Catch The Moon

Part IV

He made his way home hoping that his mother would be able to talk his father around to him staying with Nicholas. Arriving home he let himself in closing the front door quietly behind him. He walked into the front room to see his parents watching television.

"Hi mum, if it isn't disturbing you from your programme can I have a word with you please."

"Certainly son I wasn't really watching, do you want to talk in here or in the kitchen."

"We had better talk in the kitchen don't want to disturb him from the tele."

"Okay son let's go," and the two of them made their way into the kitchen.

When they were seated at the breakfast table Daniel spoke, and informed his mother of the offer that Mr James had made but only if both parents consented to it.

"Mum can you speak to him and get him to agree."

"Daniel, why are you referring to your father as him?"

"Mum, you shouldn't have to ask me that after the way he spoke to me, like I was less than human something that crawled out of the gutter. I can never forgive him, and he certainly won't apologise for what he said. In any case what he did say can never be erased from my mind I'll hear the insults for the rest of my life which I'll have to learn to live with."

"Alright Daniel I'll go and talk to your father and see if he'll be agreeable to your staying with Mr and Mrs James, you stay here."

She left her son and made her way into the sitting room inside she spoke to her husband, "Robert I wish to discuss Daniel's future with you so could you tear yourself away from the television for a moment or even turn it off."

Switching off the television he turned to her, "You don't have to speak to me in that manner."

"I'm speaking to you in a much more politer manner than you did to your son not so very long ago, or has your small little mind already forgotten."

"Okay so I went over the top a bit but lets drop it and get on with the discussion."

"Mr and Mrs James have offered to let Daniel stay with them till Daniel finishes school. They won't accept just my consent to the offer it has to be the both of us so are you willing to allow him to stay with them."

"Yes let him go and stay with them I don't suppose you'd have let me say no if I wanted to."

"You're absolutely right I'd made up my mind to leave you if you had refused."

Robert Nicholson jumped up from his chair, "What you would have left me after 27 years of marriage."

"Yes and to be quite honest I'm not too pleased at having to stay, your behaviour today has shown me another side of you that I'd never seen before."

"I'm sorry I'm sorry I tried to apologise before but you wouldn't let me."

"Well I can accept your apology but Daniel never will."

"What d'you mean."

"Robert after the insults you hurled at him what do you expect, for him to forgive and forget. He doesn't even refer to you as his father or dad like he used to he calls you him or he whichever context applies. To be honest even if you were to allow him to remain here without any strings he wouldn't want to I think you hurt him more than you realise."

"Oh God! What have I done Barbara? I just seem to lose it when he told me he was a homosexual. I'm not sure what got into me when I said what I did, I think I wanted to hurt him because of the disappointment I felt, but I want to apologise to Daniel, and I was going to ask him to remain at home I didn't realise I'd hurt him so badly, do you think if I spoke to him and apologised he'd reconsider."

"You can try Robert if you want but I don't think Daniel will want to speak to you or be prepared to accept you're apology not at the moment anyway."

Robert Nicholson slumped back in his chair and put his head in his hands, his wife left and went to see Daniel in the kitchen. As soon as she walked in Daniel asked, "What did he say mum did he agree?"

"Yes Daniel he agreed, but before you start jumping around for joy your father was going to ask you to remain at home."

"No mum it wouldn't work I can't get over the way he spoke to me it was like some other person that I'd never met before and who's to say that he wouldn't do it again."

"Alright Daniel go up to your room I've got things to think about before I phone Mr James."

Kissing his mother he said, "Okay mum goodnight and thanks for everything."

Going back to the sitting room Mrs Nicholson sat in silence thinking about the situation. After fifteen minutes of thought she confronted her husband again, "I'm going to try and talk Daniel out of leaving home and I just hope he listens to reason. If I can talk to him tomorrow when hopefully some of his anger at you has abated maybe, just maybe, he'll change his mind and not want to leave."

