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Centennial Park

by FreeThinker


Chapter Six


            Come on! Come on! Hurry up! Let's go! Get a move on!

            I would not, of course, say these things out load as the members of the congregation slowly, oh so agonizingly slowly, moved toward the communion rail and as Father Partridge, followed by Stephen, moved from communicant to communicant as they knelt and then slowly stood up and slowly walked away. I was shifting back and forth from one foot to the other, trying not to show my eagerness to escape into the sunshine of Independence Day! What rotten luck that the Fourth of July should land on a Sunday this year!

            I looked over at Ryan, who seemed just as impatient as me for the service to end. He, too, was shifting back and forth; how ever, from the way he was doing it, I realized suddenly it had less to do with eagerness to begin the days festivities as with the need to avoid wetting his pants. At one point, as Dr. McAdam and Mrs. Dr. McAdam ostentatiously took their time kneeling, receiving, crossing themselves, and then standing, making certain everyone could see how devout they were, I thought Ryan's eyes were going to pop out of his head. It got so bad that Stephen finally signaled to him to escape through the side door to the choir room.

            By the time Ryan returned, the last of the Dark Side had arrived at the rail and soon all were seated. Ryan grinned at me and whispered, "That was close." I grinned back until I heard a rather insistent clearing of the throat from the other side of the sanctuary. Man, for such a cool guy, Stephen could be a real pain in the rear sometimes.

            It wasn't long before the three of us were finally leading Father Partridge and the choir down the nave. When we were done, Ryan and I nearly ran with our tapers to the sacristy. By the time Stephen arrived, we had both removed our robes and were just opening the door to leave.

            "Hey, slow down there!" he said, as he jumped out of the way. "The fireworks don't go off 'til sundown!"

            Brian was hanging upside down on the handrail at the side door of the rectory as we ran out. I yelled, "Tell Mother and Daddy that I'm over at Alex's!"

            "Hey, no fair!" he yelled back. "If I gotta stay, you gotta stay!"

            The Clarkesville Jaycees always sponsored the Fourth of July celebrations in Centennial Park. Volunteers had hung patriotic bunting from the street lights all around the park and planted small American flags all around the sidewalks. There were banners all over the bandstand in the center and several barbecues all over the park were being set up to charcoal hamburgers and hot dogs. The ice cream man had parked his truck along Tenth Street and there was a tent selling Freezies setting up beside the Army Tank, on which a banner declaring "God Bless America" had been strung to cover up the latest anti-war protest painted on it Friday night. It was going to be a great Fourth.

            Ryan took off to the left; I had no idea where he was running off to. I took off diagonally across the park toward Alex's house in the middle of the west edge of the park. As I ran past some men setting up one of the barbecues, one of them yelled, "Hey, Chris! Where's the fire?"

            It was a lawyer that Daddy knew. I grinned and answered, "Donald Partridge's!"

            He laughed and yelled back, "Yeah, I'll bet! Stay away from those burning flags!"

            They laughed as I ran on and I kind of understood. But, it bothered me a little, as well. Donald was really a pretty nice guy.

            In fact, he was sitting on the front porch drinking coffee and watching the preparations in the park.

            "Well, if it isn't Junior Fascist!"

            I rolled my eyes, but knew he was kidding by the twinkle in his eye.

            "Hi, Donald. How are you doing, today?"

            Donald took a sip of his coffee, thought for a moment, and then replied, "Not good. Not good, at all. It seems you and this town have had a profound effect on my progeny. In short... "

            He turned and pointed to the screen door just as Alex opened it.

            He wasn't wearing one of his psychedelic t-shirts today. Instead, he was wearing a normal looking yellow short-sleeved pullover and some normal looking khaki shorts.

            I was a bit surprised.



            "You, uh, you almost look normal."

            "You, uh, you almost make that sound like a bad thing."

            Donald grunted. "Maybe Junior Fascist's got a little rebel in him."

            Alex looked at his dad with irritation and then asked me, "So, you gonna stay in your Sunday Funeral clothes all day?"

            I grinned.

            "Nah. Come on!"

