Catch The Moon

Part 3

He stood by main gates in the school grounds looking at the central doors hoping to see Daniel walk through. With no appearance of the boy he was looking for, he slowly walked through the gates and started to make his way home. A hundred yards down the road he heard a shout, "Wait up Nicholas." Turning he saw Daniel running to catch up.

"What happened to you? I've been waiting over fifteen minutes since school gave over thought I'd missed you so I was going home."

"We were held back, the teacher wanted to finalise what subjects we would be taking for are A-levels."

"So are you coming over to my house now or do you want me to come to yours."


"What, why not?"

"I forgot to tell you I have to baby sit for my aunt till about 5.30pm till my uncle gets back from work. Then after I've had my meal I've got to study."

"Shit! So I won't see you this evening."

"No not till school tomorrow and I have to do the same on Tuesday, and Wednesday,"

"That's just bloody great. The moment I get to know you I can't see you because you're bloody baby sitting three evenings a week just bloody brilliant."

"Nicholas I promised my aunt I would before I met you. Do you really think I would have volunteered if I had met you earlier."

"So will we be able to meet after school on Thursday."

"Yes of course."

"Unless you go and volunteer for something else."

They neared Nicholas's house he turned to Daniel, "See you." and opened his gate and went in. Daniel stared at his back then continued on his way to his aunt's house feeling depressed at Nicholas's outburst. He'd walked a few yards when he heard footsteps and a hand slide into his and stop him. He turned to see Nicholas with watery eyes standing there. "Sorry for coming on like that Daniel, I shouldn't have had a go at you, it's just that I was so looking forward to spending a bit of time with you after school."

"It's okay Nicholas I know how you feel, but it will only be for two weeks till my aunt goes back to her normal shift at the supermarket."

Nicholas drew up close to the older boy and whispered, "I love you Daniel Nicholson," he squeezed the hand he was holding then turned and ran to his house.

Daniel again stared after the retreating figure but this time his spirits were soaring as he gazed at the boy disappearing into the house, he thought, "Nicholas James you're the most beautiful boy in the world and your mine," and now as he continued on his way he was walking on air.

Thursday at 3.30pm and as usual Nicholas waited at the school gates for Daniel to appear so they could walk home together. He came through the main doors hurried over to Nicholas and they started on their walk home. They'd gone a few yards when a voice from behind them called, "Got yourself a bum boy have you Nicholson."

The two boys turned to see Ian White smirking behind them.

"Yeah I have, what's wrong you jealous you can't find one of your own."

"Fuck off Nicholson I'm not a poofter."

"If you're not a poofter then how do you know what a bum boy looks like unless you've had the experience?"

"Well you seem to have got very friendly with James these last few days normally you walk home on your own. He's always hanging around school in the breaks looking for you.

"You're a moron White and always will be. I happen to be giving James extra tuition in maths either at my house or his whichever suits us at the time. I'm sure James's is father will be interested to here that a certain Ian White considers his son to be a bum boy. I want to see your face when he comes to the school to discuss your allegations with the Principal."

"Come off it Nicholson you wouldn't tell him what I said, would you?"

"Well guess what White, when you come to school tomorrow morning I can guarantee you than Mr James will be at the school with Nicholas."

"Fucking Hell Daniel, please can't we drop it please I'm sorry for saying what I did, I promise I'll never say it again."

"White you're the kind of person who shouldn't be let off the hook. You go around shooting off your big mouth and cause a lot of problems for others. I'll let Nicholas here decide if we should go ahead and tell his father or not." Turning to Nicholas he said, "What do you say."

"I'm not sure Daniel I'll think about it and decide when I get home."

"Come on James please say you'll forget it."

"Look piss off White and let me think about it. Come on Daniel lets get out of here."

The two boys left when they were out of sight of Ian White they burst out laughing, after a while when they could control their laughter Nicholas said,

"Daniel did you see his face when you said you were going to tell my dad what he said, God I'm sure he nearly shit himself."

"Yeah but that was the only way I could think of to handle him and his mouth."

"It was absolutely brilliant now he's going to spend the whole bloody night wondering if I'm going to tell my dad."

"Actually Nicholas, we should ask your dad to drop you off at school tomorrow and let White see him, that will really put some brown streaks in his underwear."

