i Childhood Friendship - Chapter 2
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"The next morning, I woke up as usual at 6AM. He came over shortly after 7AM because my mom was going to drive us to school. She has always taken me to school and I told Jordan that he should come with me everyday and he agreed. The school day went by slowly, we had lunch alone again and did so for the rest of the school year. Finally, it was summer again... To be continued..."

The summer was the same as every summer in South Texas. Hot and humid. We lived about 10 minutes away, on foot, from our local pool. We decided to go for a swim, I was kind of nervous about doing that for some reason. I had not seen him in any type of swimwear in the last 6 or so months. Unfortunately, he wore swim shorts and nothing tighter. I at least got to see him shirtless once again.


As the summer went on, I kept thinking about him all the time. Even when we spent time together, I wanted more of him, I knew I wanted way more of him than just getting a taste. I wanted to love him, I wanted him to love me back. Since I met him, he became my only friend. I talked to other people and stuff, but never did anything friends do together, I just saw them in school. I didn't know if he was gay or not and I did not want to risk losing my only friend because of that. We never really talked about girls so I could not tell if he was even interested in them or not.


The summer ended, we were back in school. As time passed, it kept getting harder for me to concentrate on stuff and I failed all my classes for the semester. He, however, was passing but failed when he noticed that I was failing everything. To this day, I am unsure of why he did that. I made a plan to figure out if he was gay. I couldn't really think of anything other than straight-up asking him. So that's exactly what I did.


It was early December, I had a mission that day, though. I needed to figure out if Jordan was gay or if he had feelings for me or anything of that nature. I had to know. We were sitting in the back seat of my mums car on our way home like any other day. It was kind of cold since it was the beginning of December and it was getting to be winter. We were quiet. No real reason other than the fact that we were probably tired of school and because my mum was in the car. It wasn't more than 15 minutes later that we reached my house. My mum had to go somewhere, probably shopping as usual so I was to be home alone with Jordan.


We were in my room about 30 minutes later. I had to tell him, I couldn't wait any longer. "Jordan, I have something to tell you", I said. "What is it?", he replied. "Jordan, this is very hard for me to tell you, but it's kind of important and I think you should know.", I quietly said. "Listen, I will just tell you this once and if you don't want to be friends with me afterwards, I'll understand. Please don't interrupt me, it's already hard enough this way. Jordan, I want you to know that I really appreciate everything you do for me. I appreciate you being my friend and being there for me when I really need you. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be where I am now. I can't change what I'm going to tell you now and, honestly, I don't want to change it.  I love you, I love you more than a friend and I can't live knowing that you know nothing about that. You're the first person to ever know about this besides me, but I guess, you would have had a right to know about everything long before today. I'm sorry that I did not have the guts to tell you earlier, I don't know which way I expect you to react, as I absolutely don't know your position on such things. I only hope, that you'll turn out to be the friend that I think I have and that you will support me. So, that's it. What do you have to say?"


Jordan got up from where he had been sitting and looked at me. I do not know if he was mad, happy, sad, excited, or anything. He had a blank look in his face. I started feeling scared. He looked directly into my eyes and moved closer. I didn't know if I was dreaming or if this was real life because what happened next, really surprised me.


To be continued....


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