A Club with a Secret Name

What my best friend Jon and I enjoyed most was doing things we weren't supposed to do, like sneaking two beers from his dad's fridge when we were eight and vomiting all over Jon’s and Tyler’s bedroom after drinking them; or having piss fights with his little brother Tyler when we were supposed to be taking a bath together; or when we were nine and danced naked in front of his older sister, Amy. We didn't get the rise out of Amy that we wanted -- she actually laughed and seemed to enjoy it -- so we ran naked through their back yard, which happened to be on a night when his parents were having a party with some of their friends. That definitely got a reaction.

When Jon and I were ten and Tyler was eight, we dared Tyler into kissing our peters after a bath once, and then got dared by Tyler into kissing each others. Tyler got a stiffy, which made Jon and me laugh, but then Jon got a stiffy and his looked pretty long on a kid, and I got one that he said looked long, too. So we compared them, and that led to sword fighting with them. Then we went back to dancing with only our towels and throwing them off, which was how we got into the whole "dare" thing anyway. Only now, because we had stiffies, they waggled. Then his mom brought in a load of fresh towels for the linen closet. She took one look at us, shook her head fighting a smile, and told us to get dressed. He had a cool mom.

A couple of times after that, when we took baths and we didn't think their mom would come in, we kissed dicks, sword fought, and naked danced. Once, we got naked and kissed dicks and danced in the woods.

So one morning at the beginning of summer when we were twelve, Jon and I were playing in the woods back behind our houses. Tyler was with us, and we were just sorta exploring around, thinking we might build a fort for the summer somewhere, when we when we came up on Connor and Marky. They were walking ahead of us on the path, and we just sorta fell in behind, so that it was Connor, Marky, Jon, me, and Tyler.

Connor was ten like Tyler. Marky was almost ten, but he was a little guy. I'd always liked him. He was a cute, blond kid, and impish. He liked teasing me, and I liked teasing him. He let Jon get in front of him on the path and he dropped back in front of me with a smartass grin like he was just waiting for an opportunity to do something.

"Hi, Ben," he said.

"Hi, Marky," I replied.

“What are you guys doing?” he asked.

“We’re thinking about building a fort for the summer,” I said. “We’re looking for a place to build it.”

"So, you guys gonna start a club?" Connor asked.

"We already have a club," Jon told them. That was news to Tyler and me, but I figured Jon was up to something.

"What's the name of it?" Marky asked, flashing a grin back at me. "The Fat Butt Club?" He wiggled his butt at me.

"The Kiss My Dick Club," Jon said, stopping abruptly and shoving his butt back for Marky to run into.

"So can we join?" Connor asked.

Marky started to kick Jon’s butt, but Jon jumped ahead. "Yeah, you can join,” he said, “if you kiss our dicks.”

"No, seriously," Connor said. We came to a clearing, and we stopped.

"We could build it here," Jon said, looking around.

"Not out in the open," Tyler said. "I think we should build it over there." He pointed into the trees.

"We'll help you build it if you let us join your club," Connor said.

"Fat Butt Club," Marky said, impishly. He gave my butt a swat and dodged away from my foot.

I didn't have a fat butt. I wasn't fat at all. I will admit that my butt wasn't flat, but it wasn’t fat. I tackled Marky to the ground and sat on his stomach.

"Fat butt! Fat butt!" Marky squealed, laughing.

I bounced my butt on his stomach and he howled. I pinned his wrists and gave him a serious frown. "You wanna join our club?" I asked.

"Yeah, you got a fat butt, too," Tyler said, toeing Marky's ribs.

Marky didn't have a fat butt any more than I did. But he did have a nice little one. I had noticed it once before, when we were swimming. In fact, it was the first time I admired another boy's butt.

"It’s the Kiss My Dick Club. He's gotta kiss my dick," I said, penning Marky down as he tried to squirm away from Tyler's toe.

"If he kisses your dick, we can join your club?" Connor asked. He was grinning when he asked it; no doubt picturing Marky having to do the deed.

