The Chronicles of Ryan (parts 1 & 2)

by: Me (

Disclaimer: The following story depicts early teenage boys engaged in sex act with themselves and others. If this isn't what you're into, why are you here. I do not encourage or condone sexual contact between adults and minors, but don't see anything wrong with a couple horny 13 year olds having a good time. If you enjoy this story, please check out my other stories, Camp Youngwood and Afterschool Special, found here on the Nifty Archive. Please feel free to write me with feedback...I enjoy hearing from people who have enjoyed my writing.

Part 1: Introducing...Ryan

My penis is hard. It has been happening a lot lately, particularly when I didn't want it to, it seemed. Such is the curse of being thirteen, I guess.

Let me introduce myself. I'm Ryan McCormick. I guess I'm your typical teenager....I like to play video games with my friends, playing wide receiver for my Pop Warner football team, reading horror novels, and recently, jerking off. A lot. I've just gone through my first growth spurt, so I stand 5'7" tall, kinda lanky, with no real muscle definition yet. I've got light brown hair, which I have styled kinda trendy...a little longer, straight, and swept forward. Because I've had my growth spurt, I've started to get some hair under my arms, on my legs, and over my dick. Speaking of dick has grown, too. When I measured it last weekend, I'm up to 5 inches when I've got a boner. When I'm soft, its about 3 inches, and my balls have recently begun to hang low and loose behind it. I was circumcised when I was born, which seems to be normal from what I've seen in the showers after gym.

As I mentioned before, I like jerking off. Not really news, I guess...what thirteen year old isn't horny all the time? I started doing it when I was twelve, when I woke up one summer Saturday morning with a boner that just wouldn't quit. My dad had 'the talk' with me when I was 11, so I knew why my dick was stiff; I just didn't know what to do about it. My older brother had made jokes about whether I was choking the chicken yet, but I hadn't really put it all together. Until that morning.

I woke up that day on my stomach, as I usually slept that way. I could feel my hard-on pressing into my mattress, and just the weight of my body was causing a pleasant tingling in my crotch. I sighed and thrust my hips a couple of times, grinding my stiffy into the bed. It felt nice, but I didn't like the feel of my boxers (which I sleep in) against my sensitive skin, so I rolled over and slipped them down to my ankles. I reached down and gave my hard penis a squeeze with my right hand, and liking the sensation it caused, did it again. I thought back to the magazine I had sneaked peeks at in my brother's room when he was away for a school trip, and about the talk my dad had given me. "The man moves his penis back and forth...." he had said at the time. Well, I reasoned, what if I made a tube with my hand, kinda like a vagina? So I rolled over again, with my hand now wrapped around my penis. Supporting myself with my left hand, I began to thrust into my fist. "Wow" I thought. "This is starting to feel awesome!"

As I continued to slide my dick in and out of my fist, I felt the urge to go faster. As I began to speed up, I noticed my bed was starting to squeak. Not wanting to be discovered, I rolled over and began to move my hand instead. I hadn't realized it, but I had just discovered the classic jerk-off technique. As I continued to stroke faster and faster, I could feel my heart rate speed up. I felt a warmth spreading from my dick out to the rest of my body and my leg muscles tighten. "At the climax, the man has a tremendous feeling, and his sperm will come out of his penis.." I could hear my dad's voice, and wondered if I was about to 'climax'.

Gasping for breath, I felt my balls pull tight up against the base of my then-hairless cock, and the sensations seemed to get super strong. Letting out a squeak and holding my breath, my penis began to spasm in my hand, and some milk liquid began to ooze out of the tip of my dick and over my stroking fingers. There wasn't much of it, but the climax seemed to go on and on as my dick twitched times. Letting out a huge sigh, I relaxed back onto y bed. I played with my semen a little bit, fascinated by how sticky it was. I noticed that it smelled a little like a swimming pool. I reached over to the side of my bed and grabbed a tissue from the box I kept there, and wiped away the now cooling sperm. I lay in bed for another half an hour after that, feeling really proud that I was truly starting to become a man. I also felt a little embarrassed...after all, I was doing for myself what it seemed like girls were supposed to do for me.