"Good idea I'll ask dad when he gets home from work. You coming into the house for a while and have a drink before going home."

"Okay but I can't stay too long if you want me to come over later this evening. I have to get home and get my schoolwork done."

"Okay then Daniel, go home now that way you'll be able to get back here earlier."

Two hours later after saying goodbye to his mother Daniel was outside the James's house, and as usual the door opened before he had a chance to knock to reveal Nicholas standing in the doorway with a huge grin on his face. The moment he was inside and the door closed Nicholas yelled out, "Mum Daniel's here and were going up to my room to do some work."

"Have you asked him if he wants anything?"

Daniel shook his head, "No mum he doesn't want anything were off upstairs," and Daniel's hand was grabbed and he was literally dragged to the bedroom.

Inside the room Daniel grabbed Nicholas around the waist and lifted him off the floor as he brought their lips together at the same time swinging their bodies around. Breaking the kiss he said, "God I've been wanting to do that for ages, still carrying Nicholas he walked over to the bed and lay down with the younger boy in his arms. As they lay together again their lips came together as they relished the feelings of pleasure their tongues brought to one another. While kissing quickly their hands sort to bare their flesh so that they could bring their loins to join in the same manner as their tongues. Trousers lowered to below the knees and shirts lifted to expose their torso's they began to grind their rampant cock together. At first a slow gentle grind then as their passion built so the kiss was broken and they humped their pelvises ever faster their mouths open gasping as the pleasure of orgasm drew nearer. Suddenly Daniel hugged the younger boy even tighter to him as his hips convulsed uncontrollably at the onset of his orgasm. He blasted his semen between them three four five globs of thick ropey semen then his convulsions subsided only to be taken up by Nicholas where he had left off. Nicholas dug his face into Daniel's neck as he started his orgasm as he too erupted to mix his semen with that of his older companion.

They lay together recovering from their exertions till Nicholas reached over to the bedside table to collect a box of tissues. Taking some from the box he bent down to clean Daniel's penis.


"Uh huh."

"You don't think of me as your bum boy do you?"

Daniel sat up looking down on the younger boy "Are you crazy what gives you that idea, you're not still thinking about what that moron White said are you? If we didn't have any sex at all that would be alright with me, just being with you Nicholas and being able to hold you in my arms is like heaven to me."

Nicholas wrapped an arm around his lovers neck and pulled him down so that their lips could unite so he could confirm his love to the boy in his arms was more than just sexual longing.

Breaking the kiss Daniel said, "We had better clean up and dress it won't be long before I have to leave."

"Just another five minutes Daniel, please only five."

"Five minutes and that's it no extensions." And he took the younger boy into his arms again and brought their lips together.

Half an hour later after spending some time with Nicholas's parents and sister Daniel said goodnight to his young friend pecked him on the lips and made his way home.

As the two boys planned Mr James gave the boys a lift to school the next day and they made sure that Ian White saw them. When Mr James left without coming into the school premises he came over to the boys and couldn't stop thanking them for not telling on him and one extremely relieved boy went off to his classes.

A week later Daniel had just finished his meal when the phone rang, he went into the hall and answered it to hear Nicholas's voice on the other end.

"How much longer are you going to be?"

"Not much longer just have to clear up and I'll be on my way."

"Well hurry up I miss you really badly can't wait to see your face."

"Yeah me too, bye see you soon." And Daniel hung up.

Suddenly from the front room he heard his father's voice calling, "Daniel."

He hurried into the sitting to see what his father wanted, "Yes dad."

"I happened to pick up the phone at the same time as you and heard yours and Nicholas James's conversation. Could you explain to me what is going on between the two of you?"

"I, umm its like umm we that's the two of us umm like each other, like ah, you know how a girl and a boy like each other."

"Are you trying to say that you and he are having a homosexual affair?"

"Umm if you want to put it like that yes."

"Jesus bloody Christ I've got a bloody queer for a bloody son, what the bloody hell have I done to deserve this."

Daniel stood with his head bowed while his father continued with his tirade, till his mother was drawn to the room by the noise.

"What's going on why all the shouting?"

Mr Nicholson gesturing towards Daniel it's him, "He's a fucking fairy."

"Robert mind your language, and how do you know Daniel's a homosexual?"

"Because he just told me after I heard him talking to his fairy boyfriend on the phone."