            We were halfway down the block before I turned and asked, "So what's up with the normal clothes?"

            Alex shrugged.

            "Well, I needed some clothes anyway because I was outgrowing everything. I'm a lot taller than was last summer. And, where are you going to get tie-dyes in Clarkesville? Besides, I still have my sandals and my long hair."


            "You mean you want me to look radical?"

            I shrugged.

            "I don't know. I kind of think your long hair is, well, pretty. Its beautiful. I love it. When we were making out yesterday, I just couldn't stop running my fingers through it. I think it makes you look beautiful."

            I paused for a moment as we came to the corner of Tenth Street. Alex stopped. I turned around and he looked at me with his Mona grin.

            "What?" I asked.

            "You're blushing."

            I looked down at the curb in embarrassment.

            "I dunno. I guess it's still kinda weird to me to tell another guy that I think he's beautiful."

            I started off across the street. Alex followed and said, "Well, I guess you're making me more normal and I'm making you more abnormal."

            I stopped on the sidewalk in front of our house and smiled at him.


            As we walked through the yard to the front porch, Alex asked, "So where's your family?"

            "They're still at church socializing," replied. "They won't be back probably for another half hour.

            As soon as I said that, I froze on the top step and turned. Alex was grinning at me and said, "So what are we waiting for?"


            Quickly, I unlocked the front door as I felt that first rush of excitement. We hurried in and as Alex closed the door I ran up the stairs. By the time I reached the top of the stairs, I had already ripped off my tie and I was totally hard. When I got to my bedroom I threw my blazer and tie on the bed, kicked off my loafers and was already unbuttoning my shirt as Alex ran in, panting. He had a wild grin on his face before he whipped his shirt off over his head. In seconds were both naked.

            I swept my jacket and tie off the bed and onto the floor as I jumped up on it and lay naked and hard. Alex climbed up and on top of me. He settled himself down on my body, his rigid dick pressed against my abdomen next to my own hard-on. His face was inches above mine, his beautiful hair falling down toward me, as his hypnotic eyes gazed into mine. His manic smile slowly mellowed as he lowered his head. Our lips met, our mouths opened, our tongues plunged against each other. We both moaned.

            After a moment, Alex moved his mouth to my cheek, kissing it all over before moving al over my face. Soon, his kisses moved down to my neck and, suddenly, I discovered something new to turn me on. His tongue liked my throat, sending chills all over my body and causing me to cry out. He was groaning as his hips thrust against me and his mouth devoured my throat.

            Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and I rolled us over onto our sides. Our arms wrapped around each other, our eyes met, and he gave me a hungry, loving smile.

            "I love you, Alex," I whispered.

            "I love you, Chris."

            Our mouths crushed together again and we began frantically writhing against each other, desperate to feel as much of the other as possible, deliriously trying to make the other feel as good as possible. My right hand swept down Alex's back and felt all over his soft butt. I pulled his hips to me tighter and he moaned.

            "Chrisser?! You home?"

            We both jerked away, terror in both our eyes.

            "Um, yeah! I'm in my room!"

            Frantically, we jumped up. As Alex desperately climbed into his khakis and ran to my dresser and yanked a pair of Bermuda shorts from the drawer. I could hear Mother and Daddy climbing the stairs. Quickly pulling a shirt out and whipping it over my head, I heard Daddy knock on the door.

            "Chrisser? Why is your door closed? May I come in?"

            We both looked around to make sure everything was OK. Alex threw my blazer over the wrinkled section of the bed where we have been laying and I kicked his underwear, which he had forgotten to put on, under the bed.

            "Um, sure Daddy."

            Slowly, the door opened to reveal my curious father looking around the room. When he saw Alex sitting on the bed, he nodded.

            "Alex," he said by way of greeting.

            "Hi, Mr. C." my boyfriend replied with what I knew was a too innocent smile.

            "Um, I was just changing out of my church clothes."

            "Yes, I see. Well, carry on."

            He gave a weak smile and closed the door.

            Alex silently went, "Whooo!" as I held my finger to my lips. I picked up his underwear and handed them to him. He rolled his eyes sheepishly.