"And you have to kiss mine," Jon said, rubbing his crotch and grinning at Connor.

Connor's eyes went wide.

"And mine," Tyler agreed.

Holding down Marky's arms had me sitting up on his chest with my crotch close to his mouth. I sprouted wood thinking about him kissing my dick.

"You can kiss my butt," Marky said, laughing.

"If you wanna join our club, you gotta kiss our dicks," I told him.

"Yeah, right. Like you kissed Jon's dick or Tyler's."

"He did kiss mine," Jon said.

I threw a glare at Jon.

"And Jon kissed mine," Tyler said.

It was Jon’s turn to frown.

"And both kissed mine," I said, giving Marky an arched eyebrow.

His mouth dropped open, corners up.

Well, that open mouth was an invitation and I had a boner. I kept one of his hands held down, but with my other, I pushed down the front of my shorts and boxers and pulled out my stiffy, lifting my hips so that it was like, right over Marky’s face. His eyes went wide and focused on my boner. It made him a little crosseyed, and I would have laughed, but my boner was getting hard; especially the way Marky looked at it.

Okay, I was only twelve and my cock is only a little above average in size, but to a nine-year-old, it must have been impressive. I leaned forward and pressed the underside of my dick to his mouth before he had a chance to react. For a moment, the only reaction I did get was that his eyes went even wider. But then he rolled his face away; more like he thought he should than that he was grossed out or anything. My dick rested on his soft cheek.

"He's gotta do it naked," Tyler said. "He's gotta do it naked like we did, and he's gotta really kiss it."

I backed my hips up, lifting my dick off Marky's face. As good as it felt to have pressed my dick there, I started to feel bad that I'd done that to him. I really did like Marky. I backed onto his chest and he lifted his head to look at my dick.

"If you want to join the club," I told him, "You gotta do it. But if you kiss mine, I'll kiss yours. That's how it works.”

Marky looked up at me, and I don’t think he did it consciously, but he sorta licked his lips. That just made my dick even harder.

“If he lets you up, are you gonna do it?” Jon asked.

Marky looked at him and frowned suspiciously. “If I do, are you going to kiss my dick, too?” he asked.

“Yep,” Tyler said.

Everyone turned to Connor. Connor’s eyes, however, were locked on my dick which still stuck up from my lap.

“You gonna do it?” Jon asked him.

Connor glanced at Jon, and damned if he didn’t lick his lips, too, like they were dry. He nodded.

“Then you guys gotta get naked,” Jon said.

I got up off Marky. He stood and brushed himself off, his eyes sneaking looks at my dick. He glanced up at me. “You gotta get naked, too,” he said.

“Okay,” I told him, and I just went right ahead and dropped my shorts and underwear and stepped out of them. That left my boner pointing out and up from under the bottom of my shirt.

Marky’s mouth was just sorta dropped open without him realizing it; his eyes were on the naked bottom half of my body. Without taking them from me, he pushed down his shorts and boxers, and the stiffy that he had sprung popped up free. It was definitely stiff and about the size of my index finger. I pulled off my shirt and he pulled of his. Next to us, the other guys stripped as well and soon, none of us had on anything other than our shoes. We grabbed up our clothes and moved into the trees where a soft, thick layer of fallen pine needles was spongy under our feet.

“Kneel down,” Jon said. “Both you guys.”

Connor and Marky glanced at one another and then knelt down, side by side facing us. Connor’s stiffy was straight and slightly longer than Marky’s. Tyler didn’t have a boner yet, but Jon did. Jon’s wasn’t as long as mine, but when his little brother, Tyler, was hard, he had a long twig of a stiffy; and now it began to rise. The three of us stepped up to the two kneeling boys. I stood before Marky and Jon stood in front of Connor, and Tyler was between the two of us.

“Okay, do it,” Jon told them.