"I'll stay out of it dear, I know there's no way that I can erase the things I said to Daniel but as you know of the two boys I favoured him, and I had great hopes for his future. I don't know why being a homosexual should have made me react in such a way, most probably would have done the same if it was a girl he was interested in but not so abusively. I just seemed to see all my hopes and aspirations for him go out of the window when he admitted to being one. I suppose that's illogical but it was the way I saw it and reacted accordingly trying to hurt (and succeeding) the one that I loved and expected so much of. Even if it were a girl I think I would have had something to say. I know what relationships can do to kids and how their attitude towards their studies can suffer if the relationships get too serious."

"Well there's nothing more we can do tonight Robert let's just go to bed and sleep on it."

Daniel returned from school on Friday with Nicholas walking beside him they were both unusually quiet till they reached Nicholas's house,

"You going straight home Daniel or are you coming in for a while."

"No I'd better get back so I can discuss with my mother what's going to happen as soon as I can I'll give you a call."

"Nicholas held Daniel's hand, "If you want I'll come home with you I don't care what your dad has to say about us I'm not scared of him."

Daniel smiled and although they were still in the street he wrapped his arms around Nicholas and hugged him tightly into his body. "I know you're not scared of my dad Nicholas, but that's not the reason I don't want you to come home with me. I just don't want anymore screaming and foul language being thrown about and especially not when you're there. So wait at home and if they've maid their decision what they want to happen I'll phone you straight away."

"Okay Daniel see you later and Nicholas extricated himself from Daniel's arms and went inside the house.

When he arrived home Daniel's mother on hearing him enter the house called out to him from the sitting room.

When he entered the room his mother said, "Daniel before you object to my proposals let me finish what I have to say first."

"Okay mum."

"I know that you feel that your father has insulted you beyond forgiveness and that you wouldn't want to stay here living under the same roof as him. The alternative of living with Nicholas's family to you would be the ideal solution, but I don't think it would be Daniel."

"Why, what's the problem with me staying with Nicholas mum?"

"There's no problem but I'm thinking of the outcome Daniel. You see if you go and live with Nicholas you'll be with him 24hours of the day. Even married couples have a break from one another as they both go to their separate jobs till evening, when they then return to the home. Daniel; people need to have a break from one another's company even if it's for only seven or eight hours a day, it helps to rekindle the desire to see one another again. In yours and Nicholas's case that won't happen you'll be in the house together and even at school. They'll be no break from each other's company only of course when you go to your different classes but there will be the breaks when you'll see each other again. At first Daniel it will seem like the ideal solution and you'll revel in each other's company but, human nature being what it is after six months or a year that may change. Yes when you first meet you can't get enough of each other but, after the weeks and months go by you still love the person but you need to get away from their presence otherwise your feelings for one another might wane and you might just start getting on each others nerves.."

Daniel was quiet after his mother had spoken till a sigh escaped his lips and he said, "Okay mum, Ill stay here but if he starts on me again then I won't go and stay at Nicholas's but go to Aunty Irene's even if it means I have to leave school I'll do it just to get away from the insults.

"Your father won't insult you again Daniel, actually he was wanting to apologise to you last night but I told him I didn't think it would be such a good idea after all the abuse he'd hurled at you. I'm not sure that it will make you feel any better but your father would have been against your relationship even if the other person had been a girl. Of course he said he'd most probably not have been so abusive but for some reason hearing of your homosexuality he just seemed to lose control. He regrets it and I should imagine at some point he'll want to have a talk with you."

"I don't think I'm ready to talk to him yet mum maybe at a later date when I feel I can listen to him without the insults ringing in my ears."

"I'm glad that's settled Daniel, later when you've changed and eaten something you'd better go and tell Mr James that you'll be staying at home. I'm sure you'd much rather tell him in person than have me phoning him, and at the same time you can comfort Nicholas as I'm sure he'll be disappointed that you won't be living with him."