            Alex and I were walking through the crowd eating our hot dogs as the Clarkesville Community Band regaled the celebrants with the theme from Hawaii Five-0, not exactly my idea of patriotic music, but everyone was having fun. I had given up trying to convince Brian not to climb up on old Zack Clarke's statue.

            "Man," Alex said with wonderment as we strolled toward the rec center, where the Boy Scouts had set up a dunking pool. "What's that kid going to be like when his hormones kick in?"

            I shuddered and we both chuckled.

            We stopped at the dunking pool and saw the pastor of the Presbyterian church sitting in the hot seat.

            "Come on, folks! Let's raise some money for the Boy Scouts! It's only a quarter to... yaaaaaaaa!"

            One of Ryan Corcoran's many freckled siblings apparently hit the bull's eye as the pastor was drumming up business. He fall into the water was accompanied by loud cheers from all around.

            "This is great," Alex said warmly. "I never got to do anything like this back home. I thought it was going to be real corny and hokey, you know. But, its really pretty cool!"

            I smiled at him. Apparently, the son of the fearsome Donald Partridge was a normal American boy after all! Well, maybe not totally normal...

            We turned and walked toward the bandstand, where Hawaii Five-0 had been replaced by The Association's Windy. Alex giggled, which made me giggle, which sent him into chuckles, which made me drop the wiener out of my bun.

            "I dropped my wiener!" I declared dramatically.

            "Aw, should I kiss your wiener and make it feel better?"

            I started to make a sarcastic reply when I heard Stephen behind us say, "Well not here in front of God and everyone!"

            We spun around in surprise to find Stephen and Jack grinning broadly. Stephen's thick blond hair was glowing in the sun and looked so beautiful. Jack's dark curls seemed to glow as well.

            "Kids today!" said Jack, shaking his head. "No sense of propriety."

            "I know what you mean," Stephen replied. "Now in our day, kids did what they were supposed to. We did it behind the garage!"

            "Or up in the attic!"

            "There you go! Or, in the storm cellar!"

            "Well!" Alex declared, "We're liberated! We do it where ever we want!"

            "Yeah!" I added. "Power to the people!" I announced as I raised a defiant fist into the air.

            Stephen and Jack both laughed and Jack said, "Stevie, I think you've created a monster!"

            Alex and I joined in the laughter as Stephen squeezed my shoulder and said, "Chris, I'm so happy for you two. I haven't seen you smile like this for an awfully long time. Its nice."

            "Yeah, I guess I am pretty happy, now."

            I looked at Alex and my heart melted when I saw his his smile. Suddenly, however, Alex's face clouded. He was looking off behind me.

            "Oh, no," he said.

            We all turned in the direction he was looking and saw his parents slowly walking along the row of arts and crafts booths.

            "What is it?" I asked.

            "Dad said he wasn't going to come out here today. He said he didn't want to be part of any bourgeois jingoism."

            "Well, how much trouble can he cause here?" Stephen asked.

            Alex and I both slowly turned to him.

            "Have you forgotten who we're talking about here?" Alex replied. "This is the guy who hired four pregnant black women to march in front of the White House with signs saying 'Nixon's The One.' This is the guy who hung a banner outside our apartment with a picture of the President saying 'Tricky Dick,' except the word 'dick' was really a picture! This is the man..."

            "OK, OK." Stephen interupted. "I get the picture. Well, we'll hope for the best."

            Then it was my turn to say, "Oh, no," as I saw Mother and Daddy strolling over toward Donald and Emily and waving at Alex and me to come over.

            Stephen chuckled and said, "Go fulfill your family responsibilities."

            Alex and I both rolled our eyes and trudged over to face the music.

            By the time we arrived, all the adults seemed to be getting along swimmingly. Even Mother seemed to smile almost sincerely at Emily, who was describing how to properly brew her favorite herbal tea.

            "Well," said Donald, "this may be the first Fourth of July I don't get arrested!"

            Alex groaned.

            "Well," Daddy replied heartily, "it's still early. We've got all day! Don't give up, yet! Besides, I'm the D.A. I can call the police chief."