Since then, I've jerked off at least once a day everyday, even when I was on vacation with my family last summer. We drove across the country, and I had to share a hotel room with my brother, but after I caught him doing it, I felt comfortable doing it in our room. But that's another story.

I think I might be bisexual, because while I've started to find girls attractive, I find my buds more attractive. My best friend, Jason, spent the night a couple of days ago (isn't school vacation great!), and, well, lets just say we had fun and got to know each other better than we had before. In fact, I was think of that night when my penis got hard.

Part 2: Ryan and Jason

Jason and I became friends when we were in the same fourth grade class three years ago. We both liked the same comic books, and I though he was pretty cool. We've only gotten closer as we've grown up, and now that we're in middle school together, we're closer than ever. Jason is a little shorter than me, has blond hair which he keeps cut short, and blue eyes. As we've gotten older, I've started to notice that my best friend is kind of a hottie. Some of the girls in our class have passed me notes to give to him to ask him out, and I know what they see in him: I see it too.

Ever since I started jacking, I found myself thinking more and more about sex and stuff. We have a computer at home, but my mom and dad have net nanny software on it so I wasn't able to look at stuff online. I was at the library one day looking for the new Stephen King novel, and while I was there, I thought I'd see if they had any books about sex. Boy, did they! After sneaking looks at a few of them, I knew a lot more than what my dad had covered with me. I was intrigued by 'fellatio' and learned about different positions men and women use to have sex. 'The Joy of Sex' was probably my best find, and the drawings in it fueled more than a few late night jerk sessions in the weeks that followed.

I also began to wonder about my friends' dicks...what they looked like, how often they got boners, if they jacked off. I started checking out Jason's crotch, trying to tell if he ever had the boners that happened out of nowhere, too. There were a couple of times I thought I caught him with one, but I couldn't be too sure. More and more when I jacked off, it was imaging Jason jerking off...and then jerking off with me, and then more. I didn't think too much about what that meant; I just knew I should tell anyone about it.

When we started seventh grade a few months ago, I was given even more to think about as my school still required showers after gym. At first I was really shy about showing my classmates my stuff, but at the same time was eager to see what they had. Unfortunately, Jason isn't in my gym class; he has it the period after I do.

So as I said before, my friend Jason spent the night a few days ago, and we got to know each other better than I had thought possible. It was a typical night for us: my mom had made pizza for dinner, and we had gone to see the new James Bond movie. We got back to my house around 10 o'clock, and my parent headed to bed. Jason and I went to my bedroom to hang out and play video games, since my brother was watching a movie with his best friend in the living room.

We played Lego Batman for a while, then decided to go downstairs and get some chips and soda. My parents main rules when I had friends staying over was that we didn't make too much noise and went to bed by 1 a.m. It was almost 11 when we went downstairs. We walked quietly past my parents bedroom (my dad had to work in the morning) and as we reached the base of the stairs, I noticed that my brother had the t.v. turned down really low--which was unusual when he was watching a movie with friends. My parents usually had to come downstairs and tell him to turn down the surround sound. Sensing something may be up, I motioned to Jason to be quiet and crept up to the entryway to the living room. From his angle on the couch, Bobby (my brother) and his buddies couldn't see us unless he turned around. As we approached the door, I heard my brother say

"Damn, Steve, this is really fucking hot. Where did you get this?"

"I swiped it from my dad's collection. Ever since my parents split, my dad has a lot of this stuff."

Peering into the room, Jason and I couldn't believe our eyes. On the screen we saw a close up of a hot brunette giving sucking on the thick cock of some latin guy. The barely audible sound revealed his grunts and sighs as she pleasured him. I glanced at Jason, and he was entranced by what he was seeing. I could feel my dick rapidly inflate, and was aware of it pushing out against the material of my boxers and basketball shorts. As the action on the screen shifted, the latin dude began to slide his huge cock into the gaping vagina of the brunette. I was both turned on and mildly repulsed. I glanced again at Jason, and dared to look at his crotch to see if it was having the same effect on him as it was for me. Sure enough, I could see a firm mound pressing against the front of his cargo shorts. As I watched, he slid his left hand into his pocket and gave his boner a quick squeeze. I was as turned on as I've ever been. I was startled from my reverie by Steven's voice.