After he changed and eaten Daniel took a small bag with a change of clothing in it and prepared himself to go and tell Nicholas's parents of his decision. He waited until he knew that Nicholas's father would be back from work before leaving the house. Kissing his mother he said, "Mum, is it alright if I spend the night at Nicholas's house. I know he'll be disappointed I'm not going to be living with them so spending the night might make him feel a bit better."

"Alright son and tomorrow you'd better bring Nicholas back here with you to spend the day to show him that he is welcome in this house."

Daniel kissed his mother goodbye left the house and made his way to see Nicholas. When he entered the gateway to the house the door didn't open as usual which was no surprise to Daniel as he hadn't informed Nicholas he was coming over. He rang the bell and waited and when the door opened is ears were deafened by a yell "Daniel," and a small form jumping to wrap its arms around his torso and hug him.

Returning the hug then extricating himself from his young friends arms he said, "Hi Nicholas, lets go inside I've got to speak to your dad."

"Daniel what's wrong?"

"Nothing, why do you ask?"

"Because you don't normally greet me like this come on what's up?"

Putting his bag down in the hall Daniel said, "Nicholas what I have to tell you is also meant for your parents to hear so lets go in and then you can all hear it at once instead of me telling you all separately."

"Okay Daniel let's go." and taking him by the hand Nicholas led him into the sitting room."

Inside the room after they'd all made their greetings and taken their seats Daniel began.

"Mr and Mrs James I really appreciate your offer of providing me with a place to stay until I complete my education. If it was only me making the decisions I would have taken you up on the offer, but my mum after discussing it with my father and myself and with my agreement have decided that the best place to stay would be at home. My father has promised not to refer to my feelings for Nicholas again and although I refused at the time would like to apologise to me for the things that he said."

"I'm so very pleased to hear that Daniel," Mr James said, "I know that relationships between your father and you will be a bit strained at first but in time hopefully the two of you can learn to put all of this behind you."

"Yeah well I'm not too happy about Daniel's decision I was looking forward to him living here."

"Nicholas, you're only thinking about yourself what about Daniel's mother how do you think she would feel."

"Sorry dad."

"Mr and Mrs James, can I spend the night at your house please? I've already told my mother I'd like to spend the night here I think that."

He was interrupted by Nicholas, "Yes you can Daniel so that's what the bag was for come on we'll take it up to my room."

"Nicholas, since when have you been making the decisions in this house. For your information Daniel was addressing your mother and myself until you so rudely interrupted. Now go up to your room and stay there and I don't want to see your face till we sit down for the evening meal.

"His head hung low and mumbling "Sorry," Nicholas left the room.

Mr James watched his son leave the room, when he was out of sight he smiled and turned to Daniel, "That should give him something to think about, yes Daniel you can spend the night and I know what the reasons behind your wanting to stay were you don't have to explain."

"Thanks Mr James, also would it be okay if Nicholas came home with me tomorrow my mum wanted him to know that he was welcome in our house as much as I am in yours."

"Certainly Daniel, now take your bag up to Nicholas's room I'm sure he must be having a face like a sour grape by now, and I suppose your presence will change that."

"Yes off you go Daniel, Mrs James said, "And try to keep that son of ours under control."

As he left the room Daniel thanked Nicholas's parents saying, "I'll try to do my best with Nicholas but I'm not too sure if I'll succeed."

He retrieved his bag and climbed the stairs to Nicholas's bedroom, knocking on the door he opened it and walked in.

"Daniel," the yell that Nicholas let out was certainly heard downstairs. Nicholas ran over to him and flung himself into Daniels waiting arms. Without hesitation their lips came together parting to let their tongues unite so that they could taste and absorb and satisfy their yearning for each other. When at last they broke the kiss Daniel said, "I'm a total failure."

"What, what d'you mean you're a total failure?"

"I told your parents that I'd try to keep you under control but I wasn't very successful. That yell you let out must have been heard in Timbuktu."

"Where the bloody hell is that?"

"If you put as much effort into geography as you did kissing and other sexual activities you wouldn't have to ask me you'd already know."

