how I felt about you now he's going to meet you later this morning."

What, bloody hell Nicholas you crazy or something."

"No I told my parents about my feelings for other boys some time ago. They sat down with me and talked it over making sure that it wasn't just a fad I was going through and that I might grow out of it. It's been over a year and I haven't changed and when I told my dad about you he realised then that I was right about my liking for other boys or should I say boy."

"Well then we had better get a move on and get the meeting over and done with."

"Don't worry Daniel he's not going to ask any awkward questions he just wants to see the person who I've been talking about in the flesh."

They finished their shower, dressed, and were in the kitchen within half an hour. After filling their stomachs with bowls of cereal they said "Goodbye," to Daniel's parents and headed for Nicholas's house. Five minutes of walking brought them to their destination. Nicholas opened the front door with his key and the two boy's entered. Inside the front door Nicholas shouted out, "Mum, dad, I'm home."

A voice called back, "In the sitting room son, your mum's out at the moment."

The two boys walked into the sitting room, "Hi dad, this is Daniel Nicholson,"

"Hi Mr. James nice to meet you."

"Daniel, it's nice to meet you and thank you for taking the time to tutor Nicholas if any tutoring was done at all knowing him."

"It's okay Mr James I don't mind and at least it's company for me."

"You don't have any brothers or sisters."

"Yes, but my elder brother doesn't live at home anymore."

"I see, take a seat Daniel."

Daniel sat on the sofa and Nicholas promptly sat in his lap.

"Daniel was a bit embarrassed and tried to get up but Nicholas stopped him saying, "Relax Daniel I told you my dad knows about how I feel about you."

"Nicholas get off Daniel he's not going to run away,"


"Nicholas, do as your father say's"

"Oh, okay," and Nicholas sat down beside the older boy.

"At least son you've done something right for a change and got friendly with someone who does listen to what adults have to say. Looking at him now I can well understand why you fancied him."

"Dad, give over will you, don't talk about Daniel like that you'll embarrass him."

"What d'you mean like that, I was just paying him a compliment it's not very often you see a black haired boy with violet coloured eyes."

"Yeah, well I didn't fall for his eyes."

"Umm Mr James can we talk about something else."

Father and son immediately started apologising much to Daniel's amusement.

"Daniel," Mr James announced after a moment's deliberation, "We have to discuss yours and Nicholas's relationship. I suppose by now knowing him he's told you about how he's been fancying you for God knows how long and wanted to get to know you."

"Yes Mr James."

"Thought so."

"But. Mr James, Nicholas hasn't had a chance to tell you how long I've been having the same feelings about him."

"Oh, so that's how it is, well it's about time the two of you got together."

"Dad can we talk about this at some other time."

"We could but you both will have to go to school tomorrow and."

Before Mr James could continue he was interrupted.

"Dad we weren't born yesterday we know what will happen at school if any of the kids find out about us so don't worry we'll keep a low profile."

"Okay no more lectures you both know what the score is I just hope you make it work.

The boys looked at each other, "We will," they chorused."

Dad can we be excused I want to go to my room and talk with Daniel."

"Okay, son."

The two boys excused themselves and went to Nicholas's room. Inside Daniel didn't get a chance to look around before he was grabbed and his head forced down to meet with Nichols's lips. They broke the kiss and Nicholas grabbing Daniel by the hand pulled him towards the bed.

"Nicholas not now your dad's in the house and he might just want to speak to us.

Nicholas laughed I wasn't intending for us to do anything only sit on the bed so we can talk." He sat on the bed followed by Daniel.

"It's going to be real hard at school tomorrow seeing you and not being able to touch you and I won't even be able to talk to you until meal time."

"Yeah, well we're just going to have to learn to live with it because any slip ups and they find out about us we're going to be up shit creek without a paddle. It won't be too bad for you, you being the younger but I could be in serious poop. But the good thing is it won't have to be for too long, only another year and a bit then if I sit my A levels and get decent passes in my chosen subjects I can apply for university."

Nicholas jumped up from the bed, "Shit you never mentioned anything about you going to university."

"Nicholas I haven't had much of a chance we only started talking yesterday."

"Yeah well alright, but what am I going to do when you bugger off to uni and I'm left here alone."

"Nicholas be realistic it's not going to be for another fourteen to sixteen months and then only if I pass my exams. You never know what might happen between now and then."

"What d'you mean something might happen."

"I don't know Nicholas I can't see into the future, but you might get tired of me and want someone more of your own age group or I don't know you might just start fancying girls. If on the other hand we're still together and I hope so then we'll sit down and work something out."

"You taking the piss Daniel, me fancy girls that'll be the day and there's no way I'm going looking for someone else. So be warned I catch you eyeing anyone else and you're goolies will feel they've been through a liquidiser."

Daniel laughed grabbed hold of the younger boy and fell back on the bed pulling Nicholas on top of him, he lay there with the boy staring into his eyes.

"You wouldn't just go and leave me would you Daniel."

The older boy took the face that was staring down on him into his hands and drew it towards his own till their lips met and their tongues could unite and gently play with each other. Daniel broke the kiss, "If you think I'm going to pack my bags and leave after wanting you for so long you must be crazy. You're stuck with me Nicholas James and you're going to have a hard time shaking me off."