            As everyone laughed, Alex said, dryly, "Believe me, he doesn't need any help."

            Donald looked at his son askance in the awkward silence.

            "Teenage rebellion. How do you rebel against Donald Partridge? Most kids rebel against their parents by becoming liberal. Mine? I get a Republican."

            Alex was flushing with fury and I was about to retort angrily when Daddy interjected, "Well, I sincerely doubt that anyone in Clarkesville would mistake Alex for a Republican. He is a fine boy, though. And, he has done a world of good for Chris, bringing him out of his shell. We very grateful to him."

            Daddy gave Alex a warm smile and added, "I'm proud he's my son's friend."

            Alex gave my father a look of such gratitude, as did I. I was proud of him.

            "That's what bothers me," said Donald. We all lookedat him in shock.

            "Donald!" Emily declared.

            He immediately looked remorseful.

            "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. Look, this is tough for me, leaving The Cause and moving to this... this town and... look, I love Alex and I've always believed in letting kids be themselves, letting them have the freedom to develop their own belief structure independent of heirarchical structures... well, before this turns into a sociology lecture at Columbia, I guess I have to take my own medicine and let Alex be who Alex wants to be."

            Emily took Donald's arm and squeezed it. Daddy gave him an encouraging smile. Alex looked down at the ground and said, softly, "Thanks, Dad."

            "Hey, Chrisser, why don't you and Alex check out what Matt and Jason are trying to do over there!"

            He was pointing to a group of people on the other side of the bandstand, where it appeared a three legged race was being organized.

            "Hey!" I said with excitement, "come on! Let's do it!"

            I dragged Alex away, but after a second or two, he awoke and ran with me. As the band truck up a new song, people standing around began to sing along, "Na na nah nah, na na nah nah, hey hey-ey, good-by!"

            We both paid fifty cents to join and stood in line next to Jason and Matt, who both gave us evil looks.

            Matt leaned over and said, "Let's see you beat us both, this time!"

            "We're gonna cream your butt!" I declared and when the referee blew his whistle, we were, indeed doing fairly well, until Alex stepped on my shoelaces and we both tumbled forward on our faces. Everyone laughed good-naturedly and Jason and Matt ended up beating not only us, but the new starting quarterback of the Clarkesville High Patriots and his girlfriend, as well as Ryan Corcoran's older brother and his friend. After we struggled up and attempted to regain what little dignity was left to us, Matt and Jason strolled by and, looking at us with grins, said, "Checkmate in three steps!"




            From the top of Barton's Hill, you can look south and see the entire town spread out below, from the college on the left to the new shopping center on the right. Because it was illegal to shoot off fireworks in the city limits, a lot of families would drive to places just outside of town to celebrate at sundown. There was a new development being built on Barton's Hill north of town and we and the Partridges and several of Mother and Daddy's friends had gathered at an empty cul-de-sac with a good view. From here, we could all shoot off our firworks and get a great view of sky rockets and star bursts going off all around Clarkesville.

            We had pretty much finished our shows. The adults were all sitting in lawn chairs or leaning against the cars talking. Even Father Partridge had joined Donald and Emily and was talking with Mother and Daddy as Alex and I sat on the hood of Mother's LTD.

            "Yes," said Daddy, "the crowd was a bit smaller today than in previous years. I think Hardesty did attract a pretty good crowd."

            "Well, if he's bringing people to the Lord, we can't really complain, now, can we?" replied Father Partridge.

            "If that's what he's really doing," said a friend of my father's. "I've never trusted these itinerant preachers. Does anyone know anything about this guy or where he came from?"

            "I did a little checking on him," said Daddy, "after he came to see me the other day. He's from Oklahoma and there seems to have been some questions about financial improprieties in his ministry there, but nothing was ever proven."

            "Well, I think we need to keep an eye on him," Daddy's friend said. "We don't need some snake-handler coming here and stirring up the white trash on the south side."

            "Fred!" said Daddy and Father Partridge together.

            "Well, you know what I mean."

            Alex nugged me and grinned. I smiled back and said, "Come on."