Connor and Marky turned to each other as if waiting for the other guy to go first. But then Marky turned to face my dick. It was aimed right between his big blue eyes. He glanced up at me, and seeing my boner pointing right at him like that made it feel even harder. He looked down at the end of my dick and then he did something I hadn’t expected. He wrapped the fingers of his hand around my shaft to pull the end down to kiss.

No one else had ever touched my dick, not even Jon or Tyler in all our playing around. The funny part of it was that Marky did it so naturally. It was like, he and I liked each other, and it was just a natural kind of thing.

As he held my dick with his thumb on the underside, pointing it at his mouth, and he built up the courage to kiss the end of it, I became more and more conscious of the feel of his hand. My gut tightened.

Instead of just giving the end a peck the way Jon, Tyler, and I did when we played around, Marky leaned forward slowly and pressed his lips to my dick head. He took a breath through his nostrils, then let go and sat back on his haunches. I was dazed.

“Wow,” Tyler breathed quietly.

“Do it the same way to me,” Jon told Connor.

Timidly, while we all watched, Connor took Jon’s boner between his thumb and fingers, and then pressed his lips to the end of it before letting go and sitting back.

“Marky does it better,” Tyler said. Hands on his hips, he turned to poke his now stiff dick in Marky’s direction.

Dutifully, Marky closed his hand around Tyler’s boner and pressed his lips to Tyler’s dick head.

“Put your mouth over the end of it,” Tyler whispered breathlessly.

Holding Tyler’s boner, Marky glanced up at him, and then placed his mouth over the end of Tyler’s boner. Tyler’s breath caught.

“What does it feel like?” I asked.

Tyler didn’t answer. His mouth had fallen open, and I think he forgot to breathe.

“Let me see what it’s like,” I said, shoving my hips once more at Marky’s face.

Without letting go of Tyler’s dick, Marky took mine in his other hand. He pulled his mouth off Tyler’s dick and closed it over the end of mine. It felt warm and wet, and I knew why Tyler had forgotten to breathe.

“Do it like that,” I heard Jon tell Connor. From the corner of my eye, I saw Connor close his mouth over the end of Jon’s dick.

While his mouth was still over the end of my dick, Marky swallowed some saliva and I felt his tongue move on the underside of my dick. I moaned softly.

“Suck it,” Tyler encouraged in a whisper.

Hanging onto both of our dicks, Marky sucked on mine and moved his tongue under it the way he had when he swallowed.

“Oh, geez,” I murmured.

“What’s it like?” Tyler asked, putting an arm across my shoulders. I put my arm behind Tyler’s back.

In answer, Marky turned to Tyler’s dick and swallowed on the end of it. Tyler’s knees started to buckle. I felt it the way he hung onto me. Then Marky turned back to suck on my dick, and a moment later on Tyler’s, going back and forth.

Neither Jon nor I were old enough to shoot yet, and I certainly hadn’t ever made precum, but at one point, it felt like a bead of something went up my cock and into Marky’s mouth, and when it did, he sucked harder and his tongue worked in the slit at the end of my dick like he was licking something out of it. I whimpered and went up on my toes.

“It’s our turn,” Connor said, getting to his feet. He glanced down at Marky who was sucking on the end of my cock, eyes closed, like a baby puppy on a tit. “Geez, Marky, you really like that,” he said.

Marky stopped and his eyes opened. He let go of our dicks as if they were on fire and got quickly to his feet. I didn’t need any encouragement to return the favor, though. I dropped to my knees and Tyler dropped to his beside me.

Marky’s stiffy pointed up from over a tight little marble sack, all pale and soft-looking. I took his stiffy between my thumb and fingers. His stiffy skin was thin as paper and soft, and the hardness beneath it felt like a hard bone, and I thought, duh… that’s why they call it a boner. His little cockhead wasn’t pink like mine, but a deep red. I licked the end of it, tentatively, testing.

Marky gasped and grabbed my shoulders. When it did, it was just sorta natural to swallow his dick.