Mrs Nicholson turned to her son, "Is it true Daniel?"

"Yes mum."

"Do you want to sit down and discuss it now son."

"No mum not at the moment wait till dad has cooled down a bit, I'm going out to see Nicholas."

"Okay we'll discuss it later."

"Bye mum bye dad."

His mother acknowledged his goodbye his father kept silent as he left the room.

When their son had left the house Mrs Nicholson spoke, "I'm just as disappointed as you are Robert, but he is still my son and I'm not about to treat him like a leper. If you don't like the idea of your sons homosexuality then at least try and treat him like a human being and not as some sort of freak of nature."

" Well I don't like the idea of him and that boy spending time together in this house as a matter of fact I don't want Nicholas James in this house again and that's final, if he wants to see his boyfriend it's not going to be on these premises."

"I'm sure that won't worry the two of them they'll find ways of meeting if they really have to, and frankly by the way that he's so eager to meet Nicholas at his home there won't be much problem of them seeing each other."

"Well I'll soon put a stop to that."

"Look Robert if you don't start being sensible about this you're going to make matters worse."

"I am being sensible as long as he's living in this house I'm not having them carrying on like a pair of lovers especially as one is under age."

Daniel arrived at Nicholas's house and as before he didn't have to ring the bell, the door opened and Nicholas grinning pulled him in slamming the door shut behind them. The moment the door shut Nicholas stood on tiptoe to bring their lips together seconds later he broke the kiss, "What's wrong Daniel?"

"My dad heard us talking on the phone, He guessed what was going on between us and went spare."

"Oh shit Daniel I'm sorry I should never had said anything like I did on the phone."

"Its okay Nicholas it was just as much my fault didn't think of my dad picking up, the phone at the same time as me."

"So what's going to happen now?"

"I've no idea I left while he was still going on about me being a queer."

"Come on into the sitting room and talk to my parents they may be able to come up with some sort of solution."

Inside after greeting Nicholas's parents Daniel took a seat with Nicholas sitting beside him."

"Dad and Mum,

"Nicholas when you use that tone of voice there's something the matter so what is it this time."

"What d'you mean that tone of voice mum it's my normal voice?"


"Oh okay, Daniel's father heard us talking on the phone and we said things that made him realise that Daniel and I were going together. He got really mad but Daniel left to come here before things got too bad."

"Mr James looked at the two boys, "So what do you expect us to do, other than to advise Daniel to go home and try to talk it over with his parents there is nothing more we can do. Your mother or I can't speak to his parents they would only think that we were trying to interfere in their family affairs. I think Daniel should stay here for about an hour or so then go home and talk the matter over with his parents."

"Thanks Mr James I suppose I'd better do that just hope he's in a better mood when I get back."

Because of the situation the boys stayed in the sitting room watching TV. till Daniel stood up to say goodbye. In the hallway Nicholas held him back, "Do you want me to come with you."

"Thanks for the offer Nicholas but I had better face this on my own."

"Can I give you a call later on?"

"No you'd better not Nicholas I'll call you or see you on the way to school tomorrow."

A quick peck on the lips and Daniel was out of the house and on his way home. As he neared his home he felt apprehensive as to what was to come. Gritting his teeth he opened the front door and entered the house. The moment he was inside there was a yell from his father to come into the sitting room.

He entered and was immediately assailed by a torrent of abuse, "So the bloody queer is back what happened your boyfriends parents kick you out."

Daniel turned to leave the room and was stopped by his father yelling, "Don't you even think of leaving the room while I'm talking to you arsehole."

"Yes dad if you want to talk we can talk but if your going to shout and scream and use foul language I'm don't intend staying here to listen to it."

"Don't get cocky with me you little prick," and before he could say another word his wife yelled out, "Shut your foul mouth Robert Nicholson if you can't sit down and discuss this rationally then there's no point in Daniel staying here to listen to your insults."

"I'll insult him as much as I want and you had better not try and take his side, I'm going to set the rules in this house, and rule one is, that James boy does not step foot on these premise and two he doesn't visit Nicholas James's house again, and that's final."

"You can't stop me visiting Nicholas again."

"As long as you're living in this house you'll do as you're told."

"I'm over sixteen and you can't keep me here, if that's the way you feel I'll leave and find my own place to live."

"And what do you intend using for money."