"Couldn't care less where it is and I don't want a geography lesson all I want to be is lying on my bed with your arms wrapped around me so come on," and Nicholas dragged him by the hand to the bed. Kicking their trainers off they both lay down on the bed in the manner that Nicholas had wanted and now revelled in.

"I was so looking forward to your coming to live with us Daniel I was making all sorts of plans and now I feel like I've been kicked in the goolies."

"It's not the end of the world Nicholas we'll still see lots of one another at school and weekends, and from what I can feel with my hand your goolies seem to be in perfect shape."

"If you don't stop that now I'm going to cum in my pants."

"Oops, better not let that happen before dinner they might get suspicious if they see you coming to the table in a different pair of trousers."

"No don't stop Daniel, keep doing it please I'm nearly there."

"No, wait till later if I can, you can."

"Shit, that's just being plain nasty."

"Well hard luck I told your parents I was going to try and keep you under control so now its time I tried."

"Daniel, you going to be mean to me?"

"Don't try that on me I'm not falling for it, all I'm saying is wait till later then we can take pleasure in what we do together not just one person getting satisfaction."

Nicholas leaned over and pecked Daniel on the lips, "Sorry, where was that place again."

"What are you yapping about?"

"Timbuk..., something or the other."

"Oh yeah. Timbuktu. It's in Mali in Africa."

They lay on the bed talking till they heard Nicholas's mother calling them down for the evening meal. When they had all finished eating and clearing the dishes Nicholas's parents went upstairs to get ready to go out for their Friday night social get together. His sister had already left to spend the evening at her boyfriends place so shortly the two of them would be left alone in the house.

With the departure of the adults the two boys lay on the settee together arms wrapped around one another watching the box.


"Uh huh."

"What made you change your mind about staying with us?"

"I didn't my mum persuaded me that it would be better to stay at home or if not at my aunties house."

"Why not here?"

Daniel looked at the young boy in his arms then pecking him on the lips he said, "I hope you'll be able to understand what I tell you Nicholas and not get upset.

My mother thinks that if I were to stay here with your family then things might fall apart after sometime, and after I thought about it I think she was right."

Nicholas sat up, "What d'you mean things might fall apart if you stayed here?"

"Nicholas what my mother meant was that we would be constantly in each others company without a break. Yes at first it would be great, but after a couple of months or more we might just start to get on each others nerves. What she meant that in all relationships partners needed a break from one another if not on a daily basis at least once a week so that they could look forward to meeting up again. In our case it wouldn't be so, we would be living and going to school together without a break from each others company month in and month out."

"You'll never get on my nerves Daniel never ever."

"Well okay maybe my mum was wrong but I think the best place for me to stay is at home even after what my dad said. Now can we do something else other than talking.

"Nicholas smiled he rolled over and lay on top of Daniel looking down on him he said, "I know what we can do."

"Okay tell me if I haven't guessed already."

"We can play on my PS2." And Nicholas rolled off Daniel and onto the floor laughing.

"Very funny, alright I'm going to hold you to that we're going to play on the PS2 till your parents get back."

Nicholas stopped laughing, "You're joking aren't you."

"Do you see me laughing?"

"Oh shit Daniel, you're such a spoil sport can't you take a fucking joke."

Daniel stood up looking down at Nicholas who was still lying on the carpet. "Come on get up we have to go play your PS2 and I'm going first."

"Shit!" and Nicholas slowly got to his feet. As soon as he was standing Daniel walked over to him grabbed hold of him and lifted him into his arms. Carrying Nicholas towards the stairs he looked at the face that was staring up at him, smiling he said, "Do you really think I'm going to spend the next three hours on that stupid PS2 when I have you all to myself."

Nicholas pulled himself up in Daniels arms to bring their lips together, breaking the kiss he sighed, "Umm, yes that's definitely better than PS2.

Inside the bedroom Daniel lay the younger boy on the bed then knelt down on the floor beside the bed looking at Nicholas.