            We climbed off the hood of the car and walked over to a mound of dirt out of hearing range of the adults and sat down. The town was spread out below us. Above, a nearly full moon hung in the south.

            "Man, look at the stars," Alex whispered. "Its incredible."

            "Yeah, I guess."

            Alex looked at me in amazement.

            "What? You don't think so? I mean, look there to the left of the moon. That's the Milky Way! Look at that!"

            I could see an expression of wonder on Alex's face. His hair fell backward as he looked upward in awe at the night sky. And, then I realized the reason for his amazement. He turned to me.

            "This is the first time I've ever seen the Milky Way. Its beautiful. Its so beautiful."

            His voice had an almost mystical quality that made me love him even more.

            "I've lived in Manhattan for almost all my life and you just never see the sky at night like this. I had no idea..."

            I reached over and squeezed his hand. He smiled at me.

            "I guess I take it for granted," I said. "I'm used to it."

            Alex shook his head. "How could you get used to something so wild."

            "How could you get used to the New York Philharmonic and Leonard Bernstein? I mean, when you showed me that picture in your Dad's study, it was like, oh and here's Dad with like the greatest conductor in the world. Geez. You were in New York City! You had the Hayden Planetarium and the Museum of Natural History and... and... like real pizza!"

            Alex shook his head.

            "I mean, look! What's that bright star above the moon?"

            "Its Jupiter. The Chronicle has this thing in it ever night that tells you what's in the sky."

            Alex squeezed my hand back.

            "None of my friends back home could ever get excited about anything like this. I mean, they like music and art and all that, but... I dunno. You're so different. When Dad told us we were moving here, I thought was going to die. I just never thought I'd live anywhere else than the City. But, I love it here. And... well... you're the main reason I do."

            We looked into each other's eyes and I felt myself grow hard instantly. It was, however, a different kind of hard-on. I felt sexy, of course, but it was more, much more.

            After a moment, Alex whispered, "Would you spend the night with me?"

            I swallowed.



            We both sighed with exasperation.

            "Yeah, Daddy?"

            "Head 'em up, move 'em out!"

            Alex grinned.

            "Your Dad's corny, but he's cool."

            We stood up, brushed the dirt from our butts, and walked back toward the cars.

            "Daddy?" I asked as we reached where the adults were all packing up the lawn chairs and ice cream makers and ice chests. "May I spend the night with Alex?"

            Father Partridge was standing next to Daddy, who was loading lawn chairs into the trunk. He smiled warmly and said, "I am so happy you've taken Alex under your wing, Chris."

            I shrugged, as if to say, "Oh, its nothing."

            However, I saw Daddy give me a funny look for just the briefest moment before replying, "Well, I don't know."

            Mother was within earshot, and said stuffily, "I don't think that's a good idea, Chris."

            "Why not?" I demanded. "He's my best friend and I've never been on a sleepover before!"

            Daddy seemed to be moved by that last comment and went over to Mother. They conferred quietly, but my heart soared when I saw Mother's shoulders sag and a sour look come over her face.

            "Sure, no problem," Daddy said with a smile.

            Alex and I both grinned and ran over to his dad's old Ford Fairlane.

            "Hey!" Daddy yelled, "aren't you forgetting something?"

            I looked at Mother and him standing by the driver-side door of the car.


            I ran over and gave both a hug and a kiss.

            "Stop by the house and get your toothbrush and pyjamas," Mother said with just a hint of petulence.

            "Oh, I have extra pyjamas he can wear. And we have extra toothbrushes, too!" said Alex cheerfully, much to Mother's annoyance. She surrendered and Alex and I climbed into the back seat.

            Daddy looked through the passenger-side window and said, "Take care of my son, now. And, don't turn him into a communist while he's over there. I don't want him coming home corrupted!"

            Donald grinned and replied, "I don't make any promises."

            "Neither do I," said Alex under his breath.



"Turn off the light and come here," said Alex as he sat in his huge old wicker chair. He was peeking through the curtains of the windows in the round turret at the corner of his room. We were both naked. I ran to the door, flipped the switch and, with my hard-on leading the way, ran back over to the chair. Alex opened the curtains and I knelt on the floor in front of him, peering out the window.

