Chapter 3


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Chuck Chapter 3
    A real friendship developed between Chuck and Eric. They also had a devoted relationship. Chuck was as eager to learn all about that thing called sex as Eric was to teach his virginal friend. Chuck decided that nothing that the two of them did sexually was wrong or gross. He did draw the line at eating Eric's dirty ass until it was washed. He didn't like the idea of scat and he could never see himself in a position of having to taste of it. On the other hand Eric was devious with his anal hygiene; he really liked it when Chuck washed him back there with soap and hot water from a spring fed pool that they had found inside a cave a mile from the camp.

    Like most boys they loved to explore. This was Chuck's forté, he is a nature child that loves the outdoors. One morning toward their first weekend at camp the discovered a small stream that was warmer than the others that they had found. They followed it, seeking its source. A quarter of a mile up from where they started they found a cave just large enough for a small boy to crawl into. Eric wasn't sure about going inside, but Chuck just had to see.
    Chuck was excited when he called for Eric to crawl in and join him for a hot bath. Less than three feet inside the cave opened up to a very large cavern. Ten feet inside the cavern was a shallow pool filled with hot spring mineral water. Fifteen feet up the call of the cave was a one square foot opening that let a beam of sunlight shine in on the pool. They soon learned that the light faded around one o'clock. They could still the blue sky, but the sunbeam was no longer there.
    After dinner that night Eric headed over to the office to look into the few books that they called a library. He found what he needed and with pencil and paper he drew up a sketch that explained the reason that the sunbeam disappeared shortly after noon each day. When he showed the sketch to Chuck he told the boy that they were at the camp at the right time because in about six weeks the earth's rotation around the sun would change the angle. There would be no more sunbeam to swim under.
    The boys kept the cave their secret as they bathed their daily. They hauled a bedroll in with them on the third day so that they did not have to lay on the cold rocks as they made sex with each other. Chuck had grown to enjoy anal sex and could barely contain himself until they could return to the cave and fuck each other.
    It didn't take the boys long to learn the pleasures of running naked through the woods and they quickly discovered many more like minded boys. Of course they all kept their heavy hiking boots on to protect their feet and support their developing ankles.

    Chuck had a real problem with the boys and their bathroom duties. He stood up to two large fifteen year old boys and scolded them for urinating in the large creek where they licked to swim. It was only two miles down that very stream that Chuck and his father liked to camp out and fish. Chuck told the boys that he didn't swim in their toilets so they shouldn't urinate where they swim. They teased him because he wouldn't say piss, he showed them how big his raisin sized balls were when he grabbed hold of each boys' balls and promised them that he would jump off of the six foot bluff face into the creek. Both boys heard him, and they grew hard at his touch.
    "You sure are feisty for such a cute chubby boy I've never been a chubby fucker, but I will do anything that you want if you will let me do it to you."
    Chuck looked around for his friends, Eric was hiding behind a huge erection and nodding his head for Chuck to go for it. Harry was fucking a fourteen year old boy while Peter was on his knees sucking the boy's five inch whopper. Chuck wrapped his hand around the extra thick cock of the fifteen year old boy in front of him and played with the skimpy foreskin. Most of the boys in the camp had been circumcised as babies, but some of them still had a little skin left to cover their dick head.
    Chuck was uncut. His father talked to him about pulling his skin back to urinate and to wash his uncovered cock head with soap and hot water at least twice a day.
    Eric escaped the surgeon's blade. His English mother saw no need for her son to be tortured. Chuck loved Eric's long foreskin and when he sucked the perfect phallus he liked to pull the skin over his tongue and roam around the glans, driving Eric crazy with desire. He also liked it when he and Eric touched their cock heads together and Eric pulled his skin over Chuck's entire cocklet and shot his cum. Chuck liked the feeling of hot cum on his dick and dreamed of the day when he would be able to make spermies of his own.