"Don't intend shaking you off, umm only of course when the need arises and a certain something is standing to attention."

"Daniel laughed, "Jeez you've got a one tract mind." Getting up he unwrapped Nicholas from his body. "Okay Nicholas I better get going I have to get home now "

"What, you've hardly been here an hour can't you stay longer, if not I'll come with you."

"No, I haven't done any homework and with you around I won't get any done at all."

"Just stay a little bit longer Daniel please."

"Nicholas come off it you're making me feel bad, I have to get my schoolwork done you don't know how important this last fourteen to sixteen months at school is going to be for me. I'll make you a promise if I can get my work done before 6.00pm I'll come and visit for a couple of hours how's that."

The younger boy with a downcast look mumbled, "Oh okay,"

They went downstairs Daniel made his goodbyes to Mr James at the front door he turned smiled at Nicholas, "Before I go give me your phone number so I can call you before coming around."

Nicholas supplied him with their number, Daniel touched him on the tip of his nose with his finger, " Bye Nicholas, see you soon".

"Bye Daniel," and he watched his friend till he was out of sight. Closing the front door Nicholas joined his Father in the front room.

"Daniel didn't stay too long was he embarrassed that you'd told us about the two of you."

"No nothing like that he had to go home to do his schoolwork he's studying for his A-levels and didn't get any work done yesterday."

"He's a nice boy Nicholas, does his parents know about the two of you."

"No and I'm not too sure he wants to tell them either."

"Then you had better make extra sure that you don't do anything to make his parents suspicious."

"Dad, please, I'm not a total moron. I do know when to play it cool."

Daniel his thoughts on Nicholas hurried home. "If I can get my schoolwork done by five I can grab something to eat then I can be at Nicholas's house by 6.30pm the latest. Spend a couple of hours with him then be back by 9.00pm and mum and dad won't get any ideas."

He reached home made himself known to his parents then said, "I'm going to my room to finish my homework."

He worked for roughly three hours and was nearly finished when he heard the doorbell and the sound of his mother's footsteps going to answer the door.

The sound of voices made Daniel groan, his aunt had arrived with her children. He continued with his work till he'd finished then made his way downstairs to meet his aunt and the kids.

He walked into the sitting room greeted his aunt and the two girls came bounding across to him. He picked them up in turn greeting them with a kiss on the cheek.

His aunt called to him, "Daniel you sure you'll be able to keep an eye on the girls after school till their father gets home."

"Sure aunty I told you I would it's only for an hour and a half and only the first three evenings of the week. I'll have plenty of time to come home and do my schoolwork afterwards." Turning to his mother and father he said, "I'm going to eat something then go out is that okay."

"Alright, come on I'll serve you're food," his mother said getting up from her chair, "And don't be home too late you have school tomorrow."

Inside the kitchen his mother warmed his food then in a lowered voice asked, "Are you going to see Nicholas?"

Daniel blushed then mumbled, "Yes mum."

"I'm glad you've found a friend at least he'll be company for you. Since your brother left to work in France you've been stuck in the house hardly ever going out."



"How much longer is Frank going to stay in France?"

"I'm not too sure but I don't think it will be very soon especially since he's met Michelle. Why do you ask?"

"Nothing just wanted to have a talk with him that all."

"You can talk to him over the phone, here you are you're food's ready," she said placing it in front of him.

"Mum there's certain things you don't talk about over the phone."

"Oh I see, alright eat your food."

The conversation at an end Daniel made short work of his meal clearing up afterwards. He went into the hallway and dialled and heard Nicholas answer the phone.

Daniel replied, "It's me."

"Who d'you think me is."

"Absolutely brilliant you got it in one. Is it alright if I come around now?"

"That doesn't happen to be a bloody stupid question, your parents may have guests over."

"Alright I'll be there soon I'm leaving now." And Daniel put the phone down.

He said goodbye to his parents and relations and made his way to see Nicholas, a few minutes of brisk walking and he was at their door. Before he had a chance to ring the bell the door opened to reveal a grinning Nicholas. The boy didn't stand on ceremony he grabbed hold of Daniel and dragged him into the house slamming the door behind them. He took Daniel by the hand and led him into the sitting room introducing him to his mother and sister like a prized possession. They sat talking for over half an hour till Nicholas made excuses for them and got them away and into his room.

They both collapsed on their backs on the bed. Nicholas rolled over on top of Daniel, "You okay."

"Yeah just didn't think your mum and sister would be asking so many questions."

"That's what women do, what's more I saw my sister eyeing you I think if she didn't already have a boy friend she put a hit on you."

"Yeah, well if I was into girls I think I would be fancying her she looks okay."

"Do you remember me telling you Daniel Nicholson what would happen if I caught you eyeing anyone else, well that applies to girls as well."

"Will you stop yapping I've been here nearly an hour and nothing not even a kiss what kind of reception is this for a special guest."

Nicholas smiled and lowered his head to comply with his friends request at the same time sliding his hand down to Daniels groin to give the kiss a bit more embellishment.