"Look," he whispered. "Over there, by your maple tree."

The remains of the Independence Day celebrations were still strewn around the park. Banners and flags and trash were everywhere. But, in the shadows of the maple trees at the edge of the park, two figures, holding hands, slowly strolled through the grass. For a brief moment, one of them passed through an area of light from one of the decorative street lamps along Union Avenue and my heart stopped. The blond hair was unmistakable. I turned to Alex.

"Its Stephen and Jack," I whispered. Alex smiled and nodded.


I could see they were holding hands and seemed to be taking their time as they slowly strolled under the trees. They seemed to be talking, every once in awhile one of them looking at the other. As they came up to my maple tree, they stopped. Jack seemed to lean against the trunk of the tree. Stephen leaned forward. They were kissing! Stephen and Jack were kissing under the tree.

            "Isn't it cool," said Alex. "They do this every night. Every night before I go to bed, I sit here and watch them walk through the park holding hands. Its so wonderful that here in this hokey little town in the middle of nowhere, two gay guys can love each other like that."

            "Its sweet. But, I kind of feel like I'm spying on them. Maybe we should let them have their time without us sitting here watching."

            Alex scooted forward and his knees were either side of my head as we looked out the window. He laid both his hands on my shoulders.

            My eyes roamed around the park and stopped by the rec center. Something was moving.

            "What's that?" I whispered, pointing to the right. Alex leaned forward.

            "Someone's standing by the picnic tables. I think he's watching Stephen and Jack."

            "Do you think we should warn them?"

            Alex watched carefully, as did I. Stephen and Jack were still kissing under the tree. I didn't think they were visible in the shadow there from that distance, but the figure by the rec center seemed to move as if trying to get a better view.

            "Hey! I heard something!" I whispered urgently.

            Alex leaned closer, his hard-on against my neck as he bent toward the window to listen.

            "Yeah, I hear it. The guy's whistling at them."

            Stephen and Jack seemed to hear it, as well, for they seperated and looked toward the rec center. After a second, the shadowy figure moved toward the restroom and it looked as if he went in. Stephen and Jack stood for a second and then took each other's hand and began to stroll toward the bandstand. We watched as they passed it, letting go of each other as they entered the light. Soon, they were on the other side of the park. They disappeared into a side door by Leonardo's. I knew Jack lived in an apartment above the store, but I thought Stephen lived with his mother over on Market. And, then, it dawned on me.

            "They're gonna do it!"

            "Uh huh. Isn't it cool?"

            I looked at the window above the store and saw a faint light come on. I was so hard as I thought of Stephen and Jack naked, what they must look like, what it must be like when they lay in bed as Alex and I did, rubbing up against each other, thrusting against each other, kissing, loving, sperming.

            "Oh, wow."

            Alex moved his hands down from my shoulders and across my chest. I felt his hard-on pulsing against my neck and his fingers came close to my nipples. And, then... lightening.

            "Uhhhhhh," I moaned in a high pitch reminicent of my voice before the change.

            His fingers were rubbing my nipples. I thought the way Alex jacked me off was incredible, the way we rubbed our bodies together was amazing. But, this....

            "Oh, ahhhh, uhhhhh."

            I leaned back as Alex scooted forward. His dick was against my cheek as he kept rubbing my nipples. My dick was throbbing. I couldn't help it. I wrapped my hand wround it and started slowly jacking off.

            "Think about Jack and Stephen getting naked," Alex whispered, "Stephen so tall and slender and Jack so muscled. I'll bet Stephen's pubic hair is just as blond as the hair on his head."

            I moaned and closed my eyes as I stroked. I had dreamt of Stephen many times when I had touched myself in bed at night, wondering what his huge man dick must look like. I imagined it enormous, with a wide cone at the end. I had dreamt of running my hands all over it, all through Stephen's pubic hair, of Stephen holding me and kissing me. Now, it was Alex I dreamt of, but those fantasies came back as Alex moved his thumbs slowly across my nipples and his dick seemed to slide back and forth across my cheek. His knees, on either side of my shoulders, squeezed. His smooth thighs seemed to rub against me. He was thrusting his hips in and out as he whispered.