"Bobby, are you sure your family isn't going to come downstairs? I'd be in such shit if they catch us."

"Nah, don't worry. My parents never come out once they go to bed, and dorko and his friend are probably so into their videogames they won't come down. Plus, we'd hear them coming down the stairs."

"Alright.....this is making me so damn horny!"

"I know what you mean...I'm gonna hafta take a break for a few minutes, if you know what I mean" my brother replied.

Chuckling, Steve began to get up from the couch and said "why don't I go into the kitchen and make popcorn for, like 10 minutes, so you can 'enjoy' the movie a bit."

At his motion, Jason and I quickly backed out of the entryway before he could see us. The entrance to the kitchen was on the other side of the living room, so I knew he wasn't heading this way. Hearing the door to the kitchen swing shut, I peeked around the corner one more time. I could hear my brother unzipping his pants, and could tell from the motion of his arm that he was jerking off. Motioning to Jason, we went quietly back upstairs.

As we tiptoed quietly down the hallway, we again passed my parents bedroom. As we walked by, I heard noise from the room--it sounded like gasping and quiet moaning. Jason stood stock still and gestured for me to do the same. Pressing his ear up against the door, he listened for a few seconds to what was clearly my mom reaching climax. I was mainly grossed out by the prospect, but could see it was keeping Jason's dick stiff....which kept my hard, too.

Titling my head, I gestured toward my open door, and Jason reluctantly came with me back to my room. Easing my door closed, I turned to Jason and said


"No kidding," he replied. "That video was...intense."

"Have you ever seen anything like that?"

"No way, man. It gave me such a boner, though! And then your mom..."

"Dude, don't remind me. Those are my parents you were listening to."

"I know, but...damn. With the video, it made me like super hard."

"Yeah; I've got such a boner right now."

There was an awkward silence as we both contemplated each other's visible bulges. I could tell he was looking at mine, and he could tell I was looking at his. I really wanted to see his without his shorts on.

"So, should we like, get ready for bed?" I suggested.

"Um....okay, I guess."

Earlier, my parents had set up an inflatable mattress on the floor for Jason. It was what he usually slept on when he came over. We both also typically sleep in our underwear. I was hoping to make my wish come true.

I began to pull my shirt over my head as Jason turned his back to me, doing the same. As much as I wanted to see Jason's boner, I was shy about him seeing mine, so I quickly shucked my shorts off and leapt under the covers of my bed. Jason had taken off his shorts with his back to me when I realized the light was still on, and the switch was next to my door. Jason's bed was in between mine and the switch, so I asked him to turn it off. Glancing at me, he made sure to keep his back to me as he made his way over to the switch and turned off the light.

As my eyes adjusted, I heard Jason slide between his sheets. The silence was thick with tension. I was the first to break it.

"What do you think it feels like?"

"Whattya mean?"

"Getting your dick sucked...and screwing a girl."

"You still thinking about the movie?"


"Me too."

"So...what do you think it feels like?" I asked again.

"I dunno...but I bet it's awesome. I mean my hand feels good...." Jason let his voice trail off as he realized what he'd just said. My dick gave a throb at his admission that he played with it. The silence returned for a moment, then I said:

"I know what you mean. Especially when the sperm comes out."

I heard Jason exhale as my admission made his okay. "Dude, you can come? I just started a few weeks ago."

"Yeah. I've been doing it since early last summer."

"When do you do it?"

"Usually when I go to bed."

"Yeah, me too."

A silence, longer than the earlier ones, stretched out as we both knew what we wanted to do but were afraid to suggest it. My hand was in my boxers, fondling my still very hard penis. Not stroking, but stimulating.

"You wanna do it now?" Jason's voice sounded loud after the silence even though it was said with a whisper.