I grabbed his hips and closed my fingers over his butt. His little buns were firm, but his skin there was very, very soft. He pushed his hips forward as I swallowed on his dick, and it went all the way into my mouth and poked the back of my throat; but since I was swallowing, it didn’t gag me.

Marky clutched my head and his little hips rocked forward and back; a natural reflex, even for a kid. His dick tasted only faintly of piss and not much else. It was like sucking on rubber as far as taste went, but not as far as sensations. I sucked on his dick just like he had on mine… like a suckling puppy.

“Let me try,” Tyler said beside me.

Reluctantly, I let him take Marky by the hips. Tyler sucked up Marky’s stiffy all the way, and his mouth pressed against Marky’s hairless belly. Tyler didn’t have long hair like mine. His was short and thick as fur, and through it, Marky’s fingers clutched at the sides of Tyler’s head.

I stood up beside Marky and put my arm over the back of his shoulders, pointing my dick at Tyler, too. I wanted to see what it felt like for Tyler to suck it. Marky slipped his arm behind my back just as Tyler took hold of my cock and swallowed the end. I moaned softly and my eyes drooped. Tyler sucked harder than Marky had and his tongue slid all over my crown and the underside of my shaft. It was like somebody had flipped on a love of sucking switch on Tyler that none of us knew about… it was a switch that was about to flip on for all of us, actually.

Prepubescent boys usually have less developed inhibitions than boys a year or two into puberty, especially when they’re doing things that their buddies are also doing; things that feel damned good. Once we all saw that the others were getting into it, it was easy for all of us to do what came naturally. Sucking is actually pretty natural.

We knew little, but we would make up for it in enthusiasm. The better everything felt, the more enthusiastic we would become.

Standing beside me, little Marky’s hand slid down to my butt. He felt over it, then felt my muscles there. I liked the feel of his bare side against my side and his smaller body against mine. I dropped my hand to Marky’s bottom, too, to feel again how soft his butt skin was. I’d never cupped a boy’s bare bottom before. Marky’s bottom had a firm little rounded shape.

Close by, Jon stood up from sucking Connor, but kept hold of Connor’s dick. “Let’s sixty-nine,” he told Connor.

“What’s that?” Connor asked.

I knew what it was. Jon and I had sat through our first sex-ed class that year. It had been a pretty mild, boys-only couple of sessions; the girls had their own. But then, we supplemented what we learned with information from more worldly eighth and ninth graders.

Jon explained a sixty-nine, and in a moment, he and Connor were lying on the ground on their sides, sucking one another.

Marky looked up at me with a “let’s do it” look. I looked down at Tyler, and then it hit me, three guys could do it. It was like plugging legos together; you just fitted 'em mouth to dick, mouth to dick.

“We can do it, too,” I said. “Tyler can suck on me, and I’ll suck on you, and you suck on Tyler.”

In like, three milliseconds, the three of us were on the ground on our sides. I had wanted Tyler sucking me because he was doing a really good job, and I wanted to suck Marky because I had liked sucking his stiffy, and I wanted to feel his little hips and butt some more. Up close, I liked his legs, too. They were white and velvety-smooth and he had the start of some good muscles in them. And I liked the smell between his legs; it had a boyish tang to it.

The five of us sucked for a while, and it grew surprisingly noisy. I mean, the woods were pretty quiet, so we could hear every little sloppy sucking noise; and there were a lot of them.

If our first oral sex experiences had been when we were older and had a stronger sex smell between our legs, it probably wouldn't have been the same. But the smell was tangy, and sucking one another's rubbery-skinned stiffy was actually fun; especially when we were getting reactions from the other boy.

Tyler wasn't only sucking around on my dick, he was also playing with my balls. I never knew that could feel good. So I played with Marky's little ballsack and stroked the smooth skin inside his legs with my finger tips. When I pressed the little seam behind his balls, the one between his legs where the root of his stiffy made it thick, he murmured and opened his legs wider. He must have done the same thing to Tyler because I heard Tyler murmur next and a moment later, he did it to me. I gurgled.