"I can leave school and find a job I've got 500 to last me till I do. So you can stuff your house and your insults I'll go and find my own place tomorrow." He turned his back on his father and went up to his bedroom.

Downstairs his mother rounded on the father, "So are you satisfied with what you've done he's going to leave school and try and find work at his age thanks to his so stupid, ignorant, pathetic' excuse for a father."

"I didn't tell him to leave if that's what he wants then I'm not going to stop him."

"You can take that attitude but I'll make the truth known to the whole family why a sixteen year-old boy left school and home because of a bigoted moron who happens to be his father."

"You can say what you want but I'm not changing my mind, so just drop the subject."

Daniel's mother left the room and made her way to her son's room. Knocking on his door and entering when he said so.

Inside she went to her son, "Daniel you don't have to leave the house you can continue to stay here you can still see Nicholas at school."

"No mum he's bound to make it awkward for me you heard how he spoke there's no way he's going to lighten up. I think I'll be better off out of the house. I can go and look at the adverts in the local shops for rooms to let there are always plenty of them. Now let me do some packing so I can move as soon as possible."

"Daniel please don't leave stop and think what your doing, your throwing your chances of furthering your education away and any chance of getting a job of your choice."

"Mum you know I don't want to go but he'll only make life intolerable for me if I stay here. He'll never stop making remarks and insulting me whenever he's in a foul mood. Then of course I won't be free to see whom I want to mainly Nicholas, yes I can see him at school but even there we have to restrict ourselves to normal chatter. We couldn't express ourselves the way we would want to like we would if we were in the privacy of our own home. So unless he allows me to see Nicholas there is no point in me staying here."

"Daniel do Nicholas's parents know about the two of you."

"Yes mum and they're perfectly alright with it."

"Then if I talk to Nicholas's parents and ask them to let you board there would they be willing if I can scrape up some money to give them monthly."

"I don't know mum, they've already said they wouldn't want to interfere and get dragged into family affairs."

"But I would be agreeable to your staying there and your father won't have a say in it, because if he tries anything he'll have me to answer to."

"Okay mum go ahead and try phoning them and see what they have to say."

"Daniel I don't intend to phone them you and I are going to take a walk down there and discuss it face to face. So get yourself ready and let's go."

Daniel didn't need telling twice he was ready in a couple of minutes and they made there way downstairs. Before they left the house Mrs Nicholson called out to her husband that, "She and Daniel were leaving the house."

"Where are you going he enquired?"

"To find my son a place to stay and away from your foul mouth."

"I'm sorry dear I."

He was not given a chance to complete his statement, "It's too late for sorry, your son didn't need to hear the kind of remarks you made earlier. I could expect it from the yobs they get down at the pubs but not from his father. We're leaving now and I want no further remarks or interference from you. She turned and with Daniel in tow left the house. As the front door closed behind them Mrs Nicholson stopped on the doorstep, "Are you absolutely sure Daniel that you want to go ahead with leaving the house."

"What other alternative do I have mum you know he'll have a go at me every time there's something he doesn't agree with."

"Alright but I think a change of plan is in order. I don't think it would be wise for you to stay at Nicholas's house he's under the age of consent and asking them to put you up would be wrong. If it ever came to light about you and Nicholas they would be in serious trouble for allowing you and Nicholas to continue your relationship under their roof. You know my friend Irene Fisher the one you call aunty Irene."


"So come on," as she led the way into the street and to the car. "She has a spare bedroom since her daughter Daphne left home I'm sure she'll let you have it for a reasonable price." The motor started and they were on their way. A few minutes later they pulled up outside the address they wanted Mrs. Nicholson got out and going up to the front door rang the bell.

The door opened, "Babs how good to see you and Daniel, come on in."

They exchanged greetings and all trooped into the sitting room, "Irene I'll come straight to the point would you be able to rent Daniel here a room."

"Certainly Babs but what's happened."

Barbara Nicholson related to Irene what had taken place earlier not leaving anything out. "So now you know what happened are you still willing to give Daniel a place to stay."

"Certainly Babs and what's more I'll give my sister Val a call tomorrow morning to try and fix Daniel with a job at the Supermarket she's the Personal Manager there and should be able to get him placed in some position."

"Oh thanks Irene we won't stay long we have to get Daniel's belongings packed and I'll bring them around tomorrow with him."