"What's up?"

"Nothing, I just want to look at you and absorb every detail of your face."



"Do us a favour."


"Can you put the light out and come and lie down beside me."

"Consider it done," and Daniel walked over to the light switch turned the light off and walked back to the bed to lie down beside Nicholas and wrap his arms around him."

"Look out of the window Daniel ."

Daniel did what was requested of him and saw a Full Moon filling the night sky. "Huh, four weeks ago that same moon was looking down at us only that time you were naked and hanging out the window looking at it."

"Do you want to get naked now?"

"In a bit just let's lie here for a bit."

"We can lie here together naked we don't have to do anything."

"Okay, do you want me to take your clothes off?"

"No you'll take forever I'll get my own off and you can undress yourself."

Within a minute they were back on the bed both naked and there limbs entwined around each other. The feel of their naked flesh brought their loins to a full state of arousal almost immediately. All thoughts of lying passively in each others arms flew out of the window. Their cocks now rampant strained for that feeling that could be attained by rubbing their engorged members in a manner that they were now doing.

Nicholas stopped and said, "Daniel if I lie with my back to you, you can put your cock between my legs under my balls then you could like fuck me and wank me at the same time."

"Okay," and within seconds they were in position. As Nicholas squeezed his legs tightly to grip Daniels cock he felt Daniels hand come around and grip his cock.

"I'm not going to wank you Nicholas, you fuck my hand and I'll move in rhythm with you."

Slowly Nicholas started to fuck Daniels hand he could feel Daniels cock sliding between his legs rubbing underneath his balls in time with his fucking. He'd never felt it so good before and knew it wouldn't be long before he blew his load.

He started to speed up and told Daniel, "I'm going to cum soon."

Well hurry up I'm nearly there myself and Daniel continued to pound away between Nicholas's legs until he could hold back no longer. He wrapped his other hand around Nicholas and pulled him hard against his body and as his spunk blasted out of his cock he yelled "Ahhhhhhh ohhhh God ohh fucking hell ohhh shit and his cum splattered between Nicholas's legs and coated his balls, that's the best oh God I love you Nicholas as his hips bucked and thrust uncontrollably.

Nicholas at the same time screamed "Ohhhhh shit Daniel ohhh man this is fucking wicked oh fuck I'm going to take off it's so good as globs of his spunk splattered onto his abdomen then the last bits start to trickle down Daniel's hand.

They lay still recovering Daniel still holding Nicholas into his body. Their penis's gradually softened but still they lay silent in the same position.


"Uh huh."

"I love you."

Kissing the back of his young friend's neck he then put his mouth to Nicholas's ear, "And I love you Nicholas James, now I suppose I had better get you cleaned up."



"Because I just want to lie here with you, we've got heaps of time before my mum and dad gets back."

As the younger boy turned in his arms to face him and peck him on the lips Daniel said "Okay Nicholas." And pulled him closer into his body.


"Now what?"

"You won't forget about me when you go to university will you.?"

"Bloody hell Nicholas, it will be another couple of years before I go to university and that's only if I pass my exam's."

"You'll pas your exams Daniel, do you think you'll still want to be involved with someone four years younger than you."

"Nicholas, I know what you're thinking, that while I'm away I might get to like someone else."


"No chance I'd be crazy to look at anybody else to me you're the most beautiful boy in the world. Now quit yapping and let's do some kissing."

Daniel lowered his head to bring their lips together. They lay happy and content in each other's arms relishing the closeness of their naked bodies and the arousal of their loins as their kiss drove them to start their ritual of love again.

Unintentionally and because of their lovemaking the two boys fell asleep, Nicholas's parents returned home and Mr James went upstairs to his son's bedroom to check on the boys. Entering the room he saw the two of them lying naked on the bed arms and legs entwined. He walked over to the boys took hold of the bed covers and covered them then stroking their heads he left them to sleep and dream their dreams of love and happiness now that the problems of the last couple of days were resolved.

The End

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