And then Jon farted, loudly. Tyler started to laugh, and that felt funny on my dick. I giggled. And then Marky blew a farting sound behind Tyler's balls. He yelped and we all laughed and started to sit up because our mouths were getting tired anyway.

Jon stood up and came over to me. "I want us to try it," he said, and I knew why. Because Jon and I were twelve, our dicks had already started to grow a some, and our balls had taken on an egg shape and our scrotums were looser. I lay back, getting ready to roll onto my side, but Jon dropped to all-fours over me, head toward my feet. I got the idea and lay all the way back. He scooted back until his balls where hanging right over my face and his boner pointed up under his belly.

I felt him lift my dick and then I felt the wetness of his mouth. I closed my thumb and fingers around his shaft and pulled his dick down to my mouth. There was a slight salty taste at the slit at the end of his dick, and the barest whiff of musk from between his legs. I ran a hand over his butt. His butt skin was, too.

I figured I'd do a good job on Jon, and he must have figured the same for me, because we both went at it. And then something new started to happen. Jon's hips began making little thrusts and his dick moved in my fingers and in and out of my mouth. I pressed my fingers at the base of his dick to control his movements some, but quickly found that if I timed a swallow with each of his little thrusts, I could let his dick go down my throat a bit. After only a minute or so, I didn't need to control him at all. I let him press all the way in until his balls draped my upper lip. I grabbed the backs of his legs with both hands and just swallowed-sucked.

I made little pumps with my own hips and Jon moved his mouth up and down with them. He made an O with his mouth and bobbed it up and down my boner, lower and lower each time. This was seriously good stuff; different from boy-to-boy sucking with Tyler and Marky. Jon and I were going at it like, sex.

Tyler, Marky, and Connor had gathered on their knees around my head, bending down to watch the action. I had close up views of all their stiffies and little ballsacks and smooth legs.

"Look at Jon's butt," Marky said. "He's like... fucking Ben’s mouth."

"How do you know what fucking is?" Connor asked, giving Marky a shove.

"I know. It's like what dogs, do, right? Jon's doing that."

"Look at his butthole," Tyler said. "It's squeezing tight." He leaned forward over his brother's flexing butt. "I wonder what that feels like," he said softly and tried to push his finger into Jon's bottom.

Jon rocked forward and his dick pressed way down my throat, out of timing, and I almost gagged.

"Try wetting your finger," Marky suggested. "Like an air needle when you fill a basketball."

I looked up past Jon's boney little butt to see Tyler insert his entire finger into his mouth, get it wet, and then press it once more at Jon's sphincter. Jon tensed and Tyler's finger slid slowly in until his hand was flat on his brother's bottom.

Jon hummed on my dick and slowly pumped his hips.

"He's squeezing my finger," Tyler said with a giggle. "That feels weird."

"Put your dick in there," Marky urged.

Tyler glanced at Marky and grinned. "Yeah."

"Here, I'll get it wet first," Marky told him. He bent down and took Tyler's stiffy into his mouth, sucking it while Tyler kept his finger buried in Jon's moving bottom.

Marky pulled off, leaving Tyler's stiffy glistening. Tyler dropped a knee to etiher side of my head and inside Jon's knees. He scooted forward, and I had a close-up view as he held onto his brother's hips and his stiffy started to disappear into his Jon's butthole. But then he scooted forward again, and I mainly had my face between Tyler's legs and under his butt, and I couldn’t see anything.

"Oh, wow!" I heard Tyler murmur.

"Does it feel good?" Connor asked.

"Yeah." Tyler started moving his hips so that as Jon moved forward, he pulled his back and when Jon pulled back, Tyler pushed his forward. Jon's butt made soft peeling sounds every time it pulled away from Tyler's lap.

I reached up and back to grab a feel of Tyler's butt with both hands. I wanted to compare feels with the other guys’; I was discovering that I liked butts. I liked everyone I had felt so far. Tyler had a rounder butt than the other guys, but just as soft skin.

"Whoa! Now they do look like dogs," Connor commented.