    Chuck had an idea. In case someone came near to them all of the boys carried their clothes in a makeshift pack--backpacks were not readily available and only a few boys had the packs that their dad's had used in the Army. Chuck dug around in his old Army green bag and found his cloth tape measure rolled up in an old pill tin. He got down on his knees and placed the tape along the length of Greg's super large cock. Holding the huge cock in his hand had been exciting to him, but to have it directly in front of his face...
    Chuck surprised everyone, including himself when he took the most beautiful piece of meat that he had ever seen into his mouth and began to work on it until he had more than two inches down his throat. The tape had read six and a quarter inches of length to the cock and Chuck wanted to swallow every bit of it.
    Eric had taught him how to take all of his five inch cock into his mouth and to let the head slip into the tight opening of his throat. Chuck was going to swallow the five and a half inch thick cock in his mouth down to his tonsil scars. He didn't care if he gagged or couldn't breathe, he had to have that cock. Greg moaned as he felt something new around his cock head. He has only had one boy suck his dick and that had never been anything like the little fat boy on his knees in front of him was doing.
    Greg's cock began to spasm and he released a large load into the best cocksucking mouth in the whole wide world. He put his hands on the back of Chuck's head and began to hump in and out as his balls drew more cum than he ever knew that he had.
    Chuck wrapped his chubby arms around Greg's thighs and pulled his face in for more of the cock to fuck him deeper and deeper. His short fingers found the boy's crack and began to feel around. When he touched the virgin pucker there he received another foot of the giant cock down his throat. He quickly realized what he had discovered. He slowly pushed his middle finger up inside the tight hole that had only been a means of evacuation throughout his short life.
    Chuck felt the hard bump that Eric had told him was the prostate gland. He began to press on it and rub his finger back and forth over it. Greg arched his back and let out a howl as another orgasm came from nowhere and drained him of all of his strength. His knees buckled and he went down to the ground.
    He reached for Chuck and pulled him to lay on top of him. He pressed his face against his new best friend and kissed him. For the first time in his life he tasted his own cum. It tasted different than that of his boyfriend, it tasted better. He wanted all that he could get and ran his tongue around the inside of Chuck's mouth as he licked each tooth and around the area between the gums and the jaws.
    A fact not lost on an anxious Chuck was that Greg's super sized cock was growing stiff again. Without breading their kiss the boy grabbed the rigid pole and placed it against his own hungry pucker hole. Slowly the two boys fed the meat into the tightest spot that Greg could ever imagine. Once he was fully interfered Greg asked Chuck to roll onto his back.
    Chuck had already discovered the pleasure of laying on his back as Eric or Harry fucked him. Peter only liked it when he bent forward and sucked another boy while getting fucked. Chuck had tried that and it was alright, but for a good fuck he liked to lay on his back so that his partner could get more power behind his cock and really fuck him hard and deep.
    Chuck was enjoying what Greg was making him feel and not paying any attention to the others around him. As he felt Greg's cock swell inside his rectum he was surprised by Eric squatting over his face. He saw cum draining from the hole that he loved to eat and he quickly pulled up so that he could get to the foreign matter. He could tell that Greg was sucking Eric's cock by the movement by both bodies on top of his.
    He felt another and different movement. Greg had just cum inside of him and had started to go soft. But he seemed to recover instantly and pushed his quickly thickening cock deeper in him again. He concentrated on all that he knew and could feel; someone was fucking Greg's ass, fast and really hard.
    Greg had thought that nothing could ever be any better than fucking a boy in the ass. He learned that there was more to cum when the chubby boy's friend squatted over the face before him and touched his cock to Greg's lips. He was in the throes of his climax and a large hard cock was just the thing that he wanted.
    Chubby boy's cock tasted funny, it smelled like his own boyfriend's ass. He thought for a moment and remembered that this boy was sucking his boyfriend's cock. Did he fuck him as well? He didn't have time to ponder that question when he felt a large cock enter his own ass and his boyfriend whisper in his ear, "I love you more than anything, and I have wanted to do this forever."
    Tears flooded from Greg's eyes as his body was filled with more joy and happiness than he had ever known. He knew that his relationship with his boyfriend was hence forth changed forever.

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