            "I'll bet their slowly undressing each other, kissing as they undo each others pants. I'll bet Jack is holding Stephen's boner right now and rubbing it back and forth."

            I moaned as my strokes speeded up on my own dick. Alex's thumbs were rubbing my nipples even harder now.

            "Now they're naked and standing in front of each other," he whispered, "and kissing and running their hands all over each other's body."

            Alex was incredible. His voice was so indescribably sexy. I had never felt so sexy. I had to let go of my dick because I knew I was about to sperm. I was panting.

            "Jack's getting down on his knees in front of Stephen now and he's kissing Stephen's dick."

            I froze.

            Kissing his dick?


            And, yet...

            I turned around and looked up at Alex.

            "What?" he asked, perplexed.

            "Kissing his dick? That's disgusting. He pees out of his dick!"

            Alex grinned and chuckled.

            "Haven't you ever heard of a cocksucker?"

            "Well, yeah, but, like, I really didn't think that... oh, my God! People really do that?"

            Alex was trying hard not to laugh and it was both embarrassing me and irritating me. I was feeling really stupid, but, I mean, really.

            Alex grinned and whispered, "Stand up."


            "Just do it."

            I stood up, my hard-on, boner as Alex called it, standing up stiffly in Alex's face. He gazed at it for a moment and then reached out with his left hand and took it. I gasped, as I always did when Alex touched my dick.

            Alex slipped off the chair and onto his knees, his face level with my dick. He looked up at me, his dark hair falling across his face, with a nasty grin.

            "You are in for a big surprise," he whispered.

            "What? No way! Uh, uh. You are not sucking my dick. That is just... oh, oh, um, uh, OH. OH MY GOD. Ahhhhhhhh."

            I fell back against the window frame, not caring that anyone walking along Union Avenue at midnight could look up at the third floor turret window and see my naked butt as Alex sucked my dick. I thought I had died. His mouth was so warm and wet and... alive. His tongue slid all over my dick as his lips moved back and forth. He enveloped the cone of my dick, running his writhing tongue all over and around it, before plunging down and taking my whole dick into his mouth. I lost control and grabbed his head, gazing at my dick sliding in and out of Alex's sweet lips, his beautiful long hair falling back and forth as his head moved. I carressed his face, and my fingers ran through his hair, and, when the feeling grew so intense I couldn't stand it, I grabbed his head and fucked hard into his mouth as I cried out, not caring that I was sperming in his mouth.

            It seemed to last forever and yet, it was over far too soon. With my last spasm, as my dick became too sensitive, I fell back again against the window frame as my dick emerged from Alex's mouth. He leaned back on the balls of his feet, his mouth holding my sperm, his eyes hungrily glued to my dick as his right hand grasped his long, thin penis and began to frantically stroke himself. I could see he was moving his tongue around inside his mouth, savoring my sperm. I was beyond amazement. I could never have imagined anything like this. I was still panting as Alex began to moan, high pitched, sweet moans as he wildly pumped his sweet dick. His eyes became dreamy as his hips thrust forward, his arm flying back and forth and then....


            I watched as his eyes clenched shut and his head and body jerked back and forth. I watched squirt and after squirt of his thin sperm shooting out of his dick all over my feet and legs and the hard-wood floor.

            And, when he had finished, he fell back against the wicker chair, gasping, his head lolling from side to side as if he were drunk, his eyes half closed, as he looked up at me.

            "Now, what do you think of cocksucking?" he asked.

            I gave him an amazed grin, which he answered with his own. He held his sperm-coated right hand out and I helped him up. Standing naked, facing each other, we grinned at each other. Then, I closed my eyes and we kissed, tenderly wrapping our arms around each other, my tongue pushing through his lips and tasting myself in his mouth.

            Neither of our hard-ons had gone down one bit after sperming and as we stood there holding each other, I felt my lust growning again. Alex must have also because I felt his boner pulse against me as he pulled away.

            He grinned and whispered, "Let's go to bed."



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