"Dogs do it faster," Marky told him. "Go faster, Tyler."

Tyler went faster and made little slapping sounds on Jon's bottom with his belly. He also pushed Jon farther down my throat, and I had to take my hands from Tyler's bottom to hold Jon's hips.

"I wanna try it on you," Marky told Connor.

"Okay, but then I try it on you," Connor agreed, getting onto all-fours a couple of feet away, with his butt aimed back at Marky and toward my head.

But I had trouble seeing from the corner of my eye and past the back of Tyler's legs. I was able to twist just a little, keeping Jon’s boner in my mouth, and I watched Marky drop to his knees behind Connor. He spit in his hand and rubbed it onto his dick, but when he tried to push it in, Connor rocked forward.

"Ouch!" Connor said. "You need more spit."

"Wiggle your finger in there first," I heard Tyler tell Marky. "Get your finger wet and wiggle it in there first, then get your dick really wet and try it."

It was about then that Jon started whimpering loudly. I thought Tyler must be hurting him, but Jon kept going. In fact, he went faster and tried pushing harder down my throat. Then he went all stiff and shuddered.

Suddenly, I started getting feeling's I'd never had in my life, down between my legs. I went all confused, and I wondered if Jon's shaking was because he did something to me. A bead of something went up my dick again, and then a sudden fire went up the insides of my legs and in my balls and gut and dick. I couldn't slide away. I couldn't even cry out, though I yelled onto Jon's dick. I had no idea what was happening to me. And then I shook and short-circuited all over with my first dry orgasm ever within seconds of Jon having his first ever.

The thing is, when you're twelve and you haven't started shooting yet, just one dry orgasm doesn't always make your dick go soft. Mine didn't; neither did Jon's. But they did get a little sensitive.

I scooted out from under Jon and Tyler with some difficulty. I got to my feet a little dizzily, wondering what had happened. I looked down at Tyler and Jon. Tyler had hold of Jon by the shoulders and was still slap-fucking Jon's bottom with his lap. Three feet away, Marky had hold of Connor by the hips and was doing the same thing to Connor.

My dick was all slobbery from Jon, and it was still achy-hard. I wanted to fuck Marky’s butt. So I dropped to my knees beside him. I put my hand on his back and pushed him over onto Connor's back. Marky stopped pumping his hips as I got my finger all wet. I felt for his hole, found it, and pushed my finger in.

"Ouch!" Marky jumped, but my finger was in... all the way.

He was warm and soft inside, and his pucker was tight around the base of my finger. I wiggled it around until he relaxed and started moving his butt back on my finger and his dick into Connor again. I scooted around behind them on my knees, getting my knees outside Marky's and inside Connor's. I spit a bunch of slobber into my other hand and spread it onto my dick. Then I pulled my finger out of Marky's hole and put the end of my dick against it. I pushed, and Marky's hole swallowed my dick head like hungry lips.

It felt good. It felt good as I eased my hips forward and felt his tightness slide down my shaft at the same time I watched my dick vanish inside him. My lap flattened his little white butt cheeks and I could see only a small bit of the top of my dick in his crack. My dick felt hard and stretched long inside him.

I smelled the finger I'd had up his butt. It smelled like butt, but that smelled okay at that moment; maybe even good. My eyes dropped to Marky’s body.

Bent over Connor the way he was, was almost like he was on all fours over Connor. It was like his small body was hanging off my dick; and he had a nice small body. I felt over the sides of his flattened butt with the palms of my hands. I felt up his sides and over his skinny back. With my hands flat on his shoulder blades, I eased my dick back and then forward, feeling his tightness move up and back. It felt good when I pushed it all the way in. I grabbed Marky by the hips and pulled him back onto me as I drove my hips forward.

Connor scooted out from under Marky. "I get a turn, too," he said, standing up and grabbing hold of his dick.

I bent down over Marky and hugged onto him; truly like one dog does to another. I hugged him and pumped my hips. It felt good, and not just on my dick. It felt good hugging his smaller naked body to mine. It felt good every time my lap flattened his butt.