"Uhm......okay." I was ecstatic. I was about to jerk off with my best friend! In the dim glow of the alarm clock, I could just make out the shape of him lifting his hips up and sliding down his underwear. I pulled my dick out of the fly of my boxers and began to stroke it. I could hear Jason begin to stroke, too.



"Can I ......can I......can I see how you do it?"

My heart skipped a beat as Jason asked the question. My boner was stiffer than ever. I turned on the light next to my bed.

As the soft light shocked our eyes, I got my first good look at Jason's penis. Stiff, it was maybe 4 1/2 inches long, and bent up towards his belly. The head of his penis was wider than mine, and he had a few sparse pubes at the base of his dick. I could see his eyes taking in my own hard rod, noting how it sticks straight out from my groin. I continued to slide my hand up and down, each stroke sending waves of bliss through my body, I wasn't stroking too quickly, though, I didn't want to come too soon and end what might be a once in a lifetime chance.

"You do it the same as me," Jason said.

"Let me see."

Jason's right hand returned to his rigid dick, and began stroking in a similar fashion to me.

We continued to stroke for a few more minutes, while I worked up the nerve to take it to the next level.

"Hey Jase?"


"Do you wanna try, like, doing it too each other?" My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest as I asked the question. Would he reject me? Think I was a fag"

"Alright." With that one word Jason erased my fears. We continued to stroke ourselves, each of us too scared to make the first move. Finally, I sighed and reached out. Hand shaking, I took ahold of my best friend's stiff wood. I couldn't believe how hot it felt in my hand, how hard he was. At the same time I gasped as his hand encircled my cock, the sensation electric.

"Uh! This is so much better than doing to myself" Jason said.


We sat there for five minutes, our hands on each other's dicks, stroking each other in a way that was both strange and familiar. I felt a little liquid ooze onto Jason's hand as I got more turned on. My inhibitions were being replaced by lust, and I knew I wanted to try sucking his dick.

"Jason, sit back for a minute and close your eyes. I wanna try something."


"Please...just trust me."

Shrugging, Jason released his grip on my boner and leaned back. Check that his eyes were closed, I leaned over and put my face right next to his crotch. I could see a small pearl of liquid in the slit of his dick, and I stuck my tongue out and licked it off. I had been prepared to be grossed out, but I wasn't. The taste was slightly salty, but not unpleasant. Thinking back to what we had seen in the movie, I swirled my tongue around the head of his cute dick and put it between my lips. I slid his penis into my mouth, and Jason let out a loud gasp.

I looked up and could see he was looking at what I was doing, his eyes glazed with lust. Slipping my mouth up and down his boner, I could feel it throb against my tongue. I tasted more fluid as it leaked out, and I could see his nuts pulling up close. I loved the feel of his dick in my mouth, and was more turned on that I thought possible. I reached down and took my own hard-on in my hand, and began stroking it. I was close to shooting my load, and I could tell Jason was too. It was only a few minutes before... mouth was flooded with his warm jizz. It coated my tongue, and I could feel it hit the roof of my mouth as his dick convulsed in my mouth. I swallowed once, twice, three times as more cum spurted into my mouth. My own body was twitching as I shot my load, the semen firing all over my sheets. I couldn't believe how much there was! I had been shooting more and more, but this was easily the most I had ever come. Meanwhile, Jason's penis continued to spasm in my mouth, and I slowed down the movement of my head, knowing how sensitive the tip of the penis becomes. Reluctantly, I let his softening penis slide from my mouth.

"I can't....believe you did that."

I didn't know what to say.

"That was....awesome. I've never shot so hard before! Did you....?"

"Yeah, when you were doing it in my mouth."

"Oh man..I am wiped. We should get some sleep."


I grabbed some tissues and tried to clean my sheet as Jason put his shorts back on. Retrieving mine, I slid into bed and once again turned out the light. It was quiet for a couple of minutes, but my mind was racing. I had to ask him...



"Are we okay? I mean, did you like that?"

"Yeah, that was sweet."

I felt relief flood my body as he reassured me.

"And next time, I'll do you. It's only fair."