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Childhood Friendship


This is based on actual events, I have changed all names, including my name.


It was so long ago. Yet the memories remain as fresh and vivid as when the suns morning rays shone on Jordan's cute boy face. It all started as friendship back in grade 5. I was sitting outside as I would always do during the warm summer evenings. There was an empty house 2 houses down the road from mine, but that soon changed. A new family was moving in. "Great!" I though to myself, I would have to once again meet new people. Something I disliked for no real reason.


Two days later the family was settled in, or at least had all their belongings in their new home. I was sitting outside as usual when a cute 11 year old boy walked up and greeted me. "Hi." he said. I was just amazed, staring at his beautiful boy body. I finally got myself to reply "Hey" I said. We talked for the next few minutes, nothing important was said. Nothing important really happened for the next year.


We became really good friends and would spend time together everyday, since we lived nearby we would literally live together. During the summer of 2006 he would spend every night at my house. We would sleep together with only one problem, he was completely straight, or so I though. I felt this very strong attraction to him. I loved him. I wanted to feel his body, I wanted to kiss his lips gently. I wanted him, badly.


The first week we spent the night together was just a normal night, nothing special happened. I must say the reason he would spend the night with me was because his parents were never home for some odd reason and because I had a computer and an Xbox that he loved. I just wish he loved me.


One night, I had enough. I wanted to see what was in his pants. I wanted to feel it. I wanted to taste it, play with it, rub it, make him feel good. It was about 2:00 AM, he was sound asleep. I made sure he was sleeping. I put one hand on his tummy and slowly rubbed it. No response from him. He was sleeping. I slowly moved my hand lower and reached his pants. I slowly unzipped and unbuttoned them. Then I put my hand inside and looked for his amazing boy body part.


I felt it, it felt so soft. I had to take it out of his briefs and so I did. Then it started to get hard, I quickly pretended I was sleeping. I saw that he did not move and so I checked if he we still sleeping. Thankfully he was. I reached for his pants again and continued where I had left off. His dick was still out of his briefs, hard. I gently rubbed it and I was really hard. Probably the hardest I have been in my life. I slowly jerked us off until I was done. He had not come yet but I did. So I decided I had enough for the night. I was tired. I put his dick away and zipped up his pants and buttoned them.  I had to get some sleep and I decided to lay down next to him. I laid in his arms and put my arm around him. Then I fell asleep.


I woke up at 6:30AM, he was still asleep. I realized I was still laying the same way I fell asleep and quickly moved. If he had woken up at any time after I had fallen asleep then he had not said or done anything about me sleeping in his arms. The day went on as normal as any other day. I couldn't wait to go to "sleep" again. I usually always fell asleep before him but for some reason I would wake up at 2:00 AM and he would be sleeping. I once again made sure he was sleeping before getting in his pants. This time, I decided to try something new. I jerked him a bit until he got hard then I sucked on him. In less than 5 minutes I started tasting something sweet and salty and I realized that he came in my mouth, it didn't taste bad. I liked it.


I had finished with him, I wonder if he enjoyed it. It was now my turn. I tried something else. I got his hand and placed it on my hard dick. I thought I was going to have trouble getting him to wrap his fingers around it but it was like if he was willing to do it. I slowly moved his hand up and down jerking me. It felt great. It felt over a thousand times better than using my own hand. Ten minutes later I had enough, I came in his hand, much more than I had ever released.  I cleaned his hand with a shirt that was randomly on my bed. I then put his boy parts away and got in his arms and fell asleep.


I woke up the next morning a little later than usual. I would say 7:00 AM. He was still asleep. He would normally wake up at around 8AM or a little bit before 9.  I got up and decided to go take a shower. When I returned to my room he was awake and waiting for me. He told me he had the most amazing dream ever but wouldn't tell me what it was. I had an idea but didn't say anything.


I would play with him almost every night for our 3 month summer until school started. The first day of school really sucked. I did not have him for any classes and I really missed him, I am sure I was in love with that boy. I saw him during lunch and I told him I wanted us to eat lunch alone, so we did. We had a conversation about random things that had happened so far. After lunch we had 4 classes until the day was over. I couldn't wait.


After school that day, we were supposed to be picked up by my mom but I told her I wanted to walk home. I lived about a mile away from school and (wow, to this point of the story I have forgotten to mention our names. Sorry about that, my name is Ryan and my best friend is Jordan.) Jordan decided he would come with me. So we started to walk home. I really wanted to hold his hand while we walked but I had to resist, I couldn't do that. We took about an hour to get home, either it felt like an hour or we walked really slow. We got home at around 5PM. School ends at 4PM. We decided to go to his house first and drop off his backpack and get him into casual clothing.


I thought he was going to go to the bathroom and change but I guess we had developed a good friendship and he probably thought I would not enjoy his body so he changed in front of me. I seriously felt myself get hard and tried to ignore it. He got changed and we headed to my house. At my house, we had dinner. Surfed the internet a bit, played some video games. All until 9PM, he had to go home. I was sad to know he would be away from me. I couldn't hold back my feeling and hugged him. I didn't expect him to hug me back and he didn't.


The next morning, I woke up as usual at 6AM. He came over shortly after 7AM because my mom was going to drive us to school. She has always taken me to school and I told Jordan that he should come with me everyday and he agreed. The school day went by slowly, we had lunch alone again and did so for the rest of the school year. Finally, it was summer again.


To be continued...