I could smell the back of his hair... boy sweat and clean hair. I pressed my nose there, my lips on the warm skin on the side of his neck. I didn't even mind when Connor knelt behind me and stuck a wet finger up my butt. It smarted for a second, but then it felt okay. As I hugged Marky and moved my dick inside him, Connor's finger even started to feel good. Then he put his dick up my butt, and it felt a lot bigger than it had looked. But I adjusted to the full feeling up my butt, and something in there felt really good as his dick rubbed inside.

Connor pushed so far in that I thought I could feel the soft skin of his balls under my butthole. I hugged onto Marky and kept my own dick pressed all the way inside him, pushing it around while Connor wiggled his dick around inside me.

"You like how it feels?" Marky asked, and I realized that I had been moaning softly.

"Yeah, I do," I said.

"I like doing it," Connor said, "but it didn't feel bad having it done."

"It feels okay," Marky said. "Ben's dick feels good."

I reached under Marky to see if he still had a stiffy. He did, and when I squeezed it, his back arched up under my chest and belly. So I kept squeezing it.

"I wonder if Ben's dick feels different 'cause it's bigger," Connor speculated. "Try my butt, Ben," he said, patting my back.

Connor pulled out and got onto his hands and knees next to us. I didn't really want to move over, but I did want to try Connor's butt. So I got up off Marky and moved behind Connor.

Connor's was the only butt I hadn't felt, so I ran my palms over it. He had a nice one, too. I decided that I just liked butts. He had a longer back than Marky's, and he had a small waist, so his torso had a real taper up to his shoulders. I'd never thought about how he looked. His back was tan and damp with sweat. I wanted to put my belly on it. So I spit up my hand and got the end of my dick wet again, and I pushed into Connor.

"Oh," Connor said, tensing slightly.

I stopped, halfway in.

He relaxed slowly and then sat back into my lap, sitting me back onto my haunches. That felt different. I reached under his belly and pulled him upright so that he was like, sitting in my lap, and we looked more like nested frogs than we did like dogs.

"Oh," Connor said, surprised. He wiggled his butt around in my lap, and we both said, "Oh!" together.

"That feels really good," Connor said as he ground his butt down into my lap.

I wrapped my arms tightly around his belly. While I drove up with my hips, Connor ground down with his butt.

"Does it feel different?" Marky asked.

"Yeah," Connor said. "It feels good."

"It's okay," I said. "But I like being able to move."

I tried pumping with my hips more, but that made Connor fall over onto his hands. I went up with him and stayed hugging on. Now I was free to really pump.

"I'm gonna try it," Jon said, getting up from under Tyler.

I thought he'd try Marky, but he came over to drop on his knees behind me.

Marky scooted up on his knees beside Jon. "You probably don't need to stick your finger in him again," Marky said with the assurance of a few minutes’ experience. "Just get your dick real wet."

A moment later, Jon's dick filled my butt a lot more than Connor's had. And a moment after that, Tyler knelt behind Marky to plug into him.

When Connor got up from under me to get behind Tyler, I sat back and up into Jon's lap the way Connor had sat in mine. Jon hung on with his arms around my belly the way I had hung onto Connor, and I discovered what Connor had; that sitting on a boner up your butt felt surprisingly good. I wound up grinding my butt in Jon's lap just like Connor had in mine. Jon and I both made moaning noises.

In fact, Jon began moaning loudly and squeezing my belly in his arms. I wondered if what had happened before was happening again, but I kept grinding my butt. And sure enough, Jon whimpered and shook and hung on to me while I ground my butt in his lap. I expected it to happen to me next, but it didn't.

"Get off for a minute," Jon said in a tense voice.

"But don't stand up," Marky said. “Stay sitting down.”

I got up off Jon's lap and sat down on the ground, legs out in front of me. Marky climbed out from under Tyler and then stepped astride my lap, with his hands on my shoulders. He squatted down into my lap, grinning.

