Any resemblance to actual boys is universal.

Vignettes  2


Okay, you first. My sac scrunching in anticipation. Gob of cool numbing vaseline. Bend for me. Faint smell. Hold me while I press. Unexpected: total ease of entry. Effortless glide to the hilt. So hot and smooth. Timmy's body in my arms. Pressing into him.
The numbing smoothness of the vaseline.


Glad his dick's so straight. In, suddenly. My heart flopping. The truth: He is male! Male. Male. Strong. Male. Hands on me. Kind. Tender sounds. Male. Male. Mouth watering.


The feelings. All flowing to my dick. Gathering, down behind. So good the head. Deep in the smoothness. His heat. Tender. Him letting me.


His taker so gentle. Kind in me. Taking, taking. Filling, filling. Joy having him in. Lust in my toes. Looking down, my clear stream reaches the bed clothes.


Letting me. Feel so gentle. Never rough again. My whole body wanting to merge, come. Him buzzing on me.

Drawing together, focusing. Am I going to rush together and gasp a blazing thing inside him? YES!

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