Daniel had been sitting down not saying a word just listening to the two women, just as he stood up with his mother to leave so Irene Fisher came over to Daniel putting an arm around his shoulders she squeezed him saying, "Don't worry Daniel I hope your father has a change of heart, if he doesn't then hopefully your mother and I can help you get on with your life."

Daniel near to tears blurted out, "Thanks aunty, I'll see you tomorrow."

With his mother also making her goodbyes they left to return home.

When they arrived home he told his mother he wouldn't come in straight away but go down to Nicholas's home and tell him what had happened.

"Alright son but don't be home too late."

Daniel kissed his mother and made his way to Nicholas's house on this occasion he had to ring the bell. The door was quickly opened and Nicholas stood in front of him grinning. Seeing his face seemed to lift the worries from Daniel's shoulders as he was quickly pulled into the house by the eager young boy.

"I thought you were never going to come what took you so long?"

"Nicholas we had better go and sit down so all of you can hear what happened this evening."

"What's wrong Daniel, what's wrong?"

"Nicholas lets go into the sitting room so your mum and dad can hear what happened as well."

They went inside and Mr and Mrs James and Nicholas's sister greeted Daniel telling him to take a seat.

Nicholas as usual sat next to him, "So come on Daniel tell us what happened with your parents."

"My mum was okay about it but my father was as mad as ever. He said if I was to continue to live there I was not to visit you at your house and you were not allowed to visit me."

"What you're joking."

"So with my mum's help I've decided to leave school and home and to start work. My mum's friend whom I'm going to stay with is going to try and get me work, where her sister is the Personal Manager.

Nicholas burst into tears sobbing he said, "Daniel you can't leave school and go and live somewhere else that's not right."

It's okay Nicholas that's why I'm leaving home so my dad can't stop me from seeing you."

Mr James spoke up, "Daniel I don't think you're doing the right thing by giving up school. If you were just an average student I'd say yes okay, but you're not and if you were to leave now you'll regret it for the rest of your life."

"But my mum can't afford to pay all the rent for my room. They still have a mortgage on the house so I need to have a job to pay my way and part time jobs won't cover the cost of my room and food. I know what I'm giving up Mr James, but trying to live with my father with his attitude is not an option. I will miss school really badly but I don't see what else I can do."

"Mr James got up from his seat, "Oh God what a bloody waste, how can a person be so bloody stupid if he was a teenager there could be some excuse made for him but he's a an adult or supposed to be."

"Dad why can't Daniel stay with us?"

Before anyone could answer Daniel blurted out. "No Nicholas, if it ever came to light that your parents were keeping me here and we were involved in a relationship with you being under age they'd be in a lot of trouble and so would I."

"No Daniel that would only happen if people were to see it with there eyes." Mr James proclaimed, "Rumours count for nothing in a court of law so unless the two of you go around telling the whole world what you're doing how are they to find out?"

The two boys looked at each other then Nicholas jumped up ran over to his father grabbing his hands he pleaded, "Please dad can Daniel stay please then he'd be able to continue going to school, can he dad?"

"Nicholas, I'd love to be able to offer Daniel a place to stay here, but we can't get involved in a family matter unless his parents approached us."

"Then we can ask his mum to phone and arrange a meeting can't we?"

"Nicholas I said parents not just Daniel's mother. He has to have the consent of both parents otherwise there may be a conflict later which I wouldn't want your mother and myself involved in."

"Well if Daniel got both his parents consent dad could Daniel stay here."

"Yes, but only if both parents agreed to it."

Nicholas turned to Daniel, "Could you talk to your mum to get your dad to agree to it."

"I could try but I don't think that he would go along with it."

"Come on Daniel lets go and speak to your mum I'll walk as far as your gate with you."

"No you'd better not if he was to see you that would only send him off the deep end. I'll go home now and speak to my mother and she can then get in touch with your dad and let him know how it went."

Daniel said goodbye to Nicholas's parents and sister, in the hallway he took Nicholas into his arms and brought their lips together. They kissed with a passion and longing that was brought on by the uncertainty of the future for the both of them. Breaking the kiss Daniel said, "Goodbye," and left the house, at the gate he turned to see Nicholas still at the front door with tears streaming down his cheeks he waved to him then turned and left.

To Be Continued.