"I had another idea," he said. He reached under his bottom, grabbed my dick up, and sat down on it. He adjusted onto his knees, squeezing my waist between his thighs as he settled down with my dick up his butt. He grinned at me. I grinned back. I pulled up my knees behind him, and he wiggled down into my lap. We looked down between us. His stiffy lay up my belly.

He grabbed under my arms and rubbed his stiffy on my gut. I grabbed his hips and held them firmly as I ground my dick up into him. Then he wrapped his arms around my chest, and I wrapped mine around his, and we held each other while he bounced in my lap and rubbed his boner on my belly. His cheek was soft against mine, and I smelled his breath; boy's breath.

It felt good, and I could tell it felt good to Marky by the way he moved. But I wanted to move my hips more, so holding us together, I rolled us over to the side. I could move my hips more, but it took Marky's weight out of my lap and we didn't have the same leverage. So still hugging onto one another, I rolled him onto his back with me on top, managing to keep my dick inside his butt. Marky wrapped his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist. I grabbed under the backs of his shoulders. I could pump freely now, and I did.

We banged away. My hairless pubic mound pounded the hard root of his cock, down under his balls and almost to his butthole. Each drive of my hips pushed my dick hard into him. My belly rubbed his stiffy. Marky grunted softly. I rubbed my cheek against his and took deep smells of him.

"Oh, wow, I wanna do that," I heard Tyler say. I barely paid attention but when I heard them shifting around, I lifted my head. Tyler had Connor on his back and he was trying to plug into his butt the way I had plugged into Marky. But the first time he got his dick all the way in and lay down on Connor, his dick came out. He got it back in, though, and his hips started pumping between Connor's legs. I wondered if we looked that good.

Jon dick was stiff again and he fondled it as he watched, but I turned away. I lowered my cheek to the side of Marky's again. I pressed my lips to the side of his neck and he rubbed his cheek against mine. I liked how we felt.

The feelings hit, up from between my legs again, and this time, really strong. I clung tightly to Marky and banged away, whimpering hard and going until my body shook all over.

Jon said everybody had to plug everyone else for it to be a real club, and I managed to get my dick hard again to plug Tyler, on his back like I had plugged Marky. Everybody plugged everybody.

The others were finished by the time I was about to roll off Tyler. But then he started arching his back and rubbing his dick on my belly and squirming and whimpering, and I figured he was getting feelings, too.

And then we did stop. I rolled off Tyler onto my butt.

"We should all suck each other's dick, too," Jon said.

I shook my head. "I'm not sucking yours after you had it up everybody's butt."

Connor laughed.

"We'll do it next time," Tyler said.

Marky grinned and looked at me, as if he liked the idea of a next time.

"We better get home," Jon said. "It's almost time for lunch."

“So what are we gonna call it?” Tyler asked as we got to our feet to dress. “We can’t call it the Kiss My Dick Club.” He grinned. “We could call it the Fuck My Butt club.”

“We could keep the name a secret,” I suggested as Jon brushed stuff from the ground off my butt. I did his.

“We could call it the Brush Off My Butt Club,” Connor suggested as Marky did just that to his.

“It ought to be the Fuck My Butt Club but the name is secret,” I repeated.

“We could get girls to join,” Connor suggested. He glanced at Jon and me. “You guys got little sisters.”

I glanced at Jon. I liked the idea of his little sisters, but not mine. He looked like he felt the same way in reverse.

“Then it wouldn’t be the Fuck My Butt Club,” Tyler said, pulling on his shirt. “It could be the Fuck My Hole Club.”

“Or the Fuck You! Club,” Marky said with a smirk.

As the others turned to head to our houses, I held Marky back. "You wanna come to my house for lunch?" I asked. "We can ask my mom if you can sleepover tonight."

Marky grinned real wide. "Yeah!"

As we turned to follow the others, I threw my arm across the backs of Marky's shoulders. He wrapped his arm behind the small of my back.


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