Clayton leap-frogs puberty
by Lark.. jet2lark (at) gmail (dot) com 

We did things together when we were nine and ten but at 12, Clayton had suddenly shot up and matured rapidly. My voice was still high, I was still short and my penis was still a two and one half inch asparagus.

In dramatic contrast, Clayton had grown a foot taller. He was often sweaty and smelly under his arms and he had cultivated wispy peach fuzz on his chin and upper lip. Fortunately for me, his complexion had become a source of worry to him when it came to girls. He assumed that the slightest pimple would be sure case for rejection so he resorted to me.

He had gone away during the summer so these changes were most noticeable when he returned.

From the age of ten, Clayton and I experimentally masturbated together off and on. He was all boy and switched J.O. with me only reluctantly. I on the other hand, couldn't seem to keep my hands off of his cock which was already a bit bigger and ruder than mine.

Not long into this boyish relationship the differences between our natures became apparent. We got together because he wanted to jerk off with company, feel good and have an eager witness to his orgasm even if it was just a drop.

In contrast, I had an undying curiosity about his cock and I only wanted to make him feel good and when he had his orgasm, it electrified my own body with his ecstasy. In theory, we should have been perfect for each other.

Very early on I gave into the desire to have Clayton's erect penis in my mouth and he happily went along with it.

However, Clayton would never do anything like that. I never encouraged him but his self-imposed sense of fairness caused him conflict. He didn't feel able to reciprocate. What he didn't know was that I didn't care. Blowing him was its own reward.

Blowing Clayton to the point of cumming prompted more than a few drops of fluid and even a small squirt. I liked the taste but more than that, the idea of him doing something like that into my mouth. It was, overwhelming.

His interest in girls separated us on and off and sometimes when I saw him, he behaved as if he had outgrown such childish behavior.

I hadn't, I had found several other boys but they were all younger than me and anyway, I had special feelings for Clayton.

The distance between us was multiplied when he went away for the entire summer.

I was on my way to forgetting all about him when he finally came home. I got a phone call invitation to visit. During the call he referred to himself as Clay. This was a ominous sign of maturity. In earlier days we used to climb in each other's bedroom windows and run the streets together and now I receive a formal phone call.

I almost didn't recognize him. He stood taller than me, his voice had become deep and authoritive and he had taken on a different look. He suddenly reminded me of his father.

He lead me into his tidy bedroom and I took my usual place on the edge of his bed and he at the head like always.

Without wasting much time, he said, "You wanna?"

Of course I knew what he meant but I said, "Where are your parents?"

He got up and moved around in front of me. "There out."
He stood in front of me and opened his pants and let them drop to his thighs. then he stretched out his underpants and lifted out the largest cock I had ever seen up to that point in my life. He freed it, tucked his underpants under his balls and shook it in my face until it began to rise on its own.

He said, "Nice, huh?".

He placed his hand on top of my head and said, "You wanna do it?"

I didn't answer, I just opened my mouth.

What was a big cock to begin with became even bigger and getting it in and out of my mouth was a tight fit that seem to distort my face. He pulled it out, retracted his foreskin and put it back into my mouth. It had a slightly salty, sweet taste and the moist part of his cock smelled stronger and unboy like.

Before we shared JO and I learned how to blow him but this was different. Clayton was hot and he was just using me to get off. I liked his selfishness and strangely, I enjoyed being exploited by him. It made me feel very good inside.

Clayton stopped to quickly undress and then climbed back on me and started fucking me in my mouth. It went on and on until my jaw ached but I didn't care.

"Ok, its cuming!"

He was huffing and puffing and I suddenly felt stream after stream of thick, slick and strange fluid filling my mouth. I held on to the shaft of his cock and his big balls and I could feel the juice being pumped into my mouth. It ran down my chin and all down the front of my shirt. He kept going until he finally slowed down and stopped.

His arrogance faded and he suddenly became guilty and apologetic. He gave me an old tee shirt to wipe my face and the front of my shirt and then hurried me out the door leaving me dizzy and confused.

We never did it again because he was really interested in girls. He was just using me to get off and I loved every minute.


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